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Tulio Fury

"... Oh, sorry I was... being useless."

0 · 370 views · located in 1 Garden Lane - Gambit's House

a character in “X-Men: No Man Left Behind”, as played by JokerofSpades


Accessing personal files...
Password: OrEoS
Access granted...


【More Than Just A Pretty Face...】
“A face value is absolutely useless to me. All that matters is who your are fighting on the inside.”


Full Name
Tulio. Gregario. Fury

Tutu (If you aren't Cat, you can't call him that. Rhyming.)
Tool (usually the offensive name, anywho)

June 21, 1987


African-American/'Brazilian' - In actuality, Afro-American/Asgardian (Vanir)

Quite Male.

Sexual Orientation
Slightly Bi-Curious, but mostly straight. Complicated, he doesn't expect you to understand.

New York, New York (Queens)

【Be On The Lookout For...】
“Interesting how some look at me and stare, while others look at me and forget I'm even there.”


5'11 (Not the tallest, but he isn't complaining)

165 lbs

Eye Color

Black, and he has kept it roughly to his neck.

Body Type
He would be average, but he isn't. His shoulders are quite broad and powerful, but his limbs are a little spindly. Wiry would be the best way to describe him, either that or nearly muscular.

Special Markings
For tattoos, he wouldn't have gotten originally: he didn't like the idea of them. However, he has a Winged Cross that covers most of his back. On his arms, he has two dark dragon that spin around his arms as seen here. For piercings, he draws the line there - he refuses to have metal attached to his body like Cat does. Scars? There everywhere. As Cataleia has always been the better fighter, he usually got his ass handed to him more than once during their spars. Not to say he sucks, she is just better.

Nothing really extraordinary is attached to his body. Just his gorgeous face.

【Behind The Mechanics】
“Ah, the mind. If it was so simple to understand, we would be too simple to understand it.”


Books - Everything about a book is peaceful, stimulating... Tulio can't get enough of them.
Fire - Fire represents warmth, something he has always loved as a kid. He can't stand the cold that much.
Water - While he really cannot swim, Tulio loves water as a beverage, simply because it is the only drink that has nothing weird in it.
Darkness - He is the child of darkness, after all.
Silence - In silence, the mind is at its most powerful.
Meditation - He hasn't done it as often as he used to, but meditation was one of his ways to relax and calm himself down.
Tactics - Tactics are all he has to keep himself alive during a fight, regardless of his heritage.
Thought provoking tasks - Tulio is a man of the mind - of course he would like things that provoke deeper questions than simplicity.
Debates - Debates are where Tulio can put all of his knowledge and thought process to its fullest potential.
Knowledge - Knowledge is one of Tulio's most valuable assets that are not physical.
Ink - Not as in tattoos, but as in the old style ink used to write with. Ink has a beautiful smell to it, and its ability to take shape with a quill is exuberating.
Cats - Cats do as they please, demand attention only when they need it and are always hiding in plain sight. They remind him of himself.
Teaching - He is a teacher after all. His mundane classes are English and Sociology, while for mutants he teaches 'Protection from Mental Assault'.
Cat (what? Sibling love - er, he can't use that term anymore. Awkward situations are awkward.)

Dogs - While he doesn't entirely mind dogs, he does mind the fact that they are always looking to win his affection and needing to be constantly looked after.
Anybody that thinks they can just attach themselves to his twin and not let him interject - pretty straight forward.
Any of Cat's previous boyfriends/flings/affiliates - How can he, when most of his twin sister's flings are with the most bizarre of men?!
Loudness - During periods of loudness, Tulio's mind falters and slows down. He dislikes it, so he avoids it.
Uselessness - If something is useless, then it gets thrown out with the trash. Tulio wants to make sure he doesn't end up in the bin.
Inefficiencies - Similar concept - things that aren't efficient slow the team or the process up, and he gets annoyed by this.
Extremely Public Displays of Affection - Tulio doesn't mind romance - what he minds are couples that are almost having sex in public with their PDA. It annoys him immensely.
Humans - Humans are becoming the subspecies, and they all know it: which is why they are retaliating so viciously. Tulio knows that mutants are indeed an upgrade to humans, but that is now where his hatred comes from. No, that comes from those humans that kill mutants, or blindly let others kill mutants.
Most tasteful beverages - He finds that most forms of alcohol are bitter and unappealing, soda/pop is much too sugary and energy drinks are absurd.
Technology - Tulio simply cannot keep up with technology anymore, so he has given up hope and formed a slight dislike towards it.

Tulio doesn't have many noticeable habits, in all honesty - mostly because he doesn't hang around that many people for them to notice. His most annoying habit, however, is his constant checking of the time. Every few minutes, he will check his wrist watch, his phone, anything that has the time on it to see what time it is. This slightly delves into an OCD-related problem, but isn't bad enough for him to care. His other habit includes chew on his pencils/pen when he is thinking, or staring off into space when deep in thought. In a way, his bad habit is that he zones out of reality when thinking, and does this often.

He also has the twin habit of letting Cat finish his sentences. He isn't sure how or why they do, but it just feels right (aah another thing he probably shouldn't say).

Fear of Losing Cat (and to some extent, Julio) - He would do anything for his sister, and she knows it, but he doesn't know what he would do if he permanently lost her. Losing Cataleia would be the death of him, honest. He wouldn't know what would happen if he lost her - Tulio fears he would either go insane from the emptiness in his mind and heart, or cease to continue existing. He nearly lost it when she had been taken by Stryker, and because of this he made it his vow to make sure she lives. This is also the reason he has problems with her suitors: Tulio doesn't like any of them, and her going off with them is just like losing her.

Fear of Restraint - Tulio has this insane fear of being restrained - he nearly died in a S.H.I.E.L.D mission because of being stuck in a cellar, and any form of bondage brings back the horror. Nothing else needed to be said, as it will be in his history.

Fear of Uselessness - To Tulio, being useless is the greatest sin one could ever be. Those that are useless are expendable: as much as he would rather not admit it, he fears that his usefullness is slowly coming to an end as many others are coming up the ranks with seriously powerful powers. Thing is though, he has the self-confidence of a shattered drama queen, so that also influences this fear.

To finish this war - Tulio doesn't really care who wins (on the outside) but he would just love this war to be over. As much as he would love to win (and he would) he also wants to see the war end so he can find other things to occupy his time, such as...

Seeing if there really is somebody out there for him - Tulio is a difficult child for many people to fully understand and like. His negative, self-loathing attitude makes friends really hard to stick around. However, Tulio holds in heart a hope that one day he will find somebody that will just 'clique' with him or something. In reality, he really doesn't know what he wants, just for somebody to love him or something.

Destruction of the Human Race - It is a secret goal that Tulio harbors deep within his soul, and the only secret he has (supposedly) kept from Cat. After she was kidnapped, and he was stuck in a cellar, Tulio wants nothing more than to kill every damn human that has ever wronged him. He has spared many due to them either being really useful or that his sense of pity kicked in, but he would love to see the day where he kills those who have wronged him. In the back of his head, however, he does realize that if he were able to, he wouldn't stop after killing those that have wronged him and those he loves, but continue to kill as many as he could. That frightens him somewhat.

Aging - Just like his sister, he got that silly infinity serum stuff mixing up in his blood. Thing is, his wasn't quite as potent as his sisters, but just enough to keep him going for basically ever. Instead of truly stopping at twenty like Cat, he ages at an extremely slow rate - by his estimates, he will age one year every 50-100 or so. He really isn't sure, as he hasn't properly investigated the serum. What he doesn't really know is that he will live forever, since he isn't really human.

Relationship Problems - As if the guy needed more problems to deal with, he also is having some serious issues of the heart. Since he is pretty sure that Alexandra - who he secretly loves to bits - would never love a guy like him, he has been hooking up secretly with the one and only Orfy. In a weird way, their relationship is beyond complicated. He knows she makes a habit of killing humans - which he doesn't really mind - and she knows virtually everything about him since she can read his mind, and vice versa. It makes it really that he likes Alexandra, and the two of them are basically best friends. It certainly doesn't help that his feelings for Orfy and Alex have to be constantly concealed, since showing emotions would get him into more deep water. Oh, and enough men and women have come up to him saying he is 'hawt' that has gotten him into a serious conundrum. Oh, poor Tulio.

Heritage - Okay, so Tulio isn't entirely human. What? His mom wasn't really a Brazilian, but Freya the Vanir of Asgard. So his powers really come from being a demi god, big deal. The problem? Tulio has no knowledge of this whatsoever: nobody does. What makes it worse would be if he were to find out, he would lose most of his sanity - Tulio doesn't really believe in the gods, as realistically they are just super mutants in his mind.

Well, Tulio has a few that he wishes would disappear. His fear of being restrained causes him to relapse into his PTSD, which isn't a good thing: Tulio forgets about reality entirely and simply relives his fear in his mind over and over. Tulio also suffers a mild case of OCD when it comes to knowing the time, which is horrible for his worst disability.

Tulio suffers from insomnia. Nobody is quite sure what brought it on, but sleeping is sometimes impossible for this guy. It ranges in time: some have said he has acute insomnia, while other times he doesn't sleep for a month. Nobody is quite sure where or why Tulio suffers from such a disorder, but it doesn't help his self-loathing.

Studious | Mysterious | Secretive | Realistic | Pessimistic | Self-Loathing | Critical | Quiet | Charming | Courteous | Polite

Tulio is... well, different. The worst part? You probably wouldn't know anything about him.

Tulio is a highly realistic, logic based person. He bases everything he does off of statistics, common sense, and previous results. This makes him an extremely grounded man, one that states that 'seeing is believing'. Tulio rarely places his minuscule faith in anything that hasn't show results in the past, which makes it difficult for people to gain any form of trust from him. While many people have reached the stage where he trusts them, it normally takes a few months as he does some mental tests on you while the day goes. This has lead Tulio to having few to no friends, as nobody wants to put in that much effort for a kid like him.

This has lead the quiet guy into being quite harsh on the inside and outside. He is quite the critic to nearly all who talk to him, but only because he is that hard on himself as well. Tulio believes in efficiency before nearly anything, and constantly looks down on himself as being useless to S.H.I.E.L.D for doing nothing but giving advice or the occasional field mission. This self-loathing has led to his pessimistic outlook on life - for every ray of light, there is a cloud just waiting above his head to darken it. Tulio isn't depressed - not entirely - but he just has a hard time seeing the brighter things in life, unless they strike him in the face with a hammer.

Tulio is the kind of man that will always think before acting, as he is always the tactician. You thought Cat was pretty darn smart? She is merely average compared to what this kid has running through his head. From his constant alone time, Tulio is always reading a book of any form and learning new things. The library is his second home, if you will - there is even a massive old chair sitting near the fire that he has claimed as his own. From this collective knowledge and extremely impressive memory, Tulio will calculate all actions that may be made during the day and predict his own actions. He rarely rushes into anything, unless it is for somebody he truly cares for.

Let us talk about Cat, or her suitors to be exact. Tulio is fiercely protective of Cataleia or anyone that gains his trust, risking his life on more than one occasion to make sure a fellow comrade that he likes comes home to his family. His life is forfeit, after all, as if he did not do what he did, he would be useless. However, to those suitors that Cat has Tulio becomes yet another man again. His fierce determination to protect her from harm is quite scary actually, as he will constantly harass any that think they can score with his sister (bad mental image, throw it away Tulio!). For a few, that has scared them off, but others... well, he won't give up until they either gain his support and trust, or they piss off completely.

On the subject of Cat herself, it is quite odd. The two are basically inseparable, and yet are always apart. The reason? Tulio hasn’t a clue – his rational brain cannot comprehend it. He feels what she feels; he almost thinks on the same wavelength as her, he can sometimes even feel her pleasure - which can go both ways. It is awkward because people think they hook up together which is quite unnerving to Tulio. It is quite an advantage as well though that he knows when she is with a male companion, so he can harass the shit out of them (yeah, he swore there). It is simply part of his being, this other half of himself - though he treads lightly around the adults, since they think freaky business goes on between them, which is highly infuriating.

Which leads to the dark, underlying truth about Tulio: he has deep hatred to humans and those that stand against him. He has been known before to fly into a rage for no apparent reason, but calm down a few minutes later after giving it serious thought. He quite distastefully hates himself for losing to anger so quickly, which just adds salt to his already saddened wound. However, Tulio knows that he must pull himself together for his sister and for the X-men, for while he may feel useless, he also knows that is can be needed at times.

On the opposite of the spectrum is his kindness towards those he trusts. While he is extremely cold to humans, his heart is much more open to mutants. While he may not completely trust them, he will give most that pass him a soft smile. However, this smile isn't entirely real, or fake: it is real in the sense that it is visible and clear, but at the same time he doesn't put his whole heart behind niceties, as he doesn't believe they exist in such a world.

Always articulate and pondering, Tulio is a gentleman on the outside, but a broken man on the inside: the sooner he can fix himself, the better.

【Armed And Dangerous...】
“I do not believe it is accurate to call me dangerous: unless you consider thought dangerous.”


Mutant Alias

Tulio has two mutations that are quite freaky if he looked at them. The first is the ability to manipulate the shadows that have been created by a light source and an object. The second is an allusion of the mind: he can amplify the fears of his enemies, making their fear become their reality.

Mutation Capabilities
Tulio's first ability, the ability to control shadows, has three real categories. The first category is Stealth. Tulio has the ability to cloak himself in a shadow, simply slip into one that can only be purged by the removal of the shadow, or his sister (she totally ruined their games of hide and seek). Walking in the shadows, Tulio can see just as well as if it was broad daylight, and his footsteps become silent. His ability to teleport through shadows is a little lacking, as he feels no need to use as much energy to phase through shadows when he could have just walked.

The second category is Physical. Forming objects out of shadows is pretty difficult, but Tulio can manage it if needed. His real strength in this area is manipulating the shadows to move. Using a shadow, any old shadow, Tulio can make it move from its place and take on the form of any shadow he feels he needs. Collect enough shadows from an area, and they become 3D. However, he does not need them to be three dimensional to attack: Tulio has the ability to lift shadows off of their confined walls and into the air as papery-black objects. Using these shadows, Tulio can either attack, or his signature restrainment, as Tulio doesn't entirely like the idea of killing people. His 'ultimate' as you will is the Black Hole. It can only be opened for a few seconds, but it is the most deadly thing in his arsenal. The backlash to this is just as horrendous as the damage, but it is the one thing that perfectly counters his sister.

Tulio is unaware of his third category, which is marked as Protection. Tulio has no idea the power he has over shadows yet, so these skills remain dormant. Tulio will be able to wrap individuals in shadows, causing them to become ethreal during the duration that he controls them. This means they can not be hit, attacked, anything - people can even move through them, like they would a shadow. In returned, they can not attack others as well. His upgrade to this skill will be called 'The pool of Nexus' in which shadows cover an entire area, and all of those within the area will be coated in shadow - even transported to another area if Tulio so wishes. This move will be considerably draining, however, but not as much as his Black Holes.

Note: When using his powers, his eyes grow increasingly black. This is due to the fact that both the shadow powers and his control of fear use his eyes as the medium. The more black they go, the more mutation he is using - hence the more strength. However, the flip side is that he puts serious pressure on his eyes if he uses his powers too long. While only extreme use can damage them, it is noted.

His second ability only has one category, as fear cannot manifest itself in reality. Simply put, Tulio has two ways to use this scary (puns, ha) power of his. The first is to break people's minds beyond repair. After staring into their eyes and then touching their temples, Tulio literally buries his own mind into the brain of the other, and his mind becomes a catalyst for hallucinations. They start off small, but after a few minutes, the other person will be engrossed in their own fears, completely devoid of their ability to see reality. However, Tulio is in there as well, collecting small tidbits of info. Once he pulls back out of the mind, the hallucinations stop. The second way is to simply amplify fears. By looking into his eyes with a completely unblocked mind (without really driving thoughts, without strong emotions) the person's fears are amplified until they completely leave his presence, or focus their mind. This ability can be turned off by Tulio, and is usually dormant.

