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Scott Summers (Cyclops)

"It's time to form another team. I hope they're ready."

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a character in “X-men: Xavier and Magneto Unite”, as played by masato22



Name: Cyclops

Civilian name: Scott Summers

Age: 33

Occupation: (Currently) English Teacher, Student of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning, Adventurer, and Certified Pilot

Alliance: Good/ X-men





Personality: What guides Scott summers the most is his extraordinary discipline. Even though he struggles with control, his sense of duty and discipline hold him together personality wise. This along with the military influences in his early life make him a perfect fit for the types of duties the X-men carry out. Working as a unit and going on missions is just like being a soldier to him and the cause he's fighting for is a cause he truly believes in. Between discipline and control, Scott Summers has a psyche that is ordered and structured. Sometimes it is ordered to a fault, but he is able to make up for these faults with the morals and guidance instilled in him by Professor Charles Xavier and the X-men.


Mutant Classification: Beta

Powers and Abilities:

Advanced energy manipulation that allows his body to absorb certain types of electromagnetic energy, metabolize it, and release it in a concentrated beam of force that he can direct with his eyes. Due to injuries sustained in the past, he is unable control these beams fully and has to use protective glasses made of ruby quartz to keep the beams in check. A special visor is often used to help him focus and manipulate his blasts in various, controlled ways.


Spatial Awareness: Cyclops seems to possess an uncanny sense of geometry, in this sense used to describe his observation of objects around himself and the angles found between surfaces of these objects. Cyclops has repeatedly demonstrated the ability to cause his optic blasts to ricochet and/or reflect off those objects in a trajectory to his liking. This is commonly called a "banked shot" when applied to this talent. Cyclops has been observed causing beams to reflect from over a dozen surfaces in the course of one blast, and still hit his intended target accurately. It is his sense of superhumanly enhanced spatial awareness that allows him to perform these feats as well. On two occasions Cyclops has been fast enough to blindly predict the position of Quicksilver and Northstar who were moving at superhuman speeds with enough accuracy to hit them with his optic blast.

Expert Pilot: Cyclops is an expert pilot of fixed-wing aircraft, a skill he appears to have inherited from his father. It has also been implied that his geometric sense improves his abilities in the air.

Master Tactician and Strategist: Cyclops has spent most of his superhero career as the leader of either the X-Men or X-Factor and has developed exceptional leadership skills. According to Nick Fury's files, Scott's abilities are at their best in tense situations. Fury notes that the less time Cyclops has to think about a decision, the better that decision is.

Expert Combatant: Cyclops also has extensive training in martial arts and unarmed combat, holding black belts in judo and aikido.


(Since this not an original Character I’m just gonna borrow this page’s info: )


Scott Summers was the first and oldest born in Anchorage Alaska to Katherine and Christopher Summers. The latest in a long line of soldiers, Scott and his younger brother Alex grew up around the ridged military environment of Elmendorf Air Force Base. Growing up in this environment, Scott was immersed in the disciplined environment of the military and developed an early fascination with planes. Scott was on the fast track to becoming such a soldier. He and Alex attended a special school for children of military officials. Even at a young age, he made a name for himself as being disciplined and respectful towards his superiors.

While on their way to New York City to visit a trusted old family friend, there was a mysterious accident and the plane crashed. Scott and Alex managed to escape via parachute, but Christopher and Katherine did not make it. They were declared dead and the boys were officially orphaned.

Both Scott and Alex underwent dramatic changes during their time at the orphanage. Scott became more closed off and emotionally reserved. While he privately mourned his lost, he publicly hid his feelings beneath a thick emotional shell that few cold get around. This turned off most potential parents. What turned them off even more was his protective behavior towards Alex. Unlike Scott, Alex vented more of his emotions. Most often, they came out in the form of aggression. It often forced Scott to shelter his brother, making it difficult for either one of them to get adopted. This difficulty was further compounded when Scott’s mutant powers manifested.

Because of the physical and mental trauma Scott suffered, his powers manifested at an early age. They started as headaches that quickly escalated seizure-like symptoms. At age ten he started showing flashing red eyes to prospective parents. By age twelve these eyes turned into a source of destructive blasts, which ended up blowing holes through walls. His brother Alex, who was only three years younger, showed similar symptoms. The development of their powers not only scared off prospective foster parents, it left them isolated from the other children at the orphanage. It wasn't long before Scott and Alex were routinely picked on. It led to confrontations that often resulted in their powers flaring up.

After repeated abuse and a few failed foster families, things eventually came to a head when an unfortunate flare in Scott’s powers caused so much damage to the orphanage that a number of officials wanted him and Alex transferred to another facility. Not liking this prospect one bit, Scott and Alex struck out on their own and for a time lived on the streets. It was a harsh world, but Scott's disciplined nature helped him survive and protect his brother. They eventually met up with a local gang of other orphans who were in difficult situations of their own and willing to overlook his mutant status if it could help them.

With this gang, Scott got his first taste of leadership. In this, he excelled. By age 14, he was leading his gang on numerous operations to obtain food and resources. His powers quickly went from an obstacle to a resource. Both he and Alex were held in high regard. While Alex embraced this renegade style existence, Scott remained focused on greater ambitions. He expressed a strong desire to rebuild a life that wasn’t on the streets. This put him at odds with his group and his brother.


This wedge only widened after a horrific incident in a simple operation to gather food from a truck. In it, the driver of the truck tried to attack Alex and Scott responded by blasting him with his optic blasts. This resulted in the driver being killed. It struck Scott on a profound level, so much so that he resisted using his powers. In repressing them, he made them more unmanageable. By age 15, he was fully blinded and had to cover his eyes at all time. This not only hindered his ability to survive, it hindered his ability to protect Alex.

Eventually, Professor Charles Xavier discovered him. He was given a chance to join a new school for mutants. It was a chance to get off the streets and into a better life. While Xavier offered the position to both Scott and Alex, only Scott accepted. This solidified the wedge between Scott and Alex, separating the brothers and sending them on different paths. While Alex remained with the gang, Scott became one of the first students of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning.


There he would later embrace his role with the X-men, working hard in the classroom and in training to manage his powers. He learned under former marine, John Proudstar, and was part of the X-men’s initial mission as masked vigilantes. During this time, he was still emotionally reserved. However, he did develop a close friendship with Jean Grey, which quickly deepened as time went on. He eventually became the field leader of the X-men and is one of Xavier's most trusted and loyal students. Despite clashes with teammates such as Wolverine, he earned respect from each of his peers and is steadfast in his dedication to the X-men.

Other information:


Has returned to the X-men after taking some personal time. Charles disbanded the former team so he decided to take some time off. He is like an older brother to Vincent and a son to Charles. Working with Magneto was difficult to handle at first but now he rather appreciates Magneto and his wisdom. He has a strong rivalry with Wolverine. They bicker and challenge one another often but they indeed have a special understanding of each other that others don’t often see. In love with Jean Grey.

So begins...

Scott Summers (Cyclops)'s Story


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Aaliyah, the school technician, walked into the room holding the Jar of pickled herring. She moved leaning on the door frame of Charles office door popping another piece of fish on her mouth. Her goggles still on and her head phones around her neck. She looked at the doctor and gave a slight look of disapproval. She looked at the two young men before she spoke. " P.C I asked them to take the gate down that was my fault. I am going to put the new one in tonight that will open when activated, so the blame is on me" She pushed away from the door frame. "So dumb monkeys you going to help me finish or am I on my own I need another set of hands?"

Kyle rolled his eyes as Aaliyah called Hideki and him “Dumb monkeys”. He was gaining an annoyance for the technician’s attitude. “Ferme la bouche” [“Shut-up” in French] Kyle muttered as he crossed his arms and looked away. Professor shot Kyle a look that conveyed his disapproval of Kyle’s language.

