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WWV St. Lenin Campaign.

WWV St. Lenin Campaign.


World War Five, fought for control over Africa and the special medical element that had dwindled in all other continents. Its time for war.

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The Campaign for St. Lenin.
St. Lenin is an important port city heavily guarded by the Soviet Union. Whoever controls this city has the advantage over the Atlantic Ocean. A Victory here for the Soviet Union or Eastern Alliance would ensure the ASA no area of landing for their heavy armor on the Northern front. While a victory for the Western Front would end up with a large advantage in armor and heavy weapons. In other words should the Western Alliance capture this city… the Northern front is almost an assured victory.

Western Alliance Supply Trouble. Food supplies are at extreme lows due to enemy air raids from the Soviet Union burning crops.

Eastern Alliance Supply Trouble. Ammo is on short supply due to civil uprising in the home lands.

Soviet Union Supply Trouble. Insufficient industries have created a mass shortage in weapons and armor.

World Events.
2020 The Bolshevik party retakes power, the Soviet Union is reborn.
2030 Multiple sleeper cells infiltrated the governments bordering the western boarder of Russia.
2050 The Soviet Union and the U.S.A declare total war. WWIII officially starts.
2053 Nuclear war is initiated, fall out ensues.
2090 The world and civilization begins to heal.
2320 Humanity reaches its peak population.
2339 WWIV begins with most of the old age weaponry depleted humanity relies on stone age weaponry.
2346 WWIV comes to an end with many destroyed nations… and five victors.
2406 The A.S.A. is formed between the USA and Canada.
2600 The Eastern Alliance is formed between the three dominate nations of Asia(not including Russia)
2604 In response to the Eastern Alliance the Western Alliance is formed between the new German Empire and the ASA.
2614 A new element is discovered that combats cell degeneration and all forms of cancer.
2820 The element known as N47-Z1 becomes scarce due to heavy mining but the six major empires.
2826 N47-Z1 is located in mass quantities in Africa, colonies begin to develop and friction rises.
2838 The Three Super Powers declare war in an attempt to force the others from Africa.
2840 WWV Officially begins.
2861 The Campaign in St. Lenin Commences.

World Powers.

The Alliance of Western Powers.

The Germanic Empire of Europe.

Commanding Officers.

Generalfeldmarschal Mark Steiner
Main general in the African Theater renown for his cunning and effective use of his armored divisions though he is truly renown as the greatest master of artillery use as such he is known as the “Desert Hawk”.

Oberstleutnant Diederich Eckhard
One of the finest soldiers in the Germanic Empire, he currently has the highest amount of medals for his services in the Blitz Axt. He is currently General Steiner’s right hand man when it comes to taking important strategic positions.

Oberstleutnant Adelaide Bjorn.
A well trained assassin, a deadly entity who uses a sniper rifle to silence all enemies in eternal darkness.

Military Forces

The Blitz Axt.
Elite light armored infantry protected by newly developed shielding that can stop small arms though is worthless against heavy weapons. Extremely Well trained.
Weapons Include Styr Aug Model 51 primary, Silenced Ruger MKX secondary, White Phosphorus Canister Launchers special.

Widow Ballistic Artillery
A hulking artillery piece that can fire 700MM shells for devastating results over an area of ten miles it does however have poor accuracy…
Weaponry Includes 200MM cannon, five Mgs one on each side one in the front and two on the back.

Fromme Tank Destroyer.
Light armored Walker tank designed for the neutralization of enemy armor.
Weaponry Includes Heavy Armor Piercing Canister Rounds, designed to pierce tank armor and release a thick mist of Tabun(GA) nerve agent effectively neutralizing enemy armor.

Tiger MK93 Tank
Heavy armored Tank Destroyer armed with a 250MM AT Cannon and a prototype Hover Pad System.
Weaponry Included 250MM AT Cannon.

Tiger MK 93 Special
Heavy Armored Specialty Tank armed with twin 100MM Cannons and dual side mounted miniguns. Makes the reason why it’s the frontline tank of the Germanic Empire clear.
Weaponry Included Twin 100MM Cannons, Dual Miniguns side mounts.

