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X-Men: New Recruits

X-Men: New Recruits


After mutant powers have been exposed, there have been many different, new beings getting invited to the X-Mansion. The teenagers must learn to harness their powers and got to a normal high school. (Mostly Literate)

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My name is Charles Xavier, the proud owner of the Xavier Mansion Boarding House. The Xavier Mansion is located in Washington D.C. It is a boarding mansion with many different training areas where you will learn how to control your powers. You will attend Bayville High as a normal student. The world’s population knows of all the mutants that are hidden within it, and most are extremely prejudice to the mutated race. I hope you enjoy your stay. Good luck.

Welcome to the Xavier Mansion! Here you will attend a normal high school while practicing with your powers here at the boarding mansion. Though you may face many challenges on the way, you will learn to harness your special abilities with the help of friends, teamwork and even family. Oh, I’m Kitty Pryde by the way. Nice to meet you!

S’up kid. Welcome to Xavier Mansion. My name’s Wolverine. I’m going to be one of your “councilors” as Charles calls it. I’ll be here to help you train. Just to warn you, my training is rigorous and tiring. But in the long run, they can be lifesaving.

A newcomer, eh? I’m not as mean as I look. It’s very nice to meet you. You can call me Beast. I’ll be a trainer, similar to Wolverine over there. The students seem to like my training sessions more than his. They say my training sessions are a bit more fun related. I hope you learn to love this place like I have.

Welcome, welcome to the Mansion. I’m Ororo Munroe, but you can call me Storm if you would like. Charles is a great man who will teach you many important things about the world and your powers. He has graciously accepted you into his home. You will learn to enjoy the company of all of the others who will be living with you.

Life At The Mansion
During the week, you wake up at around 6 o’clock to prepare for school. But if one of the councilors deems it so, you may have to wake up earlier to do an early morning training session. School starts at 8 o’clock sharp, and you will have classes until around 2:30 in the afternoon. When you get home, you will have about a half an hour of downtime before training sessions begin again at 3:10 pm. You will train until at least 5:00 pm in the multiple training areas located around the mansion. After that, you have free time to do whatever you wish. Check out the game and music rooms, got for a quick swim or maybe go out and catch a movie with your sweetheart. Curfew is at 10 o’clock, and lights must be out by 11.

There are many different types of training sessions that take place in many different rooms. We have:

Combat Training

In combat training you learn… well… combat. From going person on person to person against machine, there are many variations. We have the Danger Room, where only the older students may go and train. That can do almost anything. Laser shooters, plain old guns, random obstacle generation, blades, etc, all controlled by the person in the control room. Students are not to control the Danger Room without a councilor present.
Outside there are also different lasers and guns for the defense systems that can be re-programed for training. There is plain old hand to hand with other students as well. That usually takes place outside in the large yard. These are mostly taught by all of the teachers, Kitty Pryde, Beast, Wolverine, and Storm.

Team Sports
During Team Sports sessions, you work together to win against other teams pitted against you. Though we try to keep the players from using their powers, it usually doesn’t work. These build trust with your fellow mutants as well as heighten your physical abilities. These are usually led by Kitty Pryde or Beast.

Obstacle Courses
In the Danger Room is very advanced holographic technology upgraded by Beast himself. The room can simulate almost any environment and create many different obstacles from scratch.

Outside in the woods there are many different traps set, ready to be sprung by a trainee. None of the traps are fatal, must are like ice-beams to freeze the target, some pitfall traps and nets. Things along those lines. These are usually taught by Kitty Pryde and Storm.

Rescue Missions
Rescue missions are done not as frequently as the others. Maybe once or twice every few days. They take place in the Danger Room, outside in the Woods, in the pool, as well as along the cliff in the back of the Mansion.

Now… there is one last thing you must know. Other than to help innocent lives and stopping the occasional “bad guy” you are not supposed to use your powers outside of the Mansion grounds. No showing off at the school or anything of that sort. No using your powers for your convenience, only emergencies. Other rules for the Mansion are:
1] No Fighting Outside of the Training Sessions or Areas. Those who fight will be punished.
2] Curfew at 10, lights out at 11.
3] Once and opponent has been defeated, you must stop fighting. If there are any serious injuries, you report that person to the infirmary immediately.
4] Respect your teachers and counselors.
5] No using your powers outside of the Mansion grounds except for emergencies.

