Phineas "Finch" Stanton

"Nature is cruel for the sake of survival. Humans don't have that excuse."

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a character in “X-Men: The Next Stand”, as played by SolrSurfr3


Real Name: Phineas "Finch" Stanton

Alias: Shift

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Nationality: Canadian

Appearance: Finch is a bit small and skinny for his age, standing at about 5'6" and weighing around 138 lbs. He has messy, dark blond hair, and fairly pale skin. His most unique feature is definitely his heterochromia iridum, which results in him having two different colored eyes. The left is ice blue while the other is dark brown.

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 138 lbs

Faction: Brotherhood

Powers: Finch is an animal morph, having the ability to change his form into that of different animals. He can also adapt his human form to utilize certain animal traits, such as claws, wings, etc. While he does get along well with animals, he CANNOT communicate with or control them. Due to his mutation, Finch's senses, speed, strength, and agility are slightly better than most humans.

Physical Mutation: While not drastic, Finch's features are slightly animalistic, such as pointed ears and sharpened canines. All of his animal morphs retain dark gold hair/feathers/etc, and all have mismatched eyes like his human form.

Personality: Years of bullying and alienation haven't left Finch with a whole lot of social skills. He's usually quiet and keeps to himself, and gets defensive around people he doesn't really know. Should you manage to get through to him, he's a pretty cool guy, even if his sense of humor borders on sarcastic at times. Though he usually prefers avoiding conflict as much as possible, when push comes to shove he will fight when needed. In general, he sees the human race as cruel and self-destructive, and likes the idea of mutants taking over and repair the damage that's been done on the world

History: Finch grew up the youngest of three boys, and had often felt overshadowed by his older brothers, Martin and Tanner. While they were two of the most popular guys in their small town, Finch was the subject of ridicule, mostly because of his mismatched eyes and general lack of physical strength. Not having a lot of friends, he spent a lot of his time volunteering at the animal shelter near his house, finding the animals easier to get along with than humans. His powers manifested when a group of bullies cornered him after school one day, and he was forced to fight back. To everyone's surprise, his fingernails turned to claws mid-fight, resulting from his emotional stress to the situation. Finch managed to slip away while the were trying to grasp what they'd seen, but knew they'd tell someone and eventually the entire town would find out. Not wanting to see how the town (or his family), would react, he packed as much as he could carry and skipped town, eventually hitchhiking his way down to America. He met Havok when she saved him from a group of thugs on the streets of New York, and has been a member of the brotherhood ever since.

--Finch is terrified of water, a result of nearly drowning when he was a kid. He still doesn't know how to swim, and will eagerly avoid anything deeper than a bathtub. Although he could easily sprout gills or turn into a fish, sheer fear prevents him from doing so.
--Over time, he's developed a slight crush on Havok, but keeps it to himself, knowing she'd probably kick his butt if she found out.

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