The Allied States of America

Commanding Officers

Lieutenant General Jeremy Hyson.
Head General of the African Theater he is currently assisting in the taking of St. Lenin along with the aid of General Carpenter. His specialties is his elite commando unit along with paratrooper which he uses with great coordination to cripple and destroy enemy infrastructure.

Brigadier General Marry Carpenter.
Specifically in charge of capturing St. Lenin she is well known for her use of armor and quick direct strike… few can hold out against this well trained marines. She is nicknamed the Blitzkrieg Queen.

Military Forces.

A.S. Marine Core
A Elite Combat force, Lightly armored and well trained.
Weaponry Includes MP 9 secondary, M4 Carbine primary, Predator Missile Control Laptop special.

Apollo Combat Suit.
Moderately Armored Combat Suit designed as an anti-infantry and light armor support.
Weaponry Includes Chain gun right arm, Flares back, Anti-infantry Shrapnel Rockets right shoulder, light Flamethrower left arm.

Abraham Frontline Walker Tank
A Heavy armored front line combat walker capable of sustaining high damage and standing back up when knocked down.
Weaponry Includes A.P. Chain gun left shoulder, Anti-Infantry Rockets left shoulder, Anti-Tank Missiles right shoulder, Long Range Suppression Rockets back, Light MG Chest.

A.S.M.C. Reaver Artillery.
A 180MM artillery piece that can fire with pinpoint accuracy within a mile, its max range is five miles.

A.S.M.C. Reaver Tank.
A Heavy Tank used by the ASMC armed with twin 140MM cannons that can qualify as light artillery when needed.
Weaponry Includes Twin 90MM Cannons.

The Alliance of Eastern Powers.

Republic of China.

Commanding Officers

First Class General, Jian Mesa
Head of the China Republic’s military forces, Renown as a master strategist and master of aircraft and naval vessels he is a feared enemy when given aid of air or naval support. He is currently the only Eastern Alliance General within the conflict zone of St. Lenin.

Military Forces

Foot Soldier
Basic Infantry of the People’s Republic of China.
Weaponry Includes SVT-40 primary, Nambu Pistol Type 14 secondary, Boys Anti-Tank Rifle MK1 special.

Dragon Walker
Moderately Armored assault walker for pushing through enemy infantry lines.
Weaponry Includes Heavy MG chest mounted, AA EMP Burst Cannon left shoulder, Flares right shoulder.

Oni Anti-Infantry Tank
Heavily armored tank designed for combating infantry and civil uprisings due to its shredder tracks it is capable of traveling over most terrain.
Weaponry Includes Quad Barreled AA/AI Assault Cannon.

Strike Buggy
Light Armored car armed with rapid fire missiles more or less designed to harass enemy flanks and supplies with its speed and mobility.

Southern Empire of Asia.

Military Forces

Foot Soldier
Basic Infantry. Gasmasks Standard.
Weaponry Includes PPS SMG primary, TT-30 Pistol secondary, Flamethrower special.

Lotus Corp. Ballistic Cannon.
A Specialized 300MM Artillery Cannon designed to fire large shrapnel rounds for tearing apart enemy infantry, it can also be armed with explosive shells for anti-tank purposes. It is not a front line weapon as it has a long reload time, max range three miles.
Weaponry Included 300MM Cannon.

Southern Dragon
A massive four story tall walker with heavy armor and minor shielding devices to keep off most small arms. It however requires constant repairs at least once a day due to the strain its size.
Weaponry Includes Central Mounted AT Chain Gun head, 12MM Anti-Infantry Cannon left shoulder, White Phosphorus Missile Launcher right shoulder.

Main Line Assault Walker
A Heavily armored assault walker armed to the teeth. This heavy weapon is extremely slow, bulky, and can be easily tailed from a mile away. Due to the magnitude and size this weapon requires almost constant maintenance to ensure it doesn’t break down from the stress of its weight.
Weaponry Includes 120MM AT Cannon left arm, Twin 50Cal. Mgs right arm, Quad 30Cal Mgs chest mount, 30Cal MG right shoulder, Tear Gas Launcher left shoulder, 30Cal Anti-Missile Auto Cannon and Quad Chaff Rockets back mount.
The Empire of the Rising Sun.

