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Mia Grace

"We need to work together. As revolting as that sounds."

0 · 1,200 views · located in Marvel Universe

a character in “X-Men: Dynasty”, as played by Bodoe


{N A M E}
Mia Grace
{C O D E N A M E}
{N I C K N A M E}
Little M
{G E N D E R}
{A G E}
{R O L E}
Alpha leader
{H A I R C O L O R}
{E Y E C O L O R}
Light brown
{S E X U A L I T Y}

Always be a team player

{H E I G H T}
{W E I G H T}
{A P P E A R A N C E}
Mia’s civilian clothes usually consist of her favorite brown leather jacket over her cardigan and well-fitting pair of jeans. Her love for her jacket runs so deep that she had another one made with her codename “Swift” written in patched letters in a hot pink color going down each sleeve. Mia carries her Bo Staff with her at all times. Mia has a hot pink tim for her uniform. Mia wears a gold watch at all times with the names Alan and Elise Grace and a date engraved on the watch.

”Trust. It’s a hard thing to earn, and an easy thing to lose.”

{P E R S O N A L I T Y}
Mia takes her role seriously. She knows a leader is responsible for those they lead, but she also knows to always have people speak their mind and to try different ideas. She doesn’t have a big sense of humor, and is always too afraid to show her true emotions. Her past has been dark and lonely, and even though she has made friends at the academy, she doesn't trust herself to show her fragile side. Instead she comes off harsh and acts like a stone wall as if nothing can affect her, but those close to her know it’s just a cover up. Loyalty is Mia’s strong suit. If you’re her friend, you can trust her with just about anything. Mia rarely gives people a second chance. You screw with her once and she will not hesitate to screw back or hold a grudge.
Mia knows when she is in the wrong, and the second she realizes it she will be quick to apologize. In intimate situations Mia can get extremely nervous, she will start stuttering, talking too fast, or get as red as a tomato. Mia tends to complicate things or get way too attached and it affects her relationships. She has recently tried to keep herself away from those sort of situations. Out of missions and exercises Mia tends to daydream and think to herself, which ultimately goes back to her idea of being too scared to spill her emotions to a friend.
Mia loves to sing and play the guitar. Singing helps calm her and for at least a few moments and removes her from everything going on.

{P O W E R S}
Enhanced Reflexes- Mia is capable of reacting fast at will due to perceiving time as if it were moving very slowly and she is able to speed up in response.
Enhanced Agility- Mia can go from one motion to another effortlessly, being able to dodge attacks, sprint, and implement athletic, gymnastic, and martial moves with little effort.
Mia is working to improve her martial skills, endurance, and stamina.
{W E A K N E S S E S}
Mia does not possess the ability of enhanced speed, making her abilities rather useless at long distance. She has no healing factor, making her prone to any attack or damage a normal human being is prone to.

“Maybe we like the pain. Maybe we're wired that way. Because without it, I don't know; maybe we just wouldn't feel real. What's that saying? Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop.”

{L I K E S}
{D I S L I K E S}
✘Rude people
✘Unkempt people
✘Egotistical people
{F E A R S}
-Being alone
-Closed in spaces
-Getting someone hurt or killed
{ H O P E S/ D R E A M S}
Mia hopes to increase her endurance, lead well, and dreams of finding someone to be with.
{S K I L L S}
Mia is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts. She is able to use her Bo staff at great affect. Mia is a able to apply her intuition in times of need, whether that be her gut feeling or trusting someone else’s idea and using it to the teams advantage.

”Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”

