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X-Men: No Mutant Left Behind

X-Men: No Mutant Left Behind


Panic has spread worldwide after two cataclysmic events that rocked all of earth. Mutants are being hunted down like animals as humans turn on them worse than before. The X-Men are fighting harder than ever for the survival of their race.

1,396 readers have visited X-Men: No Mutant Left Behind since Vix created it.

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Currently Accepting Applications. Feel free to read along with the story.


mutant -- /ˈmyo͞otnt/
1. 1. resulting from or showing the effect of mutation.
"a mutant gene"

1. 1.
a mutant form.
Synonyms: freak (of nature), deviant, monstrosity, monster, mutation

|| Born to Rise || Hall of Fame || Titanium || Win ||


There's a place in the world called Xavier's Academy for Gifted Youngsters.

It's in New York.

But, it's not a Prep School like many think it to be; Xavier's Academy is home to hundreds of young mutants from all over the world. The place was once the childhood home to renowned Professor, Charles Xavier. He later turned it into a home and a haven for mutants, particularly the young ones. The academy is dedicated to protecting young mutants from those who would harm them simply for being what they are. However, it just wasn't enough. Within the confines of his home, Charles formed the X-Men. Now, you may be wondering, “X-Men...What the holy hell is that?” Well, X-Men are a secret team of elite mutants, hand chosen for their various abilities. It is their duty to protect the students of the academy -- some of them being students themselves -- as well as embark on missions to rescue humans and mutants from the threat of evil mutants or evil humans. They may not all abide by Professor X's philosophy of peace, but they all have a passion for keeping peace and protecting innocent lives no matter what it is that must be done. Among them were Katherine Pryde, Bobby Drake, Peter Rasputin, Warren Worthington III, Henry McCoy, Remy LeBeau, Lorna Dane, Anna Marie, Kurt Wagner, Laura Kinney, and young Jubilation Lee.

Image have their counterpart: The Brotherhood of Mutants.

The group was originally nothing short of terrorists. They were mutants who wanted to do nothing more than spend their time subjugating humans to the will of mutants, attempting to forcibly awaken human X-Genes, or simply killing humans. They were formed by Erik Lehnsherr and soon grew over time in numbers. Among them now are Wanda Maximoff and her twin brother Pietro Maximoff - Also known as The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. They are both the children of Erik Lehnsherr, the half-siblings of Lorna Dane. Then there's John Allerdyce - They call him Pyro. He's a former student of the Xavier Academy and also Bobby's former best friend. You can't forget Callisto, James Madrox, Roger Quark, Cain Marko, Mystique, Frederick Dukes, Mortimer Toynbee, Jason Wyngarde, Angelo Unuscione, Lani Ubana, Telford Porter, and Peter Quinn. As time went on, the Brotherhood seemed to focus a lot more on political movements, attempting to take down and sometimes even succeeding in 'taking care of' anti-mutant figureheads. Their members are all mutants who are either victims of anti-mutant abuse suffered at the hands of humans or mutants who just don't like humans because they view mutants as better in every way. Peace is not an option to them. Humans must go by one way or another.


{ ~~~x~~~ }
The year is now 2012. And so much has changed.
{ ~~~x~~~ }

Professor Charles Xavier and his wife, Moira Xavier passed away in the year 2005. His funeral was one of the largest that the world had seen. Mutants and humans from all over came out of the woodwork to pay their respects to the man and his wife. It was no secret that he had touched so many lives. Even his brother Cain showed up - He didn't even have a temper that day. Erik Lehnsherr had shown up, of course. Only to pay respect to Charles - He never liked Moira and always thought that if it hadn't been for her, he and Charles would be on the same side of 'The War'. Erik erected a number of metal art pieces along with a statue in the garden that became Charles' grave, a shrine in his honor. One of his former students took over as Headmistress while the original X-Men and Professors retired and moved on so that the next generation could take the reigns. Jean had died back in 2000, the Phoenix dying along with her. Many had children. Most of them were attending college. A lot of them had just above average intelligence; They did have the benefit of being raised in a place of learning, after all. Ororo had a daughter that was now grown, having married her long time love, T'Challa. Among the others with children were Remy LeBeau, who had a child as the result of one of his many one night stands gone... Well, right. Scott raised a child as well, trying his best to make up for Jean's absence in the child's life. Logan had two children. Lorna Dane married her long time crush, Alexander Summers and they had a child. Anna Marie and Bobby Drake got married and had a child - But they moved away from the Xavier Academy and left the country in an attempt to lead a normal life at Anna's insistence. Jubilation Lee and Peter Rasputin ended up having a child together a few years before getting married and they stuck around to raise their offspring. Kurt wanted a child...But he feared that the child would come out looking like him and his family - Demonic. He feared the worst for the child and remained single for some time. He had a son with Wanda Maximoff but never got to see him until the child ran away to live with him. Katherine Pryde and Warren Worthington ended up having a child. Even Doctor McCoy decided to leave behind a legacy before his death, having married his long time love, Mystique, helping her to raise her other child as well.

