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Frenzy (Joanna Cargill)

“I’ll challenge you to a game of life. Fair warning though, everyone else usually dies.”

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a character in “X-men: Xavier and Magneto Unite”, as played by masato22


“I’ll challenge you to a game of life. Fair warning though, everyone else usually dies.”


Name: Frenzy

Civilian name: Joanna Cargill

Age: 25

Occupation: Other / Mercenary

Alliance: Villain/Government





Powers and Abilities:
Frenzy is a mutant who possesses steel-hard skin that makes her resistant to most forms of conventional physical injury, as well as temperature extremes. She has been shown to merely shrug off being covered in flames and is also highly resistant to microwave radiation, though adamantium has been shown to puncture her skin after an encounter with X-23. Frenzy also possesses superhuman strength, approximately on par with Spider-Man. In later years she has been depicted as strong enough to battle characters like Rogue, and She-Hulk.



Other information: She’s very tough and has a mind of her own. She will not back down to a challenge and gives her all in every task assigned to her.

So begins...

Frenzy (Joanna Cargill)'s Story


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Charles greeted Ryan, “Good morning Ryan. Well we could allow you to join in on the last of the session. Miss Fuyumi do you mind phasing him in to the Danger Room?”

Ryan was estactic! "Oh boy! Thank you Professor Xavier! This is gonna be great!" Fuyumi turned toward Ryan and extended her hand. “Sure. Are you ready?” Ryan reached out to take her hand, then he pulled back. Something was out there. There were car noises, footsteps, and the smell of a large number of men. "Professor?... Something's weird..." Just then a large rumble was heard from outside of the mansion. The alarms suddenly went off there was a breach in security. “What’s happening?” Fuyumi said as she turned to the professor.

The professor quickly did a mental probe. “It seems we are under attack! We must end the session!” the professor asked Aaliyah to cut the Danger Room simulation off. He then did communicated with everyone telepathically.

“Listen well all of you. This is an emergency situation. The school is under attack by a source unknown as of yet. The aggressors are currently outside in the mansion and have breached the front gates. I want the instructors specifically, Scott, Cara, Logan, Aaliyah, Vila, and Ace to accompany Magneto and I to protect the school from the outside threat. I want Vincent and Fuyumi to remain inside the mansion and Barricade then yourselves and the students inside the Danger Room for protection. It is the safest place to hide. Be ready for anything.” Charles’ thought ran clear through the minds of all present in the mansion.

Vincent quickly asked, “Father why won’t you allow me to help you out there? I can handle myself.”

Charles cut Vincent off before he could finish. “I know you can handle yourself and protect others just fine. However I need you on the inside for that very reason, to protect the students. You and Fuyumi can do this important task. Please Vincent, try to understand.” Charles explained.

“Alright father, I understand. But do look after Father Erik please. He can get a little reckless as you know.” Vincent added with a smile.

“I know Erik well. You please look after Philip. He’s much like your father Erik.” Charles replied with a smile.

“I know. Well, off with you now. We don’t want them getting any closer now do we?” Vincent replied in an upbeat manner.

Charles nodded, “Indeed.” He turned to the group . “X-men let’s move out.”

Ryan flicked his tongue out, tasting the air. He could feel something. Ryan tilted his head up, then he sniffed hard. There it was. That weird smell again. It was the smell of a predator. But something was weird. There were more of them now. One... three... four. Exactly four. They weren't human. They were mutants. Ryan ran out into the hallway and shouted towards the X-men. They had to know what they were up against.

"Professor Xavier! Some of them smell funny, there's something strong out there. One smells like ozone, like lightning. One smells like an animal, like a predator... Besides them, there are two others that smell funny. They don't have a specific smell, but they do smell... they smell... well, they smell like us. Mutants. The rest are just men, but there's a lot of them. Please be careful." Not waiting for a response, Ryan ran back into the control booth.

"I've just told the professor, but you should know as well. There are four mutants coming in. One of them smells strong, like a predator. Another smells like lightning. I don't know what their powers are, but they definitely smell different from regular men. Other than that, the rest are just men. Foot Soldiers. They brought some cars, but I don't smell any heavy deposits of gunpowder." Ryan directed this information at Professors Fuyumi and Aaiyah. Not knowing what to do, and not wanting to panic. Ryan sat down. He was scared. This was so different from school, even from danger room sessions. He had no idea what to do. For the first time in a long time, Ryan sat down quietly and said nothing. He waited for orders.


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Character Portrait: Professor Charles Xavier Character Portrait: Scott Summers (Cyclops) Character Portrait: Sabertooth (Victor Creed) Character Portrait: Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) Character Portrait: Ryan Legrand (Leviathan) Character Portrait: Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)
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[Government Weapon-X Military Base of Operations]

Bolivar Trask stood in a secure interrogation room, not much between him and Pietro Maximoff a mutant known as Quicksilver. Pietro had been apprehended by the Weapon-X program for his connection to Magneto. Pietro the son of Magneto held an alt against his father and Trask knew that enough to exploit that.

“So we want something that you would be interested in delivering to us Pietro.” Trask said slyly.

Pietro smirked then flashed an annoyed look at trask as he sat in the dark room, “So you mean to tell me that you kidnapped me an brought me here so I could be a delivery boy? Gosh I know I’m fast and all but USPS should suite your needs just fine. Can I go now?” Pietro replied. He stood up and turned toward the closed door.

“You should really hear me out.” Trask added

“Then you should talk fast. I’m an impatient man you know. Meet me at least halfway old man.” Pietro replied in a snarky tone.

“We want our weapon your ‘brother’, if you can call him that, returned to his rightful place within weapon-x. He was stolen from us and we want him back.” Trask said with a hint of anger in his voice.

“Why would I sell out Vincent? Sure he’s not my favorite relative but he isn’t all that bad either. Besides I don’t hate him enough to ruin his life by delivering him over to you. So the answer is no. Goodbye.” Pietro replied and turned around again, however Trask spoke just before Pietro choose to speed away.

“But you hate your father enough to use Vincent as the dagger to Magneto’s heart. I know Vincent earned a special place with Magneto and Charles Xavier the moment the saw him, the product of two best friends at war with one another over ideals for years. The bond of peace between them, is the key to their undoing, the key to your freedom.” Trask grinned. He had Pietro hooked now.

“My… freedom…? Explain.” Pietro replied shortly.

“Well, my accomplice, delivering Vincent to us will strike a blow to your father harder than most others. One you’ve been yearning to deal to him for a very long time I imagine. By ruining him, your conscience can be free from the one who never accepted you and gave you the proper love you deserved. Relief in revenge.” Trask added.

“I’m tempted… but once again, I don’t need to harm Vincent to hurt my father. I’d prefer to hurt him with my fists over such underhanded tactics. I still acknowledge your little experiment as my little brother. So as long as I am given an option, the answer is still no. I’ll be leaving now.” Pietro replied with an arrogant smile. He felt a little proud of himself for sticking up for his little brother even if he was partly jealous of him.

“Oh but you misunderstood Pietro. You never had an option. But now I’ll give you one. You either help me willingly under the satisfaction that you took revenge upon your father, or I’ll experiment on your brain and turn you into such the puppet you won’t even know what an option was if it punched you in the nose. Your choice” Trask finished with a sinister laugh.

Pietro cringed. He knew there was no escape from this place without a serious struggle. He had better play along for now. “Well, since you asked so politely how can I refuse your kinder of offers? Of course I’ll help bring baby bro here. No biggie.” Pietro was compliant.

[Elsewhere in the facility]

David and Victor were speaking to one another as they prepared for the assault that would take place. David stood by a long table prepping and loading specially crafted pistols and other weapons that he was to carry. Placing a gun into one of his holsters he said, “So our secrete operative reported that Logan will be there. Won’t it be great to pay our dear Wolverine a visit?” David smiled sarcastically. He didn’t really have any qualms with Logan but he did consider Logan the black sheep of Weapon X, the one that got away.

“I’d like to tear him a new one for old time’s sake. He’d better pray I don’t run into him. I’ve been waiting to get at him, strike fear once again in his foolish Adamantium coated skull.” Sabertooth commented.

Stinger sat a chair away painting her fingernails. “Can anyone tell me when we’re getting this show on the road? I’m getting bored and if we don’t move soon I’ll redo my nails for the3rd time…” She was quite the valley girl. One would consider her a mall rat if it was the 80’s and the term was still popular.

Frenzy finished buckling her boots. “Show some form of restraint please Stinger.” She said as she shook her head.

Stinger, while applying nail varnish to her fingernails, commented, “Well I hope this ‘weapon…’ has more personality that X-23 over there. She always looks so angry. Such a waist of a pretty face and good figure.”

“And it’s attitudes like this that helps me to understand why Alexander has such low opinions of women. Stinger you’re so fickle…”, Frenzy rebutted.

Trask walked into the room with Pietro. Weapon-X team you have a new member. His name is Quicksilver. He is the son of Magneto.

Sabertooth smirked, “Humph just what we need, someone to show us how to run away. What else can you do speedy Gonzales?” Sabertooth chuckled.

“I could punch you in the nose 1000 times in less than a minute. Among many other things that would annoy you fang face.” Pietro responded. Sabertooth snarled and glared at Pietro.

The team soon after headed out. They approached the X-mansion with what seemed like legions of soldiers. These soldiers were trained and dangerous. Their target was ultimately Vincent and they were to snag any hostages that they could. There was inside intelligence in the Mansion as well. Their informant told them of a sewer passage into the sublevel of the mansion. This was where a portion of the invading infiltrated the mansion. Leading the infiltrating soldiers was Sabertooth and X-23. They waded through the waterway passage and then breached through the floor of the sub-basement.

Trask marched the primary assault team into the front lawn of the mansion after the soldiers destroyed the gate. They marched forward. Taking out the front lawn’s defense blasters. There were many soldiers armed with stun rifles approaching the front of the building.

“Be careful about who you engage. Remember the targets are mutants and are capable of anything!” Trask warned the soldiers. “One of your adversaries is the mutant known as Magneto. He is one of high ranking and is considered most dangerous. You all carry plastic weapons so that his powers won’t work on them. He may be at a slight disadvantage but that does not mean the others are to be taken lightly. Shoot first, and don't even think about asking questions." Trask commanded.

David rolled his eyes and smiled in a cool and collected manner. Frenzy glanced at David with a look of annoyance, “As a mutant, this whole thing actually offends me a bit. David, please remind me again why I work for this pig?” She asked while looking forward.

David replied in a slightly upbeat manner, “Because it’s better to be an ally of this fucked up governmental system than to oppose it and risk being eliminated.”

Stinger chimed in, “Oh… I thought it was because the pay is flipping amazing… or was that just my train of thought? Whatever.”

Pietro was not happy about being seen with Weapon-X. He didn’t want his father to getr the wrong idea. He was supposed to be an ally of the x-men and here he was attacking them. “Great…. Pietro! Look what a fine mess your into now! I’ll have to explain things to father if I can. And try to look out for Vincent. If he makes it out of here, he’ll owe me big time.”

[Inside the Mansion]

Philip was not pleased to hear that there was an attack on the mansion. He was ready to go into protection mode. It reminded him of a time back in Germany when a group of local men attacked his and his mother’s home because he was discovered to be a mutant. He fought hard to expel the intruders from his from his home. The X-mansion was his home now and the X-men were his family, he was prepared to le nothing endanger them. He then was disappointed to hear from the professor that he and the other students were to stay in the danger room. “But I must help…” Philip said quietly.

Hideki and Kyle were annoyed as well. They were ready to jump in on the action. Little did they know that the action was bringing itself to the danger room. When Fuyumi was about to head to the danger room to join Vincent and Vila, the student Ryan informed her of the scents he picked up on.

