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Ororo Munroe (Storm)

"Tyrant, your villainy shall end here!"

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a character in “X-men: Xavier and Magneto Unite”, as played by masato22





Civilian name:
Ororo Munroe



Occupation: (Student, teacher, Other staff etc.)
Certified Teacher, adventurer, Counselor


Alliance: (Good/ X-men,\; Villain/ex. The Hellfire Club/ Government; other)
Good/ X-Men



(Source material:

Ororo Munroe's personality is strongly tied to the connection she has with nature. Through both the workings of her mutant abiliites and her early fascination with the natural world that her mother encouraged, her entire world was built around a strong appreciation for how nature workd. While traveling with her family, she saw a certain beauty in nature. She saw how the animals lived, how the plants and rivers thrived amidst a complex landscape, and how they all related to one another. Where some would see an endless cycle of survival and struggle, she saw a certain harmony and peace. This kind of harmony is something she would later take comfort in while dealing with the loss of her parents.


Her mutant abilities strengthen her appreciation of nature. It is because that she understands it that she is able to wield her powers so effectively. This understanding is also coupled with an acceptance of the chaos that comes with nature. The earthquake that killed her parents was a natural event and where some would curse the forces that they had no control over in the first place, Ororo is able to accept it and push through the pain. This gives her a strength and a spirit that can endure hardship and not lose sight of her humanity.


Beyond nature, there is also her relationship to the human world that plays a part. Watching her father as a diplomat early in life showed her the complexities of human affairs in relation to the seeming simplicity of the natural world. Being in a missionary and later living as a thief, she learns to approach other people in the same way nature would approach them in a warm but commanding way. This dual understanding is what allowed her to resort to stealing while not falling pray to the world of crime. To her it was about survival in nature. Later on this approach would also make her ideal for confronting and reaching out to others with a strength and grace that earned her great respect.


At her core, the forces of nature guide her. For better or for worse, she often finds herself at the mercy of nature. Just as the weather can bring life, it can bring destruction as well and it shows in her willingness to use her powers in big ways like when she rescued herself. Like nature, Ororo can be unpredicable and impulsive at times. She tends to respond more to emotional pleas that speak to her own inner nature than sound, logical arguments. Later on when she met Charles Xavier, that willingness to use her powers and fight with emotion helped guide her in the path that led her away from a world of crime and into a more promising world with the X-men. Seeing herself as a force of nature, she is ideal for the difficult tasks the X-men face. To her fighting for peace is less about politics and more about enforcing the harmony of nature she has come to appreciate so deeply.

Mutant Classification:



Powers and Abilities:

Weather control
Storm is one of the most powerful mutants on Earth and has demonstrated a plethora of abilities, most of which are facets of her power to manipulate the weather. Storm possesses the psionic ability to control all forms of weather over vast areas. She has been able to control both Earthly and extraterrestrial ecosystems on several occasions. She can modify the temperature of the environment, control all forms of precipitation, humidity and moisture (at a molecular level), generate lightning and other electromagnetic atmospheric phenomena, and has demonstrated excellent control over atmospheric pressure. She can incite all forms of meteorological tempests, such as tornadoes, thunderstorms, blizzards, and hurricanes, as well as mist. She can dissipate such weather to form clear skies as well.


Her precise control over the atmosphere allows her to create special weather effects. She can create precipitation at higher or lower altitudes than normal, make whirlwinds travel pointing lengthwise in any direction, channel ambient electromagnetism through her body to generate electric blasts, flash freeze objects and people, coalesce atmospheric pollutants into acid rain or toxic fog, and, along with her natural ability of flight, summon wind currents strong enough to support her weight to elevate herself (or others) to fly at high altitudes and speeds. Her control is so great that she can even manipulate the air in a person's lungs. She can also control the pressure inside the human inner ear, an ability she uses to cause intense pain. She can also bend light using moisture in the air and her manipulation of mist and fog to appear partially transparent, and in later comics, nearly invisible.


Storm has also demonstrated the ability to control natural forces that include cosmic storms, solar wind, ocean currents, and the electromagnetic field. She has demonstrated the ability to separate water molecules into oxygen and hydrogen via electrolysis, allowing her to breathe underwater. While in outer space, she is able to affect and manipulate the interstellar and intergalactic mediums. Storm can alter her visual perceptions so as to see the universe in terms of energy patterns, detecting the flow of kinetic, thermal and electromagnetic energy behind weather phenomena and can bend this energy to her will.


Storm has been shown to be sensitive to the dynamics of the natural world, and her psionic powers over weather are affected by her emotions. One consequence of this connection to nature is that she often suppresses extreme feelings to prevent her emotional state from resulting in violent weather. She has once sensed a diseased and dying tree on the X-Mansion grounds, detected objects within various atmospheric mediums—including water, and sensed the incorrect motion of a hurricane in the Northern Hemisphere and the gravitational stress on the tides by the Moon and Sun as well as the distortion of a planet's magnetosphere. Storm can view the Earth as weather patterns, and is able to precisely recognize her geographic position through interpretations of these patterns. Storm's mutant abilities are limited by her willpower and the strength of her body. Sentinels have considered Storm an Omega-level mutant on one occasion.

Magical potential


Storm's ancestry supports the use of magic and witchcraft. Many of her ancestors were sorceresses and priestesses. For some unknown reason, since the dawn of Atlantis, this line of African women has been given distinguishing features of white hair, blue eyes, and powerful magic potential. Although Storm has not developed her magical potential, it has been hinted at.

Combat and thievery
Storm is an expert thief, and a skilled, cunning and gifted hand-to-hand fighter, trained by Achmed el-Gibar, Professor X, Wolverine and T'Challa, the Black Panther. By using superior strategy, Storm has overcome physically stronger foes like Callisto and the Crimson Commando in hand-to-hand combat. Storm is an excellent marksman with handguns, and is proficient in the use of knives. Storm is also fluent in Russian, Arabic and Swahili. As part of her paraphernalia, Storm carries a set of lock-picks (with which she has an extraordinary ability at picking locks)

Physical abilities and traits
Her body compensates for rapid decreases or increases in atmospheric pressure. She can see in near-complete darkness and has superb dexterity. Storm has been described as having one of the strongest wills among the X-Men, making her highly resistant to psychic attacks especially in tandem with electrical fields she creates around herself. Telepaths have found it difficult to track her down and probe her thoughts. Several of these traits are independent of her mutant status and are a result of her ancestry. Also, when utilizing her powers, Storm's eyes turn solid white.
Storm's real name "Ororo" is translated in her tribal language as "Beauty".



Born into turbulant times in the heart of Africa, Ororo Munroe had an eventful early life. Her father, David Munroe, was a prominent diplomat and his wife, N'Dare, was a renowned ecologist. While originally born in Kenya, Ororo traveled about with her parents for much of her childhood. She saw many parts of Africa from the untamed savannahs to the bustling cities of Cairo and Cape Town. While traveling she was homeschooled at an early age. She quickly grew fond of nature and had a keen fascination of plants and various wildlife. It was a fascination her mother, N'Dare, nurtured even though it got her into trouble at times when she would wander off to explore. One fateful incident at a zoo in Cairo garnered special attention when she slipped into a cage with an unruly lion inside. At first her parents were fearful that she would be harmed, but remarkably the lion grew fond of her. It baffled many witnesses, but N'dare speculated that she had a special connection with nature and a keen ability to connect with others.


But before this ability could be explored, tragedy struck Ororo's family in the form of an unexpected disaster. When she was 10-years-old, a massive earthquake struck Morocco where she and her family were staying. The quake caused the restaurant they were in to collapse and her parents were killed almost instantly from falling debris. Young Ororo managed to avoid being crushed, but she stayed trapped under a pile of rubble for hours on end. The enclosed area took a major toll on her physically and mentally. Paralyzed by fear and grief, she was overwhelmed by many powerful emotions. In the process her mutant powers started to manifest. In a sudden surge she kicked up a small tornado that freed her from the debris she was buried under. She was then taken to a hospital by rescure workers, but the grim news about her parents struck her hard. As a result of the experience, she developed severe claustraphobia.

Confused and distraught, she was sent to live at a missionary in Egypt that was run by a friend of her father's. While there she continued her schooling, but became isolated and withdrawn. She frequently wandered off to be alone in nature, often finding peace in trees and near rivers. While on these excursions she would experiment with her newfound powers, refining them and utilizing them. Her mother's belief in her connection with nature stayed with her and over time she drew strength from nature. However, when she was caught using her powers by others at the missionary she drew less friendly scrutiny. Some called her a witch while others called her a monster. When they tried to perform an exorcism on her, Ororo ran away and never looked back.

Having left the missionary, Ororo lived on the streets for a while. In time she found that her only means of survival was through theft. She became a pick-pocket and often used her powers to steal food and money so she could survive. Along the way she fell in with various groups of thieves. They not only helped her refine her craft. They also helped her develop her powers. But while Ororo became a very adept thief, she never truly fit in with the criminal underworld. She was eventually offered an opportunity to get away from it when she crossed paths with Professor Charles Xavier.


With his help, Ororo was able to get away from thieving and left Africa for the United States. She started a new life in New Orleans, Louisiana where she went to college and eventually got a degree in teaching. As soon as she graduated, Professor Xavier offered her a teaching job at the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning. She graciously accepted and became a full-time instructor. And thanks to her training in both thieving and survival, she became a regular on the X-men where she quickly embraced the aspirations of the X-men.

Other information:


She has been away on vacation for the past few months. She visited a few friends of the X-men and has returned to the mansion due to the turmoil unfolding in New York.

So begins...

Ororo Munroe (Storm)'s Story


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Niles Cranston

The young man seemed to scowl when Niles bumped into him but only momentarily. Right behind Niles and Keith, two cops had pointed at Keith and he quickly grabbed the Niless arm. "Listen. Don't say a word okay?" Keith ordered not explaining much.

"Sir we're going to need you to come with us." One of the officers said.

"Why? I didn't do anything." The young man replied.

"Article 10: Disturbing the peace. Passage 12: Destruction of owned property. Article 9: Thievery." The officer retorted.

"Awe come on, I'm only a kid. Plus I gave the man money so all should be fine." said the seemingly crafty young man.

Niles stood puzzled by the happening. He remained silent as he took in what was going on. It seemed that this young man was in a spot of trouble and needed a helping hand in getting out of it. Niles was deciding what he was going to do. He had his own troubles to deal with but he couldn’t help but rack his brain with how to help the young man out.

"You must learn that there are consequences for your actions. . . Hey." The officer said turning to Keiths new "friend". "Aren't you that guy... George. What's that guys name. The one that sells the jewelry and stuff."

Niles looked a surprised in a somewhat lofty manner as the officer recognized him. Answering casually, “Ah, yes. I’m Niles Cranston.” He replied.