{H I S T O R Y}
Mia discovered her abilities when she was young playing it the various sports her parents put her in. Her abilities were not as advanced at a young age so nobody saw anything unusual, everyone just assumed she was gifted with athletic talents. Mia abhorred team sports and when she turned 12 she asked her father for a guitar. He came home the next Christmas with an excellent Martin series guitar and Mia fell in love. It’s the reason adores the winter season and the holiday. The cold always brought her joy and allowed her to get comfy and think things over. She joined choir to please her parents and took many lessons. She did average in school finding her passion more in music. High school was where she first found herself looking at girls the way she should have been looking at boys.
Mia always tried to work up the courage to explain to her parents that she might be interested in both sexes but words failed her. By her 15th birthday it was too late. Mia’s birthday being in December, the family went out to dinner to celebrate and on their way home they walked down streets see the Christmas lights. By about the 8th block of houses, two men approached the happy family. They were hoodlums who pulled out a gun and robbed Mia’s parents for their rings, cash, and her father’s watch that her mother had saved up for, as a gift to her father on their anniversary. He wouldn’t give it up. In just a single moment, Mia’s whole world crashed and burned. The man with the gun shot her dad as the other man stabbed Mia’s mother. Mia screamed out and everything seemed to just slow down. She kicked the man with the gun in his groin and he dropped it. Mia quickly grabbed the gun before it even hit the ground fired shots into the other man’s chest before turning and shooting the one on the ground from her kick. She fired the rest of the clip into him. She cried and couldn’t stop. Tears streamed down her face and she dropped the gun. Mia dropped to her knees and hit the shooters chest over and over yelling out loud. Mia heard the sirens, grabbed her father’s watch from his wrist, and ran from the scene.
Mia moved from area to area, stealing food and once in a while picking people’s pockets. A few weeks in when Mia was out of options and down on her luck she went to pick a man’s pocket and got caught, he turned to grab her but she dodged with her reflexes and all his attempts failed.
Mia came to know this man as Logan, or better known as Wolverine. He saw that she had enhanced abilities and took her in. Mia adapted to her new life at Xavier Mansion and made a few friends. She has always been scared to talk about her past and in effect, she has been scared to even talk about her feelings. She came to rely on showing her ‘hardened side’ as Logan would come to call it. He is the only one who knows about her past and has promised to keep it that way. Wolverine helped Mia train her martial abilities and increase her stamina and endurance. She still has a lot to learn. Mia also became attached to the other main figures of the X-men including Cyclops and Storm. Mia's became best friends with another student named Tecmessa. Mia looks up to Tecmessa, being the younger of the two, Tecmessa knows Mia for who she truly is. Mia has never told Tecmessa about her past because Mia cant allow herself to break down or show weakness. Logan is the only one who knows, and Mia assumes professor X knows too. Mia knows of Tecmessa's true past and always feels a little bit guilty that she knows and Tecmessa doesnt, but Mia also knows nobody should have the memories of a past like Tecmessa had. When the time for squads had arrived, Mia was greatly surprised and extremely scared at being named leader of Alpha squad. She was relieved at the fact that Tecmessa was named leader of Gamma squad. She was not alone.
{F A M I L Y}
Alan Grace| Father| Deceased
Elise Grace| Mother| Deceased

"There are friends, there is family, and then there are friends that become family."

{C O L O R}

{F C}
Alona Tal

So begins...

Mia Grace's Story


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#, as written by Vix

“Right. Let's do this.”

Tessa sighed as she turned around to see about twelve feet of roof ahead of her, her eyes narrowing. The blue and green orbs flashed as she grinned, her legs pumping as she ran. She could hear the screams of others as her body plummeted down towards the ground. Her eyes closed and soon... There was nothing but silence. She could feel the earth all around her body, the small creatures that lived below the surface going about their daily business. But she wasn't training for that. Instead, she tried to hear what was going on above. She sighed as she brought herself into a position of lying down, moving through the soil as easily as she moved through air, almost unaware of the pressure as the earth shifted out of her way and created space for her. She placed her palms flat upon the earth above her, coercing a small daisy to sprout above. Grasping onto its roots, she opened her eyes and simply stared into the darkness before giving a shout of victory. What's she doing down there? Is she dead? That was Professor Tec, right? She could hear the people talking above, though it was rather faint. She would have to work a bit harder to perfect this. Still, it was going much better than her attempts at exploring some other aspects of her power. Like turning into various elements. She had spent two weeks in the medical bay after trying to turn into a piece of metal and ended up being a copper bracelet for six hours. When she had returned to her normal form she was broken out in hives and had a green tint to her skin.

Not the best day of her life.