"I've just told the professor, but you should know as well. There are four mutants coming in. One of them smells strong, like a predator. Another smells like lightning. I don't know what their powers are, but they definitely smell different from regular men. Other than that, the rest are just men. Foot Soldiers. They brought some cars, but I don't smell any heavy deposits of gunpowder." Ryan directed this information at Professors Fuyumi and Aaiyah.

Vila snipped at Ryan, "Aaiyah said to stay here and not leave, and you are going to do as told. I wont let any one or anything thing happen to any one here. If you want to keep your finger dont touch the computer in the control room again. Am I clear"

Fuyumi frowned a bit. She didn’t feel Vila needed to be so hard of Ryan. He seemed pretty distraught and was probably beating himself up about the situation. She kneeled down beside him and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Thank you for being brave and resourceful. The professor and we instructors are grateful for the much needed information.” She spoke calmly and gently.

Villa addressed the group. "I will say this once and only once, This is not a game people can and will get hurt you are to stay back and out of the way. If Vincent and I go down you are to get out of here and to safty... However knowing that you are young and want to take part you will fallow my rules. You will stay in teams of three YOU will not rush in to things, study before you do or it may be the last thing you do. If I or Vincent tell you to run you better do so"

Fuyumi stood to her feet and addressed Vila. “It seems you’ve forgotten about me Miss Vila. I know I am pretty quiet and plain so I can see how you’d miss me.” She giggled a little. “I suppose I’ll take third wave then. I ultimately hope that the fight never reaches us.” Fuyumi added as she folded her arms.

Vincent rejoined Philip. He hugged Philip briefly whispering into his ear. “You did really well out there in the simulation. I wish I could have been down here with you then.” He really should have been paying more attention to the others but he was focused on his lover.

Philip smiled, “Thanks Vince. No worries okay. You’re with me right now and that’s all I need.” He wanted to reassure Vincent and ease his worrying.

Adria walked back over to where the others were, giving a few confused glances. "What do you suppose is going on out there?" she asked, to no one in particular, raising her hand and placing it against the sealed Danger room doors.

Hideki responded, “I’m not sure but I feel like waiting around here is more nerve wrecking than actually being in battle.” He twiddled his index fingers producing tiny multicolored sparklers, his way of nervous fidgeting.

Jonathan began to take off his gloves. "Not trying to be funny here or anything..." His husky voice rang out, echoing slightly into the now silver interior of the danger room as he removed the other glove. "...but you're all going to have to keep your distance from me. I don't want anyone getting hurt." With this, he threw the gloves to the ground and turned his body to the danger room door, Memory just behind him at his side.

'This is what I never wanted to happen...'

Kyle looked at Jonathan in concern. He knew what it felt like to have your body repel and hurt other via touch. He wondered if the professor could help Jonathan like he once help him. Kyle also wondered if he touched Johnathan, would his absorption ability and J’s Nightmare inducing touch cancel one another out. Kyle was curious. However now was not the time to test it out.

Kyle walked over to Jonathan and with his gloved hand he placed his hand innocently, as if he were a child, in J’s briefly and said, “It’ll be okay Mon Amour. You won’t have to hurt anyone that didn’t bring it on themselves by threatening this place of peace. I used to not be able to touch people without hurting them too. One day I went to a priest distraught because there were people in France that wanted me dead for being, what they called, a beautiful demon. I said I don’t deserve to live father, I plan to let them take me from this world. He told me, the Bible says touché not my anointed and do my prophet no harm. He told me I was blessed, and no less than any other child of God. I have a right to life and those that threaten my right to life invite God’s wrath upon themselves being out of God’s order. You may not be Catholic like I, but believe that you should not feel bad today if you must use your strength to protect those that desire to live properly and those that you love.” Kyle looked at Memory with a smile. He placed his other hand on her shoulder and edged the siblings closer to each other.

Vincent could pick up on activity seemingly coming from the area beneath the ground just outside of the Danger room area. Vincent spoke to everyone in the danger room, “There’s someone, no… there are many people armed and ready to hurt. They’re not only outside the mansion but inside as well! Not all of them are human. Students be ready to defend yourselves. Try to remain as calm and as clear minded as possible. You will be fine. Their numbers are too great for Vila, Fuyumi and I alone to handle without your aid. There are two Mutants as well. They are strong and highly dangerous. Do not attempt to fight them. Leave them to Vila, Fuyumi and I. Remember only if one of us is seriously in danger do you come to our rescue. Understood?” Vincent spoke calmly. He used his empathic powers to somewhat settle their nerves. This would help them to fend off attack better. “They are attempting to blow the doors down. And I’m sure they will succeed.”

Just as Vincent predicted the danger room doors moments later blew down after the sound of about 7 explosions. It took a lot to blow down the heavily secure danger room door. In rushed what seemed like 40 swat like soldiers followed by Sabortooth and X-23. The men stood weapons pointed at the students. Sabortooth spoke first, “Well if our little Weapon is right here. This was easier than I thought.” He smirked. “Come quietly and I won’t kill anyone I promise, you can read my mind if you like.” Sabertooth stood smiling directly at Vincent. It was then That Vincent realized their purpose for being here.

“They’re after me…” He said quietly halfway in disbelief. Philip looked at Vincent in confusion.

[At the mansion doors]

Scott opened the double doors and the teachers stepped outside of the building. Scott, Cara, Logan, Magneto, Charles, Ace, and Aaliyah proceeded outside. The afternoon sun was beaming bright. They were seriously facing off against at least 70 soldiers and 5 mutant generals.

Stinger was positioned to the right side of the mansion. Frenzy stood to the left side of the mansion. Quicksilver stood front and center. Alexander and David North held up the rear guard. Each mutant was assisted by a large group of soldiers ready for attack.

Magneto was shocked to see Quicksilver. “Pietro? Why are you here? Have you turned on your father?!” Magneto inquired with wide eyes. He was purely concerned and astonished that Pietro would trade on him this way.

“Dad I just wanna say that I don’t have much of a choice in the matter so forgive me if possible.” Pietro explained.

Trask gave the command and the soldier rushed in for the attack. They all shouted as the invasion began.

[OOC: I just want to first apologize for the horribly long post and how long it took me to post. Secondly I need to re-state that the Characters Stinger, Frenzy, and Pietro for this battle are slightly NPC. More specifically, You are allowed to control them in fighting during this event. However they must remain in the area I placed them (ex: if Stinger is outside in the front of the mansion then you cannot move her inside the mansion. If you want to move a character like that PM me and check with me first.) Alexander, X-23,David North and Sabertooth are NOT NPC. I know originally I said David and Sabertooth were but I’ve changed my mind due to various factors and plot threads. Alexander and X-23 are controlled by Lady Inali. Next, NO KILLING OR SERIOUSLY/ Fatally injuring/ wounding my NPC’s I want them to stick around for more than this battle. Soldiers are fair game. So if you want to get kick ass crazy, demonstrate on the soldiers. Please try to keep the character personalities I’ve established for the NPC’s intact if you choose to hve them say things during the fights. If you have any questions at all PM or OOC message me. Thanks for bearing with me everyone! I hope you enjoy this chapter!!]


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X-23 was raised with little to no human contact. Never given any form of love or kindness always pushed, beaten and trained. Even in child hood there was no loving mother or father like person who came to save her. Even more so when she went throw the huge surgery she went throw at such a young age they are not human after all so why should it matter. Who would care about someone grown in a test tube even more so when they are not human but a mutant? They were nothing more than a tool to be used, a pawn to be played with. All X-23 knew and would ever know is how to fight. They were a weapon and nothing more. Something that could be snuffed out and trade for something new, something better and stronger at any given point in time and X-23 was fine with that. All good weapons and fighters had to be put out of their misery at some point or another. When her time would come she did not care as long as she got to fight the better model was that really mattered to her. There were 22 before her and that did not bug her in any way.

X-23 showed no care in what the others thought or what they had to say. She was more focused on their mission at hand than anything else. There petty fights in truth where pointless and boring. She never under stood how Sting could sit in front of the TV and preen herself like a bird when there was better thing to be wasting your time with, like training or spearing. X-23 finished suiting up checking everything to make sure it was clipped, buttoned and tied properly. The only thing she had not put on yet was the helmet that always came with the car ride. Her gear was set up to take hits, and be light so she could still move around with great easy. X-23 slid two guns in to a holster. She was ready for a fight and to get to the target. She hated being kept behind walls always feeling like a caged animal always feeling trapped. She moved to wait where the vans would be picking them up to get them to the next point. Being able to get away from the sound of the TV let her clear her mind and go over everything in her mind again.


He snorted not liking the fact they were going to have to do this with Quicksilver and even more so women fighting as well. They all knew how he felt about women it was fair from being any kind of secret. If he had to pick he would pick Quicksilver of a female any day of the week. He worked on pressing his uniform getting everything perfect. Every line just right every button polished. As much as he disliked women he disliked his uniform not being perfect. Even his boot looked brand new with the shine he gave them the other night. They even got new laces so he could look his best when going in to battle. The main reason for all if it was he found out that his dear old “friend” Aaiyah was going to be at their target and he had a huge to put it lightly score to settle with her. He smirked at the idea of going toe to toe with her again and this time he would be the victor ending there little war. This was going to fun and he longed for another good fight where he could put a girl in her place.

Alexander was in truth a pig when it came to working women. He bragged about how his bloodline worked for Hitler and how high of a rank they had in Hitler’s inner circle. He was overly argent when it came to this and did not care how much of a turn of it may be for people or a touchy subject. He fully believed Hitler had the right idea about killing off the trash and letting the better, stronger race rule over everything. Who or what he thought the better race was, well that was hard to say. That is one reason he joined Trask willingly they had power and he wanted power. It made it a win, win for both of them. He liked being on the winning side as well and to him that was going to be Trask. He gave his team prediction of the outcome of the battle with the information that there mole got for them. It all looked good and in the favor. The only real calculation that was not in there was Vila….she was the wild card. But how could they have information on her when there was none to be had but only gained with a battle.


Vila looked at Fuyumi "I have a different task for you. I want you to get any one of ours that is hurt out of here. They will become easy targets and be distractions for the others, and we cannot have that….or something happen to them" Something in Vila had fully changed that doll like feel and look she had was no longer there. She looked so much older but still 16 and the way she stood at the front line gave her that feel of someone that has been in many battles and fights. "If it comes down to it, get them all out of here and somewhere safe so they can live and be free to fight another day. " Vila was not going to let anything happen to anyone in this room she was going to protect them with everything she had even if it meant making a trade and using herself as the bragging chip. This was meant to be a safe place for people that where different, this was meant to be a home filled with love, joy, happiness and make you feel safe. However people would always be filled with fear and hate for anything that was different of they had envy for that had never changed, it would never change.

Vila knew this not going to be an easy fight, and to think that was foolish. She had to be ready for anything and everything. She also knew she would have to be willing to do whatever it took to protect the students… much as she hated fighting and harming other she had no choice. Vila knew this was going to be no time to hold human form it took energy. Not only energy but dulled her senses and that could be energy used to protect the student, senses that could make the difference between life and death. Slowly and with great care Vila lifted parts of her glamor but keep her wings hidden. Slowly her ears became longer and more pointed her fingers changed as well becoming a little longer. She looked like an elf at this point, not a toy making elf but something that you would see in The Hobbit, or The Lord of The Rings trilogy. There was one other thing Vila could think of she could to give herself a little bit more of an edge in this battle however it had been so long from the last time she put it on or even seen it.

Vila pulled her hair up then pulled it in to a tight bun, her pointed ears showing much more. Her finger tips move up a bracelet that she never took off. Her right hand gripped it some thinking if it was the right thing to do. She had told Vincent stories about it but told him they were nothing more than fairy tales….he never bought it though. She chuckled some well if there was any good time to use it, it was now. Vila started to move moving parts around on the bracelet. Not being human or the bracelet being of this earth the parts where hard to see, but not for her. Each part she moved seemed to react as if waking up from a very, very long sleep. Her fingers moved swiftly with great speed to reach the end goal she wanted to get to. She could feel her heart pounding harder and harder the closer she got. Part of her was scared the other part longed for what she had not worn for so long. Her timing could not have been more perfect when Vila pushed on the last piece looking up the doors where blown up.