The Brotherhood? Well - A lot of things happened there that lead to the events of now. Just like the X-Men, their members had children. As in accordance with their disposition, they only had children with mutant partners. So it was very rare for a human child to turn up. John Allerdyce's first child was a human - He remembered that Jean Grey had once said that the X-Gene was most often awakened during times of intense emotion, stress, or trauma. He was a twisted young man who secretly tortured and abused his child in an attempt to awaken her X-Gene. Needless to say, he did. The child had the ability to inflict pain without touching anyone. But from the abuse, her mind was twisted. She killed her father and, in her insanity, she committed suicide. Wanda also had a child. He ran away at a young age to live at the Xavier Academy with his cousin -- who was the child of Pietro and Callisto -- raised by his father (Kurt). Erik was upset that not a single one of his grandchildren, nor his child with Mystique, shared his vision, hoping that the group he founded would one day be under their control. Mystique had even left his side to be with Hank, taking their son with her after she told him that she was tired of living life fighting all the time. She saw that the mutant and human relations were steady and said she wouldn't live in the dark anymore. She truly did love Hank and she wanted to be with him. The blue beast had convinced her to be on the 'right' side if the war began anew. With the loss of his grandchildren, youngest child, and love of his life, Erik remained solitary for years. He spoke to no-one. Not his family and not his dearest of friends. There was arguing that rose up within the Brotherhood and the group split in two. The two separate groups often clashed - One group lead by Toad was determined to exterminate the humans. The other was lead by Wanda and Pietro. They were more or less for subjugating humans and enslaving them if they couldn't turn them into mutants. Over the years, stress and tension rose...Until it was almost too much.

{ a n d t h e n }

Everything was steady as far as the relations between humans and mutants. The Brotherhood of Mutants had been relatively quiet, kept tamed and forced into the shadows by the X-Men. Until IT happened. A group calling themselves Purifiers had found where Erik was hiding out the rest of his days, having locked onto his location after spotting him at Charles' funeral only a few years prior. They had invested a good amount of time to deciding how he should be killed. Finally, they decided that he was old, nearly eighty years old, he had given up on life, and was as depressed as they came -- He wouldn't put up a fight. Taking that risk...they approached. He did wrestle within himself, debating whether he'd fight back or not. By the time he decided he wasn't going to go out like a bitch, a specially made wooden bullet was already driven through his skull and several more followed, piercing his body numerous times.

But that wasn't the end.


In the dead of the night on August 26th, 2012, they mounted Erik and three other mutants, including Jubilation Lee, onto giant wooden crosses and set them up outside the gates of Xavier's Academy, having discovered the true identity of the school and that there were mutants housed within, with REPENT written in blood across their foreheads and bible verses across their bodies along with a number of slurs against mutants. Wanda saw it on the news and rushed with her brother to the scene of the crime with the intention of killing each and every human in sight, but was stopped and captured by the X-Men who took her beyond the gates and insisted that they act rationally. Wanda had all but lost her mind at that point and lost it even further to see her child smiling and hanging out with the students as though nothing was wrong (the staff hadn't broken the news to the students yet). Her grip on reality was all but lost at that point. Wanda was an exceptionally powerful mutant who could even manipulate reality - And that's exactly what she did. She created her own perfect world: Mutants ruled over humans and her family was whole. The X-Men were even close friends of her, members of the Brotherhood now, even – As far as the world was concerned, it had always been this way. But some seer mutants were able to see through the bullshit reality and warned the others about what had really happened. There was struggling as they tried to decide whether or not they should return to their true reality. After finally coming to the conclusion that this was not the right way, they proceeded. They went to Wanda and begged of her to make the world right. After hours of an intense conversation, they got Wanda to see just what she was doing. To see the light -- What she was doing wasn't natural. She cursed her father for giving her such a state of mind and decided that the world would just be better off without mutants. But such a big warp right after another wasn't bound to go well. Everything seemed to go back to normal... Nobody remembered what had happened. Hell. They didn't even know it had happened until a seer mutant had brought it to their attention, having been aware of the warp because of her powers.