Satisfied with the training, she walked through the earth, surprising the students as she popped up. “And that is how you don't die when you leap from twenty feet up.” She gave a light smirk before canting her head to the side some. “Though, I wouldn't suggest that any of you try it just yet.” Beaming a smile, she skipped past them and headed indoors with a skip in her step. She waved to those that she passed by on her way to her room, throwing open her door and giving a light squeal. It was only her second year being employed by Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters, only her second year of having one of the “upgraded” rooms, but she still loved it. She didn't mind when she had a room with Mia but she felt so official with her new room. That... She rarely slept in. But her furred companions loved the new space. She dropped to her knees to greet them as they ran up to her, laughing at the sight of Jade sitting on top of Bastille's head. “That's just... Oh, it's too cute!” She brushed her fingers through Bastille's fur before using her index finger to stroke Jade's small head. “I've got to go and get ready to train for a bit.” She stood up, turning her head as Talisman yipped softly, nudging his head against Tex's leg. “Haven's there... With Flynn. Fucking... Fantastic. Thanks for the update, lovey.” Her voice was dripping with sarcasm as she made her way to the shower, though she didn't direct it towards her stubby-legged friend.

She didn't spend long showering, just a few minutes to scrub away the dirt. She didn't mind some dirt on her nails or smudges on her face but she didn't like feeling funky. By the time she re-entered her room, her once chocolate waves were now curls of hot pink that dangled past her waist. They were pulled together by a thin vine, looping around to place her hair into a ponytail. She moved to the mirror, staring at her body. Scars were... They were everywhere. She sighed as she pulled out her makeup cream and began to apply it to her chest. It was always the first scar that she covered before following up and covering the ones on her legs, back, and arms that weren't already covered by her tattoos. Ah, her tats. She wouldn't trade them for anything in the world, spending quite some time staring at the newest one that took up her right side. That was a masterpiece and something she felt absolutely represented her to her core. She sighed happily, blue flowers blooming and intertwining with her locks. She happily slid into a workout outfit, whistling to herself while she finished it all off with her favorite headphones. Clicking her tongue and gesturing to herself in the mirror as though she were some sleazy construction worker, she chuckled and headed out for the Danger Room. She let her beasties out and locked the door behind them, smiling at the students who were enjoying their weekend. It was a great afternoon. She gave a final wave to them as she stepped into the elevator and headed down below.

Being accepted to train with the X-Men meant so much more to her than just being a teacher. Having her own room was great but being part of the X-Men, even just as a trainee, meant that she had access to their cool vehicles and all the super secret rooms below the ground floor. The Danger Room was by far her favorite room. She also had that really cool uniform, though she didn't need it. Logan and Ororo told her that it was to help her and the others withstand immense amounts of G-Force as well as to regulate their body temperature, neither of which she needed because her body adjusted on its own. Still, she was not one to pass up looking fine as hell. She certainly filled out her outfit well enough. But she wasn't wearing it today. She passed by the locker rooms and found that Haven seemed to have left, a grin playing on her lips. Good. The last thing they needed was yet another scrap between the two. Flynn was leaving as well and she passed both he and Anastasia, offering only the redhead a smile before continuing on. “Blindside.” She gave a courteous nod though she all but ignored the leader of the BAM team. She made her way to the observation room where she found Scott and Ororo, leaning into the side hug of her African mentor. “I see dipshit's had his ass handed to him again. Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, doesn't it?” She gave a grin as Scott gave one of her curls a tug. “Don't be mean.” She gave a shrug before narrowing her eyes some. “I think I'll go ahead and give it a go with Logan when you're done with Austin... Give us something urban.”

She gave Ororo a pat on the back before waiting until her run was finished with Austin. She was soon heading back down and entering the Danger Room, locking the door behind her. Ororo and Austin had already left the room and Logan was back in, putting out a cigar. Wolverine didn't bother turning, already smelling the young woman that oozed the sweet scent of flowers wherever she went. “Well, if it isn't Daddy's Girl. You come to take on the champ, Princess?” He turned to face her with his trademark smirk, brown eyes scanning her while she too took on an intimidating stance. Or, at least she tried. She ended up just grinning and rolling her eyes. “Shut up and let's race.” As she spoke the room around them began to change at the behest of the mysterious entity, Danger. It began to resemble a rundown end of Harlem, the room darkening as night time was simulated. Before Tecmessa had the chance to make a break for the bell at the far side of the “city”, Wolverine took off. “Hey, you! Dick!” She yelled out at him before a vine emerged from her back and shot out at him. It wrapped around his legs and slammed him to the ground with extreme force. She had learned quite some time ago that one did not go easy on Logan. He was a big kid. She didn't bother with the theatrics of slamming him around because she knew he'd just recover within seconds.