Charles looked at Hideki and Kyle and cleared his throat. “I think that would be a good idea. I am currently in a meeting so we shouldn’t continue to be rude to Claire and Mr. O’Doherty.”

"Forgive me for intruding Professor, I shall leave you to your meeting." Cara turned to the guest and gave a nod. "Do svidaniya, Mr O'Doherty."

Aidan smiled as he looked Cara in the eyes. “Ah~ a Russian! It’s been many years since I’ve been. Good day to you Milady.” Aidan replied as he bowed slightly.

Hideki couldn’t stop staring at Aidan. He was still attempting to sort out his feeling toward the man after the previous event. Just as Hideki and Kyle were about to leave the room to help Aaliyah, the mansion alarm began to sound. “Intruder Alert on the premises! Intruder Alert on the premises!”

“With the gate not at 100% the security system is on higher Alert. Someone might have walked through the gate’s opening without using a key or ringing the bell. I must see to this, once again my apologies Aidan and Claire.” Charles said. He knew all of the interruptions were rubbing Aidan the wrong way and might deter him from helping Claire.

“No worries professor, we’ll handle the situation. You just take your time. Let’s go Hideki!” Kyle said in a cool manner as he winked. He and Hideki charged to the front doors of the mansion, Kyle flying through the hall and Hideki on foot.

Logan (Wolverine)

Logan walked up to the mansion gates holding a large military bag that held his belongings. He was moving back to the X-mansion unannounced. He noticed an opening in the gate. He frowned a bit and sniffed the air to see if there were any signs of an intruder. Unknowingly he was the intruder. Everything seemed calm, he thought to himself. He saw the front doors burst open and two young men exit. It was Hideki and Kyle. He smirked at the sight of the two young men. They were around for about half a year before he had left. So he knew them pretty well.

“Logan-kun!!” Hideki called out. He ran up to Logan and lunged into his arms to give him a big hug. Logan had to take a couple of steps backward. He was really glad to see his unofficial sidekick was doing well.

“Whoa there Hideki! I missed you too.” Logan replied.

Kyle flew over and landed beside the two. “My my… Logan you haunt my heart with your unfading good looks. Welcome back.” Kyle flirted.

Logan, who initially upon meeting Kyle in the past was bothered by the young man’s advances, has now become amused with them. “Yes… I have a feeling that the sound of me saying ‘No’ to you will be haunting you as well in the near future. Hehehe” Logan taunted Kyle.

The group proceeded into the mansion. Professor X, Aidan, and the others meet the three at the door. Charles was indeed relieved to see that the security system mistook Logan as an intruder as opposed to there actually being an actual threat. “Logan! It’s very good to see you again! How was your trip?” Charles greeted Logan with a handshake that turned into a hug.

“It was not as peaceful as I planned it to be. I got homesick rather fast unfortunately. You’re really working some number on me Charles.” Logan replied with a half grin trying to hide his excitement for being back.

“I’m glad to hear it.” Charles replied.

Aidan commented, ”Goodness he’s almost as old as I am. You are most definitely an old soul Mr…” Aidan said to Logan.

“Simply Logan, and something about you bub, just seems unnatural.” Logan replied gruffly.

“Fair enough.” Aidan replied. “How feisty this one is Charles. I’m sure you have your hands full here. I shall come back at a later date to handle our… little arrangement, with Miss Claire here. My apologies my dear, but I must be off now. Fair well Charles, X-men.” Aidan bid the group farewell and left.

Kyle looked at Aidan as he walked away with a slight look of longing. He found the man suave and attractive for a middle aged man. Kyle loved to be around those that he deemed cool and classy. “Professor, with powers like he has, why didn’t you ask him to teach here at the school?” Kyle asked the Professor.

Charles kept his eyes on Aidan as he walked further away from the mansion. “Trust me Kyle, you’d regret that I had if I had. There is not a space in this mansion that could handle the size of that man’s ego for too long, nor a person capable of withstanding the calamity he’d bring upon our heads.” Charles said solemnly.

Logan, willing to switch subject from Aidan, turned to Charles in a slightly upbeat manner. “Sorry Charles if I’m imposing by dropping in like this. I figured I’d make good on your offer.”

“Never do you need to apologize for coming home to us Logan. Actually, you coming at this time was perfect in fact. I will need our combat instructor very soon. I am to be expecting Scott Summers shortly as well.” Charles added.

“Oh… brother. Summers is on his way huh? Maybe I should be on my way then.” Logan said as he pick up his bag in an attempt to leave.

Hideki grabbed onto Logan’s arm as tightly as he could in an attempt to anchor him down. “HEY… you are NOT leaving me just yet! You just got here! Besides where’s my souvenir from you last trip?” Hideki pouted. He was very much like Logan’s spoiled little brother.

“Souvenir?! Like you need one! Every time you come back to this mansion you’re never empty handed. Shopping bags and everything else. So no BUB, I ain’t got a souvenir for you.” Logan fussed.

Charles smiled brightly. He was very glad to feel the mansion become slightly warmer once more. The sune began to wane and the day was drawing to a swift close.


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Logan was a little caught off guard by Cara jumping up onto Logan's back wrapping her legs around his waist and drawing a small knife from her shin holding it to his throat. "Who are you and what are you doing here?!" she asked darkly almost hissing in his ear, the blade's tip pressed firmly against his throat. Hideki who had just had his arms locked around Logan’s arm was knocked back by the sudden jagging of Logan’s body. He sparked up a Plasmoid flare but realized that it was Cara. He reabsorbed the energy and watched with a frown as Cara clung to Logan’s backside.

It was not often an accomplishable task for one to catch Logan off guard, his senses were too sharp for most people to evade. However Cara’s shadow traveling made it difficult for Logan’s senses to pick up on. As she spoke, Logan found her voice to be very familiar. He didn’t react as he wanted to because Charles shot him a quick telepathic message, “Logan, it’s alright it’s Shadowdancer. Cara Black now works with us. She’s stand down, but I definitely don’t need you to counter strike. That would turn into something very bad.” Logan heeded Charles wishes and stood still.

The professor gave Cara a look. "Oh, it's you. How funny that we should be in this situation again." she said lowering her blade but not letting go of what had once been her enemy. "Though I'd much rather be on the front." she whispered sensually into his ear, giving his neck a teasing nip before eventually letting go.

“Oh no… not you too. Well you can get in line right behind Kyle over there.” Logan rebutted glancing over at the two of them with on raised eyebrow.

Kyle replied in a sleek manner, “Oh I wouldn’t be at your front side for long, less my bare back was turned…” Logan shot him a look with squinted eyes that replied, “Don’t go there.” Without actually saying it.

"I hope you brought me something." She asked sweetly walking round to stand in front of him. "After all, we've always had such a connection." She winked at him playfully, still teasing him as she had done so many times in the past when they had fought as enemies.

“No one informed me that you’d be switching sides. I would have scrapped the money together to buy you a plane ticket to Genosha. You go as I arrive. But unfortunately you must join Matsuzaka on the waiting list for Souvenirs I didn’t give a damn to find.” Logan chuckled a little. He honestly didn’t expect such a fiasco of a welcome back.

"Or are you still bitter that I beat you?" Cara blew a taunting kiss before she turned to lean against the wall beside them.

“Get over yourself Shadow dancer.” Logan replied as he rolled his eyes.
"Oh, speaking of the Danger room, Professor. Perhaps it would be a good idea for me and Logan to give a demonstration to the students before they attempt themselves. After all, we're the only ones here with any combat training." Cara added.

“Hmm… Well that would be a good idea. Scott shall be here soon, that would make you, Logan, Scott, Vincent, magneto and I the only people that have had combat experience. I will officiate the exercise tomorrow given, you two agree to work with Scott and Vincent as well during the demonstration. The students need to see an X-men team in action.” Xavier explained.