But there was something wrong.

{ . . . . . . . }

Mutants all across the globe had lost their mutations.

They were humans now.

Again, for some.

Wanda died during the warp, having been killed by Wolverine when it was realized what she was doing. Among those with lost mutations was Quicksilver, Polaris, Beast, Rogue, Iceman, Northstar, Dazzler, Storm, Toad. Many more. Even some of their children. The world once held hundreds upon thousands of mutants. But now? There are only 501 mutants left. Recorded, anyways.

It's now September 13th, 2012.

So much has happened after mutants across the globe were depowered. Many humans rejoiced -- Some (ex)mutants began searching for a way to regain their mutations while others took it as a blessing in disguise and have been integrating themselves into a normal human life. The remaining mutants? They were hunted. All across the globe, the hunt to find the rest of the mutants began. Religious extremists took 'The Great Purge' as a sign from God and sought to finish his work, joining Purifiers. Another group formed as well, calling themselves Sapien League. They weren't religious fanatics, but simply humans who didn't want mutants around. As a result, mutants from all across the globe reacted in a few ways. Some immediately fled to Xavier's for shelter. Others went into hiding. Others...They did what Magneto would love of them to do; they fought back and took as many human lives as they could.

Senator Robert Kelly of Massachusetts approached the U.S. Senate began to push for a bill: Mutant Affairs Control Act that would require mutants to disclose their identities and powers to the government, and work for the government while being labeled as Weapons of Mass Destruction among other things that clearly violated every bit of privacy that they had. It wasn't the first time he had tried for it - The first couple of times it had been rejected as unconstitutional. But now, with mutant attacks growing more vicious, he has high hopes that it will go through. Even if the bill was rejected again, he was secretly working on Project: Wideawake - A covert operation where mutant-hunting Sentinel robots were being created.

Our story will begin barely two weeks after M-Day. All of the remaining mutants who aren't out terrorizing humans and doling out vigilante justice or hiding have arrived at Xavier's Academy and are beginning to settle in and somewhat relax...finally. But that moment of peace will not last for long.



▲I intend this RolePlay to be as close to Marvel as possible. So, feel free to give your character a wide range of applications with their powers. I warn you now - If your character begins to get out of hand because of your inability to adapt them to the proper setting for the RolePlay to flourish, I hold the right to kill them off -- I will not allow the story to be wrecked by immaturity.

▲I don't care if your character is an Omega-level mutant and the guy/girl that everyone wants to be around with enough talent to spare a third-world country -- They better have something wrong with them inside that could tear them apart if they don't reign it in to even it out. That means that Li'l Miss Mary-Sue and her husband, Gary-Stu, better have some internal issues. Besides - That makes for more drama.


▲The decisions taken throughout the story will influence and affect the world around our characters. Every major choice has a consequence and will count towards the different endings. This means that you cannot go about willy nilly, having your character harass, kill, maim, and generally being a dick to NPCs (or PCs) while expecting little to no IC consequence.

▼No metagaming; When it comes to plots and other characters, just because you know it doesn't mean your character does. You need to discuss with the other writers what your character would know about theirs rather than assuming. None of these characters are omnipotent. We will discuss plot points and arcs out of character, but you are not allowed to use that knowledge in advance for the advantage of your character.

▼No mixing; If you have issues separating your feelings from those of your character's, this isn't the place for you. If your character does not get along with another character, that is not a reason for you to attack the writer. If you don't get along with the writer, that is not grounds for your character hating theirs. It's petty and unprofessional. You are not your character. Your character is not you.