Commanding Officers
Advance logistics Information Coordination Assistant.(ALICA)
An advance prototype robot that is in charge of managing and coordinating the Eastern Alliance infantry forces. She is capable of processing over ten million factors in a matter of moments… she can easily organize infantry brigades and defensive lines within moments… however she must plugged into a stable power grid to operate. Currently in charge of the Rising Sun and Southern Empire’s Forces in St. Lenin.

Military Forces

Foot Soldiers
Basic foot soldiers.
Weaponry Includes AUG SMG primary, AK47 Machine Pistol, and Energized Katana.

Strike Team.
Soldiers who were amputees and earned enough honors to be drafted into this program are lucky they are equipped with state of the art prosthetics and allowed to continue the fight at the rank of officer.
Weaponry Includes AUG SMG Primary, AK47 Machine Pistol, and Energized Katana.

Prototype Assault Force
Completely robotic drones designed with minor A.I. and designed to look like humans… they are costly but their lack of emotions can be useful when one doesn’t want to worry about the variables of their soldiers.
Weaponry Includes Light MG primary, AK-47 secondary.

Guardian Drone
Moderately armored combat drones designed for combating infantry pushes and serving as security at compounds.
Weaponry Includes Dual Linked Heavy Mgs mounted on each shoulder.


The Soviet Union

Commanding Officers

Colonel General Alexia Meroff
Lead General of the Soviet Union’s African theater. A cunning and brutal leader her relies not only on the large number of soldiers she possesses but on her guerilla style combat she uses to inflict horrific casualties on those not prepared to face such a femme fetal as this.

Codename: Wraith Walker.
A high ranking scientist who as far as it concerns soldiers is an equal rank to Colonel General Meroff He is in charge of maintaining the Russian test subjects and genetic research. He is a high priority target by both the Eastern and Western Alliances.

Military Forces

Basic infantry moderately armored with little to no mobility they can hold off most basic infantry with ease but are less effective against elite infantry due to their bulk and lack of training.
Weaponry Includes Light MG.

Shock Troopers.
Heavy Armored infantry designed for short distance attacks where actual armor can not reach.
Weaponry Includes Heavy Anti-Infantry MG.

Death Squad
Elite Troopers. These soldiers are armed with state of the art armor that consists of diamond dust titanium plates renforced with specialized gel to buffer the force of most hits. The final touch to their armor is a electrokenetic shield which not only electrocutes those who rush them but disrupts radio frequencies and wireless devices. Due to the heat their electrical shields produce it would be incredible hard to get a heat lock on them.
Weaponry Includes. AK-47, The Tesla Gauntlet(It can channel electricity through its fingers, melee only), Hand Mortar, M79 Canister Rifle(A large recoiless rifle designed for launching payloads of gas, explosives, or EMP rounds.

Tesla Tank
Lightly armored tank with a heavy turret mount sporting twin tesla coils weaponized to electrocute soldiers and disarm enemy armor.

Hellfire Artillery Tank
A heavy artillery emplacement capable of firing swarms of missiles to soften defenses in enemy territories. Highly Inaccurate max range one mile.
Weapons Include Six missile launchers each armed with three Hellfire missiles that will burst into a swarm of much smaller projectiles, Single heavy MG.

Character Sheets
(Remove the ( ) when making your Character Sheet.)








Eye Color:

Skin Color:

Hair Color:


Weapons: (Modern day and WW2 weapons are the norm.)

Personality. (Optional.)

Physical Condition. (Any injuries or problems that might get in the way of your effectiveness as a soldier.)

Psychological Description. (This is to describe their psychological state most of you have been in fierce combat for months if not years.)

Focus. (Focuses should be diverse between each of the three Alliances. Each Alliance should have a least one tech, medic, and sniper/spotter/scout. The main focus should be combat but unique focuses may end up being rewarded.)