Logan sighed a little. He wasn’t ready to get excited about working with Shadowdancer just yet. He was the official combat instructor so Danger Room training was unavoidable for him. He had just hoped that he could lay low for a little bit in the X-mansion environment without having to do the teacher ordeal. “Alright I guess it can’t be avoided.” Logan grumbled.

Fuyumi phased through one of the front walls of the X-mansion to see what was going on. She noticed Logan and smiled quietly. She stood beside the professor and waved slightly at Logan. “Logan-san, Konichiwa.” She said.

“OHisashi buri Abe-san.[It’s been a while Miss Abe.]” Logan replied. Logan knew some Japanese due to his former stint in Japan. He was still around when Fuyumi was brought to the mansion before he, himself, left.

Charles turned to Fuyumi. “Ah, Fuyumi, would you like to participate in tomorrow’s danger room demonstration? It would be good for you. You would be joining Logan, Scott, Cara, and Vincent. I’m unsure if Magneto will join the demonstration group as well. What do you say?”

“Alright. If you think it’s for the best then I shall.” Fuyumi replied as she looked at the group with a small smile.

The intercom of the mansion began to sound with Aaliyah’s voice. "I think we have an unwanted guest in the house or it is the Keebler elves and I don’t think it is the later one. I can put everything on lock down or leave it be it is your call P.C. don’t assume things when it comes to combat. That is the first rocky mistake one can make." with that she would waited to get buzzed back on what Xavier wanted.

Everyone looked up. Logan thought to himself “It looks like security is becoming a little lax here…” Charles replied to Aaliyah telepathically. “Before you place the mansion on lockdown, I’ll probe the mansion telepathically for intruders.” Charles then scanned the mansion with his mind. He saw the rooms, and by the time he scanned the kitchen he could see a plate of Pumpkin spice cookies and a pitcher of milk. He then knew everything was alright. “It’s alright Aaliyah, I know who our visitor is and they’re no intruder. In fact this person is a long awaited family member of ours.” Charles replied telepathically with a smile.

“No need for worry everyone.” Charles said to the others telepathically.

Vincent Xavier

After Vincent’s meeting with Jonathan and Memory, he went to meet up with Philip. He sent Philip a telepathic message to meet him in the lounge. Vincent while waiting in the lounge for Philip, who had left Magneto and Adria a while ago, Vincent began to smell a scent most familiar. He let Philip know to meet him in the Kitchen. Vincent knew when he entered the kitchen and saw the cookies that Vila had returned. A large smile crept across his face. He looked out of the kitchen window to see the small cottage house that belonged to Vila. Philip entered the kitchen as Vincent took a bite of one of the still warm chewy cookies.

“What’s all this? Something of a surprise for me Vince?” Philip asked flirtatiously. A cute smile crept across his face.

“Actually it’s a surprise for me. Sorry love. I’ll have to surprise you another time. Vila’s home.” Vincent replied.

“Who?” Philip gave a look of utter surprise and confusion. Vincent had not mentioned Vila much to Philip. Vila was somewhat hard to talk about since he missed her. So he kept quiet about her.

“Philip I want you to meet someone.” Vincent led Philip outside toward the once locked cottage. They stood outside the door and Vincent knocked.

Scott Summers

Scott had arrived at the mansion late into the evening. He was greeted warmly by the professor and Fuyumi who met him in the lobby. “Welcome back Scott. I hope you enjoyed your time away.” Charles greeted.

“It’s good to be back professor. I missed this place too much. Fuyumi, you haven’t changed at all.” Scott replied.

“Why thank you Natsu-kun.” Fuyumi replied with a warm smile. She nicknamed Scott Natsu which means summer in Japanese. Since Scotts last name fit’s she couldn’t help but gift his with the name. Scott smiled brightly. “You are just as handsome as the day I last saw you.” Fuyumi added. Scott was somewhat her type of guy, highly structured and something out of a Ralph Lauren ad.

Logan walked into the room. “Welcome back Summers.” He said in a slightly warm manner.

“Oh… Logan? The professor didn’t tell me you’d returned. Good to see you.” Scott replied in a slightly caught off guard manner.

“Yeah my sentiments exactly, Summers.” Logan replied as he leaned against the fireplace.

Charles then asked Scott, “So Scott how’s Jean doing on Miur Island with Moira?”

“She’s doing much better since the Pheonix incident and will soon be ready to come back. Moira advised me to return first for my own healing sake. So here I am. Jean should return in about a month.” Scott explained. Logan smiled silently to himself. He missed Jean greatly and cared for her as much as Scott did.
Erik joined the group. “I see the former group has returned. It’s great to see you both. Welcome back.” He said as he sat down next to Charles. His meeting with Adria had ended and he was ready to find out about all of the alarms he had heard earlier. Seeing Logan and Scott made things a bit clear to him.


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Cara Black

Cara raised an eyebrow at the boys response. People really liked to get around here. At least she didn't sleep with most of the people she flirted with, added to the fact she was single. "Now that's just cold. I've nothing but flirted with you since the day we first met even when though you tried to kill me on multiple occasions and yet I'm put behind someone else in the queue." she pouted playfully at him again.

“No one informed me that you’d be switching sides. I would have scrapped the money together to buy you a plane ticket to Genosha. You go as I arrive."

"Charming." Cara answered flatly. "Though actually I never intended to switch sides myself. Nor do I intend to stay, I owe a debt if you must know and in Russia that leaves me bound to repay it." she drew a cigarette from her pocket and lit it up. "And people say it's the bad guys who are uncouth."

She nodded as the Professor continued on her idea choking slightly on her cigarette as the Professor mentioned the students seeing an X-men team. She'd never considered herself one of the X-men after all she'd spent most of her time fighting against them and their ideology .

Cara felt a look burning her in the side of the head and turned to see Logan's untrusting eyes at the alarm to another intruder. "Don't look at me, unsurprisingly being here has seriously ruined my reputation with my people."

“No need for worry everyone.” Charles said to the others telepathically.

"See? Nothing to do with me." She added smugly, taking another drag of her cigarette.


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Aaiyah Ippolita

Aaiyah nodded and replied "Ok" with that she went back to working on the new gate. She would use one of the trucks to get it where it need to go. It took a few hours to get it up and set just right before he finished the welding. The new gate had nice lines that flowed with grace but where strong at the same. It showed unity with how thing inter locked working as a team.

Aaiyah came in a few hours after she was fully done with her work. It being night time she felt more relaxed being out and about. The goggles where pushed up leaveing a band around hers, making her look kind of like a raccoon. Her head phones around her neck and a beer in the right hand. In her left hand she held the keys to Kyles baby....his car. She leaned on the door way looking at the others. She knew who Scott and Logan where but said nothing she waited to be seen.


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The cottage door opened and there Vila was already darting toward Vincent in joy and excitement. With in nano seconds her arms where around his neck, Vila had to stand on her tip toes to reach. "Look at you my little brother all grown up" She kissed his cheek before she let go and just smiled at him before she gave him another hug. Vincent chuckled with joy at the sight of his ‘older sister’. It had been a long while since Vila’s last stint at the X-mansion.

“Yes I’ve shot up quite a bit little big Vila!” Vincent replied.

"I have so much to tell you about and things, and gifts and books to show you!" Vila spun like a top on her bare feet. She was all smiles just like she was so long ago. "You will love the new stories i have picked up it will be just like old times....well almost old times" She giggled happily.

“I’m sure you do have plenty of stories you’ve been gone for more than half a decade! I can’t wait to hear them! V I have someone that you must meet. Vila this is Philip. Philip this is my older sister Vila.” Vincent introduced the two.