Instead, she let the vine detach from her body and took off past him. Her eyes adjusted to the lack of proper lighting within minutes as she began to scale the walls of the buildings, leaping across rooftops with a number of arguably unnecessary flips. She thought she had lost Wolverine but she should have known better than to get too comfortable with his absence. He had hunted her down and she soon found them both tumbling down three stories. She landed on top of him as he turned to avoid crushing the much smaller being beneath him under the weight of his muscles and adamantium-infused skeleton. She gave a grunt but didn't hesitate to cock back her fist and punch him in the face. “Ahh! Fuck! Stupid asshole!” Wolverine pushed her off of him and stood over her with a smirk as she cradled her aching hand. The pain was fading fast but not fast enough. “All these years and you ain't learned yet?” He turned and left her to get up on her own, not concerned about her safety. She ran after him, slowly picking up speed but not enough. With a growl, she found herself seeing through black and white lenses. Wolverine looked back to see a sinewy and fluffy cream colored wolf damn near on his ass, howling out with exhilaration. He gave a grin and turned, readying for a fight.

The lupine form of Tecmessa launched itself from powerful legs, tackling Logan to the ground and going for his exposed arms. He kept his claws at bay and instead kept to simple punches; He didn't want to kill her. She tore him up pretty bad but he was able to handle her with relative ease. Her strength was increased in this form but it wasn't a match for him still. She let out a canine whine and whimper as he tossed her to the side and kept running. She grunted and rose up slowly, taking back on her usual form. She held a hand out and began to clench her fist slowly. The action itself didn't actually do anything but it was generally a common way for kinetics to get a sense of their power and manipulate their desired energy. For her, she felt the air around them, forcing it to gather while creating more. Wolverine yelled out as he was slammed into a nearby building, thrown through the wall as heavy winds picked him up and tossed him. Tecmessa gave a shout of almost victory and ran past him, using the air to push her up to the rooftops. “Next time, agápi̱ mou!” She yelled out to him in Greek as she caught hold of a fire escape ladder and began her ascent. Still, Logan didn't plan on losing. His claws came out as he burst through the rubble and was soon surpassing her. She climbed faster, before reaching out and grabbing his leg. “Don't be a bitch, Princess!”

She wasn't listening though. He raised his foot to kick her down or, at the very least, remove her hand from his leg. But he found himself unable to bring it down. She grinned up at him as she dug her nails into him a bit and further found herself tapping into the metal that coated his skeleton. Manipulating his adamantium wasn't as easy as manipulating other metals. She had to also fight against his muscle and will power combined and she had to actually be touching him to do it. Still, she made his claws retract, glaring in concentration as she watched his fingers slowly, one by one, begin to lift until he was falling. She released him and moved away, jumping through the window as he fell. She would not let him win. She was scrambling through the simulated apartment in the dark, trying to find an exit before Wolverine recovered. Knowing him, he had caught onto something before climbing back up. She kept her cool as she found the exit that lead into a dimly lit hallway. She slid as she bounded up three flights of stairs, forcing the door off of its hinges with a wave of her hand. She saw the bell and her face lit up like a child in a candy store. She began to run for it but didn't make it.

She gave out a yelp as Wolverine tackled her, taking her down from the side. Bastard! She thrashed out and let vines whip out and wrap around him but found herself unable to discern him from her in their struggle and they ended up awkwardly tangled together. Wolverine was much more careful than she was as he slashed through the vines on his end, leaving her wrapped in them. He ran for the bell and was able to ring it just before she lashed out and caught his leg with a vine, throwing him from the rooftop. The simulation soon faded and she was on the ground, retracting her vines back into her flesh with a whine. “I hate you.”

“You love me.”

