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Rani Bhattacharya

"My gift is beautiful and painful, what luck...."

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a character in “X-Men: New Recruits”, as played by LightANDDark


Name: Rani Bhatacharya
Code Name: Gemini

Face Claim: Ayesha takia

Physical Description: The first thing one notices about Rani is her size. She is very small, standing at a total of 5'2". Her weight is at 101lbs, and she looks as intimidating as she sounds. She doesn't really care about her height, but it gets on her nerves slightly when being picked on, or unable to reach something. One thing of interest is her arms. If one looks, they will see scars, not large, but just noticable. These run on almost her entire body, not ugly, just odd looking. Her clothing is something of a traditional Indian style, as her family is from there. This usually means dresses with somewhat fancy design. Her usual outfit is a dress that goes a little past her knees, is black in color with red and gold colored disigns of flowers dunning down it. With that she wears stockings, also black, and shoes with a close resemblance to toms. All of her clothing is like that, and she has never really worn 'american' clothing, eg jeans.
Her X-Men outfit is a simple one. She has the basic pants, cotton and black. However, over that she wears her dress, this one padded and slimmer than usual, to allow some protection, with short sleeves, exposing her arms. Her symbol is on her stomach area, with the X crossing at wear her belly botton is.

Age: 15

Physical Mutations: While Rani's power does not cause a physical mutation, she must bleeding for her powers to be effective. This basically means that she has scars from her power. These scars aren't large or very noticable, but one could see them if they knew what they were looking for.

Mutant Powers:
Major Powers: Blood Crystalization- These is basically what it sounds like. Rani's has the power to turn her blood into gemstone, ruby to be exact. While she can technically turn any boodily fluid into gemstone, her blood is the easiest and quickest. Once turned into blood, it is impossible for her to turn it back into blood, and it may only be turned while outside of her body. So, in a nutshell, in order to access this power, she must be bleeding.
Gemstone Manipulation- This one is her primary offensive measures. She can control gems with the actions of her body, not by mind. This means that she must move in some fashion for the gems to move, but any movement will suffice. The blood that is turned into rubies, she can control best, moving it, sharpening it, or even making it grow, but the latter is extremely difficult for her, as she has little control over it. It is possible for her to affect other gemstones, but she hasn't really tried to use it.
Minor Powers: Crystal Healing- This is really a bad choise of naming as she is still injured. What this power means is that she can use Blood Crystalization to stop bleeding in case she is injuried, making sure she doesn't bleed out.
Crystal Armor- Another Subset of Bllod Manipulation, She can make the gems stick to certain parts of her body, giving it a very strong shield, but this is heavy and Rani isn't exactly strong in body.

Weaknesses: 1. One big weakness of Rani is her power. As previously said, she needs to bleed for it to work at its best, and if she is not careful, she could lose a lot of blood. Also, this means she may need to cut herself, so if she slips and cuts something too important, the consquences would be bad.
2. Rani doesn't have great control over how the crystals will react to her movements, and at times seems as though they have minds of their own.
3. Lastly, she isn't very big or strong, so a well placed physical attack could make for an easy fight.

Non-Mutant Abilities/Talents: One of her non-mutant abilities is her intelect. She was usually the smartest kid in her class, and she was always in advanced classes. This is somewhat counter balanced by her shyness. She loves to read, and is able to remember most anything she reads. Her other 'big' talent is her ability to remeber any pattern she has seen practically forever. While this served her little in her normal life, she did take small comfort in noticing how people fall into patterns, and seeing when they break that pattern, usually when doing something wrong.

Personality: Rani is very interesting person. She is insanly curious about things, from why there are 30 days in a month, to how bee's fly, and human nature. She has always been this way, and it is one of the most noticable things when you first meet her. She will wonder about something about you, or ask you about something she wonders about. She is usually unafraid to ask, and it can be rather annoying to a degree. However, to reach this, you must first get past her shyness. When surronded by a ton of new people, she will usually clam up, and warm up one person at a time. When she does consider a person a friend, there is a slight possibility that she will follow them around.
When she uses her power, her nature seems to change almost. Firstly, the cutting probably makes her focused, and then she moves around a lot to keep the gemstone moving, or to distract herself from the pain, no one has really asked her. She doesn't really like using her powers a lot, as she gets light headed when using multiple times, but she can keep gemstones going for a while. When they break, she can be viewed as slightly sad, but she will usually get back to normal. One final thing, Rani should not, under any circumstances, be given sugar after 11:30, as she will develope a majro sugar rush, and that can and will be extremely annoying.
*Watching Thing
*Drama Movies

*Being make fun of her height
*Ramantic Comedies
*Not being the smartest in a class

1. Drowning (Not a great swimmer)
2. Bleeding to death (Understandable)
3. Failing

General History: Rani was born in New Delhi, India. She was the youngest of three, and the only girl. Her family moved to Canada, as her parents are both doctors, and there were better oppertunities for her siblings and her outside of India. They moved when she was four, and she more closly relates to Canadian than Indian, but dresses closer to her homeland. While her siblings seemed to dislike the constant cold, she loved it. She would play out in the snow for hours at a time, and would sometimes be forced back into the house. This earned her the nickname, "Snow Princess".
At school, she was usually the head of her class, with not to many things she couldn't understand. She loved being smart, and she had a close following of friends, not really liking large groups. She spent a lot of time alone, or with her siblings, as her parents both worked a lot, but they made sure to tell her they loved her everychance they could. She discovered her powers one day while out in the snow, she tripped and cut her arm badly. She didn't know how or why, but she could turn it into Rubies. She tried to hide this for a long time, as she thought her parents would hate her for being a mutant. They eventually found out after questioning her about the cuts on her. She broke down and bawled and told them. They didn't hate her, in fact they accepted her with wide arms. She was extremely happy, for about five months.

Mansion Invite: About five months later, one of her brothers let slip that she was a mutant. Needless to say, that rumor spread like wildfire. Most of her friends left her, as Canada is just as mean towards mutants as the rest of the world. The ones that did stay asked them to show her power, which she didn't really want to do on command. Another group of people, anti-mutants, wanted her and her family run out of town. She was made fun of, although her parents weren't fired, they did get some flack. She went from happy to extremly miserable.
One day she just ran away into the forests, hoping to find her way somewhere better or just die. However, fate had other plans as Wolverine found her, on assignment from Dr. X in Canada. He told her about the school, and she happily accepted. After returning to her parents, she was allowed to go to the school, but was forced to promise to write or call constantly.

Other: She can speak Indian almost perfectly, she is developed for her age, plays a little piano, and of corse... It's Marvel Time!!!

So begins...

Rani Bhattacharya's Story