Toggle Rules

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“Fuck… get me some god dam cover fire!” Colonel Zale screamed over the thundering gunfire. He cringed as a bullet struck the car he was ducked behind as cover. He managed to take a peek through the driver side window before a bullet grazed his helmet and forced him back into cover. “I count a good twelve conscript behind cover… two shock troopers covering from that office building. We need some support… Apollo suits cover us, Red Team maintain position, Gold Team your with me… we need to flank them so we can give them an up close and personal ass kicking.” When the two Apollo suits opened fire eight of the sixteen marines followed behind the colonel into a nearby building as they moved to flank the enemy forces. Though their advance was quickly put to halt when a group of three conscripts began to fire on them from down the hall. They took cover and returned fire. “Dam commies, little pricks have to hide behind that heavy armor to stand a chance… watch out for those Mgs, Michael grenade those bastards!” Michael nodded blindingly throwing the fragmentation grenade at the conscript with a ear splitting explosion the conscript toppled and Gold Team continued on its way. He tapped his ear piece to get a hold of his men still in huddled behind covered. “Ok prepare a push… were about to hit them where it hurts…” He made a hand motion for them to open fire and multiple conscript below began to hit the floor as bullets began to rain down from their exposed flank… though Gold Team quickly was forced into hiding when one of the shock troopers opened fire tearing apart the building they had used to gain the height advantage on the conscript.


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“I count a good twelve conscript behind cover… two shock troopers covering from that office building. We need some support… Apollo suits cover us, Red Team maintain position, Gold Team your with me… we need to flank them so we can give them an up close and personal ass kicking.”, Jacen heard over the comm in his Apollo combat suit and aimed his heavy arm-attached MG at the Soviet Conscript's position.
"You heard the Colonel, Cowboy. Lets tear these Commies a new asshole", Jacen said to the second Apollo operator, nicknamed Cowboy because of his southern drawl.
"I love my job", came the response from Cowboy.
Both Heavy Mg's cut loose on the Russian troops position, and in response, the conscripts took cover where they could find it, or disappeared in a storm of bullets and red mist.
Jacen saw from his peripheral Suit camera that the Colonel and his Marines had moved into a nearby building, then when he looked back to the front camera, the Soviet conscripts were falling back, their weapons and armor no match for the hulking Apollo combat suits.
Jacen pressed the comm system's activating button, which was inside the chin strap of his comm link and heard it activate the channel for him to speak to the Colonel.

"Conscripts are falling back, sir. Requesting permission for Apollo one and two to engage and annihilate the enemy".


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Katarina was perched on a large rock in the nearby woods, transfixed on the screen of the mobile terminal before her. The mission was going fairly smoothly from the scene playing out on screen. Her fingers danced a long as she worked. She was stationed not too far away from her squad. However, she was alone, checking for anything that could hinder the team's progress and cracking anything she could ahead of time so that the raiding party could get in and out of the enemy territory quickly.

Then she heard the sounds of someone who had found her location, coming from behind and to her right. A moment later, was the click of a pistol's hammer being set. Katarina didn't wait for whatever the soldier would threaten. Chances are, she wouldn't understand it. She slapped the terminal closed, while rolling back and snatching her shotgun on the way down. It only took an instant. She had dodged the inevitable bullet, and from her back on the ground she fired a blast at the enemy soldier. The foreigner crashed backward, having caught the shell in the chest and face. Katarina remained where she was, on her back. Ready for anything else that may come at her. Nothing did. She attempted to calm her racing heart and lugs by taking in and letting out a long breath with sigh. She then got up, securing her terminal on her person and Saiga on her shoulder, and made to leave. She wasn't going to stick around when the other scouts came looking for this one here. Before leaving, she stared down at the bloody, heaving chest. Katarina grimaced and kicked him in the side of the head. Then she made her way to a better position. She put her hand to her earpiece as she did. "Nisselovich reporting in," she said in her native tongue.

"I read you," came a male voice. "What is your status?"

"I am well, and everything seems clear. However, I was attacked by an enemy scout. The target is neutralized, and I am moving to a new location."

"Very good, comrade. Just be sure to make it to the rendezvous point at the appointed time.

"Yes sir," she replied. "I am heading that way now. I shall continue to monitor your progress. Nisselovich over and out." With that, Katarina made her way to the rendezvous point, but kept a good distance away, keeping herself concealed this time. She now paid a bit more attention to her surroundings, using more than just her ears. She had seen the bullet whole in the rock as she got off the ground earlier. She could very well have been killed. If there were enemy scouts about in this area, she would be ready for them.