The other officer known as George apparently looked up and laughed. "Oh yeah. Niles Cranston. You know, I bought my wife something from your make and well, let's just say, we had a good night."

Niles replied pleasantly, “Is that so? I’m glad she found my work satisfactory. And that it was worth the purchase for you sir as well.”

"Did she cook you meat or something?" Asked Keith in an innocent manner.

"What?" the officer inquired.

"Well, when you do something nice for a woman, she cooks you meat right?" Keith continued.

Niles stared curiously at the young man. ’How peculiar he is.’ Niles thought to himself.

Staring at each other the two officers whispered while doing various head movements. "How do you two know each other again?"

"Uh.... Um... He's my....Brother? Yeah. He's my big bro. You know like we have the same mom.... and dad." The young man replied quickly.

Niles’ expression was unchanging as if the statement were true. He decided to play along. “Sorry officers, my little brother has always been a bit awkward and prone to misbehave when nervous.” Niles added.

"Okay kid." George said patting Keith on the head. Turning to Niles he winked and said, "Seeing as your brother is both innocent and a little bit of an airhead, we can let him go for this little misdemeanor, but please, give this kid the talk or something."

“Yes, sir. I promise officer, you won’t have any more trouble out of him.” Niles replied with a relieved expression and then looked down at Keith with the scowl an elder brother would give.

As the officers left, Keith let go of Niles arm. "Man those guys are dumb. Do we look related. Hehehe. I wonder what he meant by the talk though. Anyway," He said holding out his hand, "I'm Keith. Nice to meet you. Niles was it? Seems I'm in your debt or something like that so I'm going to follow you around seeing as you might need help with something. That sound cool. I can do anything you want. Listen since you kept quiet like I asked I'll tell you a little secret." Keith looked around. "I'm a mutant. So yeah. I'm pretty much a bad ass. Don't tell no one though. Awe heck. I don't care if you tell. Seriously though, anything you want, I'll do it for you. A rich looking man like yourself might want something. Not saying you have to pay. This one favor's on the house." Keith grinned. "Only one though."

“Nice to meet you Keith. You’re quite a strange one, I must say.” He shook Keith’s hand. “As for doing me a favor… well I’m not sure what to ask of you. Regarding my fortune… well, I’m not sure how long that’s gonna last now.” Niles let out a heavy sigh, the pressure of his predicament once again weighing upon him. “By the way, your secret is safe with me Keith as it is the same as the secret I’m keeping, or at least was keeping up until moments before I bumped into you.” Niles then sat on a nearby park bench. “I’ve just been blackmailed and set up by a rival in business. He gave my name to the HMR and they will most likely lock me away. No one will want to do business with a mutant, he said. He might be right. I’m finished, so Keith I don’t think it would be good for you to get involved with me.”

Niles sat and rubbed his brow. “If only someone would put an end to the HMR. Then no one would have to fear being hunted down by them. Maybe sending them a message via force will be enough. My mentor Emma Frost, said that I should fight for the freedom of mutants. I might get caught but I’d rather get caught fighting for mutant kind then running away. I’m already in the spotlight of the HMR so I can risk getting caught but you’re under the radar for now, and I’d rather you stay that way. So I can’t ask you to help me with my plan.” Niles was concerned for Keith. In the short time he’d known the young man, he’d developed a fondness for him. Niles felt like he was safeguarding his own estranged little brother.

The Kitchen

Vincent grew quite concerned with Ryan’s sudden furry. It was a rare sight for anyone to see Ryan in such rage. He was almost terrifying, ready to rip anything that moved the wrong way to shreds by the looks of him. “Whoa whoa… Ryan buddy it’s alright! Please calm down.” He said.

Fuyumi had begun to approach Ryan and Jean stepped forward but Logan motioned for them not to get too close. Logan understood the kind of rage Ryan was exhibiting, he and Sabertooth often met with such standoffs. It was purely a miracle that the two hadn’t tried harder to kill one another while in the mansion for so long. The two simply kept a mutual distance from one another and that seemed to help a bit. “Look there will be no fighting you got it?” Logan said after Ryan challenged Terra.

Scott stood from his chair ready to break up a possible fight. Things seemed to calm down before he could say anything. Hideki, for the first time, was actually afraid of Ryan. He had never thought Ryan could become so fierce and angry. When Ryan calmed down, and reverted back to his human appearance, his clothes were tattered all over. Hideki called after Ryan as he left the room, but Cain placed a hand on his shoulder, “Let him be for now Hideki. He’ll come back around when he’s ready to. He probably wants a little space for the moment.” Cain said to Hideki.

Jonathan walked back over to Kyle and leaned back against the wall. He leaned in a little closer to Kyle. "I don't trust him," he said quietly.
Kyle took a moment to evaluate Terra for himself. “Yes. I too am a bit, what is the word? Ah, apprehensive. I agree.”
He shook his head and stepped back, turning to Kyle with an apologetic smile. "Sorry 'bout that." He cleared his throat and gave another quick unsure glance to the pair, before finishing the conversation they were previously having.
"How does a walk sound?" He asked with a smile. "I need some fresh air."

“It sounds great to me. A little fresh air will do me good too. Too much too fast. I’m embarrassed to admit it.” Kyle chuckled.

Ororo Munroe

Storm had arrived in the LaGuardia airport that morning from her trip to visit a few friends of the X-men. She caught a cab to the X-mansion eager to surprise Charles, Erik and the others. She unlocked the front door and was greeted with the familiar sights and sounds of students. She could hear the commotion in the kitchen, so she placed her bags down and walked toward the kitchen with a curious tilt of her head. She smiled the whole way there. She quietly entered the doorway to the kitchen as Kyle and Jonathan were just reaching the doorway to head out.

“Ah, Hi there Kyle, or should I say Marvel Boy?” Ororo said pleasantly with a smile.

“STORM!!” Kyle exclaimed. “That was a really long Holiday you took.” Kyle added.

“Yes, a much needed one. Northstar sends his love Kyle.” Storm replied casually. “Jonathan, have you grown taller now?” Storm asked as she had as she embraced him, being sure not to touch his exposed skin.

“Oh! You went to see Jean-Paul?! No wonder you didn’t want to leave. I wouldn’t have either.” Kyle replied with a smirk. Kyle had the biggest crush on Northstar. It was Northstar who was responsible for Kyle’s referral to the Xavier Institute.

“I didn’t say I didn’t want to come home. I could never stay away from here. Besides Jean-Paul isn’t the only one I went to see. I also met up with Dazzler and Gambit. Everyone they send their love.” Storm said with a gentle smile.

Hideki was so excited about Storm having met up with Dazzler. She was like another mentor for him, in different ways than Logan was. Like Dazzler, Hideki shared many of the same light based abilities but his were plasmatic in nature rather than only light. Dazzler had taught him a few things on her visit to the mansion some time ago. They also shared common ground as they were both popular singers. Hideki loved the Disco Dazzler.

“Storm noticed Jean among the usual crowd. Jean had left before Storm had took her holiday and she hadn’t expected to see Jean back so soon. She was very glad that Jean looked well. ”Jean! I didn’t expect you back so soon!! I’m so glad, and I’m sure Scott is too.”

Jean rushed over and gave Ororo a big hug. Scott smiled proudly at Storm’s comments. “It’s great to have you back Storm.” Scott said as he as well gave Storm a hug. Storm was like another family member of his. Her not being around was like having a sister not present at home. He was always concerned and waiting for her safe return so that things would be as they should at home.

Logan couldn’t retain his smile, “Ororo it’s about time.” Logan said trying to mask the excitement in his voice.

“I missed you a lot Logan.” Storm replied as she walked over to him and hugged him.

Vincent approached Strom and embraced her. “You always could sneak up on me. My telepathy never works well with you. I tricked myself into believing that I would have been able to sense when you were going to arrive home.”

“I guess I win then.” Strom giggled. “You’ve been treating Philip well I assume?”

“Yes, considering how much of a trouble maker he is.” Vincent replied while looking Philip up and down with a smirk.

“Shut-up… Vince.” Philip replied trying to contain his snickering. “Hi Storm.” He added.

Storm greeted the others warmly and then looked about to see a few unexpected faces, Sabertooth, David North, Agent six, as well as a few new faces. “Well, well, it seems I’ve missed a lot.” She said as she placed her hands on her hips.

“Yeah… There’s a lot we’ve got to get you caught up on Ororo.” Logan said. An explanation followed.


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The young man looked over his shoulder then to the left and right. Seeing no one in sight he continued on towards his destination. He pulled the collar of his jacket up, he was just about to stuff his hands in his pocket but stopped halfway in doing so. Shaking his head he began to mutter quietly under his breathe. Most of what he said was inaudible but every now and then you'd catch a few words and random strings of sentences like, "They're following me" "Got to get away" "No touching" "Not safe, not safe."

He stared down at the sidewalk he was walking on, not being very careful of bumping into someone. His clothes covered nearly every inch of his body save for his hands. That's where the power was concentrated, Andy walked in a nervous manner, his eyes flitting back and forth, his shoulders hunched and he kept walking back and forth between the door of a building to the end of the street said building was one.

Andy glanced up at the crowd of people passing him by. He caught on the words "Freak" "Is he homeless?" And others similar to that. His right eye twitched and he shook his head before hunching his shoulders again and started to mutter under his breathe. In his rising paranoia, Andy wrapped one arm around his stomach his hand balled up into a fist while the other was pulling his lower lip. Still walking back and forth a new sentence was added to his mutterings, "I didn't mean too" "Leave me alone" "Alone, lonely be alone."

Suddenly Andy stopped in his tracks and looked over his shoulder. A man in a suit with a fedora was heading in his direction. He wore dark sunglasses and immediately bells began to ring in his head. But Andy stood stock still his hand lowered and a look of awe passed his face, then his head twitched to the left. And just like that it was over, he spun on his heel the mutterings got louder and his arms were at his sides as he took wide steps to get away from the man in the suit. Andy kept looking over his shoulder to see the man and he did which only made him more paranoid. Walking even faster he reached the door but wasn't sure how he would open the door without disintegrating it.

Looking over his shoulder again the man in the suit was even closer then he was before and Andy jumped. In doing so he instinctively grabbed a hold of the door handle and pushed his way inside the building. The whole time his attention on the man in the suit. Andy was oblivious to the yelps of surprise from the people as there was no longer a door to the building only a pile of rubble.

Ace&Agent Six&Emily

Ace nodded at Logan's reply with a smirk on her lips. "That's nothing new, their always at it even if its quietly." Ace scratched her head, not really sure where she'd have to stand in this. Sure she disliked humans, rather she found them to be quite amusing with their little antics to be the alpha of the pack. Not that they're doing any good about.