Psychological Genius - the guy can crack most people within minutes
Night Vision - What did you expect? A kid of darkness needs good night vision.
Tailor - Tulio would constantly rip his suits, so he learned to fix them. Now he can sew practically anything. He is no fashionista however, so no creativity here.
Speed Reader - Tulio is nearly halfway done the entire library, and the place is monstrous.
Immense, Random Knowledge - Tulio does nothing much with his time, so he learned a lot.
Martial Arts - As a kid of S.H.I.E.L.D, he was taught to love them, and got good.
Fighting - Not really in any form or style, Tulio likes to fight with his mind more than his muscles. Anticipating moves, deducing perfect areas to hit people, that sort of thing.
Tactics - Cat thinks she is a tactics genius? Bah - Tulio can outwit the best of them. It is the only reason he is really still alive.
Physical Peak - Tulio can't understand how his body is this toned as he only works out twice a week. His stamina, endurance, speed, reflexes, strength, dexterity, flexibility, the list goes on - all physical traits of Tulio somehow are in tip top shape, and yet he only works out once or twice a week. Yet somehow he is able to fight with a human boxer and walk away with a few bruises. Tulio just assumes its the X-Genes.
Listening - No, Tulio does not have super hearing like his sister. What he is good at is being an active listener, one that people can talk to and he will understand and digest everything while giving his full attention. At least, if he isn't dozing off or something.

High Tech Watch - Probably the most technologically advanced item he owns.
Iphone - While he personally doesn't like it that much, his sister has one, so he has one. It made life easier.
Small Black Book - Notes, journal entries, and knowledge is stored in that book. Only a few have seen the pages.
Fountain Pen - While Tulio actually prefers the older style of quill and ink - as it moves so much smoother - he carries this pen around with his book.
Boot Knife - He finds it primitive, but necessary. What makes it odd is that it actually is hidden in the sole of his shoe, not his boot. Actually real, and given to him by his father.
S.H.I.E.L.D Badge - Allows a bunch of clearance and stuff. Tulio never really cared much for it, but he is part of S.H.I.E.L.D after all.
Gun - The only weapon he sees himself using often is his Beretta 92, made of solidified shadows.
Chains - Not actually a weapon, but merely what he wears around his neck, Tulio carries with him a broken, empty locket around. Tulio only knows that his mother gave it to him, but not sure why or anything like that.
Vehicle - Unlike his sister, who likes multiple and distinguishable vehicles, Tulio drives a black Audi R8 V10 Coupe. As price meant nothing to him at the time, it is completely black, suave and styled out to the max. It certainly doesn't hurt that it while it looks like money, it is also subtle.
Pipe - Probably the most sentiment he has ever gotten from his father was this ebony wood pipe. He prefers it to smoking cigarettes, but he doesn't smoke that often anyway.

Ultimate Overload - While extremely powerful, creating a black hole is horrible for Tulio. After the hole is closed, he immediately passes out for a varying amount of time. When he comes to, Tulio then has no sight for the next few hours as his eyes trigger where the black hole will be and blinking closes it. He is then bedridden for a few days to regenerate his strength. Make no mistake, however: a black hole is deadly.
Overcompensating - Tulio will sometimes over-think or overcompensate his actions, constantly turning over new ideas. Because of this, he may not initiate at the right time, or lose an edge on an opponent for being slightly indecisive.
Inexperience - Tulio hasn't been out in the fields as often as his sister, to which he bases this weakness off of. While he is quite more experienced than many others, to a S.H.I.E.L.D agent he is quite pathetic.
Cataleia (and sort of Julio) - She is his ultimate weakness. If somebody held her hostage somehow, he would give up his being for her. It is that simple - their bond is scary strong, and there is no denying it. If Julio was held hostage, Tulio would go extremely overboard to help him - granted, he isn't sure how in the world a kid like Julio would get captured with his potential abilities.

[size=150]【A Glimpse Into The Past...】
“Humans must learn from the past to further their future. I, however, just wish to move past mine and forget it ever happened.”


Tulio's history is slightly shorter than Cataleia's, but not anymore interesting. If you really wanted to know their history, you would be more wise to seek out Cat and ask her.

Tulio was born second to the world famous Nickolas Fury and a Brazillian Assassin, who actually wasn't Brazilian but the Asgardian Freya. From there, Tulio was taken to Xavier's academy where only a select few even knew whose children they even were. It didn't matter to Tulio though: already at the young age of 2 did Tulio show signs of his future. He rarely cried or made noise, he always clung to his sister, and he rarely did much of anything that would be standard toddler behaviour. Regardless, Melina taught the two martial arts at the age of 3, which was somewhat onesided. Even though they were both taught by the same coach, at the same age and together at all times, Catty always had an edge on Tulio. He just couldn't wrap his head around every maneuver, or figure out the best way to initiate that kick. Tulio didn't suck by any means, but he just rarely beat his twin at a sparring match. Tulio did, however, excel in his studies. While Cat struggled with English and Geography, he mastered it all. To Tulio, all forms of knowledge were beautiful, and as a young boy formed his first true life goal: learn everything.

At 8 years of age, Tulio's sanity was put to the test. The raid of Stryker and the kidnapping of his sister nearly drove the kid insane. To describe his feelings, here is a quote: "It is like losing both arms, or losing half of my brain in an instant, and yet feeling that they are still there. I don't know how to function without it, and yet I could still move on if I wanted to." Tulio would constantly pace, rarely slept, and nearly had multiple nervous breakdowns. All at the cute age of 8. This is where many believed that he developed his insomnia from, but it could not be confirmed. After 5 days of stress, Tulio acted on his emotions instead of logic and hunted down his sister using the only tool available: his seemingly strong empathic link with his twin. As he got closer to finding her, the pain she had felt got worse: every beating caused an involuntary moan, every torture had him screaming awake. It wasn't until he found her that he truly realized that he could not live without his sister.

During the next few months, the bond between the two of them increased dramatically. While never actually diagnosed, Cat seemingly developed the same insomnia he did. During these times, secrets were confided and truths were told between the two as their bond strengthened. During her period of crashing - where Cat wouldn't wake for three days sometimes - Tulio would be awake, making sure she woke up again. When he could fall asleep was rarely, but he cherished the fact that he could. They started staying at their dad's house more often, sometimes for three weeks at a time. However, this all ended when a horrible rumor floated around the Academy with the false pretense that Tulio and Cat were getting closer than brother and sister were to be. Nobody ever found out who said it, but the next six months of seperation were both a blessing and a curse. It taught Tulio how to live without his sister, how to focus on his studies and learn about everything. It didn't lessen the gaping hole in his heart, but his studies softened it.

After those six months, it was as if nothing changed between them, and yet something did. Some asshole (yes, that is what Tulio calls him, even though he has a policy of not swearing) named Caelan Howlett, famous kid of Wolverine. However, this did reveal a new factor Tulio was not aware of about himself: he hated all men who went after his sister. Not just for taking them away from himself (he knew it was selfish, but he was young at the time: now he just hates them) but for also not living up to the expectations of somebody that he believes would be best for Cat. In honesty, he just really hates seeing his sister flirting with men, but it can't be helped. Well, that is a lie: Tulio takes great pleasure in using that empathetic link to show up at random times and harass any of his suitors. His motto still stands: if they don't pass his standards, they aren't fit for his sister.

As school went on and Cat became martial arts master, Tulio instead graduated at 16, but stuck around for another year for Cat to graduate. However, this graduation meant little to Tulio, who was worrying about something else: being an X-Man. He didn't know how he felt about being part of the super team that saved the day. On the one hand, he was overjoyed that they would consider somebody as useless as he, and yet... at the same time, Tulio felt that he would be a burden, as he only trained in standardized weapon use, reconnaissance, stealth and tactics. Not something an X-Man would use.

Tulio remembers the last few months as being a nightmare when his sister Cat hooked up with Thomas Castellano. Compared to Thomas, Caelan was the best damn thing for Cat, which made Tulio more annoyed than anything - Tulio even sided with Caelan when the drug problem broke out in the Academy. Thomas was the son of a drug lord, and would not do: period. Yet this man would constantly go out of his way to be romantic. Until a few months ended, anyway. After that, Cat did the smart thing and left his sad excuse for vengeance to become single once more. Tulio left for college satisfied and happy: so happy, he finished with full honors, and a year ahead of his class, majoring in Criminal Psychology and becoming one of the leaders in the field of the mind.

When he finished, he became a tactical coordinator understudy to his father in the S.H.I.E.L.D organization, going out for few missions. Life was hard, but fun - he was beginning to live with the fact that he couldn't be with Cat forever. Until a reconnaissance mission went horribly wrong, anyway. It was supposed to be a simulator for honing the skills of scouts and tacticians alike, and turned into Tulio's living nightmare. During the mock mission, he made a turn that he believed to be a short cut, and ended up getting himself kidnapped by an unknown organization: probably humans. They tied him to the bottom of a well, and it was there that he discovered what his own version of hell was. With no shadows to assist (no light source) Tulio was doomed to rot in that well. After a week of simply surviving off of the miniscule water he could reach, the water levels began to rise. He nearly drowned, had he not been saved.

Regardless, he permanently resigned from his position as scout and decided to be the back line information/support character, as there was no way he was going back into the field after he failed so hard. it was then that mutants started losing their power, and things... well, things hit the fan.

【Just A Little Extra...】
“Extras are given to those that demonstrate the excellence needed to accept them.”


Theme Song
Fly On The Wall - Thousand Foot Krutch

Grandmother - Gaea
Grandfathers - Njord and Jack Fury
Mother - Freya
Uncles - Remy LeBeau, Freyj, Atum, Thor, Balder, and Loki
Aunts - Ninmu and Charybdis
Cousins - Freyja, Gullveig, Balder, Loki, and Thor
Brothers - Julio LeBeau
'True' Sister - Cataleia-Bibiana Josephine Fury
Sisters - Idunn, Nanna, Lofn, Sjofn, Sigyn, Snotra, Syn, and Var
Great Grandfathers - Burl and Demlurge
Great Uncles - Mimir, Set, Hyppus, and Chthon
Great Aunts - Nertha, Isuus, and Oshtur

Tulio is a man of class: therefore, he wears only blazers and suits. Doesn't matter what is beneath the jacket, only that he only wears classy clothes. Heck, he even likes to smoke a pipe once and awhile to wind down. Ties can range in colours, but are usually black.

Thoughts on Humans
"They are fine as long as they stay to themselves"
"Let them burn in their own problems"

So begins...

Tulio Fury's Story

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#, as written by Vix


“Why...Wha...Where are my clothes?”

Cataleia's voice was weak as her eyes finally fluttered open for the first time in three weeks. Fuck! Everything was so bright and vivid! It was fucking annoying! She growled under her breath as she took a few moments to get herself oriented. Her head was pounding with the sounds all around her; She wondered if this was Jim Carrey felt like in Bruce Almighty when he first started to hear prayers. She blinked rapidly a million and one times, waiting for everything to...sort of fade away. She watched as the radio waves, microwaves, infrared, ultraviolet, and gamma rays of light all...faded. She was left seeing only what was visible to the human eye.

Plus the sound waves. But, those didn't bother her.

The roaring in her ears died down as she finally began to think somewhat clearly, filtering out everything that wasn't within ten feet of her. She groaned and turned over to her side. What the hell...happened? She swallowed hard and tried to remember...She remembered Erik. Dead. With...a woman and a child...And Wanda was about to do something stupid....Then...blackout. It was then that she realized that Erik was dead. The glowing light that came from every pore of her body seemed to dim slightly as a single tear rolled down her face. She pulled the silk sheet up more around her neck and curled into them, closing her eyes. This was not good...

Tulio had never truly left Cat's side, even though he had been 'shooed' as the layman term went, by oddball Ulric. It wasn't fair of him to judge Ulric in such a manner, as Tulio knew himself to be quite the odd one, but Tulio did so anyway: the man was nice and all, but not very good at speaking his mind. In fact, Tulio was never sure if the man wanted to speak up but refrained from doing so (he was quite shy after all) or simply because he hadn't anything to say. Needless to say, Tulio didn't care much. After being pushed out the door, he did a little sulking in the library: in the past, it had always been the place where he found his mind was most at peace. However, just like when he was 8, Tulio's mind was working itself into a hole deeper than a well. He couldn't stand the sight of his strong, sturdy sister in a coma: this was only her second that he had ever seen in. It made the poor man feel helpless and useless all over again, just like he had all those years ago. The worst? How empty he felt. During the day, he could catch feelings of joy, annoyance, arrogance, pride. When in a coma? Tulio felt nothing: a hollow ache that just kept itself occupied within his chest. Something he couldn't fill without those extra emotions.

Afterwards though, he felt a little defiant: after all, what good were the powers of shadows if he couldn't use them? After mulling for a few seconds, he calculated the amount of energy he would need to get back into the room via the shadows, along with the allotted time it would take. Without sounding like a broken record, he showed up precisely the time and with the fatigue he had anticipated. Midway through transport, he finally felt something: Annoyance and pain.

When he arrived, he saw that Cat had just curled herself into a ball, and he ran over to her. Cat... His voice was always soft with her, rarely sounding stern or even harsh. With many people his voice was soft as well, but there was a certain tone he added for Cat. He said nothing though as he knelt down in front of her head, a tear rolling down her cheek. He continued to say nothing as he wiped away her tear, as he knew that nothing he could say at the moment would make much sense to a lady who just emerged from a coma. Instead, he gave her a pause of silence before finally speaking. You remember. He meant it in no harsh tone, but as a statement: a fact that he could tell was correct. Tulio continued to kneel there, his face barely a foot from hers, his soft hazel eyes watching her every movement.

She felt the relief that washed over him the minute she had curled up. She herself had felt some sense of relief come to her as soon as she was able to feel him again. Not being able to sense her twin was a scary thing for her, giving her the feeling of being all alone. “Tutu...Where are my clothes?”, she grunted out, blinking rapidly as she made out the form of her brother coming near her, ignoring his question. Her vision was still going in and out, but she maintained control enough to see simply what was visible to the naked human eye. She felt her stomach turn and growl at the same time, causing another groan to emit from her mouth. She felt like she was going to throw up, but she did her best to try and stomach it.

But that didn't work – She felt a weight on her chest and gasped for air. “I can't breathe!” She cried out, her arm lashing out and grabbing onto his shoulder. The feeling of lost air was soon relieved as she found her mouth filled with the flavor of vomit. She sat for a minute after throwing up, staring at the rainbow of contents that was now all over her brother's pants and shoes. “I' sorry.”, she whispered softly, rolling onto her back and frowning. He should have known better than to get so close to her with her just coming out of the comatose state. But, she knew he probably didn't care so long as he could verify that she was safe and sound. “I'm hungry....Could you...Get my emergency box?” You would think that her emergency box was a cardboard box filled with perishables.


It was a medium-sized cardboard box filled with candy, cookies, and chips. It was in a safe that was behind the family portrait she had hanging over her desk. The only person that knew was Tulio – She never told anybody else because she had a legitimate fear that someone would steal her beloved sweets. This fear had been brought on by her addiction to candy and the incident in which her childhood roommate for three years was stealing her candy. Her mother, being a mom, thought she was just lying to get more candy and cut her off. That was the worst two months of her childhood and her behavior during that time was much similar to Zalika's behavior on a daily basis. So, she resorted to hiding her candy in a safe.

Tulio gave Cat a helpless shrug on the topic of clothing. He wasn't much help when it came to clothes, especially ones that somebody had previously worn. He was going to go find her clothes in her closet when she groaned. Tulio looked at her, once again feeling worried while also having a small, sick feeling at the bottom of his gut. He didn't know what was going on until she gasped from breath and grabbed his shoulder, his eyes wide as she... well, threw up all over him. To precise, it was over his good dress pants and shoes, which did cause a small sigh to escape his lips during her apology, but he shook his head anyway, smiling. Dress pants were something he kept in abundance, and shoes could be easily cleaned - well, he knew how to anyway. Tulio was just happy to know she was alright - albeit naked and tangled in sheets. Tulio began to stand up and look over her when she spoke out her need for her emergency box.

Once again, a sigh escaped from Tulio's lips, and once again a soft smile accompanied it. He knew about her box - how couldn't he? His sister had a freaky obsession for candy, and on some days he would toy with her by finding her candy and hiding it somewhere else. It was his only way of really teasing her, as he didn't know any other way to do so without coming off rude or mean. He nodded his understanding of what she wanted, and stood up completely before walking towards her desk. Before he reached the desk, he walked through a simple shadow, and after returning there was no remnants of anything that had gotten onto his pants. In reality, he had just used some shadows to cover it up, since he could clean it later - however, he did need to look presentable if he was going to leave her room anytime soon. Finding the stash behind the portrait, he walked over casually before sitting on the bed next to her and handing the box over. "You should really get something else to eat besides candy." His tone was soft, but still matter of fact like in a way as if to say that while he understands, she really shouldn't. Needless to say, there wasn't much else he could do, since she would get her candy eventually.