▼No bunnying or powerplaying; Do not force actions onto other characters. You want your character to punch another in the face? Ask the writer. Don't control the reactions of other characters -- Give the writer a chance to have their character dodge or resist. I will also drop you faster than a bad habit if you're one of those people who get huffy when people don't acknowledge how "beautiful, talented, and amazing" your character is. I've seen enough of it and I don't tolerate it. Don't force ships onto others either. And. Please remember that every character has weaknesses. Whether it's emotional, physical, or power related doesn't matter. But they must be there. Even gods have weaknesses and limitations.

▼Don't carry out battles (between Player Characters) or extremely long dialogues through numerous posts. Do a collaboration. I suggest using Titan Pad.

▲Keep IC posts detailed - At least try to maintain 400 words (2 paragraphs) of detail with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation – Proofread, people. Or as best as you can. Just don't get sloppy. No one liners!

▲Make sure to read everyone's posts and reply in accordance to whatever may pertain to your character. (Tagging is your friend, darlings). Don't skim posts.

▲Give everyone time to reply so we're all on the same page. It's not a race. Also, no unauthorized time skips! I will let everyone know when we're moving on to the next scenes and arcs. No need to take it into your own hands to jump an hour into the future.


▲Stay civil on the OoC thread - All personal spats should be taken to PMs. I don't want any flame wars starting. If someone is being a dick, report them to me if things cannot be sorted out civilly. That's literally my only rule for OOC.

▲Reservations are accepted, yes. However, reserving a character does not guarantee that you'll get that slot. I will be accepting character sheets based on how creative and well written they are. I will also be judging you based on any past experience I've had with you (if we've roleplayed together) and, as the GM and Creator of this roleplay, I reserve the right to reject any writer or character sheet that I deem fit.

▲You have 4 days to submit at least a Work In Progress CS and 1 week to submit full Character Sheets once you've been accepted into the group. I've given most of the basic information about the characters, so it really should not be that hard.

▲When making your reservation, please state your favorite mutant and what superpower you wish you could have.

▲For the love of the gods, if you don't have time in your schedule or feel that you might lose interest, say something. Do not randomly drop out without a word, leaving your character lingering around. Put it up for adoption so another writer can take it on. If you don't post after 7 days, I reserve the right to ghost your character until your return. If you don't return after 14 days, you will be removed from the roleplay.

▲No. You can't change the Face Claims or the powers. Don't even ask. Until all characters have been taken, no new ones will be added to the roster. If all characters are taken and someone still wants to join, I have more on hand.


This RP is intended for a mature audience. Fluff themes and dark themes are allowed at just about any levels as long as you don't exaggerate – And by exaggerate, I mean that I don't want any constant damsels in distress or constant pity parties being thrown for your character. Strong language is also allowed. However, in accordance with RPG rules, no cybering. This roleplay will also feature heavy religious themes. If you are easily offended, I don't think this is the roleplay for you, as it will often be quite dark and gritty and no punches will be held back.

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The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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#, as written by Vix
{→ o u t f i t ← | → m o o d m u s i c ←}

Two weeks.

That's how long it had taken for them to work things out. It had been hectic, dealing with everything that had come their way. Things weren't completely sorted out but they were on the road there. Xavier's had been moving people in and moving people out since the death of Wanda Maximoff after she triggered the depowering of mutants all across the globe. Nobody really knew what had happened but the X-Men all knew that it had to do with Wanda, the only mutant capable of warping reality so quickly on such a level. None could even remember, having their minds erased, of the alternate reality she had created. All anyone could remember was life as normal only to wake up the next day and find that mutants had lost their abilities.

A lot of them.

Some were awake when it had happened in the dead of the night, watching frightened as they were suddenly no longer mutants. For those at Xavier's, they'd been examined in great detail and it was discovered that their X-Gene was completely gone, without a trace. A few samples had been taken from humans as well and it was found that they no longer possessed the X-Gene that would make it possible for them to one day mutate as well. It was the very next day when the news hit the television screens and internet. The inhabitants of Xavier's Estate felt a tragic loss as Jeanette Summers, the only child of Scott and Jean and the strongest mutant telepath since the death of Charles Xavier, died from mental overload after using Cerebro to see how many were left. She died shortly after letting them know. Scott was barely able to contain his despair and it was a damn near catastrophe trying to plan and host a funeral while at the same time packing up and moving out those who were humans while also seeking out and moving in the mutants who needed their help.

