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Roland Lancaster

"I'm ready for anything."

0 · 231 views · located in Earth-10005

a character in “X-Men: The Next Stand”, as played by The Protagonist


Real Name: Roland Lancaster

Alias: Wave

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Nationality: British

Appearance: Image

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 134lb

Faction: X-Men

Powers: Wave can fire and pull with gravity. The strength of it depends on how long he charges it but is still effective if fired instantly.

Physical Mutation: None.

Personality: Calm, collected and somewhat arrogant. Roland feels like he can take on anything thrown at him and he is always hoping to prove it. He isn't so arrogant that he can't accept others as equals and he's easily befriend anyone who isn't a jerk to him. Sometimes he hates humans because of his past but not most of the time.

History: Roland was born and raised in the UK with two parents and an older sister. Generally he lived a happy life and agreed with his family for the most part except his father who was a politician who deeply hated mutants, viewing them as dangerous freaks who shouldn't be allowed to walk among society. Roland discovered his powers at the age of 13 when he had a run-in with several bullies that demanded money and attacked him when he refused. Roland through a punch to defend himself and accidently released a blast of gravity, knocking them back to the wall and sending them to the hospital. His father was furious to find out that his son was a mutant and he would have kicked him out on the street if it weren't for the bad publicity he would get. After researching Xavier's Academy, he sent him there to get him out of his sight. Roland has been a student since.

So begins...

Roland Lancaster's Story