“Fuck you.” The two bickered playfully as Wolverine helped her up. She gave the man a tight hug before limping her way out of the Danger Room. Wolverine remained, waiting for anyone else who wanted to take him on. “Hey, Princess! You got a match against that Russian boy tonight! Get some ice and walk that shit off!” Tec waved a hand nonchalantly as she ambled through the door and made her way back to the surface level and right back outside. She wandered around until she found the labyrinth on the west side, easily navigating herself to the center where a large oak tree waited for her. Groaning, she collapsed onto the ground and pulled her headphones over her ears, clicking the button on the wire to play the first song, Metallica's Battery. It was so fitting considering the battery she had just gotten. She sighed as her body began to sap the health from the tree. The leaves browned only a little – She wasn't dying or anything. She just had some bruises and cuts and aching bones. She didn't need too much energy from the tree. When she had finished she curled onto her side and closed her eyes, thinking about how she could improve her next run. She could beat Logan in an actual fight, given enough time. But she'd never beat him on a run. That was his arena. She gave a light sigh and curled her fingers around the blades of grass, encouraging it to grow taller around her. This was paradise.

Minus the memory of the ass whuppin'.

She pulled out her phone that was stashed between her boobs - because that was the safest place for everything - and scrolled through her contact list, wondering who she could harass for company. Most of her team members would probably be training today. Still, she decided she was going to harass everyone anyways. She arranged a group message with the text Boooreeed! Entertain at the lake in twenty or suffer! It was a bit theatrical, but that was totally her style. Pleased, she sent the text to Mia, Autumn, Alex, Tyler, and Austin. She realized that she had to actually dress for the lake first herself and found herself sinking into the ground. She walked casually through the earth back to the mansion, popping back up to surface level to find that Ororo must have migrated outside while she was battling with Logan; Her mentor would often step out when the two of them fought. She looked up to see her second-in-command on the roof and gave a light nod before heading indoors. She traveled to her room, quickly packing a bag and heading back out, pulling out her phone to switch songs. Not paying attention, she found that she had slammed into someone. Her headphones were knocked ajar, leaking out the tunes of Nine Inch Nails' Terrible Lie.

“Ouch! Ah! It's cool! I'm fine!” She overreacted a bit, smiling as she steadied herself and re-shouldered her backpack. “Oh! Hey, Ace! Saw you on the roof. More training?” It was a rhetorical question because the answer was completely obvious. Still, she gave a friendly air as more flowers bloomed in her hair with her improved mood. “Hey... Actually. Some of us were going to head out to the lake. Maybe you want to come? Actually, it might just be me. Nobody's texted back yet.” She gave a soft laugh and shrugged before looking down to see her two dogs join the party. Jade leaped from her perch atop Bastille's head and scrambled up to Tessa's head, peering through large black eyes at Azrael. “Don't be weird, Jade,” she chastised softly, though she kept eye contact with the boy in front of her. “So... I should get going. But... It'd be great. To see you at the lake. You should definitely come. I'd be terribly sad if you didn't.” She found herself at a loss for words and beginning to blush with embarrassment, rushing past her winged teammate and back outside.

The lake was only a mile walk down a path behind the mansion. Tessa strolled along with a whistle, readjusting her headphones with her phone in one hand while she waited for some sort of hopeful response.


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#, as written by TushoKa


The room was very bright when Tyler went to stand in front of the mirror. When his face looked back at him he seemed older, more mature and more serious. Unlike his normal outfit he was dressed in a suit and he was straightening a tie that was tied in a better knot than it ever had been before. He bent down and put on the shoes that were right in front of him, black and polished. He heard a knock on the door and he moved towards it. When his hand reached for the doorknob the scene shifted. All of a sudden it was stuffy and dark. On the roof above him he could hear drops fall. Looking around he saw he was in a car, a good one too. The windows were tinted, from the outside nobody would know who was in here. The car was long, behind the driver there were 3 rows of seats.

Around him there were more people in the car, some of them he knew, some of them he had never seen before. All of their faces looked sad and he noticed he himself had tears in his eyes. A feeling creeped in, he knew where he was and what he did there. As the car stopped Tyler opened the door and opened an umbrella. He held it over himself and the lady that came out after him. She put her arm on his and together they walked to the entrance of the cemetary. The other people that had been in the car before now walked behind them, he noticed that the lady next to him pinched his arm slightly. The entrance to the cemetary looked familiair, not from dreams, but from real life. They walked through it and continued up the hill. They arrived at a fresh grave and seats were on the side. Despite the rain the seats were dry, maybe someone had just done so. He sat down in the second row while there were still seats in the first. Did that mean he was not as close as he had thought? As the priest started talking Tyler noticed he couldn't understand what was being said. He didn't here prayers, he didn't hear the speeches and he didn't hear a name. As the coffin slowly went down, Tyler slowly woke up.