Two weeks and they had moved out their human residents; It had been easy enough to find them homes when many of Xavier's graduates and former staff members were willing to reach out a hand to the former mutants, some of them now human as well. The staff of Xavier's apologized but there was none needed, as they understood that they needed all the room they could get as well as how being around so many humans could be a trigger for some mutants. Only fifty-three inhabitants of Xavier's hadn't been depowered and all of them focused themselves on moving in the new mutants that began flooding in as well as maintaining security, keeping the protesters, rioters, and the news teams at their gates.

It was tough work but they managed to do so with a limited amount of snapping on others, breaking down into tears, and whining for normalcy. By the time that the twelfth had rolled around, they were still getting a few new mutants a day and had everyone situated into their dorm rooms and made sure they knew how to get around the house and who the staff members were. Rosetta had managed to find among the refugees some new teachers to replace the ones that they had lost during the day that was now dubbed “M-Day”. She was happy that they could finally begin to establish at least some sense of a normal life after getting everything sorted out, mentally exhausted from the matter. After establishing contact with their former-mutant friends, Rose officially declared things to be back in order. Students had been registered for the school year, and she had made a number of backup plans to discuss with the X-Men.

Rose grunted as she glanced at the clock on the wall; It was six in the morning. That meant that people would be getting up and getting ready to start their day. Most of the people there, nearly two hundred, had been in Xavier's for a while. However, at least two-thirds of them were still relatively or completely new. She had decided to delay the beginning of school for another week to give everyone time to adjust. She didn't think she'd give them much longer, thinking that getting them into a schedule of a normal life at Xavier's would help them all calm down. She and her team worked hard to shield them from the mess outside and she knew that a lot of people were bummed about them no longer being able to go to the rest of New York City.

However, many of them that were coming in from elsewhere had barely made it through the front gates, swarmed by throngs of people. There were media reporters all over, angry religious protesters rioting, and pro-mutant supporters trying to chase away the protesters. Then there were cops as well, constantly breaking up fights. It was a mess out there and Rose had responded by telling the media to wait and making higher walls around the school, brewing up a fierce storm in the sky that kept choppers from hovering above and spying on them. She would have to address them eventually and that day might as well be today. The sooner she got them out of there, the better. She would have to deal with the cops as well as local and state government, having a meeting in another thirty minutes with all of them, arranged a rather informal press conference within the mansion by George. The older man thought that it would fare better for them and the rest of the mutants not associated with the Brotherhood if they actually sat down to explain what was going on as best as they could. Revealing the true nature of Xavier's Academy would hopefully help as well, also admitting why it was kept so secret.

She sighed heavily and stood from her seat behind her desk, looking around her office. She should probably get dressed now, having been in pajamas for a while now. She hadn't really been doing anything for the past twenty-nine hours except sitting in front of her computer, trying to catalog all of the mutants that had come to them as well as wiring money to those who'd left. Charles had left a massive fortune for them and she had essentially cleaned out the bank, sending out well over twenty million dollars to her former students and colleagues who were now essentially on the run – Though, perhaps “hiding” would be a better phrase.

While they had done nothing wrong, they didn't want to get caught up in the wave of chaos. Now that they were human... They were vulnerable. Most of their families knew that they were mutants and were not supporters; They feared that their human family members would throw them to the wolves. It certainly wouldn't have been the first time for many. Rose didn't mind the hole it had put in her pocket to help them out – She maintained the grounds and for the past three years their entire household had been running through the use of alternative generators that were built by Doctor Howlett and kept running by getting a weekly dose of electricity by Rose and a couple of others capable of generating electricity.

She felt that they were in a good situation to sustain themselves without ever having to leave.


But she obviously didn't want to keep everyone a prisoner forever. She wouldn't make them go through something like that.

