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Nathan Quinn

The more the merrier, right?

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a character in “X-men: Xavier and Magneto Unite”, as played by Merchant


Name: Manifold

Civilian name:Nathan Quinn


Occupation: Student

Alliance: None at the moment


Personality: Is very social. He likes talking especially to other people since his usual company is just himself. When he gets angry he usually just rants to one of his doubles. Most emotions are dealt with by himself because he knows himself the best. Nathan hates bullies and is a big believer in justice. He goes out of his way to help people and he has become rather confident with himself physically and mentally. Feeling with the help of his doubles he could solve any problem that faces him.

Powers and Abilities:
Duplication :Can create duplicates/clones of himself
Fusion: Doubles are reassimilated into the main body or another double
Sensory Link: Can use the senses of other doubles to see at impossible angles as well as places he himself is nowhere near..
Experience Share: When joining back with duplicants everything that was experienced by the duplicant is absorbed as if Nathan
Divide Harm: When absorbing a double any damage that had been dealt is split. (two clones split the severity in half)

If a clone dies a mental pain courses through the main body and any double. If there aren't enough doubles then the main body passes out, could possibly end up in a coma or death if the death is sudden and severe enough as well happening to several clones at the same time.

History: Nathan had a good life and his parents were very encouraging. They both had good jobs and chose to live a simple life so that they could use their money to create memorable moments. They even accepted his power. Nathan used his ability carefully to learn many things. When he moved out to live on his own he moved far from his house so that if something happened his parents would be ok. He found several part time jobs and used his clones to earn money while he studied. Nathan is now at a community college learning about

Other information:
Black belts in Wing Chun, Krav Maga, Karate, Silat, Eskrima, and Muay Thai
plumbing skills, mechanical skills, knows first aid, knows how to pick locks(from locksmith apprentice job)

So begins...

Nathan Quinn's Story


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Nathan had woken up early to find one of his doubles hovering over him.
Nathan touched the double and assimilated what had happened while he was sleeping. He noted it was still early but got up anyways. The remaining clones looked exhausted but they seemed to be having a discussion.

Yesterday Nathan created some doubles to study through the night for the test this morning. He got up and made some breakfast as he listened in on their conversation. It was a history test and even though Nathan felt prepared he couldn't afford to do some extra studying.

After eating he put on his jersey and grabbed a basketball. When he arrived at a small basketball court he looked around. Being satisfied he created some doubles and played 3 on 3. It was a good game that left him exhausted and hungry again. The doubles merged with him again and he felt like he was starving.

He checked the time. He might have to skip his second breakfast today.


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Abe Fuyumi

Fuyumi ended her first literature class for the day. As she checked the attendance list for the day she realized that there was a student missing in class, Nathan Quinn. She shook her head and made note of the absence. She had a little bit of time before the next group of students would be coming in for literature class so she decided to walk around a bit. She stepped outside the classroom and wandered down the halls quietly. Several students ran past her and she whimsically smiled at them as she glanced their way. Most of the students liked Fuyumi because she was not very strict and made literature seem very interesting to someone who was generally uninterested.

As Fuyumi walked past the gymnasium, she heard the sound of a basketball bouncing. She curiously phased partially through the wall to peek her head in. She saw several of one person in the gym playing basketball. It was none other than Nathan. Fuyumi’s eyes narrowed in on the student and she called his name to get his attention.

“Oi Nathan, you missed my class to play basketball, with yourself…” Fuyumi said plainly and she phased fully through the wall and approached Nathan and his duplicates. “I know a ‘history of notable British authors test’ is generally uninteresting but really… It’s still to be graded.” Fuyumi folded her arms and sighed. “Well, if you have time I can let you take the test during my next class period.”

Vincent Lehnsherr Xavier

Eryn didn’t sit down but stood. Vincent grinned as he observed her steadfast defiance to most everything. "Meh, gravity is being obnoxious as alway. I can't get my powers to do Jack s-" Eryn paused, " - Anything. I can't get it to do jack anything." Eryn said. She seemed a bit embarrassed. Before Vincent could respond Memory and Jonathan opened the door to his office and were shocked to see a meeting in progress. Vincent was amused by their shock and awkwardness. He smiled even more now.

"Crap... Sorry Vince. We'll uh.... Eryn wasn't it...? We'll just wait outside." One of the siblings said and they quickly closed the door behind them as they exited.

He raised his ring and index fingers to his head and spoke to the two using his telepathy. “It’s quite alright you two. We’re just about done here.” He said telepathically.

