Fen Tier Sinclair

I am not a wolf in sheep's clothing, I am a wolf in wolf's clothing.

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【More Than Just A Pretty Face...】
“One day I will find the words and they will be simple.”


Full Name
Fen Tier Sinclair

None yet.

August 14th




Sexual Orientation

New York, New York

【Be On The Lookout For...】
“The first duty of a man is to think for himself ”


5'11" while in human form and nearly 9' in his lupine form.
160 lbs in human form and 900 lbs in his lupine form

Eye Color☜Blue in human form, yellow in lupine form

Short, dark and cropped close to his head, his fur while transitioned into his lupine form is remniscent of this.

Body Type☜ In his human form Fen is tall and thin and all muscle. There's a slightly starved look about him and with regular amounts of food he'll probably begin to fill out a bit. In his lupine form Fen is nearly 9' tall standing upright and close to a 1000 lbs.

Special Markings
As a side effect of his mutation Fen has no scars and having been locked away for most of his life there are no piercing or tattoos.

When he is in his wolf form he has a tail, ears, claws, extended canines, the whole works.

【Behind The Mechanics】
“Maybe everyone can live beyond what they're capable of”


+ Candy. After a lifetime of having been deprived he's nearly addicted to the stuff.
+ Dancing. A completely new concept to him but he very much enjoys it if he does look a bit spastic.
+ Being with people
+ People who don't talk to him like an idiot.
+ Learning to read and write. Fen is doing his best to catch up though he often finds it slow going.
+ Praise and affection. He's been starved of it his whole life so he basks in any affection thrown his way.
+ Television.

+ Mean people
+ Loud noises
+ Being startled. Causes Fen to revert to wolf form occasionally.
+ Being left alone
+ The Dark
+ Confined spaces
+ Being chained up
+ Food that isn't meat or candy.

Fen has gained quite a few coping mechanisms through the years having been kept chained in a cage most of his life. When kept in a confined space he will curl up in a corner and rock in order to soothe himself. He's also a twirler, of hair, ribbon, string whatever might be handy. When in the dark Fen will touch each of his fingertips to the tip of his thumb one after the other, over and over until he's able to fall asleep or the light comes back on. Fen has also been known to self-harm, usually by throwing himself against something trying to break free of wherever he feels confined or when the frustration of his life is too much bear he's been seen to bite himself much like an animal. Due to his regenerative powers there are never any scars left behind.

+ Claustrophobia
+ Once again being treated as if he were nothing more than a dumb animal.

+ Fen hopes to one day catch up to his peer group socially and intellectually. Or at least not be seen as a pathetic weirdo werewolf.
+ To find his true parents and ask them why they condemned him to a life in chains. He knows of Rahne Sinclair and that she was probably dead or stripped of her mutation but he held onto the notion that she was still out there, in wolf form and that's why she wasn't being found. Because she didn't want to be.

+ His true father is Hrimhari, a wolf god of Asgard who carried on an on-again off-again relationship with Rahne Sinclair. Due to his asgardian nature, Fen's abilities are not only mutant they are mystical which might be one of the reasons he wasn't left powerless like so many others.
+ The truth of what happened to the man who called himself Fen's father. Having broken free of his cage and having never been taught restraint only shown hatred, Fen attacked his caretake in a savage fury while in his wolf form. Seeing only red he blacked out and only remembers being found at the school, hiding in bushes, covered in someone else's blood.

Fen suffers from severe claustrophobia which when triggered will cause him extreme panic often causing him to revert to wolf form and look for any way out. He is extremely dangerous as any cornered animal would be.

Although he's 22 years old Fen's mind is that of someone over ten years younger than that. He's in a state of perpetual arrested development. It is still to be seen if this is a permanent learning disability or due the effects of the conditions he was living in and if he would ever be quite "normal".

Fen is a very sweet-natured, trusting person. He's very childlike and looks at everything as if he's seeing it for the first time which he usually is. He's quick to ask questions and is always trying to form his own opinion about things. He's aware of the fact that his growth, at least socially and educationally was quite stunted and due to this can be extremely shy and embarasses easily. Though when he likes someone he likes them through and through. You could probably never find a more true or loyal friend than in Fen. Though watch out, his hugs can be back-breakers. Literally.

The young werewolf is also learning how to grasp ahold of his emotions which have a tendency to be all over the place. He's easily agitated, and angered and is still unable to use proper coping methods. Due to this some people choose to keep their distance and Fen can't says he blames them. He just wishes he could show them that he had the capability to be good and more than just a feral animal/man-child.

【Armed And Dangerous...】
“Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is”


Mutant Alias
Hasn't acquired one yet.

Fen is a metamorph that is capable of shifting his form into that of a large wolflike creature. He's incapable of shifting into anything besides these two forms although it is thought that like his mother Fen should also be able to transform himself into an actual wolf while retaining his human intelligence. That has still remained to be seen.

Mutation Capabilities
+ Enhanced Size. Much greater in size than that of his human form, his hybrid wolf-human bones and muscles make Fen taller and stronger.
+ Enhanced Strength
+ Enhanced Speed
+ Enhanced Reflexes. Although enhanced his muscles and skeleton are also extremely flexible, giving him the agility of an animal.
+ Hyperkeen Senses. Keen animal senses of sight, smell & hearing combined with human intelligence are heightened further than that of a regular wolf. He can see infrared, ultra violet, heat, pheromones & emotions such as fear or lust
+Regenerative Healing Factor. Fen is capable of regenerating damaged or destroyed areas of his body with much greater speed than normal humans. Injuries that result in massive tissue damage such as bullet wounds, slashes, punctures, and severe burns heal completely, without so much as a scar, in a shorter amount of time.
+Enhanced Durability. This is due to his Asgardian nature and makes him extrememly less likely to take any damage while in his lupine form. He is not impervious to everything but it is assumed that he's most likely bulletproof.

+ Tracking
+ Hunting

Fen was found with only the bloody rags on his back which were taken from him and disposed of. He is now stockpiling a small pile of comics, girly magazines and baseball hats.

Though he has his human intelligence while in the form of a werewolf he is unable to communicate with anyone in anyway except how a wolf would. Through a series of barks, growls and howls. Is Also incapable of seeing complex patterns or ideas that he might better understand when in his human form.
Has no comprehension of his own strength, not even while in his human form. Fen still hasn't realized how much stronger he is than most people. Never let him hold your kitten.

He is near illiterate but working on that as we speak.

Is extremely naive, gullible and has difficulty reading social cues which should probably change the longer he is in society.

Doesn't have full control of himself when he transitions into his lupine form, while still retaining his human senses he finds them overrun by his animal instincts and has to strive and keep his mind clear and focused.

【A Glimpse Into The Past...】
“It's never too late to have a happy childhood.”


Fen Tier Sinclair may be twenty-two but there isn't a whole lot to say or to see for all that time. He was born under unusual circumstances to a frightened single mother who instead of taking care of her son herself left him to be raised by a stranger. Fen had manifested his mutation upon birth, born with fur, yellow eyes and sharp teeth. He was capable of walking on his hind legs or on all fours and without the ability to understand anything. He was a newborn who also happened to be a werewolf cub. Certain allowances probably should have been made considering his own mother, Rahne Sinclair, was also a wolf metamorph. In fact she probably would've been able to overlook the fact that her newborn son was acting more wolf than baby if there hadn't been the whole tore a man to shreds incident.

It was nearly a year after his birth and Fen's mutation had startled to settle, a gift from heaven his mother thought. Usually Fen was a normal baby, he cried and giggled. He was walking and he had a few more teeth than most babies his age but other than that he seemed perfectly average. It wasn't until a man attempted to mug Rahne on her way home late one evening coming back from the park with her son that Fen's savage potential was made known.

Rahne was scared but more than capable of defending herself and her son from the obviously desperate and foolish man in front of her. Yet before she could warn him what he was dealing with in regards to her mutant nature a small dark blur was upon the man with a frenzy. Fen, perhaps taking note of the scent of fear radiating from his mother or the desperation from the mugger, had transformed into his lupine self and flung himself at their assailant. He was only protecting himself and his mother but to Rahne she could only see a monster. Her own child had ripped a man to shreds in front of her and had even attempted to cuddle up to her once he'd ripped the man's throat out. Hands shaking the tearful and repulsed mother picked up her blood covered baby and left the scene quickly.

Once back at home Rahne ran a bath for Fen and placed him in it. The sounds of his giggles and splashes a juxtaposition to the quickly reddening water. For a brief second Rahne thought she was going mad, that perhaps the kindest thing would be to hold his tiny head underneath the water until he breathed no more. He was savage, something that she herself understood and had been before. Yet never so young. Wrapping her young son in a towel she held his warm little body next to her own and knew she could never harm him but neither could he remain with her. It was too much to bear. So gathering his things she took him to the only person she trusted with her only child. Jack Russell, a werewolf. Who better to teach and guide her son than someone who would understand him, something she didn't think she'd ever be able to do. Not after seeing what her son, not even a year old, had done.