She looked over to Philip and blinked some as she held her out. "Please forgive my manners I am Vila, Vincent’s older sister" She gave him a sweet kind smile.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Vila. You are Vincent’s sister? I didn’t realize that the professor had another child. You look so young.” Philip inquired while looking puzzled his German accent ever present.

“He didn’t. She’s an added family member that’s just as official and a blood sibling, maybe even more.” Vincent replied.

"Please won’t you both come in side or we can go to the Manor to catch up ether one is fine with me" Vila asked.

“Well Dad X would really like to see you and if my telepathy is correct, Logan and Scott not long ago arrived home.” Vincent answered with a big smile. He then thought he should mention to Vila who Philip was to him. “Um… V, I should also tell you something important first. It would be a bit of an unnecessary fiasco to say it in front of everyone else.’ Vincent paused for a moment before continuing. “Philip is also a very important and close person to me. I love him, and he’s my boyfriend.” Vincent said sheepishly. He wasn’t quite sure how Vila would take hearing that someone was now both emotionally and physically hyper close with Vincent. Philip looked completely caught in the middle and he felt that way so he kept meekly quiet.

-In the Lounge-

“Thanks for the welcome Magneto.” Scott replied to Magneto’s welcome. Scott was initially distrustful of Magneto like the other X-men were. However, Scott knew Magneto had a particular sense of honor about him and he valued the professor too much as a close friend to ever deceive him in such a way. Therefore Magneto earned Scott’s trust much swifter than Logan’s.

Logan looked over at Magneto and smirked. “I never thought I’d be considering yours a friendly face, but I guess it’s been long enough so… It’s good to see a friendly face, especially when it comes from the rare likes of you Magneto.” Logan replied honestly. It was his way of letting Erik know that he trusted him finally. Magneto had been around for quite some time before Logan had left the mansion. However Logan still wouldn’t allow Erik to feel that he was trusted by Logan. It took a lot of faith for Logan to leave the mansion with Magneto there working with Charles. However he managed to go despite his initial distrust. He was glad to see things in one piece upon his return so if nothing bad happened at this point, Magneto might actually be alright.

The large group sat and caught up on old times as well as missed times with one another. Aaliyah joined the group. Charles smiled to see the often recluse Aaliyah come out of hiding and burying herself into her work. However it was Magneto that spoke.

“It’s rare I see you join the group. Welcome A.I.” Magneto greeted Aaliyah. He liked to refer to people by their codenames because they were most often brought on in connection the coming of mutant powers. He felt that the mutant codename represented a mutant’s true self not what human parents want the child to be, a ‘normal being’. Magneto smiled at Aaliyah.

“So… I’ve been dying to ask this. Magneto, Professor, are you planning on forming a new team of X-men soon? I want to join if you do. You could use my brute strength and good looks.” Kyle inquired. His smile couldn’t be contained.

“We are considering it.” Charles replied.

“We ARE to be forming a team soon. So you are correct Kyle.” Magneto corrected Charles. Charles was still trying to cling to any hope that the world would need another team. He continued, “However, You’ll need more than brawn to do well on the team. That is why training is most important. Well see how you’ve cultivated your mind during training tomorrow.” Magneto added.

“Well I can’t wait to see tomorrow’s demonstration!” Hideki added.

“Honestly me too, and I’ll be a part of it.” Fuyumi chimed in.


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Cara Black

Cara moved herself backwards slightly as Scott arrived, he may have began to trust Magneto but he'd had much longer to gain it, Cara had been rescued after Scott and Logan's departure, they probably still considered her a great threat, she had spent a great deal of time creating trouble for the X-men, actually having stolen the Blackbird on one occasion.

She kept quiet as everyone became acquainted but relaxed slightly when Magneto arrived, at least with him there she was less likely to mistrusted all over again, she may not hold Xavier's dream but she still owed him the favour and being beaten into a pulp for her past experience with Scott would make that slightly more difficult.

She nodded when the Danger room was mentioned showing her agreement without trying to draw too much attention to herself, she could handle Logan alone but Scott REALLY didn't like her, not after Cara had made a move on Jean anyway... It also probably hadn't helped the standing with Logan either really. That and when she may have crushed Scott's car beneath a rock slide.

She took another drag on her cigarette the tip casting light on her face, had Cyclops been looking chances are he'd recognise her now. Probably better now then tomorrow in the Danger room, being mistaken for something in the simulation would probably hurt. A lot.

“We ARE to be forming a team soon."

The idea of Shadowdancer being considered one of the X-men still seemed alien to her, especially considering she was once considered along the same level of notoriety as a Mystique.

"Well, I don't know about you lot but I reckon if we're fighting together tomorrow then we best start bonding now. Anyone for a drink?" She offered gesturing towards the kitchens where the alcohol was stored.

((OOC: I know I just broke to laws of time and space there but I've decided to change things and have her never leave the lobby.))


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Aaiyah Ippolita

She took another drink of the beer watching the others. " i am only here to see who is here and find out who the other person is and nothing more." She looked at Care "Its rude to smoke in someone else house even more so when others dont want to smell that or slowly be killed by it." She found it rather rude and not ok for someone to do this in someone else home. Aaiyah a messed up idea of honor. She watched Scott and Logan studying them as if sizing them up for a fight or something a long those lines.

"Any ways I have work to do" She turned moveing to do all the up dates and work that was need on the danger room. She had a lot to work to get done that night and wanted it to be done and ready for the next morning on top of that she felt like a joy ride on the X-wing she wanted to make sure there where not glitches on that as well.

One to the danger room she worked on the profiles to do with each person making the perfect training set up with different levels ranging from warm up to full on battles. once that was all done it was time for a little fun with the Xjet and all the new work she put in to it. She ran her fingers of the switch board shivering she could hear things that others could not hear. She hit the flip switches to turn things on hearing the roar and the vibrations. She opened the bay doors getting ready for a nice joy ride.


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"I am only here to see who is here and find out who the other person is and nothing more." Aaliyah looked at Cara "It’s rude to smoke in someone else house even more so when others don’t want to smell that or slowly be killed by it."

When Cara entered the room Scott cringed a little. He was made aware that she lived at the X-mansion during a phone conversation with the professor, while Scott was on Muir Island. He had almost forgotten what he was told. He didn’t trust her in the slightest. She made matters worse by previously flirting with Jean Grey, who was at the time struggling to gain control over the phoenix personality. As the Phoenix, Jean was far more provocative and erratic in her behavior than normal Jean was. This worried Scott, anything that threatened Jean concerned him. He was usually the team leader and he made it a notion to keep a close watch on her.

"Well, I don't know about you lot but I reckon if we're fighting together tomorrow then we best start bonding now. Anyone for a drink?" Cara offered gesturing towards the kitchens where the alcohol was stored.

Logan looked at Cara and smirked. “Now that’s one offer from you I most likely won’t refuse.” He commented jovially.

“I’ll go for some merlot wine~” Kyle seconded with a suave facial expression. He couldn’t pass up a chance to drink with those he deemed to be cool. Cara, Logan, Scott, and Hideki were all very suave, debonair, or sophisticated in his social hierarchy. Although Logan seemed socially retarded to most others, Kyle felt that whatever circle Logan was in was indeed an exclusive one and he wanted most to be exclusive.

“I would tell you no but you are of age so you’re lucky. But you’d better not overdo it cause you’ve got training tomorrow Bub.” Logan rebutted.

“Besides Wolvie, I’m French. I’ve been drinking wine since I was a kid. It is my water, so no need for worry.” Kyle replied with his signature wink. Kyle always looked like he was ready to walk down a runway, even if he was dressed in something subdued.

They all went into the kitchen and Logan asked Cara to hand him a bottle of Jack Daniels. He accepted it rather plainly in manner. He didn’t want Cara to feel just too comfortable yet. Kyle slinked over and poured him and Hideki glasses of wine.

“Professor, Magneto, would you like some Merlot?” Kyle asked the two as he held up the bottle.