Tulio ruffled her hair before speaking again, hoping to return everything back to its original state without creating any more problems then there already was. However, he knew that it would turn up eventually, so he waited for her to stop eating before talking. "So what do you remember? Tulio made a practice of staring straight at her, to make sure she didn't think he was uncomfortable talking about two weeks ago. It did somewhat, but it was much more uncomfortable having to constantly watch and wait for his sister while fighting off Caelan.

“True, but I don't want you to leave.” She gave a weak smile as he fretted over her diet. As the box was handed to her, she sat up with a disgruntled expression. She was sore, starving, and thirsty. She knew that they had been tube-feeding her while she was out of it, but she had a big appetite and three square meals a day didn't cut it. She was definitely going to have Julio whip her up something whenever she regained her strength to be up and about – Luckily, it wouldn't take more than a few hours.

She didn't really make a point to blush and cover herself with the sheets when they fell away from her body as she sat up. Why should she? Tulio was her brother and they used to take baths together when they were kids. Not to mention he had walked in on her several times in the act of fornication. Long story short: There wasn't anything that he hadn't already seen. She sighed as he asked what she remembered, grabbing a Lucky Charms cereal bar from the box to shove in her mouth. “I remember leaving with Uncle Tony to go and meet with dad and the Avengers on the UNN Alpha. They were asking if we had room for more people here – They found an underground superhuman-UFC-death match sort of thing going on and they needed somewhere safe to put the victims.”

She mumbled, chewing precariously on the sweet and sticky cereal bar. “We were all headed back here. They were going to help with building small...housing units. I told them we had a huge influx of superhumans this year. And...Then there was Erik...on the cross. And a child...and a pregnant mermaid. I remember...Wanda. She was about to do something stupid. So her hit her...Is she alright?” She refused to use the word “mutant” as she saw it as something that labeled someone in a degrading way. She more often used the word “Superhuman”, though it seemed as though mutants were taking pride in the word, not allowing humans to berate them with it. She may join the crowd...later.

She looked at her brother with big, round, brown eyes as she inquired about Wanda's health. She didn't know about the depowered mutants, nor was she aware of the reality warp Wanda had done before depowering most of the mutant population as her friends were aware of. Which obviously meant she had no idea that Wanda was dead. She didn't even know what day it was. She felt like she had just woken up from a really long and somewhat unpleasant nap.

“Shit! You're awake!”

Cat's eyes flicked towards the door to see tall, muscular, and roguishly handsome Caelan.

Caelan had been shooed off by Ulric along with Tulio, but like her brother, he wasn't going to stay away forever. He had just come from downstairs where he saw the doctor caught up in conversation with the Lensherrs. Thinking it was the perfect opportunity to go see Cataleia, he took off upstairs, though he wasn't particularly pleased to see Tulio. It wasn't that he disliked Tulio – The boy was fine enough by his standards. He just didn't like that Tulio tried to keep him from his sister.

Caelan would never hurt her – Never has, never will. Not even after she hooked up with that mafia kid, ending their budding relationship. He just wanted her to be happy and he wasn't going to stop seeing her because her brother said so. He didn't judge Tulio because he was the exact same way with his little sister, Orfelina. He especially wasn't going to stay away after he and the others had been made aware of the previous reality in which he had married and impregnated her. To him, that was a sign that they were meant to be.

He moved towards Cat, not bothering to avert his eyes despite her clearly naked condition. He smiled lightly, running his hands through his hair. “You feelin' alright, babe? You want me to go get you something to eat?” He moved towards the other side of her bed, kneeling down next to her, cupping her cheek with one of his massive hands. Small rivulets of tears were already falling from his eyes as she covered his hand with one of her own, smiling weakly. Her glow was as weak as her smile, worrying him.

Tulio gave a knowing smirk when she didn't bother covering herself up: in all honesty, Tulio had seen enough of his sister to not be bothered by it anymore. However, that didn't help those annoying rumors that had started a while back about the two of them getting a little too close. Tulio had made it his personal mission to find out who had started the rumor, but just as rumors went, their source disappears. Regardless, he focused as she began to answer his question. Tulio listened as she talked about the Avengers, UFC death matches (seriously, the way she described some things was absolutely hilarious) and her attacking Wanda to halt what she was doing. Tulio smiled sadly as he watched her chew her thoughtfully, knowing that she was missing some extremely important, depressing details.

Not like Tulio to withhold information from her - as she could probably sense it already - Tulio was about to begin to fill in the gaps for her. "You missed much. See-" It was then that he was rudely interrupted by the one, the only... Caelan Howlett. Instantly, Tulio's body language changed. Gone was his soft, relaxed posture - it was replaced with a tense, rigid structure of both the mind and the body. To be truthful to himself, Tulio didn't entirely dislike Caelan at all. They both shared a mutual dislike for Tommy boy, and Caelan could relate to Tulio's reasoning for being overprotective. However, Tulio often mused that Caelan hadn't gotten the idea through his thick head yet that, regardless of whether or not Caelan held his sister in the highest regards, unless he somehow earned Tulio's respect, Caelan would get nothing from him. Simple as that.

So when he thought he could simply waltz in on his basically naked sister - regardless of the fact that in some lunatic's dream, they were coupled - and simply show affection, Tulio was having none of it. "Splendid idea, Caelan - after all, she has barely eaten anything healthy recently." While Tulio's voice was still quiet and soft, there was an edge to it, such as a subtle dagger would be concealed. Tulio knew that sooner or later, he would have to come to gripes that maybe, just maybe, Caelan and Cat would hook up - which drove him over the wall with anxiety and annoyance - but at least he wasn't out of moves. As it was with all things Tulio Fury, he had a card he was saving, hoping never to use - one so similar to the situation in front of him that it nearly made him sick. He shoved all thoughts of these plans from his mind, keeping just his bitterness towards Caelan present.

So, Tulio reverted back to his annoyed, frustrated look as he waited for Caelan to either reject his proposal for him to go get some food, or for him to actually go get some damned food. Regardless, Tulio's expression would not change: cold, heartless, and frigid. If confrontation were to arise, so be it - Tulio wouldn't back down from such a petty fight, even if he would hate himself later for making Cat watch a useless fight against two people she cared about.

Caelan bit his tongue, quite literally. Sometimes, Tulio's attitudes made him want to knock the boy through a wall. But he wasn't going to fight him. Not here – Not now. He wasn't going to put Kitty through that. Sighing, he stood up and leaned over her, kissing her lips gently. “I'm not much of a chef, but I'll see if I can find Julio and have him whip something together for you...I'll bring back Ulric, too.” He smiled before regarding her brother with the same cold stare. He then left, taking off to the kitchen, literally shoving people on the stairs out of his way. “Hey Lina – Hey Alex. Y'all see Julio lately?”

Cataleia almost whined when Caelan left from the kiss, watching him run out the door to hurriedly get her something “more nutritious”, as her twin put it. She could feel her glow brighten just a little bit as she inhaled his lingering scent; he had been out in the garage earlier. He smelled like oil and gasoline. Smiling, she gave her brother a playful push on the shoulder. “You don't have to be so mean to him. He cares for me. But, whenever you're done cock blocking, maybe you'd like to help me get dressed?”

She smelled pretty fresh; More specifically, like roses and candy apples. Lina and Tulio probably took turns bathing her in her comatose state – She assumed Ulric was too bashful to do that. She giggled inwardly at the thought of him blushing when asked to do something like that.

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Tulio eyed Caelan during every movement. Tulio knew that he was acting quite brattish at the moment, and he knew that Caelan felt the same way. However, Tulio also knew that Caelan felt the same way he did: now would probably not be the best time for confrontation. Not that Tulio made it look like that, he just stared at the man as he mumbled about not being a good cook, and then as he left. When he did, Tulio knew that he was visibly relaxing, and released a sigh of his own - he knew that sooner or later, there would be an all out war over his sister with roughly 4 men, and he seriously wasn't wanting that. Best way to halt such a thing was to have them all just be angry at him, which wasn't so bad. He knew that while Cat may care for them, if they beat up her twin brother she wouldn't be impressed. The double edged sword was that Tulio would annoy her to the point that she didn't want him, so Tulio balanced on a thin thread.

Tulio gave an exasperated laugh at Catty's statement. "If by cockblocking you mean making sure you don't keep hooking up with a guy 5 times our age, then yes I'm done." He gave a soft smile after his teasing remark as he jumped up and started staring at her clothing with a blank look. Tulio didn't do much with accessorizing: he was best useful for fixing clothing that was broken. A tailor, if you would. Regardless, he stared at the clothing until he threw some random stuff at his sister with a giggle, stating "Hope this works!'

It was then that Tulio's mood sombered, as he remembered that he hadn't finished what had been going on. As Cat was probably pouting at his horrible clothing choice, he cleared his throat. "Look, what went on during your comatose state..." Tulio paused, not really knowing how to start such a synopsis of such arbitrary events. He looked to the floor, and then back to her before lowering his voice once more to deathly quiet.

"Cat... Wanda and Eric are dead. Tulio didn't know how much of this he wanted to tell his sister, since just remembering most of it was painful. While she digested that, he pressed on in his quiet voice. "Wanda altered the fabric of reality to create a world where mutants were at the top, and you..." To be brutally honest, he really didn't want to tell Cat this part, but he knew he would had to: she would find out soon enough, and if not by him, by somebody less... credible. "You married Caelan, and were pregnant with his kid..."

That was, by far, the most difficult thing he had ever said in his entire life. His eyes glassed over slightly before he forced them shut, and reopened them. What made it worst was that at the time he had felt... happy for them. Tulio felt sick at this time, but he pressed on. "Orfy woke enough people up from the fake reality, but it was too late. Eric... he came back from the dead and.... killed Pietro after an argument. " The last statement was so quiet he nearly hadn't heard himself speak, but Tulio knew his sister would hear him. She could hear virtually anything.

"After that, it is all a blur, even for me. Wanda took it as you would guess, and broke the illusion off. When she awoke, she... well, created another reality - one where mutants would be no more.
This time, Tulio looked her straight in the eyes before finishing the story. "Logan had to kill her before we all went. Estimated there are only 900 of us left worldwide. Erik's family has practically-

Tulio stopped there, for he felt something weird. It was as if the darkness that was always around, the shadows that hung from the light.. were suddenly being contested with. Tulio couldn't pinpoint what exactly was going on, but he had a serious hunch, and he really didn't want to voice it - not with Cat in the room. She had a bad enough time choosing between one man in her life to have more show up.

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#, as written by Vix


“Oh my God, Tutu. Its like you don't even know me!”, she dramatically exclaimed as he tossed the clothes at her. She chose to ignore his previous statement, as she knew nothing she could say would make him change her mind. She sighed and pushed the clothes away from her – They were fabulous, of course. They just didn't match. She took a deep breath and slid out of her bed with a grunt after putting her box down, taking a few moments to estimate her strength.

Alright...Yeah. I got this.”, she told herself.

She could move herself around her room, she just felt a bit weak in the knees. The feeling would soon pass, though. She snapped her fingers and watched as five pairs of glowing, gloved hands appeared. She listened to her brother with as much of a straight face as she could manage, though she couldn't stop a few tears from falling, streaking down her cheek.

Though, she couldn't help but to smile inwardly at the thought of being married and with child. And in a world where mutants were at the top...? She shook her head vigorously. No! Equality for everyone. She chastised herself. Though, she couldn't help but to think that such a dream would not happen and that it would end up being mutants or humans. That it would not be possible for equality. She was still unable to process how she felt about such a thought.

If it did come to an all out war...It wouldn't just be America. There were hundreds of other countries where mutants needed liberation. If it came to that, would she have to lead the “army” to victory? Could she do that?

As her brain overloaded with thoughts of the future, she moved her limbs accordingly as her “helping hands” dressed her. She was a vision of pink. She held her breath and closed her eyes as cans of pink and blue-purple hair dye were emptied into her locks, leaning her head back some so that it didn't stain on her neck. She was going for a “Don't worry, I'm okay. You're okay. Let's be happy and be chill.” sort of look. She wanted to appear as normal as she usually did, not liking when people fretted over her.

The dye dried almost instantly, allowing her to lean her head back up straight into an application of lipstick and lip gloss along with an orchid that was nestled behind her ear. Seriously – Who needed hairstylists and a makeup team when you had Helping Hands? Cat said it was efficient. Some people said she was just being lazy. Pfft. They were just jealous.

She was finally dressed and ready, adjusting her bracelet some before putting her headphones around her neck and stuffing her iphone in her back pocket. Normally she didn't wear bracelets, but this one was special to her, a gift from Professor Xavier when she was nine. It was the only one she ever wore, even wearing it when it didn't match her outfit. Though, it matched perfectly in this case.

She was in the process of adjusting her unbuttoned shirt, planning to leave it that way, for she proudly bore the scars that marred her body, when she noticed Tulio's stillness. He had cut off mid-sentence, which was odd for him. She paused along with him, feeling within her his rising suspicions and a familiar intensity. She then felt what he felt – Not feeling-wise. Though, she felt that as well. But, she felt a pull on the light around her. She felt...Some of it disappearing as though someone had turned out the lights...Or something was sucking it all up.

Her jaw was tense as she left her bedroom, greeted by a number of tenants that were waiting all around. “Thank you all for the flowers and stuff -” She remarked, motioning towards the plenty of them that were stored in her window. Everyone smiled at her, some gave her hugs. But she kept moving, edging down the stairs. Her heart was pounding in her chest and her mouth went dry as she gripped the rail. She didn't try to listen for a particular voice; She was too frightened of what she might hear.

It was when she reached the bottom of the stairs that she gripped the rail so tight that her knuckles went white. She faltered, unable to say anything, instead stepping backwards. She could feel tears well up in her eyes, though she couldn't tell why. Happiness...? Fear? Relief?“Wha-What're you doing here?” She finally rasped out, her knees buckling under her. She fell to the steps in a sitting position, her head spinning wildly. When was the last time she saw Tommy? She was seventeen...It was eight years ago.

Eight years ago...

Cataleia rolled over in the bed, a sigh escaping her lips. Tommy wasn't there – He hardly ever was anymore. She rolled out of the bed and threw on a robe, wrapping it about her body carefully before exiting the room. She was on her way to the kitchen for another lonely breakfast, but she heard screams coming from one of the rooms. It wasn't the usual pleasured scream that came from one of the rooms – People around the compound weren't exactly secretive about their sex lives.

She decided to investigate the pained screams, taking off through the halls until the screams were louder and louder. She could hear a few guys laughing and Tommy's labored breathing as he cussed. “I got half the fuckin' Armenians sayin' you was the last person pop was with! You know who fuckin' killed 'im, Tito?” The man was weeping, saying he didn't know anything. His cries were answered with what sounded like a fist in his face.

Cataleia wanted to say something...anything. But she couldn't. Instead, she ran. The past few months were hell. She thought it'd be great with Tommy, but she could only sit back and watch as a darker side came out. He was ruthless when it came to anyone that denied him or cheated him. She couldn't count on one hand or even two the number of fights they had; Both verbal and physical. No. She couldn't do this anymore.

After she packed her things and took off, she headed for college and never looked back. That was eight years ago. She never called or visited. He didn't either. She never thought she'd see him again...But here he was.



“Não! Parfait.”

Julio LeBeau gave a wide grin as he stood on he lawn of the estate, examining the newly repaired grounds. “Merci, rapazes!” He waved as two young women and an older man went inside, waving softly at him. The young man had enlisted the aid of them to help smooth out the ground, as his power over nature was limited to only plants and animals. Luckily, there were a few people with the ability to control earth.

The large mansion itself had already been repaired a few days ago – Just needed some window replacements, work on the roof, and some new bricks. He would have asked Markus to simply focus his power on the lawn and house to reverse the damage from the past two weeks, but that boy was just plain creepy nowadays. Plus he was mean.

The Cajun-Brazilian opted instead for simply finding his own little fix-it-up crew. After finishing with basking in the glory of his work, taking in the scent of all the beautiful little flowers that were growing everywhere, he turned to head inside. He caught a glimpse of Thomas Castellano heading through the doors and immediately his stomach dropped. He knew the guy from when he was about nine. The guy only stayed a few months and Jules thought he was an alright guy.

But mostly because Kitty thought he was an alright guy. Tommy was never mean to him, but when drugs were popping up around the school, Tommy was suspect number one. Julio remembered they eventually found the guy that did it and before they could apologize to Tommy for being suspicious, they found out he and Cataleia were gone and the guy was dead. They didn't hear from Cataleia for months, but she finally showed up around Spring Break and let them know what happened.

She never talked about him after that, always seeming on the verge of tears whenever anyone did dare to speak about him.