Dropping him with Jack, Rahne gave her son one last kiss on his forehead and left. As far as anyone knows she hasn't turned up. Perhaps roaming the country in wolf form, perhaps dead or powerless. When Rahne Sinclair didn't show up for Moira McTaggart's funeral it was generally thought that she must've perished and is generally thought to be deceased by most.

Fen spent the next eight years with Jack, happy years by all accounts though Fen doesn't have many memories from this time. He learned a bit about his mutation, how to transform between his two known forms, how to track and to hunt. It was on one of these hunts that Jack disappeared. Fen waited patiently in the woods as he'd been taught to when lost, even though Jack was the one technically lost. The young boy had lost Jack's scent, couldn't hear anything that even sounded remotely like it might've been Jack and this was when he began to worry.

An inherently simple boy, Fen began to desperately search for his foster father. Calling out hopefully at first and hoarsely as the night dragged on. He eventually took to howling which was probably what brought the hunter's attention to him. The large man with the rifle entered the small clearing the young wolfish boy stood in. Aiming his gun at the creature he began to take aim and watched as the creature transformed into a young tearful boy. "Where's my Dad?" Have you seen my Dad?" Fen asked the stranger, near desperate and hiccuping back tears.

Smiling the large man dropped his rifle and held out his large hand for the boy to take. "C'mon now son. I know where your daddy is. I'll take you to him, sent me to find you for him actually." The huntsman said, his smile becoming a deviant grin. He did know where the boy's daddy was. He'd shot him and that big fucker was gonna catch quite the chunk of change. Scientists were always trying to get hold of weirdo mutants to experiment on and while he would've liked to have been able to deliver a live specimen the wolfman had put up too much of a fight. Better to think small and start off young.

Sliding his hand into the man's. Fen followed him mutely back to his truck, tired and scared he crawled into the cab while the man explained to him that they were going to drive to see Dad. Too tired to lift his head anymore Fen fell asleep on the drive and when he opened his eyes he was in what would become his home for the next fourteen years. Bewildered and terrified he began to try and free himself from the chains that were now around his ankles, wrists and even his neck. The large reinforced cage-like pen that he was in had several padlocks ensuring that Fen wouldn't be able to escape.

Struck mute by terror he shifted into his wolf form and began throwing himself at the bars of his cage, the chains binding him straining but not breaking. It was then the huntsman, his captor, made himself known. "See there's your daddy right there." The man laughed and pointed at the large wolfman that had once been Fen's only guardian. The only person in the world who cared about him was dead and gone and Fen had gone willingly with his murderer.

Baring his teeth in anger he began growling at the man, the hair on his back raised as vicious barks erupted from his throat. "You can bark and cry all night, all day if you want. No one's gonna hear you and don't no one care about mean dogs anyway. Now you listen her boy, you're mine. Fair and square. I feed you, I clothe you, you belong to me and when the time's right...to the highest bidder goes the wolfboy." The man cackled as he walked over to the corpse of Jack and right then and there, in front of the Fen, he began gutting and skinning. As if Fen's foster father were a deer or a fish. This is one of Fen's earliest memories.

Fen remained in his cell for the next fourteen years, clothed in rags, fed scraps and raw meat, hit, kicked and spat upon. His intellect was stunted and he began to lose the capacity for human learning, preferring to spend most of his time in his lupine form. Being full grown his captor, his "new father" had decided it was time to put his boy up on the auction block and see how much he could get for the little animal. It was then the storm of the century blew through, tornadoes lifting houses right off their foundations. Just like the house Fen lived in. His cage was wrecked and the chains that had been holding him for years were easily broken once Fen saw an opportunity to escape, which he did. Slipping back into his human form he began to crawl out of the rubble.

"And where in the hell do you think you're going?" A voice rang out in the dark. It was still raining but Fen knew by the sound of his voice that the man had returned. Had come back to put him in his cage and bind him chains again. Within a second his transformation was complete and Fen was upon him. Savagely attacking until there was nothing left to be found but blood and gore.

Coming back to himself slightly Fen was disturbed by the scene in front of him and fled on foot, unsure of what direction he was going or where. He knew absolutely nothing about the world and he had no one to go to. Perhaps it was some sort of natural instinct, or maybe some sort of calling but Fen was found on the grounds of the Estate the next day. Hiding, nearly mute and covered in blood that appeared to belong to someone else.

Fen has only been at the mansion for two weeks and is slowly beginning to acclimate to his surroundings and when asked will say nothing of where he came from. Some wonder if he even understands the question, others are suspicious that he's hiding something while still yet there are those who think he's blocked out whatever horrible ordeal he's been through. Either way this was his home for the foreseeable future, anything was better than chains.

【Just A Little Extra...】 " I don't deserve a soul, yet I still have one. I know because it hurts”

*All Optional*
Theme Song☜ TV On The Radio - Wolf Like Me - http://youtu.be/j1-xRk6llh4

Mother - Rahne Sinclair
Father - Hrimhari
Adoptive Grandmother - Moira MacTaggert

Fen has absolutely no sense of fashion. He wears jeans and t-shirts, the things he's been given and finds them better than always being naked as he was before.

Thoughts on Humans
Fen doesn't properly understand what's happening between mutants and humans and only knows that the man who kept him in a cage his whole life was a human and the people who took him in and cared for him were mutants, like him. Make of that what you will.

So begins...

Fen Tier Sinclair's Story

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Anastasia McCoy stepped out of the back of the standard government issue vehicle that had picked her up at the airport and taken her straight to the mansion. Her home, she thought wistfully as she closed the car door behind her and saluted lazily to her driver. Traveling light a she always did, Ana watched the car disappear down the drive and absently wiped her damp palms on the front of the black trousers she was wearing. There was no luggage to struggle with, no bags to haul, she only had to drag herself inside and face reality. This place had been her home for years and to the young mutant it had always been a place of refuge. Two weeks ago that completely changed.

Squaring her shoulders and straightening her fitted black blazer Anastasia McCoy went in search of her family. There were any number of them and they could be anywhere. The men in her life. She thought to herself with a smile as she skipped up the stairs and slipped through the massive front door. Ana knew that her brother and nephew were probably up and about by now somewhere, the only question was where? Taking a moment to acclimate herself back to being at home she stretched lazily and laughed aloud when her stomach grumbled. The boys could wait, her stomach apparently, could not.

"Breakfast." She said aloud, as she headed in the direction of the kitchens. Ana might not find any of her family there but by now she was famished. S.H.I.E.L.D.'s top espionage agent had been moving nonstop since the finish of her last assignment. The twenty-seven year old had been alone in Moscow doing reconnaissance, something she detested, when the events of M-Day happened. Feeling helpless as she read and watched television to keep as informed as she could before she finally finished up and took a flight home. Which she'd done eighteen hours ago. At this point her body was running on fumes and all she really wanted now was a cup of coffee and bacon.

Slipping unnoticed, as she usually was, into the kitchen Anastasia perked up at the smell of fresh brewed coffee. "Oh, thank god." She sighed as she effortlessly plucked a coffee mug from the top shelf above the coffee maker. Being 5'10" had it's advantages, but then again if she were 4'11" it still wouldn't have mattered. Hopping onto the counter she slowly began to sip her black coffee while nodding a greeting to the others who had gathered for breakfast. All Anastasia needed was caffeine and then she'd be ready to take on the world again.


Gasping for breath Fen awoke suddenly, instantly still, alert and confused as to where he was. He'd been waking up like this every day since he'd been found outside the mansion as if his body couldn't acclimate to a normal bed in a normal bedroom. Twisting and struggling out of the sheets that had wrapped themselves around his thin body in the night he fell onto the floor with a thud and groaned aloud. That's right. School. He remembered now. Picking himself up off the ground he tossed the sheet to the floor and began to make his way to the shower, stopping short when he remembered that it was inappropriate to roam the halls naked. At least that's what they told him his first day here. Quickly tugging on a pair of shorts that he found on the ground, he grabbed a change of clothes and a towel and exited the room that had been assigned to him. Fen liked showers and found the luxury of them to be fantastic. It made a remarkable difference on a person's psyche to be clean day in and day out.

Having spent spent fifteen minutes basking in water as hot as he could stand, Fen scrubbed himself clean, quickly toweled off and dressed in the faded jeans and t-shirt someone had left for him to change into, having left behind the shoes that he still didn't care to wear. Having been found in nothing but rags, the twenty-two year old werewolf was glad to have the clothes but the shoes seemed to be pretty useless as far as he was concerned. He would start small, someone had said that once. That was something he remembered...from somewhere.

Keeping to the shadows he found his way outside where he spent most of his time. Fen had consented to sleep in the mansion at the behest of some of the teachers. For his safety they said even though he'd never felt as safe as when he could see the sky above his head. A grin crossed his thin pale face as the sun hit him, a warmth he was unfamiliar with yet already loved. Taking a moment to glance around, his light blue eyes wide and wary like an animal's, Fen began his daily routine of exploring the grounds that surrounded the large mansion he was calling home now. For now he felt much more comfortable with the inhabitants outside, the shy young man was still working his way up to the inhabitants inside. Talking to people was something he was completely useless at and the thought of embarrassing himself yet again didn't appeal to him today.