She eventually forced herself out of her office and headed up to her room, closing the door behind her. When she had been appointed Headmistress ten years ago she had been stoked to get the biggest bedroom in the house, celebrating by buying a much larger wardrobe. She moved to her closet and inspected her color arranged outfits, moving down towards the blacks and whites. “Hm... I haven't worn these yet.” She grabbed a pair of black Christian Louboutin drapesse with a sigh. Her eyes then floated over to a dress of black and white, pulling it out. “Nineteen fifties chic. Professional enough, I suppose”

She sighed again and laid out the outfit on her bed before heading into her bathroom for a quick shower, moving as quickly as she could. Stepping out, she blasted herself with warm air for a quick dry before heading to get dressed, tilting her head at a knock on her door. “Um momento, por favor,” she called out as she moved to her dresser and grabbed a seven layer black bead necklace, struggling to get it clipped behind her neck, having to shove thick waves of pale gold out of her way. Her shoes came on last, boosting her up to an even six feet in height, making her a bit more intimidating and professional in appearance than usual; She was normally seen wearing a rainbow of bright colors with her hair rotating color constantly, looking more like a rebellious student than the Headmistress.

She headed to the door and pulled it open to see Caelan standing there, welcoming the much larger mutant with a hug. “You look nice, hon',” he said softly. She offered him a soft smile before looking at the clock. “They're here, huh?” She bit down on her bottom lip nervously, her eyebrows pinching together. “Yeah, Nina is at the front door with them.” Caelan shoved his hands into his pockets, clearly worried about the consequences that could fall upon them if the press conference went wrong. She switched to a smile again and placed her hands on his arms, giving his biceps a squeeze.

“Everything's going to be alright. I'm going to need you there... Don't worry about Soph and Skylar; I've asked Tristan to keep an eye on the kids.” As she looked to him for a response, he only nodded before moving for her to exit. His walk behind her was solemn and hers were more confident, the clicking of her heels echoing through the halls as they made their way to the grand staircase, descending a bit slowly. Her unique blue eyes swept across the sight before her. The X-Men had gathered and waited patiently for her, standing in front of their guests. Nina moved to take her place among the X-Men, offering Rose a nod of her head.

Rose's gaze then turned towards the humans: Gary Markov, the Commissioner of the NYPD, Elaine Roberts, the Mayor of New York City, Jackson Talbon, the Governor of New York, and four people that she didn't know, reporters for news networks. She kept on a brave face and a kind smile as pink wildflowers bloomed from her hair.

She reached the bottom of the stairs and made a showing motion of opening her arms. “Welcome to Xavier's Academy for Gifted Youngsters.” She continued moving forward until she was standing evenly between her team and the humans, bringing her hands clasped together, resting against her abdomen. “I know that you all, and the rest of the world, have a lot of questions. And I'll try to answer them as well as I can.” Her eyes closed as she took a breath before opening them again, looking into the cameras.

“My name is Rosetta Juarez and I have been the Headmistress of this academy for the past ten years. ...Until recently, the majority of the humans who know about this place have believed it to be just an academy for students with extraordinary talents, something like a performing arts school. However, we are a school exclusively for mutants.”

She took a moment to let this sink in as it was finally admitted to the world. A female reporter lifted her hand, answered with a nod. “Michigan Lousit, CNN. Is this school exclusive to mutants because of its ties with The Brotherhood of Mutants or any hatred towards humans?” Ah, the first and most obvious question.

“No. This school was founded to protect both humans and mutants. Whether born with abilities or having developed them later in life, no mutant will automatically have complete mastery of them. Their mutations are triggered by intense states of emotions and can be dangerous if they don't learn what they can do and how to control it. Because of both this and the stigma against mutants, they are welcomed here to be surrounded by other mutants. This instills them with a sense of normalcy, feeling less like a freak of nature and learning to accept who they are, learning to feel unique. Everyone is required to take Power Control classes under the supervision of my staff members as well as allow themselves to be studied by Doctor Rebecca Howlett, who can help us gain a better understanding of their abilities until they have mastered keeping their powers under control to the point of their accidents being within point oh-five percent and no higher and achieve her seal of approval. And I won't lie: There are mutants here who both hate and fear humans due to prior torture and abuse suffered at the hands of humans, often their own friends and families.”

Another reporter lifted a hand, this one a male. “Chuck Quarters, Fox News. Exactly what are your qualifications to teach these children and to take it upon yourselves deem these children worthy of not being identified as a threat?”