"Oh really?" A look of amazement crossed Emily's face and then turned to a welcoming smile. Nodding at Cain she continued to smile but it eventually exchanged itself for something of a worried frown as their debate grew more and more heated. But she took no part in it, Emily disliked it when everyone bickered like this. She did he best to lip read but everyone was yelling and talking fast so it was difficult for her. Releasing her first sigh of the day, Emily brought her hands to her brow and shook her head. Looking over at Scott and Jean she sent them an apologetic look before she maneuvered herself around everyone and left the room.

Ace listened on, her eyes flicking back and forth between Cara and the rest of the team. Leaning back against the counter top, one arm under the other that held her coffee mug. The young woman took sips of her coffee with every lull in the debate and couldn't help but look in awe at some of the things they chose to say.

Especially Jonathan, who made a pretty valid point. Not that she was going to be choosing sides or anything, hell far from it really. Ace wanted nothing to do with this debate and she cared very little about. So long as I'm not the one getting tossed about like a toy I'm quite content in watching you guys tear at each others throat.

Of course she did care for some of the students, but that care can only go so far. A slight frown appeared on her lips at Hideki's words, not that she was very close with him, hell she wasn't very close to anybody in the mansion. But she knew Hideki would be greatly missed by the others and Cain's response to their favorite fire cracker made Ace snicker. Okay sure Hippie for the mutants. That really won't work well. All your saying is that mutants should take up arms and show the humans just how powerful they are. Like that'll get us anywhere.

The new girl Jennifer earned a internal applause from Ace. A smile curled the corners of her lips and she raised her coffee mug at her. Bravo, couldn't have said it better. And Cara's response made Ace stiffen as she set her coffee mug down on the counter beside her. Without realizing it, Ace began to rub at her wrists, if one looked close enough they would notice the faint scars from her time with MI7. Rolling her eyes Ace could only smirk at her fellow shadow manipulator, You think you've been tortured, I was raised on the very concept of it.

She wasn't really sure how Cara's comment hit so close to home or even get to that place. I must be getting soft. Shaking her head, she rolled her eyes at Cain's open affection for his Russian lover. "Tonto" she muttered under her breathe in her native language.

Agent Six was having a hard time keeping up with the conversation and just like Ace, she unknowingly thought about own situation. The people of WeaponX raised her on torture as that's what Xavier would call it, the program on the other hand would merely call it, "Raising her abilities to another level through pain." She was disrupted from her thoughts when Hideki asked of her thoughts on the subject to which she replied, "You've never experienced real torture." Her words were directed at Cara but she said them quietly so she knew the older woman wouldn't have heard her.

Ace glanced at the entrance to the kitchen and couldn't help but smile at Ryan and Memory. She knew Ryan better than his new girlfriend so she was more keen on feeling happy for him. "Well this is a big surprise. Finally has the guts to do it eh?" Not that she was meaning anything by it. Of course the cheerful mood was interrupted by a loud popping sound from the window. For once Ace was caught of guard but she didn't jump she merely flinched. Looking around she noticed the protective antics from the other guys and rolled her eyes, "How cute, I'm honored to have been protected by a few cocky bastards. What's next, Victor and Logan giving each other brotherly hugs, Si bien tontos."

She wasn't too keen on the next course of events that started with the appearance of two siblings. Ace could only wish she'd care enough to do something about the two's little probing threats and Ace was cheering on Ryan in the inside. "Well glad that's settled, not that I care really, Dios mios, what next are the HMR actually going to show up on our doorstep with cookies?" Shortly after Ryan left the kitchen someone she hadn't expected to show showed up that person being Ororo. "Even better we got our little storm in a bottle back." She said dryly before nodding a greeting at the woman. Ace wasn't much for hugs or greeting people with smiles.

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Oliver Cassidy

Oliver was having a good morning. He had gotten up and gussied himself to the nines for a nice midday date that he was to have. It wasn’t often that he had a date that didn’t take place at night which meant that this was a good change of pace for him. He finished the last touches to his hair and smiled confidently. “I’m all set then. No tricks this time.” He said to himself while staring at his reflection. “Well, no tricks if he’s as nice as he seemed online, if not then… I’ll make him pay me for my trouble.” He snickered. He hurried out of the door and to the busy downtown area.

The handsome businessman stood waiting outside a fancy Italian restaurant that the two were to have brunch at. Oliver and the man met and eat over the lovely meal as all seemed to go pretty well. Oliver was surprised at how agreeable and pleasant this guy was. Oliver had no desire to use his pheromone ability to control him at all. ‘For once a normal and nice date.’ Oliver thought. After the meal’s conclusion the two exited the restaurant and Oliver prepared to part ways. “So, Donovan, I guess you’ve got to get back to work huh?” Oliver asked with a shy smile. He knew all about how to smile innocently.

“Well I should but I won’t be going back so soon. I’d rather give you a tour of my condo. That is, if you’re without plans…” Donovan said with a dashing smile.

Oliver didn’t quite expect this guy to be the type to hook up on the first date. Oliver was all for it. “I am without plans a I have the day off of work today. Are you sure it’s okay for you to play hooky from work to get a leg over on me?” Oliver replied.

“Oh… they’ll be fine. I’m supposed to be in a business meeting after all. You can imagine how long and drawn out those can become.” Donny said with a slick smile.

The two went back to Donny’s condo which was located in the heart of downtown. It was a very nice loft style condo. Donny didn’t waste much time once they got inside which was highly unusual for Oliver seeing as he was usually the one doing the seducing. As things heated up Oliver realized that they were not alone. Several men in swat type uniforms appeared from the other rooms of the condo and surrounded the bed that Donovan and Oliver lay on. Oliver quickly scanned his surroundings and grasped for an answer to what was happening. He knew he had to protect himself and Donny.

Just then Oliver’s swift thought processes were interrupted when Donny kissed Oliver casually and said, “Oliver Cassidy, You are under arrest for the open display and use of your mutant power in the State of New York. You are charged along with the other Students of Emma Frost’s School for Elite Students for the open use of dangerous mutant abilities. You have to come with us now.”

Oliver stared into Donovan’s eye was a look of pure shock. “You tricked me… you screwed me and now you’re fucking arresting me?!” Oliver was truly done in. He couldn’t believe he had fell into such an elaborate trap. What was worse was that the other members of Emma Frost’s school were now also targets of similar traps and he had no way of warning them.

Donny leaned in and whispered into Oliver’s ear. “You know, for a mutant, it was pretty spectacular while it lasted.” The man gave a smug smile as he pulled back and got dressed. The swat men pulled Oliver out of bed and ordered him to get dressed. The whole condo was a set up. Oliver was so silently angry, he could think of nothing but vengeance. He was going to break free and get even squared, but not until the timing was perfect for maximum effect.

Oliver was escorted to the HMR branch office and brought through the lobby with several swat men surrounding him with guns and batons. If Oliver so much as breath the wrong way, they were ready to act viciously. Oliver noticed a pretty young woman in the distance standing at a registrar’s desk. He could tell that she was special. It looked as if as she spoke to the man behind the desk, he was forcing himself to type on the computer. His movements looked a bit unnatural and forced. Was she a mutant Oliver thought as he was being taken to an interview room.

The interview room was basically a more fortified version of a police interrogation room. It had one long metal table, and two wooden chairs. Oliver looked at the wooden chair and smiled calmly. He was told to sit and he complied. Donny stood in the corner of the room watching as another, older, man in a nice suit sat down across the table from Oliver and began to ask questions. The questions were about Emma Frost’s school, his past, and nature of his powers. Oliver diverted all questions to Donny who seemed to now be showing a small bit of a conscience for what he had done to the young man. After about five minutes Oliver decided to cooperate. “You want to know about my powers? You actually see them every day, all the time. You’re in fact sitting on the representation of my power right now.” Oliver said calmly with a friendly smile.

The older man looked down at the wooden chair as it began to flower and branches grew from it. The branches quickly constricted the older suited man to the chair and continued to grow and spread. The man yelled in terror of what was happening to him. “Please!! Don’t hurt me!!” He begged as he struggled in the wooden branches that wrapped tightly around his torso. Donny backed up against the wall in terror at the sight of what was happening.

Oliver walked around the table and knelt down to look the older man in the eyes. He then lifted the man’s white bangs from covering his forehead and kissed him on the forehead. “Don’t you worry yourself golden boy. The score I have to settle isn’t really with you, it’s with that prick over there. So you just sit tight and take a load off.” Oliver smiled gently at the man then dropped it quickly as he looked at Donovan. “Oh Donny… I haven’t given you a reason to be afraid yet.” Oliver said as he backed Donny against the wall. Soon the potted plants in the hall began to grow uncontrollably. The roots grew to gigantic proportions, bursting through walls and the ceiling of the building. Vines wrapped around Donny’s neck and pulled him off the ground hanging him.

Just at the last moment the vines dropped Donny and he sat on the ground choking viciously. After a moment Oliver knelt down and held Donny’s face in his hands. “You’re too cute to kill, you know. But I want you to want me so bad it hurts.” Oliver said as he then kissed Donovan on the lips. This was no ordinary kiss, it was filled with powerful plant toxins and an extra powerful dose of animal pheromones. This kiss would put Donny in heavy heat, driven mad with the desire to mate. Oliver then constricted Donny with vines so he was unable to move or fulfill his now toxin induced desire to “relieve himself”.

Now satisfied with himself and his revenge, Oliver winked at the older man and walked out of the destroyed room. The building shook with the activity of plant life ripping through the structure of the building. Guards were too busy trying to free themselves from the attacking foliage to focus on the cause of it all. The man constricted to the chair of the interrogation room yelled for the gaurds to stop Oliver as he was the cause of this madness. Oliver neared the lobby and saw the young woman from earlier. Guards hurried after him and carried weapons. “Shoot to kill!” The commanding officer yelled.

Oliver ran over to Erika quickly, “Hey, if your power is what I think it is… Help me out please. We could both be shot.” Oliver knew what it often looked like when Emma Frost used mind control on another and what Erika had displayed earlier was definitely the same thing. “Look if you can get us surrounded by a bunch of human shields, they won’t easily shoot us. Please… you help me, I’ll help you okay?” Oliver asked anxiously.

Joanna Cargill (Frenzy) and Wendy Sherman (Stinger)

On the bright morning streets walked Wendy and Joanna. The two ate breakfast at a small and comfy dinner and Wendy dragged Joanna along for some window shopping. “Wendy you’re not done yet?! We’ve been to five stores already… you know once you’ve seen three the rest all start to look the same, even the clothes seem no different than the last place’s clothes.” Joanna complained.

