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Emmy Jackson

"Maybe if I was normal no one would of died"

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a character in “X-Men: New Recruits”, as played by WolfSpirit


Name: Emmy Hope Jackson

Face Claim: Emmy Rossum

Physical Description:
Emmy has beautiful light chocolate brown hair which is between curly and wavy, she was has lightly tanned skin and brown puppy dog eyes which she uses to get what she wants, Emmy wears a wolf paw necklace which her mum gave her. Emmy is perfect weight for her age and I'd a little smaller than other kids but it doesn't seem to affect her performance eon the battle field. Emmy weighs 150lbs (50kilos) and Emmy is 150cm.

Emmy's X-Men suit is plain black with aqua flames up the sides, On the left side if the suit their is a wolf law mark which represents her power and don the right their is her X-Men symbol.

Age: 17
Physical Mutations:
Since Emmy is a shapeshifter, which means she can turn into any animal at her will, She is always changing her appearance to her animal. Emmy's animals, what ever she picks to be have a white wolf park mark on their shoulder that can help you spot her.

Mutant Powers:
Emmy is a shapeshifter, but she is limited and can only turn into animals, Emmy is unable to control what animal she turns into unless she if not threatened, Emmy changes into an animal by her emotions. Emmy is learning to move things with her mind and is quite interested in spells.

Weaknesses: Controlling herself, Trusting other people, Her fears, Sharing her feelings,

Non-Mutant Abilities/Talents:
Emmy is an exceptional rider and is one if the best fighters you will ever know and is quite talented with Archery. Emmy enjoys swimming around in the pool but is still good at it.
Emmy is quite a funny character with her personality she can been sweet one time and then the next day she can be crazy. Emmy basically has two personalities but is mostly sweet. Emmy is shy but friendly and is secretive and has major trust problems, Other than that Emmy is quite enjoyable and pleasant, You won't meet a sweeter soul if you tried.

Emmy can be kind, caring, bubbly when you know her but before than she locks her feeling up which she learned when she was little and mainly to protect herself, If Emmy feels threatened she can say stuff she doesn't mean,

Likes: Archery, Sport, Riding, Sour worms, Jack her elder brother, Animals,

Dislikes: Being told what to do, Her Father, 'The bad guys', Hunters, Milk bottles, Snobs,

Fears: Water, Electricity, Being killed, Her past,
General History:
Emmy was born into a wealthy family in the country, It wasn't to Emmy was six that her mum told her what she was. Emmy hid he prowler well until on her birthday her Farther killed her Mother in cold blood when he found out he had married a shapeshifter, Emmy couldn't control herself and nearly killed her Father his injures were that horrible. Emmy ran away and lived for a while in the city where she meet her boyfriend, Parker.

Emmy's life was as perfect as it was going to get until the twenty- first of May when Emmy had to work late her dad was realized from hospital and found out were Emmy lived and went out to kill her. Parker was home and was killed by Emmys Father, soon Emmy came home to find Parker dead, Emmys Father nearly killed her by putting her in water and adding electricity. The police sent Emmys Father to prison and she ran away again to a new house in the city.

Mansion Invite:
I snarled at what I thought was a troll, he was human for sure but was fat and ugly, I growled, I tried to act like I knew what I was doing but to be honest, I had no idea. I but the trolls leg and be screamed out in pain, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw an adult make leap from tree to tree, he had claws that looked like knives, Th slaved the trolls neck and the ugly human dropped t my paws. I turned back to my human self, "Who are you?" I asked, I was petrified, I saw how easy he killed that troll thing, what would he make out if me?

"You Emmy Hope Jackson?" He had a deep voice, But it made me feel safe in a way, "Yes" He smirked "I am wolverine" He jumped down from the trees and approached me. I backed away, Why did he want to know who I was? I thought about running, but wolverine grabbed my wrist, "I am from a special school where we can help you control you power" I opened my mouth, I was guessing this wasn't a normal school. I looked down than looked up again "Do you accept" I had a feeling if J said no he would drag me, I finally found my voice "I accept"

Theme Song:

"It's Marvel Time!"

So begins...

Emmy Jackson's Story