Vila pulled a heavy dust cloud around her and around the solders. Leaving only shadow like figures trying to figure out what was going on. The bracelet went to work at this point, forming armor around Vila’s slender body. When the dust cleared and fell to lay on the ground Vila stood there in white armor with gold ascents that sightless mask still covering her face. A spear was held in her left hand standing taller than her with her right hand resting at her side. She made no movement but stood stone still the sight of this was a little off putting and could send shivers down even the bravest of men’s spines. Vila was going to let them make the first move she was going to wait for them to attack than she would spring her trap of vines and fight back. One could tell that the men were unsure of what to do or how to react to this. However that did not last long and some made their move only to have vine take hold of them and hoist them up to the celling out of sight out of mind. When Vila heard they wanted Vincent her hand grew a little tighter on that staff of hers. So that was there target bad move to bring that up right off the bat.

There was no way in hell she was going to let them get last her now knowing the fact they were after her brother….her family. Vila keep herself dead center and in front. The students even knew who the target was and it gave them a common goal. That was to protect Vincent. Now if it came down to it how well could they work as a team to do this? From the looks of it they seemed to have no issues stepping up to the plate on this matter. The big thing that bugged Vila was how they got to the danger room without setting anything off…. There would be no way for them to do this what out someone on the inside. That could only mean one thing and one thing alone. That meant there was a mole somewhere in the manor. Someone who sold out their own kind to get something out of it in return for doing it. Vila could not phantom doing something like that and she planned on finding that mole. What would happen when she found it was hard to say but it would not end overly well for whoever the mole is.

(the armor)


Aaiyah was nowhere to be seen. She was getting her mech ready for the fight its first fight. She wanted to make a big show out of it for the first time but that was not going to happen. Right now the big guns where what was need. Anything to gain any kind of upper hand to keep this place safe and fight off who was unwanted came first along with protecting the students. Aaiyan did an outer weapons check before she got in to the mech and hit the button that would close her in to the mech. She opened and closed both hands making sure everything work along with taking a few steps. Everything seemed to be in working order and that was a good thing. All systems where on line and ready to go and running at one-hundred percent. Aaiyah moved to the way getting ready for a fight. In truth she was on edge about this. A few flash back hit her from the time before she came to work here. “Never again” She whispered to herself. She would not go back nor was she going to let people be taken and go throw what she did.

Aaiyah hated the flash backs they always put her in a bad place. Along with bring nightmares that never seemed to end only to haunt the back of her mind. She remembered the first time she meet the ethnocentric ego fill Alexander. A man who always had to be number one at any cost, a man who had to have everything he wanted when he wanted. She shut her eyes and smirked. “I always found a way to outdo what you could do” There were times she wounded what happened to the pig but more times than not did not She did not care or what to know. That was in the past and that was where it was going to stay in the past. Aaiyah knew what she would do if she ever saw him again and it would not end well for him. She popped her neck he was the reason she left the school and in ways become a drop out. She still got her GED and went throw college and not many people knew she had her doctorate in computer sciences and mathematics. In truth Aaiyah liked to keep it that way. The less people knew the better.

Aaiyah was going to wait for the right time to make her grand entrees and really do some heavy kick ass fighting. Enter too soon and they see your big guns, enter too late and your team is dead. Timing at this point was everything. Keeping ones cool was the other part, not reacting without thinking was never really easy. She watched the video feed from the mech looking for the right time to enter. The right time to start cracking skulls. She was fully ready to take it out for its first test run in a fight. She knew it worked she built it but fighting was another story of how well it would hold up. The mech was stronger than she was there was a plus. It was faster another good thing. It could take multiple hits without being harmed. Even with the fact of what one of her abilities allowed her to do she rather have mech take the hits. This gave her an advantage that she hoped would last longer than 10 minutes….whatever the outcome was if need be she would hit the eject button and let the mech blow up to take out more people.

Alexander and X-23
Alexander moved watching them fight the smell of battle never got old to him. He in truth rather enjoyed the feel of it. Using one of his abilities to take out any unprotected electronics would disarm some of the security Aaiyah set up but not all of. They did not need to have any unwanted attacks coming at them. They wanted to be ready to win this and take down the X-men. Show the world they had someone to protect them from unwanted mutants that scared them. Show the world that Trask would not let harm come to them or their children. Alexander wanted to have glory in all of this. He smirked…”Aaiyah come out, come out where ever you are” his smirk seemed to grow. He knew she would be watching. He knew that she would have some things his powers would not be able to take out. She was fair too smart to make it that easy. If it where that easy it would be no fun now would it. Alexander being the good solider he was waited unwilling for an order. As much as he wanted to nock Aaiyah in to next wait there were things that had to be done first.

Thanks to training from Sabertooth and David she knew what to look for and to keep her ears open for. Anything could happen when it came to hunting pray down. Getting to team up with David she rather enjoyed. Sabertooth not so much, he always seemed to be a little bit more aggressive with her than the others. She never really knew why or cared it just meant she got someone to fight that healed as fast as she did. When she and Sabertooth broke off from the rest using the underground system to get to the danger room the rest of the team they were on. She would let him go in first and keep back a ways. The guy was bigger than her and liked to be alpha with things like this. It was no big deal to her who was alpha as long as she got to bust some skulls. X-23 moved back as the men got ready to blow the door to the danger room down watching what they did to make sure they did not mess up. Her hand moved up to turn the voice changer on to make it hard to tell if she was male or female.


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Cara Black

Cara glowered at the small army swarming before them, even more so at the mutants leading them. They had, however picked a wonderful time of day to attack as although Cara's abilities were best at night time, the afternoon shadows the soldiers themselves were casting were still long enough to give her an easy hold on them. She flared her fingers out in rapid succession readying her powers, testing the shadows around her, eyeing up their opponents, looking for her point of entry into their ranks, anywhere she could cause problems. After a few moments she found her query in a gap in the grouping made by some of the foliage, when they came they would never even see her.

As the first crunches on ground underfoot started to come, Cara gave a quick look up to the leading commanders. She recognised them of course having fought alongside nearly all of them in the past, albeit back then they were fighting AGAINST humans for mutant rights. Once they'd been caught she was going to punch seven bells of crap out of each and every one of them. Cara had very low opinions of anyone who would stand against their own kind.

She turned her attention back to the now charging army and poised herself ready to attack along with the other X-men. She dived down the steps towards the nearest group of soldiers as soon as they were near enough, rolling back onto her feet and punching the nearest one with all the force she could muster, grabbing his rifle as he fell before pulling herself down into her shadow, reappearing moments later firing wildly into the three soldiers that had been left with their mouths agape, dropping them quickly. She didn't stop firing until the gun started clicking, she swung the weapon around her head and down onto the guns previous wielder, whose nose gave a satisfying crunch beneath it. "This is why you should use Russian guns!" she raised the gun again for another swing. "They just don't stop!" the mess that Cara made with just one extra swing knocked the man unconcious but she kept swinging anyway, despite being in the midst of battle. If anything it probably did her a favour, any soldiers who would otherwise have shot her was now staring in almost disbelief at the amount of force the slim built Russian woman was exerting in using a gun like a club.

Apparently regaining the moment before Cara, a soldier drove the stock of a rifle butt into her back, dropping her down to her knees where she once again pulled into her own shadow, grabbing the soldiers foot and swinging him upside down via his. "What the hell have we done now?! What warrants a small army of sodding soldiers?!" she shouted as she pulled herself back into being, bringing her foot up and resting it on the shoulder of the soldier who had decided to try and get too close to the flexible mutant, before swinging her whole body round and letting herself fall into the shadow beneath her bringing the soldier crashing face first into the paved driveway. She brought herself back into being alongside where Logan was currently taking his own stand against the onset of soldiers. She felt a sharp pain in her shoulder, the sound of guns now echoing all around the area it made it impossible to tell which belonged to the gun that had delivered the blow. "Aghh! I'm hit!" She yelled out, grabbing her bleeding shoulder and dropping to one knee behind a wall, sending the pots that adorned it flying towards the nearby soldiers.


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[Inside the danger room]
Kyle was glad to see Jonathan smile even if it was slightly. He was glad to be able to alleviate even a faction of the worry that accumulates when you know your skin contact with others is deadly. Vincent’s warnings came and Kyle prepared himself. Hideki cringed at the sound of the explosions that slowly loosened the Danger Room’s doors. “Danger in the Danger Room. Classic!” Hideki snarked as his eyes remained fixed on the door.

Ryan, after Fuyumi thanked him, smiled his big goofy smile at her, showing all of his sharp, white teeth. "Thanks Professor, we've all gotta help each other out as much as we can. I just do the best I can with what I've got." Fuyumi’s gentle smile grew brighter when she saw Ryan’s brightly smiling face. He was indeed a charming young man.

After Fuyumi addressed Villa, Vila looked at her saying, "I have a different task for you. I want you to get any one of ours that is hurt out of here. They will become easy targets and be distractions for the others, and we cannot have that….or something happen to them"

Fuyumi nodded in compliance however she was passively put off at Vila’s sudden rise to authority. To Fuyumi’s understanding Vila was simply the school nurse and seemingly young looking. Perhaps she wasn’t as young as she looked. Fuyumi didn’t quite recall the professor asking Vila to tend to things in the danger room. However her assistance would be needed. What was seemingly the safer place to be was quickly becoming a trap.

The danger room doors blew down finally, revealing many soldiers and another man of intense distinction. After Sabertooth’s initial request Vincent looked a slight bit worried. Sabertooth smiled sadistically. Jonathan and Ryan shifted to form a barricade for Vincent once they realized who the target was. Philip’s eyes widened and his heart raced. It was as if Sabertooth had said they were after his life instead of another. He’d die doing everything in his power to protect Vincent. He, holding Vincent’s hand, shifted Vincent behind him.

Vincent was touched to see his students and boyfriend instinctively move in to protect him. However he didn’t want anyone getting hurt on his behalf. He was almost ready to accept Sabertooth’s offer and go quietly until Jonathan addressed the intensely dangerous mutant. "What do you want with Vincent?" Ryan, in his feral animal like defensive posture added, "Yeah," Ryan growled, "Vincent isn't a weapon, he's family. You aren't allowed to have him." Vincent’s eyes shifted in surprise to Jonathan and Ryan whom bravely confronted Sabertooth.
Sabertooth Snickered and stepped forward a couple of paces. “hahaha… Family. You have no clue that the man you stand in front of in protection is actually the most dangerous person here. Have you ever wondered why the child of the master of magnetism and the greatest telepath on the planet doesn’t showcase more power than he does? Xavier has restraints placed on him. Strooong restraints. He could kill on a global level with a thought and the proper power augmentation. He should also exhibit waaaay more of Magneto than he does right now. And we all know how dangerous Magneto is. Hell, he would even look more like Magneto physically if the professor hadn’t locked away all of the raw KILLING potential your little family member has. You see, it was my boss who created him, Vincent, the weapon of mass destruction. He wants the weapon back. So I’ll ask only ONCE more… Are you coming quietly or must I rip out someone’s throat in front of you before you see that I’m not to be trifled with?”

Vincent knew that this so called offer to spare the students was a false promise. Sabertooth might actually walk away and withdraw if Vincent left. However, Vincent in the hands of the Weapon-X program meant that no one was safe anywhere, especially if they knew how to undo the locks on Vincent’s true strength. Just then Vila went on the attack using vines to lift some soldiers off of the ground.