“Look Jo, you’re the one who dragged me to that dingy little diner for breakfast in order to escape the bickering in the kitchen. I made you fully aware of the conditions of me going with you as a safety partner since old baldy wants us to travel in twos if we head out. My conditions, that you come with me as I go shopping and that’s what you agreed to. So shut it with all the complaining why don’t ya? You’d have more fun if you bought stuff too.” Wendy fussed back. She never stopped examining the clothing article in her hands the whole time.

“Wendy Old Baldy’s name is Professor Charles Xavier, and it’s horribly rude to poke fun at the man that allows you to live with him and gives you protection. Also, I’m not buying anything today because I did enough shopping last night when you, Fuyumi and me went to the mall remember? You can’t possibly wear all the stuff you buy… how do you even find space to store it all?” Joanna retorted with folded arms.

As the two exited the store shortly afterwards, Wendy witnessed a purse snatcher darting down the street as a lady screamed about being robbed. Wendy saw the man running toward them, with the very expensive purse in his hands. Wendy knew designer handbags like she knew her own face. The bag was indeed expensive and it made her angry that a man would take such a precious thing from a lady. Wendy aimed her hands forward, after dropping her shopping bags, and sent an electric bolt toward the thief. The man stopped dead in his tracks and convulsed with electric shock. Joanna then charged to the man and knocked him out with a light blow to the head. With Joanna’s strength, a light blow was all that was needed lest she wanted to kill the man.

The two ladies returned the handbag to its owner, who thanked them with joy. Joanna turned to Wendy with a surprised smile, “Wow Wendy that was very noble of you to help that lady out like that. I didn’t think you’d do such a thing without getting paid for it. I’m impressed!”

Wendy shrugged causally, “Normally no, I wouldn’t have wasted my time. But that jack hole had the nerve to steal a lady’s designer handbag. Gosh I mean, how could I not knock the life out of such an inconsiderate guy?!”

Joanna sighed heavily, “I knew it was too good to be true.” She shook her head and then noticed a man with a hotdog and a map staring oddly at them. Sure there were many people who watched due to them having displayed supernatural powers but this guy looked at them differently. Joanna stared back with a curious look and asked the man politely, “Um, excuse me sir, but may I help you at all?” Joanna was really hoping that the guy wouldn’t report them.

The Kitchen

The recent events had been explained to Storm and now she knew why Victor Creed stood in the X-mansion along with the other new faces. Ryan entered the room again and Storm gave him a big hug. “Ryan! How’s my favorite sweet heart!?” She said warmly. Ryan was usually a joy to be around. She missed him.

After a few moments Vincent approached Ryan and Storm. “Storm mind if I borrow Ryan for a moment?” He asked with a smile.

Storm nodded and gave Ryan a kiss on the cheek before allowing Vincent he spot next to Ryan. Vincent gently asked Ryan to follow him out of the kitchen to a quieter place in the hall so they could talk. “Sorry for asking you over here, buddy. I was really concerned about you earlier, everyone was. That transformation was like none I’ve seen from you before. I just wanted to make sure you’re alright.” He said as he placed a hand gently on Ryan’s shoulder.


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Ryan walked quickly down the stairs, through the halls, and across the foyer, finally reaching the doorway that lead to the kitchen. Ryan was scared out of his mind. It was the first time he had ever felt so afraid. Ryan had experienced fear before, but never like this. Being the predator that he was, Ryan wasn't used to feeling this kind of fear. Fear like this was, as the Leviathan reminded him, only felt by prey. Prey uses this kind of fear to run faster, jump higher, and get away from whatever it is that's hunting them. Ryan wasn't built to be prey. He was the glowing eyes that waited in the brush; the sharp claws and the slavering jaws which tore his enemies to pieces. Predators felt hunger. Predators felt pride. Predators did not feel fear. The only time Ryan had even felt remotely like this was just a few days ago, barely even a week. It had been the first time that he saw Sabertooth. That was the first time Ryan had ever felt this kind of fear. The kind that made you afraid for your own life. The kind that came from being in the presence of a stronger predator. However, even then, Ryan didn't feel as utterly terrified as he was now. Sabertooth was strong, but he was something you could touch. He was something you could punch, or claw, or kick, or bite. Nothing Ryan could do on his own would help him with a problem in his head. Nothing he could do by himself would save him from the Leviathan. Ryan felt, for the first time in his entire life, powerless. He needed help, desperately. He wasn't even sure how to proceed, but he knew one thing was for certain, he wouldn't be able to do this on his own. Before he could even begin coming up with a rational plan of action, Ryan needed to get his head on straight. Ryan needed someone who knew him well. He needed someone who could calm him effectively without fiddling in his brain. He needed someone... someone who loved him, and someone would stand by him no matter what. There was only one person it could be. Ryan needed Memory.

Ryan's legs wobbled dangerously as he approached the door. He reached forward, hand stretching towards the doorknob, but paused. For a moment, his hand hovered, shaking dangerously. He took a step backwards, then another, withdrawing his hand, and holding it close to his chest, clasping it tightly with his other hand. Ryan needed to see Memory. It was almost a physical compulsion. He felt such pain in his heart, he was dangerously close to crying again, and he felt warm, feverish even. He needed Memory to hug him and tell him that everything was going to be alright. Ryan knew that if he could get to her, he would be ok. His legs would stop shaking, his heart rate would slow, and his thoughts would stop racing long enough to figure out a plan of action. Memory's smell was definitely still in there. Like a comforting hand on his shoulder, it soothed his troubled thoughts, but his legs still shook, and his heartbeat didn't slow, even for a second. Ryan needed However, everyone else was in there as well. Storm was even back. Ryan's joy at her return was instantly quashed by the fear in his heart. Ryan's golden pupils constricted, and he felt himself begin to sweat again. What would everyone say to him? Would they look at him like that again? Would they fear him like they had before? Ryan didn't want that. He shook his head, whispering to himself. "No... No. I don't want that." His eyes began to water, and he wiped his eyes. He refused to cry again. He would have to get in there, one way or another. He needed Memory, it was the only way he would calm down enough to think straight. If he was going to fix this mess, he needed to be brave.

Steeling himself, Ryan held up his left hand and placed the fleshy heel of his palm into his mouth, where the thumb meets the wrist. Making sure his sharp canines would find a firm hold, Ryan bit down, hard. The hot, metallic tang of blood washed into his mouth, and pain coursed up his hand and into his arm. His eyes began to water once more, but not from sadness. The pain cleared his mind, helping him to focus. He released his hand, licking the wound before it began to heal itself. By the time Ryan had stepped back up to the door it wasn't even bleeding anymore. With a shuddering inhale, Ryan steadied himself, turned the handle, and entered the room. Silence. People may have been talking, eating, or laughing as Ryan slowly entered the kitchen, but he didn't hear anything. The cacophonous ringing in his ears blocked out all sound. Sheepishly, Ryan stepped further into the room and closed the door behind him, his eyes burned holes in the floor. He began to make his way over to Memory's ssent. His golden eyes glinting in the shadow cast by his down-turned face. He hadn't even taken three steps when, suddenly, something swept him up, wrapping itself around him. Ryan's hands came up and he tried to resist, he growled low, and began to push whatever it was away, but then the smell hit him. It was Storm. “Ryan! How’s my favorite sweet heart!?” Storm's scent and warmth instantly calmed him, or, at the very least, he stopped trying to escape from Storm's grasp. His tense muscles relaxed, and his hands slowly came up to rest around her waist. Ryan's body began to tremble once more. Though the initial shock faded, his fear hadn't. Ryan buried his head in her shoulder and squeezed hard, trying to forget his nervousness. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to push you away. You startled me." Ryan stood for a moment, consumed with the action of embracing someone who loved him. "I missed you. I'm glad you're back." He whispered.

The pair broke apart, and Ryan looked up into Storm's eyes, smiling weakly. His golden orbs were ringed with red, it was obvious he had been crying. However, Ryan felt coldly detached as he talked to Storm. He almost felt as if he weren't even in the room, as if he were watching the situation from outside his own body. "I'm ok," he lied. "It hasn't been the same without you here." As he spoke, Ryan felt the eyes of the others fall on him. One by one, his friends and family judged him, analyzed him, tried to see of he was still the monster who had ruined their lovely breakfast. Ryan tried his best to ignore the hatred he felt in his heart. He was still Ryan. He was their son, their friend, and their brother. How could they look at him like that? Though he chatted casually with Storm, his golden eyes scanned the room, looking for Memory. He didn't find her at first. Somewhat frantically, his eyes darted about the kitchen. More than once they fell to Memory, to Fuyumi, and to Jean, but mostly, Ryan tried desperately to catch Memory's attention. He wanted to push everyone else out of the way and throw his arms around her and never let her go. She wasn't that far from him, but he hesitated. He felt such shame. When Ryan challenged Terra, Jonathan had moved between Ryan and Memory to protect her from Ryan. Though Ryan's only thought had been to protect Memory from the threat of Terra and Canaan, to Jonathan, or so it seemed, Terra had not been the biggest threat. The thought made Ryan's heart ache.

After a little while, Memory seemed to notice his attention, and his heartbeat calmed. He tried to give her a look that let her know just what was going on, that Ryan needed her, but he couldn't quite catch his girlfriend's full attention. After what seemed an eternity, Vincent approached Ryan and Storm. Ryan felt bad for even thinking it, but he didn't want to speak with Vince. Ryan loved his brothers, he loved Vincent and Cain and Hideki and Kyle as much as he imagined anyone might love their brothers, possibly even more. However, Vincent wasn't Memory. He hadn't experienced Ryan's memories like she had, felt what she felt, and saw what she'd seen. Memory's connection to his subconscious, in Ryan's addled mind, was deeper than Vincent's. She would understand Ryan better. Further, because of that experience, Memory would understand him without needing to go digging around in his brain. What Ryan was truly terrified of, was that the Leviathan would wake up again. If Vincent searched his X-Gene, probed his mind for weaknesses, would he even find the Leviathan? Further, what would happen if he did? What if Ryan lost it again, and attacked Vincent? Ryan couldn't risk that happening. He tried to move over to where Memory was, but it was too late. Vincent had reached them. Approaching Ryan and Storm, he spoke. “Storm, do you mind if I borrow Ryan for a moment?” He asked with a smile. Storm nodded and gave Ryan a kiss on the cheek before allowing Vincent the spot next to Ryan. Reluctant, Ryan gave Storm's hand a gentle squeeze. His hands were shaking. He have her a weak smile as she kissed his cheek and he turned to leave. Vincent gently asked Ryan to follow him out of the kitchen to a quieter place in the hall so they could talk. Ryan only nodded, his worries redoubled, and Ryan wrung his hands nervously. “Sorry for asking you over here, buddy. I was really concerned about you earlier, everyone was. That transformation was like none I’ve seen from you before. I just wanted to make sure you’re alright.” He said as he placed a hand gently on Ryan’s shoulder.