He stayed still in his bed for a moment soaking up the dream he just had. He did notice when it was a dream, even though his dreams were more like reality than any one elses. Eventually this would happen, or at least was very likely to happen. The future was never set in stone, Tyler didn't predict destiny, but more probability. On the one hand he was curious as to whose funeral it was, on the other he was glad he didn't know. It would freak him out, let alone the person it was about. Judging from his face in the dream it would be a few years before this would come to pass. Nothing to worry about now... He got up made his bed and went to the bathroom. As he was brushing his teeth he heard a future knock on his door. With his toothbrush still in his mouth he walked over to his door and opened it to see a smiling Autumn standing there. He greeted her in between the foam that still covered his mouth. "Woodworning!" She replied with a cheerful:Good Morning." He walked back to the bathroom and washed his face before he came back to the room.

"So..., what shall we do today? Can't I just train with you all day instead of my bruise session with Mia later today?" He walked over to the closet to take out a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and changed into them. "It's gonna be 15 minutes of dodging punches and then 30 minutes of getting the crap beat out of me." He turned to Autumn with a big smile on his face, "Can't you watch my training and take Mia's eyesight away every other two minutes or so? I'll make you pancakes if you do..." Tyler tilted his head to the right and looked at Autumn with big questioning eyes. Still smiling she replied:"As tempting as that is, You know I can’t do that, besides you’ll never learn, otherwise..." She patted his cheek and continued. "Come, let's get breakfast."

A little later they were on their way for some breakfast. Maybe not the promised pancakes, but he would still make her something. Plus he could use some tea and the way Autumn made it was just perfect. He opened the fridge to get the yoghurt and added the mueslie (with little pieces of chocolate of course) he just got from one of the cupboards. When he sat down on the counter and started eating he saw how Anastacia was only a minute behind them. Ana usually hyped from her own natural self, add a bit of sugar and Anazmanian Devil is born. Quickly Tyler dumped his bowl in the kitchen sink, he was mostly done in any case. He grabbed the last bag of sweets and opened it. He gave half of it to Autumn. "Quick, Ana is coming, let's stuff our faces and hide in the living room." He followed his own instruction and stuffed his face with the sweets. He walked into the living room jumped on the couch and tried his hardest not to make any sound.

Trying to hide behind the couch with his mouth full of sweets was quite doable. Not a sound came from him. In his mind he could here his phone go off. Luckily it gave him time to switch of his sound before the sound actually came. Autumns phone was not so lucky and the sound came like an earthquake. Apparently Ana did not stop by as nobody looked over the couch. With his mouth still full of sweets he attempted to speak. "Danwger awerted. By we way, iws Tewwa asking us to come fo we lake." He swallowed the last of the candy and had to admit that his jaw was hurting from all that candy. "I'm just gonna go change into my swimgear, meet you there?" He didn't take his questioning eyes of her until he was already out the door. He ran up the stairs and along the corridor carefully avoiding the people he would have bumped into if he hadn't had his gift

Quickly changing he ran back down the stairs. If he would keep running he would have been the first one at the lake, even before the person suggesting it, so instead he slowed his pace when he saw Ana and Austin. In his mind he already heard the conversation that would continue between the three of them, and somehow he thought he would be the cockblock conversationalist there and so decided to keep jogging on. He passed them with a quick "Morning" and continued until he saw Tessa and Alex in the distance. Now it would just be silly if he ran on, so he stopped. "Morning Tessa and Alex, thanks for the idea, it's perfect weather to go swimming. I just saw Ana and Austin a bit back, and I'm sure Autumn's on her way too."


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#, as written by devin


“Ouch! Ah! It's cool! I'm fine!” She overreacted a bit, smiling as she steadied herself and re-shouldered her backpack. “Oh! Hey, Ace! Saw you on the roof. More training?”