“No I’m quite alright Kyle. I’ve done enough drinking in my day.” Charles replied.

“I’m with Charles on that one.” Magneto added. He smiled as he patted Kyle on the back in a fatherly manner. He really enjoyed being at the X-mansion. It somewhat felt like retirement. He could relax a lot more.

“Scott?” Logan asked Scott as he held up the Jack Daniels bottle in an offering gesture.

“No thanks. Someone has to have a clear mind for tomorrow.” Scott replied.

Logan plopped the bottle down on the table and quickly averted his gaze from Scott. “Always the straight edge aren’t you Summers.” Logan commented in a slight grumble.

If Scott’s eyes could be seen, he’d be rolling them at this point. He did let out a frustrated sigh. Fuyumi sipped a can of beer as she quietly smiled at Scott. She remembered that Scott was big on water so she phased through the kitchen island and reached into the refrigerator through the door to grab a water bottle. She then phased back through the kitchen island and handed the water bottle to Scott.

“Thanks Fuyumi.” Scott replied. He was glad that she didn’t pressure him because he was so disciplined. Others often found that annoying and or a buss kill during a party, Scott was self-conscious about that. He liked Fuyumi because she was a very relaxed person and put others at ease. Fuyumi simply smiled in response.

Hideki noticed the Pumpkin spice cookies that sat on the kitchen island and took a bite of one. The professor smiled as he knew who baked them.

“These are really good! Fuyumi-chan, did you bake these?” Hideki asked as he munched on another cookie.

“No, I didn’t. They smell delicious though.” Fuyumi replied.

“So she’s home I see.” Magneto replied as he peered at the cookies.

Vincent Xavier and Philip Klein

Vila eyes went wide and she made of a sound of pure joy before she lunged at Philip hugging him tightly kissing him on the cheek like she did with Vincent. For how small she was, she was rather strong. She welcomed him with that loving light that never seemed to dim.

Philip was initially caught off guard. He reacted and returned the little lady’s embrace, “Whoa whoa… ha ha ha! Thank you big sister!” Philip replied gleefully. He was most glad that Vila liked him.

When she took a few steps back she poked Philip in the chest looking quite cross. "You better treat my baby brother right, or you will have to deal with me." She giggled a little and winked at him. She knew Vincent would never pick someone bad and was not overly worried about it.

“I will sister, no need for worry. He’s the reason I smile all day long.” Philip replied with a large smile. He was very happy since he had no siblings of his own, having a sister was nice. It had always been him and his mother alone. He would always look after his mother and now he could look after Vila as well.

"I would like to get a cup of tea or lemonade before we join the others. Do you think that would be something we can do." Vila was not worried as she moved. Her smile never left as her red hair dance about her body. "I do hope everyone is well and healthy."

“Sure. You’re still shy around large groups I see.” Vincent replied with a tiny grin.

As they walked to the manor Vincent told Vila that Philip and he had met three years ago. He told her about meeting him in Germany and them becoming close. They noticed the group had moved into the kitchen and began drinking. The professor acknowledged the group’s arrival.

“Why hello Vila! Welcome home.” He smiled brightly as he walked over and gave her a hug.

“You’ve been away for too long my dear.” Magneto added.

Fuyumi, Hideki, and Kyle were all unfamiliar with the seemingly young lady. Fuyumi was puzzled by her doll like appearance. Kyle was also bewildered. To him, the girl looked like one of him mother’s collectable porcelain dolls and or her French statuettes. Scott smiled, it had been a while since he’d seen Vila. She was a very innocent being, the likes of which Scott didn’t see often anymore. Logan took another drink, now having moved on to whiskey, “Long time no see.” He greeted Vila.

They group continued to talk and drink. Eventually it got later and the professor urged the group to go to bed and rest up for the next day of Danger room training.

~Chapter 2: Danger in the Danger Room~

Professor Xavier and Magneto began to set up things for Danger Room training. All systems were still in good condition and ready to operate perfectly. Aaliyah’s modifications were first rate and state of the art. The professor thought to do something special for Aaliyah given all of her hard work and dedication. She was always doing her duties excellently. The students suited up into their uniforms. Charles allowed them to have personalized uniforms since some of the students complained about the standard training uniform, Kyle being a major voice box of complaints.

The teachers that were to take part in the demonstration were gathered in the danger room waiting for the simulation to start. The students sat in the observation/ control room where the professor could point out things of importance and note to them.

“Alright, I shall begin the simulation set to level 4 when you all are ready. Give the word if you need me to shut it down early. Cara, Logan, Fuyumi, Vincent, you are to follow the commands of Scott who will be the field commander. You all must above all trust each other and be most careful as this will indeed be dangerous.” Charles explained.

[At a government facility far away.]

Bolivar trask sat in a meeting with other researchers and generals. “We will strike today. I want my weapon back. It’s been years and the time is ripe. The mutants Xavier and Magneto have had time enough to train our weapon in his powers. Now we can collect… Our previous set back will now be made right.” Trask said with a sinister grin.

(OOC: A little foreshadowing~ bwaahaha~ {queue the scary violin music} )


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Vila stuck her tong out at Vincent with his comment about being shy around other even know it was true. She still giggled and smiled more once they where in side. It was nice seeing every one she missed them dearly. She gave the hug back to Xavier pleased to see him and Erik. "it has been, There is no place like home it will always draw one back" She giggled and smiled at every one greeting them in turn. She would introduce her self to the others and answer questions that where asked by the others.

She would stay up to talk to Xavier, Erik, Scott and Logan her personality changing becoming less childish. She would fill them in on more of the reason she came back and what was going along with showing them more of the control she had over her gift. She knew they had a lot to catch up on and go over. She would take care in how she answered things. Once all was done she made her way back to the cottage to get some sleep.

Vila was up before every one making them a big meal to start the day. She would be there with the Danger room training to make sure no one go hurt. She new at some point the where going to want her to take part in it but at least they where going to wait before bring it up. She had that sweet sunny personality again with another simple sun dress and bear feet.

Vila knew she promised to spare Logan before she left but was unsure if he would remember that, she hoped he would not. Vila had a habit of always making good on her word. She would wait to ask Logan if he would still give her a ride on his moter bike like they talked about. still none the less she was glade to be back and keeping on eye on things.


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Cara raised an eyebrow at Aaiyah's complaints. "Because your previous statement was the epitome of polite." She answered sarcastically exhaling a lungful of smoke. "Besides, with all the day to day dangers we all face somehow I don't think my smoking is your biggest concern in life." she added. Turning her attention back onto the rest of the group as the girl stormed off. "She really is an odd one isn't she?" she spoke quietly, not to anyone in particular, she wasn't really the most popular person in the room right now.

She had that glaring feeling again but this time it was Scott giving her a not-so-friendly expression, apparently his opinions on her hadn't changed. Though it would probably take a lot to gain his trust and even if she had it, what difference would it make. She was hardly intending to stay a permanent feature at the mansion, she'd have left a long time ago if she didn't owe such a debt to the X-men.

Cara was quite surprised at Logan's response but didn't question it. "You see! And you were all set in on hating me!" She smiled passing Logan his whiskey before picking her own bottle of Smirnoff vodka and poring herself a few shots of the clear liquid. "You know Logan I've always wanted to drink with you. No one else can ever handle their drink enough to keep up! But I know you can drink heavy, I've seen it myself!" She smiled, referring to an earlier encounter that involved her following Logan for a number of weeks. She couldn't help but notice the blank acceptance, they were evidently feeling as awkward as she was about all this.

She watched as the others fussed around the cookies, never having been one for them herself she just necked another shot but even she had to admit that they did smell good. She looked up as Vila entered the room. Woo! That's at least one person in the room who I never wronged so badly they want to kill me. It was a morbid thought but it was very true, Logan and Scott had both been in the top three on the list who wanted to track her down and remove her. It was only thanks to the fact she was incredibly difficult to track that saved her on multiple occasions.