Adria Snapping her hand open with fingers stretched out, the water balls attacked the soldiers, putting holes in their guns, tripping them and smacking their skin with a sting, with a few going through the arms and legs. Lifting her Staff over her head, she twirled it, before slamming it down on the ground, much like Vila had done earlier in the simulation. Ice formed in a straight line from where she stood to the nearest wall, before building up to form an Ice wall, separating Vincent, Philip, Jonathan, Memory, Kyle and herself from the soldiers. "Quick! Blow the wall and get him out of here!" She yelled at Philip. "If he stays, we're doomed!" Adria warned.

Philip nodded and began to hurl large time bombs at the opposite wall in an attempt to blow the wall. They exploded with massive impact however the walls of the danger room were so heavily reinforced that Philip alone could not breach them in time before the ice wall could be deconstructed.

Hideki and Fuyumi were left on the other side of the ice wall as they were slightly further away from the others. “Hey! what about us!?”, Hideki shouted. He turned to face the soldiers that rushed in on the two of them. Hideki flipped his 90’s style pink sunglasses over his eyes. [The same type that his favorite Manga character wore. ] Hedeki blasted several soldiers with his plasmatic light energy.


Fuyumi would have phased the two through the wall of ice immediately but the enemy had already engaged them. Fuyumi rushed a soldier, phasing through him, and once behind him she swiftly delivered a strong kick to his head. She then grabbed the vest of another soldier and began to place him into a phased state, making him as light as air and easy enough to lift above her head and throw. The man flew at three other approaching soldiers and struck them [having become solid again] knocking them down.

Sabertooth quickly rushed at Hideki and grabbed him into his arms tightly reverse bear hugging him. Hideki couldn’t react fast enough. He struggled in Sabertooths painfully tight embrace. Sabertooth squeezed hideki’s arms and body almost crushingly as Hideki attempted to use his power. Hideki could only manage to produce tiny flashes of multi-colored light that quickly extinguished before actually doing any harm. “Ahhh…. Eh, let me go you twat!” Hideki protested.

Sabertooth snickered sadistically. “Oh… so cute you are… Ya know, your powers ain’t so hot if you can’t use your hands.” Sabertooth began to whisper almost sensually in Hideki’s ear. “A little bird told me that you call yourself Logan’s unofficial sidekick. Well word from the wise kiddo, people that get close to old Logan get killed prematurely. Seeing how you and Logan are so chummy, I’m going to seriously enjoy crushing you in my arms… Heh heh heh heh….!!” Sabertooh then further taunted Hideki by sadistically licking his cheek. He then tightened his grip on Hideki causing him to gasp almost breathlessly.

Fuyumi after dealing with several soldiers immediately ran over to the two and dashed through Sabertooth phasing Hideki out of the sadistic man’s grasp. “Are you alright?! Oh my god I’m so sorry I couldn’t get to you quicker!!” She said frantically. Hideki trying to catch his breath and deal with his throbbing arms nodded affirmatively that he was alright for now. “Let make a run for it. I’ll phase us through that wall of ice.” Fuyumi then took the two bolting through the ice wall in a phased state.

[Outside of the Mansion.]

The fighting had begun. Magneto tried to pull the weapons out of the soldier’s hands but they would not move. The weapons were made of a non-metal alloy. “They’ve gotten smart suddenly.” He commented in irritation to Charles who stood beside him. He then ripped metal from the gates breaking them down into many metal bullets. He fired them at the soldiers.

Pietro thought this was the time to strike at his father. He quickly ran up to magneto in a flash and punched him across the face hard. He quickly delivered several blows to his father. “See pops, you reap what you sew. And you’ve been planting this ass whopping for quite some time.” Magneto fell to the ground. He wiped the small amount of blood on his lip off. Pietro stood over Magneto and spoke quietly enough so that other besides magneto couldn’t hear. “Sorry father, but I gotta put on a convincing show for them. They’re after Vincent, you can’t let them have him.”


Logan pounced several soldiers slashing at them fatally. They attempted to tackle him unsuccessfully and he took out men left and right fighting viciously. Cara seemed to be holding her own against them as well. She may have once been a villain and an enemy but she was damn awesome as an ally. Stinger watched Logan with a smirk. “He’s hot! Quite the animal. I wonder if the hunk can handle my electrifying womanly wiles…” She said as she sauntered toward the area that Logan did battle in. She blasted him with a serious jolt of electricity and he yelled in pain. “Ohhh so that’s how a man with an adamantium coated skeleton reacts to being shocked… much worse than a normal person. Metal is a beautiful conductor for electricity!” Stinger giggled. She was wise enough not to get any closer to Wolverine having heard many a story about how dangerous he was.

Logan recovered and stood to his feet glaring at stinger, his skin red and slowly returning to its far less flushed state. “You’ve got some nerve lady.” He grunted. He saw Cara in need of assistance and rushed to her disregarding Stinger. Cara rejoined Logan closer to the mansion,

Shots were fired. "Aghh! I'm hit!" She yelled out, grabbing her bleeding shoulder and dropping to one knee behind a wall, sending the pots that adorned it flying towards the nearby soldiers.

Logan tried to safeguard Cara. “Hang in there Cara!” He encouraged as he helped her up. The professor rushed over and helped Cara to make it to a more neutral area.

David North left his position at the rear guard and approached Cyclops who was blasting back soldier after soldier. After sneaking up on Scott’s side he delivered a roundhouse kick to Scott’s head. Scott was caught completely off guard and staggered backward. He hated to be bested. “Scott Summers… A pleasure to finally meet you. Although, looking at you, you make me feel old.” David said smoothly as he watch Scott regain himself. David was much older than he looked. His aging processes were drastically slowed after the weapon-X program artificially gave him a mutant healing factor similar to Logan and Victor Creed’s. So he looked to be Scott’s age but he was more like Magneto’s age.

Scott cringed, “Feel THIS!” He yelled as he shot an optic blast at David. Knocking him backward. David got up with a smile and his arms glowed with a dull red. He had absorbed Scott’s optic blast and was prepared to fire it back at him. David simply fired the energy back at Scott launching him backwards a distance.

“I wish I could actually feel that like you did, Commando.” David said sarcastically and ran towards the mansion doors and entering. He wanted to find the Danger room and help Sabertooth. He knew Victor sometimes needed help keeping on task rather than succumbing to a predatory bloodlust.

Logan spotted David and knew that if David North was present, Victor Creed wouldn’t be far away given that this was a Weapon-X operation. Logan said to himself, “The students… Shit!” He ran after David in an attempt to reach the Danger Room.


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it was dark and cold the skies were red the ground was made up of blackened rocks that seemed to float in mid air.Every now and then you would hear the silence broken by crumbling rocks or the screeches and howls of the creatures of the night. A foreboding hung heavy in the air.A normal person would have gone crazy had they spent even a little time in this strange world that was the complete opposite of first glance you would never think to find another living being in such a cold and desolate place.but dont be surprised.
this was Aces placr os solitude to get away from earthly woes if just for a little while.Especially when it invovled Alice.with what little control Ace had over her body she made Alice move towards the closest shadow transporting them herself into the Dark dimension.Ace stood on one of the floating rocks it was quite large to.each landong of blackened rock had a forever crumbling bridge of rock. she glared at herself or rather at Alice who glared back.
Ace:give it back now!
Alice:what this body oh no you see i very much like this body besiide i put it too much more use than you do.she snorted.
Ace:fine if you wont give it back ill just take it then by force.
Alice:you and what army you know what happended last time you destroyed everything just trying to get back this useless hunck of flesh.
Ace:i wont matter why do you think i brought my body here.its so i wont destroy anything that surprised you didnt even notice what i did.
Alice:Aahh so you think you have a better chance here than out there your dreams little sister.i was always stronger than you why cant tou just accept it your weak and without me your nothing.

Ace ignored Alices words despite the fact that they were partially true.without alice she would have no power.Without her she woould be nothing.but it didnt mean she would let her be the dominant one. and with that resolve they attacked each outside eyes it looked like they were dancing with black silk scarfs in their hands.of course in the real world,the real earth thier shared body was moving within the shadows towards someone who could possibly help stop the other personality.but that would all depend on who won this battle within the dark dimension,it was all within the mind so whoever won will be forever the dominant personality.and Ace knew she had to make sure it wasnt Alice.

Note:when Ace is in the shadows time flows diffrently there.what was an hour there would only be a few minutes in the real world.


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Cara Black

Cara shrugged off the Professor's aid. "No!" she growled at him pulling herself back, extending her fingers as her eyes turned black, calling the darkness inside her. The wound stopped bleeding after a few seconds as an insanely dark shadow filled the wound, pushing the bullet back out of the wound and onto the floor. "That'll do for now!" it was temporary and although it stopped the bleeding it was only temporary and would also stop her body being able to heal as long as the shadow was holding everything in.

She took a running jump up onto the wall, kicking off of it to fire herself onto one of the soldiers pulling him to the ground with her. Sitting across his chest she wasted no time in smashing him across the face with a nearby brick that had broken off during Magneto's removal of the gate. Once she was satisfied he was down she grabbed his pistol and began to empty the clip into any soldier nearby her. "Bring it on!" her Russian accent only adding to her intimidating stance.

Cara felt another blunt attack, this one on the side of her head. Her vision started going dark but one she couldn't see through, she was losing conciousness and had begun to sink to her knees her hold of the shadows in her shoulder blanking out of existence, the pain and the blood coming back in full swing. She desperately tried to hold onto it, willing herself to stay conciousness. She would rather die then be taken by the government officials, she would never be used as a weapon against her own kind.

Everything went black for a moment and when Cara awoke she was looking up at the sky, there was no sound other then the ringing in her ears. The battle was still going on and from where she had fallen she could see Logan running back into the mansion. Pulling herself slowly up she could see the offending soldier still standing above her, now pointing his gun at her, he was shouting but she couldn't hear him, just the ringing in her ears. He wasn't happy that much she could tell. Another soldier joined him from her left, giving her a swift kick in her side, this brought back the pain in her shoulder and the throbbing in her head, dragging all sounds with it. "Stay on the fucking ground!" He shouted again, the two men raising the guns back up.

This time Cara obliged, getting on her knees and putting her hands behind her head, one of the soldiers pulled his radio towards his mouth. "Sir, we have Shadowdancer detained. We are still working on the others, the weapon is not out here."

"Is she concious!? Don't leave her concious if there are shadows!" Cara heard the desperate reply and when the soldiers looked back at her she was giving her sexy smile. "Don't worry Malʹchiki. Everyone makes that mistake." being unconscious had apparently settled her rampage but she still had that menacing look in her eye as her shadow shifted out beneath her and joined with the soldiers forcing them to drop their guns before her and turn towards each other, banging their heads together they fell to the floor.

Standing up Cara turned to the mansion where a few soldiers were attempting to follow after Wolverine. She ran up towards them placing her hands on the railing and flipping herself over on top of the front soldier. She quickly got to her feet in order to block the others entrance to the mansion. "Mutants only!" she taunted at them keeping her hands low ready to turn their shadows against them.


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Agent Six

Agent Six watched the others as they prepared for the attack on the mansion wondering why it is Sabertooth likes to mess with Wolverine so much. Technically she wasn’t there she was watching them through her observer spirit. Of course they couldn’t see her she made sure of that there was Agent Zero he was alright they would sometimes pair up so she could be his eyes and ears during missions that required sharp shooting. He never bothered her and she was fine with that. Frenzy and Stinger she didn’t know much about them but she did not like Stinger for her fickleness. Sabertooth was another matter all together he was a savage animal nothing more nothing less. And if she could she would have glared at him with all the hate she did not have in that glare. he always bothered her teasing her about her muteness and blindness saying she was weak. But she could tell that it was the fact that he could never really surprise her nor trip her because she saw it all through her observer spirits. And then there was X-23, she consider her as the closets thing she had to family since they grew up together in WeaponX.