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Tulio didn't know what to make of what just happened, but he did know this: his stats, his previous facts, screw them. Tommy was a changed man, one that Tulio wasn't sure if he trusted.

For starters, Tulio could tell that Tommy was getting aggravated. All the signs of a previous aggressive man were there - if he wanted to practice seeing those signs, he just had to look at Caelan. Regardless, Tommy's personality shifted in a way Tulio hadn't been expecting, and it all started with the simple statement of agreement. Tulio's eyes instantly began to fade back to their dark brown coloring upon hearing that he was right. While his face gave away nothing, besides its cold, mysterious exterior, the man was baffled on the inside, and completely thrown for a loop. Good thing he could hide his emotions near perfectly, or else he would have swore that Tommy would have laughed at him internally - another thing Tulio needed for his self esteem.

However, Tulio's face slowly did begin to recede to show a bit more emotion after Tommy finished agreeing with him: fatigue. Tulio was tired of having to be vicious to Cat's suitors, even though that fire burned day and night. He was tired of harassing Caelan and now Tommy, only to find out that Thomas had changed (Caelan hadn't, but it was still like punching a wall). Most of all, Tulio was just tired in general - he hadn't slept a wink since Cat had been unconscious, something that Tulio knew was going to lead to a serious crash in his nervous system, along with a few other functions. He was usually not one to crash like his sister did, but it was inevitable: when one does not sleep for two weeks, one crashes.

There was a minute of silence, one where Tulio continually held his somewhat cold and quiet facade while he watched as Tommy reigned in his emotions once more. Once again, another indication that the man had grown up while Tulio had remained the same - another blow of uncertainty to his self esteem. However, Tulio felt his nerves seemingly pinch in his head at being called Tutu. Tulio's jaw clenched a little, and the original hardness in his eyes returned, but they remained their original colour. Thomas had no right calling Tulio by his pet name, something that Jojo had been calling him for years and hadn't let anyone else dare call him that. Calling Tulio Tutu was like if a student called Caelan 'Cubs'; it was a death sentence waiting to happen. While Thomas (Tulio didn't feel right calling him Tommy now - the man known as Tommy was an idiot, but this Thomas... proved a little more dangerous) had made a good point in stating that it was up to his sister on whether or not he stayed, Tulio had nearly bypassed all of that logical reasoning just because that man had the audacity to call him Tutu. Tulio wasn't even sure if the man was trying to annoy him, get under his skin, or whatever angle a man like Thomas Castellano could get at.

Upon seeing Thomas' head turn towards Cat, Tulio's remained sturdy and unreadable. It was easy for a guy like Tulio to remain unreadable to most the folk - a combination of constantly conflicting emotions and a degree in criminal psychology could do that for a man. Nevertheless, Tulio watched Thomas the entire time as he spoke to Cat, knowing that she had all the power. And yet... Tulio knew what the outcome was going to be even before Jojo said a word. He could feel her raging emotions, and he knew that both of them didn't really know what to think about for Thomas. Regardless, there were two things that Tulio knew that decided the outcome. One - Cat had lingering feelings for the mob boss, which seriously tired Tulio out. Two - with the number of mutants being so low, Cat wouldn't be able to refuse a mutant that had claimed to give up everything - while she may not know how her heart felt, she knew it was still there.

So Tulio merely stood there, facing Thomas Castellano as his eyes pleaded that Cat take him in. After a while, he turned to his sister, but his eyes remained clouded and murky as they seemingly always did: after all, the eyes were the gateway to the brain. If you could read one by their eyes, you can read their very being.

Cataleia couldn't really do anything but blink and listen. When he mentioned that he had given up everything and left for her, an unexpected rage flared up in her. She listened to Tulio speak to Tommy before finally finding the strength to stand on her own. She could feel the slack-jawed gaze of others as she grabbed tightly onto her brother's shoulder to steady herself before she spoke, her tone as controlled as she could manage.

“I was with you for five months and left you because you were consumed by an ungodly darkness and seemed to no longer care for me. What you are telling me now is that it took you eight years to realize that you were sorry. Eight years to leave behind everything when I left everything and everyone without a second thought after you killed someone. Eight years you never called, texted, or visited to say you were sorry or to check up on me. Nothing. For the first five of those eight years, I worried that I'd look on the news and see your death or see you were put in prison or see a Wanted advert for you. Thomas...I'm not going to turn you away. I'm not that heartless. Charles would have taken you in. Ororo would have taken you in. So I will take you in....Eight years...”

Her tone was firm and she could see from her peripheral vision that she had earned a few nods of approval. “And...Don't ever call him Tutu. That is my name for him.” She frowned, though a few people around her chuckled. “Joe, please show him to a room. Everyone else – Get some breakfast and stop gawking. Show's over. We have a lot to do today, so chop-chop. Julio, Caelan, Ulric, Erik, Alex, Lina, Ben, George, and Ana! Meet me in my office in half an hour!” She didn't yell. She never had to yell. But her voice would carry and be heard by everyone within a fifty foot radius as though she were standing right next to them and having a friendly chat.

She put her personal feelings aside and a gentle smile on her face before turning to Joe. “I'll need you there as well, hun.” She didn't give Tommy a single glance, knowing she would only break into tears if her gaze lingered on him for too long. No doubt she'd find herself drinking and smoking with her cousin later that evening when others had called it a night. For now, she snapped herself into a strictly business state of mind, unwilling to further show any signs of weakness in front of so many. No, they needed to see that she was strong and would be able to take care of everyone.

Sighing, she released her grip on her brother's shoulder.

Caelan glanced at his little sister's who's mouth was full of what her friend Alexandra always referred to as “The Death Sandwich”. He had tasted it and it wasn't...that bad. Anastasia McCoy had walked in just as Alex mentioned where Julio might be and Caelan gave all three of the ladies a light wave. He began to walk out, heading for Ulric's office when Alex made her last statement which inevitably earned her a nice middle finger from him.

He paused a moment outside of the kitchen, his keen sense of smell picking up a very distinct cologne and his hearing picking up an even more distinct voice. His lips literally curled back over his teeth as a rather animal-like growl rumbled in his chest. He was quick to push out of the way everyone that stood between him and the man that he was going to tear apart limb from limb. He paused his war march as Tulio started speaking. After the two men exchanged words, there was a silence as Cataleia brought herself to her feet.

Caelan was afraid of what she was going to say. He knew she wasn't going to turn him out. Him staying meant that he was going to try and get back on her good side. He was going to try to take her from him again. He wasn't going to let that happen – It would be a cold damn day in hell. He listened to her words, clenching his fists as she granted him permission to remain. His stomach knotted up as he saw the pain and hurt in her eyes. The sadness that made her radiant glow slowly grow dim. But, Cat being Cat perked back up quickly and got straight to business, doling out orders.

He took that brief moment to move towards her, blocking her view of the mobster. He towered over her quite a bit, reaching to her face with his hand. He felt a bit better as she tilted her head to the side, letting herself rest her head into his hand as she closed her eyes. “Couldn't find Jules. He's probably in Ulric's office again. Which you should probably be there right now, too. C'mon baby.” He leaned down and kissed her forehead before wrapping an arm about her waist protectively. He gave Tulio a curt, respectful nod and regarded Tommy only with a warning snarl before heading down the eastern hall.

When they approached the doctor's office, Zalika was sitting on a nearby shelf, speaking in low tones to her husband. Cat gave them both a cheery smile and a wave before being ushered into Ulric's office by Caelan, who's hand she had grabbed on the way there. Sure enough, Julio was there. Cat gave them both a smile and a wave before glancing at the boy with wings that was just waking, rubbing his face. She and Caelan moved to the side as he stumbled his way out of the room. He was met with a hiss and answered with a shriek. Cat giggled as he tore down the hallways. Oh, Zee. Caelan enjoyed a chuckle as well, picking up Cat and setting her on the cot where the boy once was.

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Julio waved as Zee moved back through the door only to pull Erik out before he could finish his conversation with Ulric. Just as they left, so did the boy and Caelan walked in with his cousin. He flashed her a smile and a thumbs up in response to her wave. Quite literally, he grew an apple flower that immediately produced a mature apple from his palm, handing it off to her. “Now dat the coast is clear, I'm gon' go 'head and...leave.” He grinned his usual goofy grin, sliding out of the room.

What to do? Well, he didn't have to meet with Cat for another thirty minutes and he already had breakfast. Time for a flight! He took off outside the mansion, offering Tommy and Joe a slight wave as he closed the door behind him. As soon as the door closed, his shorts dropped and left in his place was a bird. A magpie to be exact. He flapped his wings and took off into the air, chirping and screeching with sheer delight.

For a minute, he didn't flap, just riding the air currents. Then he spotted the young man he had found out by the lake only a few days ago. Putting his wings down to his side, he dove for Fen at high speeds. He stopped just short enough to extend his wings and light gently on his shoulder. He canted his head to the side and offered a polite chirp – He would have smiled if a bird could. But a chirp would have to do as a “How do you do?”