After several hours and almost a dozen shots Cara finally said goodnight and slowly walked up to bed, feeling the effects of the vodka starting to hit her and looking enthusiastically forward to the danger room tomorrow.

Cara had chosen to wear a fitted outfit for the day, it had been a while since she'd used her powers on this sort of scale and it was best to give herself as much movement as she could for the training, she couldn't let herself get shown up by Scott or Logan. "Ok then lets do it." she answered to the Professor's call, keeping an eye on Logan and Scott deciding she'd probably gain a few brownie points or at least irritate them if she managed to become back up for the demonstration.


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Cara, Logan, Fuyumi, Vincent, and Scott all prepared themselves for the demonstration. The stood in the danger room waiting for the simulation to start. The professor turned to Vila and Aaliyah who stood in the control room with the students, he and Magneto. “Aaliyah, Vila, would you like to join the group during the demonstration? Your abilities would make an interesting addition to the demonstration.” Charles asked. Charles also turned to Magneto, “Erik you are also welcome to join them if you please.”

Magneto smiled and shook his head. “Not this time Charles. Perhaps I’ll be a bit more hands on during the students’ turn in the danger room. Let them see Scott and the others in action first.” Magneto replied jovially.

“Alright then We shall begin.” The professor said as he spoke into them microphone.

The danger room’s silvery metal atmosphere morphed instantly as the lights in the room dimmed. The danger room was no longer a room, but a city scene. There were many people walking the sidewalks, there was snow on the ground and snow flurries in the air. It was night time. The city donned many neon lights. The group was in New York city’s Time Square. The team stood in the middle of the hustle and bustle.

Scott turned halfway to the group and spoke authoritatively. “Everyone keep your guard up and make sure you keep an ear open for my command. Anything could happen.”

“You don’t have to remind me Summers.” Logan huffed.

Scott glanced over at Vincent before turning back to keep a look out. “Vincent, scan the perimeter for any hostiles.”

“Already on it.” Vincent replied. He did a telepathic probe of the surrounding environment, his middle and index fingers placed to his right temple. “I sense hostiles approaching us fast. They are large in size but I don’t sense much else. Probably due it being a simulation. I could cheat and read my father Erik’s mind to find out the protocol Father X is using.” Vincent said with a sarcastic smirk.

“We are NOT cheating Xavier!” Scott scolded. He usually called Vincent by last name only when he was getting on him for not taking things seriously. Vincent liked to make light of things often. Scott was counter opposite of this mentality.

“Will you two shut-it up! I smell something.” Logan huffed at Scott and Vincent. “I smell heavy metal. It’s been a while but I know the smell anywhere… Sentinels!”

Just then five large sentinel robots appeared towering over the surrounding buildings. The approached the group, each footstep heavy and earth shaking like a giant’s foot. They were indeed iron giants and highly dangerous. The professor had explained to the group that even though this was a simulation, it was very dangerous and could lead to serious injury.

“Try not to get surrounded and cornered! And do NOT take a direct shot from them! Logan’s about the only one of us who’d be able to get up from a shot like that.” Scott ordered.

The people in the scene ran and panicked as if they were real. “MUTANT LIFE SIGNATURE DETECTED. APPREHEND AND ELIMINATE.” The sentinels said in unison.

“Apprehend THIS!!!” Scott yelled as he released an optic blast at the chest of one of the sentinels, causing the robot to fall backward. “X-men take them out!” Scott shouted.

The group scattered. Two sentinels shot beams at Fuyumi and she on instinct phased. The beams went straight through her without any harm to her. She smiled innocently at the robots. She then ran toward one of the two robots and as she got closer she began to walk on the air as if climbing stairs. She call this ability air walking. As soon as she got on the level with the sentinel’s blasting arm she jumped through the arm causing the arm to fritz out. Phasing through electronic matter often caused disruption within the system. The blaster was disabled. As Fuyumi reached the ground she phased through and rose back up as if riding an elevator through the floor. “Shall we go again?” She said quietly.

Wolverine jumped up to one of the robots at chest level, claws extended, and began to tear into the machine. The Sentinel stumbled backward but did not fall just yet. He grabbed Wolverine and threw him toward a large neon sign. Psionic (Vincent) using his telekinesis stopped wolverine just before colliding with the sign.

“I owe ya one Psi!” Wolverine yelled.

“I receive payment in many formats Logan!” Psionic responded with a laugh. Just then the same sentinel that threw Wolverine shot a constricting chord around Psionic, causing him to lose focus dropping Wolverine to the ground. “Shit!” He reacted. Psionic shifted into metal form, where his strength is increased and with some effort, managed to break his bindings.

Scott after blasting away at the sentinel he originally targeted, shouted to the other members, “Let’s keep it together X-men!!!”

Phillip watched the session from the control room wishing he was there to help Vincent himself. But he had to realize that he wouldn’t always be there to protect Vincent so sitting this one out was a test for him as well. He looked around at the other students observing the battle. Kyle and Hideki seemed to be eager to get their turn. Jonathan and Memory were a bit harder to read than Hideki and Kyle. He hopped that all would go well. Magneto stepped beside Philip and placed his hand on Philip’s shoulder.

“I should have insisted that you be a part of the demonstration. I believe whole heartedly that you are ready my son in law.” Magneto said to Philip with a kind smile.

Magneto had really taken to Philip as family. He did indeed have his own son Vincent and Vincent’s older brother Pietro, also known as Quicksilver. Magneto was never really as proud of Pietro as he was of Vincent. Pietro much resented Vincent for this special treatment by their father, however he thus battles with himself on the subject of how to treat Vincent when he is around. Pietro left the X-mansion shortly after Magneto and the Brotherhood joined forces with the X-men. He took most of the Brotherhood mutants with him. They are technically allies of the X-men at this point but they could be persuaded otherwise given the right incentive.

“No worries papa. I’ll have my chance yet.” Philip replied with a cool grin.


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She shock her head. "If it is ok I will sit this one out, two i am not dressed to go in there at the moment" Vila had a point with that, a sun dress was not a good thing to wear in the danger room. "along with that I dont know if i still have my uniform and gear." Vila was not even sure she still had the uniform how ever she still had the gear. The wonderful two in one light weight but strong metal staff that also could become a water staff that Erik gave her.

Vila blinked when they handed her a box with an updated uniform. She left the room for a little bit and came back with it on. The special weapons she used with each of the fighting styles she knew. She felt strange to be back in uniform long and elgent made to with stand her ability and assets. Her finger tips traced the mask that she new to well

Vila took set to watch the others, she hated fighting but knew she had to get over that even more with the storm that would be coming. Vila's normal smile was gone and she looked focused no longer having that ditsy happy feel to her. Even with it being training Vila gave it her full attention.

Vila knew these metal monsters well and shivered a little. They where no cake walk to take one and they way where almost unstoppable could give one nightmares. As long as the worked as a team and did not brake away from that she new they would be fine, but still it made Vila uneasy.


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Aaiyah Ippolita

She shrugged slowly standing up she made her way down. She could handle most things but it if was technology it would be in her ball park and she was hoping for something that would play in her hands. When P.C brought up the sentinel she new this was going to be fun. She smirked some popping her neck, she was ready for this.

Once things started she moved to get her self to higher ground and some where that would be a little bit more safe. She twisted one of the lenses of her goggles scanning one of the sentinel. She got the info she need and shut her eyes clearing her mind. Slowly she started to take control of the sentinel. It was rocky at first but she new she would not be able to hold for to long =, she new it would re-wright its program still a little bit of time was better than nothing.

