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Fredrick James Simmons

''To hunt a monster, you need to become one.''

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a character in “X Gene: Fractured”, as played by xfaithyx123


To hunt a monster, you need to become one.


Name: Fredrick James Simmons

Nickname: Wrath, only his best friend, Hadrian Furor Kimura, calls him this otherwise it is Jay or Fry to others.

Age: Looks 32, factual age 46

Side: Against Romeo, he is the second in command to his best friend. He also helped him create Fran.

Physical Description when is ability activates: Since Fran freed herself from the facility his best friend, Hadrian Furor Kimura put him under the table, using Fran's dna as a base to his mutation making him her opposite. He happily did this for his Best friend of course. He as bandages over his arms, neck and over one eye due to the sensitivity to the UV rays of the sun on the effected areas. The eye that is covered up is a snake eye, same colour as Fran's that being icy blue with a bleeding effect of yellow around the pupil. He will only pull up the bandage to look into distances as the sun burns his eye if in it too long, the same for his bandaged areas on his person.

Just like Fran when he uses his abilities his left snake eye will glow, but not the same colour it will be lime green, the bright glow showing through the bandage over his eye. One his left hand it will always be clawed with black bones, razor sharp, his knuckles on that hand will have black bone spikes but on both arms he has retractable spikes, the same on his neck. He will instead of Fran have sharp teeth, not retractable fangs.

On his chest, just under his neck will be a brand or birth mark that is the same as Fran's that will glow green as he uses his abilities also.

Clothing: Being he is primarily a scientist, just like Hadrian he wears a white lab coat, white loose shirt and white trousers. His black leather dressy shows will have retractable blades on them and he wears underneath his shirt his armor made of steel that Hadrian made for him to fight Fran and subdue her. He also had the ability on his chest to retract blades from the front and back of him, again the bones his black.


➳ His Gun
He can use his ice/water ability in this gun that is only activated by his DNA only.
☣ Ice/water elemental - Due to the fact that he is the opposite to Fran he wields the cold, they are mirrored opposites, as Hadrian wanted.
☣ Shadow manipulation - He can twist and bend shadows to his will, travel through them to other shadows and can make people trapped in them or be consumed into them.
☣ Lesser Feral link - He can tap into his animistic self just like Fran but with more control but less connection to predatory animals and though he is stronger and faster than Fran he need energy to do it while Fran's feral link is a instinct so comes naturally.
☣ Keen eyed - With his left snake eye he can see far away just like Fran, just cannot allow sun light to be exposed to it for too long as it will burn, he can also see in the dark unlike Fran.
☣ Tiger's paw - His left hand has a permanent mutation that caused his hand to be clawed as well as his spikes on his knuckles, this hand has a blackish tint to it.
☣ Reinforced bones - His bone structure is stronger and can take a better beating that Fran's, they are also black.
☣ Venom - He can inject others with poison like Fran but only with his left hands, his claws are poisonous and just like Fran's venom it is deadly. Fran's and Fredrick's venom can hurt each other the only venom they are not immune too....each other's.
☣ Life Force consumption - Like Fran he needs blood to survive now expect unlike Fran he can eat other things and not get ill from it. This means just like her he heals and is immortal too.

Fredrick was Hadrian's right hand on creating Fran, he watched her grow up as well, looking after her like a second parent to Hadrian but she grew fast but he volunteered to do the daily tests, like blood and pulse tests happily. At first they were fine together him and Fran but as she reached her teens that was when she savagely attacked him, scarring his arms, chest, left eye and neck as she tried to have her way with him.

Once she was sedated he was hospitalized in the facility far from Fran like most males in there, but not Hadrian because she wouldn't want to breed with him, since he is her father. Hadrian visited him all most every hour as he was put in a coma after the attack from blood loss. He eventually awoken to find out from his best friend that his daughter go free from the facility and seeing his best friend break down in front of him despite his hardened resolve over his daughter he allowed him to put him on the table and use Fran's DNA to be infused with his, making him Fran's equal...

After the the weeks of the transformation he healed instantly, able to walk again and the first thing he did was put on his clothes and smile at Hadrian, vowing he would return her home. In the facility he used the time to understand his strengths and weaknesses, the biggest one being the UV rays of the sun so he as to redress his bandages over time. After a while his left hand was changed also it scared him, making Hadrian run to him as he was in agony as the claws and bones came out and reinforced themselves landing him into the hospital bed for another couple of days.

Now, he is ready to return his best friend's daughter to him....

Other: He has a crush on Fran and will most likely act on it.

So begins...

Fredrick James Simmons's Story


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Fran would watch as Romeo talked to the others. She would feel herself stiffening from the cold and she slumped over to the floor, blackish blue lips lightening from the cold she was so sensitive too. She'd look at Franky though, and despite her weakened state she grinned.

