Luella Payn

"Trust me, the sun is the most powerful thing."

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"In this world its not faith that saves us but defiance." Benjamin Franklin
Name: Luella Carmen Payn
Nickname: Ella or Solar do t her sun like power
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Striaght
Clothing Style: BoHo
Face Claim: Ashley Greene
Likes: Sunshine, Martial arts, Dark Purple, Swimming, Dancing
Dislikes: Pain, People fighting, Candy, Thunder
Hobbies: Practicing Martial arts, Singing, Dancing, Sun Bathing
Personality: She is very bubbly and bright, people just like being around her but she also has a darkness that occessionaly surfaces. Just like her power and where her power seems to reside, she can be viotale but she has a really good control over herself and her power. He power attually showed up before her brothers and she is impatent when ever he has trouble controlling it.
Powers/Abilities: Sunshine and anything that could be considered in its frame, Slight fire powers, teleporting (only where sun light is touching), Heating up her skin and etc.
Weaknesses: Water and darkness, water only effects her if she is in her full power mood, (looks like a flame elemental or humanoid flame) but darkness will weaken her no matter what and she sleeps her special lights on. If people are messing with her brother she gets distracted.
History: Nicholas and Luella Payn were born to Abraham and Lezzetta Payn, both Doctors. Heir parents were working on a better cure, because they had noticed that the original cure faded and how fast was based on the strength of the power. Nick and Ella grew up really close as all twins and they were close to their parents as well. Abraham taught them about science and Math, Lezzetta English and history and their nanny taught them normal common sense things. By the time they were ten they had mastered things most high school JRs have only a basic knowledge of.

About that same time Abraham and Lezzetta were murdered, it was horrific and the Twins saw it. A group of mutants who had found out about the scientist work broke into the house on Christmas Eve and tied Nick’s and Ella’s parents to their lab tables and slowly tortured them. One of the rebel Mutants finally took pity on them and broke their necks. Nick and Ella were hiding in their parent’s medical cabinet until the mutants left.

The twins were separated after that. Ella was sent to a foster home in New York, she was scared at first but she started to vist Central park and sat on the same spot every day. The sun covering her skin, she didn’t not like her new home but she missed her brother and her longing caused her to get way to distracted one day and a couple of muggers grabbed her from her spot in the park. Screaming for help no one came and she pushed her hand into her attacker’s chest willing all the energy in herself to punch him. Without knowing it she had tapped into her power for the first time, a year before Nick, and her attacker ended up with a whole in his chest.

His buddy ran away and she had to steal new clothes so she wouldn’t go home in dirty clothes. She stopped going to her special place and would just wander around town, no where on her mind. Once she was thinking about going to Jamaica just because she wanted to and suddenly she was. She realized she could teleport but she could only teleport where the sun touched it was a lot of trial and error with her power but she mastered it and started jumping from state to state, city to city; And thinking of her brother in her head.

When Ella found Nick she was very proud of herself and just Zapped him away from the Government as fast as she could. She ended up making him pass out and she felt bad. While helping him get better she ended up absorbing some of his darkness, in away, and now there is a dark side of her that makes her want to see who far her power could go. If she could kill someone like Nikki had. After he got Better They went to the School where they were both safe.

Alliance: The X-Men

Her in full power form.

So begins...

Luella Payn's Story

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"Ella....ELLA!" A booming voice yelled from below her and Ella rolled on her stomach on the tree branch high above the world to look down at her twin as he brushed her shaggy hair from his face and looked up at her concern and anger warring for control on his features. "One day I swear your going to get yourself killed while im to weak to help you!" Nick lectured her. Sighing deeply he turned around and into her tent to get dressed, or at least Ella assumed to get dressed seeing how he had been wearing only his pajama bottoms when he had came out side to lecture her.

Steadily climbing down the tree she fixed her clothing, a loose dark green tank top with cut off jeans and combat boots, and peek into her brothers tent to see him struggling to button the cuffs on his black button up shirt. "Your going to get hot." She lectured him her dark green eyes narrowed at him and Nick just laughed while tying up his one boots and rolling her faded and ripped up jeans over the tops. Ruffling his hair she repacked his stuff. Laying on the ground of his tent, mostly because hers was already packed up, she smiled at him knowing he was nervous about their trip. He didn't teleport well.

"We could have left yesterday." Ella said and Nick turned his head to look down at her, of course they could have and he could have had a night to rest but it made him feel weak and he didn't want Ella to feel bad because he couldn't handle a little sunlight but she would understand. Hell he had to help her set up special Ultra violet lights in her tent every night as to keep her from getting sick.

Shaking his head Nick helped her up and set to work putting it away, feeling his body weaken in the minimal light that barley touched him under the canvases of leaves. "Lets go." He panted once he was ready and he could see worry cover Ella's face. That wasn't going to work for him, "Luella Carmen Payn, flash us already so I wont be too weak when every other kid gets there!" He practically growled and she smiled briefly. Grabbing hold of her things and holding her hand out to Nick he could see her mentally preparing herself for hat she was going to do. She looked up and he watched her eyes glaze as she located where they were going and he closed his eyes as pain filled him.

Ella knew, knew that he was hurting and she tried to make it fast because she didn't want to hurt him to bad. She knew how it looked, a lot of golden light flashing through the air faster then most people could see. She also knew how it looked when she landed, and how it sounded, it was a super bright light and a super sonic boom. But it was fast and as the world turned normal colors again she smiled. And looked at Nick who was standing, that was a good sign.

Feeling his feet touch ground Nick opened his eyes and looked around, it was a big house but oddly he felt better already. This was safe. They no longer had to hide. He saw the car drive up the drive way and he waited. Wondering what would happen, if they were students too. Poking Ella, she looked up at him disgruntled, he loved how short she was sense he wasn't very tall himself. Pointing at the arrivals he relaxed in the shade of the tree Ella had landed them in as he watched carefully. Wondering just what was going to happen.

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Raphy had looked away for three seconds, and already Claude was gone. "Claude!?" She asked nervously as she whipped her head around to look for her little brother. Raphy was not accustomed to being away from Claude for long periods of time, and didn't like when he simply vanished.

As the girl turned, she saw a flash of brilliant light and looked over. There, sitting in the shade, was a rather dark looking boy and, in the sun, was a particularly bright looking girl. Raphy took the chance and walked over to her. "Hi...I'm Raphy. Have you seen my brother? About," She held up her hand, "yay tall, big in the muscular way, dark hair? His names Claude," The girl flipped her hair over her shoulder, making sure her hat stayed cocked slightly to the side.

Claude never wandered away from Raphy, but he'd seen a girl trying to get her luggage from her car. He didn't like leaving her without letting her know, but Claude was a gentlemen, and he liked helping ladies. "Hey, I'm Claude...Can I help you?" He asked the girl with long, dark hair.

Claude smiled a winning smile, and looked up. There was a guy with a guitar walking up, and he instantly thought that Raphy would think he was good looking. Instead of worrying like he normally would, he went back to the girl. "So, can I help you?"