He didn't know whether he should go inside and make sure the man kept away from his cousin or whether he should just stay outside and avoid confrontation. Tulio and Caelan had been doing some heavy hovering over Cat and if they saw Tommy, things were not going to end well and he didn't really want to be in the middle of that fight. He bit his lip as he thought, closing his two-colored eyes before deciding to sneak inside.

He made the rather short jog towards the east side of the school and went for the window he knew would lead into the clinic. Nobody really called it the nurse's office because everyone looked at Ulric as a doctor rather than a nurse, some even calling him Doctor Worthington because of his ability to heal practically anything. Julio pushed up the window and heaved himself in, landing awkwardly on the floor – He could have landed rather gracefully, considering his expertise in the area of stealth, having learned from a master thief...But just thinking about Ulric gave him butterflies and made him rather stupid and clumsy.

He looked up to see Ulric and Erik Junior, his face growing a bit red. “Per-” He paused in his speech, trying to remember his English lessons from Tulio and Ulric and George. “Er...Sorry.” He spoke a bit slowly, taking care to sound out each word. Most people could pick up a foreign language in a matter of a few months, but he wasn't exactly a star pupil in any school subject. He wasn't stupid – He just had more street smarts. “Trouble gon' be brewin' in the front an' I ain't tryin' tah get mahself caught in no crossfire.”

When he actually took the time to speak English, his accent was a heavy mix of Cajun and Hispanic, though it seemed to tilt more towards the Cajun side. He rubbed the back of his head bashfully as he stood up and gave a distracted cough. “Don' really know if'n y'all remember Mistuh Tommy Castellano. Dat Mafia kid. But he here and probably askin' fer Jojo.” He warned them, though calling Cataleia by the nickname that only her family had the privilege of calling her.

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Tulio smiled at her comment, releasing a chuckle before watched his sister process the information, and then simply throw it off. Typical Cat - move on from problems before they bogged her down. It was just one thing of many that Tulio looked up to in his twin, the fact that she could press on while harboring the emotions. Tulio was usually plagued with the indecision and constant thought of these problems, as he had always been the one to over think and overload himself. To even prove she had moved on, she started doing her makeup, hair, and changing out of the awkward clothing choice Tulio threw at her. It was somewhat amusing to watch, in light of the recent events.

However, that thought would have to wait, as she felt the exact same thing that he did. Jojo didn't need to read Tulio's thoughts or emotions to know who was coming. Bloodthirsty, Mafia head, shared one of the same powers as Tulio: none other than Tommy boy. While Tulio had been momentarily dazed due to the change of power in the shadows, Cat did what Cat did best: followed that heart of hers and ran out of the room. It took Tulio a moment to realize that she had basically bolted out the door, and a frustrated sigh escaped his lips. After 8 years of having to only deal with Caelan and a few others, HE decides that he wants back in on the action. Tulio's lip curled slightly, something he rarely did.

After he got over himself, Tulio began a brisk walk towards Cat's direction. However, while Cat had to weave her way through the waves of sympathizers and well-wishers, the crowd parted for Tulio. Not because he was a hot shot or anything, but because of how silent he was to most. People parted because he was different, because he rarely stopped for anybody that hadn't earned his respect or trust. Some did so out of awe, others out of curiosity, and still others out of annoyance. Regardless, they parted for him and for once Tulio was grateful for his reputation - normally, he just hated it, along with himself.

It was then that he heard Cat's disbelief, and her emotions just started pouring into Tulio's mind like a broken dam. Shock, regret, happiness, fear... Tulio had barely enough time to block it all. But the shock got through anyway, and nearly knocked him over. Tulio managed to stay standing, and slowly trudged towards the foyer, with now people giving him more room than before. Tulio didn't know why, but his eyes were starting to grow darker with each passing step, his anger slightly surfacing - which was extremely scary for most, since Tulio rarely showed anger towards anyone.

It was then that he heard Tommy boy once again, which took him back those 8 years of Tulio's miserable existence, and before he could delve on it, Tulio shut them out to focus on the task at hand. Rounding the corner, Tulio finally got a hold of the entire situation. Cat was sitting on a step near the bottom, completely paralyzed with multiple emotions that Tulio also had running through his own brain: that certainly didn't help. Tommy, who Tulio almost barely recognized since the kid had actually grown up somewhat, and Joe - whom Tulio knew had feelings for Cat but he actually didn't mind Joe - standing there, looking like he just realized the mess he had gotten into.

However, Tulio zeroed his eyes back to Tommy, who had just finished his speech about how he had given it all up for Cat. Tulio narrowed his eyes when Tommy seemed to be unable to finish, and then finished for him. "That maybe things could return back to the way they were?" Tulio didn't know where his anger was coming from, but he was doing a pretty darn good job of masking it from his face. His eyes, however - the irises had already gone black.

His voice remained sturdy and quiet, regardless of how many emotions that Cat was sending his way. "Back to the days of your blood drenched path of murder and blackmail. Back to the days of your heartless drive for vengeance. That is what you want to bring back?" While saying a sentence, Tulio walked down two steps every time, his voice slowly rising (but still not anywhere close to being a yell). His brows, however, narrowed profusely, and his eyes darkened once again. "Is that what you want, Tommy boy? To bring all that insurmountable pain back?" Regardless of Tommy's intentions, regardless of any of the crap he might be trying to pull, Tulio had had enough. Enough of Caelan, enough of Tommy, enough of every idiot that thought he was good enough to settle down with his sister.

"Did you think that coming back would solve anything? Prove anything? Do anything? Tulio stopped halfway to stare down. "Did you believe that Cat would just take you back after 8 years? After what you did? Tulio took one more step, and then continued back down the steps slowly.

With that, Tulio stared at Tommy hard, now merely three steps from Cat, and his tone dropped down deathly low. His eyes became an oxymoronic glow of black. Well? While Tulio had kept himself in check for the most part, that last word - while still being severely silent - was almost a snarl. "Nothing has changed; you have no place here, Castellano. Not with Cat, not with the Academy. Once again, his voice dropped down, but his voice soften considerably as most of his anger had already been used - Tulio was protective, not angry.


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The slight accent of Cat's brother reached Tommy's ear and caused his hair on the back of his neck to stand up. His eyes slowly rose as he Tulio spoke, his predatory gaze locking onto Kitty's only brother as if he was looking at a mortal enemy. Tulio always hated him, Tuilo hated anyone that had eyes for his sister but he really hated Tommy. Maybe it was because of his past, maybe it was because of what happened when Cat and Tommy went to New York, or maybe it was the simple fact that Tulio knew in his heart that Thomas Castellano was the one man who could actually take his beloved sister away from him.

Back in the here and now Tommy was beginning to see only black. Tulio's eyes had gone dark, a cute trick and something Tommy had learned was a common side effect for people who could do a bit of what Tommy could do. The counter of that, the same show of anger in Tommy was less a neat little change of the eye color and more the stuff of nightmares. It was those same nightmares that was running through Tommy's mind now as he listened to Tulio spit his venom. He said all the right things to send Tommy flying into a rage. If he was looking for a fight he was doing a masterful job. That was of course, if he was talking to the Old Tommy Castellano.

Tommy gritted his teeth and lowered his head as he took a step back, away from the stairs and away from Cat.

"You know something.... You're right."

Tommy rose his head and locked his gaze with Tulio as the brother of the Headmaster lorded over everyone in the room.

"You're absolutely right. I don't have a place here, I don't have a place anywhere really. I'm a made man without a family, a mutant who the xmen probably want to kill but I love her. Your hatred doesn't change that. Now I may not be good enough for her but I'm willing to try to be better, that's more than a lot of guys can say."

Tommy took a minute to collect himself. His natural, violent instincts were screaming at him to tear Tulio into pieces but Castellano suppressed that and continued talking in a visibly restrained tone.

"And unless I heard wrong, you don't have the power to kick me out Tutu. That power resides with the Headmaster."

Tommy's tone softened considerably as he lowered his gaze back down to Cat who had yet to speak.

"You want me gone Cat you just say the word and I'll leave... But if you want me to stay, I'll stay for you."



Joseph Rogers looked on, uneasy as the scene unfolded around him. The introduction of Ms. Fury's brother served only to destabilize the touching moment and now it appeared as if the two men were going to come to blows. Joe didn't want to intervene but he'd subdue both of them if he had to. His job was to keep Nick Fury's daughter safe and he was going to do that, even if that meant keeping her safe from lovers and family. Tulio's words cut right to the bone, he was hitting this guy Tommy right where it hurt the most, his own short comings. Joe took a single step forward ready to get a hold of this guy if he tried anything but to Joe's surprise Tom took a step back with a sigh and agreed with Tulio. He said his peace and left the decision of whether he would stay or go in Cataleia's hands.

Joe couldn't help but allow a small smile to dawn on his face as he crossed him arms over his broad chest.

"Good man."

Joe thought to himself as he looked at Tommy. The man seemed genuine, apologetic and madly in love. Joe had to admit he felt for the guy. The ball was in Ms. Fury's court now and she held Tommy's fate in her hands.

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#, as written by Vix


Tulio didn't know what to make of what just happened, but he did know this: his stats, his previous facts, screw them. Tommy was a changed man, one that Tulio wasn't sure if he trusted.

For starters, Tulio could tell that Tommy was getting aggravated. All the signs of a previous aggressive man were there - if he wanted to practice seeing those signs, he just had to look at Caelan. Regardless, Tommy's personality shifted in a way Tulio hadn't been expecting, and it all started with the simple statement of agreement. Tulio's eyes instantly began to fade back to their dark brown coloring upon hearing that he was right. While his face gave away nothing, besides its cold, mysterious exterior, the man was baffled on the inside, and completely thrown for a loop. Good thing he could hide his emotions near perfectly, or else he would have swore that Tommy would have laughed at him internally - another thing Tulio needed for his self esteem.

However, Tulio's face slowly did begin to recede to show a bit more emotion after Tommy finished agreeing with him: fatigue. Tulio was tired of having to be vicious to Cat's suitors, even though that fire burned day and night. He was tired of harassing Caelan and now Tommy, only to find out that Thomas had changed (Caelan hadn't, but it was still like punching a wall). Most of all, Tulio was just tired in general - he hadn't slept a wink since Cat had been unconscious, something that Tulio knew was going to lead to a serious crash in his nervous system, along with a few other functions. He was usually not one to crash like his sister did, but it was inevitable: when one does not sleep for two weeks, one crashes.

There was a minute of silence, one where Tulio continually held his somewhat cold and quiet facade while he watched as Tommy reigned in his emotions once more. Once again, another indication that the man had grown up while Tulio had remained the same - another blow of uncertainty to his self esteem. However, Tulio felt his nerves seemingly pinch in his head at being called Tutu. Tulio's jaw clenched a little, and the original hardness in his eyes returned, but they remained their original colour. Thomas had no right calling Tulio by his pet name, something that Jojo had been calling him for years and hadn't let anyone else dare call him that. Calling Tulio Tutu was like if a student called Caelan 'Cubs'; it was a death sentence waiting to happen. While Thomas (Tulio didn't feel right calling him Tommy now - the man known as Tommy was an idiot, but this Thomas... proved a little more dangerous) had made a good point in stating that it was up to his sister on whether or not he stayed, Tulio had nearly bypassed all of that logical reasoning just because that man had the audacity to call him Tutu. Tulio wasn't even sure if the man was trying to annoy him, get under his skin, or whatever angle a man like Thomas Castellano could get at.

Upon seeing Thomas' head turn towards Cat, Tulio's remained sturdy and unreadable. It was easy for a guy like Tulio to remain unreadable to most the folk - a combination of constantly conflicting emotions and a degree in criminal psychology could do that for a man. Nevertheless, Tulio watched Thomas the entire time as he spoke to Cat, knowing that she had all the power. And yet... Tulio knew what the outcome was going to be even before Jojo said a word. He could feel her raging emotions, and he knew that both of them didn't really know what to think about for Thomas. Regardless, there were two things that Tulio knew that decided the outcome. One - Cat had lingering feelings for the mob boss, which seriously tired Tulio out. Two - with the number of mutants being so low, Cat wouldn't be able to refuse a mutant that had claimed to give up everything - while she may not know how her heart felt, she knew it was still there.

So Tulio merely stood there, facing Thomas Castellano as his eyes pleaded that Cat take him in. After a while, he turned to his sister, but his eyes remained clouded and murky as they seemingly always did: after all, the eyes were the gateway to the brain. If you could read one by their eyes, you can read their very being.

Cataleia couldn't really do anything but blink and listen. When he mentioned that he had given up everything and left for her, an unexpected rage flared up in her. She listened to Tulio speak to Tommy before finally finding the strength to stand on her own. She could feel the slack-jawed gaze of others as she grabbed tightly onto her brother's shoulder to steady herself before she spoke, her tone as controlled as she could manage.

“I was with you for five months and left you because you were consumed by an ungodly darkness and seemed to no longer care for me. What you are telling me now is that it took you eight years to realize that you were sorry. Eight years to leave behind everything when I left everything and everyone without a second thought after you killed someone. Eight years you never called, texted, or visited to say you were sorry or to check up on me. Nothing. For the first five of those eight years, I worried that I'd look on the news and see your death or see you were put in prison or see a Wanted advert for you. Thomas...I'm not going to turn you away. I'm not that heartless. Charles would have taken you in. Ororo would have taken you in. So I will take you in....Eight years...”

Her tone was firm and she could see from her peripheral vision that she had earned a few nods of approval. “And...Don't ever call him Tutu. That is my name for him.” She frowned, though a few people around her chuckled. “Joe, please show him to a room. Everyone else – Get some breakfast and stop gawking. Show's over. We have a lot to do today, so chop-chop. Julio, Caelan, Ulric, Erik, Alex, Lina, Ben, George, and Ana! Meet me in my office in half an hour!” She didn't yell. She never had to yell. But her voice would carry and be heard by everyone within a fifty foot radius as though she were standing right next to them and having a friendly chat.

She put her personal feelings aside and a gentle smile on her face before turning to Joe. “I'll need you there as well, hun.” She didn't give Tommy a single glance, knowing she would only break into tears if her gaze lingered on him for too long. No doubt she'd find herself drinking and smoking with her cousin later that evening when others had called it a night. For now, she snapped herself into a strictly business state of mind, unwilling to further show any signs of weakness in front of so many. No, they needed to see that she was strong and would be able to take care of everyone.

Sighing, she released her grip on her brother's shoulder.

Caelan glanced at his little sister's who's mouth was full of what her friend Alexandra always referred to as “The Death Sandwich”. He had tasted it and it wasn't...that bad. Anastasia McCoy had walked in just as Alex mentioned where Julio might be and Caelan gave all three of the ladies a light wave. He began to walk out, heading for Ulric's office when Alex made her last statement which inevitably earned her a nice middle finger from him.

He paused a moment outside of the kitchen, his keen sense of smell picking up a very distinct cologne and his hearing picking up an even more distinct voice. His lips literally curled back over his teeth as a rather animal-like growl rumbled in his chest. He was quick to push out of the way everyone that stood between him and the man that he was going to tear apart limb from limb. He paused his war march as Tulio started speaking. After the two men exchanged words, there was a silence as Cataleia brought herself to her feet.

Caelan was afraid of what she was going to say. He knew she wasn't going to turn him out. Him staying meant that he was going to try and get back on her good side. He was going to try to take her from him again. He wasn't going to let that happen – It would be a cold damn day in hell. He listened to her words, clenching his fists as she granted him permission to remain. His stomach knotted up as he saw the pain and hurt in her eyes. The sadness that made her radiant glow slowly grow dim. But, Cat being Cat perked back up quickly and got straight to business, doling out orders.

He took that brief moment to move towards her, blocking her view of the mobster. He towered over her quite a bit, reaching to her face with his hand. He felt a bit better as she tilted her head to the side, letting herself rest her head into his hand as she closed her eyes. “Couldn't find Jules. He's probably in Ulric's office again. Which you should probably be there right now, too. C'mon baby.” He leaned down and kissed her forehead before wrapping an arm about her waist protectively. He gave Tulio a curt, respectful nod and regarded Tommy only with a warning snarl before heading down the eastern hall.

When they approached the doctor's office, Zalika was sitting on a nearby shelf, speaking in low tones to her husband. Cat gave them both a cheery smile and a wave before being ushered into Ulric's office by Caelan, who's hand she had grabbed on the way there. Sure enough, Julio was there. Cat gave them both a smile and a wave before glancing at the boy with wings that was just waking, rubbing his face. She and Caelan moved to the side as he stumbled his way out of the room. He was met with a hiss and answered with a shriek. Cat giggled as he tore down the hallways. Oh, Zee. Caelan enjoyed a chuckle as well, picking up Cat and setting her on the cot where the boy once was.