Now, go explore the Mansion.

The X-Mansion


There are many different rooms and areas to be found in the X-Mansion.

There are two dormitory wings, one for the boys and one for the girls. Guys are permitted to enter a girl’s room, but only with their permission and must go back to their dorm room before curfew. There are two beds located inside, windows, two dressers and a bathroom. There are to be two people in each dorm.

Music and Game Rooms
The Music and Game rooms are the newest additions to the X-Mansion. In the Game Room there’s pool, a ping pong table, foosball, as well as multiple game consoles. There is a large flat screen TV and bean bag chairs and couches. In the Music room you can play and store your instruments. Inside there is a grand piano on an elevated stage, a karaoke machine, a keyboard, an old guitar, a few amps and a drum set. That’s pretty much it. If you would like to play more instruments then you need to bring your own. But this is where you can play your instruments for others and we have a talent show of sorts here. It’s quite the show.

Located in the backyard we have an Olympic-sized swimming pool. There is also a large field/clearing used for training. After the clearing ends, there is a large cliff that leads to the Pacific Ocean. At the bottom of the cliff is a small stretch of sand where some of us lounge when the summer sun heats up the area. Be careful, a fall off of that and you could seriously hurt yourself.

The Woods
Surrounding the Mansion is a good stretch of woods. The trees vary in size, but there is one that soars over the others, reaching nine stories. The students have named it The Towering Pine. Many students enjoy climbing the branches and relaxing up there. Some have contests to see who can climb the highest and reach the upper branches.

Kitchen and Dining Room
In the Kitchen you can find many different types of food. In the morning and at night, we dine in the Dining Room, obviously. It’s a large table with eight chairs on each side and one on each end. Breakfast is at 7 am and dinner is at 7 pm.

There will be 10 students boarding at the Mansion, five girls and five boys. (I will add more if I must)

The X-Mansion Students

Character 1
Katherine Torvedia |Sex: Female| Age: 17|Power/Species: Human/Falcon Hybrid with Super Sonic Voice |FC: Emma Watson |TAKEN by Starlight77 (still a WIP)

Character 2
Emmy Hope Jackson| Age: 16 |Power: Shapeshifter |FC: Anne Hathaway |RESERVED

Character 3
Rani Bhattacharya |Age: |Power: blood crystallization/ gemstone manipulation |FC: Ayesha Takia |TAKEN

Character 4
Name |Age: |Power: Technokensis and Electrokensis |FC:Anthony Mackie |RESERVED

Character 5
Name |Age: |Power: Audiokensis and Soundwave Manipulation |FC:Cassie Ventura |RESERVED

Character 6
Sophia Marinos |Age: 17 |Power: Water Manipulation/Ability to Breath underwater |FC: Katie Findlay |TAKEN

Character 7
Lucas McLane |Age: 16 |Power: Invisibility, Shock touch |FC: Jake Abel |RESERVED

Character 8
Darien McMicheal |Age: 15 |Power: Magnetic/Electrical Field Manipulation |FC: Liam Aiken|TAKEN

Character 9
Tracey Nagamura |Age: 18 |Power: Psychic Field Manipulation |FC: Shin Koyamada |TAKEN

Character 10
Name: |Age: |Power: |FC: |OPEN


Code: Select all
I’m keeping this Skeleton up to the character maker to fancy it up with fonts and colors, whichever way they may want it. You can move the gifs around if you wish, but have at least three.

[center] Name:
Face Claim:

Physical Description:
(At least a paragraph or two. Include weight, height, clothing choices, but nothing about their mutation that is seen physically. That comes later. Also put your X-men outfit design description here. It can be pretty much any color or design, as long as it has the X-Men symbol, the red X in the yellow ring.)

Physical Mutations:
(Ahh there it is. Any mutations that are seen?  Throw those down here. If your character has no physical mutations, just delete this section.)

Mutant Powers:
(What makes your character different from normal people? [Other than appearance] Separate it into two categories, Major Powers and Minor Powers. You can have up to two Major Powers and as many Minor Powers as you wish, as long as it doesn’t take me three hours to read. ^.^)

Weaknesses: (2+)

Non-Mutant Abilities/Talents:
(Here you can put an ability or talent that any normal human can possess, from being a great drawer to an amazing soccer player.)
(At Least two paragraphs)

Likes: (4+)

Dislikes (4+)

Fears: (2+)

General History:
(This doesn’t need to be too long. Just where you were born, how it was growing up with your powers etc. etc. NOTHING on how you got to the Mansion. Two paragraphs at least.)