Vincent then looked back at Eryn who said, "Well I'd wager that means my sessions up, and that it such a tragedy. However, I wouldn't want to keep those two waiting. They must really value their therapy time, the look on their faces made it seem like they were of the opinion that they'd just walked in on a secret ritual. " She beginning her retreat from the office. Pausing she added thoughtfully, " Why was that guy all bundled up anyways? Is he expecting it to start snowing or is it a power thing. Or I suppose it could be both. With the way the world works these days, snow inside would be perfectly plausible."

“He’s taking measures to prevent himself from hurting another by touching them with his bare skin. He won’t have to live that way forever. However, he must work to gain control of his abilities to do so.” Vincent explained in his British accent. “Also he’s much like you in the fact that he, like yourself, need to work at making progress. That means you should try working with me not against me. I want to help you not hurt or embarrass you Eryn. We can help you learn to control your powers but you need to trust us as your instructors and as a team. And speaking of teams, Professor X and Magneto want to resume Danger room training tomorrow. What do you say about honing your skills with a little action and excitement to jumpstart your creativity? Our aim is that everyone tries it out at least once.”

Charles Xavier

Charles could hear knocking on the door. It was indeed time for his appointment. He knew that it was urgent by listening to the frequency of the knocking. “Please come in.” Charles said calmly.

Matsuzaka Hideaki

Hideaki had just finished his meeting with Magneto. He was deep in thought. As he closed the door behind him he bid Magneto good day. He was praised by Magneto for his abilities and control over them. Magneto told Hideaki that he was indeed a powerful mutant that had a brilliant ability. However Magneto also scolded Hideaki for being, as he called it, spoiled. Hideaki grew up in Japan where he was never really persecuted for his abilities. In the UK he was not known to be a mutant so he could escape most anti-mutant sentiment there. Hideaki was sheltered but in the US things have been much different for him. Seeing the anti-mutant campaigns of the television and hearing the negative sentiment about mutants in the media made his consider leaving for home. However Magneto challenged Hideaki to truly embrace who he was and to remain proud even through the persecution. Hideaki liked that and decided to stick around as well as light up the danger room with his abilities the next day.


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"Ah sorry Abe, I mean Miss Fuyumi." Nathan was surprised by the sudden appearance he had forgotten that Abe Fuyumi was his instructor. Though he was sure he had a clone go to the class in his stead. He extended his senses and found out that all his clones had fallen asleep from their all nighter.

"Sure things Miss Fuyumi. I will send a clone there once I get a shower. When is your next class today? You seem a bit far if it now, and just let me say I like the new top you are wearing." Nathan knew she was an instructor but she was only 3 years older than him. Not a big difference when you looked at the big picture. Besides he gaiing skills from the nearby town when he sent his clones in for his many part time jobs. He was currently living 6 lives at once.

"Oh but I should go to the cafeteria and get some food. I like the cook. She's got some skills, and she has a nice style like you." he smiled. before wiping the sweat off himself.


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Fuyumi Abe

"Ah sorry Abe, I mean Miss Fuyumi." Nathan said to Fuyumi. He seemed startled to see her there. She was pretty quiet when she phased through things. "Sure things Miss Fuyumi. I will send a clone there once I get a shower. When is your next class today? You seem a bit far if it now, and just let me say I like the new top you are wearing." Nathan continued.Fuyumi was amused by Nathan’s flattery. What a real charmer, she thought to herself. "Oh but I should go to the cafeteria and get some food. I like the cook. She's got some skills, and she has a nice style like you." Nathan smiled before wiping the sweat off himself.

“Thank you for the compliment. You look very handsome and rugged in your basketball mode.” Fuyumi replied to Nathan’s compliment with a meek smile. She thought Nathan was very handsome. Fuyumi thought herself to be very “Japanese” and only recently has she begun to appreciate the appeal of western men. “Well it would be nice if the ‘real’ you would show up to class but I guess a duplicate will suffice. Now that I think about it, how do I know that I’m interacting with the real you right now? Oh… this is confusing…” Fuyumi sighed as she held her head. “Anyway, my next class is in about an hour and a half. So I will see you, or… one of you then.” Fuyumi tilted her head downward and looked upward at Nathan as she smiled sheepishly. She slowly turned around and walked out of the gym room. She didn’t go through the door but she phased through the wall as it was closer to her.