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At the familiar click of a noise in his ear, Ulric instinctively raises his eyes upwards, and angles his head slightly so that his good ear is facing the speaker on his roof, though this does little as the voice turns out to be that of the headmistress, who had been in a coma only a bit ago, if Ulric remembers correctly. This evidence that Cat has woken up without him being there to check her vitals concerns the man at first, and this is seen in a slightly disapproving frown, still gentle and soft as all of his expressions are. Still, he realizes that someone must have been with her, and that they probably took care to make sure that she was feeling well before letting her be up and about- most of the people who have been staying in her room would kill for her, after all.

The man supposes that it would have been Orfelina who was there, given that he had shooed everyone else away from the premises to give Cat's unconscious body a break from all of the useless hovering, but realizes that he is incorrect when he can feel minds growing closer, holding the familiar mark of Caelan, Cat, and Julio. Feeling compelled to go and make sure that they are walking steadily and such, Ulric turns back towards Erik to say something- only to be silently interrupted as Zee slips into the room, and quietly pulls her husband out of it. He runs his hands through his hair then, and turns to say something to Julio, probably along the lines of letting him know that the trio are nearing, but the words no longer need saying when the people in question walk through the door of his little clinic room.

Besides, Julio doesn't appear particularly keen on remaining any longer, grinning goofily before handing Cat an apple and heading out the door. This leaves Ulric alone with the other three people, smiling softly, "You've chased everyone out." He steps out of the way of the winged boy, raising his hand to get the young man's attention but failing. Not long after, Ulric hears a hiss just outside of the room and manages to suppress a chuckle, still focusing his attention on the others. Well, more specifically, focusing his attention on Cat- she is the patient, after all, and as thus is the first person his eyes are drawn to. Once Caelan has lain her down across the cot where the winged boy once was, he walks over to them.

"Did you just wake up? Did anyone check your vitals? How do you feel?" despite the quickness of the questions, they do not really come across as pressuring- more anxious, than anything. After all, she's been unconscious for a little while now, and the circumstances which led up to it could lead one to fear that she might be harmed in some way. Evidence is not immediately obvious, but he needs to go through the routine all the same.

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As the events unfolded around him, Tulio merely stared off into space. His cloudy brown eyes had somewhat glassed over while everybody else continued on with their lives. It was as if Tulio had merely taken a step back from reality and watched as everything happened, not being a part of anything.

it all started with Cat's response to Thomas, with her emotions finally reining themselves in so that Tulio could breath a little easier. She conveyed her frustration towards Thomas in being absent - Tulio didn't really care about this part as much, since he didn't want him with his sister regardless - and even added a little jab at the end about his pet name. Tulio gave hard stares at those that thought it was funny, to which they promptly shut their mouths and averted their eyes from his. Jojo then made a statement for certain individuals to make appearances in her room, which Tulio knew also meant him. After all, as the second to the Headmistress, any meeting was his meeting. Think of him as VP, if you will.

Caelan then thought that right now would be a good time to show his own face as well, and Tulio watched as Caelan made more of an impact on Thomas than any of Tulio's words, and he did it with only a few words and gestures. When Caelan gave Tulio a curt nod, he was obligated to return it, albeit with the always present annoyance that Tulio held towards Caelan. Not only did Tulio dislike Caelan, but after he was basically upstaged by the Neanderthal, Tulio held a little more anger towards Caelan and himself. Sure, Tulio had spoken razers, but as that annoying saying went: actions sometimes spoke louder than words.

Tulio then watched Joe lead Thomas away, and the foyer to the Academy slowly began to clear itself of people as they all went their separate ways. Caelan led Cat away - much to his annoyance - and soon Tulio was basically alone, still standing in the same place. His thoughts were wandering constantly and randomly, thinking about everything and nothing. He even ignored some random students that were either trying to get by him or impress him or something - Tulio didn't know.

A deep sigh was soon released from Tulio, which he had hoped would remove the tension, nerves and worries from his body to no avail. Sure he was thrilled that Cat had awoken, but during her two weeks absense Tulio had only slept 2 or 3 times and for no longer than 3 hours. The bags under his eyes were starting to get a little more visible than he normally liked them to be, but what could he do? Sleep only came to him in either the form of a black out, or after hours of activity. 'Trying' to fall asleep for Tulio was like asking Caelan to do algebra; it was virtually impossible and quite frustrating to watch.

Needless to say, Tulio knew he would have to move soon. Thinking that food would probably be of the most aid to him, Tulio checked his watch before descending the rest of the stairs. 9:56 AM. Tulio had a little under 30 minutes to make his way to her office, which offered enough time for food. He sombered his way towards the kitchen, with the smells of food blasting him in the face a few feet from the doorway, and his stomach suddenly grumbling in protest. Tulio guessed that he probably hadn't eaten for a while, so it would be good to get something.

As soon as he entered, he nearly lost his somber look to be replaced by one of surprise and raging emotions. Of all the people to be in the same room at the same time, it had to be Orfy and Alex. He should have been able to smell her extreme sandwhich, but he must have not registered it when he did. Awkwardly enough, however, it was much easier to block his emotional value for Orfy this time round, as he had been practicing - for Alex, Tulio always was able to block hers out, as he had done so for years now. At this time, he also noticed that Anastasia, Cortez, and Zoey were there, along with his cousin Julio and that kid Fen. To Julio, Tulio gave one of his soft, small smiles which were usually reserved for people he held close. Regardless of the boy's hobbies or English skills, Tulio always held some sentiment towards his little cousin. The other four? Well, he had been on a mission or two with Anastasia, but the sentiment and trust was equal throughout all four: he was neutral to them all.

Keeping with his known demeanor of silence and mystery, Tulio simply walked over to the stove while nodding to those that gave him good mornings. As soon as he did, he grabbed the necessities he was after: a kettle, tea leaves, tea bag, spoon and a muffin from the fridge. In no time, he was already boiling water on the kettle while grinding the tea leaves to the bottom of his tea cup. He did so methodically and slowly, taking his time while the water in the kettle boiled. It was just how he did things: sure they were the older ways of practice, but Tulio held them in high regards. After all, the medieval people were able to hold their own throughout most of the 9th centaury without an internet connection, so why couldn't he?

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Alex's only response to Caelan's middle finger is a brief grin, one which fades back into a smile when she is distracted by the familiar voice of the headmistress, informing her, among others, that they are to go and visit her within the next half hour. Her eyes widen marginally, and Alex cannot help but glance in Lina's direction, wondering if the red haired girl had already known that Cat has woken up, and chose to not reveal this fact to her. If this is the case, it is likely due to her lack of a deep connection with Cat--so Alex tells herself, anyway. Lina has always been of the secretive variety, but she'd like to believe that the girl would have told her something so relevant and so soon to be revealed. The sound of the coffee maker starting back up draws her eye briefly towards Anastasia, but brief is the key word in this sentence, as she is not particularly close to Ana and has no real sentiments in regards to her, other than a slight disdain for her apparent habit of occasionally gossiping. After all, Alex is the sort of person who has, despite being normally quite friendly and polite, dropped platters of food onto people's heads when she heard them gossiping about those she cares for.

One of the teachers, George, enters the kitchen without saying much, though he is acknowledged by Ana upon entering the room. Following his arrival, a familiar voice greets them as Cortez and Zoey, siblings who have recently come to the institute, make their way towards the growing number of people who find themselves inside the kitchen. "Good morning- and hello," Alex responds brightly smiling once more as she walks over towards the refrigerator and pulls out what will be her own meal form the morning: a bottle of Dr. Pepper. She has never been one for eating large breakfasts, the sort who gets by until lunch with a handful of pretzels at the most. Only adding to the gathering is the arrival of two more people: Fen and Julio, who show up together. They've been attached at the hip recently, it seems, and always seem to be relatively near to each other: it's good, because Fen is still adjusting to this new lifestyle.

"Good morning," the blond young woman repeats, this time addressing Julio and Fen, before taking a drink of her fresh bottle of Dr. Pepper. Her mother used to warn Alex that she would rot her teeth out, but obviously the words of caution did little to diminish her love for several brands of soda. They were horribly processed and altogether terrible for you, but Alex can't bring herself to care enough to stop. Thus, she doesn't. "Really? I'd better stay away, then- I burn toast," Alex jokes, though there are undertones of truth clear to anyone who has witnessed her making an actual attempt at cooking. It simply isn't her thing, regardless of what she tries. Perhaps with the microwave, she can fix it to zap meals to perfection, but that really is the peak of her abilities.

The last, for the moment, person to enter the kitchen is the brother of the headmistress. He is a somewhat brooding looking man, with a sharp intellect. He and Alex interact, of course, but she has never really formed a proper opinion of him, in all honesty, though she admires his mind, if nothing else. He does not verbally greet them, and Alex immediately nods to him in acknowledgement, following his pattern of rather simple good mornings with this small motion.

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#, as written by Vix
“Strange – That's usually Zee's effect on people.” She gave a light giggle and ran her fingers through her colorful, yet mostly pink hair. “I'm fine. I feel great. Just a few aches here and there. Little case of the jelly legs. But its normal. Give me another hour or so and I'll be right as rain.” She spoke nonchalantly, almost cheery as she swung her feet back and forth. While this had only happened once before, she remembered the “quick” recovery and didn't think too much of it. The first time had done it was an attempt to make it from her S.H.I.E.L.D. training to her Microbiology class on time. She had traveled at the speed of light and was there before anyone even noticed she had left. But she materialized naked in her dorm room and didn't wake up for a whole week.

“Ah, shit. I need to call daddy. Sorry, Ric! You can check my pulse and stuff later, kay?” She nearly punched herself in the face for not making a call to her dad her first priority. He was probably having a heart attack right about now! She slid down from the cot and gave Ulric a tight hug before moving to Caelan, leaning up on her tiptoes and kissing his nose before dashing out the door. She gave several smiles and waves on her way down the halls to her office.

Closing the door behind her, she pulled out her phone and called up her father. She sat in her “Big Boss” chair and spun around, waiting for him to pick up. She didn't bother putting him on speaker phone as she sat down her iPhone in her lap. It took three rings before he picked up the phone. “Cat?! Is that you? Are you alright? Her father's voice was frantic – Jeez, he was worse than Tulio. She sighed and smiled softly. “Yeah, daddy. I'm alright. Just a headache and the jelly legs. That's it. I just wanted to call and let you know that I'm doing fine.” She could hear her father sighing in relief, but knew that he was still worried.

“Good. I'm sorry I couldn't be there to watch over you – But I had some business to take care of. The others are with me. Sweetheart...A Bill is being pushed. One that will require every mutant, every super human, every single person that seems just a little bit more than human to register with the United States Government. They will have to give up their names, addresses, information on their family, their capabilities, occupation. Just...everything. There's talk of using them for testing and...God. But its against Constitutional Rights, so it won't pass. Though, I want you guys to be extra safe just in case – These guys don't plan on playing fair.”

Cat had stopped spinning in her chair.

In the kitchen, Lina smiled as her friends filed in one after the other, offering waves and soft hellos. Seeing Tulio come in, she gave only a simple nod. There was absolutely nothing in her body language – not even a single, miniscule, out of place twitch – that would denote the secret she was harboring. She went about as she did every other time she saw him, though she admittedly had to force her heart not to race. It was then that her crappy phone finally received the text message that Benjamin had sent, a light smile crossing her lips as her thumbs moved slowly across the keys to reply.

\\Burn. Burn the house. On hands and knees. Coughing. Out we will crawl. Captured. Tagged and bagged. Chained. Pain. Thus marks the fall of all mutant kind. Our beacon of hope. Our light. Snuffed out. Taken away. Leaving us all alone. No hope. No life.//

Lina was about to hit send, but her phone clattered to the floor and her eyes began to glow. Her tone was dark, her face contorting into a look of grim disdain. The vision she saw was not a pretty one. Everyone seemed happy at first, but then men in black suits came. They surrounded their home and set it to fire. They threw grenades and shot most people that tried to run away. Crosses were being put up. More people nailed to them. Tulio and....Why were Tulio, Julio, and Cat leaving? No. They weren't leaving. They were being taken away. By...Thor? And a woman. She didn't know the woman. And...Fen. He was leaving, too. A grey Lycan walking alongside Loki. Why were they being taken away?! They were needed here! Lina called out after them, running across the lawn. But she cried out in pain as she felt a sharp pain in her chest. Then sticky warmth...Everything went blurry. Fire, people running, screaming. Her father and Caelan running for her. Captured. Then it all went dark.

As the glow in her eyes receded, she crumpled to the floor. “We have to go. Now...Before they come.” She had curled into the fetal position, shaking her head and grasping her hair as though she were about to pull it out. She could soon feel her brother's strong arms wrap around her. Caelan had left after speaking with Ulric, having asked him to check on Cat anyways. He didn't know what she saw, but he didn't like the way it sounded. “Tulio, I need you to get the rest of the team and have everyone pack up in a calm and collected manner. Tell them that we're moving out soon. To get the children away from the freaks at the gate.” He gave the man a nod before heading towards Cat's office. It could take a while to figure out where they were going and how they would get there unnoticed, but surely Cat had a few tricks up her sleeves.

All Tulio had heard was the sound of something hit the floor, and instantly some off feelings started to brew - somewhat like his tea (bad time for jokes, but he has to make a few sometime). Tulio turned around, his eyes widening as he realized it was Orfy that had dropped the phone. She looked in pain for a few seconds, and then literally fell to the floor. Tulio dropped the tea bag instantly and nearly ran to her when he heard her speak in a low tone and Caelan suddenly appeared. Tulio hadn't a clue where the man had come from, but was actually quite relieved: while Tulio could merely put off that he was just running to a friend, he didn't want to take any chances with their secrets coming loose. Tulio blinked once more, his eyes falling back to their original position as Caelan told him to collect the rest of the team and get everyone out of the mansion.

While Tulio normally didn't like taking orders from Caelan, he instantly relented and nodded: right now wasn't the time for petty emotional values to get in the way. Tulio walked towards them as Caelan raced out the door with his sister, with Tulio noticing that nobody had grabbed her phone. Feeling the need to make sure he returned it, he bent down to pick it up, and as luck would have it the screen was still bright with life and facing up, allowing Tulio to read what she was about to text to Benjamin. Burn the house? The.... fall of mutant kind? Tulio almost stopped reading right there, he was almost sick. Tulio, now having seen all of Orfy's memories and entirety, knew that she had this Chronovision mutation, which Tulio roughly guessed meant something to do with seeing into time. If that was the case, what was she talking about? Tulio's grip on the phone became taught, before shoving it into his pocket to stand.

He scanned the entire room, his dark eyes scanning each and every person in the room. Only instead of cloudy, distant thoughts that usually glittered his eyes, they were clear: still dark, but strict and a little authoritative. Now was the time for action, and Tulio was not going to let this place burn because some worthless humans were jealous. "You heard the man. Begin preparations for mass evacuation of the students and staff - keep the younger children under the pretense that this is a drill to avoid having panic spread amongst them. That is the last thing we need now." It was as if Tulio had become an entirely different man.

Gone was the distant thoughts, the wispy soft voice, the quiet mannerisms: when it came to game day, Tulio became a hardened, disciplined man. Sure he was serious most of the time, but when it came to missions and possible attacks? Tulio became uncaring for nonsense and excuses. "Julio, George, Alexandra, meet me in Cat's office in 5 minutes after establishing the protocol and procedures to the rest of the staff to execute. Any other X-Men you find, send them there." He scanned the rest, and without another word swiftly moved out the door towards where he had guessed where the rest of the team was: huddled around Ulric's office. He had a hunch that Caelan would be taking Orfy to see Cat, so he decided that it would be the most logical to send the X-men to the Head Mistresses office, as it would make things easier when everyone was together

Nearing the medical room where Ulric was usually found, Tulio spotted Zalika and Eric in some form of conversation. Hating to interrupt but knowing that he had to, Tulio spoke in the same straight, low voice and in Ulric's direction so he could hear it. "Ulric, set in motion the evacuation protocol for the sick - drill today." Tulio knew that Ulric would understand what he meant by stating it was a drill. In a lower voice, he spoke to the married duo. Probable attack on the Academy. Team's forming up in Cataleia's office in 5 - help Ulric if you so wish and inform him."

Knowing that Zalika wasn't really one for being all soft and stuff, he made it at least sound optional to help out Ulric so that Tulio didn't get his head bitten off. Tulio knew of Zalika's powers - and Eric's mutation was seriously no laughing matter - so he didn't like offending an asset of the team. Besides, offending people wasn't what he did.