Mansion Invite:
(Ok, the way you got invited to the Mansion was that through Cerebro, Charles detected you using your powers, whether it is for self-defense, to cause trouble, or for your own enjoyment. Charles then sends a few people in the X-Jet to invite you to the Mansion personally. Those people could be Wolverine, Charles himself, Storm, Kitty Pryde, or Beast. You then accept. At least two paragraphs.)

(Theme songs or any extra information, or a certain phrase. *cough cough*)

This roleplay is mostly based off of the 2000-2003 animated X-Men series, “X-Men: Evolution”. If you are interested in watching it; all the seasons are on YouTube. Though the series includes other characters like Jean Gray, Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Nightcrawler, this RolePlay is after they (and others not mentioned) have all left or died or some other. I’ll post an NPC thread in the OOCs for Wolverine and the others that will be present.

Da Rulez:
1] Reserve before submitting character. Reservations last about 48 hours. When you reserve, inform me of your character’s Face Claim and Powers.
2] All character must be between the ages of 15-19, since they are in high school.
3] Somewhere in you CS put “It’s Marvel Time!”
4] Follow the character skelly, it’s there for a reason people!
5] No God modding, Power playing, Mary sues or Gary sues etc. You know the deal.
6] I am the GM and my word is final.
7] Keep it PG-13 people. No extreme gore or sexual content. If you must, take it to the PMs.
8] Commit! When this thing starts up, I’d like a post at least once every four days. If you are leaving for some time, please inform me first.
9] Be as correct with spelling and grammar as possible. (Mostly) Literate Role Play Here!
10] If you’re leaving the RP permanently, PM me first. Don’t just disappear suddenly.
11] I would like this to be mostly all original characters, but if you truly wish to be Wolverine or Storm or something, PM me and I’ll think about it.
12] I know this is based off of an animated series, but all real gifs please! (Obviously)
13] Have fun! ^u^

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Character Portrait: Rani Bhattacharya
Character Portrait: Sophia Marinos
Character Portrait: Darien McMicheal
Character Portrait: Tracey Nagamura


Character Portrait: Tracey Nagamura
Tracey Nagamura

"One kill."

Character Portrait: Darien McMicheal
Darien McMicheal

"If you'd actually use your brain instead of taking it out and playing with it we might actually be on the same level"

Character Portrait: Sophia Marinos
Sophia Marinos

"Just go with the flow."

Character Portrait: Rani Bhattacharya
Rani Bhattacharya

"My gift is beautiful and painful, what luck...."


Character Portrait: Tracey Nagamura
Tracey Nagamura

"One kill."

Character Portrait: Sophia Marinos
Sophia Marinos

"Just go with the flow."

Character Portrait: Darien McMicheal
Darien McMicheal

"If you'd actually use your brain instead of taking it out and playing with it we might actually be on the same level"

Character Portrait: Rani Bhattacharya
Rani Bhattacharya

"My gift is beautiful and painful, what luck...."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Tracey Nagamura
Tracey Nagamura

"One kill."

Character Portrait: Sophia Marinos
Sophia Marinos

"Just go with the flow."

Character Portrait: Rani Bhattacharya
Rani Bhattacharya

"My gift is beautiful and painful, what luck...."

Character Portrait: Darien McMicheal
Darien McMicheal

"If you'd actually use your brain instead of taking it out and playing with it we might actually be on the same level"

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Re: X-Men: New Recruits can i please join

can i join

[center]Name: Xander King
Age: 16
Alias: Thorn
Gender: Male

face claim: Austin butler withImage

Personality: Xander is a layed back and relaxed type of kid who often could care less about anything. He is constantly playing pranks on the other students. But when it comes to training or missions he's a totally different person. He's extremely focused and serious. He just turns into a leader even if he does get a little cocky.