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Nathan watched as his very attractive teacher phased through the wall. He turned to his doubles as he quickly took one last shot only to have it blocked by a clone. They were the same person after all. Couldn't surprise them with something so obvious. He shook his head and left the gym via the door and headed back to his room.

When he arrived back at his room he confirmed his suspicions as he saw that each clone had fallen asleep. He reached over tapping and merging them back into his body. The process was almost instantaneous. He felt a little more refreshed seeing as he combined their sleep into his own form. He went over the questions of the history quiz today as washed himself in the shower.

Having gotten dressed and grabbed his bag of books he locked the door and made his way to the cafeteria for a quick bite. He was starving and was planning on having a little of everything.

Having arrived in the cafeteria the smell of food was overwhelming, in a good way. Nathan's stomach growled uncontrollably as the scent of numerous foods were inhaled.

Without a moments pause he created a double and sent it over to the line as he went to find a seat. He was lucky to find a large table and quickly created doubles to sit down around him and save space in case any of his friends came in. The double came over and placed two trays down as he passed around the food for all the doubles to eat.

"I'm going to go get some drinks," said double 1 as he turned around and walked over to Legion and started to strike up a conversation.

"Hey there!" the D1 greeted. "Name is Nathan, but people call me Manifold, I've heard you are called Legion. It's nice to meet you and I just wanted to say the food is great!"


Over at the table Nathan and the other doubles watched as the clone was talking to her. Several doubles started comparing Legion to Abe and other females at the school. There was no consensus seeing as each young woman had their own traits that a clone particularly liked. It also didn't help that they all liked the same aspects of the same women. The conversation did go anywhere particular but they were having fun nonetheless.


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"So, I was curious about your name. What is it referring - oh wow nice bracelet." he said as his eyes fell on her wrist. His eyes then wandered over the rest of her frame which reminded him why he had come over in the first place.

"I was wondering if you might want to go for a walk with me after you are done here. I would like to show you something I found last night when I went for a walk. It is pretty simple but it looked amazing. I don't think a lot of people go for walks much around here, probably busy with worrying about their powers or their studies." D1 reached into his pocket and pulled out a paper and pen as he scribbled on it. That is my cell number. If you feel like joining me or even just want to talk. Give me a call. I'll always answer and... the pleasure is all mine. The best time to go would be after 7 so there is still a ways until then. I thought I would give you time to think about how mysterious and attractive I am to improve the chances of you coming." He grinned as he leaned forward resting the palms of his hands on the counter.

"So what do you think L?" he asked.


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Charles greeted Ryan, “Good morning Ryan. Well we could allow you to join in on the last of the session. Miss Fuyumi do you mind phasing him in to the Danger Room?”

Ryan was estactic! "Oh boy! Thank you Professor Xavier! This is gonna be great!" Fuyumi turned toward Ryan and extended her hand. “Sure. Are you ready?” Ryan reached out to take her hand, then he pulled back. Something was out there. There were car noises, footsteps, and the smell of a large number of men. "Professor?... Something's weird..." Just then a large rumble was heard from outside of the mansion. The alarms suddenly went off there was a breach in security. “What’s happening?” Fuyumi said as she turned to the professor.

The professor quickly did a mental probe. “It seems we are under attack! We must end the session!” the professor asked Aaliyah to cut the Danger Room simulation off. He then did communicated with everyone telepathically.

“Listen well all of you. This is an emergency situation. The school is under attack by a source unknown as of yet. The aggressors are currently outside in the mansion and have breached the front gates. I want the instructors specifically, Scott, Cara, Logan, Aaliyah, Vila, and Ace to accompany Magneto and I to protect the school from the outside threat. I want Vincent and Fuyumi to remain inside the mansion and Barricade then yourselves and the students inside the Danger Room for protection. It is the safest place to hide. Be ready for anything.” Charles’ thought ran clear through the minds of all present in the mansion.

Vincent quickly asked, “Father why won’t you allow me to help you out there? I can handle myself.”

Charles cut Vincent off before he could finish. “I know you can handle yourself and protect others just fine. However I need you on the inside for that very reason, to protect the students. You and Fuyumi can do this important task. Please Vincent, try to understand.” Charles explained.

“Alright father, I understand. But do look after Father Erik please. He can get a little reckless as you know.” Vincent added with a smile.

“I know Erik well. You please look after Philip. He’s much like your father Erik.” Charles replied with a smile.

“I know. Well, off with you now. We don’t want them getting any closer now do we?” Vincent replied in an upbeat manner.