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Treading lightly across the freshly mown lawn Fen glanced up in surprise when he heard the call of a magpie and laughed delightedly when it alighted upon his shoulder. The newly arrived boy was still reacquainting himself with nature, something that had been an essential part of his life before he'd been taken captive, and at this point he felt more at home outside with the animals. In his mind this is where he belonged and it was inhumane for him to have been deprived for so long.

Once the bird was near enough the young werewolf's keen sense of smell picked up the scent of his first friend, Julio. Julio had been the person to find Fen that fateful morning after M-Day. It was Julio who coaxed him out of the bushes and back to his human senses, or at least what remained of them. Fen immediately latched onto his new friend and felt safest when in the other boy's company. Perhaps it was because of Julio's particular ability when it came to nature or the fact that he'd been the first kind person Fen had met in over a decade. Either way Fen was glad to see him in whatever form Julio preferred.

"Flying. I'd like to fly." Fen replied to the chirp of his friend as he looked up towards the cloudless sky. Fen could run but he'd still been caught. To fly would be the ultimate escape. A dreamy smile crossed his face as he slipped into a daydream momentarily. Flying definitely sparked the imagination.

"What are you going to show me today, Julio? Somewhere new?" Fen asked, his sad blue eyes regarding his friend thoughtfully. The younger boy had also been acting as a guide of sorts for Fen, showing him around the large estate and the sprawling grounds that surrounded it and now that Julio had joined him Fen would latch onto him for as long as he could.

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Julio flitted from Fen's shoulder and landed just a couple of feet away, instantly shifting back into his human form with the same bright grin on his face as usual. “Well, I'm sure we could find someone to take ya flyin'! We got us a jet down below..” He would have spoken with his usual gusto, but Fen only spoke English and barely any at that, so Julio talked pretty slow and made sure to sound out his words the way his cousin, Tulio had taught him.

Completely disregarding that fact that he was naked, the curly haired boy offered out a hand to Fen, both of his strangely colored eyes shining brightly. “I'm gonna show you to mah favorite place. But its a secret so you ca'int ever tell nobody. Alright?” He tilted his head up some and lifted a brow, making sure Fen understood, but his smile never flickered, not even once.

If Fen was surprised by his friend's sudden nakedness, his face didn't show it. Now if anything he felt overdressed, but smiled to himself as he looked down at his bare feet and wiggled his toes in the grass. "It wouldn't be the same thing. Close, but maybe. I think it might be scarier." Fen replied in his usual rambling, slightly confused way of speaking. Together Julio and Fen made quite the pair when it came to the spoken word but they seemed to understand each other without much trouble.

Hesitantly slipping his hand into Julio's outstretched one he grinned shyly at his friend. Fen was quite unfamiliar with the sensation of actual physical contact with another person and he still felt slightly awkward when touched. It was a feeling unfamiliar and confusing, and yet something he yearned for. "Why haven't you showed me your favorite place before? I thought favorites go first, or do they go last?" Fen half asked to himself and to the naked boy whose hand he happened to be holding.

Shrugging slightly he began to gently swing his arms in anticipation. "I won't tell. I never tell anything. That's what I'm good for." Fen replied in all seriousness, a firm smile settling upon his slim face.

The Cajun donned a wider smile as Fen took his hand and swore secrecy. He let his fingers curl around the teen werewolf's own fingers, noticing how much more...delicate Fen's hands seemed than his own. He gave Fen a gentle glance, tugging him to the west as he answered. “Well, ya see. Today is good, special day. Mah cousin done woke up from her cola. Er – Coma.” He quickly corrected himself. He paused as Cat's voice rang out as though she were standing right in front of them, but she really was nowhere to be seen.

A frown set upon his face – That only gave him half an hour to hang out with Fen. Who knows what she'd have him doing once they had their chat! He almost literally wilted. Fen was practically his best friend already! He gave a shrug and put a smile back on as they neared the front door. “Got young 'uns 'round here. Ca'int have mah goods hangin' out for the whole world to see.” He gave a light laugh at his comment, releasing Fen's hand only to run up the steps and snag his shorts, sliding them on.

Hopefully, some poor child hadn't seen already. He would definitely be in trouble then.

He took Fen's hand again and steered him towards the maze. The hedges were high and thick, so plenty of people were getting lost in there all the time. But never Julio. He seemed so sure as he guided Fen through the maze, guiding them all the way to the very center where there was a stone bench and table underneath a strange tree that was blooming all sorts of bright and dark and strangely enchanting fruits and flowers.

“I been workin' on makin' new mutant plants an' stuff. Try da one that looks like a giant strawberry done had a baby with a black berry.” He pointed out the red and black fruits that were hanging low to the ground in bunches on the vines creeping up the thick trunk of the tree.

Blindly following his friend, Fen let himself be led back to towards the mansion as he quietly took in the scenery and listened to Julio. He liked the way Julio talked, it was different than how Fen spoke. Prettier somehow maybe, not that Fen had ever said anything because that might be weird. He wasn't too sure on it. One thing he was definitely sure of was the fact that yes, nudity was definitely frowned upon around here.

"That's what Ulric said when he gave me clothes. He said it was...highly inappropriate...but I didn't know so he said it was okay, but I know now and I don't scare the kids. Not with my goods anyways." The slender werewolf responded innocently as he absently watched his friend retrieve his shorts and resume their search for Julio's favorite place.

"Comas are a sleep when you don't wake up for a long time? It's good she's awake now, you were scared and now you're not and good things happen on special days. Can every day be special?" Fen asked, once again his questions spilling forth like a dam bursting only to stop short when he caught sight of where Julio had taken him.

"Oh." Fen sighed quietly, caught off guard by the beauty he saw before him. Silently assenting to Julio's wishes he let go of his friend's hand and crept, quietly as an animal, to the tree. Squatting down low to the ground, he deftly picked one of the hybrid fruits and took a bite, his mouth exploding with flavor. Popping the rest in his mouth he picked another to offer to Julio and laughed quietly as he wiped a bit of juice dribbling down his chin with the sleeve of his shirt.

"It's really, really good." Fen said, happily complimenting his new found friend's talents. "It tastes like candy." He finished, as he perched himself on the stone table and wistfully looked around. "I like it here. It's quiet, not everyone's talking all the time at once."

“Every day can be special. If you make it special.” He had winked to his friend while answering. He now stood before him, an air of pride around him as Fen delighted in the tastes of his fruit. He took one of the large berries from him and popped it in his mouth, quickly chewing and swallowing. “I know...This is the best part.” He turned his gaze towards the hedge opening where they entered and simply...willed the hedge to move some, extend some, closing up where they entered.

“This is my sacred spot.” He took a seat on the bench and picked what looked like a cross between an apple and a peach. “The people that grew up here...When they was young...Well. When we was young, this was a good place. Just made everyone feel so...safe. Its quiet. And pretty out here. At night time, or real early morning...you can just feel da magic in the air. Me an' my pop used to lay out here an' lookit the stars and talk 'bout my momma. Good stuff, y'know? She was a good woman. Even if he didn't know her.”

He chuckled, babbling on randomly. He took a bite from his fruit, giving a soft “mmph” at delight of its sweet flavor, offering it out to Fen.

Fen clapped his hands and laughed in delight when the hedges seemingly grew together leaving behind no sign of where he and Julio had entered. It was true what Julio said, you could feel the magic that surrounded this place. Not just where they were now but the entire school as a whole. Though he was new, Fen was aware of the fact that a great deal of changes had occurred and most of them tragic. He imagined that there were some who probably felt scared and unsafe here now, but to him this was his refuge. A place where he didn't have to worry about being chained up or hit on a regular basis.

Taking the offered fruit, Fen finished it off joyfully, listening to Julio speak of brighter times gone by. Not one for table manners, the wolf boy lazily began to lick his fingers clean as he considered his friend's story and compared it to his own. The idea of talking about someone you don't know confusing him, Fen himself had never spoken of his own biological parents and had never met either of them technically. It was a concept that was foreign to him.

"I remember once the stars with my father. He said if I learned where all the stars go in the sky then I'd never get lost. He didn't say what to do if there's not stars though." Fen said with another shrug of his thin shoulders. He didn't often reference his time held captive and when he did it was usually obliquely and never with much emotion attached to it.

"They sound nice, your family. Will you find your mom? If she's lost? Does she know the stars?"

Julio smiled at Fen's innocent questions, giving a light shrug. “I'll find her one day. When I'm old. She's up there with da stars now.” His voice was softer than usual, a wistful look in his eyes. Sensing that the mood was getting a bit morbid, he quickly flashed a brighter smile, his eyes lighting up once more. “You evuh had gumbo before, Fen?” Sure, it wasn't even noon yet, but gumbo was just so delicious. You could eat it anytime!

Fen nodded silently, slightly unsure and confused by what the other boy meant about the stars. Fen didn't know people could live in the sky but come to think about it it sounded like a perfectly fine option. Deciding to remain silent on the subject, something he did when even he thought his questions and ignorance of normal things was bizarre.

"Gumbo? I don't think I know what that is. Did you grow it or do we catch it?" He answered quickly. Fen was good at catching things, he was very patient and he could probably catch a gumbo...whatever it was. Fen had taken to tracking the animals that called the woods on the estate home, he never killed anything knowing that it might get him in trouble, he just liked doing it. His animal instincts were still there beneath the surface and it'd been nearly two weeks since he'd last let himself transform into the wolf. The young mutant had spent so many years as the wolf that he needed, even forced himself to remain human even when he didn't want to.