''I don't need to eat anything but consume blood...but I like to eat my victims flesh, do you want to test that theory?'' She'd tease sadistically licking the top of her lips with a small shivered laugh then her snake eyes go to Christina and her grin goes and she frowns at her. ''You look like someone I know..'' She'd say being vague as ever.

She'd then see Romeo start to come to her and in her weakened state she only could growl and that was what she did unless he got close enough for her to inject her poison but then again, she would not be able to escape without help so she would not act on this desire and only growl at him like he were entering her territory.


Wrath would sit out on the balcony, in a chair with a cloak over him, his features hidden in shade, he wore all white with a lab coat. He'd be sipping on some water with a refreshed sigh from his mouth. He'd smile to himself before putting the glass on the metal table.

He would then take away his cloak revealing himself. He was blond, short choppy hair and middle aged but with a youthful feel to him that was unnatural. He'd be tanned and of Asian descent but with a slight tan making his ethnicity mixed. His exterior would be bandaged, a bandage on his left eyes, hiding it as well as his arms, neck and chest but his right eye would be visible and it was a dark blue colour. He would take another sip of his water, a medical officer near him assessing his health at a constant from a far.

His left hand would be claws and spikes would be on his knuckles, the bones would be black. The skin on this hand and arm black tinted, his lips would be blueish black tint also. He'd use his right hand for things like putting his glass down back on the table while the other was for combat.

He'd then look up at a tall figure that rested against the bars of the balcony, with a smile on his face, holding a glass of what seemed like alcohol in his hand, he'd take a sip of it, his shoulder length brown hair blowing in the short breeze of the Nevada desert. From behind he was shrouded in shade as the position of the sun was in front of him, giving his front a whited out effect, making his features vague to be described.

Wrath would tilt look away down at the table still with a smile on his face. ''Is it time Hadrian?'' He'd ask with assertiveness and a playful tune to it also.


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Romeo catches the bottle and slips it back into the medical bag, setting it aside on a nearby table. He didn't know if the medicine would work or not, not until Christine had to grab the trashcan anyway. Seeing this he frowns and goes over to a sink, taking a washcloth and wetting it with cool water before handing it to her.

"Sorry about that. Drugs don't affect my body anymore, so I often forget how quickly they can start to work on others." Romeo says, rubbing the back of his neck as he stands up, having knelt down to give Christine the cloth. Before he could say anything else to Franky the younger mutant was gone. Shaking his head a little Romeo pulls a chair over and helps Christine up into it. "Like I said, I'm not going to stop you from going. If Franky decides to take off before you're ready then I can give you a ride. Once I get things set up here I'll be joining you all."

Walking over to a telephone on the wall Romeo picks up the receiver and puts it to his ear before pressing a few buttons. He talks for about a minute to someone on the other end of the line before he hangs up.

A short time later two people arrive at the room, one is dressed like a doctor the the other like a nurse. Both were mutants, of course. The doctor had the ability to psychically scan a person and learn any abnormalities Meaning he could scan can a mutant and determine their mutations, but he could also scan anyone and figure out what was wrong with them. The nurse had no mutations that made her fit to be a nurse, in face her mutation was to turn herself into sand and still be able to move about, as well as being able to reshape herself. The doctor does a scan of Christine by looking her over from head to toe, first one way and then the other.

"You've been poisoned, looks like scorpion venom in your system. The drug Romeo gave you is causing it to rapidly leave your system, and it should be all out of you within the hour. You'll probably feel a bit ill for the rest of the day though." The doctor says with a nod before turning to face Fran, doing the same to her. "She has too many mutations to mention, not all of them seem accidental..." he pauses for a moment, as if trying to decide whether or not to say anything more. "It seems being in the cold weakens her. She should be alright if you leave her in here until you get back."

"Thank you doctor. Christine, if you like they will help you upstairs." Romeo says, though his tone says that it is more of an order than a request. He didn't want to be rude, but he needed a moment to talk with this new mutant before they left the Compound.


Hadrian was standing on the balcony looking out over the desert, taking a few moments away from his work to try and enjoy the day. He was spending this time with his second in command over the X Gene project, Fredrick. He was wearing his typical attire, a lab coat over a dark grey dress shirt and black slacks. His left hand was resting on the railing, the heat it had absorbed from the light of the sun over the course of the day not bothering him. In his right hand he held a glass of brandy, swirling it about in the glass before he straightens a bit and takes a sip.

"Yes, my friend, I believe it is time." Hadrian says with a grin.


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Fran would growl at the doctor that walked to her next but seemingly got spooked as he took out his hand and started to scan her, she'd be visibly shaking at he continued to scan her and her icy blue snake eyes seem to shake with terror and they would water. As the doctor finished she'd move her feet to push herself back from him, her bones would crack, slowing her down extremely, if this place was any colder she'd probably get sick then die.