Instead of feeling relieved, Ryan stiffened. Vincent hadn't sounded caring to Ryan, he had sounded condescending and uninterested. Ryan felt such anger with Vincent. His turbulent thoughts raced back to the situation in the kitchen. Where was this concern when Terra and Canaan walked through the door?! Ryan thought furiously. His mind was screaming at him and at Vincent. Ryan felt so betrayed. Vincent didn't want to be on Ryan's side when everyone else was around, but now, now that it was convenient, after someone else had probably pestered him, now Vincent was reaching out to him? Ryan felt disgusted, not only with Vincent, but with himself. Vincent was his brother. Vincent loved him. He had since he'd met Ryan nearly eleven years ago when Ryan had first moved into the Mansion when Ryan was six years old. The two had grown up together. Why would Ryan ever feel like he couldn't trust Vincent? What was some piddly little argument between brothers such as they? Why couldn't Ryan forgive him? It's not like it really mattered to Vincent anyway. The last time Ryan had brought these worries to him, Vincent had shrugged them off. The last time they spoke privately, though the larger concern was Ryan's ability to transform, they'd gotten completely sidetracked by the idea of Ryan possessing a human form. Though Ryan was grateful for that, it hadn't been what he'd wanted to discuss in the first place. Even more frustrating, they had been interrupted by Ace's Shadows before Ryan had a chance to talk to Vincent about his more pressing concerns, namely, the Leviathan.

Ryan sighed, looking up into his brother's eyes, his golden pupils glinting in the low light. Did Vincent even want to know? If so, why should Ryan tell him? "I'm fine Vince." Ryan lied effortlessly, a toothy grin on his face. "I was just a bit... surprised. I mean, come on, the last time I saw Terra we tried to kill each other. You trying to tell me Logan and Sabertooth, who hate each other, don't have minor scuffles from time to time?" Ryan's logic was sound, his facial expression was completely calm, even relaxed. So, where was this coming from? This calm, collected, effortless lying? Ryan never lied, let alone to Vincent, and yet, he couldn't stop. "I'm fine now. Terra lives here now. Just like me, this is his home. Who am I to refute that? Besides, just because we've fought in the past doesn't mean we have to be enemies forever. That's not conducive to anything productive at all. I just didn't know he'd come here on invitation. You should tell me stuff like that!" Ryan joked. Smiling, he even managed to laugh lightheartedly. Playfully, he punched Vincent on the shoulder. "I appreciate your concern Vince, really, my brother, I do. That being said, I'm fine. See?" Ryan finished his question with a smile, he even did a little twirl so as to facilitate a quick once over on Vincent's part. That smile of his, was his famous smile, toothy and white. It was a smile that refuted all argumentation. It was a smile that closed the subject, if only for a little while.

At that, Ryan turned on his heel and walked back to the kitchen, waving to Vincent as he left. "Thanks Vince," Ryan said jovially as he left. "I'm just fine. I promise." Though he was playing rather cool, surprisingly so, he needed Memory. He needed her now. While he was still focused and relaxed, Ryan needed to get to Memory. Taking a deep breath, once more Ryan entered the kitchen, this time much more calmly. Ryan strode happily into the kitchen, smiling at his friends and family, his golden eyes shining brightly. Confidently, Ryan strode up to Memory and threw his arms around her. He buried his face in her shoulder and squeezed her tightly. "I'm sorry." Ryan whispered, just loud enough for Memory to hear. Maintaining his low volume, just barely loud enough for Memory to hear, Ryan continued. "I shouldn't have freaked out like that. I lost my cool and could have involved you in a potentially dangerous fight. I would never forgive myself if I hurt you; you who I want to protect the most. I'm sorry, it won't happen again. Next time, I'll be even stronger." Though they had started slowly, and they weren't something you could see unless you were studying Ryan closely, Ryan's full body-tremors had returned. His fear returned to him all at once as he embraced Memory. He had put on a strong facade for everyone else. He had played the part and done his best not to let them down, but Memory deserved better than that. He couldn't lie to her. As he held her, Ryan felt himself relax. Her scent soothed his aching heart, calmed his worries, and, shortly after he'd started, his shaking stopped. She was the reason. He couldn't beat the Leviathan by himself, not without someone watching his back. To Ryan, that someone could no longer be anyone else but Memory. No one else was important enough, loved him enough, or knew him better than she did. She was the perfect motivation, and she was the perfect person to help him beat his demons. In that moment, Ryan's eyes turned green, and the fear left him.

As much as Ryan wanted to continue holding her, it had been almost a full minute. People were, most likely, beginning to stare. Sighing, Ryan opened his eyes, the now green orbs staring into hers. Slowly, gently, he lifted his head from out of Memory's shoulder, and leaned forward until his forehead touched hers, resting there for a just a moment. Finally, and somewhat embarrassingly, before letting her go, Ryan pressed the tip of his nose to Memory's, then shook his head three times in rapid succession, but softly enough so as not to cause pain. "Thanks, M. I needed that." Ryan said, smiling his famous, infectious, toothy grin, the tops of his cheeks pink from blushing. Unlike the smile he had just given Vincent, this one was real. His eyes closed he smiled so wide, he was, after all, quite pleased with himself. Having finished, Ryan released Memory, though one of his hands snaked its way into hers, and leaned lightly against the counter top. He allowed the ambiance of the kitchen to consume him once more. He could do this. He could win.


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Erika White listened to the tapping of the keyboard before her, the man's hands moving slower than she would have liked. However, to avoid attracting attention she let him continue at his painfully slow speed. After all, she had already convinced him to start erasing files about herself and her children, she didn't want to control him too much. And it had already taken a couple of tries before she had managed to get the wording right. People only did what she asked if it was something they would normally do anyway, so the wording behind exactly what they are to do is the key. For this she had asked him to delete a certain file that was no longer in use, and he had. When he finally turned back to her, finished, she smiled. He returned it, then spoke quietly to her.
"You're very beautiful," he said, his face seeming like he was in a daze. Smiling again, though this time forced, Erika cleared her throat.

"That's sweet," she replied, upset that he probably only really said that because of her powers, then continued." "How about, just for me, you go to your employer's office and see if he has any of that file you deleted stored?" She asked, her powers kicking in. When she spoke with her ability, her voice became distorted and strange, but soothing, like a warm, reassuring hug from your mother. "You wouldn't want him to get angry that you didn't do your job fully, now would you?" His eyes grew wide and he nodded quickly, almost running into the office. Erika sighed and shook her head, but had a slight smile.
'I'm getting better.'

Several minutes later he finally came out of the room with a triumphant grin on his face, and a small disc in his hand. He handed it to her and she took it happily.
"That's the last file there is. I thought you might like it," he said, like a little child trying to make his crush like him. Once again she smiled and opened her mouth to speak when a loud crash was heard to the side. She turned quickly to it. Her jaw dropped and she stepped back slightly in panic. The plants that had previously been pathetic and in need of a good watering were now through the wall of the building, still growing. Soon more and more began to grow rapidly and spread about the place. The entire building was literally shaking with the activity as plants started breaking through.

She looked quickly to her controlled companion, then rolled her eyes amid the destruction. He was on the ground crying in fear. Steeling herself, she turned back to the room where the plants had broken through as a man emerged. She took a deep breath and moved into more stable footing. She had beat the crap out of the first man who had tried to have his way with her, had two kids and survived the death of the man she loved. This would not break her.

“Shoot to kill!”

Erika's blue eyes shifted to the source of the voice, then back to the man as he got closer. She balled her hand into a fist, ready to fight if needed. From the almost casual way he was walking she knew he was the mutant doing this. Then there was the men with guns who were coming too.
“Hey, if your power is what I think it is… Help me out please. We could both be shot. Look if you can get us surrounded by a bunch of human shields, they won’t easily shoot us. Please… you help me, I’ll help you okay?” She got some sick satisfaction from his anxiety and fear. This had been her one chance to destroy anything concerning her children. Now everyone would know that Erika White was a mutant, and her kids were too. The seemingly impenetrable reputation she had created to protect her children from ridicule and hatred was shattered. Her face twisted into anger, but then smoothed just as quick. Unfortunately, he was right. She needed his help too.

A gun firing was all the push she needed. Erika drew in breath and let her power lace her voice with poison, the words corrupting the minds of those around her into doing her bidding.
"Please," she called looking to the side, her voice distorting into something sinister, but soothing, "won't anyone help us? Won't you save us?" Four terrified people around her suddenly stiffened and lifted their head to the ceiling as if given an electric shock, then ran forwards in front of the two of them shouting to the guards to not hurt those "innocent people".

Just as a gun was fired, an overweight and balding man in a suit ran in front of Erika, then dropped. Blood seeped from the bullet hole in his chest. She looked down at his body, hands shaking. This was the first time her power had ever been used to kill someone. She pulled her eyes away reluctantly to the office workers making a wall between the two mutants and the guards aiming their way. Determined to live through this and see her children again, she called again, but only one more person came over. She just didn't have a strong enough ability to protect them. She could only manipulate those that would help others in a crisis. She couldn't affect the unwilling, which was apparently a lot of the people who were supposed to be protecting New York.

"Have any kind of plan?" She asked the man over the calling of the people she had manipulated. "This was your fault after all," she finished with obvious venom. Her only chance to ensure her children's safety and he had shattered it like glass.
'Well I'm not that fragile. I swear I'll end you after all this.'

Just as Kyle was agreeing, a familiar face came through the door of the kitchen. A wide grin spread on Jonathan's face as Storm was greeted by everyone. She turned to Kyle with a smile and a conversation started.
“Yes, a much needed one. Northstar sends his love Kyle.” Storm said casually, and a jealous pang hit him. After, she turned her eyes to him. “Jonathan, have you grown taller now?” He rolled his eyes playfully and accepted her embrace, though her avoidance of his skin reminded him of how he could never get too close to people and a sadness washed through his mind. It didn't last long however, specially seeing as Ororo was home. He had always had a certain respect and admiration towards her since arriving at the mansion.

The greetings continued. All the while Jonathan kept his eyes on Memory who wouldn't stop looking to the kitchen entrance every few minutes. Suddenly, a shiver went down his back. His stomach twisted unnaturally and the sense of fear reached him. He straightened and opened his mind to the others around him, looking around with a worried and confused frown. Memory was afraid, but not enough to make this kind of effect. Just when he'd concluded it was not anyone in the kitchen, or nearby, it hit again, this time stronger. He stepped back and out of the obvious view of anyone as it grew in intensity. Every second it increased until it literally hurt his mind. A pain flashed through it, weak at first, but then again. And again, and again, and again. The pain grew and strengthened into a continuous pain in his mind. The fear someone was feeling... it could only end up being Ryan. He was the only one who had reason to be this terrified. Jonathan placed a hand against his forehead, as if that would help.