Julio shook his head lightly, suppressing a laugh. He didn't want to offend his companion. Honestly, he really thought Fen was cute and loved answering questions for him and teaching him things. He enjoyed being able to conversate with him knowing that Fen didn't get irate or even exhausted when Julio switched to French or just got parts of a sentence wrong.

He grabbed Fen's hand gently once more before leading himself and the young werewolf out of the hedge, the plants seeming to shy away from his body as soon as he approached, immediately closing back up behind them. It was like he was Moses and the plants were the Red Sea as he simply walked straight through the maze and out of the other side.

“Gumbo is somethin' ya cook. I'ma teach ya how to cook the way mah old man taught me.” He grinned, once more heading for the steps. “An' I'ma teach you 'bout gardenin'. Dat's the best thing in the world, gardenin' is. Nothin' feels better than growin' yer own food.”, he enthused, absentmindedly lacing his fingers with Fen's as he tugged the boy gently behind him.

Flushing slightly as he realized that he'd inadvertently said something amusing, Fen ducked his head and grinned up shyly at Julio. "Ooh. Cooking. With fire. They haven't let me try yet." Fen replied a tinge of excitement apparent in his rough, underused voice. To Fen it sounded weird, scratchy and foreign but the more he used it the more familiar it would become. Less like a stranger speaking through his mouth.

Growing accustomed to Julio leading him by the hand, Fen no longer showed much hesitance as he once again followed his savior out of the maze. Fen would probably follow the younger boy through fire if asked, if only because he viewed Julio as the person safest to be around. Grasping tighter onto Julio's pleasantly warm hand he began to be affected by his friends infectious enthusiasm and charm

"You can teach gardening and cooking and I can teach you..." Fen paused unsure of what skills he possessed that anyone would possibly want to learn. Looking up at the sky as he usually did when mulling something over he shook his head and grinned lightly, his blue eyes full of laughter "Something. I dunno." He finished with a small laugh to himself.

"What is Gumbo really then and are we gonna cook it now?" Fen asked, his mouth fumbling over the strange and silly new word his friend had just introduced him to. He was beginning to grow hungry and as if on cue his stomach let out a loud growl. "Cause I think I'm very hungry." Realizing that he hadn't eaten save for the few bites of fruit Julio had shared with him within the maze.

“You can go 'head and teach me how to hunt. I ain't never been real good at that.” He grinned sheepishly. Here he was, able to take the form of the world's most deadly predators, and he couldn't even simply hunt. For shame. As Fen asked exactly what gumbo was, Julio rubbed his stomach enthusiastically. “Its one o' da most delicious dishes you evuh gon' taste! Its got rice an' sausage an' crawfish' wi' crackers an' just oh Lord!” He was about to make himself start drooling as he towed Fen through the front door of the school. He was headed straight for the kitchen – Many people were leaving the kitchen with bowls and plates and cups, headed for their usual resting places.

Upon entering, Julio gave everyone a friendly smile and wave. “Hey y'all! Got the lawn back in tip-top shape! Parfait!”, he exclaimed. He moved to clap his hands together for more enthusiasm, but realized he was holding Fen's hand. With a light smile, he moved towards the cabinets. “Now, we gon' need a big pot for dis.”

"I can do that. I'm very good at it." Fen said, confident in his skills when it came to at least one thing. As long as there was game he'd never go hungry, of course it was a bit animalistic but then so was he. His face brightened momentarily at the thought of not being completely useless for once before it once again fell back into it's usual wary expression as they entered the school and wandered towards the kitchen. Realizing he was squeezing Julio's hand a bit more tightly than was necessary out of anxiety he loosened his grip and smiled as he caught sight of a few friendly faces.

Fen wasn't as comfortable within the confines of the mansion, after having spent a great majority of his life underground, in a basement locked in chains and a cage he almost physically longed to be outside. A calling that hounded him at every turn. it was only the presence of Julio that kept him from turning tail and fleeing back into the comfort of the woods.

Taking note of Zoey, Cortez, Lina and Alex his smile grew exponentially and attempted to wave at them with the hand that was still firmly within Julio's grasp. "I'm learning how to cook. With fire and crawfish." He said excitedly to his new friends, realizing only too late that there were a few more occupants in the kitchen that he hadn't noticed in his excitement. Turning red and growing shy he shuffled closer to Julio and grew quiet, ever distrustful of strangers.

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As the events unfolded around him, Tulio merely stared off into space. His cloudy brown eyes had somewhat glassed over while everybody else continued on with their lives. It was as if Tulio had merely taken a step back from reality and watched as everything happened, not being a part of anything.

it all started with Cat's response to Thomas, with her emotions finally reining themselves in so that Tulio could breath a little easier. She conveyed her frustration towards Thomas in being absent - Tulio didn't really care about this part as much, since he didn't want him with his sister regardless - and even added a little jab at the end about his pet name. Tulio gave hard stares at those that thought it was funny, to which they promptly shut their mouths and averted their eyes from his. Jojo then made a statement for certain individuals to make appearances in her room, which Tulio knew also meant him. After all, as the second to the Headmistress, any meeting was his meeting. Think of him as VP, if you will.

Caelan then thought that right now would be a good time to show his own face as well, and Tulio watched as Caelan made more of an impact on Thomas than any of Tulio's words, and he did it with only a few words and gestures. When Caelan gave Tulio a curt nod, he was obligated to return it, albeit with the always present annoyance that Tulio held towards Caelan. Not only did Tulio dislike Caelan, but after he was basically upstaged by the Neanderthal, Tulio held a little more anger towards Caelan and himself. Sure, Tulio had spoken razers, but as that annoying saying went: actions sometimes spoke louder than words.

Tulio then watched Joe lead Thomas away, and the foyer to the Academy slowly began to clear itself of people as they all went their separate ways. Caelan led Cat away - much to his annoyance - and soon Tulio was basically alone, still standing in the same place. His thoughts were wandering constantly and randomly, thinking about everything and nothing. He even ignored some random students that were either trying to get by him or impress him or something - Tulio didn't know.

A deep sigh was soon released from Tulio, which he had hoped would remove the tension, nerves and worries from his body to no avail. Sure he was thrilled that Cat had awoken, but during her two weeks absense Tulio had only slept 2 or 3 times and for no longer than 3 hours. The bags under his eyes were starting to get a little more visible than he normally liked them to be, but what could he do? Sleep only came to him in either the form of a black out, or after hours of activity. 'Trying' to fall asleep for Tulio was like asking Caelan to do algebra; it was virtually impossible and quite frustrating to watch.

Needless to say, Tulio knew he would have to move soon. Thinking that food would probably be of the most aid to him, Tulio checked his watch before descending the rest of the stairs. 9:56 AM. Tulio had a little under 30 minutes to make his way to her office, which offered enough time for food. He sombered his way towards the kitchen, with the smells of food blasting him in the face a few feet from the doorway, and his stomach suddenly grumbling in protest. Tulio guessed that he probably hadn't eaten for a while, so it would be good to get something.

As soon as he entered, he nearly lost his somber look to be replaced by one of surprise and raging emotions. Of all the people to be in the same room at the same time, it had to be Orfy and Alex. He should have been able to smell her extreme sandwhich, but he must have not registered it when he did. Awkwardly enough, however, it was much easier to block his emotional value for Orfy this time round, as he had been practicing - for Alex, Tulio always was able to block hers out, as he had done so for years now. At this time, he also noticed that Anastasia, Cortez, and Zoey were there, along with his cousin Julio and that kid Fen. To Julio, Tulio gave one of his soft, small smiles which were usually reserved for people he held close. Regardless of the boy's hobbies or English skills, Tulio always held some sentiment towards his little cousin. The other four? Well, he had been on a mission or two with Anastasia, but the sentiment and trust was equal throughout all four: he was neutral to them all.

Keeping with his known demeanor of silence and mystery, Tulio simply walked over to the stove while nodding to those that gave him good mornings. As soon as he did, he grabbed the necessities he was after: a kettle, tea leaves, tea bag, spoon and a muffin from the fridge. In no time, he was already boiling water on the kettle while grinding the tea leaves to the bottom of his tea cup. He did so methodically and slowly, taking his time while the water in the kettle boiled. It was just how he did things: sure they were the older ways of practice, but Tulio held them in high regards. After all, the medieval people were able to hold their own throughout most of the 9th centaury without an internet connection, so why couldn't he?

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Alex's only response to Caelan's middle finger is a brief grin, one which fades back into a smile when she is distracted by the familiar voice of the headmistress, informing her, among others, that they are to go and visit her within the next half hour. Her eyes widen marginally, and Alex cannot help but glance in Lina's direction, wondering if the red haired girl had already known that Cat has woken up, and chose to not reveal this fact to her. If this is the case, it is likely due to her lack of a deep connection with Cat--so Alex tells herself, anyway. Lina has always been of the secretive variety, but she'd like to believe that the girl would have told her something so relevant and so soon to be revealed. The sound of the coffee maker starting back up draws her eye briefly towards Anastasia, but brief is the key word in this sentence, as she is not particularly close to Ana and has no real sentiments in regards to her, other than a slight disdain for her apparent habit of occasionally gossiping. After all, Alex is the sort of person who has, despite being normally quite friendly and polite, dropped platters of food onto people's heads when she heard them gossiping about those she cares for.