Charles nodded, “Indeed.” He turned to the group . “X-men let’s move out.”

Ryan flicked his tongue out, tasting the air. He could feel something. Ryan tilted his head up, then he sniffed hard. There it was. That weird smell again. It was the smell of a predator. But something was weird. There were more of them now. One... three... four. Exactly four. They weren't human. They were mutants. Ryan ran out into the hallway and shouted towards the X-men. They had to know what they were up against.

"Professor Xavier! Some of them smell funny, there's something strong out there. One smells like ozone, like lightning. One smells like an animal, like a predator... Besides them, there are two others that smell funny. They don't have a specific smell, but they do smell... they smell... well, they smell like us. Mutants. The rest are just men, but there's a lot of them. Please be careful." Not waiting for a response, Ryan ran back into the control booth.

"I've just told the professor, but you should know as well. There are four mutants coming in. One of them smells strong, like a predator. Another smells like lightning. I don't know what their powers are, but they definitely smell different from regular men. Other than that, the rest are just men. Foot Soldiers. They brought some cars, but I don't smell any heavy deposits of gunpowder." Ryan directed this information at Professors Fuyumi and Aaiyah. Not knowing what to do, and not wanting to panic. Ryan sat down. He was scared. This was so different from school, even from danger room sessions. He had no idea what to do. For the first time in a long time, Ryan sat down quietly and said nothing. He waited for orders.


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As Ryan turned around to go sit in the Control booth, he was grabbed by the scruff of his neck, and drug down to the danger room. Professor Vila had grabbed him, and looked very cross with him. Ryan's ears drooped and his eyes burned holes in the floor. He'd goofed. All he wanted to do was to warn Professor Xavier about the incoming men, but it must have been a bad idea, because he'd made another professor angry. Looking up from his personal mental lashing, he noticed the other students who were in the danger room had gathered around.

It was silent while Professor Vila spoke, "Aaiyah said to stay here and not leave, and you are going to do as told. I wont let any one or anything thing happen to any one here. If you want to keep your fingers don't touch the computer in the control room. Am I clear?"

Ryan spoke up, almost whimpering, "Y-yes ma'am, sorry." Ryan looked around, trying to forget his mistake, but he knew it would bug him for a while. Looking around, Ryan noticed the danger room was no longer a warehouse for manufacturing sentinels, it was a silver holograph projecting arena without any real scenery. It was just a big open room full of him, the other students, and some teachers.

He didn't really know what to do. He could hear the sounds of fighting up on the ground floor, the shouts and cursing of men. But he knew the teachers were on their way. There was no way they'd let them get down to the students, who were most probably on their way down to the danger room by now. Forgetting about that, and bringing his wandering thoughts back to the room he was in, Ryan blushed. He remembered how he'd been chewed out in front of everyone. He'd made a complete arse of himself and everyone saw it. He was sure his ears and cheeks had turned bright red. That is, if you could see the redness through the black of his skin. He tried to shrug it off, but he was sure the eyes of everyone in the room were on him. Ryan breathed deeply.

"I have to move on, the teachers expect absolute obedience and poise. It's time to focus." Ryan thought to himself. Ryan sat and listened. He listened for anything; everything. Anything that could have been a break in the line of defense protecting the students from the soldiers invading the school.


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Niles Cranston

On the busy new York Streets filled with urban happenings, dog walkers, school children traveling to and fro, hot dog stands, businessmen and women, everyone bustling about. There was one that fit into the busy world seemingly well. Niles Cranston, a wealthy young man about town, traveled the city blocks from the nice restaurant that he usually frequented during lunch hour. Now on his return trip to the office he owned he received a phone call. The voice on the other end was familiar and it belonged to the owner of a rival company.
“Mr. Cranston… gosh are your glory days at a swift end.” The voice said mockingly over the phone.

Niles clutched the phone tightly in his hand. “Mr. Roberts? What are you talking about? I don’t have time or the energy to deal with your games.” Niles replied as he tried to remain calm.

“My company was always in your company’s shadow. I gotta admit that you’re a good businessman but nobody will want to buy the jewels they’ll be wearing around their necks, in their ears, or on their finger when they are being sold to them by a creepy mutant!” Mr. Roberts replied.

“What?! You little shyster! What are you getting at?” Niles replied as he stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, people passing him by casually.

“give it up will ya?! I know you’re a pretty boy but you ain’t the airheaded type, and guess what, neither am I! I hired a PI to do a little investigating and he found out your filthy little mutant secret! Your finished Cranston!” Roberts shouted on the line.