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“Roger… push in and take down those entrenched shock troops… were pinned here until those guys are dead or fled… give them hell Apollo team… just don’t die, General Carpenter would kill me if I lost an Apollo against so few foes.” He spoke over the com. “Oh and don’t push past the two office buildings, we need to wait for the Abraham incase our reports on their armor movements prove true.” He motioned for his squad to stay behind cover. “Keep your heads support is in bound… our Apollo force is hitting the shock troopers we’ll continue forward and set up a observation post on the top of this factory here… then we can monitor for com frequencies and see just how many Reds there are to kill…”


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Footsteps echoed down the concrete floor to the mostly empty building. It was abandoned when the fight started in the city. The man walking was wearing a suit and he looked nervous. As he opened the door to one of the rooms, he quieted his footsteps, not wanting to be too loud. He cleared his throat to mark his precense. The other man in the room was sitting in a chair, reading an old book, his back was to the door, but it was alright as there were two young soldiers in the room, both with their uniforms perfectly dressed. At first it looked like the sitting man didn't notice the new one come in, then after a min he set the book on the table and stood up to look at the man who came in.

"Is everything set up?" said the uniform man. The winged badged on his chest showed that he was a colonel of the Germanic empire. The nervous suit nodded, "Yes Elathen, everything is set and ready". He smiled, "Good doctor, tomorrow we will start". The doctor nodded and turned to leave, then stopped to ask a question, "Why did we come here sir? Is it not more dangerous?" Elathen smiled and nodded and came over to the nervous doctor, "Yes it is, but this close to war, our test subjects will be more fresh". He smiled a wicked smile that sent a shiver down the doctor's spine. The doctor nodded, "Yes, right, of course, fresh subjects, better results". The colonel smiled, "Exactly doctor. Rest up today, I am sure you are tired after the long travel, we will begin tomorrow as our soldiers bring in prisoners". The doctor nodded, and left, eager to leave his presence. The colonel began to hum the Germanic anthem as he made a gesture to the two soldiers, who left the room. He went over to a table and began to open a bottle of wine, the sounds of war outside the window. "Yes, let's see what the axis does when we throw something new at them".


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The sun was scorching the eart along the mono-rail track. Emil Von Moltke could easily see why Africa was called the arse of the world. But even in this godforsaken place there was something of some worth, and Emil was hellbent on bringing forth something.
He'd been out wandering the wastes for a long time now, activating the mono-rail and making repairs. He knew that if the imperial forces had to march through the desert of Sahara, then at least 1/6 of them would die before they even saw St Lenin.

A drop of sweat was trailing down Emil's face when he finally got to the next rail-control terminal. He pulled out his lunch and a bottle of warm water. He grimaced at the pouch of powder food that was his ration. Not only did it smell like feet, but the color was one of green disease. Quickly he poured his water down into the pouch, so the powder was dissolved and made into soup. "I miss some real food..." he muttered to himself, before he greedily devoured the soup.
He then drank the rest of the water, and rested int the shadow of the terminal for a moment.

When he finally arose from the shadow, he took one glance at the terminal, and realized that this was the end of his journey. The terminal was as holed as a swiss cheese, and as if it wasn't bad enough allready, the rail was half blown away.
Someone had been there before Emil.
With a sigh, Emil packed up. He put up his hand to cast a shadow for his eyes to rest in. A good mile away he could see a building, so he dusted himself off, and set off in a jog towards the building.

It didn't take him a long time to reach the building, but he was soaked in sweat. The hot sun had burned at him while he ran, but now he could walk into the shadow of the building. It was an old abandoned gas-station.
Emil looked with contempt at the communist propaganda on the walls. Things like "Land of the working man." and "Conscription today, victory tomorrow." were priding the walls. The rooms smelled of long rotten food, and the air was stale, but cool.
Emil closed his eyes for a second, and enjoyed the silence, then moved on. The place had surely been sacked for food and provisions long ago, so Emil didn't bother searching. When he'd checked inside, he went out to check out behind the building.

To his luck there was a jeep, which seemed only slightly wrecked. It took him no more than 15 minutes before he had it operational again. Operational yes, driving no. Ironic as it was, he was in need of fuel on a gas-station.
Time was passing by quickly as he searched the area. Nothing...
But then, suddenly, he saw it. A metal broomstick on the roof. Someone had surely placed it there with a purpose. The purpose wasn't entirely clear, but as Emil thought about it, it became clear to him what the owner had done. He'd placed to the broomstick there, to let the shadow guide him to where he'd burried his petrol.