With in a two minutes Aaiyah had control over it. She smirked when the sentinel did her biding and moved from her spot she went after one of the other sentinels with the one she had control over. Take two down with one stone. Simple yet it worked, how ever it took a lot more than what was normal for her to do. They locked in battle doing damage to one another how ever Aaiyah was giving her self a bloody nose from this. She new she was hitting her braking point.

Every time she did something this big it effected her body and not always for the best. Still it was worth it that feeling of having control over a sentinel, bending it to her will. Her plan did not go 100% her way, she took out one and did a lot of damage to the other. Still that was better than nothing. It made the other one much easier to take down.


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Cara Black

Shadowdancer smiled darkly as the sentinels approached, she might not have had A.I.'s advantage over the machine's computer system but sentinels were big and as such they cast an even bigger shadow, it couldn't have been more suited for Shadowdancer. She outstretched her hands her shadow falling across the shadows behind her joining her the link of shadow spanning almost the entire city, she tugged at the sentinel via it's shadow before eventually the great machines head pulled away from the rest of it's body.

She asserted all of her energy into the now floating head, sending it flying across at another of the great machines, not destroying the second but smashing the first's head into it's would at least block it's vision giving her enough chance to phase into the shadow beside her, when the second sentinel had cleared the crumpled machine from it's now buckled and cracked head it searched for where she had gone. Whilst she was actually still stood in front of it, searching through the shadows cast on the floor for the one she wanted, when she eventually found it she brought herself back to a physical state and smiled. From within one of the cracks in the sentinel's face, a cable that was obviously of some importance pulled from it's face, sparking as it tore out and down to the floor the Sentinel it came from soon following it.

As she turned around she saw a sentinel's cable hurtling towards her, grabbing hold of her foot and lifting her upside down, she reached out with her power once more and released herself, extending the sentinel's probe and dropping herself to the floor, phasing into a shadow to break her fall, as she rolled back into the light she twisted reached out to a nearby scaffold pole from a building, sending it hurtling towards the sentinel and smashing a hole through it's chest, bringing the scaffolding around the building crashing down onto the ground., the great dust sheets fluttering in the wind as the tubed structure fell noisily to the ground.

She felt the glare from Cyclops on the back of her head again for her actions but she didn't have chance to make a response before she saw the flash of a sentinel's weapon hurtling towards her, she flipped herself out of the way, just barely missing the laser.


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Philip noticed Adria run into the control room in a hurry. She was late and apologetic to the professor. Philip gave her a somewhat goofy smile as he silently observed her entrance. She reminded him of himself when he was younger and often late for school back in Germany. Life was simple then, just him and his sweet little mother. Life wasn’t bad now but it seemed faster paced than before. Philip waved at Adria and mouthed out the word “Hey.”

Charles turned and smiled at Adria. “Better late than never Miss Wateria.” Charles said to the young student.

Magneto also smiled. He was afraid that she wasn’t going to show up. “I’m glad you didn’t miss your half of the session. You’ll get to work with me.” Magneto grinned. He knew that he had a certain reputation amongst the students at the school. Many knew they could trust his without doubt but that didn’t stop them from being nervous around him. He was like a strict father figure to most at the school where as Charles seemed more gentle typically. Magneto somewhat embraced this reputation.

Kyle, while listening in, felt this was the perfect opportunity to mess and flirt with Magneto. He found Magneto to be pretty attractive for an older guy. “So… will I get to work really close with the master of magnetism too?” He said as he walked his fingers up Magneto’s chest flirtatiously.

Magneto, using his power, pulled a metal chair over to knock into Kyle’s back softly. “Most certainly. I will keep a VERY close watch on you, always…” Magneto responded in a purposely sinister tone complete with a dark snicker. Kyle chuckled as well but nervously.

Philip, being the prankster that he is, created a tiny “time bomb” that was no larger than one’s pinky finger and flicked it into Kyle’s hands. It was pretty harmless and would only sting not truly hurt Kyle. Kyle caught it not realizing what it was and upon revelation he quickly fumbled it, sending flying toward the control board. The explosive popped like a noise maker on the fourth of July and created enough impact to activate a level ten difficulty change.

Danger Room

Scott wasn’t too please at the damaged Cara’s battles caused. “I should have thought to tell them to try to minimize property damage…” He thought to himself before blasting at the sentinel that targeted Cara.

Fuyumi noticed the heavily damaged sentinel that Aaliyah combated and ran toward it. She touched the foot of the robot and then began to phase downward into the ground causing the robot to sink downward as well. The sentinel was waist deep into the ground and stuck. Fuyumi phased back to the grounds surface and then dove through the sentinel’s head causing the system to malfunction and shut down. This made her pretty tired. Phasing something so large usually placed considerable strain on her. She then flopped to the ground panting. Levitated over to Fuyumi to watch her back while she recomposed herself.

It seemed like the session was coming to a close as the sentinels were almost taken down. Just then the voice of the Danger Room operating system sounded. “Warning difficulty level increased. Warning difficulty level increased. Level raised from level 4 to level 10. Please be advised. “

Vincent gave a look of confusion. “Cyclops, I know you like a challenge but Don’t you think level ten is just trying to get us killed!?” Vincent questioned sarcastically.

“I didn’t order a level increase!” Scott replied. Just then about 30 sentinels dropped in on the scene all ready to attack. Three sentinels shot at Aaliyah, Vincent, and Fuyumi. Fuyumi quickly grabbed hold of Vincent and Aaliyah and bean to phase the three of them so that the blasts would not harm them.

Several sentinels shot beams at Logan causing him to duck and dodge frantically. He eventually took two shots to the chest and was launched into a brick wall. More sentinels approached Cyclops and he blasted their heads off but there were simply too many to handle. Another two sentinels shot beans at Cara. Scott reacted fast, “SHADOWDANCER!! Watch out!!” Scott yelled as he leaped out and tackled her out of harm’s way. The two lay together on the ground as several sentinels closed in on them ready to attack. Scott laid his body over Cara’s in preparation to take the hit and protect her. However the system shut down and the sentinels simply faded away out of existence. The holograph ended and the danger room returned to normal.

Professor X’s voice could be heard over the intercom. “My apologies team, we ran into technical difficulties in the control room. Are you all alright?”

“Do we LOOK alright Professor?” Logan huffed as he slowly sat up, his healing factor patching up that last of his injuries. His body was healed but his uniform was blasted open at the chest.

Philip was scolded by Magneto and Xavier for horsing around in the control room. He scratched his head and smiled nervously. “Once again, I apologize everyone. I didn’t mean to cause such trouble.” His German accent decorating his words.

Scott looked at Cara nervously. He reacted out of a protective instinct earlier and now where was he, laying over the body of the woman that annoyed him thoroughly. “I… Uh… You alright?” Scott said nervously as he slowly sat up and stood to his feet.


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Cara Black

Raising an eyebrow at the training rooms warning, Shadowdancer clicked her neck putting her fists up in taunting fashion. "Bring it on you bastards!" she shouted out clearly enjoying herself despite the danger. It was only when Cyclops reacted that she realised that it wasn't planned. "Still, let them come!" She shouted in defiance despite the malfunction. Though when the extra thirty sentinels dropped in she did have to take a step back, even she had to admit they were a little over their heads, this was quickly turning into a full scale attack as opposed to a demonstration.

Her attention was elsewhere when the attack came. She had been focusing her powers on the sentinel before her, manipulating it into facing it's weapon to the sentinel beside it. Although manipulation came simple to her and it reduced weight of the thing in question; it did take a great deal of effort to force a much bigger object into doing something it didn't want to. She was ready to attack when she was pushed from harms way, half expecting it to be in retribution for Scott and her's previous run-ins but when the beams destroyed the ground beside her she realised he'd actually just saved her life.