Niles rolled his eyes and smirked, “Like anyone would take a second look at, yet alone, believe a twisted little no neck conman and jeweler cheat like you! Stop wasting my time Roberts.” Niles replied in a confident tone. He was about to end the call but Roberts quickly belted out a game changing reply.

“Oh well the House of mutant representation believed me. They looked at me and my information about you for as long as it took. So apparently I must not be that repulsive. HAHAHAHA….. THAT’S RIGHT I GAVE YOUR INFO TO THE HMR!! And guess what my handsome little devil, they’re gonna hunt you down and lock you away with all the other Mutant crazies. But sisnce I’m such a gracious nice guy, I thought I’d give you a little head start to get the hell outta dodge before the HMR finds you. You can skip town or whatever, but just know that you’re lovely little jewelry company is finished pal. Haaaaaaahahahahaha….” Mr. Roberts cackled over the phone.

Niles ended the call and looked quite distraught. He trembled at the thought of his life of hard earned success coming to a dreadful halt. “Why…. Why would this have to happen to me? I never hurt anyone…I don’t deserve that. What the hell am I supposed to do now?” Niles said to himself aloud. He backed up not knowing who or what was behind him. He bumped into a young man and the two collided the young man to stumble backward.

“Oh Shit!! I’m so sorry! I- just, I mean I don’t know what’s going on today. My life is a wreak now… I’m already screwing things up for other people. I’M SO SORRY, I should go.” Niles said in a panic after helping the young man to his feet. Little did he know that Keith was a mutant as well.

Evan Prentice and Vernon Yorkshire

Evan Prentice sat in his office at the top of a building he owned. He sat looking over several documents and contracts that needed his signature. Vernon entered the office with a rather bothered expression which Evan noticed immediately. He looked up with a furrowed brow. “Vernon love, what’s the matter? Nothing good ever follows that expression.” Evan asked. He was growing increasingly concerned.

Vernon looked as if he had been holding his breath for minutes. He finally let out a deep exhale. “Correct Evan, it’s not good at all. You remember a month ago when that assistant of Milton Conway, of Conway enterprises flipped you off and you gave him a concussion by punching him out with a fist of stone?”

“Yes, what about it?” Evan replied calmly, waiting for the rest of the news to surface.

“Well Love I told you then that the media was going to be all over that and it would cause trouble. I couldn’t cover that up.” Vernon replied in a regretful tone.

“Vern you know blokes like that just drive me bonkers. He simply learned not to push a man with a bit of a temper. A valuable lesson. Besides I don’t care about the media let them gossip, it’s all they do. It doesn’t matter Love. You worry too much.” Evan replied as he had begun to smile gently in an effort to ease Vernon’s worries.

“No no Love it does matter now. Someone from the media turned photos of the happening over to the House of Mutant Registration. You’ve received a letter today. They want you to turn yourself in for questioning. Evan you can’t stay here anymore. Let’s just go back to the UK. We can manage the company from there and keep our heads down.” Vernon replied, he was afraid for Evan’s future. However he also knew how stubborn Evan was and that he was most likely going to refuse the suggestion.

“They WHAT?!” Evan replied angrily. “No no no…. I will not be tossed off by those sodding HMR bloodhounds just because I gave that little shit a piece of what he deserved!” Evan fussed as he stood from his seat and moved from behind the desk.

“Evan please… We can’t risk making the government anymore suspicious of us than they already are.” Vernon pleaded as he placed the letter from the HMR down on the desk.

“Vernon… The HMR are prejudiced bullies. A bully isn’t the suspicious sort. A bully is a hateful coward that is most afraid of what the bloke with their face under their boot sole is capable of doing if they ever get out from under there.” Evan began to pace back and forth. He stopped in front of Vernon and placed his hands gently on Vernon’s arms. “Sorry love, this just takes me right back to that day you got knocked off that bridge and drowned because of a scared and angry boy who was desperate on vengeance for his sister. Instead of letting life move on as it should, as nature intended, he bloody left you to drown and die. You couldn’t change who you were and you weren’t going to lie to that poor girl by hiding who you were. The same goes for us as mutants. We can’t change who or what we are, and we damn well won’t continue hiding it. Vernon I won’t let the HMR or any other bloke knock the life out of you or me ever again. I WON’T.” Evan said forcefully. He held Vernon close and exhaled deeply.