Another strong spike of pain brought his other hand against the forehead, his face contorting in pain. He pulled one hand down slightly, then moved it away from his face at the feeling of something wet. On the bottom of his palm was a smear of crimson blood. He swallowed nervously, looking up slightly to see if anyone had noticed. Believing he was undetected, he slipped past everyone during the excitement with Storm and out of the door into the hallway outside the kitchen. His back fell against the wall as he resisted yelling out from the pain. He sometimes had mild feelings in his mind with naturally heightened fear, but never this bad. Flashes of thoughts and images coursed through his mind, but the pain prevented him from focussing on them.

He continued to hold his head, holding back the cry of pain he could feel building up within him until it slowly began to subside. Giving a quick glance up towards Ryan's room with worry and fear himself, he tried wiping away the blood with his sleeve. But it was more than he had expected. His nosebleed was worse than he had thought. Jonathan took shaky steps towards the nearest bathroom and washed away the mess quickly, then returned to the kitchen as quickly as he could manage. He'd have to figure out what in the hell had happened for Ryan to have felt that much fear. Shaking it off, Jonathan shifted his sleeve slightly to hide the blood he had tried to clean away and entered into the kitchen as if he had just left for the bathroom. For a moment he had thought that everything had gone swingingly, until he saw Memory looking over at him with wide eyes.

Memory had simply answered Cara with a sarcastic "peachy" before shaking off her hand and walking away, nervously rubbing her hands together and moving her eyes to the kitchen entrance every two minutes. She was worried about Ryan, more than she realised should be. Much more. She hadn't been thinking of anything other than him until she saw Jonathan grimacing in pain and clutching his head. That in itself was worrying, but it wasn't until a lien of blood extended from his nostril that she got afraid. He left into the hallway. when he returned, he had been cleaned up so no one would know, but when he looked over to her she knew he would be kicking himself. Not only had he been seen, but by his sister of all people.

Before she could confront him on it, Ryan walked in. She looked up to him, then instantly away. Glancing back to Jonathan, she saw him watching Ryan intently, but not because he was any kind of threat. Jonathan looked worried about Ryan in a different way. She had no clue what it was he was worrying about, but she was thankful nonetheless that he didn't see Ryan as a threat. That wouldn't end well for either.

All through his greeting with Storm and the following conversation Memory could feel his eyes on her. She wanted to look up, more than anything, but she couldn't find the courage. She had been afraid when he was readying to fight Terra, and Ryan knew it. Everyone was terrified. He had been trying to protect them, and everyone withdrew. How could she face him after that? Finally finding the courage however, she brought her eyes up to meet his, golden and ringed in red from crying. She held them for a moment, then had to look away. Normally she loved his golden eyes, but now they were unsettling, disturbing. He left with Vincent and Memory closed her eyes, withdrawing into her mind.

The network of doors and corridors resembling the mansion spanned before her. So many thoughts and fears and memories were loose corrupting her mind with fear and doubt, when she knew there was no need for either with Ryan. She loved him, she trusted him. Memory knew Ryan would willingly kill himself before harming her. Reassured in this, she raised a hand and extended her will. The doors on both side closed simultaneously with a resounding slam. Instantly, she felt better, calmer. As she should. Twisting her wrist, she looked the doors then returned to the real world.

When Ryan finally entered a confidence Memory had not expected, her heart leapt. Her fears and doubts had been battering against the doors in her mind to break free. Only Ryan could keep them away permanently. He reached her and wrapped his arms around her, burying his head into her shoulder, before she could react. Returning the tight embrace, she stood with him holding back tears of... too many emotions to pick just one from the melting pot.
"I'm sorry." he whispered into her ear, sending a warm tickling sensation down her spine. "I shouldn't have freaked out like that. I lost my cool and could have involved you in a potentially dangerous fight. I would never forgive myself if I hurt you; you who I want to protect the most. I'm sorry, it won't happen again. Next time, I'll be even stronger." Memory tightened her hold on Ryan as his body began to shake. Despite her best efforts no words would escape her lips. It wasn't until his body had stopped its shaking that she found her voice again.
"You don't have to be stronger, Ryan," Memory whispered into his ear. "And I should be apologising. I know you would never hurt me and yet I was scared of what was happening. I'm the one who needs to be be stronger."

Ryan finally released her after almost a full minute and put his forehead to hers. A moment later, he pressed his nose to hers and stepped back.
"Thanks, M. I needed that." He smiled, and she couldn't help returning it. He took his hand in hers, and she let herself lean into him. This was the only place she wanted to be right now. There had been enough excitement for the morning. She just wanted to stay with Ryan all day and never let him go, no matter what.


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Piotr Rasputin

Cara’s smile receded back to a small upturn on one side but she did not seem to shift from her good mood. “Perhaps but it has not made me the most popular girl in the mansion.” She said gesturing at the others in the kitchen. “I have fought with almost all of the people in this room at some point in my life and those I haven’t are those that are either too young to have seen the battles between Magneto and Xavier or didn’t join until after I came here.” She took a sip of her coffee before continuing. “I am not welcome here Piotr and as every day goes past there are times when I wish I wasn’t rescued that day.” She had turned more solemn now, her coffee once more occupying her thoughts. “I was not meant to be one of the X-men.”

Piotr listened, his smile fading into a sadder expression. He was a little pained to know that the X-men had not shown Cara the sort of kindness that he had received. He had a realization that it is difficult for even the noble X-men to break bread and forgive their once enemies. It was a testament that guests such as Victor, David, Stinger, Frenzy, Agent Six, and Pietro weren’t hitting many bumps in the road when it came to being around the X-men.

Piotr replied with a gentle smile, “You and I have fought before and I have no ill feeling towards you Cara. You are my friend. You fought us because it was the right thing for you to do at the time. I fought you because fate put us at odds. I never considered you my enemy though, it was the cause that I fought. We may not always agree on causes but I think we can agree that you and I can be friends no matter what divides us. You will always be a part of the X-men. I believe some of the others would feel an emptiness somewhere in their hearts if you left. I would.” Piotr spoke sincerely.

Piotr knew that Cara knew how it felt to be on her own. He knew how that felt as well. He had his sister who lived back in Russia. He lived to provide for her, but now that she is a young woman able to look after herself, he was free to look solely after himself. He joined with the X-men full time to fill that void, to help others as his nature spurred him to do. However Piotr feared that Cara’s isolation came for reasons entirely different from his. Cara could use someone to hold onto her, someone to let her know that she was at home, at peace. Piotr placed his hand gently on Cara’s shoulder.

The Kitchen

Scott listened as the guest replied. "The names Robert Ashdown, nice to meet ya Scott, and it's no problem, all folks argue after a bit. After all i'm British, we enjoy taking the mickey out of each-other. Anyways, i'm here to meet with the professor, Charles Xavier. I'm just nosy tourist is all,and proud mutant like the rest of you bunch! Just hoping to just, well, talk about how to get through everyday life round stranger that hate you."

He looked into the distance for a few moments before snapping out of it and asking; "So which X-man are you, eh? Let me guess, the fella with the lazer eyes?"

Scott looked a bit surprised. “Why uh… yes. I am. I didn’t know that I was known publicly.” Jean snickered nearby at Scott’s reaction. He was displaying a shyness that was rare to see on him.

Logan stepped forward and flashed a casual smile as he introduced himself. “Welcome, I’m Logan. So you’re English huh? You should enjoy chatting with the ‘Novelist’ over there. He’s from around your neck of the woods.” Logan said as he nodded toward Aiden O’doherty.

Aidan replied in an annoyed fashion. “It’s ‘The Author…’ and you should be nicer to be lest I bring 1,000 tons of gravity down on that spectacular adamantium skeleton of yours.” Aidan wasn’t the one to be mocked without consequence.

Victor stood in the kitchen and picked up a fresh apple that sat on the counter in a pile. There were several of them. He took a clean bite from it as he scanned the room. He noticed Logan had not ceased to watch him the whole time as if Victor was going to spontaneously attack someone. He snickered to himself at the fact that Logan couldn’t get over his trained inclination to ever be on watch when Victor was around. Victor looked over to David who seemed to be watching Ryan and Memory. It seemed that Ryan was definitely not North’s biggest fan. Victor subdued his own grin as he watched North pick up on Ryan’s unspoken tension toward him. North hadn’t uttered a word since his spat with Wendy but Victor knew him more than well enough to know when that man was deep in his thought processes.

Victor stepped closer behind North and whispered casually into his ear. “He’s only a kid. Besides you were trying to do the ‘noble’ thing and not fuck around with the little hottie. Don’t go back on your word now. I might think less of you.” Victor then took another bite of the green apple.

David turned partially with a rather sarcastic smirk. “I do Not go back on my word.” David replied his voice slick and cold as black ice. His disposition lightened just as quickly as it was darkened. “Don’t worry your handsome mug about it.”

Soon Jenifer tapped Victor on the shoulder to which he turned around slowly. He saw the young lady had caught the attention of the tourist. "I need to talk to you, by the way." She said as she turned back to him.

Victor smirked a little. “Sure blondie. I’m here when you’re free.” Victor figured that she wanted to discuss her little sister. He wasn’t sure exactly what she was going to say. He wasn’t really worried though. He supposed that he would tell her that Annabelle was simply in good hands.

Niles Cranston

Looking towards Niles as the dust cleared up, he yelled over the now apparent screams of those around them. "So what's next? Are we going to just destroy the building, or are these people fair game as well?" He rose his hand curling it into a fist and aimed it towards a random nobody who was hugging the corner while breathing heavily.

Niles looked around at the damage the one attack caused. “Wow… he really is a wrecking ball huh?” Niles thought to himself. “Only attack people if they are hostile. If they’re not, don’t hurt them. I just want to send a message not become a mass murderer. The building is our target.” Niles said to Keith. He formed several large floating and sharp crystals that launched into the walls and soon exploded causing the wall to be destroyed and part of the building structure collapsed.

Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto

Charles received a almost panicked transmission from cerebro. There were several mutant attacks about the city. The general public was in danger. Six sites were urgently in need of interference from the X-men. Charles turned to Magneto who stood behind him. “Erik… we must assemble the X-men at once! Mutants become so panicked that they have begun to attack several of the HMR sites. It seems the government’s recent moves have caused serious uproar.” Charles carried a look of worry as he knew that this was only the beginning of a long and difficult path for everyone.