With a clank Emil unfolded his field shovel, and began digging, and not before long he reached a plastic container with petrol. "Thank god that I didn't dig here for nothing." he said to himself, as he whipped off the sweat from his brows. He then took a firm grip of the battered and dirty container and lifted it up. There were two more afteer it, more than enough for his ride to St. Lenin.
But before he jumped into the car and set off, he went out and made a small barricade, to warn those who would be driving on the mono-rail. He'd surely not be then one to blame for a train derail.

Then he turned back towards the jeep, and his long trip to St. Lenin...


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An deafening explosion sounded through the air as a thick cloud of smoke billowed through the corridor obscuring the silhouette figures of tall bulky soldiers rushing through hoisting their weapons and unleashing a barrage of bullets that executed the opposing enemy unit ahead of them. V2's cerebral processor reviewed the sector map selecting the best route for optimum advantage. It's normal vision was replaced by a blue-green grid reading low heat signatures. The strike team halted there advancement dropping back to take defensive position as the slender boy, whose face was hidden under the crimson hood, sped ahead of them with inhuman speed. It's feet tapping lightly against the linoleum floor.

His vital sensors picked up heart readings coming from around the next intersection. It produced a black handle from it's pocket, clicked a button on the bottom and aimed it at the floor as a long thin black blade sprang from the hilt. The android snapped around the corner, spiraling over the heads of the unsuspecting soldiers and landing at the center of their group. It swung the blade in a full arc before any of them could react, twisting it's upper body in an awkward 360. With wide eyes, their upper bodies split from their lowers, sliding off and onto the floor in a song of wet thuds. The remaining soldiers didn't miss a beat and opened fired.

V2 back flipped over the gun fire, slinging itself against the wall and sent the blade flying through the air, piercing through a soldiers helmet, driving straight through the back of his head. V2 tumbled forward following it's katana, sprang forward and fired a spray of bullets from his MG, ceasing their resistance. Removing it's blade from the corpse's eye socket the advanced mechanical soldier scanned ahead observing the enemy squads falling back.

The mission objective was to open up several paths for Eastern Alliance soldiers, through the Soviet's defenses giving the E.A. the opportunity to bring in more soldiers in order to push the Soviet forces farther back, surround then terminate.

"Passage...cleared." V2 spoke into it's communicator which resembled a gas mask attached to it's face. "Enemy units...falling...back. Advantage Gained."


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Roger… push in and take down those entrenched shock troops… were pinned here until those guys are dead or fled… give them hell Apollo team… just don’t die, General Carpenter would kill me if I lost an Apollo against so few foes.” Came the reply from Colonel Zale. “Oh and don’t push past the two office buildings, we need to wait for the Abraham incase our reports on their armor movements prove true.”

"Roger that sir", Jacen replied before releasing his comm's pressure plate with his chin, causing a click as the channel deactivated.

The Apollo team began to move forward, then there several muffled pings coming from Jacen's left side. He looked at the left upper corner of his HUD, and the holographic representation of his armor showed his left flank blinking green, meaning he was taking small arms fire on that side, but his armor wasn't breached.