One of the teachers, George, enters the kitchen without saying much, though he is acknowledged by Ana upon entering the room. Following his arrival, a familiar voice greets them as Cortez and Zoey, siblings who have recently come to the institute, make their way towards the growing number of people who find themselves inside the kitchen. "Good morning- and hello," Alex responds brightly smiling once more as she walks over towards the refrigerator and pulls out what will be her own meal form the morning: a bottle of Dr. Pepper. She has never been one for eating large breakfasts, the sort who gets by until lunch with a handful of pretzels at the most. Only adding to the gathering is the arrival of two more people: Fen and Julio, who show up together. They've been attached at the hip recently, it seems, and always seem to be relatively near to each other: it's good, because Fen is still adjusting to this new lifestyle.

"Good morning," the blond young woman repeats, this time addressing Julio and Fen, before taking a drink of her fresh bottle of Dr. Pepper. Her mother used to warn Alex that she would rot her teeth out, but obviously the words of caution did little to diminish her love for several brands of soda. They were horribly processed and altogether terrible for you, but Alex can't bring herself to care enough to stop. Thus, she doesn't. "Really? I'd better stay away, then- I burn toast," Alex jokes, though there are undertones of truth clear to anyone who has witnessed her making an actual attempt at cooking. It simply isn't her thing, regardless of what she tries. Perhaps with the microwave, she can fix it to zap meals to perfection, but that really is the peak of her abilities.

The last, for the moment, person to enter the kitchen is the brother of the headmistress. He is a somewhat brooding looking man, with a sharp intellect. He and Alex interact, of course, but she has never really formed a proper opinion of him, in all honesty, though she admires his mind, if nothing else. He does not verbally greet them, and Alex immediately nods to him in acknowledgement, following his pattern of rather simple good mornings with this small motion.

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“Strange – That's usually Zee's effect on people.” She gave a light giggle and ran her fingers through her colorful, yet mostly pink hair. “I'm fine. I feel great. Just a few aches here and there. Little case of the jelly legs. But its normal. Give me another hour or so and I'll be right as rain.” She spoke nonchalantly, almost cheery as she swung her feet back and forth. While this had only happened once before, she remembered the “quick” recovery and didn't think too much of it. The first time had done it was an attempt to make it from her S.H.I.E.L.D. training to her Microbiology class on time. She had traveled at the speed of light and was there before anyone even noticed she had left. But she materialized naked in her dorm room and didn't wake up for a whole week.

“Ah, shit. I need to call daddy. Sorry, Ric! You can check my pulse and stuff later, kay?” She nearly punched herself in the face for not making a call to her dad her first priority. He was probably having a heart attack right about now! She slid down from the cot and gave Ulric a tight hug before moving to Caelan, leaning up on her tiptoes and kissing his nose before dashing out the door. She gave several smiles and waves on her way down the halls to her office.

Closing the door behind her, she pulled out her phone and called up her father. She sat in her “Big Boss” chair and spun around, waiting for him to pick up. She didn't bother putting him on speaker phone as she sat down her iPhone in her lap. It took three rings before he picked up the phone. “Cat?! Is that you? Are you alright? Her father's voice was frantic – Jeez, he was worse than Tulio. She sighed and smiled softly. “Yeah, daddy. I'm alright. Just a headache and the jelly legs. That's it. I just wanted to call and let you know that I'm doing fine.” She could hear her father sighing in relief, but knew that he was still worried.

“Good. I'm sorry I couldn't be there to watch over you – But I had some business to take care of. The others are with me. Sweetheart...A Bill is being pushed. One that will require every mutant, every super human, every single person that seems just a little bit more than human to register with the United States Government. They will have to give up their names, addresses, information on their family, their capabilities, occupation. Just...everything. There's talk of using them for testing and...God. But its against Constitutional Rights, so it won't pass. Though, I want you guys to be extra safe just in case – These guys don't plan on playing fair.”

Cat had stopped spinning in her chair.

In the kitchen, Lina smiled as her friends filed in one after the other, offering waves and soft hellos. Seeing Tulio come in, she gave only a simple nod. There was absolutely nothing in her body language – not even a single, miniscule, out of place twitch – that would denote the secret she was harboring. She went about as she did every other time she saw him, though she admittedly had to force her heart not to race. It was then that her crappy phone finally received the text message that Benjamin had sent, a light smile crossing her lips as her thumbs moved slowly across the keys to reply.

\\Burn. Burn the house. On hands and knees. Coughing. Out we will crawl. Captured. Tagged and bagged. Chained. Pain. Thus marks the fall of all mutant kind. Our beacon of hope. Our light. Snuffed out. Taken away. Leaving us all alone. No hope. No life.//

Lina was about to hit send, but her phone clattered to the floor and her eyes began to glow. Her tone was dark, her face contorting into a look of grim disdain. The vision she saw was not a pretty one. Everyone seemed happy at first, but then men in black suits came. They surrounded their home and set it to fire. They threw grenades and shot most people that tried to run away. Crosses were being put up. More people nailed to them. Tulio and....Why were Tulio, Julio, and Cat leaving? No. They weren't leaving. They were being taken away. By...Thor? And a woman. She didn't know the woman. And...Fen. He was leaving, too. A grey Lycan walking alongside Loki. Why were they being taken away?! They were needed here! Lina called out after them, running across the lawn. But she cried out in pain as she felt a sharp pain in her chest. Then sticky warmth...Everything went blurry. Fire, people running, screaming. Her father and Caelan running for her. Captured. Then it all went dark.

As the glow in her eyes receded, she crumpled to the floor. “We have to go. Now...Before they come.” She had curled into the fetal position, shaking her head and grasping her hair as though she were about to pull it out. She could soon feel her brother's strong arms wrap around her. Caelan had left after speaking with Ulric, having asked him to check on Cat anyways. He didn't know what she saw, but he didn't like the way it sounded. “Tulio, I need you to get the rest of the team and have everyone pack up in a calm and collected manner. Tell them that we're moving out soon. To get the children away from the freaks at the gate.” He gave the man a nod before heading towards Cat's office. It could take a while to figure out where they were going and how they would get there unnoticed, but surely Cat had a few tricks up her sleeves.

All Tulio had heard was the sound of something hit the floor, and instantly some off feelings started to brew - somewhat like his tea (bad time for jokes, but he has to make a few sometime). Tulio turned around, his eyes widening as he realized it was Orfy that had dropped the phone. She looked in pain for a few seconds, and then literally fell to the floor. Tulio dropped the tea bag instantly and nearly ran to her when he heard her speak in a low tone and Caelan suddenly appeared. Tulio hadn't a clue where the man had come from, but was actually quite relieved: while Tulio could merely put off that he was just running to a friend, he didn't want to take any chances with their secrets coming loose. Tulio blinked once more, his eyes falling back to their original position as Caelan told him to collect the rest of the team and get everyone out of the mansion.

While Tulio normally didn't like taking orders from Caelan, he instantly relented and nodded: right now wasn't the time for petty emotional values to get in the way. Tulio walked towards them as Caelan raced out the door with his sister, with Tulio noticing that nobody had grabbed her phone. Feeling the need to make sure he returned it, he bent down to pick it up, and as luck would have it the screen was still bright with life and facing up, allowing Tulio to read what she was about to text to Benjamin. Burn the house? The.... fall of mutant kind? Tulio almost stopped reading right there, he was almost sick. Tulio, now having seen all of Orfy's memories and entirety, knew that she had this Chronovision mutation, which Tulio roughly guessed meant something to do with seeing into time. If that was the case, what was she talking about? Tulio's grip on the phone became taught, before shoving it into his pocket to stand.

He scanned the entire room, his dark eyes scanning each and every person in the room. Only instead of cloudy, distant thoughts that usually glittered his eyes, they were clear: still dark, but strict and a little authoritative. Now was the time for action, and Tulio was not going to let this place burn because some worthless humans were jealous. "You heard the man. Begin preparations for mass evacuation of the students and staff - keep the younger children under the pretense that this is a drill to avoid having panic spread amongst them. That is the last thing we need now." It was as if Tulio had become an entirely different man.

Gone was the distant thoughts, the wispy soft voice, the quiet mannerisms: when it came to game day, Tulio became a hardened, disciplined man. Sure he was serious most of the time, but when it came to missions and possible attacks? Tulio became uncaring for nonsense and excuses. "Julio, George, Alexandra, meet me in Cat's office in 5 minutes after establishing the protocol and procedures to the rest of the staff to execute. Any other X-Men you find, send them there." He scanned the rest, and without another word swiftly moved out the door towards where he had guessed where the rest of the team was: huddled around Ulric's office. He had a hunch that Caelan would be taking Orfy to see Cat, so he decided that it would be the most logical to send the X-men to the Head Mistresses office, as it would make things easier when everyone was together

Nearing the medical room where Ulric was usually found, Tulio spotted Zalika and Eric in some form of conversation. Hating to interrupt but knowing that he had to, Tulio spoke in the same straight, low voice and in Ulric's direction so he could hear it. "Ulric, set in motion the evacuation protocol for the sick - drill today." Tulio knew that Ulric would understand what he meant by stating it was a drill. In a lower voice, he spoke to the married duo. Probable attack on the Academy. Team's forming up in Cataleia's office in 5 - help Ulric if you so wish and inform him."