Agent Six did not care for the people for the people she watched. She found out a long time ago she was incapable of forming a companionship with anyone. She took her hand away from the glass that she used as her medium and walked over to a glass of water someone had left on a table and decided to check on Trask and his prisoner the mutant known as Quicksilver. They seemed to be coming into an agreement of sorts but she knew that Trask most likely threatened the mutant into helping them. 'Why must men always have to have to fight and kill each other just to prove who has the most power or the better weapon’ she simply did not understand and if she could she would have frowned.

{Start of attack on mansion}
she had gone with the others in a separate car towards the mansion but she stayed in the nearby town. Of course no one knew she there only the chaffier who brought her here but since she creep him out and this was a regular thing for her, she knew he wouldn’t tell Trask about her leaving. AS she got out of the car she opened up her parasol and balanced it against her shoulder and walked over towards a large public fountain and sat down by the edge, placing her hand slightly on the surface of the water. For a moment Agent Six was blind and she gave a small gasp. Her eyes darted back and forth looking; searching for what she wanted and found it a leak.

She knew she was in the mansions water system which is why it must have been so dark until she say a small circle of light and she slowly drifted towards it and for a moment she hung at the end of the faucet until finally she plopped down into the sink. Looks like someone left the water on, she thought.

She reached outwards and her conscious began to form into one of her observe spirits and it grew taller to see over the sink and get a good bearing as to where she was. It was the bathroom by the likes of it and that wasn’t what she wanted. So Agent Six sank back down, then suddenly springing upwards to reach the mirror that she knew was there. And she continued to jump from one reflective surface to another, but she didn’t get far she was finally in the grand hall that lead to the stairs to the entrance and the closest mirror was too far for he to jump. So she slipped back to her real body and began to search again, until she found a good medium. It her view was cloudy and she couldn’t quite see what was going on but by the looks of it she must bee in the danger room control room. She saw everything as well as hear everything to a certain extent. They were in the middle of a simulation when suddenly the alarms went off signaling to her that the attack must have begun. Some of the mutant ran outside to meet the coming soldiers while another group stayed which she guessed must have been the students. They seemed to be anxious as to what was going on outside and she wondered how things went on outside to see what the battle was about. And so she sent another observer spirit outside to the windows of the mansion and saw the X-men meet the soldiers and the others head on. The first person she noticed was a woman who ran towards a couple of bushes donning on a mask and coat and attacked the coming line of soldiers, taking out most of them. And from her calculations she should meet Frenzy pretty soon if she kept at that general direction. Then she heard a loud screeching of metal forcedly being moved in ways it shouldn’t. Magneto had begun his attack as well as the other X-Men. Agent Zero met the man known as Cyclops and she knew he would lose to her subordinate easily, and he did.

Thinking she saw enough she went back to the control room only to hear the doors be blown apart and men began to pour in surrounding the mutants that had stayed behind. Sabertooth and X-23 appeared in her line of vision, Sabertooth attacking and she noticed a small woman in armor stand tall and alone against them. Foolish mutant you won’t win with such petty amour. Agent Six was proved wrong when the woman made vines come out of no where grabbing some of the soldiers to who knew where. And she noted two mutants stand in front of a man who she realized was the weapon, despite what Sabertooth told them about the weapon they still think they could protect him. Their spy created an ice shield blocking her view of the others leaving behind a few stragglers who ended up on the other side facing the soldiers. Sabertooth grabbed on a mutant who had light related abilities and began to crush him with his strength until an Asian woman came in and phased to the boy away from Sabertooths grasp and they ran towards the ice wall and phased again.

Agent Six quickly created another observer spirit on the other side of the ice wall to look in on the weapon Trask wanted so badly back. She saw their spy again along with t e two mutants who stood protectively in front of the weapon. Her vision was a bit blurry due to the medium being ice and it had frost over it. But she could see and she felt tremors go through her body as parts of the wall began to crack and one side crumbled completely allowing soldiers to enter the back. She noticed a giant whole behind the mutants and weapon and as the wall began to crumble more and more slowly melting she took this chance to get closer to the fight at least that was her plan until some soldiers stepped on her observer spirit giving her small headache and she quickly retreated back to the wall.

The mutants began to attack the soldiers when Sabertooth yelled “Gather around boys! Take aim and fire ALL Rounds at the enemy!!” He laughed as the soldiers shot thousands of bullets at the group. But he weapon stopped the bullets’ until there was a large wall of floating bullets and then they turned and took down about 15 soldiers. The Weapon seemed devastated at what he did but she knew it was just in his nature. Sabetooth began to play his physiological card by saying something to provoke the Weapon even more but suddenly he turned around and gave a sick twisted smile towards where the doors had been and the powerful mutant known as Wolverine entered the scene glaring at Sabertooth and chared at him taking him down and began to slash at Sabertooth.


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a masked figure stumbled out of the shadows battered and out of breath.she tripped and feel to her knees unkown as to where she was.she looked around to find herself in a giant hole in the wall realizing it was on of the surrounding walls of the danger room
.'who the hell put a hole in the wall?'she said to no one in paticular.she got up when a a seizure like symptom raked through her bony for a moment her left eye turned black for a few minutes until it was gone."No dammit"Ace had won the battle but she had yet to win the war within herself.sighing she walked around a bit until she stepped in to the danger room,whoch was a bad idea because she saw Jonothan staring into a soldiers eyes making his worst fears come true.Ace cclutched her head for a moment as sshe seemed to have been affected as well but to a lesser extent. she could feel Alices power surge and she hasped realizing that if stayed here any longer her win would have beenn pointless.So she ran back into the closest shadow and ran a few feet in total darkness when she stepped out into the front yard to to be thrown backwards by a large explosion and she was pushed back into a shadow and stumbled in the main corridor to have Jonathan onve again in her view but he diid not notice her as he ran by.

Agent Six

as she watched Wolverine fight Sabertooh she wondered were Agent Zero was put she quickly pushed that thought away.she focused back on to the Weapon when on of the mutants proteecting him ran off to take down a coulle soldiers along with a girl.the two faught quite nicely without any visible powers that she could see. until the young man began to stare at the soldier doing something to him. the soldier began to cry out in fear and the houng mutant was saying something but she was too far to hear in him so she decided to get closer. she made her spirit solid enough to be able to take a chunk of crumbling ice and threw it on the ground close to where the two were standing and begun to form an observer spirit as the ice began to melt. as she left her old spot and onto her knew one she could know hear hear him and soon she realized that it was a bad idea to have gotten so close to them. while the mutant was talking she could feel something tugging at her subcounsious but she didd t know what it was and the feeling quickly passed. 'so this mutant uses words that put fear into the victims heart'. finally the soldier collasped and the other femal mutant ran up to him putting her hand on hiss chest to stop him from doing anymore damage. 'why would she stop him,he is protecting her and their so called "family".the girl then looked away from him and yelled out "Mom" and she searched for something and ran towards the exit, where a soldier waited for her to fall into his trap which she did.

the soldier began to advance on her with a knife when the young man ran at him yelling "LET GO OF MY SISTER" and grabbed the soldier at his throat pushing him into the wall. thats were things began to change the area of where the mutant held the soldier it turned purple and then it looked like the soldier died or was rendered uncouncious.'humm so he also has an ability similar to the Rouges?'the girl quickly ran off and the boy realizing what he did shook his head in disbilief and looked back at the Weapon before running off after his sister. as he left Agent Six spotted movement in the shadows and realized the very same woman with the mask from earlier was standing there inthe shadows but it looked like the boy was so intent on going after his sister he didnt notice her. but upon seeing her Agent Six heard/felt an explosion from outside and quickly switced positions with her observer spirit outside.

there looked to be a large explosion and the man know as the GameMaster was on the ground wound.she looked around and caught sight of something small and black inthe sky dropping fast to the ground.


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Cara Black

"Oh I'm sure you'd learn to love it." Cara answered seductively. Forcing the soldiers shadows away, expelling them all to the sides. "My type? Now that's hurtful." She a extended her arms out again, her fingers spread to catch a few of the shadows nearby her. Her eyes faltered for a moment as Frenzy approached, fighting a mutant such as Stinger wouldn't be easy, Cara generally had to be close in order to take control of the others shadow but she didn't fancy getting to near to one of her bolts, but someone like Frenzy could be even worse, getting to close to an extra strong punch could end badly for Cara, generally she'd use her power to avoid getting hit but there are times when that's just not possible.

She felt a warm liquid start to slowly run down her face, she was pretty sure it was blood from the beating she received at the hand of the soldiers but she couldn't risk putting her hand up and giving Stinger a way in, to find out. "So what were you promised? What would make you want to turn against your own kind?" Cara asked with spite filled words, moving her hands up slightly and touching upon the doors shadows, slamming them shut. "Especially you, Stinger. We fought for the same cause once! Magneto might have changed his ways but at least he still fights FOR mutants!" her shadow fell on something solid and wasting no time Cara sent it flying towards the pair laying her challenge down.


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"Oh I'm sure you'd learn to love it." Cara answered seductively. "My type? Now that's hurtful." She a extended her arms out again, her fingers spread to catch a few of the shadows nearby her. Her eyes faltered for a moment as Frenzy approached. "So what were you promised? What would make you want to turn against your own kind?" Cara asked with spite filled words, moving her hands up slightly and touching upon the doors shadows, slamming them shut. "Especially you, Stinger. We fought for the same cause once! Magneto might have changed his ways but at least he still fights FOR mutants!" her shadow fell on something solid and wasting no time Cara sent it flying towards the pair laying her challenge down.

Frenzy slowly made her way toward Stinger and Cara. Stinger smirked as Cara replied. Stinger had once worked with Cara under Magneto. Back then she was interested in bettering the state of Mutant kind. She felt more ideological back then but now things were different. Things were worse in the world. Stinger opened her mouth to answer when the huge hunk of debris Cara hurled at her came her way. Luckily Stinger was pretty nimble and hopped backward as to avoid the brunt of the damage. However the object shattered causing a hunk of it to hit Stinger’s arm. “Yeouch! That smarts! You sure don’t waste any time do you shadowdancer. Stinger dusted off her pink dress.

“Well, to answer your question… They offered me a shit ton of money and immunity from the government’s wrath. It’s really that simple.” Stinger replied as he began to examine her nails, her hands illuminating with electricity. “Ya know gal, times have changed for worse. The days of me clinging to losing ideologies is done. I’m tired of fighting so hard for nothing. Magneto was and still is chasing a pretty dream, one that will likely never become real. So Weapon-X offered me a promise that they are making good on. It’s nice for someone to finally keep their word to a lady for a change.” Stinger then extended her hands sending electricity dancing and crackling in Cara’s direction.

Frenzy by this point stood a few feet away from Stinger. She was not totally opposed to the X-men and their goals. She actually wanted to meet Professor Xavier for herself as he seemed like a good person. She listened to Stinger’s story, it was not new to her but it was different from her own. She never really was involved with the mutant human struggle before. She saw mutants like Magneto as tyrannical and without order. She got involved with Weapon-X after being offered protection and a very high salary. She wasn’t completely money oriented but she chose what seemed practical as she was a practical person. She could see Charles in the distance and she took occasional glances at him. She would have approached him but she wouldn’t dessert Stinger.

Stinger then noticed a young man arrive at the mansion grounds making a mad dash toward the mansion. Frenzy was given orders from Trask via her earpiece to keep him from the professor. “Rodger that.” She replied. She turned toward Stinger, “Wendy, you’re on your own with Shadowdancer now! I got orders!” She then made a swift dash to intercept Sam. She cut him off in his tracks. “Sorry my friend but you’d best leave here. I have orders to get rough and I don’t want to have to do that.” She said calmly as she stood looking at Sam directly in the eyes.

The Professor was busy turning soldiers away by taking over their minds. Magneto had finally convenced Pietro to help him and that he would protect Pietro. Charles could hear the calls of Ace. He felt the evil of Alice almost instantly. She needed to be suppressed fast or else Ace would not have made it. On Ace’s signal the Professor concentrated unleashing a psychic maelstrom that served to lock away and imprison Alice in the depths of Ace’s mind. To do this he entered Ace’s mind. It was a dark realm of strange wonder. There He spotted Alice, thrashing in anguish and insanity. She wanted to kill but was unable to regain control. He and created a prison in her mind to hold Alice. Charles then spoke to Ace, “The fortifications are strong but they will not for long Ace. Are you alright?” Charles asked Ace telepathically?