But before she could say anything she'd look at Christine frowning all the while smiling in a odd affectionate way. ''You look like him too...'' She'd say quietly as Christine left then she'd look at Romeo and the warm smile would leave her face. ''What do you plan to do with me? Mm?'' She'd then purposefully split her legs while looking at him. ''I promise I would kill you afterwards.'' She'd then laugh only to close her legs, her bones creaking as she did and she winced in pain and her face would go serious but soft. ''You can't keep me in the cold too long...'' She'd mumble while looking down to the ground at her restrains.


Wrath would stand, using his right hand to run through his hair as he walked to stand next to Hadrian with a smirk on his face. ''Et oui, le chat devient la souris ... comment le temps change les règles.'' (And so, the cat becomes the time changes the rules.) He would rest his arms on the balcony railing, his left clawed hand exposed, slouching his weight onto the railing as he and Hadrian look to the distance. ''What will we do once we have her? Other than contain her that is...No...'' He would look to Hadrian. ''Will she'' He'd ask softly before turning back to the distance with a sigh. ''I wonder....what she looks like now...'' He'd mumble before his skin started to burn, gritting his teeth then turning behind to see a nurse with a smile.

Wrath would straighten up and would start to be taken inside but he would stop, turning his head back to Hadrian. ''Funny how her strength is my weakness and vice versa hmm?'' He'd then be lead inside only a bloody hand print from his right hand left on the railing. As he gets inside the nurse sits him down and starts to change his bandages while the medical staff who were monitoring him walk to him with a smile. ''This is the longest time out in the sun you have been without getting burnt, you are getting stronger.''

Wrath would smile up to the doctor then return his eyes to the nurse that was redressing his body, the areas of which were affected from his time under the table caused his skin on those areas to be heavily scarred and those points were where his weakness to the sun came from though if you hit these areas it would still be tender but not weak. ''If I am getting stronger that only means Fran is too...''


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Romeo nods to Christine as she thanks him before heading out. The doctor and nurse follow behind, leaving him alone with Fran in the secure room. With them gone he turns to face the woman on the other side of the room, crossing his arms as she opens her legs. He was definitely getting an animalistic vibe from her, but from what the doctor said that could be from her natural mutations or the ones forced on her. It was a rare thing to come across someone who had been given a mutation through experimentation on purpose, but she wasn't the first. Hunter was a born mutant who had been surgically modified as well.

"I never planed on leaving you in the cold." Romeo says as he walks over to the wall and turns the thermostat up. "All of the rooms are adjustable to whoever will be staying in them. We can't raise the temperature too high, but this should be enough to keep you feeling well without letting you burn the place down around you." Soon a vent would activate and warm desert air would be pumped into the room through a series of vents and pipes and such. As the warmer air enters the room it carries with it the scent of the desert. Sage brush, mesquite trees, the smell of the sand itself. "I really don't like keeping you in here, but I hope you can understand this. We have nowhere else to go. Not everyone here is as strong as I am, there are women and children, and those who have been made weaker because of their mutation. I'll do whatever I have to in order to protect them. So until I return you'll be kept here, but when I get back I'll let you out and we can talk more, alright?"

With that said, and the room now warmer than before, Romeo turns to head out of the room, only to bump into Hunter just outside the door.

"I thought you were out taking care of things above ground." Romeo asks his second in command.

"Already taken care of. Driver has been taken to the infirmary, he'll live but never walk again. His truck was scrapped so we'll be taking it apart and bringing it down into the base for spare parts." Hunter says, all the while looking past Romeo at Fran. "So, she's the one who caused all the ruckus. You're getting soft Romeo, a few months ago you would have killed her and have done with it."

"People change, Hunter. Not always for the better, but sometimes." Romeo says, looking away. "If you'll excuse me, I need to be going now. I still have a supply run to manage." With that the mutant leader walks off, leaving Hunter alone with with Fran.


After finishing his drink Hadrian looks at the empty glass, holding it up in the palm of his hand. His hand begins to heat up and the glass melts, forming a puddle in his hand, which he slowly turns to the side and allows to drip. The liquid glass forms small droplets, like tears, as it falls and cools, disappearing into the sand below them. He was getting restless, and although it took energy to do such small things, he felt if he didn't do something he would go mad.

"We'll be heading out to Belhart city. I have a source who says there is a group of people who live out in the desert and come into town for supplies every month or so. Hopefully we can catch them on their supply run and question them to see if they may have spotted Fran." Hadrian says, cooling his hand off before turning around and walking inside. "We own one of the buildings on the outskirts of town, we can use it as a temporary base of operations while we gather information."

Something in the back of his mind was calling Hadrian out into the sands of the Nevada desert, and while he could survive out there on his own just fine, Fredrick could not. Logic, then, would say to stay near the desert, but not out in it. Belhart would be a good start, and if they found anything interesting they could always move. Among the fleet of various military vehicles at their disposal were a few MCV units, Mutant Recover Vehicles. They were large black vans fitted with various technologies on the inside that could track mutants if they got their hands on a DNA sample that was fresh enough and that also had a special device inside that rendered mutations useless.