With that, Tulio continued on towards the classrooms, assisting in the evacuation wherever he could. When those 5 minutes are to be up, he would move back to Cat's office, but for now, he acts.

Ulric smiles warmly at Cat's jest, certainly glad that the headmistress is up and about once more. It will save him plenty of trouble, as Zee tends to do a little bit less damage when Cat is there to take care of students that might otherwise turn towards the more vicious woman. Perhaps the difference is not too significant, but enough that he can expect to have a slightly more peaceful time than he has had for the past two weeks. Then again, with the escalating hostilities towards Mutants, something only increased within the past fortnight, this will be only a shred of respite from the tensions constantly weighing down on everyone.

Being a pacifist, he very much dislikes the idea of the pressure prompting actions which may lead to a full out war, and is optimistic enough to hope that such an outcome might be avoided. He was raised among humans just as much as mutants, after all, and knows that not all humans are as malicious as those who stand outside the institute gates, screaming dreadful profanities at frightened youths, who already have enough to deal with as they try to manage the development of their abilities.

Not all of them were born to mutant parents, as he was, or even to parents who are supportive of who they are. In fact, several of them have to keep their identities a secret from their own family members, or were cast out by those who they are bound to by blood, sneered at and viewed as freaks among their kin. The idea of such treatment mortifies Ulric, as though he is ashamed on behalf of a people that he doesn't actually belong to. That has always been his personality, though.

"I'm sure you will be, but I'm obligated to check over your vitals anyway. Humor me?" Ulric asks, turning towards his desk to get out a sphygmomanometer and a stethoscope. Of course, before he can so much as reach them, Cat releases a swear and a spoken realization of her need to call her father. "Well, can I just-" but before he can finish the sentence, Cat has given him a quick embrace, kissed Caelan on the nose, and disappeared down the hallway. Although he releases a sigh in response to all of this, Ulric can not grudge her a call to her father, being one himself. But now is not the time for him to dwell on his own daughter- those thoughts he generally tries to reserve for when he is alone, and no one can see him worry.

"Can you follow her and make sure that she doesn't collapse on the way there, please?" the doctor turns towards Caelan, crossing his mind and offering a gentle smile to pair with the request, though he knows that the man is unlikely to have any problems with chasing after Cat--he seems to be constantly doing it, after all. As expected, the elder Howlett sibling takes off almost immediately, following the woman down the hallway. Watching him go, Ulric rubs the back of his neck and releases a small yawn. There doesn't seem to be any business for him to deal with, and thus the man sits down in his chair and leans back, staring through the window and up at the infinite blue sky. He is fortunate to have a view of the back of the institute, and therefore doesn't have even the slightest view of the protestors.

All the same, he is not allowed even the smallest moment of peace. Although neither had intended for it to happen, Orfelina's sudden vision, with its great strength, glimmers through Ulric's mind. Of course, given that it hadn't been intentional, he feels the vision rather than sees it, and is suddenly overcome with an immense pain that makes him visibly flinch. What was that? he wonders, immediately concerned that someone near by is in pain. The doctor is already walking towards the door when Tulio comes into view and addresses him. Immediately understanding, Ulric nods and walks further into his office. There are two doors in his office; one door is to exit into the hallway, and the other is into the larger clinic. His own office has a cot for immediate treatment, but those who are terminally ill, don't want him to treat them (a case for some of the more stubborn patients), or have some other reason to stay longer than they otherwise would, are in the clinic through that door.

For the moment, there are only a few people in the room, and he is able to organize and evacuate them. One remains, a resting patient who had gone through a somewhat taxing treatment after being assualted and nearly killed by the mob. The patient has a mutation that is rather harmless, being a healer as Ulric is, though her mutation is peculiar in that she takes on the pain of other people, relieving others at her own cost. She is an empath on top of this, a skill that Ulric has always found to be rather lonely. The doctor goes and wakes her up instructing the young girl, for she is only ten years old, that there is a drill. "Come on, there's an evacuation drill," he tells her, but the girl only blinks at him drowsily and turns back over to fall asleep once more. He simply scoops her up in his arms, then, and walks out to where Zee and Eric are.


Roll back a few minutes and switch the scene to the kitchen, where Alex is smiling, not minding the growing number of people inside the kitchen, for it is large enough to fit them all with ease. When she sees her friend take out her archaic phone, the young woman grins teasingly. "You really should upgrade, Lina- that thing is practically a-" her sentence goes unfinished, for the light-hearted mood vanishes the moment that her friend drops the cellular device to the ground, causing it to slide away from her a few inches. The smile on her face fades until only a small remnant of it, forced into place, lingers. "Lina-" she begins again, extending a hand towards her friend to grab her on the shoulder. The hand misses as Orfelina shrinks down into a fetal position, pulling desperately at her vividly red hair as though trying to pull something out of her mind.

Alex falls onto her right knee beside the girl, but it is Caelan that wraps an arm around his younger sister, seeming to appear out of absolutely nowhere. He speaks with a clear and authoritative voice, his serious expression removing memories of the man who had only a while ago stuck his middle finger out at her for joking about him being kicked out from the sickroom. Needless to say, Alex is frightened, and she can feel goosebumps rising on her arms. The young woman rubs her right forearm to make them go away before turning her attention to Tulio.

The tone in his voice is equally as startling as Caelan had been, for it shifts from quiet and vague to clear cut and forceful. Giving him her attention seems natural, as he immediately steps into the position of giving orders. Alex nods in response, the smiles from earlier having left completely in order to make room for an expression to better reflect the sudden gravity of the situation. After he has left the room, she turns towards George and Julio, trying to offer a slight smile, though it seems completely out of place in this situation. "I'll get the kids from the younger classes," she informs them, knowing that she will be able to keep up the facade of a drill rather well. Besides, many of the younger students know her well, because she likes to tinker and make toys for them all. After speaking, she gives the reassuring smile once more before exiting the room as well.

It is a brisk walk to reach the younger wings, but feels like miles until she reaches the part of the school. The young woman stops in each class to inform the teachers of the situation and relay Tulio's instructions. Her next stop is the dormitories, in case any students are still in their rooms at the moment. Her thoughts dance between the children, Orfelina, and the situation in its entirety. Five minutes. . .just one more dorm to check, though, Alex tells herself, having gathered a duck line of younger students that follow behind her, some complaining and some deathly silent. Finding no one in the last rooms, she leads the group that she has built up, composed of perhaps six children, towards the other classrooms so that they can regroup with their schoolmates before she goes to Cat's office.

As the Headmistress was informed in detail of her beloved friend's vision, she had waited for her team to gather. Things seemed to be going rather smoothly at first. They had plans to head for the Avengers' Tower because it was nearby and they were allies and family with government pull and popularity amongst American citizens that they might never achieve. Everyone had packed what was most important to them. All that was left was the clearing of the house. Cataleia had found herself in full uniform for the first time in a while, thinking that her colorful hair went quite well with it. She cleared her throat before addressing the school.

“I know that you've all been told that this is a drill, but its not. I'm not going to lie to you. There are people coming for us.” She paused and rolled her eyes at the shouts of lying and betrayal and false hope before closing her eyes and shouting loud enough that every window rattled. “Enough! Not once did we ever say that our walls were impenetrable. Not once did we say that as long as you're here, nobody would ever bother you. We gave no false hope at all. What we gave was a promise. A promise that as long as a single one of us is breathing, we will still fight this war. A promise that as long as we can still fight, we will defend you. A promise that we would never abandon you.”

Some had piped down while others grumbled. There were a few children crying and many people left. They simply pushed their way rudely past the crowd, elbowed the X-Men out of their way, and left. Cataleia didn't stop them. If they didn't want to stay, she wasn't going to hold them prisoner. As soon as the door closed behind them, Lina fell to the floor. “They're here!” It was a blur of movement as the X-Men (plus one or two guests) put the house on lock down and stood their ground outside and watched as their exterminators rolled in. Tanks, SUVs, jets, and helicopters coming upon their lawn with men and women ready to gun them down.

That battle was their first since the war began.

But not their last.

The numbers have dwindled down to quite a pathetic number as compared to before. The battle was a short one, but hard fought. It was neither a win nor a loss that Cataleia lead to them, but perhaps a draw. Deadman would call it a win because none of their enemies walked away alive. But, the mutants that Xavier's once house...well. They were divided. As the battle began, many ran outside in hopes to help. They had no experience and were quickly gunned down. Then you had those who thought to escape from the back. They ran and nobody has heard from them. All in all, few mutants left Xavier's that morning. At least compared to the amount there was before.

Raver, Nexus, Prodigal, Hurricane, Tarot, Techna, Deadman, Red Son, Masquerade, Prism, Wonderland, Oz, Paragon, Wraith, Seraph, Fen, Druid, Rewind, Persuasion, Xerox, Yin, and Yang as well as about seven others. They were the ones that stuck together. They were the ones that made it out and had found themselves in the bayou country. Those without vehicles being shoved into the extras of Cataleia and Orfelina's. Cat thought they everyone who could drive should drive. She didn't want everyone piled into the “X-Calade” for fear of being caught. Everyone in their own individual vehicles would be easier for splitting up. They didn't travel completely together, everyone taking different routes so that they didn't appear suspicious.

The Avengers' Tower was out of the question. Nobody could know where they were. They played it safe and assumed that their lines were tapped as well as those of the Avengers and the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It was presumed by the public that they were all dead. But Stryker knew better – He investigated the scene himself and he saw that there were few bodies, none of them being who he wanted them to be. He saw many cars missing and many things from the house. Sad part for him is that he had no idea where they would head.


“Uncle Remy! Look!”

Lina hopped off of her Big Dog Pit Bull, pulling out of her pocket what looked to be a used .45 round. “Can you believe it?!” The gypsy girl looked as though they had just arrived at the Carnival – Not once had she ever shown this much joy in front of anyone at Xavier's. Why was she so happy as she parked her motorcycle and put it up on its kickstand? Maybe because she saved the life of one of her best friends who happened to be her secret lover. Maybe because she got shot in the face for him. Maybe because she got shot in the face saving him and the bullet was simply pushed out of her body and not even a scar was left. She had a headache, which her brother assure her that getting shot in the head anywhere was something you never get used to, but other than that she was perfectly fine.

She threw her arms around the neck of a rugged-looking man who had the same eyes as one of Julio's.

“Lookit dat, cherie! You gon' be like yo' pop and big brother after all, eh? Good fo' you. I'ma gon' go 'head and find somethin' to put a real small hole in it and we gon' string it up into a necklace like yo' daddy and brother got.” The man wrapped her up in a large hug and spun her around before looking around some.

“Oh! Don't worry – Everyone else is coming. They're fine.”

She had noticed the look of worry in his eyes and immediately knew he was looking to see where everyone else was. Fortunately, she would stop every now and again so that she could use her ability to check the present and check on her friends. They were all fine and on their way. She was still shivering with excitement, bouncing in her godfather's arms before noticing his house, her jaw dropping. Xavier's was larger, but she didn't think that he actually bought a mansion. She thought he was exaggerating. “Holy shit. You really did buy a mansion.” Remy only laughed, though he had a bit of a prideful gleam in his eyes.

Lina, strangely, could not bring herself to be worried or even a bit depressed over the battle at Xavier's. She was still focusing on the fact that she took a shot to the face and lived and also the fact that those closest to her were still alive. Even her father was on his way to Gambit's! She had caught him on the road on the way there and he said he just needed to make a pit stop first. She felt invincible. Unstoppable. She vowed that with her new power, she would make sure that she would never give up the fight. No more sitting on the sidelines!

She pulled out a cigarette and her father's lighter, taking a deep drag and exhaling with a faint smile. The humans wanted war? They got it.

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#, as written by Vix
Cataleia fought a fierce fight alongside her comrades. She made the battlefield her own as she created light constructs that would aid her. She quite literally dodged bullets as she focused her hearing solely on the enemies around her, listening to their every command and the sounds of their weapons being prepared for firing. These were not government sent agents – The bill had yet to be passed, there were no logos on them anywhere, and she highly doubted the government would be so stupid to go so far as to massacre an entire school. With children. As the numbers dwindled down, she found herself getting more hands on, running out to her targets and bathing in their blood.

The battle was soon over and every enemy they could see was dead. She did not speak as she walked back to her friends, dripping in blood. She was trembling and her eyes were cold as she looked to the ground and saw many from inside were dead after trying to aid them – Why?! Why couldn't they just stay put? She cleared her throat some before whispering softly. “We're taking whoever is left and we're leaving. We're going to Gambit's. Do not call anyone. Especially not any of the Avengers. Lina, use one of your gadgets and get a message to Gambit. Make it brief. We all ride solo. Take different paths. We don't need to look suspicious. I'll take the X-Calade and load up as many children as possible. Don't have a vehicle? Take one of mine or Lina's – Don't touch any buttons that you don't know what they're for.”

Gone was the usual kindness in her voice, replaced by a soft growl of irritation. So this is how they wanted to play it? Stryker wanted war. And she was thinking about giving him just that. Her mind grew dark as images of her destroying her enemies in an animalistic rage flickered vividly through her head. She shook the thoughts before pushing open the doors and walking inside. “Where...are...they?” The foyer was empty except for a few littered bodies. Dead bodies. A few heads peeked out of hiding spots and she breathed a sigh of relief. She grew more enraged and tense than she already was as those that were left came out of hiding and explained that there was an attack from the back and several had been gunned down if not captured. Her eyes scanned the ones before them and she recognized a few of them.

She almost choked as Tommy saw her bloodied and rushed to her, wrapping his arms around her and delivering to her the deepest kiss she imagined she ever had. Tulio wasn't going to be happy about that. And neither was Caelan. Dazed and taken aback, she only kissed back until he pulled away. Everyone stared and for a moment, the only sound was that of Caelan's growl. “Everyone find a vehicle and passengers and move the fuck out.” She quickly regained control of the situation and began to herd everyone out to the garage. Caelan didn't even look at her. She felt a twisting, sick feeling in her stomach because she couldn't admit to herself even that she loved that kiss. That she wouldn't resist if he tried again. But she had no time to think about that as she loaded ten people into the black escalade and peeled out of the garage, heading for Louisiana.

“Alright – Everyone out. Go inside and wash up. Make yourselves at home.”

Cataleia-Bibiana had pulled up into Remy's driveway shortly after her brother and Lina had. She stepped out of the large vehicle and was met with a heat wave that almost knocked her over. Grunting, she trudged slowly towards Lina and Remy, glad that the blood on her face somewhat hid her tears. Lina was unusually chipper considering their situation, but she had heard chatter from the others that she was shot in the head and survived. Good for her. But even now, she couldn't look her friend in the eye for what she had done to Caelan. “Going inside...”, she muttered. Before either of them could say anything, her clothes fell to the ground and she became but an orb of weak, flickering blue light.

She was slow as she bounced her way past her brother and into the house. She claimed the first room that she came to after floating through an open window. Hovering over the bed, she re-solidified and fell upon it, her naked body bloodying the sheets with whatever moist blood was left as she simply passed out. She wouldn't go comatose like last time, but she was just tired from the previous events. She hadn't taken time to wash up, she stopped for food and drinks just once, and her head was throbbing with too many thoughts. She just wanted peace and quiet.

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Cortez watched as Lina looked as if she were having a vision. He had seen that look before when she caught the vision of Zoey being exposed as a Mutant. Cortez watched her carefully. Zoey for one had never seen that look before so she backed away from her. “Li-”
”We have to go.”[b] Lina said. Zoey was confused. Cortez frowned. “Now...Before they come” She said and basically collapsed on the floor and Cortez was about to rush to her side but Caelan beat him to it. For where and how, he would never know. He sure as hell was quiet for a man his size.[b]“Tulio, I need you to get the rest of the team and have everyone pack up in a calm and collected manner. Tell them that we're moving out soon. To get the children away from the freaks at the gate.”

Zoey looked up at Cortez, fear evident in her face. “Taz?” She whimpered, her eyes falling to Lina. “ What's going on?” She asked and Cortez took a breath but didn't say anything, He wasn't sure himself.
Then Tulio spoke. He looked up at him "You heard the man. Begin preparations for mass evacuation of the students and staff - keep the younger children under the pretense that this is a drill to avoid having panic spread amongst them. That is the last thing we need now."
Cortez looked down at Zoey. “ C'mon, Z. We gotta go.” He said and picked her up. Zoey was perfectly capable of walking herself. She was 10 years old for Christ sake but Cortez hardly let her walk, Not when he felt she was in danger.