To this, Rose took a step to the side and motioned towards the people behind her. “Rebecca Howlett is the world's leading expert on genetic mutations. She looks young, but she is fifty-four years old. She obtained four PhDs before she was twenty years old – One in Quantum Physics, one in Molecular Genetics, one in Nanotechnology, and one in Mechanical Engineering. I'm sure you've heard of her. She has studied every mutation known to date, mapped out the capabilities of them, and named them. She studied directly under Professor Charles Xavier, who, as you know, was the first to bring genetic mutations to light – even though nobody listened to him. Nina Villanueva is one of New York's best family lawyers and a skilled therapist. Her abilities allow her to literally feel the emotions of those around her as well as calm them to help prevent incidents. She is our resident therapist and psychologist. Speaking with her helps the students come to terms with themselves and what they can do. Caelan Howlett is a very well traveled and educated man and everybody adores him. He has several college degrees earned over the course of his many years of life and teaches a number of subjects here. I have a degree myself, so I think that qualifies me to teach. We all possess a great deal of power and knew what it was like to grow up fearing and hating ourselves for some time. This allows us to empathize with our students. Doctor Howlett's studies allow her to help determine their potential and their weaknesses. Our Power Control course is more or less learning to control one's emotions. I'm a bit of a hippy, so I know a bit about that.”

Finished, she turned before looking back to the reporters. The Governor spoke up this time, clearly hesitant. “There are rumors that you're training mutants here into an army against humans. That you're somewhat of an academy that churns out Brotherhood members... Is this true? What exactly is your tie to the Brotherhood?” She gave another nod, clenching her hands a bit as she launched into the complicated history between the X-Men and the Brotherhood, trying to keep it as simple as possible while maintaining the point that not all mutants were flaming douchecanoes.

“That is not true. We have our own... Security team. The X-Men, named after our founder, Charles Xavier, are a group of highly trained mutants who have mastered control of their abilities and have shown a strong desire for peace between humans and mutants. Generally, our job simply entails finding innocent mutants who are endangered, often at the hands of humans, and bring them to safety. We offer them a roof over their heads, education, jobs, three square meals a day. We offer them a community, a support network to help them heal. As far as the Brotherhood, we are nothing like them. We discourage every mutant that lives under this roof to refrain from letting any existing fear or hatred towards humans to warp so badly that they become deranged, psychopathic murderers. We do not house Brotherhood members and those who have any alliance with them are given a chance to cut ties or they are removed from our grounds. The Brotherhood and the X-Men have a long history; The founders of both were once best friends. However, Charles held hope for humanity and distanced himself. Erik, the one called Magneto, he had suffered too much at the hands of humans and thought that too many others had as well that he refused to lay down and take it any longer. They weren't always this bad. But we've always fought them and tried to protect both humans and mutants from them. They did their best not to harm fellow mutants, viewing themselves as the superior race. But sometimes mutants stood in their way. Mostly us. In short: They vie for mutant supremacy. We vie for equality.”

“Why be so secretive about it all?” The Commissioner spoke up now, taking a few steps forward until he was nearly toe-to-toe with Rosetta. She was about a half inch taller than him in her heels, casting her gaze down.

“Humans already hated mutants enough, judging the entire community for the actions and beliefs of what is relatively a handful. Do you really think that things would have gotten better by telling them Hey! We've got a secret school-slash-community just for mutants, some of which hate humans. We train them to use the powers you think are unnatural, teach them that they're just as normal as you, and we also have a secret special operations team!? I mean... Even right this moment, people are at home hating us for it. We can tell people and show people that not all mutants are evil bastards, that not even the majority or half are, but will they really accept it? We can show scientific proof that mutations are just as natural as everything else... But will they believe it? So far, they haven't. Most of us just want to exist in this world peacefully. To lead normal lives; Have a career, have a family, travel the world. Humans cannot continue to blame mutants for everything wrong with this world. Humans cannot continue to act like mutants are the sole evil, the very source of it. There are humans who are murderers, rapists, child molesters, psychopaths, and terrorists. Despite the fact that for over fifty years we've tried to show that we're not all bad, we've tried to reach out a hand of peace, tried to help, we've been slapped down. Tell me – How's that case going for Erik Lensherr, Mia Tanara, and Lydia Michaels and her unborn child going?”

She gave a hurt glare now, causing the man to look away. “I've been watching the news. Erik had a family. He has a family. Grandchildren of his watching humans on television talking about the grandfather that loved them as though he is the source of all evil. As though he was just some psychopathic murderer who got what was coming to him. Humans destroyed his life and his family. Just last month, the same reporters that condemn Erik now are the very same who sympathized for the man who murdered fifty people responsible for his daughter's death and was sent to prison. The only difference between that man and Erik is that Erik is a mutant.”