Before Erik could respond, Vincent and Philip entered the Cerebro chamber. “Ah, there you two are! I knew you would have locked yourself away in here… Philip was worried. He’s such an awesome in law don’t you think? Oh, and Ororo has returned home! I was so surprised to see her! It’s always so tricky to telepathically sense her presence.” Vincent said in an obliviously upbeat manner as he entered the chamber with Philip. But he could feel the tension immediately afterward. “Wait, what’s the matter?” he asked. Erik turned around slowly with a heavy disposition. He was quite frustrated with the constant struggle for peace with mankind. So much effort only to hit so many setbacks. Erik explained the situation to Vincent and Philip.

Frenzy knocked on the Cerebro Chamber’s doors and entered upon their opening. “Good Morning Professor Xavier, Mr. Lehnsherr, Vincent, Philip. I hope I’m not interrupting anything important. This morning Wendy and I met a mutant from out of town. He wanted to meet you Professor, so we brought him here. I hope it’s not too much of an inconvenience.” Frenzy spoke politely. She wanted to give Charles and Erik a good impression of her. She took joining the X-men seriously and wanted to let them know that she respected them honestly and was appreciative for being accepted.

“Actually it seems my meeting with our guest will be brief and under unfortunate circumstances this time. There is trouble that needs the X-men’s assistance in quelling. I will have to assemble as many of us that are able and willing to assist. I am most grateful that Ororo has returned when she did. Joanna can I count on you as well? The X-men would greatly benefit from your strength and wisdom.” Charles replied.

Frenzy was pleasantly surprised that he asked her personally to help the X-men. “You and the X-men will always have my assistance. You need not ask in the future Professor X.” Frenzy replied with a proud smile.

Erik placed a hand on Vincent’s shoulder, “We must make haste. Things are getting worse with every passing moment.” They all headed toward the kitchen.

Professor X, Magneto, Vincent, Philip, and Frenzy entered the kitchen where most of the X-men and guests were gathered. Charles walked over to Robert and with a pleasant smile. “Welcome Mr. Ashdown. I am Charles Xavier, and this is Erik Lehnsherr. Welcome to the Xavier School for the Gifted. I would like to continue our meeting at length however my attention is needed elsewhere at the moment. You are welcome to remain here, or if you wouldn’t mind lending a hand in the matter that would be greatly appreciated.”

Xavier turned toward storm and greeted her with a bright smile, “Welcome back Ororo. We’ve missed you.” Charles wanted to say more but it would have to wait.

Erik spoke for all in the kitchen to hear, Charles telepathically transmitted Erik’s message to the minds of all that were in the mansion and not present in the kitchen. “X-men, friends, and guests, we are in great need of assistance. There are currently six attacks on HMR sites across the city. We shall intervene at once.”

Aidan smirked “Oh Charles what would you do without my help? I’ll lend you a capable hand if I must.” He said with his usual haughty disposition.

Erik rolled his eyes, clearly annoyed by Aidan’s disposition. After obtaining a commitment from some of those that weren’t X-men Magneto announced the team formations and leaders. “The six teams are as follows. Team one shall consist of Memory, Canaan, Logan, Quicksilver, Agent Six, Annabelle, Philip Klein, Hideki Matsuzaka, Jean Grey and Myself. Team leaders of this group shall be Memory and Philip.” Erik took a moment to give the Memory and Philip a reassuring smile as he knew they were surprised by their positions as leaders.

Erik continued, “Team two shall consist of Johnathan, Cara, Aidan O'Doherty, Kent Van-Pelt, and Frenzy. Jonathan you are the team leader of team two. You are more than a capable leader Jonathan.” Magneto encouraged Jonathan. He then turned to Aidan and spoke, “O’Doherty, I expect you to give Jonathan your full support and cooperation.”

Aidan flashed a sharp smile, “But of course. Don’t let me down Jonathan.” Aidan replied. He and Magneto never ceased to butt heads.

Erik announced team three. “Team three will consist of Terra, Ryan, David North/ Agent Zero, Vincent Xavier, and Colossus. The team leaders are Terra and Ryan. I expect you two to work in synch. You should do well.” Magneto gave a look of confidence to Terra and Ryan. He was fully aware of the group dynamics and was eager to test them.

David looked on with a smug expression. “What a motley crew we make, eh Xavier?” David said to Vincent with an amused disposition.

Vincent smiled just the same, “Indeed, I still haven’t gotten over your trying to shoot me that time. Not to mention you kidnapping me.” Vincent said jokingly.

David snickered, “Yeah… I haven’t gotten over the fact that you survived my shooting at you. Yet alone escaping Weapon-X. Then again, that part wasn’t on me.” David and Vincent began to laugh with one another, an odd scene to those who hadn’t seen darker side of Vincent’s humor.

Magneto continued with the team assignments,” Cain, Fuyumi, Ace, Mutt Ant, and Kyle, shall comprise team five. Cain shall lead this team.” Magneto simply gave Cain a proud nod and continued to announce the final team. “Team six shall consist of Jennifer, Stinger, Scott, Sabertooth, and Storm, with Scott as the leader.”

Sabertooth turned to Jenifer with his usual smug disposition, “I guess our little chat is really going to have to wait, unless we take it on the road seeing as how we are in the same team.”

Magneto spoke to Robert, "You are more than welcome to join any team Mr. Ashdown, if you so choose to assist us. We could use your talents.” Magneto said in a friendly manner. The groups departed the mansion in smaller jets, one per team, bound for the attack sites. Professor X remained behind to monitor the situation using Cerebro and to give advice.


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Robert Ashdown smirked along with Jean at Scott's surprise of his lucky guess, replying; "Don't worry pal, it ain't all that public, just since i'm apparently hanging round the x-men, and your the only one that's got sunglasses indoors I took a wild stab in the dark, pal."
He then turned his attention to Logan, the man he was completely oblivious to also being the x-man wolverine, giving him a casual grin in return to his own and perking up at him pointing out Aidan, who's temperament left him a little weary but nonetheless said; "Well what do ya know, another good old Brit about! where you from mate? Down near London too?"
The English mutant tourist was obviously enjoying the whole scenario, grinning from ear to ear. After-all, what kind of peaceful mutant wouldn't be cheery about meeting the x-men?

Things only got better when Charles Xavier came in with a group of other mutants, or so he assumed, and greeted him warmly to his institute of learning, though apologized they had business at hand.
"It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Xavier, as well as you too Mr. Lehnsherr! It sounds like the X-men are in work hours then, I don't mind giving a helping hand but I ain't exactly wolverine ya know!" He replied ecstatically, obviously excited at the prospect of working along side the x-men. He held his peace as he giddily watched Erik split them all into six teams; their mission; to prevent the sudden attacks on HMR sites. Wait, what?! This was a surprise to Robert, why would a group of mutant superheroes be saving buildings owned by a group of pewman racists? He shrugged and guessed the x-men really meant protecting all of mutant and man kind.
He then suddenly froze in shock as Erik asked if he wanted to join one of the teams to which managed to stammer out; "Bloody hell, of-course i'd f***ing love to! I'll go with, umm, errr, ah bugger I haven't got a clue who to join! How the heck do I pick? Ahhh, one of you lot pick for me, i'm too happy to think straight!"
He then spent the next couple of seconds gurning goofily and looking round in sheer joy at the six teams of mutants.


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The Kitchen

"Well what do ya know, another good old Brit about! where you from mate? Down near London too?" Robert asked Aidan.
Aidan grinned, “I’m actually from Ireland. However my hometown is barely recognizable today as it was simply centuries ago since it was called what its name once was. But to air on the side of being less complicated, yes I have spent a rather lengthy amount of time in London.” Aidan was referencing his having been born in the late 1800s. “It is nice to have another Englishmen about.” Aidan smiled, a bit more genuinely this time.

As a number of X-men and fellow mutant guests wandered off to prepare themselves, Robert was busy trying to figure out which team to tag along with, mumbling feverishly under his breath as he lifted his hat to scratch at his scalp in puzzlement, before blurting decisively; "I got, Team 2! I'll follow them about for a bit! If it's alright with you Mr. Xavier, and Mr. Lehnsherr! Though I warn you lot, like i said before I ain't an athlete, too much sitting around on my bum recently. Well more than recent, but ya get what I'm blabbing."

Magneto smiled, he was thrilled with Roberts eagerness to help them. “We are most grateful for any assistance you’d be willing to provide us Mr. Ashdown.” He extended his hand and shook Roberts.

Charles added, “A wise choice you have made Robert. They will indeed look after you, as well as put their trust in you as they are also in your hands.”

Rob then turned to Joanna, who he now knew was Frenzy and gave a friendly grin, happy to have a somewhat familiar face on the team, even if that face was only familiar from the last half hour or so. "Well, looks like you’re stuck with me for a bit longer then huh? Who knows, we might end being the best partnership since Del-boy and Rodney!", he jokingly said with giving a chuckle.

Joanna giggled a little. She didn’t quite understand the Del-boy and Rodney reference but Robert’s jovial nature was enough to lift anyone’s spirits. “I am rather glad that we will get a chance to work together Robert. Perhaps I’ll learn a thing or two from you?” Joanna replied with a tickled smile.

Rob gave quick gruff nod with a smile to Aidan, giving a curt; "Alright there, Author!", to which Aidan responded with a flinch of a smile, before turning to Kent and Cara; adding; "Guess your Cara then love, and this posh fella is Kent! Hmmmm hang on a minute, you look familiar mate. Have you been on telly or something?"
He ended his sentence with yet another puzzled expression, pondering on why Kent seemed so familiar.

Kent gave a slightly embarrassed smile and ran his hand across the back of his head. “I’m a journalist and newscaster so you might have seen me on CNN. I cover a lot of international stories as well. It’s a pleasure to be working with you Robert. It’s alright if I call you Robert right?” Kent replied.

Hideki cut in, “May have seen me he says… He’s practically a celebrity. Not to mention who could not help but stare at those eyes?” Hideki blabbed on. His comments caused Kent to blush shyly and thus he chuckled nervously. He was as humble as one could be.

Logan yanked Hideki’s shirt to get his attention, “Alright Matsuzaka, enough fan-girling over Kent here. Go get changed will ya?” Logan let out a heavy sigh. “One track mind I tell ya.” He uttered.

“Alright Wolvie.” Hideki responded in a annoyed and embarrassed manner for having been stifled.

Jonathan looked to Kyle. "Guess we'll have to take that walk another time," he said with a smile.

Kyle mustered a smile through his disappointment. “Indeed, another time Mon ami. Be careful.” Kyle said quietly. Jonathan then excused himself to get ready and left for his room. Kyle then joined his team after changing.