Knowing that Zalika wasn't really one for being all soft and stuff, he made it at least sound optional to help out Ulric so that Tulio didn't get his head bitten off. Tulio knew of Zalika's powers - and Eric's mutation was seriously no laughing matter - so he didn't like offending an asset of the team. Besides, offending people wasn't what he did.

With that, Tulio continued on towards the classrooms, assisting in the evacuation wherever he could. When those 5 minutes are to be up, he would move back to Cat's office, but for now, he acts.

Ulric smiles warmly at Cat's jest, certainly glad that the headmistress is up and about once more. It will save him plenty of trouble, as Zee tends to do a little bit less damage when Cat is there to take care of students that might otherwise turn towards the more vicious woman. Perhaps the difference is not too significant, but enough that he can expect to have a slightly more peaceful time than he has had for the past two weeks. Then again, with the escalating hostilities towards Mutants, something only increased within the past fortnight, this will be only a shred of respite from the tensions constantly weighing down on everyone.

Being a pacifist, he very much dislikes the idea of the pressure prompting actions which may lead to a full out war, and is optimistic enough to hope that such an outcome might be avoided. He was raised among humans just as much as mutants, after all, and knows that not all humans are as malicious as those who stand outside the institute gates, screaming dreadful profanities at frightened youths, who already have enough to deal with as they try to manage the development of their abilities.

Not all of them were born to mutant parents, as he was, or even to parents who are supportive of who they are. In fact, several of them have to keep their identities a secret from their own family members, or were cast out by those who they are bound to by blood, sneered at and viewed as freaks among their kin. The idea of such treatment mortifies Ulric, as though he is ashamed on behalf of a people that he doesn't actually belong to. That has always been his personality, though.

"I'm sure you will be, but I'm obligated to check over your vitals anyway. Humor me?" Ulric asks, turning towards his desk to get out a sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope. Of course, before he can so much as reach them, Cat releases a swear and a spoken realization of her need to call her father. "Well, can I just-" but before he can finish the sentence, Cat has given him a quick embrace, kissed Caelan on the nose, and disappeared down the hallway. Although he releases a sigh in response to all of this, Ulric can not grudge her a call to her father, being one himself. But now is not the time for him to dwell on his own daughter- those thoughts he generally tries to reserve for when he is alone, and no one can see him worry.

"Can you follow her and make sure that she doesn't collapse on the way there, please?" the doctor turns towards Caelan, crossing his mind and offering a gentle smile to pair with the request, though he knows that the man is unlikely to have any problems with chasing after Cat--he seems to be constantly doing it, after all. As expected, the elder Howlett sibling takes off almost immediately, following the woman down the hallway. Watching him go, Ulric rubs the back of his neck and releases a small yawn. There doesn't seem to be any business for him to deal with, and thus the man sits down in his chair and leans back, staring through the window and up at the infinite blue sky. He is fortunate to have a view of the back of the institute, and therefore doesn't have even the slightest view of the protestors.

All the same, he is not allowed even the smallest moment of peace. Although neither had intended for it to happen, Orfelina's sudden vision, with its great strength, glimmers through Ulric's mind. Of course, given that it hadn't been intentional, he feels the vision rather than sees it, and is suddenly overcome with an immense pain that makes him visibly flinch. What was that? he wonders, immediately concerned that someone near by is in pain. The doctor is already walking towards the door when Tulio comes into view and addresses him. Immediately understanding, Ulric nods and walks further into his office. There are two doors in his office; one door is to exit into the hallway, and the other is into the larger clinic. His own office has a cot for immediate treatment, but those who are terminally ill, don't want him to treat them (a case for some of the more stubborn patients), or have some other reason to stay longer than they otherwise would, are in the clinic through that door.

For the moment, there are only a few people in the room, and he is able to organize and evacuate them. One remains, a resting patient who had gone through a somewhat taxing treatment after being assualted and nearly killed by the mob. The patient has a mutation that is rather harmless, being a healer as Ulric is, though her mutation is peculiar in that she takes on the pain of other people, relieving others at her own cost. She is an empath on top of this, a skill that Ulric has always found to be rather lonely. The doctor goes and wakes her up instructing the young girl, for she is only ten years old, that there is a drill. "Come on, there's an evacuation drill," he tells her, but the girl only blinks at him drowsily and turns back over to fall asleep once more. He simply scoops her up in his arms, then, and walks out to where Zee and Eric are.


Roll back a few minutes and switch the scene to the kitchen, where Alex is smiling, not minding the growing number of people inside the kitchen, for it is large enough to fit them all with ease. When she sees her friend take out her archaic phone, the young woman grins teasingly. "You really should upgrade, Lina- that thing is practically a-" her sentence goes unfinished, for the light-hearted mood vanishes the moment that her friend drops the cellular device to the ground, causing it to slide away from her a few inches. The smile on her face fades until only a small remnant of it, forced into place, lingers. "Lina-" she begins again, extending a hand towards her friend to grab her on the shoulder. The hand misses as Orfelina shrinks down into a fetal position, pulling desperately at her vividly red hair as though trying to pull something out of her mind.

Alex falls onto her right knee beside the girl, but it is Caelan that wraps an arm around his younger sister, seeming to appear out of absolutely nowhere. He speaks with a clear and authoritative voice, his serious expression removing memories of the man who had only a while ago stuck his middle finger out at her for joking about him being kicked out from the sickroom. Needless to say, Alex is frightened, and she can feel goosebumps rising on her arms. The young woman rubs her right forearm to make them go away before turning her attention to Tulio.

The tone in his voice is equally as startling as Caelan had been, for it shifts from quiet and vague to clear cut and forceful. Giving him her attention seems natural, as he immediately steps into the position of giving orders. Alex nods in response, the smiles from earlier having left completely in order to make room for an expression to better reflect the sudden gravity of the situation. After he has left the room, she turns towards George and Julio, trying to offer a slight smile, though it seems completely out of place in this situation. "I'll get the kids from the younger classes," she informs them, knowing that she will be able to keep up the facade of a drill rather well. Besides, many of the younger students know her well, because she likes to tinker and make toys for them all. After speaking, she gives the reassuring smile once more before exiting the room as well.

It is a brisk walk to reach the younger wings, but feels like miles until she reaches the part of the school. The young woman stops in each class to inform the teachers of the situation and relay Tulio's instructions. Her next stop is the dormitories, in case any students are still in their rooms at the moment. Her thoughts dance between the children, Orfelina, and the situation in its entirety. Five minutes. . .just one more dorm to check, though, Alex tells herself, having gathered a duck line of younger students that follow behind her, some complaining and some deathly silent. Finding no one in the last rooms, she leads the group that she has built up, composed of perhaps six children, towards the other classrooms so that they can regroup with their schoolmates before she goes to Cat's office.

As the Headmistress was informed in detail of her beloved friend's vision, she had waited for her team to gather. Things seemed to be going rather smoothly at first. They had plans to head for the Avengers' Tower because it was nearby and they were allies and family with government pull and popularity amongst American citizens that they might never achieve. Everyone had packed what was most important to them. All that was left was the clearing of the house. Cataleia had found herself in full uniform for the first time in a while, thinking that her colorful hair went quite well with it. She cleared her throat before addressing the school.

“I know that you've all been told that this is a drill, but its not. I'm not going to lie to you. There are people coming for us.” She paused and rolled her eyes at the shouts of lying and betrayal and false hope before closing her eyes and shouting loud enough that every window rattled. “Enough! Not once did we ever say that our walls were impenetrable. Not once did we say that as long as you're here, nobody would ever bother you. We gave no false hope at all. What we gave was a promise. A promise that as long as a single one of us is breathing, we will still fight this war. A promise that as long as we can still fight, we will defend you. A promise that we would never abandon you.”

Some had piped down while others grumbled. There were a few children crying and many people left. They simply pushed their way rudely past the crowd, elbowed the X-Men out of their way, and left. Cataleia didn't stop them. If they didn't want to stay, she wasn't going to hold them prisoner. As soon as the door closed behind them, Lina fell to the floor. “They're here!” It was a blur of movement as the X-Men (plus one or two guests) put the house on lock down and stood their ground outside and watched as their exterminators rolled in. Tanks, SUVs, jets, and helicopters coming upon their lawn with men and women ready to gun them down.

That battle was their first since the war began.

But not their last.