"Great", Alex muttered.
"What?", Cowboy asked.
"Looks like the conscripts doubled back to flank us, the untrained monkeys are firing on my left". Jacen responded
"Armor breach?".
'' Then why are you bitchin'?" Cowboy asked.
"Because, you stupid redneck, I got a new paint job on this fuckin' armor yesterday".
Cowboy just laughed as the duo in their hulking combat suits turned and opened up with their chainguns on the conscripts new position.
Then there was a a rapid, continuous flash of light, followed by a hail of bullets striking Jacens front. He checked the HUD again and this time, the armor on his torso was flashing yellow, meaning there was armor penetration but it didn't go all the way through.
"Cowboy, we got shock troops, twelve O'clock!"
Jacen felt a bit of unease, he knew it would take a while for the Shock troops Heavy MG's to break through his armor completely, but he had seen the aftermath of concentrated fire on an Apollo suit. It looked like someone had taken a large knife and stabbed a tin-can repeatedly, and all that is left of the Apollo operator is red goo on the inside of the suit.
"Keep them pinned, I'm gonna get a missile-lock on their heat signatures", Jacen said to Cowboy.
He felt the switch on his Apollo suit's chaingun control with his thumb, and as soon as he flipped the switch, the targeting reticule on his front vision camera changed from a circle to a large square, with the word A.I.M (Anti-infantry missiles) above the square. Shock trooper's armor blocks heat signatures, but when firing, their heavy MG's give off a lot of heat, which the targeting reticule locked onto. His suit began to beep, meaning the missiles were locking on, then after a few moments, the beeping turned into a loud ringing noise, and two red triangles appeared inside the square, marking the heat signatures. He hit the button on top of the chaingun control and the missles fired, followed by two small explosions.
Jacen activated his comm channel to patch through to Colonel Zale.
"Targets Eliminated Colonel, we're in the clear".


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The mission was a success. The raid went smoothly, thanks to Katarina's watch over her team. Several supplies were raided and they made it safely back to HQ. After a quick debrief, she returned to her quarters where she stripped down and got into the shower. It couldn't be long, due to the saving of hot water, and water in general, but she enjoyed what she could. She quickly washed up and then lingered for a minute or two, lost in thought as the warm torrent caressed her body. She was startled from her thoughts as the water suddenly ceased. She sighed and then exited the shower.

After wrapping a towel around her boy and hair, she stood at the mirror and wiped away the fog to reveal her stoic face. She stared at her self for several minutes. She shook her head and then left the small bathroom into her room. It was like living in a hotel. A military hotel. However, it was more like a college dorm, because you had to go to a different location to eat. Katarina walked up to her bed, turned 180 degrees and plopped down onto it. The towel around her body unfurled, but she didn't care. There was no one else around to see her naked form.

"I'm so sick of this," she said softly to no one. "Everything seems so... pointless." She sat up and retrieved her comm from the bedside table. No missed transmissions. "When will I actually get to do something?!" She set the comm down a little roughly, causing it to strike the table a little hard, perfectly punctuating her outburst. "Guess I'll just wait until I get another job..." She laid again for a few moments before popping up and going to get dressed.

She headed out to the mess hall in a bit more casual attire. Military green shorts, her combat boots, and a black tank top. Her hair, she just put in a ponytail. She ignored any unwanted attention as she walked through the halls. Except for a friend who decided to join her for dinner.

"So, I heard you did very well today!"

"Oh, shut it, Aleksey," Katarina said plainly.

"No, I mean it," he said as they got in line.

"It was really no big deal. It was very easy."

"But you were attacked, from behind even!"

"How does all this get around so fast..." she said under her breath.

"What was that?"

"Nothing," Katarina replied. "So, any news with you?"

"No," Aleksey said sadly. "But, I hear something big might be coming up. I hope I get to be apart of it. Oh, and you! I'm sure they'll want you on the job."

"As long as it's a bigger job than the last 10 I've done," she said as the mess workers were loading up their platters with mediocre food. "Then I'll be happy to go. Until then, I'm taking a break." She started walking toward an empty table. Aleksey joined soon after.

"You trying to ditch me, Kat?" She just laughed at him.

"Like I could if I wanted to," she said. They continued eating with more friendly banter. Katarina realized that coming here was a good idea and even though he could be annoying sometimes, Alexsey Bilinskii was a good for maintaining her mental state. She hated getting down over work. She really loved it. She was just sick of the monotony.


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As Emil drove on out on the african plains, he became bored. The plains seemed endless, and even when it seemed that he was getting somewhere, he wasn't.

"Don't worry Emil, it'll be fun to go to the military academy!" He mimicked his mother.
"Yes son. You'll walk in a child, and come out a man." He then mimicked his father.
"Just like your forefathers!" He said, his voice wringed into a mock unison.

"Fuck this place!" He then burst out. "The food is crap, there's no clean water, I'm low on provisions and I'm freaking alone in the wasteland!"
He felt like banging his head into the steering wheel, but as by a second thought he decided against it.
"All of this just for the sake of a fucking 'Forefather'!? Who cares for the dead anyways? I mean, the man lived 300 years ago god damn it!"
He sat in silence for a short moment, then his brows creased. "I seriously got to stop talking to myself."