Vila’s vines wrapped around many of the people in the danger room, moving them to safety. Logan was kicked off of Sabertooth when Sabertooth placed both feet on Logan’s torso and propelled him backward into the danger room wall. Sabertooth was a little slow to stand as Logan had done considerable damage to him. His healing had complete and he launched at Logan, taking a slash at Logan’s chest. Logan yelled in pain then soon retaliated by punching sabertooh in the face with his extremely hard fist.

Vincent watched the scene not sure what he should do. He wanted to help and he could but Sabertooth’s little stunt with the gunmen made Vincent afraid to act. He didn’t want to kill again. He finally mustered up the confidence to take some personal charge once again. He wondered why X-23 had not acted. He tried to probe her mentally but he had trouble breaching her mind. There must have been something that prevented her from being probed.

“Vince! You alright?” Philip asked as he turned halfway toward Vincent. He was sure to keep an eye on the others just in case someone or something attacked them again. Philip was a little worried about Vincent after the previous incident. He knew Vincent was gentle, using force to stop a foe would be okay with Vincent but killing was somewhat of a taboo in Vincent’s eyes.

Vincent gave a smile and replied. “I’m alright love. No worries as long as you don’t get reckless.” Philip nodded in response.

Just then Ryan, whom Vincent kneeled down next to, addressed Vincent via his thoughts. "Vincent, can you relay this thought process to everyone?" Ryan thought, looking pointedly and Vincent.

Vincent replied telepathically, “yes Ryan I can, go on.”
"I've come up with a plan. There are eight of us, not counting Adria, and two of them. We leave four of us here to detain the predator and his partner while four of us move Adria somewhere safe. If it's two vs. one you should be able to knock them out or otherwise incapacitate, and not kill them, that way we can get information out of them when we're ready to interrogate them once the big battle is over. On the other side, once the other four have secured Adria, they go outside and meet up with Doctor Xavier to reinforce their side. Does anyone have any qualms with that? My only problem is who goes where, but I'm sure some of us will be more than willing to volunteer for the position of fighting those two." Ryan concluded.

Just then Vincent heard Jonathan’s voice. "We've got a problem..." Vincent then telepathically scanned the mansion and learned of Memory and Jonathan’s plight. He knew that David, Memory, and Jonathan would be approaching the danger room. David was indeed dangerous and Vincent didn’t want to add David’s cunning to Sabertooth viciousness.

Vincent replied telepathically. “I understand your situation Jonathan. Everyone can hear this transmission of my thoughts. Things are still pretty tense in here. I can subdue Sabertooth but the second mutant here still hasn’t made a move and I can’t attack her psionically due to something blocking me out. I can handle Sabertooth but to take down David as well would be difficult. As Ryan suggested, we must make our escape. Adria needs to be taken to safety. Fuyumi, Kyle, Ryan and Thantos should take Adria to safety. Afterward please assist Professor X and Magneto out front, they could use the help. Philip, Vila and Hideki will remain here for the time being. When Jonathan and Memory arrive I’ll distract the enemy and J and M can escape to aid the others out front. Is that clear?” Vincent communicated to everyone telepathically.

David, Memory and Jonathan reached the danger room. Upon entering they saw the vicious battle between Logan and Sabertooth. David smirked at the siblings, “Thanks for the tour. You know you two make a cute pair. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to greet an old friend.” David said as he smiled in a friendly manner at Memory and Jonathan. He let go of Memory’s hand and stepped toward the fighting men. David called out, “Hey Logan! I brought you a souvenir.” Just then David in a smooth elegant motion lifted his gun and shot Logan in the head point blank. Logan fell backward onto his back, his body lowly beginning to heal the wound.

As Logan healed Sabertooth got a chance to catch his breath. “Who told you to butt in North?” Sabertooth huffed.

“You were losing. Also, let’s just say I owed Logan that one.” David replied. He looked over toward Vincent. “Wow…my have you grown! Our little weapon is so huggably, handsome! It’s good to see you.” David commented. He had seen Vincent after his creation. North thought Vincent to be very attractive. He was bi and praised anything that caught his eye.

Vincent then launched an assault on Sabertoot’s mind. He held his fingers to his head and Sabertooth fell to his knees in pain and mental anguish. Vincent called out, “Now’s your chance run!”


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It's been three weeks since Sam had left the mansion on his mission, and now when he returned this is what he came back too. The mansion was a complete war zone. Dust and smoke filled his lungs, he let out a small cough before holding his hand to his chest and separating the Co2 from the oxygen in his lungs.

Sam ran fast dropping his nap-sack trying to get inside the mansion but stopped short by a few soldiers who were ready to take his life in a heart beat. "Whoa there guy's, no need for the heavy artillery." Same laughed at his own little joke as one of the soldiers stepped forward pointing the tip of his gun barrel at Sam's head. "We have orders to eliminate all mutants." The soldier stated in a cold tone. "Well if that's the case, then I might just have to pass on this little dance." Sam remarked, and in moments of saying those words every soldier that had surrounded him was on the ground.

Sam continued his race to get inside the mansion and find out the situation of everyone especially The Professor and Cara. Just as he reached a hole a girl appeared in front of him.

“Sorry my friend but you’d best leave here. I have orders to get rough and I don’t want to have to do that.” She said calmly as she stood looking at Sam directly in the eyes.

"Oh really now well, you see I can't do that, and you standing here isn't going to change that." Sam said as he stared back at the girl before being lunged at by her. Whoa there was something he was used to, ducking and greeting her face with his left heel. She flipped over onto the grass like a rag-doll before standing up laughing. "Well seems we have a fighter, guess I don't need to hold back." She stated as she ran forward at full speed ramming fist first into Sam chest. The vibration from the shock sent pulses through Sam's body causing him to drop to the ground.

The girl stepped back smiling a bit before feeling a slight sign of disposition "Maybe I should have held back a bit. Oh well not so big when your on the ground right." She turned around with a quick brush of her hair and began walking towards the hole. "Hey now miss, is that anyway to treat a guest." Sam laughed as the body that was supposedly him began to disappear, and the real Sam appeared basically out of thin air, wearing his nap-sack, a black collared shirt with grey jeans and black sneakers. "I'm sorry but I don't have time to play with you." He said simply before expanding the girls lungs till she collapsed.

"The hell, how...t-the hell did I lose." She said as her vision began to turn black and her eyes shut. Sam shook his head and picked her up tossing her through the mansion creating another hole, which so happened to be where Cara and Stinger where. "Damn, hope The professor isn't to mad about the hole." He stepped again but this time he appeared beside Cara. Who was even more surprised to see him than the girl on the floor.

"Oh hey there love." He smiled at Cara.


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Cara Black

"I am Russian. We never waste time." Cara answered with a smirk, readying herself for the retaliation. She didn't back down as Frenzy approached, even outnumbered Cara was not a cowardly person. "So you think that just because they promised they'd leave you alone that they actually will?!" Cara looked offended. "Stinger I thought you were smarter then that. Even Toad wasn't that stupid." She never dropped her eyes from Stinger's throughout the conversation, she had to stay alert enough to avoid the bolts. Electricity travels quickly she would have to be swift to avoid being hit.

"So hard for nothing?! You've abandoned the cause! You have achieved nothing! You've joined exactly what we were fighting against! The humans are winning and you are aiding them!" Cara shouted back angrily almost being caught off guard in her moment of distraction as Stingers arms outstretched towards her. Cara's eyes shot open for a moment before she flipped herself backwards escaping the majority of the shock but catching a nasty case of static as she jumped, almost sticking her landing Cara pushed her arms out forwards and landed low, sending one of the metal hand rails that had now become dislodged up and towards her opponents.

"Perhaps enough toying?" She smiled, as the pole was deflected. "Shall we get down to it, devochki?" she smiled devilishly at the two mutants. Cara seemed slightly perturbed by Frenzy's sudden withdrawal. "Aww, looks like it's just me and you after all." She jumped from where she stood flipping herself in the air and jumping into a shadow, re-appearing behind Stinger and giving her a swift kick in the ass. She pulled her jacket from her shoulders and threw it to the side of them away from the fight. "I do hope you've kept yourself in good shape."

Cara and Stinger had fought together on many occasions in the past but back then Magneto was a mutant to be feared, he was the face of mutantkind everywhere the one man in all the chaos who wanted mutants to have their birthrights. It was more often then not the Governments that got in the way of all this, fighting back against every attempt to gain some sort of home for mutants. Asteroid M and Genosha were both destroyed through Government "Intervention" Cara had thousands of reasons to hate her enemies and as far as she was concerned any mutant that sided with the government was an enemy as well.

As she readied herself for the next set of on coming attacks Cara was suddenly aware of the arrival of one of the students via the image on Frenzy flying overhead into the mansion. "Get to the Professor! Now!" she ordered Sam firmly. "It's not safe here for a student!" she had left her back to Stinger as she turned to command the boy. "Go!" she shouted again this time more forcibly.


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ace breathed deeply in and out trying to calm her beating heart and telling herself that she wasnt actually hurt just her mind think it got hurt.ace heard the proffesor ask her if she was alright and simply told "like Hell im alright i feel like just got punched by Jaugurtnot i hurt like hell" she could feel the prof. chuckle at her ace tried for the doors she realized that something was keeping them close "tch im gonnna kick who evers ass it was that caused that explosion"she hissed to herself.

Getting fusturated and with the large need to vent her anger Ace pretty much obliterated the front doors with her shadow scythe looking upon a scene that made her really want to kick someones ass. noticing that she didnt have her mask on and perfering to wear it than show her face to the attackers she created a pure black mask that she knew,she would very much need by the looks of it.she even created a kind of armur over her vital areas encasing them in hard,forever moving shadows. 'where do you need me to go prof. im really itching to knock some heads about'she called out telepathecly to the prof.

as she went to him she noticed a pair of men rushing him while he was concentrating on the men before him.Ace ran and dived into a nearby shadow and reached out and grabed one of the mens guns jerking his arm away causing him to shoot aimlessly.the other one then shot her in the head causing her to fall out of his friends shadow.stumbling backwards but she caught herself which surprised the soldiers causing them to step back qwaking at her. she leaned forward bending down a little when she gave a small "ow" she looked up holding her face.she removed her hand and looked in it which held the bullet. "you frikin shot me she said in disbelief."You shout me you Ugly Bastards and that Frikin Hurt!"she hissed angrily she glared at them through the mask, it cracked,the top corner crumbling away to reveal an eye full of anger. she growled at them "you actually shot at me?"she ran at them firts bending down low into her shadow and pulled out two pure black poles of shadow and flipped fowards onto the poles for a moment kicking out at them with her legs as they finnaly recovered their senses and shot at her.she took them down and landed back on her feet.she looked back at the proffessor checking on him when she caught a glimpse of one of the students,Sam who was gone for awhile on a mission she beleived and was running towards them after encountering Frenzy and meeting up with Cara.

she turned back to the prof. to see where he needed her to go when suddenly she felt something land just outside the gates 'oh Dear' she could feel the ground shake and Ace smiled for she knew who to vent her anger at and it was waiting just outside the gates. There were four Sentinals and a big ones too. 'oohh this is gonna be fun.

[OOC: Masato said it was alright for me to insert the sentinels.]


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As Logan pinned David down David smiled almost joyously. “oh…. Logan! I didn’t know you were that glad to see me again! I take it you weren’t too fond of my greetings gift. But you didn’t forget that I owed you that shot right?” David joked. He and Logan used to have a very particular relationship. The two would often joke and make bets with one another when they both worked together. One could say they were friends whereas Victor and Logan were rivals.