Cortez helped Zoey pack her essentials “ Taz, I'm Scared.” She said as he helped her put on her pink backpack. “ I know, but we're with the X-men. We're safe.” He said softly. Honestly he was terrified too but he kept it from his face. They rushed to the assembly where the Headmistress was about to speak.
“I know that you've all been told that this is a drill, but its not. I'm not going to lie to you. There are people coming for us.”
People started screaming and Cortez frowned. He nudged the guy beside them that was yelling something about lies. “ Shut the fuck up, assh-”“Enough! Not once did we ever say that our walls were impenetrable. Not once did we say that as long as you're here, nobody would ever bother you. We gave no false hope at all. What we gave was a promise. A promise that as long as a single one of us is breathing, we will still fight this war. A promise that as long as we can still fight, we will defend you. A promise that we would never abandon you.” 
Then the crowd started to dispersed. Cortez, was pissed, how could they act like this? Like Xavier's wasn't a safe haven for them. Like they would just be like 'Hey, Mutants over here. Come and get 'em'
Zoey looked up at her brother. His whole expression read anger. She kept quiet. She could understand to a certain degree, They were suppose to be safe here, so what was going on?

Just then..Chaos ensued.

Amidst the chaos, Cortez and Zoey were cut off by one of the men. Cortez threw Zoey behind him and rushed the solider, knocking him to the ground. “Run, Zoey!” He screamed as he wrestled with the solider. Stunned, Zoey was frozen. “ Zoey!” He screamed and threw his elbow into the soldier's chest. The solider recovered pushed Cortez off of him. He stood up and held up his gun. Snapping back to reality, Zoey reached out, grabbed the solider and the world around them shifted.
Cortez watched in horror. “Zoey! No!” He shouted but it was too late. She nor the soldier could hear him. He knew that. He couldn't tell what she did but the man looked horrified. His body started to convulse and in an apparent knee jerk reaction. The trigger on his gun was pulled and Cortez caught a bullet in the shoulder. He dropped to the ground, clutching the wound but he'd live. The Soldier however, didn't seem the share the same fate. He clutched his chest and crumbled to the ground. Zoey just stood there. Cortez grimaced. Both in pain and in the fact that Zoey was 'Stuck'. Most times, when she used her ability. She would get stuck in the world she created. Cortez stumbled over to her. His hand was covered in his own blood but he ignored it as he placed his hands on her little shoulders. “Sorry, Zoe.” He said and with his clean hand, he slapped her clean around the face. Zoey blinked back to reality, tears forming in her eyes and her soft brown cheek stinging red. She looked down and saw what she'd done. “He was gonna kill us, Zoey.” Cortez said, looking at his baby sister. Zoey stood stunned. She just killed a man. What scared her worse was that, she felt no remorse. She was glad he was gone. “Zo-” Just then Cortez went deathly pale, his body wavered and he fell backward.
Zoey rushed to her brother's side. "Cortez!" She screamed, her vision blurred from tears. Blood hung heavy in the air mixed with smoke and gun powder. She looked around for some place to hide her and her too pale brother. She spotted a row of Briar bushes and figured she could hide him in there. From here, it was too small for the both of them. She swallowed down her fear and remembered something from class; How firefighters would drag unconscious people from burning buildings. She stumbled around Cortez, stood behind him and grabbed him up under the arms. With a grunt, she stood up but Cortez' arms slipped out of her grip, one flung back and hit her in the face. Under any other circumstance, like say if he was asleep. That would have been funny, but now, it was just too much. She wept for a moment. How was she going to save her brother? She was just a kid? Zoey looked down at him, he looked like he was in a peaceful sleep but the crimson red liquid that slowly engulfed in crisp white shirt was evidence to the contrary. Zoey dropped her head in defeat. He was gonna die. He was gonna die and she'd be alone.


Zoey looked at him. She couldn't give up. Not on him, He never gave up on her. 

Zoey stood up and tried again. She wrapped her arms around his chest, this time. She could feel she had a better grip. Grunting again, she took short steps backwards, shuffling them toward the bushes. She slipped on the grass but she got right back up again and continued on. 

Finally, She had Cortez safely tucked behind the bushes. 
She dropped to her bottom for a moment, to catch her breath. He'd be proud of her. Not for saving him but for not giving up. She looked at her brother's face. He was too pale. He was always lighter then her, but this was scary. 

She got to her feet. "I'll be back, Just hang on." She whispered and made her way to find someone, anyone who could help. 
Or would.

Soon, she found another mutant. Someone she didn't know but she saw him around school. He rushed over to help his fellow mutant and soon she and Cortez were safe in one of the Vans with Cataleia , Caelan and the others, while the guy went back to continue to fight.
Zoey sat in the car with Cortez unconscious in her lap. She smoothed back his hair, sobbing lightly as they rode off.

Zoey had nodded off during the ride and was awaken by Cortez. “ Zoey...”He managed. Zoey blinked awake. She looked down at her bother. “Hey there.” He said and Zoey smiled meekly. “Hey.” She said. Cortez pulled himself up gripping his shoulder. “What I miss?” He asked. “You were shot.” She said. Cortez chuckled. “Nah, I got that part.” He said, with a cough. Zoey was uncharacteristically quiet. “Zoe...I'm alright.” He said, his voice was weak. “ Yea, I know...but...” Cortez pulled her into a one armed hug. “ Shhh, You can't get rid of me, Twerpette” He said and Zoey -typically- she would have laughed or grimaced at the name but instead she just sobbed in his chest and Cortez let her.

“Zoey.” Cortez shook her lightly. Zoey awoke again. “Hmm?” She asked sleepily. “We're here.” He said with a light smile. Zoey sat up and looked out the window. She saw a large plantation house just up ahead. She didn't know how she felt about the house given it's dark past and it's correlation to her people but, regardless, it was gorgeous. She smiled back at Cortez and he gave her one of his infamous half grins, while still clutching his shoulder. The bleeding had stopped but he was still covered in blood. “I look like a Zombie, don't I?” He asked and she giggled. “No.” She said softly. “ I'm coming to get you, Barbra!” Cortez teased and rose his hands like a 70's zombie and tickled her with his unwounded arm, Zoey giggled loudly . “Stoppit, Taz!” She squealed.
After a minute or so, the car stopped and they were lead up to the house.“Alright – Everyone out. Go inside and wash up. Make yourselves at home.”  “ Damn. Maybe I should become a thief.”Cortez swooned and Zoey gave him a look. “ It was a joke...ha ha it is to laugh.” He said and Zoey rolled her eyes and they walked inside. Cortez grimaced as the pain in his shoulder seemed to get worse with every movement but he kept it to himself, he also hated that his powers did nothing for Zoey. All he could do was catch a bullet and literally slap her back to reality. He found a small couch and plopped onto it and Zoey sat beside him on the floor. This was too much for the siblings. They were supposed to be safe so...What the hell?

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Tulio's vision was a little blurry still when he finally found Orfelina standing near the Uncle Gambit, or Remy Lebeau as he was best known. His sunglasses were still placed on his face to block out the sun - what, children of shadows didn't have to like the sun that much - which gave him a weird look of a tired Men In Black agent. Quite bizarre comparison, if Tulio was allowed to say such. Nevertheless, Tulio was quite pensive, not to mention shy, about approaching Orfelina with his uncle - not to mention her godfather - looming over. True, Tulio knew that he was to return Orfy's phone when he could since it was not his, and he should probably talk to her after the events that came to pass at the Academy, but that didn't help his uncertainty. For starters, what had happened to Orfy still scared him: basically watching one that he had gotten close to die was not a happy experience for a mind such as Tulio's, since while it ran off of facts and logics, there was still emotional sentiment left in him. It certainly didn't help that he was quite tired from the drive, the regurgitation of his meal and the fight, and that Remy was quite the scary man if provoked. Regardless of the fact that Remy and Tulio were related through Julio and that Tulio had quite a healthy respect for the gambler, Tulio was always somewhat wary around Uncle Remy - mostly because things exploded around that man.

Taking a deep breath and shoving all of his quarreling emotions and statistics out of the way, Tulio approached Orfelina as she was smoking a cigarette, that same excited look still plastered on her face as if she hadn't registered the loss that had occurred. Thing was, since Tulio had read her mind, he knew of her fear of death, so it was quite obvious that inheriting James' powers would excite her to no end. Then again, since she had seen his mind and past he should technically have no fear of her whatsoever, since the only secrets they had were either exposed, or extremely recent. The realism in his mind screamed that he was acting irrationally, but his body was responding differently, as if to its own accord, and continued to be shy and tentative.

Finally reaching her, Tulio once again realized how short little Orfy really was at only 5 feet flat. Tulio was by no means tall: standing at only 5'11, the rest of the staff and students seemed to tower over the man, even if he was taller than half of the population. For some reason, mutant men were freakishly tall. Ignoring that, he gave Remy a curt little nod, a soft 'Uncle' coming from his mouth before turning his focus to Orfy - even though related, Tulio wasn't much for words. Thankfully his sunglasses hid most of his anxiety, tentativity and fatigue as he reached into his pocket to retrieve her cell phone. His voice changed a little from his acknowledgement of Remy: it was softer, calmer and a little warmer while staying at an audible level. As he pulled the phone out of her pocket and handed it to her, Tulio continued to look down on the little Miss Lina, whose 'death' still ran through his mind in the background. Tulio knew that all Orfy would have to do is remove his sunglasses, or even simply observe him to know he was highly troubled: Tulio usually walked with a silent, yet charming air of distance and realism. At the moment, he looked like he was going to fall down from unknown reasons.

"I had forgotten to return this to you, and I apologize for not doing so, as well as reading any personal information you have on this little thing." A sheepish smile reached his lips as his hand outstretched with the phone, but it wasn't as genuine as he normally gave mutants; especially Orfelina. All he knew right now was that he could sleep for days, he had thrown up on the way, his mind and body were reaching their limit and he was standing in front of a beautiful, short - in a cute way - and oddly excited lady with a cigarette in her mouth.

“Tulio...” She had taken her phone quietly, sliding it into her pocket with her free hand. For the first time since she had been shot, she seemed to have come down from her high. She wasn't completely sure of what she should say as she just realized how much of a monster she had probably made herself seem, going on cheering about her immortality and invincibility kicking in rather than mourning the lost lives. She glanced over to Remy before hooking arms with Tulio and guiding him towards the house, cooing softly to him as she tried to make him feel better. “Hey...Everything will be alright...” She honestly wanted more or less to just go to a room, hold him, and stroke his hair until he felt better.

Tulio gave no indication of resistance as she hooked his arm around his and asked him what was wrong. It was then that Tulio felt a little ashamed from dragging Orfy down from her excited state to the abysmal one of his own - he had no right, and she should be happy for the small accomplishments - Tulio wished he could. When she consoled him, Tulio wanted nothing more than to agree with her, and nearly did until he mentally stopped himself. She knew that he was under serious tension, and agreeing with her when he felt that way would not be right. The damage had already been done - she had seen through him, and lying to her would cause him more grief than comfort. A tired sigh escaped his mouth as his composure - normally straight and articulate - slumped considerably, leaning a little on the little Orfelina. His free hand reached for his sunglasses and took them off, a little shaky and slow as he did. His head turned towards hers so that she could see into his eyes, which almost didn't look like they belonged to the same man. Instead of distant, clouded and intrigued, Tulio's eyes were glassy, pained and considerably fatigued. He knew that Orfy could probably guess everything that was running through his mind, so he felt no need to voice what went on during his trip to Uncle Remy's, instead stating the obvious pressure point in his fatigue.

"I watched a bullet forcibly become friends with your frontal lobe. I failed to stop children from being murdered. I can't.... He took in a shaky breath, closing his eyes for a second to take it all in. Tulio couldn't even finish his sentence from the mental and physical exhaustion he felt. It was as if the whole thing was being weighed upon his shoulders, as if his failure was the fault of all. He had come to expect thoughts like that from himself, but he never did take them well. He also knew, however, that telling her all of this might cause Orfy to blame herself, and that was the last thing Tulio wanted: it was more like he still hadn't gotten over the recent events, so he confided his feelings to her.

Lina listened to his words as they moved inside the house where she guided him past those that were already there and upstairs to a vacant room. “Tulio. We may have superpowers, but we were outnumbered twenty to one...Death on our side was...inevitable. This is a war now...people will die on both sides. It sucks...but its what happens. The best we can do is trainer harder, fight harder, and be more careful.” As usual, she stumbled over her words, not quite sure what to say. People didn't really talk to her. They talked at her. She had never paid attention in an overly personal conversation enough to know how to properly respond.

She sat him on the bed and sat next to him, her cigarette long gone, but the bullet still curled in her small hand. “I...really didn't mean to frighten you or upset you. But I saw him...He was going to kill you. And...something just snapped, I guess. I was actually hoping to angle myself so it grazed my neck or got my shoulder. But I may have underestimated my size compared his and the angle he was aiming at. It was a split-second decision.” More fumbling over her words as she tried to make him feel better through justifying her actions.

Tulio smiled a little, his eyes remaining glassy but returned slightly to the distance that they normally had. Ignoring her message, Orfy was quite adorable in her stumbling over words. While Tulio may talk as little as she did, he was always a stickler for learning to articulate and speak regardless of who, when or why he was speaking. Tulio nodded at her statement about how basically the battle could have gone way worse, and that regardless of their super powers they were still outnumbered. Nevertheless, Tulio's mind only processed the happy thought, only to shove it into the back of his mind. He knew that death was a part of war - heck, being a S.H.I.E.L.D agent proved that to him easily. What Tulio couldn't cope with was how little he did to save the children: after all, their evacuation was his job, and judging by the fact that many remained, in his own eyes he had failed. Not wanting to break her train of thought, however, Tulio merely nodded sadly to acknowledge her point.

When she explained what she did to basically save his life, once again Tulio remained silent until she had finished. Listening to her justification was a little odd, hearing how she hadn't planned on being shot in the head - who did? - and that she made it in the knick of time. After a few seconds of silence between the two, Tulio merely turned to Orfelina and hugged her close. At the moment, he had no real solid words to give a response to her - nothing really made sense to say right now. A hug, on the other hand, was actually more logical; which sounds quite weird, coming from Tulio. I... Tulio's voice dropped down a little, before saying what he had really meant to say the entire time. "I thought I had lost you." The ever literate Tulio finally spoke what had been on his mind the entire trip to New Orleans: Tulio had been terrified that Orfelina had died for him. Not only would he feel absolute guilt and despair the eons he would be around, but Tulio could also sense that without Orfy, something else would be missing. He couldn't identify where this other emotion was coming from, but using his past statistics it reminded him of what he had been feeling about 2 weeks ago, right around 2:14 AM when Orfelina kissed him for the first time.

Lina's arms wrapped around him in return and she tried her best not to hug too tight, for fear of hurting him. As he whispered softly, she closed her eyes, a few rivulets of salty tears slowly trickling down her cheeks. “I'm sorry. I am so, so sorry.” She gave a light sniffle, turning her head some to press her lips gently against his neck, glad that she had closed and locked the door behind her, lest Caelan come tromping in. Or worse, Alex or Ben to see her like this. She wasn't a particularly good liar. The only reason her brother didn't know about she and Tulio now was because he never asked.

Her apologies to him, while they shouldn't mean much since he was past apologies, meant a lot to him. That she cared enough to take a bullet for him was shocking, but that she would apologize for scaring him? Even the pessimistic Tulio had a sliver of happiness, even if he had no tears to shed - those were all spent years earlier. When her lips touched his neck, a sigh of tired happiness escaped him. When she released from his neck, Tulio brought his thumb to her cheeks, ridding her face of those droplets of salt and water. Finally, after the entire day, a genuine, soft smile reached his lips. You saved my life Orfy - there is no reason for you to apologize." He kissed her forehead out of gratitude, and then looked at her again with that same soft smile. Even though he may hate himself for it, Orfy cared enough to save him when she was uncertain of her own physical condition. "I believe I owe you quite a bit, miss." He hadn't meant it, but his gentleman charm had somehow snuck in while he was talking, but he meant every word: he owed her his life, however much that was. How could he repay that?

“I think...for now, I'll settle for a kiss.” She blushed sheepishly as she stole a kiss from him, claiming her “reward”. It was a light kiss, not anywhere half as passionate as the others that they shared on the library table, but it was meaningful and still filled with care. She pulled back from him and gave a bashful smile, her violet eyes trained on his brown ones. “You need to rest...I'm going to go check on the others.” She kissed his lips once more, this time lingering if only for a few moments before standing and smiling to him as she brushed the knuckles of her hand gently across his cheek before leaving.

