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a character in “X-Men: Lost and Found”, originally authored by crybloodredtears, as played by lokisma


Name: Cornelia Elizabeth Wales


Appearance: Memory stands at 5 foot 3 inches tall with a slender frame and weighs approximately 110 lbs. She has long blonde hair with light shades of brown in it that is left long with long bangs that are parted on the left to cross over toward her right eye. She has arched eyebrows that match her hair colour and unnaturally pale, and somewhat icy, blue eyes with a ring of black around the outer part of her irises. Memory has very light skin, almost bordering on white in appearance, and light pink lips. When Memory is using her powers, her eyes turn turquoise before finally turning green; turquoise meaning she is only using a little of her powers while green shows that she is using the maximum amount of power available to her, her highest amount of strength.

She can often be found to wear long sleeved shirts with some sort of shirt underneath to show layering. This is usually paired with a nice pair of jeans, occasionally skinny jeans, and black DC shoes that have blue lettering and green laces. The only makeup Memory wears is mascara or eyeliner, sometimes lip chap or gloss to protect her lips from the elements. She has double piercings in each ear lobe and a single cartilage piercing in her left ear. [I have these, XD]

Alias: Memory -- Her alias is derived from her memory manipulation ability.

Age: Sixteen

Gender: Female

Personality: Cornelia, or Memory, is a very intelligent girl who is usually one of the only people who can manage to think clearly while in a tough situation. She keeps her emotions distant and often comes across as cold because she can remain calm through extremely stressful and upsetting situations, although this isn't the case most of the time anyway. Another point on how she thinks is that she is usually quite logical, analyzing a situation before acting instead of just racing in. She can be talkative at times and quiet at others, often choosing to stay in the background and watch. Memory can also be quite manipulative; going so far as to become close to someone only to destroy them from the inside out by causing complete amnesia which can drive the person mad. She isn't as kind as some seem to think but she isn't exactly cruel either, she just does what is necessary for survival.

Powers/Abilities/Mutant Enhancements: Telekinesis is her main ability. This allows her to manipulate and control objects with the mind, often in ways not visible to the naked eye. Memory also has an extra portion to her ability, a very small amount of telepathy that can allow her to alter or completely erase memories -- either taking away or returning real memories, replacing.. etc. This is known as 'Memory Manipulation'.

Weaknesses: She can't remember any of her past before the age of 10, only having the last 6 years in her memory. This can be a sore point with her and can easily upset her if she is ever asked about her past. Also, she has trouble controlling others' memories that she has either wiped or tampered with and her subconscious reminds her of this as she has nightmares of people's worst memories and thoughts race through her sleeping mind; nightmares, as she calls them although this isn't quite correct.

Alliance: Good Side -- Memory is new to the school.

Other: She has a younger sister, a mutant at the school, named Bryce. Her power is being able to manipulate the temperature, although she is only able to change the temperature a few degrees difference from the original one. Being young, she can't control it much better than this.

So begins...

Memory's Story