He drove on in silence. Then he began whisteling. Then he turned on the radio, just to hear the static.
Then, suddenly, something formed in the horizon, First it was just part of the dark line, but suddenly something began rising.
Emil straightened his back, was he really close to the city now!? He lifted a hand from the steering wheel, and rubbed his sore eyes. "Blessed be this car, that IS St. Lenin!" he whispered, as if the city was of fragile crystal, that his very breath could turn to dust.

He drove on, and at some point the smoke became visible to him. "Oh shit." he muttered, as he drove onto a battered and bombed road. Again, the recklesness of the warmongers left him breathless. What about after the war!? Then this area would be unusable by those poor souls who still had to make a living here. But no, none except Emil thought about the natives, or about after the war, when the whole place would have to be rebuilt.
"Verdamte scheisse." he cursed. He hated to see the world go to waste as he walked it. Wasn't people supposed to leave it better than they recieved it?

As he arrived at the border of the battlezone, he exitted the vehicle, took of the protection capsule on the gastank, flicked up a match and lit up the jeep.
With a roaring boom, the jeep was consumed by licking flames. Quickly, the fire took hold of the easier flameable parts, such as the seats and interior, while the paint on the sides began scalding off, and falling to the ground, before turning into mouldy dust.

Then Emil turned around, and began seeking out his next target. Someone had mentioned a soviet controlled radio command, and if you wanted an army to work synchronized, then you'd have to be able to give them all orders. And what better method than to use the radio?


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“Alright… just be careful their armor blocks out our sensors… so they may have stopped shooting but it’ll be hard to confirm the kill… Red Team move into the office building and confirm the kill Apollos hold the court yard, Gold Team is moving to secure a room for a forward command center. Watch out scanners just when static… keep your eyes open… something big is going on… prepare for the worst…”


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Emil ran like hell over the ruined land, before he got to the forest around St. Lenin. He'd hoped to be able to take a break there, but as soon as he sat down to rest in the forest, he could hear battle not too far away. He got up quickly, and began running through the sector, running from tree to tree. A series of gunshots behind him made him run even faster.
Somewhere behind him, he could hear dogs baying. "Shit!" He mumbled, as he jumped through a thick bush. On the other side he landed on his knees, from there he quickly got up and continued running. The forest was beginning to quiet down, even though the baying dogs were still to be heard behind him. The ground was covered with yellow and brown leaves, small pools of water was strewn over the area, creating large pools of mud everywhere.
The forest was a direct opposite of the desert and dry plains that Emil just came from. A cool breeze came down, rustling the leaves up, and cooling Emil as he ran.

Emil stopped when he reached the end of the forest and the start of St. Lenin. For a second he stood there, his breath taken away by the large city in front of him. Around the city collumns of smoke rose towads the sky. The city was gray and made of concrete, in the very best soviet style. The calm gray city made something move inside Emil, a small tear sneaked out the corner of his eye. The city seemed so calm, so very serene.
Emil took in a deep breath, and looked over at the nearest building of the city. It was a nice neighbourhood, a large school stood in the middle. Surely the more influencial soviets lived in that part of town.

Emil started towards the buildings, hopping that none of the inhabitants were looking. Of course that was a lot more than he could ask for, so he'd have to move even faster before the inhabitants called the soviet locals, and made a groups of soldiers come running. Emil knew that a group of russians would be just more than he could do.
When he turned at a corner, he faced the first group of russians. They stood there, looking dumbfoundedly at him. One of them dropped his cigarette.
As it touched the ground, Emil flicked up his HMG, which had been magnetically attached to the right side of his breast armor. A single roaring mirrage of bullets were enough to leave the three russian soldiers torn apart and dead, only the faint smell of blood and the small droplets of blood still hanging in the air was witnessing of what'd happened. Although three russian corpses did speak entirely for itself.

Before the blood began pooling, Emil was on the run again. This time seeking towards a large building with big windows and a large entrance. It looked important, thus he'd take it and bomb it if necesary. He ran up to the entrance, and entered. Much to the horror of the young students in the foyer.

[Emil Von Moltke is in "Zone RS-1"]

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