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"You wanna play with Gambit? Here, pick a card!"

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a character in “X-Men: New Dawn”, as played by RolePlayGateway


Name:Remy LeBeau
Image Image

Gender: Male
Description:As a Caucasian male, Gambit has somewhat of a rugged look to him. Despite being a handsome man, he prefers not to be well groomed as he likes to keep his brown hair in a wild manner. Despite this, he does shave and keeps a baby face that captures his looks. His devilish red eyes are his most captivating feature, for they give him such a mysterious look. With such a truly unique look, Remy is one who tends to stand out by choice. Physically he has an athletic type build, and appears to be someone who regularly works out and keeps in shape. His muscles aren't so much bulky as they are lean. His features are chiseled and well toned. When not in his battle attire, Remy can often be seen wearing a pair of jeans and a tank top. Not really a casual clothing type of person, he prefers to be laid back as far as dressing goes. Of course this also means you can more often than not catch him wearing that brown trench coat he cherishes so much.Gambit has also taken to wearing an entirely black body suit. This suit serves not only as his primary battle attire, but a suit that he wears on his various escapades away form the X-Men.

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 179 lbs.
Eyes: Burning red
Hair: Brown

Personality: Having always been somewhat of a charmer, Remy LeBeau has always had a way with words. Though at times he may come off as a self-centered flirt, Gambit's true personality usually comes off as second nature and is often misunderstood. At times reclusive, the Cajun mutant will talk about anything, except his past. With a swagger all his own, Remy's confidence is prevalent in all aspects of his life, be it in battle or even attraction with the opposite sex. Never one to back down from a fight, this Cajun acts off impulse rather than judgement. Brash and witty, Remy is the type of person that knows how to make others comfortable. An inspiration for reassurance, he rarely shows signs of fear, yet allows himself to be vulnerable when it matters most. Despite being a thief, he lives by a code of honor that he holds in high regard. Though this code seems to encourage loyalty and trust with one's allies, Remy's has been known to be deceitful, but mostly when it comes to matters of the heart. He finds it hard to get close to people past a certain point due to the shame he holds regarding his past, but he is learning to get through it.

Fighting Skills: Remy is also well trained in the French Martial arts Savant fighting style.

Special Skills and Abilities: A master thief, Gambit is also a superb hand-to-hand combat fighter. Gambit also possess an extendable bo-staff which he is adept to using for combat, and various other purposes.


Known superhuman powers: Gambit has the ability to bio-kinetically charge objects upon contact. This converts the object into a contact explosive, which can be used in an offensive manner. Though this allows him to use various objects as a fighting tool, his choice of weapons has been playing cards . This energy also grants him enhanced agility and gives off a low level static interference which blocks Remy's mind from unwanted detection. He also posesses a low level hypnotic charm. This allows him the ability to influence other living minds into believing what he says. It is unknown the limitations of this ability, but it has been confirmed that this mostly only affects those that are weak-minded. It should also be noted that his powers only affect inorganic objects.

*Due to surgery to remove grey matter from Remy he is unable to access his full abilities. However this included the power to kinetically charge any organic/inorganic object within his field of vision. Remy was also capable of manipulating the degree of the bio-kinetic to perform various effects such as burning, molecular discomfort, and even incineration. This manipulation of bio-kinetic energy could also be utilized to temporarily enhance his physical attributes, such as his strength, agility, and reflexes.

*It should be noted that despite these immense capabilities, Gambit's control over these latent powers was sporadic at best. His power levels would increase to dangerous proportions, prompting him to turn to Sinister for help.
Weaknesses: Despite being a mutant, Remy is still mortal. This means he is vulnerable to any and all normal human weaknesses. He can be killed just like anyone else, and has no immunity to death. Remy is also "a sucker for love." Matters of the heart often cloud his judgement and distract him from the tasks at hand. This causes him to lose sight of his objectives at times, leaving him with a careless mindset.

History: Abandoned at birth, Remy LeBeau was stolen by the New Orleans chapter of the Thieves Guild. His devilish red eyes earned him the tag "le diable blanc", or "the white devil". The Thieves Guild believed that Remy would be the inheritor of a prophecy that was foretold in which he would be a vital part of their future. Raised as the adopted son of Jean-Luc LeBeau, Remy would spend the earliest years of his life learning the art of theft, as he became a specialist at pickpocketing. At the age of 8 years old, Remy met and fell in love with the patriarch of the Assassin's Guild, Bella Donna Boudreax. Due to the conflicts between the Thieves Guild and the Assassins Guild, the two childrens fathers arranged for them to be married when they became of age. The union between Remy and Bella would ensure lasting peace between the two Guilds, and though both were reluctant, in the end the two agreed. It was sometime during his teen years when Remy's mutant talents began to emerge. Unlike most developing mutants, Remy seemed to gain control over his abilities with ease, using them for various tasks for the Thieves Guild. During a visit to Spain with his cousin Etienne, Remy and Etienne were captured by the beautiful villianness, Candra, whom claimed to have met Remy prior. After a chance escape thanks to Remy's powers, the two were apprehended by The Pig, whom Remy managed to fend off with the use of a deck of throwing card that he kinetically charged. Despite escaping, the two boys had fallen into the ocean where although Remy was rescued, his cousin Etienne had drowned. Shortly before his wedding to Bella Donna, Remy travelled to Paris with his adoptive brother Henri. It was there that Gambit would complete his rites of passage and earn his place into the Thieves Guild. The task was to steal a valuable jewel called l’Etoile du Tricherie, but it had already been stolen by another. After a failed mishap, Remy was introduced to the murderous Sabretooth for the first time, whom almost took the life of Henri had Remy not chosen to return the jewel and save his brother. When his wedding day came, Remy was challenged to a duel by Bella Donna's brother Julien, who opposed any type of union between the two duels. Remy won the duel, but in by doing so he killed Julien and was exiled from the Guilds. Banished from the Guilds, Remy left New Orleans and became a master thief over time. During this time he drifted from place to place, but his still evolving mutant powers were becoming a much bigger threat to him. This prompted him to turn to Mr. Sinister for help, whom surgically removed some grey matter from Remy's brain. This act put a limitation on Gambit's powers, and would forever leave Remy indebted to Sinister. He would eventually work for Mr.Sinister performing various missions for the scientist, the most notable being what came to be known as the "Mutant Massacre". Having grown weary of working for Sinister, Remy had decided this would be his last job for him as it was believed that his debt will have been paid. As payment for this last assignment, Sinister gave Remy a vial containing Gambit's excised grey matter, his last gift to him before parting ways. Remy's task was to put together a team which he was to lead through a series of tunnels belonging to the underground mutant community, the Morlocks. This group forced Remy to team up with the nemesis Sabretooth. Believing this to be nothing more than a mission to capture mutants, Remy was shocked as his collective began slaughtering the Morlocks. He tries to stop the attack, but in doing so he is almost killed by Sabretooth. For whatever it was worth, Gambit was able to save a little girl named Sarah and take her to safety. Some time later, Gambit met the X-Woman Storm, whom at the time had been de-aged. Gambit and Storm teamed up, as Remy helped her evade the Shadow King as well as the Nanny. Remy would follow Storm back to the Xavier estate in Westchester, in which he would become a resident. Though not officially an X-Man, he still fought with them as an ally. Remy kept much of his past hidden from his teammates, even the woman Rogue whom he had taken a liking to. After the "Battle of Muir Island", Gambit officially became a member of the X-Men. For awhile life was great for Remy as he had finally found a place where he was accepted, and though he still kept his past a secret, in time his teammates accepted his privacy.

So begins...

Gambit's Story