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Michael Bronton


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a character in “X-Men: The Last Class”, as played by sean-senpai


Real Name: Michael Bronton
Aliases: Rocky
Age: Early 20s, specific age not disclosed to anyone.
Gender: Male
Powers: Mike is blessed with great strength, having the ability to turn into an 8 foot rock golem, or any part of his body (stone fist, or torso). As such, he is not the fastest man on the team in his rock form, but he packs a serious punch. His mutation causes him to be susceptible to freezing when in his rock form.
Alliance: X-Men, fighting against FOH


Strong, but always tries to be funny around the others. Never silent, he'd rather finish a fight walking them through his early years than do it in silence. When in 'rock' form, he is more aggressive, and less joking. His voice also seems to become a little lower, and gravelly. Although he'll try to hold a 'sibling'-like rivalry with other X-Men, it often turns into something more competitive, and he becomes eager to win the day, just for bragging rights.


None. He only needs his fists.


Place of Birth: Pittsburgh.
History: Mike had always been the tough type since he was a kid. His mutation didn't seem to affect how much respect and fear the other kids had for him. Growing up, he hid all signs of his mutation even from his parents, until one day, he got into an argument with them, and flung his father through the livingroom wall. Rather than risk being treated like an animal at the government's hands, he decided to seek out the other mutants, trying to sort out the conflicts once and for all...

So begins...

Michael Bronton's Story

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