"Yes, it was." He smiled at her. It was an awkward smile.

“Hey... Actually. Some of us were going to head out to the lake. Maybe you want to come? Actually, it might just be me. Nobody's texted back yet.”

" I think I would like that, thanks for asking." A small twitch running trough his wing, which was covered by his jacket. Just then, a pair of dogs walked up next to her and sat, a small squirrel-like creature hung on her head. It was cute. She whispered something to it, but he wasn't sure what.

“So... I should get going. But... It'd be great. To see you at the lake. You should definitely come. I'd be terribly sad if you didn't.” She then brushed past.

Azrael smiled nervously. He would have to go now, he didn't want to upset her. He wasn't really sure what swimming would be like, especially with wings. They were helpful most of the time, but, sometimes they were hard to deal with. It made sleeping quite difficult. He decided to head outside, take a cruise around, and look for the lake. It was a nice day to be flying. He slowly removed his jacket and shirt, expanded his wings, flapped a few times to stretch them, and took flight. He was about 50 feet above the roof when he found it. He flew over, hovered for a moment, and decided to settle into a tree. It was a nice view, a few birds fluttered just below him, chirping happily. He had got here rather quickly, and, to make sure he wasn't seen on the way, he had flown fairly high. He wondered what water would be like with his wings, he had a hunch that it wasn't going to be very good.

The others would probably be a little while. The moment that thought crossed his mind, he heard voices. Once they were done speaking, he made his way down, lading about ten steps away. His attempt at a silent landing backfired, a flap from his wings sending a thin layer of dust towards the group.

"Uhh, sorry. Hello everyone. How are things?" His wings twitched mildly as he tucked them behind his back. They still stuck out somewhat, which left him very prone to having them brush against people. He approached the circle, unsure of how or whether he was supposed to integrate himself within it or just stand in the back. he decided to go with the latter. He stopped a step away, waiting for someone else to speak.


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#, as written by devin
"Oh, what's up Azrael?" Austin spoke kindly. If Azrael hadn't known better, he would have answered literally, something along the lines of "The sky." However, he was previously made aware of the true meaning, albeit somewhat embarrassingly.

"Nothing much, Austin. What's up with you?" He smiled at Austin.

"Please tell me you /all/ know how to swim, and wont have any problems with a jet ski?"

"No, and no. I'm not really sure what a jet ski is. I am, however, curious as to what swimming will be like. I haven't been in a number of years." The last time Azrael was swimming, it was long before he had fully developed his wings. He would've been around 9, at a motel in the south side of Vegas, just off I-95. It was a memory Azrael was particularly fond of.

Ana made her way down to the water. "Come on, guys!"

Azrael expanded his wings, and took off his jeans, revealing a pair of gym shorts underneath. He waked down to the lake, and made his way in slowly. The water was cool, but it was refreshing. He made it up to his stomach, but further than that would've been dangerous, he thought. He began to stretch his wings, and then he made his way further in. It was incredibly difficult, nearly impossible to even walk. He attempted to tuck his wings, but that didn't improve anything. He would have to practice, and what better time than now.

He began by putting himself completely underwater, and expanding his wings. He flapped, and it sent him backwards quickly. Now, he would have to figure out a way to re-position his wings without launching himself forward. he tucked, and re-adjusted his angle, arcing them in towards his back, expanded, making sire they stayed angled properly, and flapped once more, with the same effect. He popped his head up from underwater, noticing he was a considerable distance from the group. He kept his head up, and made his way back to the group, using his wings to swim. This had taken a toll on his stamina, it was a very difficult task.

He stood for a moment, watching the others. The seemed to be having such a good time. He smiled, this was nice. This was what it was like, to be carefree for a few moments. Just then, he felt a splash on water on the side of his face, from an unknown party. He laughed, and, as out of tough as he usually was, he felt, happy


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#, as written by CutUp

"I don't wanna talk about it Dreads." Flynn said in a pissed tone as he brushed past his number 2 on his way out of the danger room. He doesn't need to be reminded the score board. Flynn continued down the hall, growing more pissed off with each step he took. While he has come closer to beating Logan with each passing week, it's still a slow process. And Flynn can't stand slow. And the talking behind his back about his loses doesn't help any, not that any one other then the main team as beaten Logan in a training session.