Tulio blushed slightly at her forwardness, but he wasn't going to complain as her lips brushed his. While it may not have been as 'deep' as the term was used, it meant almost as much than those that it had followed. When she pulled away, she gave him the obvious - he needed rest. Tulio nodded slightly in acknowledgement before she kissed him once more - a little longer, if he may add. Orfy then stood up, her knuckles brushing his cheek slightly, and left the room. Tulio watched her go, and as soon as she did his mind began to function the way it normally did once again. His pessimism returned, but not before being completely overwhelmed by sense of protection for his sister. Instantly, when he knew that Orfelina had left the area, Tulio stood up and weighed his options. He could either use a shadow portal and get to Cataleia in an instant without search, but at the cost that he would be out for a while in the near future, or conserve his power and look for her. The only problem with looking for her is that if Orfy found him, he was pretty sure she would be quite disappointed that he had not taken her advice and rested. Realizing that disappointing Orfy meant more to him, he walked into the nearest shadow with only one thought: Take me to Cat.

While knowing where he was going would have saved energy, Tulio managed to end up in a room with enough energy left to stand and move. Instantly he saw Cat seemingly passed out on a bed, bloody and naked. A sad sigh was all that was heard, and it was his own as Tulio made his way over to her. A million thoughts raced through his tired mind as he pulled one of the sheets over her - now was not the time to be complaining about blood in the fabrics - but only one formed into words. "Oh Cat, how can you keep doing this to yourself?" It was softer than his normal speaking voice, full of sadness for his sister. He had felt the lingering attraction she had for Thomas, and her dread and confusion when said mafioso kissed her in front of everybody. As much as he wanted to simply blame Thomas for those events, he knew he couldn't. Cat was a girl that attached herself to so many people, and Tulio knew that one of these days it would come back to haunt her. Reality was just a sick comedian and liked to throw bad jokes out during murder. He smoothed her hair out, kissed her forehead, and gave another sigh. He couldn't be angry with her - he was having his own relationship problems now too, so he was starting to understand her distress a little. Nevertheless, Tulio was just happy to see her; didn't matter if she was naked or bloody, she was still his twin sister.

After that, he did the exact same thing as before: teleporting back to his room. Only this time, he barely made it to his bed before passing out onto his bed. He wasn't sure when he would wake up, but Tulio didn't care: somehow, the world seemed a little less grey right now, regardless of the events.

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As he left the medical ward, he pulled Zee aside into the corner by the main staircase. He maneuvered her so he was back against the wall and she was in front of him, giving her the edge and advantage. He and Zee were connected on a level a lot deeper than most couples he had seen, so even the slightest indication of body movement was essentially a statement to one another. He sort of just stared at her a for a few seconds. Not judging stare, or one of anger, more like a stare a man gives his wife when it has been over two weeks since they had really seen or spent any time with one another. Though his eyes were sad, he gave her a smile, and but his hand against her face, caressing it with his thumb. He let out a short chuckle, his eyes tearing up. "What am I going to do with you?" he gave another little chortle, before he sucked his tears back in before they had a chance to fall.

The past two weeks had been hard on both of them. Though, Eric get feeling like, through the way Zee was acting, like she was the one who lost her father and sister, not him. She had locked herself away even from him. In all honesty, the reason he hadn't spoken for so long, was because he is not as strong as he has to be all the time. Eric had to be strong, growing up raising his family, keeping tabs on his wife and facing a slew of adversary one would expect to receive if you were viewed as the Son of Magneto. But, with the death and disappearances of his closest relatives, and then to have his wife just completely shut him out. He could barely take it, but he didn't know how to tell Zee.

It was obvious she was hurting, about a lot of things. And now this whole thing with pushing one o the students off the roof. It was obvious she was not in a good place. Eric wanted to so desperately be there for her, but, he felt like his mind and heart were tearing each other apart. So, he just stood, there, looking into those deep cat eyes, trying to figure someway out of helping her.

For one of the first times in his life, Eric didn't have a next step. He had a final goal, but right now......he was lost, and it was his job to guide. Meaning he would fail everyone who relied on him, who was thankfully a small amount of people, but still.

His train of thought was derailed by Cat yelling for a meeting in her office. Eric simply sighed a very frustrated sigh and just stared off towards where she went. He looked back to his wife and gave her a look that essentially said, "Now What?"



That's What

The moment things began to escalate, what with the sound s of fire, Lina's visions and all other matter of mayhem, the first thing Eric did was turn and gave Zee a passionate kiss, the like of which he hadn't given her in almost a month. When he released it, he looked to her. "Get as many out as you can. I won't be far behind...I'm never far behind." He gave her a weak smile and flew off towards the back of the Mansion.

He went sailing to the top floor of the dormitories and began searching through the mass amounts of kids for a specific kid. "Icarus! Icarus! He called out for one of his best students. He always trusted him to do a job and do it right, no matter what. "Professor!" Eric turned to see an attractive young man with brown hair and red wings on his back. Eric ran over to him. "Icarus, I want you to get the youngest kids you can find and take the School bus we have in the garage and take the back exit into the city. The bus has no markings so there should be no reason they make a target of it. Do you understand?" Icarus gave him a thousand yard stare for about 2 seconds, then shook his head and nodded heavily. Eric nodded back. "I'll cover you. He then turned and ran to his room.

With a flick of his wrist, a complicated mechanism activated and a wall peeled away several levels of surface revealing a secret room. The room was pure metal and in the center was a suit of white armor. He raised both of his hands, and the suit floated of its post and flew directly towards him. The metal of the suit seems to congeal around him and merge with his very flesh, then form around him. He was then wearing his white armor that he had been preparing for a day such as this. Eric turned and blew out his own window with a magnetic blast and flew out into the fray.

The battle was raging and Prodigal decided to keep his position in the air. Hopefully the soldiers with artillery would see him as a threat and attack him. He just wanted to let as many of his kind escape as possible. He saw several of his compatriots thick in the mire of battle and he quickly shielded as many as possible by strengthening their own personal magnetic field. It should've helped absorb a good amount of damage done to them and help to curve bullets away from them. He doubted any of them even realized what he had did.

His plan worked, as soon he felt the dense metals of 50 caliber shells start to rain at him. The bullets simply stopped about 10 feet from him and froze. Eric began to meld the bullets together and made what looked like a very long and thin lance. He then set it flying into a tank. Prodigal made a gesture with his hands and the lance expanded rapidly and caused the tank to be ripped apart. "To quote a great man, 'Humans and their guns.'" he said to himself. it was true, they had no real way of hurting him. He could deflect anything they threw at him, even if he wasn't paying attention.

After who knew how long of a fight, he turned and saw the school bus driving out the back int the city streets, away from the melee. Prodigal heaved a sigh of relief. Icarus had done his job. He was about to turn his attention back to the fight, when he heard an explosion. He swiftly turned and looked and saw the bus had come under fire! From what he could make out from this distance, the bus was swerving away from a smoking crater. It seemed the Purifiers had set up rocket unties in the city in case of escape through that way.

Eyes wide, he flew as fast as he could towards the bus to try and help them at all costs. There were children on that bus. he couldn't even begin to understand how anyone could knowingly try and kill a child!

He got right behind the bus just as it apparently got hit with razor wire, decimating the tires. The bus began to skid and looked to flip, in fact it began to. Just as it lifted off the ground and began to flip, Prodigal reached out his hands and caught the bus in his magnetic grip. He breathed a sigh of relief......just a bit too soon. He heard the sound of several rpg's being launched towards him and the bus. He felt out there metal and when they got closer to the bus, he managed to catch them as well.

Once again, he breathed easy.

That is, until he heard a deep thud in the distance. He felt a very large piece of metal heading towards the bus at a blinding speed. He tried his hardest to focus on it, but the constant flames still erupting from the rpg's meant he had to keep concentrating to hold them back, and if he tried to drop the bus, the kids could get seriously injured. He had to focus!

He concentrated as hard as he could on the projectile, and just before it hit.......he caught it. It hovered just above the bus. It was an incredibly large missile. He felt as good as he could holding back missiles still trying to blow up a school bus filled with children dangling in the air. He began to focus each individual thing so he could deal with them one at a time, trying not to stress his powers.

He was about to set the bus down, when he heard a distinct, ting noise from just behind him and getting closer. He looked down and to his right just in time to see an unpinned grenade roll right underneath the bus and missiles. His eyes went wide and he attempted to try and contain the blast, but not even a moment later, it exploded.

Prodigal was flung backward from the force of the explosion, his own personal magnetic field shielding him from most of the blast. As Eric began to come to and his vision stopped swirling, he gazed upon the carnage before........the carnage he could've prevented. He saw the bits of child that now lay scattered around the street. But above all of the ringing in his ears, he could hear the cries of joy from the Purifiers.........

Eric was not a violent or angry man. He always kept his cool and was always a fan of diplomacy.........Eric snapped.

"NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eric screamed at the top of his lungs, the metal in his suit seeming to leak and slowly form itself over his own skin. Soon, he blacked out.


Eric awoke to find himself listing lazily through the air over what looked like a swamp of some kind. It was very beautiful. It made him feel nice and safe. It caused something warm in his chest to spread, even if only for a brief moment. He looked up and saw that the sun was out. It's shine was not as warm as usual, but still, it felt nice.

Eric soon began to wonder why he was here.......or how he got here. And why did he feel so sticky? And why were his hands gripped so hard. He just shrugged mentally and figured he would find out later. For now, he would just enjoy his flight.

What Eric didn't know, was that he was coated from head to toe in an incredibly thick film of blood. So much so, that is one would look at him from a slight distance, he would almost look just like his father in his red outfit. hell, he was pretty much the spitting image of his dad when he was his age, right down to the grey eyes. Gripped in his hands were a couple dozen Purifier banners, the white cross on a field of black. Representing their close minded black and white way of thinking.

Eric soon spotted what looked like a Mansion. He was feeling tired so he decided to descend towards it.

He landed about 30 feet away from the front porch. When he landed, for some reason, his legs didn't want to work, so he immediately fell to his knees.

"That's weird, why don't my legs work? Ive walked before, haven't I? Oh well, I guess I'll just wait for.......something."

Eric then preceded to kneel there in front of the Mansion with a stare a thousand miles long.

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#, as written by Vix
Caelan showed no signs of clemency on the battlefield. It wasn't in his nature. He was three times as barbarous as everyone else put together, growing empowered (literally) from the death all around him. He got a rush of adrenaline with each life taken and twice the adrenaline when he took a life with his own hands. The astonishment showed in the faces of his adversaries as he would command the cadavers around him to rise and fight for the mutants. Eyes were wide in incredulity as comrades missing heads and limbs would open gunfire upon them. Somewhere along the battlefield his shirt had been torn off. How movie cliché is that? It didn't bother him, though. Though, what did bother him was when his dog tags were yanked from around his neck. That pushed him over the edge and he went completely berserk, quite literally rending apart those that stood before him.

He turned his head at one point, catching sight of his sister falling quickly to the ground. Dropping like a brick. He was running towards her in an instant, registering Tulio destroying the man that had killed his sister. Before he arrived at her side, he skidded to a halt and watched as she slowly began to rise. As Tulio tended to her, he could feel a bullet drill into the side of his own head and he fell. For only a minute he blacked out, but he was soon back on his feet and pulling a heart out of a man. Deadman was an absolute savage when in battle and he never held back. He was now rushing on adrenaline, rage, the will to survive, and the energy from the death all around him. But it was soon all over and he was standing with taut muscles, sweating and covered in blood. The only thing he had noticed on the battlefield was his sister – She had gone into a savage rage that was trademark Howlett. He was proud of her, but he would have to question her later about a suspicion that he had for a while now. But right now wasn't the best time.

Instead, he made his way inside with the others and could feel the rage build in him all over again. There were a few dead bodies of both mutants and Stryker's soldiers littering the foyer and he could smell the death coming from other areas of the house. A small child piped up and explained slowly and tearfully that while they waited for the X-Men to come back and aid them, many had run out the back of the house and hadn't been heard from. Only a few minutes later did the enemies burst in through windows and doors. Few of them hid while the others either fought or ran. Some were killed. Others were captured. Others managed to get away. Caelan opened his arms for an eight year old boy and his twin sister as they rushed to him in tears. He shushed them lightly and soothingly, picking them up and hoisting them onto his shoulders. It was then that he watched, unable to process what was happening, as Thomas Castellano moved quickly and kissed Cataleia with passion that made him want to retch.

He could not bring himself to so much as look at Cataleia as everyone headed out to the garage to load up everyone for the trip to New Orleans. He put Skylar and Sophia in the vehicle with Ulric and Alex, taking his bike. With his current rage build up, he didn't want to risk hurting them if he swerved off road, nor did he want them to see him if he had to pull over and pulverize something. Which he did a few times. His knuckles were white as he rode on, gripping the handlebars as tightly as he possibly could. Had his sister, Alex, Tony, and his father not built a sturdier bike the handlebars would have broken. He had no need to stop at all – His bike was self-powered by some shit that his sister, Alex, and Tony had tried to explain to him but he couldn't keep up with. The scene kept playing over in his mind and he only grew angrier and angrier with each passing moment.

Upon arrival to Remy's house, Caelan saw just how few there were. He looked to the ground and saw the bloody footprints that tracked towards the house through the dirt and grass. Remy was relaxing nearby a tree while beyond him Caelan could see Zalika and Adelaide kneeling before a bloodied Erik Junior. Off to the side he could see Fen tapping on Ulric's window asking about Julio. That worried him a bit – Julio had never been put in a battle situation other than the Danger Room simulations. Gritting his teeth and clenching his fists, he turned off his bike and parked it. Running his fingers through his hair, he trudged across the lawn He paused by Zee, Junior, and Adelaide. “You three should get inside – I'll go see if I can round up a couple of medics and have everyone taken care of.” He placed a hand on Zee and Adelaide's shoulders for a few moments, giving them both a reassuring squeeze before turning to head inside. He was greeted by Skylar and Sophia who tackled him with all their might. He didn't budge but he did give a weak smile, feigning elation. He picked them both up once more and made his way into the living room where about seven new faces sat. “You two go wash up and get some sleep. I'll do the same and we can grab some dinner later, alright?” He kissed them both on their forehead and sat them down, sending them off up the stairs.

He wasn't far behind them, only pausing to stand before those in the living room area. Or what he assumed was the living room. “Any of you healers or just regular medics?” He knew Skylar could heal, but he was young and untrained. He didn't want to risk something backfiring. It was then that George walked in through the door. “He's outside. Looks a bit shaken up, so you might want to give him a few moments to collect himself.” Ulric's pacifist nature wasn't the world's biggest secret, so the necromancer could only assume that he wasn't feeling too well after being surrounded by so much death and possibly bringing some death of his own. The man needed a bit of space.

He then turned his attention to a young woman that had stood with a raised hand. He recognized her faintly as a mute. So, he didn't really know her name. He gave a nod cleared his throat. “Everyone needs to get some rest and wash up before we have dinner. But wash up first. Also, since you are a healer, I need to ask that you go to Doctor Ulric and Doctor Lensherr – The female one - and the three of you please check on everyone and treat the injured from the most serious to the least. Please.” He spoke softly and ran his fingers through his hair. The woman gave a nod and made her way past both he and George quickly to do what was asked of her.

Caelan could only give George a pat on his shoulder before heading upstairs behind the others. He simply wandered the halls before picking a room, closing and locking the door behind him. Lo and behold, who would he find lying in the bed? None other but Cataleia-Bibiana. It was then that he had noticed that he hadn't seen Joe or Thomas since arriving at Gambit's...And they were the first to leave Xavier's. He worried a bit about Joe, but he couldn't honestly say that he would give a damn if Tommy didn't show up at all. Ever. He wanted to be mad at Cat. He really did. But with everything, he couldn't. Even the first time Tommy had stolen her from him didn't make him mad at her – It made him mad at the mafioso. It displeased him to see Cataleia in pain – And while he couldn't blame the physical injuries on Tommy, he could certainly blame him for the emotional pain.

“Kit-Cat. Hey.” He shook her gently, speaking in a firm yet gentle tone. She stirred a bit under the blankets and sheets atop her before blinking rapidly, slowly gathering herself to wake up. As her brown eyes opened she was accosted by the sight of Caelan. He didn't look as mad as she thought he would. His strong features were pulled into an expression of concern and she soon felt his rough hands brushing against her face and she closed her eyes once more, tilting her head into his now-open palm. “I'm so sorry.” Her voice was flaccid as a single tear rolled down her face that he quickly wiped away with his thumb while shushing her.

“We'll talk about it later. Right now, we should shower. We're fucking filthy.” He gave a light and charming smile before picking up his smiling lover out of bed, carrying her to the bathroom attached to the room. What happened within...Well. The sounds coming from within would suggest that they were kissing, making love, and making up.