Powers/Abilities/Mutant Enhancements: he can shoot bone spikes out of his hands and chest he can also grow a shield on his arm

Weaknesses: He is human so if they manage to break through his shield or catch him of guard he can be stabbed and when he has his shield there is no cover on his legs

Alliance: Good

History: Xander was a native to Australia until his family moved to America. He was a normal high school student until his powers started to manifest. That's when things got really bad. He was playing football with his friends and when he went to catch the ball he stabbed it and it popped. All of his friends promised not to say anything because they were scared that he would become a government test dummy.

But that didn't help at all that very next day him and his brother got into a massive fight over nothing. His brother just kept on and on and then he pushed him. So not thinking about it he went to push him back and shot a spike through his shoulder and stuck him into a wall. Shortly after that his brother died and the police were going to send him to Juvi. But when the school pulled some strings and got the charges dropped he agreed to go and learn how to control his powers. That's were he now lives and trains day in and day out.

Re: X-Men: New Recruits

Oh Sugar, I knew i was forgetting something. I'll get right on that

Re: X-Men: New Recruits

I guess. >~<

Oh, and by the way guys, I'm not accepting any WIPs, sorry.

Re: X-Men: New Recruits

The only problem is that I want to be original. I don't want a face claim then. Would it be alright for me to just write a very detailed few paragraphs about my character?

Re: X-Men: New Recruits


Its completely fair as well. My role play, my rules. I don't mean to sound anarchist.

I'm sorry if you think my role play is unoriginal. I happen to like X-Men role plays and High School role plays. I'm sorry that you don't. As I stated before, this is my role play and I make the rules.

I did not ask for much. Its not that difficult to pick a FC. Look up teen actors if you must.

Sorry for being so behind everyone! I'm trying to catch up but I've got school and I've been sick recently.

Re: X-Men: New Recruits

-_- I think that is very unfair. That just makes this RP another just slightly different high school superhero RP. Thats totally unoriginal. I don't see why my character can't be a teacher or staff at the Xavier home? why not? it's boring having NPC's always being the teachers and such because we know exactly what they're going to do. So please reconsider.

Re: X-Men: New Recruits

You could always use younger pics. I've used A young Lisa Bonet before, sure there probably aren't many gifs but certainly photos.
Surely, Starlight would compromise on that, Right?

Re: X-Men: New Recruits

I don't know any teenagers to use. All of the popular ones from my youth are adults now. So, I'm not going to be able to meet that requirement. By the looks of it, I doubt it would be worth it to hang around, anyway. I think I've outgrown this kind of X-Men roleplay. Good luck with it, anyway.

Re: X-Men: New Recruits

Yes. You require a FC.

Got it Malice.

Re: X-Men: New Recruits

I still question the need for a face claim. It really does not do much for originality. I know it's a fanfic and originality is scarce, but the one part that should be mostly original is a character, and that includes their appearance.

Re: X-Men: New Recruits

Yeah, Speaking of Which, I've changed my FC to Romeo Miller

Re: X-Men: New Recruits

They. Need. To. Be. Teenagers. It's clearly stated in the rules!

Re: X-Men: New Recruits

hey, could I receive character eight please? face claim is Will Smith, power is control of earth/minerals (stone, dirt, metal)

Re: X-Men: New Recruits

Ok guys, sorry for my absence! My mom sprung up the sudden plan that I was going to spend the entire day outside of my house on Sunday, then she said I'm no supposed to use the computer until I finish all of my homework, and I had a LOT of homework I just spent the last three hours doing.

I'm going to start going over CS soon, don't worry.

Oh, and can you please add your characters' code names as well? I forgot about that, thanks for reminding me.

Re: X-Men: New Recruits

I am changing my FC to Emmy Rossum
Thanks :)

Re: X-Men: New Recruits

My CS will be up by lay tomorrow, sorry for the delay, I nearly had it finished but it logged me out,
Thank you :)

Re: X-Men: New Recruits

I'd like to reserve a character. His face claim is Shin Koyamada and his powers are Psychic Acceleration, Psychic Deceleration and Life Detection. His Mutant name is Sniper and his real name is Tracey Nagamura.

Re: X-Men: New Recruits

Those are my faceclaims. I haven't really gotten Actual names for them yet xD

Re: X-Men: New Recruits

Starlight77, just curious are we going to have code-names; eg Ororo - Storm?

Re: X-Men: New Recruits

This face claim thing is annoying. I don't base my characters on real people. Do we have to have one?