Everyone was uncomfortable now, the Commissioner taking a step back as she took a step forward. “He has been tortured and abused, shunned his entire life by humans, watching the same happen to his fellow mutants. And no human ever held out a hand to help him. He wanted peace, too! He just didn't see it being possible with humans! Can you blame him?”

Nobody answered her as she went on, her hands coming undone, now hanging at her sides and clenched into fists as she fought back tears. “He's cared for mutant children abused and cast out by their family – He brought Otis to us.” She turned to indicate a young man with a frightened expression, wringing his hands. “He was born with the tail, ears, and several abilities of a cat. He was no danger to anyone. Yet his parents emotionally and physically abused him every day of his life until Erik rescued him when he was ten while he was on his deathbed, starving and bleeding out. Erik took care of him and then brought him to us to take care of. He was a man who didn't want to see anymore children dying. He didn't want to see anymore people shunned by their families for... Evolving. Otis is twenty-one now and among the brightest in his class and as healthy as a horse, never hurt a fly.”

Her head lowered and there was a moment of silence before she lifted her head again. “Mia's family filed a missing report a month ago. Lydia's husband filed one a month ago as well. Their families loved them. They were kidnapped. They were beaten, raped, killed, desecrated, and pitched up on crosses at the gates of an academy where we house children as young as five years old... I'm not going to sugar coat it... You bring justice, or we will.” Her eyes were cold and hard as she turned to the Governor, who seemed to be thinking before speaking up.

“What about that depowering... What was that?”

“Erik's daughter... Wanda. She had the ability to manipulate reality. She was so devastated by what had happened to him, Mia, and Lydia that she became hysterical. She thought that all sides of the war were fighting in vain, that we would all be fighting until we were all dead. She believed that the world would be better off without mutants. So, she attempted to erase mutations across the world by warping reality, erasing the very existence and memory of the X-Gene – She was very powerful but not that powerful. Between the strain of such a large scale reality warp, her unstable mental state, and thousands of mutants whose mutations granted them inherent resistance abilities, she died before she could remove all mutations. Once we realized what exactly it was that she was trying to do, one of our own... Killed her. Doctor Howlett has studied the genes of both humans and former mutants and found that their X-Gene is completely gone, as though they has never existed.”

“I'm very sorry to hear that... I have a cousin. He attended here as a child – which is why I addressed the rumors as just that, rumors – and he lost his mutation during this. I harbor no ill-will towards mutants at all. I know that you're all frightened and worried and those idiots out at the gates aren't making it any better. But you have my support and I will do all that I can to make sure that Xavier's Academy is protected. I hadn't planned on announcing this until next week, but a bill is being pushed that will make New York an official sanctuary for mutants. I am pushing for legislation that will protect mutants in this state, whether born here or not. Just remember – we're all scared and we're all worried. But I will do what I can to help fight the fear, the worry, the hatred, and the bigotry. However, I must inform you that some investigations will be conducted; Making sure all of your teachers have the proper certifications and that... Well, make sure that none of the children are kidnapped.”

The two nodded in understanding before sharing a tight and lingering hug. The Governor released her after some time and turned to the others there, motioning towards the door. “Perhaps you'll get a tour and interviews with them later, but I think they have things they need to do and don't need us in the way. Gary, I need you to get the blues to start rounding up everyone outside the gate and get them out of here. And don't even think about closing that case.”

Rosetta watched as they all headed to leave, feeling a giant weight off of her shoulders. As the doors closed, she turned to face everyone who had gathered, a smile on her face. “I told you – Everything's going to be fine. So long as there's breath in my body, I'm going to fight to keep you safe.” Caelan stepped towards her, motioning to the other ten X-Men. “We all will... Now, go ahead and go get some breakfast, go play. Make yourselves at home...” He gave a faint smile as people slowly began to disperse, heading upstairs to the cafeteria, grumbling about having only one elevator and that one elevator only heading down. He gave a soft chuckle, draping an arm over Rose's shoulders before looking to the others. Most of them had dispersed as well, likely to oversee that everyone was settling nicely.

“Things are going to be okay,” she whispered softly, her arms wrapping about him as she leaned against him.

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