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Annie Sawyer

0 · 573 views · located in Marvel Universe

a character in “X-men: Xavier and Magneto Unite”, as played by ViviOrunitiaFF9


Name: Spirit (Previously Poltergeist)

Civilian name: Annie Sawyer

Age: Technically 27, but due to her abilities only looks to be 21

Occupation: Previously worked at a nightclub behind the bar while she finished Uni, will soon join the X-Men

Alliance: X-men

Appearance: Image

Annie stands at 5' 6", but she doesn't know her current weight. Whenever she steps onto the scales it doesn't register that she's even on it due to her ability making her near weightless. She has a slim, but decently athletic, body and dark brown, close to black, bouncy hair wore in loose curls. She has brown eyes and her skin is a lighter brown due to her mixed race decent. She tends to wear clothes that are very similar to each other, not really feeling the need to draw unneeded attention to herself. Usually, her style of clothes reflects her mood. If she is feeling more open and confident then her clothes will be loose and flowing, but the more insecure she is the tighter the clothes get and the more of her body she covers with them. The clothes she died in were affected when her power awakened. This made them work with her powers better than any other, meaning she can't phase through or teleport out of them but can take them with her, so she will use them as her uniform.

Personality: Cheery, optimistic and helpful, sometimes to a fault, leading to her pushing people away slightly or even her getting hurt, Annie's natural instinct is it to fix something that doesn't seem right, even if she isn't needed or wanted. She was popular, a people person, someone people would go to with their troubles because of her compassion and insight - Annie has always been wise beyond her years, but too insecure about her abilities. Unfortunately, others also just saw her as almost a comic relief character in the group of friends she had. Another aspect of her personality is that she is known for her more neurotic tendencies, and her crazy, but lovable, side.

Before her powers awakened she had a somewhat controllable personality. She dreamed for better, for everything and everyone, but was insecure and unsure of her abilities. Her mother had raised her to believe in herself and be independent, but the man she thought that she loved shattered all of these lessons and tamed her. His subtle aggression only further made her retreat into her shell confidence wise. She learned to act as if nothing was wrong from keeping this secret. If there is one thing that held her back, it is that she trusts too easily, and makes excuses for those who treat her badly, always trying to see the best in people. However, after they awakened she grew more confident, and while these tendencies persisted, most have lessened. Her almost neurotic qualities on occasion haven't changed much, and she is still crazily cheery. Now she can be more forceful, and she has developed a strong will and independence like her mother wanted for her. And she has become fiercely protective. When her friends and family are threatened there are few who can hold her back, though strangely, when she is threatened she tends to be more calm about it, almost submissive to an extent.

Mutant Classification: Beta

Powers and Abilities: Annie's abilities are very similar to those a Ghost is believed to possess, which is the reason for her codename. Her powers are very closely tied to her emotions and can be unpredictable depending on her state of mind.

"Ghost" Biology (more akin to Self-Molecular Manipulation concerning active powers) - When her powers awakened, they changed the molecular make up of her body allowing for her to be able to pass through physical objects and perform short to mid-ranged teleportation (though her distance is increasing), and she recently found out that when falling she almost glides slightly and she is weightless. She is able to teleport and phase inanimate objects also, but not humans. Their molecular complexity is too much for her ability and they simply get left behind. Due to this change to her biology, she also has decelerated ageing meaning she could live for several lifetimes before she begins to show clear ageing. She also heals a little faster than humans, if she manages to get hurt, but not anywhere near Wolverine or others like him, and it is harder to get inside her mind.

Her lack of control means that when she isn't concentrating on staying corporeal, she is naturally non-corporeal. If she were to direct all of her attention to something, moving the small amount she keeps on staying solid away, she will move through objects and will enter a state of semi-invulnerability, physically speaking at least, until she resumes her corporeal state. A drawback of this change to her biology is that she is vulnerable to electricity. If she were to get hit with a stun gun, it would do three times the shock it would to a normal human, and the electricity hits whether she is corporeal or not. Irregular electrical energy around her can mess with her abilities in many ways, either dulling or making them go out of control, and electromagnetic fields completely null her abilities, the only way to contain her.