Flynn started his way to the men's locker room to put away his uniform, even though he barely used it today. Along the way he was stopped by Ana. "I'd rather not talk about it Sunshine." He replied to her questioning how it went. "I'm heading to the locker room, I'll catch ya later." He said, and continued on down the hallway. When he got into the locker room he looked for his locker marked with 'Energizer'. He opened it up his locker, and grabbed the pair of jeans, and red flannel shirt inside. He tossed his uniform's top in, and got changed into his street clothes.

With his clothes on, he shut the locker door. He stood their for a minute, and stared at his codename. He then punched a huge dint into the metal locker's door. And with that bit of anger he left the locker room. He went to the kitchen to grab himself something quick to eat. He just grabbed himself a apple. He looked outside the window, and saw a group down by the lake. He looked closer, and he could see Ana's unmistakable red hair. 'What's she doing there with them?' He thought to himself.

While eating his apple, Flynn was interrupted by Wolverine. Great, just what his day needed. "Hey Ken Doll." Logan said as he opened up the refrigerator. "Blow it out your ass Wolvie." Flynn said through his bites of the apple. " ok this morning. If it helps, Tecmessa didn't fair any better." Logan said somewhat hesitantly. He figured it'd be in the best interest of the team if they maintained some sort of civility towards each other. "Whatever." Flynn replied without looking at him. "I know that look kid." Logan said as he grabbed himself a root beer from frig. Unfortunately Professor X won't let him keep any of the real stuff.

"Oh? So Jedi Master Yoda-verine has some words of wisdom for me?" Flynn said in annoyance as he turned to face him. "I ain't your son, or prodigy. So don't try to treat me as such." Logan rolled his eyes. "It's just some friendly advice bub. Believe it or not I know how you feel. I know the doubt you feel in your place here. I've felt it, hell I still have it! But you got a responsibility to those kids out there. You owe it to them to try." Logan said as he sipped on his drink.

"Whatever. I don't need or want your advice old man." Flynn said as he brushed past him. "Just try to work with them, and not be such a dick." Flynn rolled his eyes and stopped at the doorway out of the kitchen. "Ain't that the hairy pot calling the devilishly handsome kettle black? You hypocrite, you're like the definition of loner." Flynn smirked. Logan let out a slight chuckle. "I guess I am. But I'm a lot more cuddly then I was back when I first joined. Just ask Cyclops. All I'm saying is that it ain't helping anyone if you're pissy all the time."

Flynn rolled his eyes, and started to exit the kitchen. He about ran into Cyclops on his way out. "Flynn. It's good I caught you. I need you to gather the teams up for a meeting in the War Room." Scott ordered with a nod. Flynn just rolled his eyes and went on his way. "Logan. The Professor wants to see us." Scott ordered. "What's Chuck want?" Logan replied as he finished his drink. "Don't know. He's called Ororo too." Scott said, and then motioned for him to follow him.

Flynn got out of the mansion, and let out a big yawn. He finished his apple, and just threw it aside on the ground. Flynn walked over towards where the others were. He stopped, and saw his mortal enemy, Tecmessa. "Great." He muttered to himself. He walked on over to them. "Hey Sunshine." Flynn directed to Anastasia with a warm smile. He then looked over at Tecmessa. "Slumming it with us Betas huh Flower Child?" Flynn smirked with a bit of annoyance.

"Old One Eye wants us for a meeting or some shit. So you know, maybe you guys should hold off the fun in sun for a little bit." Flynn smirked. "But feel free to keep the swim suits on. I'm not complaining." He said with a wink. "You guy's get to the War Room in ten." He ordered as he turned away from them and went on back to the mansion. He went back inside, and headed towards the War Room.

The War Room was located near the Danger Room, and was the heart of the X-Men operation. Only members of the senior team were allowed into the War Room, and the only members of the squads that have been in that room was the squad leaders. Even then that was only once, it was to tell them that they were to lead their own squads. Flynn took out his phone, and sent a mass text to anyone who wasn't down by the lake to get their asses down to the War Room.

Flynn was the first to enter the War Room. Professor X, Storm, Cyclops, and Wolverine were all waiting inside.