“You know bub, that was a REALLY cheap shot!” Logan said his adamantium claws ready to strike.

“Logan… How dare you? I never take cheap shots.” David replied, a sarcastic smile painted across his face.

“Whatever, You didn’t owe me shit before, but after that little stunt you do now. And I intend to collect on it right now…:” Logan definitely didn’t want to kill David, there was still hope left for him in Logan’s perspective. He planned on wounding North since he knew that David could heal almost as good as him and Sabertooth. If Professor X had to rate the speed of self-healing abilities, Wolverine would be ranked the first and fastest, Sabertooth second, and David North Third. Logan could take far more than David due to the Adamantium grafted onto his skeleton. David and Sabertooth couldn’t heal fast enough to survive the process of receiving an adamantium skeletal grafting.

Just then X-23, with her steel toed boot, kicked Logan hard in the ribs launching him backwards. He hit the danger room wall and fell to the ground next to Vincent, Hideki and Philip, who had been previously knocked back by David’s thermite bomb.

David was a little surprised as X-23 then helped him up. She was seemingly the quiet angry type in his eyes. As she protected him his look of confusion converted over to a look of enlightenment. He didn’t know that X-23 would react this way on his behalf. He then said to X-23, “Were you waiting for me to get here before you made a move? Sabertooth had been struggling quite a bit you know. Well whatever, Victor is always too pigheaded to receive help and be grateful about it.”

Sabertooth standing after receiving an explosive fireworks like blast from Hideki replied, “Fuck you North. Kid’s little sparklers hurt a hell of a lot more than I thought they would.”

Vincent breathing heavily said to Logan as he looked up at X-23, “So she finally moves… Just great.”

Logan began to stand. “Yeah… just my luck. Ah…. Little demons has a kick like mine… “ Logan began to realize that this girl was most likely like him. “Avoid her she’s dangerous on another level. I hope I can trust you all to handle Sabertooth and David?”

Vincent, Philip, and Hideki stood as well. Vincent eyed their opponents and replied, “Yes. We’ll make do. Be careful Logan.”

“Can’t promise that.” Logan said as he rushed at X-23. He punched her across the face knowing that she could most likely handle a jaw breaking punch from him like Sabertooth could.

Vincent spoke to Hideki and Philip, “Hideki, Philip, you two take David. Leave Sabertooth to me. If it gets too tough escape.”

[Outside the Mansion]

Cara was hit by stinger’s electric tornado attack. It seemed to have greatly hurt Cara as she screamed loudly. Stinger didn’t like having to go this far in fighting Cara but it couldn’t be helped they were now enemies.
When Cara looked up Stinger had turned serious, this fight could definitely turn out badly. “And what do you think they will do once all mutants are dead or in slavery?” Cara asked through gritted teeth. “You will be redundant; they will add you to the slaves or just kill you.” She slowly pulled herself to her feet. “Or worse, they will turn you into a puppet.” Her shadow on the floor began to change, branching out towards Stinger, slowly creeping along the floor until their shadows met.

Cara took control of Stinger’s shadow causing her adversary to raise her arms dramatically before bowing down, making jerking movements much like a string puppet. “Get used to that feeling Stinger. That is all you are aiming for now.” Cara pulled Stinger into walking towards her; despite her weakened state Cara was still able to win the fight for control of movement.

As Stinger stood almost a foot from her Cara relinquished her control. “Could you do it Wendy? Could you watch our race die? Could you watch me die?” she was looking directly into Stinger’s eyes, almost staring into her very soul.

Stinger struggled to get free in vain. She felt helpless as Cara’s words sank deeply into her conscience. She knew in truth she couldn’t watch Cara die. She couldn’t feel content with mutants suffering at the hands of fearful humans. She hoped at least that she could run away somewhere where she could live quietly and at peace leaving all of it behind. But that was a delusion. “NO I COULDN’T AND I CAN’T OKAY!! I’m just so sick of it all!! All the fighting, the deaths, the fear!! It’s just too much and no matter who I follow, the end of the tunnel just never appears before my eyes!!” Stinger actually began to sob. She had completely given up fighting Cara.

The Sentinels moved in on them programed to ignore the weapon-x mutants. Ace attacked the arm of one sentinel with her shadow scythe. However the armor of the sentinel was much stronger than any of them had anticipated. Ace then thought so that Professor X could hear, ‘shall I help Cara or will you, I need an answer soon it doesn’t look like she will be standing long with Stinger as her opponent?’

The Professor replied, ”Don’t worry Ace. I will have a word with Stinger and tell Cara to stand down. Stinger seems to be in a better place to listen now. Please take care of the sentinels. Magneto seems a bit preoccupied at the moment handling those soldiers without seriously hurting them.” The professor smiled at Ace. The professor telepathically contacted Stinger and Cara. “Cara, this is the Charles Xavier. Please release Stinger, she won’t attack I’m sure of it. You need to take it easy now. Your body is being pushed to its limits, your teammates and I fear you won’t last long if you continue this way. I shall talk to Stinger. I think I can get through to her now that you’ve reached her heart. Rest now.” Charles spoke gently to Cara.

Charles then telepathically spoke to Stinger, “Wendy, This is Charles Xavier. Please listen to me carefully. You heard what Cara has spoken to you and she speaks through much wisdom. You cannot trust weapon-x not to betray you. They mean no mutant good and will eventually aim to hunt us all down. There will be no running. Join us, support a cause you know to be right. Even if it’s not to fight for it, just believing in that cause once again can and will save yours and many other lives. I’ve seen it happen before. What do you say Wendy?” Charles asked. He sounded like a nurturing father.
[OOC: I’m assuming Cara released Stinger.]
Stinger felt much better, she replied, “I’ll trust you and believe in what I did before all of this mess. Geez you sure know how to make a girl ruin her mascara…”

Fuyumi looked at the sentinels and let out a heavy sigh. “If I have to see more of these again today, whether fake or real, I’m going to have a heart attack.” She then dashed toward the sentinel. Once she reached the foot of one of the large machines she tried to phase it into the ground. The sentinel’s left foot began to sink into the concrete. Fuyumi phased back through the ground to the surface. The sentinel struggled to pull it’s foot out of the ground. Fuyumi hoped that it would tear its foot off trying to pull it from the ground but it was too strong, it only ripped up the concrete and it was then free.

Kyle flew by and toward a sentinel. He dodged the lazer beams that shot at him by flying in swift loops. He managed to get close enough to one of the sentinels heads and he gave it a sucker punch knocking it off center. The sentinel next to the now staggering sentinel blasted Kyle back with a laser blast burning a large hole in Kyle’s shirt and sending him falling towards the ground.


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Ryan had almost slowed to a complete stop. He was really only walking now. He was listening for the sounds of enemies in the mansion, but there were strangely none at all. He was concerned. This is insane! Ryan thought. It's like Vincent and the mansion itself are the only things they targeted! They said they were after Vincent which would explain their presence in the danger room. Is there some other motive? Why are they targeting us? It was at that moment that four, very large tremors shook the house. They seemed to come from outside the house. What on Earth? Ryan wondered. What could possibly make that?

For some odd reason, Ryan's thoughts flew to Memory. He hadn't known her for very long. They'd really only sort of "met", recently. She was nice. She'd smiled when she met him, when he'd fumbled over his introduction. They both were. Nice that is. She and her brother Johnathan, they were kind and understanding when they met him. Seen him. They were good people. Come to think of it, he never seemed to see her without him. They must be very close, just like a family should be. Ryan sighed. "Family," he said longingly. Must be really nice, to have someone to trust your entire being to. To know will always have your back, no matter what. What was she doing now? He wondered. Last he'd seen, she was still back there with Vincent and the predator. Come to think of it, she showed up wearing... What on Earth was with that outfit? She looked... No Ryan, she's way out of your league. Plus, she's five years older than you. Besides, she must have worn those clothes for a reason. She wouldn't just jump into battle looking like... she did... unless it had a purpose. There's no time for thoughts like that. Drop it. For your own good. Still, he couldn't help but worry. Was she ok? Did she run away? Did she get caught? Was she in trouble? What if?... What if?... NO! There's no time for thoughts like that. I told you. She'll be fine, she's with Johnathan. Her brother loves her. He'll have her back. He'll protect her. That's what brothers are for. Not you. Ryan sighed again, there was no room for him there.

Just then, Ryan heard the noise of footsteps. It was odd though. There were a few short ones, in rapid succession, followed by silence, then more. They repeated just like that. They had far too long a period of silence to be any regular kind of footsteps. Ryan's whole body tensed. He picked up his pace, running again, and fast. It frightened him. What could be in the house with him? What kind of thing walked like that? How could it be getting so close with so few footsteps.

"Finally found you, everyone else is on their way." Thantos gasped. Even though it was quiet, Ryan almost shouted when he swore. "Jesus! Thantos! You scared the shit out of me!" "We left just in time four sentinels just showed up." "Shit! Sentinels? In the Danger Room? The sound of them landing came from outside? How many are there? No time, talk while we jog, I'll slow down now, I'm sorry I moved so fast, I had to get Adria out of there." "We need to hurry and get back. Their gonna need us." "First thing's first, we need to get Adria to the infirmary. Secondly, if there really are sentinels outside, they're gonna need us there. We report to Doctor Xavier, as planned. This way!" Ryan jogged with Thantos down to the infirmary. Ryan felt they could afford to take it a little slower since there were two conscious people escorting Adria as opposed to one. He felt bad he had to go so fast in the first place. Thantos looked dead tired, but he kept up like a real trooper. However, escorting Adria was important. It had to be done. They laid Adria in one of the beds the second they got to the infirmary. They called for some help and turned to leave immediately. The nurse tried to get them to stay and recover from their injuries. "No time ma'am," Ryan shouted, already leading Thantos out the door and back to the front door. "We're just a little tired, they need us out front!"

They headed down the hallway and to the front door. Ryan stopped before they reached it. "If there are Sentinels out there, we need to be prepared. A games and all that. You ready? If so, lead on. We're in for the fight of our lives. Only one way to know for sure if we're ready." Ryan held out his fist, waiting for Thantos to bump fists with him. They hadn't been friends for long, but they were close. Ryan knew Thantos would cover his back, just as he would cover Thantos's.


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"Ryan... are you wearing the metal shoes?"

Ryan nodded in reply, "Yeah. We were gonna practice that thing."

"You wanna practice it now? I could throw you at one of the sentinels."

"Are you sure?.. We've never tried before."

"Yeah I'll be able to throw you and your gonna hit that thing hard!" He reached out and bumped Ryan's fist.

"Alright if your sure let's do it!"

Ryan threw open the doors and lined himself up with one of the sentinels. Thantos was looking for a strong anchor. This push wasn't gonna be easy. Finding one he nodded to Ryan who jumped up into the air. Burning steel Thantos pushed against the piping in the house and against the metal base of Ryan's boots throwing Ryan through the air (launched at an accelerating 15 feet per second approx speed at contact 40 mph). After about five seconds Ryan makes contact with the sentinel. Dousing the burning steel Thantos steadies himself against the fatigue. That worked about as well as I could have hoped.

Having caught his breath Thantos grabs another vial off of his belt pulling the cork off and downing the contents. Seeing Magneto surrounded by a group of soldiers. He starts burning pewter and runs to help him. Reaching the circle he lowers his shoulder and charges the group dropping three of the soldiers in the group. "Professor! Use these!" He throws a handful of coins towards his professor. Continuing forward he feels something hit his shoulder. The pewter strengthening his body he continues forward grabbing the soldier and headbutting him to unconscious.

(ooc I got permission to do the dialogue between Thantos and Ryan as well as throw him at the sentinel.)