The numbers have dwindled down to quite a pathetic number as compared to before. The battle was a short one, but hard fought. It was neither a win nor a loss that Cataleia lead to them, but perhaps a draw. Deadman would call it a win because none of their enemies walked away alive. But, the mutants that Xavier's once house...well. They were divided. As the battle began, many ran outside in hopes to help. They had no experience and were quickly gunned down. Then you had those who thought to escape from the back. They ran and nobody has heard from them. All in all, few mutants left Xavier's that morning. At least compared to the amount there was before.

Raver, Nexus, Prodigal, Hurricane, Tarot, Techna, Deadman, Red Son, Masquerade, Prism, Wonderland, Oz, Paragon, Wraith, Seraph, Fen, Druid, Rewind, Persuasion, Xerox, Yin, and Yang as well as about seven others. They were the ones that stuck together. They were the ones that made it out and had found themselves in the bayou country. Those without vehicles being shoved into the extras of Cataleia and Orfelina's. Cat thought they everyone who could drive should drive. She didn't want everyone piled into the “X-Calade” for fear of being caught. Everyone in their own individual vehicles would be easier for splitting up. They didn't travel completely together, everyone taking different routes so that they didn't appear suspicious.

The Avengers' Tower was out of the question. Nobody could know where they were. They played it safe and assumed that their lines were tapped as well as those of the Avengers and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It was presumed by the public that they were all dead. But Stryker knew better – He investigated the scene himself and he saw that there were few bodies, none of them being who he wanted them to be. He saw many cars missing and many things from the house. Sad part for him is that he had no idea where they would head.


“Uncle Remy! Look!”

Lina hopped off of her Big Dog Pit Bull, pulling out of her pocket what looked to be a used .45 round. “Can you believe it?!” The gypsy girl looked as though they had just arrived at the Carnival – Not once had she ever shown this much joy in front of anyone at Xavier's. Why was she so happy as she parked her motorcycle and put it up on its kickstand? Maybe because she saved the life of one of her best friends who happened to be her secret lover. Maybe because she got shot in the face for him. Maybe because she got shot in the face saving him and the bullet was simply pushed out of her body and not even a scar was left. She had a headache, which her brother assure her that getting shot in the head anywhere was something you never get used to, but other than that she was perfectly fine.

She threw her arms around the neck of a rugged-looking man who had the same eyes as one of Julio's.

“Lookit dat, cherie! You gon' be like yo' pop and big brother after all, eh? Good fo' you. I'ma gon' go 'head and find somethin' to put a real small hole in it and we gon' string it up into a necklace like yo' daddy and brother got.” The man wrapped her up in a large hug and spun her around before looking around some.

“Oh! Don't worry – Everyone else is coming. They're fine.”

She had noticed the look of worry in his eyes and immediately knew he was looking to see where everyone else was. Fortunately, she would stop every now and again so that she could use her ability to check the present and check on her friends. They were all fine and on their way. She was still shivering with excitement, bouncing in her godfather's arms before noticing his house, her jaw dropping. Xavier's was larger, but she didn't think that he actually bought a mansion. She thought he was exaggerating. “Holy shit. You really did buy a mansion.” Remy only laughed, though he had a bit of a prideful gleam in his eyes.

Lina, strangely, could not bring herself to be worried or even a bit depressed over the battle at Xavier's. She was still focusing on the fact that she took a shot to the face and lived and also the fact that those closest to her were still alive. Even her father was on his way to Gambit's! She had caught him on the road on the way there and he said he just needed to make a pit stop first. She felt invincible. Unstoppable. She vowed that with her new power, she would make sure that she would never give up the fight. No more sitting on the sidelines!

She pulled out a cigarette and her father's lighter, taking a deep drag and exhaling with a faint smile. The humans wanted war? They got it.

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Fen wasn't quite sure what was happening, all he knew was that he was afraid. There had been a commotion, Something to do with Orfelina and he was no longer holding Julio's hand. It was times like these when Fen's animal instincts overrode his human and it was either fight or flight. So the boy ran. He could hear what he thought was gunfire, people screaming and crying. He could smell smoke, gunpowder and blood and it terrified him. Beginning to hyperventilate he ran for the freedom of outdoors, an unwise move as people who fled were being mowed down by a hail of bullets. He could hear the announcements coming through but he couldn't listen. Terror had taken hold of him.

Before he could reach the door he found himself cornered by men with guns, men who were enjoying themselves. The werewolf could smell their sick happiness all over them and wasn't surprised when they shot him. Taking a few rounds to the torso would generally incapacitate most people, lucky for Fen he wasn't most people. His wounds began to heal themselves as his body began to push the bullets out of his body. Covered in his own blood he merely looked at them silently as they raised their guns yet again. The only difference was instead of a skinny scared boy standing in front of them there was a nine foot werewolf coming right at them.

In a panic the group of men unloaded on Fen but it was as if their bullets were pebbles, bouncing off of his thick hide and ricocheting back at them. Before the men could turn to run or contemplate what was happening Fen was upon them. He'd let the wolf take control and the wolf wanted these men dead, they were just like all the rest. All they wanted to do was to hurt anyone who was different and they didn't even have the decency to be ashamed. After ripping out the last man's throat Fen howled wildly and made for the outdoors where once again bullets didn't matter. The giant savage wolf tore through the ranks of men, ripping, shredding and devouring anyone who he saw as an enemy. He'd nearly killed Anastasia McCoy, lucky for her his sense of smell was uncanny.

When he finally came back to his senses and the red receded from his vision he sniffed out the rest of the survivors. Still in his lupine form, he listened alertly, capable of understanding even while transformed and licked the few, rapidly healing wounds he'd acquired. Fen was glad to see that most of his friends had made it, he had no idea where Julio was but Fen knew that the younger boy was powerful in his own right and could take care of himself.

Shifting back into his human form, he hastily grabbed a pair of pants and jumped into the vehicle driven by Masquerade. Covered in blood, frightened and sick at what had happened he barely remembered the trip to Louisiana. This may or may not have anything to do with the fact that Adelaide was also a passenger in the vehicle and may or may not have tampered with his emotions to give herself some peace.

As soon as they arrived the occupants of the jeep went their separate way. Ana inside, Addie the porch and Fen went in search of Julio. Instead he found Ulric sitting alone in a car. Fen was aware that Julio was great friends with Ulric and when Fen couldn't find his friend he was usually somewhere around Ulric.

Knocking gently on the window that separated the two men, Fen asked the blond man. "Have you seen Julio. He might be lost." Straightening himself he stepped back from the car and looked around, inhaling the air and wishing he hadn't been such a coward. He should have stayed with his friends and protected them. Instead he'd just become a dumb animal again just like he always did.

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The gentle sound of rapping against the window beside his head manages to snap Ulric, to some degree, out of his sulking, and his head jerks up quickly to look at the person responsible for the tapping. Of course, he knew who it was without looking, able to feel the familiar mind of Fen before the young man had even made a noise, but his telepathic sensitivities are kind of pushed to the back of his mind at the moment. It occurs to him, looking at the boy, how utterly useless he is being at the moment. After all, plenty still require healing, as the group had left before he could see to everyone, and yet here he is, the school doctor, just sitting in a van with his head in his hands. Having a small crisis won't help anyone, idiot, he tells himself rather harshly, but it seems to be somewhat effective, giving him a justification to push back thoughts of what has transpired, at least temporarily, and focus only on the current situation. It will be good for him to make himself busy, anyway, and there is probably plenty for him to do at the moment, given the state of the team.

The doctor rolls down the window to better catch Fen's words, which are a simple inquiry after the location of Julio. The two, Julio and Fen, seem to be very good friends, from what Ulric has seen, and he is glad for this, because it should make transitioning easier for Fen. "No, I haven't, I'm sorry," Ulric responds regretfully, opening the car door and stepping out into the fresh air, only then realizing how stuffy and overheated it had been in the car. It's still rather hot outside, of course, and his long-sleeved, button-up shirt doesn't help, but there is the slightest of breezes, and it is very refreshing to him- a literal breath of fresh air. "I can help you look-" his words go unfinished as he hears a shout in the distance, bringing attention to a need for help. It comes from Adelaide, a young empath, who is standing besides a kneeling Eric. Zee is soon by his side as well, and Ulric pushes up the sleeves of his shirt, looking over at Fen apologetically.

"Actually, sorry, I'll have to help look for him later, I think. There are people I need to see to. I'm sure you'll find him, though," he tries to comfort the boy, certain that Julio made it out of the attack alive, before sprinting over towards Zee, Adelaide, and Eric. He is at their sides in seconds, noticing the thick layer of blood on Eric and immediately thinking of that which stains his own before taking off his dress shirt and dropping it in disgust, leaving a plain undershirt on, as it lacks the same signs of filth.

"Are you okay? Let me examine you," this is less of a request and more of an instruction, because even with the every-intimidating Zee right there, Ulric is the doctor in this group, and when someone needs his aid, he is the one in charge, and isn't afraid of slight hostilities. This is why he seems to lack the normal qualms he would have with interrupting the group."Is it your leg?" Ulric reaches over and presses his hand against Eric's legs to assess the damage, seeing as they seem to have failed him for the moment. While part of his mind focuses on examining Eric's injuries, the other remembers that George had required medical assistance when they left, and that this probably hasn't changed yet.

"Have you seen George?" he asks.