"Music is my soul, I mean it has to be since my parents named me after the Celtic goddess of music."

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a character in “X-Men: Lost and Found”, as played by Kirai-chan


Name: Brigid Fergus

Appearance: Brigid stands at 5’5 and weighs 110 lbs. She has rather fair, porcelain skin that has some freckles. Her eyes are a pretty hazel color which she considers is her best feature on her. Her hair is naturally red and she refuses to ever color it since she loves her hair. She wears a variety of clothing, but most of it can be considered modern hippy/gypsy looking.

Alias: Muse

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Brigid is a rather mischievous girl who tends to only think of herself on how things will benefit her. She’s selfish and is sometimes conceited. She likes to flirt and is good at it, especially when she uses her power while flirting. She’s not very trusting and it takes a lot to get past her wall that she has built up. If you do manage to get past it, though, you’ll find the side of her that actually cares about others. Once you befriend her you’ll find that she’s not a selfish as she first seems to be and you find that she is willing to help you out at any cost.

Powers/abilities/Mutant enhancements: Musical and Sound Manipulation-She’s able to use her voice or the multiple musical instruments she knows how to play to manipulate a person. She can calm people, confuse them, snap them out of being confused, attract others to her, and repel others from her. This power depends on the type of song she sings and the emotions she’s feeling at the time. She’s not very good at controlling this power or her emotions. She doesn't quite realize it, but she's an empath in a sense. She's not good with her lowers right now so she can only control some of peoples emotions. Also, she doesn't know it yet, but due to manipulating sound she can create a sonic blast. She won't find that out until later though.

Weaknesses: When she’s upset she can’t control her power at all. Everything goes haywire on her and she has already once caused some major harm to someone because of it. Her power also doesn’t work if she can’t hear herself so if you even manage to plug her ears she can’t use her powers. Also using her power for a long period of time tends to exhaust her quite a bit and she will sometimes pass out from it.

Alliance: She has yet to truly decide, but is on the good side…for now.

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