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At Thantos's direction, Ryan flung open the doors. Quickly scanning the battlefield, he saw everyone who was out front helping the teachers. Oh great, they were all watching. Shaking off the pressure, Ryan lined himself up with the closest sentinel. He wanted to take out something threatening while not pushing Thantos too hard. Here's goes nothing He said in his head, praying that Thantos didn't miss. At Thantos's signal, Ryan jumped into the air, whipping his tail around to rifle himself and "hold himself still in mid-air" so Thantos would have an easy shot. In mid-air, Ryan pointed his feet towards his friend... and brand new propulsion system.

At that moment, it felt like a giant hand had connected with his feet and slammed him forward. The G-Forces alone would have killed a normal human being. Luckily, Ryan wasn't normal. The one thing that had ostracized him for his entire life, was now saving it. His body was strong, his bones were dense. He body absorbed the impact and carried it forward. Fists first and spinning. Ryan rocketed through the air, gaining massive speed. This combination was perfect. All of Ryan's physical strength combined with all of Thantos's might. Ryan was gonna hit that thing and hit it hard with his reinforced fists, fueled by Thantos's push. All it needed was a name. Something to describe their powerful combination and what it did. Screaming against the wind, Ryan shouted with all his might, "Perfect Combustion of Manly Souls Cannonball Attack!" He couldn't tell if anyone heard, he hoped no one did, but it didn't matter, it was a perfect name for a perfect combination. That giant hand at his back pushed him hard, and continued to push him until he hit the sentinel. It was like no feeling he'd ever had in his life. Nothing else has come close. At one moment he was blasting through the air, his body compressing from the back, feeling like his feet might go through his body. Ryan felt himself compress for a moment, almost to a breaking point. His body felt squished, and for a moment, he couldn't breathe. His mind cried out in agony. This sort of punishment should be unbearable. His nerves and muscles screamed in retort. His bones and scaled fists, however, could take it. He felt the metal give, his body decompressed, and he could breathe again. The Sentinels chest caved, forming a massive pair of craters. The mighty sentinel began to fall.

Ryan had been flung almost upwards by Thantos's push, so when the sentinel began to topple, forced back by the impact, Ryan, literally, came out on top. Whipping his tail around, and generating momentum, Ryan spun his body around, kicking the sentinel as hard as he could on its chest, forcing it down and giving gravity an unneeded boost, far faster than the sentinel could regain it's balance. He shouted again, roaring out the name of his next attack, "Get the Hell Away From My Precious Friends Kick!"

As the sentinel crashed to the ground, Ryan fell on top of it, absorbing his impact. He crawled up to it's face as quickly as he could, dodging the flailing limbs. When he got to his destination, he looked down with grim pride at what he had accomplished. This once mighty weapon was no more. He pulled his fist up, high into the air. He then slammed his fist down as fast as he could, forming yet another crater in the softer parts of the Sentinel's face. One last time he shouted the name of his attack. "Just Who The Hell Do You Think I Am? Punch!" He roared. He felt the metal inner workings give out, and stop whirring. He got up, dusted himself off, and jumped down from it's face. When he landed, he found himself to be rather woozy. Flying that fast, and striking something that hard, twice, had taken quite a bit out of him. He knelt down for a moment, trying to regain his senses and his balance. He surveyed the battlefield while he rested, waiting for the world to stop spinning. Noticing Thantos in the midst of combat, he flipped him a super cheesy thumbs up. "Let's never do that again!" Ryan shouted.


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“It won’t appear if you fight for the wrong side Stinger. We will win this war! The humans will lose!” Cara was careful to keep her voice down. It seemed that although she had joined Xavier’s little band of mutants she still did not completely share his vision of peace between humans and mutants. Stinger was a little surprised. “Come on; let’s move before those sentinels see us.” She said gesturing Stinger towards the mansion. Her breathing was getting heavier and her hand was now covering over her now profusely bleeding wound.

Stinger followed Cara, it was good to feel like she had her old friend back, somewhat. She was concerned to see that Cara had sustained some serious wounds. Stinger knew that Cara was always one to push herself too far, when Stinger would have long fled a fight that was getting too tough for her liking, Cara would fight until Magneto would drag her away. After a few feet Cara collapsed onto her side. Stinger knelt down beside Cara, “Dammit Cara, you push yourself way too hard!” She was about to help Cara up when she realized that the Sentinel was approaching. She quickly stood to her feet and blasted the robot with an electric charge, however her powers were ineffective against this particular model of sentinel as they were heavily insolated and immune to electric attacks. “Oh… shit this is a problem…” Stinger said as watched the Sentinel loom over her. It was programmed not to target members of weapon X so it ignored her and attempted to target Cara.

Cara made her move taking hold of its shadow she used all of her remaining strength to corrupt the machine into turning its own gun into pointing at its ‘hips’ just before it fired. The resounding thud as the third sentinel crashed to the earth. Stinger had breathe a sigh of relief. “Saving my ass must be a pastime of yours Cara.” Stinger said with a smile. She then noticed Cara had passed out. She knelt down beside Cara again and began to try to awaken her. “I need to get her to a doctor.” Stinger said as she began to pick Cara up. “I suppose I should find the infirmary in here…”

As Kyle fell from the sky after being blasted by the sentinels Scott rushed over to catch him. Scott made it just in time to intercept Kyle from hitting the ground. Kyle looked a bit stunned but he was alright. As Scott held Kyle in his arms he asked, “You took a pretty nasty blast, are you alright Kyle?”

Kyle looked at Scott with a squiggly little grin an wrapped his arms around Scott’s neck to give him a big flirtatious hug. Kyle could never pass a rare opportunity to be flirty and this close to the handsome and oh so serious Scott Summers.

Scott blushed nervously and sighed. “What am I going to do with you?”

Kyle giggled mischievously, “For starters you could help me find someplace private…”

Scott quickly interrupted, “Too far Kyle. Never mind, help me subdue those soldiers surrounding Magneto.” He let Kyle down and Kyle began to hover slightly above the ground once more.

More sentinels dropped down from the sky, the X-men would have serious trouble taking out this amount of them. Magneto knew that he’d be able to handle them with great ease but he had to get rid of this continual flow of soldiers. As Pietro knocked them out they wouldn’t stay down. Scott noticed the large group of sentinels that landed at knew that they had to help Magneto available to handle them. Scott blasted a soldier back with his optic blast and he realized that the man sparked. The soldiers that attacked Magneto and Pietro were robots made out of a non-metal alloy. This was another clever trick of Trasks to subdue Magneto while he sent the sentinels to deal with the others.

“Those are Robots! Magneto, Kyle, Pietro, Fuyumi, don’t hold back they aren’t human!” Scott warned them.

“Leave the sentinels to me. Cyclops please handle the toy soldiers.” Magneto spoke in a tone that indicated how tired he was of Trasks games. He levitated over to the mass of sentinels and as they attacked he erected his electromagnetic shield to nullify the sentinel’s blasts. “Fools will create weapons of even more foolish quality.” Magneto said as he waved his hands back and forth, the air seemed to ripple as he used his powers. The Sentinels began to slam into one another. He then mad a chopping motion causing the heads of several of the sentinels to decapitate and fall to the ground. He simply crumpled the others up. And hurled them at Trasks’ temp base.

Trask ordered everyone to pull back and retreat. He then spoke to David and Victor on his head piece. “David, Victor, We’re leaving. Collect the Weapon and X-23 and let’s get out of here. I’ve sent someone to retrieve Alexander. Frenzy can’t be found and Stinger seems to be with the enemy. Do NOT leave without the Weapon! That’s an order!!”

Charles found Frenzy waking up from her earlier encounter with Sam. She spoke to her calmly. “Hello Joanna. I am Charles Xavier. I sensed that you desired to speak with me. You comrades are currently leaving. Do you still wish to meet with me? I will let you go if you must.”

Frenzy sat up and responded, “I’d rather talk with you actually. Oh… your student, the one with the wind based abilities, he’s one tough contender I’ll give him that. You run one mean operation Xavier. I’m interested in hearing about this place from your perspective. When I listen to Trask go on about the X-men I feel like I’m sitting in on one massive propaganda session. I like to be fair.”

“Very well Joanna. I like that very much.” Charles then sat with her and began to explain his mission and mindset. He explained why Magneto changed and his vision for the future. Frenzy now seeing Charles’ vision, joined the X-men.

[inside the Danger room]

X-23 stumbled back some from the hit Logan gave her and shock it off. Her helmet had a very nice crack in it. She pulled it off and let helmet fall to the ground. Long black hair fell free. She had some build that was the same as Logan and Lady Death Strike. The two fought swapping blows equally. Logan was confirmed in his suspicions that X-23 was a copy of him. Perhaps Weapon-X still had his DNA copied to create a clone. That program sickened him. To Logan it was the most inhumane thing yet they persecuted mutants for being inhumane.

Vincent Took metal form and attacked Sabertooth. He delivered a swift punch to sabertooth that Sabertooth dodged by flipping over Vincent. Sabertooth kicked Vincent in the torso and sent him into a wall. He then pounced Vincent and pinned him to the wall. Vincent was well able to lift the pressure Sabertooth placed on him while in metal form. He punched Sabertooth in the jaw knocking him down. Vincent backed away, keeping an eye on Sabertooth.

“Why don’t you stop hiding behind that tin can metal skin and show me your REAL strength? Common, I know it stunts your Psionic power greatly. Show me what your Telekinesis can do, the telekinesis that even out does Charles Xavier. Well what do you say Vince…?” Sabertooth taunted he really wanted Vincent to focus his attention on him so that David could sedate him. Vincent then swapped forms and Sabertooth leaped with great swiftness at him. A few inches from Vincent’s face Sabertooth had stopped in midair by Vincent’s telekinesis. Sabertooth hovered in the air suspended by Vincent’s telekinesis. Vincent then slammed him into the danger room wall crushing him under the telekinetic force.

“You wanted a taste now you have it.” Vincent replied rather coldly. His exherted so much telekinetic force onto Sabertooth that he was actually smashing him into the metal walls of the danger room.

Meanwhile David nimbly dodged Philips time bombs. Hideki after timing things just right blasted David with his ‘fireworks’ but because of David’s suite, which refracts light energy, the blast of explosive colorful sparklers bounced off in multiple directions. Causing Philip and Hideki to dodge about.

David stopped and smiled at Hideki. Hideki took notice and it reminded him of the look Aidan O’doherty gave him the day before, one that shows someone has claimed something as their own. Hideki didn’t much care for that look. David then spoke smoothly “You know, you really remind me of myself, handsome with a power befitting your natural flare. Too bad my suite refracts light Matsuzaka, that would have been a pretty good shot, much like this one.” David then quickly pulled out a small energy plasma gun and shot Philip in the chest.

Philip fell backward and Hideki was startled. “Boomer!!” Hideki called out. Philip sat up and his skin seemed to glow. He stood and held his hands out and a undirected blast of pink energy shot out from Philips hands. David was knocked backwards a bit. He hit the ground shocked to see and feel that Boom-Boom had a power that their intelligence hadn’t warned them about, energy absorption and redirection. Philip didn’t often use this ability due to lack of control but this time it came in handy and he got lucky enough not to hit his teammate.

David noticed that this was his opportunity to sedate Vincent. He with the flick of the wrist pulled a sedative gun as he lay on the ground and shot a well-placed tranquilizer at Vincent’s neck. Vincent fell to his knees releasing Sabertooth from his telekinesis and the passed out. Philip and Hideki tried to run toward Vincent but as soon as their backs were turned David launched chords around both student’s necks and constricted them from behind. Hideki and Philip pulled at their leash like constraints struggling to get free while Sabertooth grabbed Vincent and darted out of the danger room doors. Leaving the mansion all together. Logan was so deadlocked with X-23 that he couldn’t pursue his predatory rival. David cut the constraints on Philip and Hideki and dashed out of the danger room. He shouted to X-23, “X-23 let’s move out! We got the weapon. Logan hope to see you soon old friend.” Sabertooth and David were nowhere to be found and Vincent had been officially kidnapped.