Vernon returned Evan’s embrace as the two simply lingered in the security of holding one another. Vernon replied in a tired manner, “I see what you mean. It’s never easy for us is it?” Vernon sighed and he nuzzled his cheek into Evan’s shoulder.

“Easy never just is, it’s made. I’ll make things easier. But I’ll need your help. You know I tend to lose myself and get into trouble.” Evan said with a little smile.

“Yes indeed. I wouldn’t let you out of my sight for a second Evan.” Vernon snickered. ”I’ll follow you anywhere, to hell and back if necessary.” Vernon replied as he looked into Evan’s eyes. He meant every word.

Evan looked down into Vernon’s eyes. “And if there is no turning back?” He said in a grave manner. “I can’t promise that we’d survive the storm brewing.”

Vernon placed his hand on Evan’s cheek and softly replied, “Then to hell for good, if necessary.”

After a brief moment of embrace the two returned to a lighter tone. Evan picked up the HMR letter and scanned it with his eyes. “How about I burn this piece of bollocks, then you and I march down to this listed address and give them that interview they asked for?”

“Haven’t I mentioned how great I am with interviews?” Vernon replied with a silly grin. The two began to laugh lightly.

“God I love you Vernon.” Evan said as the two began to leave Evan’s office. Not long later they arrived at the address to on of the HMR facilities. It was a beautiful office building, however who knew what sort of secrets the build covered up. No one knew how many mutants were being detained in the facility or what was to happen to them. Evan stood in from of the rounded building, and placed his hands on his hips, his blue pinstriped suit jacket rested over his forearms. “Lovely place, shame it’s got a rodent problem.” Evan said as he examined the building and people traveling through it.

“So what do you propose Evan?” Vernon asked calmly, as if the two were in a business meeting.

“I propose you teleport any mutants held inside out of there. While hold off any opposition. Then I will tear this rat trap down around their ears.” Evan replied with eyes fixed on his target.

Vernon looked up to the sky and spoke softly, “Dear lord, keep your eyes on me as we run the edge of hell. Keep us even in the midst of our folly. Amen.” Vernon prayed as he believed that they would need it for what was to come ahead.

Kyle Jean-Claude

"Hopefully I'm not the only one getting sick of their pranks," Jonathan said with a sigh, leaning against the counter casually, still managing to be taller than the Frenchman despite his best efforts to lower his height. He lifted the coffee and drained half the cup, then set it down gently. He ran a hand through his hair, moving it back out of his face a little better. "I feel like I'm getting old myself when I say things like that." He looked to Kyle. "So what does a handsome young man like yourself do all day? Wont you entertain this old geezer with your stories," he joked weakly.

Kyle looked up with surprise in his eyes. He was surprised that Jonathan would call himself a geezer. Kyle found such quirky jokes amusing. Kyle snickered a bit and cleared his throat to formulate his response. His French accent was ever present and only added to his allure, “Well I am no scholar of the English language but you are not fitting the definition of Geezer. But nevertheless it would be my pleasure to entertain you.” Kyle replied as he noticed that the wine cabinet was right next to him and he turn to open it, reaching for a bottle of wine and a wine glass. After pouring a glass he replied to Jonathan with a smooth smile. “Handsome men like me… hmm… well I for one spend and awful amount of time hiding my alcoholism. I am French you know. Most Americans, like Logan, think it’s distasteful to drink in the morning.” He took a sip of wine and then held his glass up in the air, in a gesture to Logan. “I am French I don’t function without wine in the morning.” He said to Logan from across the room with a sly grin on his face. Logan simply shook his head as he had given up fighting Kyle on the matter.

Kyle wasn’t a true alcoholic but he did drink with the best of them. Kyle took another drink of wine and said to Jonathan, “I do work out a lot. I am a model so looked ‘handsome’ is my job and to keep your age from showing you’ve got to work harder for it.” Kyle snickered a bit. “So what do you have planned for today, if you don’t mind me asking? Mind if an airheaded model tags along?”

Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr

Charles had once more used Cerebro as he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was amiss. He picked up on some activity. Cerebro had begun to log data on the two mutants. “We are going to need to assemble the X-men soon. Multiple hotspots have emerged on Cerebro’s grid. I must monitor the situation before we make a move.” Charles said with worry in his voice.

Erik regretted that they would be sending the x-men once again into the middle of the chaos when all most wanted was to have a quiet moment of lasting peace but today was not their day. “Alright Charles. Just please don’t strain yourself.”

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