Telekinesis - Though she is a powerful telekinetic, being able to affect elemental energies to a degree also (slight aero, cryo and electrokinesis) her control is incredibly lacking. Her powers are very closely tied to her emotions, and as such they can often work without her meaning to, leading to her nickname of poltergeist. She can send blasts and pulses of energy easily but finds it hard to refine it to hold an object or move it through the air with control unless her mind is calm. Different emotions can have different effects. Happiness or excitement is often met with lights increasing in power, sometimes to the point of practically exploding and objects lifting into the air (dropping when she notices them), among other things. Sadness and also when she is feeling particularly cold towards someone usually lowers the temperature around her, depending on the level of sorrow, even to the point of frost forming and liquids freezing solid, gently pushes objects away slightly as she goes near them, and many other things. Every emotions has a different effect. But when she is angry, completely enraged, she loses all control of her powers and anything could happen.
-An extension of this is that she also has limited control of electrical devices, though she assumes this is just another form of her electrokinesis. Annie has been known to turn on electrical devices, change their volume or heat levels (both perfectly reasonable with her telekinesis alone) but even once or twice being able to communicate through radios and televisions. She can send her voice through it, or appear on the screen. Due to this, Annie has a theory that she is instead able to manipulate reality with her powers, but she cannot be sure.

Telepathy - Annie also has slight telepathic abilities. The first is Aura Sensing, allowing her to see the emotions (and often a few surface thoughts), bodily and mental health, power level and snippets of the power they have as a mutant, personalities and some history of those around her, though there is no guarantee that she will get all of this at once, usually it takes either a long time or many uses of the ability as she only receives small pieces of information each time. She can only use it on one person at a time and concentration is required, and it takes some time occasionally to fully realise what it is she is seeing. The second is the subconscious ability to to become invisible to the minds of those around her. Her Aura Sensing is not affected by her emotions, but this is completely. Her state of mind (insecure, courageous etc) determines whether or not she will be seen. It completely erases her from the minds of people around her, including from all of the five sense so those with enhanced senses are unable to detect her also. Only telepaths, of any sort, are unaffected by this ability and will always see her.

History: Marissa Sawyer, Annie's mother, was a spokeswoman for mutant rights among other campaigns. She was known by many, and loved by most. However, those who did not share this love for her were determined to use any means necessary to break her, and end the "mutant-loving mess" she had caused, but in such a way that they could potentially recruit her to their cause. After one of her speeches, when she was heading home alone, she was attacked by two mutants. Using their abilities they held her, attacked, raped and mugged her. When she was in hospital, the doctors told her that she was pregnant. Unwilling to terminate the pregnancy, she decided that she would have the child inside her and raise her right. During her pregnancy, she helped the police as much as she could to catch those responsible and continued to support mutant rights until she was forced to take leave when it was nearly time to have the child.

Annie Sawyer was born on the 29th of November in Bristol, England. To protect her from the truth about her mother's past, Marissa never told Annie about the mutants who attacked her. As far as Annie knows, her father left them after finding out Marissa was pregnant (though this could change in the future). As the years went on, Annie's life only seemed to get better and better. Her mother continued with her mutant rights campaign, teaching Annie the same way of thinking, and they lived comfortably with their money. But, when Annie was 8, her mother's opposition were getting concerned about the support she was building and staged an "accident". The "accident" left her paralyzed, and for the past years she has been residing with family, as her m,other did not want her daughter burdened with the responsibilities of having to continue looking after her. For the first few years years it was difficult for them. Annie had to fight off reporters, support her mother financially and make a future for herself in her chosen field: design.

She studied for several years in a college in Bristol, working at the same time to support the financial needs of herself and her mother, before she started to broaden her horizons and consider life in America. After talking with her mother about it, she was persuaded to go and live her dream. Even while at the University in New York, Annie worked and sent money back home. It was here that she met her future fiance, Greg Hale. For the first two years of their relationship, it was not everything she had expected, Greg was prone to subtle aggression and would hurt her indirectly, but she thought that she had found love. It would be worst during their fights. Mostly, they would fight about their differing ideas about mutants and their rights. During their worst fight yet, out of anger, he pushed her, but he pushed her down the stairs in their house. He had meant to push her down the stairs, little that she new, assuming it was an accident, but still he called an ambulance.

When she arrived at the hospital, they tried to save her, but she died on the operating table. This was when her powers awakened, just as she was dying. Her powers made her body change, the biology shifted, and her wound was healed and she survived. Before the doctors knew it, her telekinetic abilities began to lift everything within the room. tools, tables, everything began to go crazy as Annie began to regain consciousness. when her eyes opened, she teleported from the room to the stairs in her house. She had to lay low due to the story that became of her disappearing act. She was wanting many times to go back to her fiance, not remembering what he did, but she could never buildup the courage. Now she has is going to try no matter what.

Other information: She has a strange habit of making tea without actually drinking it that often annoys those she lives with.

So begins...

Annie Sawyer's Story