The others departed the kitchen one by one to prepare for transport and battle. Straightening up, Ace put away her mug into the sink and walked over to Cain. Nodding her acknowledgment to her fellow shadow manipulator, Cara, Ace turned to the man she wished to talk to. "Looks like you'll be leading us Vincent's double, I suggest you call everyone to get ready and meet up wherever it is you please. Just tell me know, I really hate it when telepaths such as yourself try to talk to me. Any how I have a way that'll get us that much quicker to our destination but that'll have to wait when I come back from getting ready." With that being said, Ace turned around and walked right into the shadow between the door and the wall.

Cain listened to Ace a slight smirk crossed his face. He didn’t get to opportunity to respond to Ace before she disappeared into the shadows. He thought on her calling him Vincent’s double, and it somewhat bothered him. Perhaps he was only a mere shadow of Vincent Xavier, however in truth so was Vincent a shadow of Charles and Erik. It would be a long road before he would gain the trust of his allies. This mission would help him prove his worth and his differences from Vincent.

Ace took a step forwards only to step out of someone's shadow. As she did so, Ace threw on her coat with a dramatic flare and stood before her team. Looking to Cain she spoke, "So as you may know, like Cara I can travel about via shadow. We can get to the HMR building faster if we go via shadow but you'll need to make sure your in physical contact with my body. Otherwise I can't take you with and you'll look like an idiot trying to get through a shadow. So once you guys give the hey ho, I'll just take us to the Shadow dimension a d we can talk plans there. Mind you times different down there so no need to worry about having to hurry to be a bunch of lives."

Cain replied, “Thank you Ace. It will be quite helpful. Just make sure you’re not too injured so that you can take us home when this is all said and done.” He said with a playful chuckle. Cain then gathered the team consisting of Fuyumi, Ace, Mutt Ant, and Kyle together to discuss strategy. “Alright team, if we coordinate we’ll overcome any obstacle set before us. I would like for Mutt and Fuyumi to run evacuation duty. Help as many innocents escape harm as possible. Once you’ve cleared all that you can, Report back and assist the rest of the team as you see fit. Meanwhile, Ace, Kyle and I will keep the attackers busy and attempt to subdue them. The Professor has telepathically informed me that we are dealing with two mutants, one with the ability to disintegrate things upon touch and another with high resistance and force field generative abilities. We must be careful. Let’s move out.” With that Ace transported the team.

Philip a bit surprised by being chosen as a team leader. However it filled him with a sort of excitement at the same time. He looked forward to looking after the team. Vincent hugged Philip goodbye, “Don’t rush into things and be careful Philip. I won’t be a jolly man if something were to happen to you out there.” Vincent said. It wasn’t often he had to work a mission without Philip at his side. Perhaps Magneto wanted the two to work apart for a change of pace.

Philip relied with a whimsical smile on his face, “I’ve got Memory to look after me, I’ll be fine. You jus be sure to follow orders. Don’t forget Ryan and Terra are your team leaders. You’re not the boss this time Vince.” The two chuckled and then grew silent as the smiles faded. They embraced once more and with a quiet peck on one another’s cheek they departed for their teams.

Philip approached Memory. “Hey M, are you ready to lead the best team around? No need for worries, we’ve got Magneto, Logan and Jean on our team. What could go wrong that they couldn’t overcome?” Philip joked to lighten the burden Memory and he carried upon their shoulders.

Scott gathered Sabertooth, Stinger, Jennifer and Storm together for a team meeting. Scott wasn’t at all thrilled to be working with Sabertooth but orders were orders and he intended to follow them. Scott also expected Sabertooth to follow his orders as well. It wouldn’t be an easy, not to mention having Stinger on the team as well. Scott had never worked with Jennifer before so he could only hope that she was a level team player, not a wild card like Sabertooth and Stinger were. Storm was the second anchor of the team, Scott was much relieved to have her to assist them.

“Alright team, we’ve got a situation to neutralize. Expect the HMR to be hostile as well. Our first priority is to clear the area of innocents, and to neutralize the HMR opposition so that we can calmly talk the mutants in question into a ceasefire. I expect us to work as a solid team, do not over do things and try not to harm the HMR soldiers. Our goal is a peaceful resolution not increased chaos. Is that clear?” Scott spoke to his team.

Stinger slinked up to Scott and ran her index finger down Scott’s uniform covered chest flirtatiously. “Anything you want soldier boy….” She said with a wink.

Scott frowned and promptly moved Stingers hand away from him. “Stop goofing around Wendy.” He turned toward Sabertooth, “I didn’t hear a reply from you Victor.”

Sabertooth grinned in an icy manner., the look of a killer teasing prey. “Well of course I’m clear on the goal. However doesn’t mean that’s where I’m headed no does it?”

Scott’s anger showed through gritted teeth. “I swear if you do anything to jeopardize innocent lives or this mission, so help me God…” Scott retorted.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep Summers. Relax, I’ll play nice today.” Sabertooth said calmly and patted Scott lightly on the shoulder.

Storm rubbed Scott’s back a little in an effort to calm him down. “Don’t you let him get under your skin. He likes to cause a trouble remember? Everything will be fine.” Storm said gently. Scott let out a sigh of relief.

“Thanks Storm… I needed that. I hope you’re right.” Scott replied with a gentle smile.

Storm gave Jennifer a friendly nudge, “Hey you ready to save the world?” She smiled with an adventurous look in her eyes. Soon afterward they headed off to their destination.


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Magneto, Logan, Quicksilver, Philip Klein, Hideki Matsuzaka, Jean Grey

The wreckage and rubble from the collapsed building surrounded the X-men team. They were saved Alice the once monstrously sized mutant now reverted to her original form. Logan was the first to come out of his slumber. Covered in debris he sat up and looked around. This was a disaster zone and there were siren sounds for miles. He began looking about frantically for the others after he shot to his feet. He may have been able to survive a building dropping on him but the others couldn’t.

He found Hideki partially exposed from the rubble and pulled him complete to freedom. “Hey kiddo you alright? Stay with me Matsuzaka…” Logan said as he held the young man.

Hideki groaned and then opened his eyes to see Logan’s concerned face. Hideki smiled through a couple of coughs. “I guess I’m alive after all. I knew you’d save me Logan.” Hideki said in a exhausted voice.

Quicksilver and magneto approached the group and Logan quickly filled them in on what happened since they separated. “Magneto I thought you were injured. You should be back at the jet.” Logan inquired.

Magneto narrowed his brow and replied, “I’m FINE. I’m of better use here than sitting in that jet waiting for you all to get yourselves killed. Now allow me to free the others so we can leave.” Magneto fussed. Logan didn’t complain however Quicksilver was annoyed that his father refused to take it easy. Magneto lifted the rubble off of the others and they were freed. Everyone seemed to be fairly alright. Quicksilver rushed back to the X-jet and piloted it so that he could pick the team up from the wreckage and take them back to the X-mansion.

Once Magneto, Logan, Jean, Alice, Hideki, Phillip, Oliver, and Memory were onboard the jet Quicksilver piloted the jet into the sky. Logan, using the com link, contacted team two. “Team 2, come in. This is Logan, are you ready for extraction? We’re headed over.”

Aidan, Frenzy, Kent, Evan, and Vernon

Kent listened, pressed the com link and replied to Logan’s beckon, “This is Kent of team two reporting in. Yes Logan we are more than ready to go home. Our jet is still intact so we will head back on our own. Thanks and see you at home.”

Logan replied with a grin, “Copy that Kent. Oh and it’s good to hear you consider the mansion home again bub. It’s great to have you back. You’ll keep the rest of us sane.” Logan was honestly glad to hear Kent’s voice. It seemed like everyone was generally alright. At least someone had a success today, he thought. After a few minutes of travel the speedy jet arrived at the X-mansion.

All of the other teams returned around roughly the same time. As the team members de-boarded the jets they all looked like they had been through hell. They all faced considerable danger today. Professor Xavier greeted the group and saw a few new faces. He had seen them while he used Cerebro to monitor the various situations however this was a first meeting between him and the newcomers. “Welcome to some and welcome back to others. I am proud of your bravery and decision making today. You all as individuals did exceptionally well in such distressing situations. For those of you who do not know me, I am professor Charles Xavier and I welcome you to the Xavier and Lensherr School for Gifted Students. You must all be tired. Feel free to utilize this place as a safe haven for as long as you require. I will soon hold a briefing meeting once everyone has had a day to rest and revitalize. I will update you all tomorrow.”

Cain was still quiet and brooding since Andy’s death. Vincent saw Cain standing there in silence as if the world was sitting atop his brain. He gave Ryan a proud smile for his valiant leadership ethic out and the field and a pat on the shoulder before approaching Cain. ”Hey… I know what happened out there and I wanted you to know that if you need me for anything I’m here for you. You did the best you could out there and there was nothing more that you could have done.”

Cain looked up toward Vincent and embraced him in his arms. “Brother…” He said as if exhaling for the first time in an hour. Vincent returned the embrace. It was nice to bond with Cain. The two hadn’t interacted much since their meeting. Cain stepped back from Vincent and replied, “Unfortunately there was something else I could have done to make sure that young man survived, yet I was weak and couldn’t bring myself to do it before it was too late. I won’t make the same mistake twice.” He said he reassuringly place his hand on Vincent’s cheek. Vincent was concerned with the state of mind his brother was in.

Scott and Jean hugged each other and kissed, simply being glad to be reunited. Scott hated being split up from Jean on their first mission since her return, however orders were orders. Logan stood not too far away watching the two of them. His face displayed a somber expression. Hideki walked up behind Logan and wrapped his arms around him. “Hey Wolverine, it’ll be alright. I’m here for you. We’re a mess let’s hit the shower.” Hideki couldn’t help by attempt to flirt with Logan.

Logan, smirking, slowly peeled Hideki’s arms from around him and turned to face him. “Yeah let’s Shower… in our own separate rooms.” Logan chuckled. He began to take a few steps away. “That imagination of yours seems to be working pretty vividly so feel free to imagine I’m there. That should do the trick Kid.” With that Logan exited the hangar. Hideki huffed at his failed attempt at Logan.

Everyone filed away to their quarters and the guests were shown to rooms so they could rest for the night. Xavier decided to stay awake and monitor the mansion for activity over night in the event that one of the guests weren’t so honest about being neutral. Erik wanted to watch in Charles’ stead but Charles refused. He knew Erik pushed himself very far today and needed rest.

(OOC: Hey sorry for the lazy post. I had a lot of ground to cover and instead of hitting all of the individual teams situations and characters with personal references which would have taken a lot of time, I met half way on it. So you can assume all teams are back at the mansion. The guests would be Robert, Vernon, Evan, Alice, Aidan and Niles. (Maybe Keith is Daimoa is still with us.) So it’s still night time that same day, Feel free to have your characters interact and mingle as everyone ponders where to go from here. Cain will soon start openly speaking to others about starting his own team. If anyone has any special ideas post them in the OOC. I’d welcome them.)