The world seemed to move in slow motion for a second as her hearing returned to normal. The high pitched whirring noise that the loud beams had created in her ears temporarily dazed her before the large horrible shapes of the sentinels loomed over them. She reacted in her last resort, her eyes turned black, with no colour or white left at all as she called the shadow from within her to completely shroud them in a darkness that no light could penetrate, it was a heavy ability to use and taxed her dearly but it did give her chance to roll them both over several feet away, moving them from harms way for at least the moment.

She shut her eyes for a moment expecting the loud blast from the sentinels to come at any given moment and yet nothing came, when she opened her eyes again the darkness was gone and she saw the visored face of Cyclops mere inches from her own. "Well now, Cyclops. I didn't realise we bonded that much last night," She winked playfully as though the accident had never happened. "But yes, I'm fine. Are you ok?" she asked as he stood pulling herself up onto her elbows without actually getting up onto her feet. "Though I must admit I'm beginning to feel like we're all a little more out of practice then we first believed."


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Cara shut her eyes for a moment expecting the loud blast from the sentinels to come at any given moment and yet nothing came, when she opened her eyes again the darkness was gone and she saw the visored face of Cyclops mere inches from her own. "Well now, Cyclops. I didn't realize we bonded that much last night," She winked playfully as though the accident had never happened. "But yes, I'm fine. Are you ok?" she asked as he stood pulling herself up onto her elbows without actually getting up onto her feet.

Scott couldn’t help but blush a little. After he regained his poise responded, “We didn’t. However, Somehow I’m alright. What the heck happened up there?” Scott voiced softly.

"Though I must admit I'm beginning to feel like we're all a little more out of practice then we first believed."

Scott nodded. “For once I agree with you. You know despite your reckless endangerment, it was not so bad working with you. Things went much smoother than they would have been had you not been around to help. I just thought I’d tell you that.” Scott said rather hesitantly. It was difficult for him to give kudos to someone that usually bothered him so much. Perhaps he was beginning to view Cara in a slightly better light. But she still had a long was to go before Scott could feel comfortable with himself while being comfortable with Cara.

The instructors proceeded out of the danger room and back up to the control room. Aaliyah went off. “Who was The Horse Ass that was showing off in here?" She looked pissed. "Whoever it was you have one chance to step up or all of you will get the blunt end of the punishment., " Was hissed to all of the students. "What would have happened if you were out in a real battle and decide to do something like that. You would not only put yourself endanger but your team, on top of that you would give away location in more than one way." With the look of what hit the controls she had an idea of two people that could have done it.

Kyle Joked, “I suppose flirting with Philip’s In-Law was a not so good idea.” He said with a wink directed at Adria who he thought was pretty cool looking. If he ran into her at a night club he’d buy her a drink because she looked hot and he liked suave people. Kyle was totally into guys but knew how to appreciate a beautiful girl when he saw one. There were quite a lot of them at the X-mansion.

Magneto smirked at Kyle’s comment. He really liked Kyle’s spunk, however he could outright endorse it lest he damage his image as the strict headmaster.

Philip felt bad. He initially knew better than to do such a thing but sometimes an opportunity for fun seemed to get the better of him and he just couldn’t pass it up. He was older than most of the other students and should be setting an example of maturity not pulling pranks. “It was me. I thought I’d play a supposedly harmless joke on Kyle and it spiraled out of control. I realize I put you all in serious danger with my silliness. Please I’ll accept any punishment you give.” Philip apologized with his head hung low in a humble manner.

Vincent stood beside Philip and placed a hand reassuringly on Philip’s cheek. He used his telepathy to communicate with him. “It’s alright love. Don’t you look so down, it’ll really hurt me far worse than any sentinel could.” Vincent smiled as his telepathy did the speaking for him.

Professor X was about to intervene. However, Vila took the floor, a rare sight. Vila stood up looking at Aaiyah "take a breath and calm down. Yes things could have been worse but it happens, they are eager to get down there and take part. They want to prove themselves to Logan and Scott to show they are ready to be Xmen" Aaiyah blinked she was still pissed about what happened.

“Well said Vila.” Charles Chimed in.

“We are not perfect my boy. You need not worry any longer.” Magneto said to Philip in German as he patted Philip on the back.

"Xavier, Erik I will go in with the students" Vila moved to head in to the danger room. Charles was very pleased with Vila for Volunteering.

“That would be excellent Vila. You shall provide the team support as the sub leader under Magneto.” Charles replied.

“It’ll be an honor to work you my dear.” Magneto said as he smiled at Vila. “Alright students let us proceed with the session. Follow me downstairs.” Magneto addressed the group.

Hideki perked up. He was excited for his shot at some action. He turned to Memory and Jonathan and smiled, “Hey wonder twins, you mates feeling as good about this as I am?” He said in his half-British accent.

The professor turned to the group of instructors. “You all did a fine job.” I’m very proud of how you worked together and protected each other. Putting aside differences to work toward a common cause is indeed the key lesson for you all today.” Charles praised the group.

Fuyumi smiled at the professor, “And here I thought we were the once teaching a lesson out there.” Charles smiled gently at her.

“Well remind me to stand next to Fuyumi the next time we encounter over 30 sentinels… That effing hurt.” Logan added sarcastically.

Down stairs the students and Magneto prepared themselves. “Set the danger room to level 3. Danger Bot protocol. Remember I am your field commander for this exercise however, that does not mean I will always bail you out of trouble. Trust your teammates and be aware of your surroundings. You are not only to focus on yourself but your teammates as well. I personally will be holding back so that you will gain the full extent of your training session. Understood?” Magneto spoke authoritatively. This scenario would be no contest for him but It could pose a challenge for the students. He initially wanted to place it on a higher level than 3, believing that they students could handle a higher level. He had much faith in them all. However Charles wanted to play it safe.

The danger room changed in scenery. The and they were suddenly in a power plant. There were warning alarms going off. They seemed to be in a manufacturing plant of sorts. This was a production factory for sentinels. “Intruder alert!!” Rang out in the factory. Sentinels were being manufactured piece by piece. There were conveyer belts that carted arms, legs, blasters, heads and other parts. There were machines that worked on assembling parts and a programing station.

“Our objective is to dismantle the machinery while protecting ourselves from the defense robots. We must move swiftly for we will only be granted 15 minutes before they plant can activate the sentinels and we must escape or fight for life at that point. Vila is our sub-commander and field medic. Rely on her if you need med attention. Be alert and wise. The enemy will be relentless yet you must remain composed. A fool lashed out blindly. BEGIN!” Magneto instructed as he floated above the students. He enjoyed commanding a team in battle again.

Many silver robots of 6 foot height and multiple battle functions attacked the group. Those to my right shall focus on objective one, destroying the production machinery. This half to my left shall focus on objective two, defense and survival. Go!” Magneto commanded.


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Cara Black

Cara smiled, "Old habits die hard, Scott." She pulled herself to her feet and brushed herself down. "I have no idea what happened. Perhaps someone has been tampering with the controls?" She offered.

“For once I agree with you. You know despite your reckless endangerment, it was not so bad working with you. Things went much smoother than they would have been had you not been around to help. I just thought I’d tell you that.”

"Was that a thank you? Now that really is unexpected, Scott." she said raising an eyebrow slightly with her flirtatious smile, "But I have to agree. Thank you for intervening." she was obviously having a lot less of a hard time dealing with working in a team with what had once been an enemy of hers. "Perhaps we should join the others." she said, breaking the silence. "See what exactly it is that nearly got us all killed." she rejoined the others and started walking to the control room.

Aayiah was already going mad when Cara arrived in the room but she decided to stay quiet, the girl definately had more the a temper on her. "So brash of one so young." she whispered over towards Scott, she knew he probably didn't care for her thoughts but as time had progressed Cara had definately noticed a recurring pattern in Aayiah's temper. Though she had to admit; who needed TV when you had her tantrums.

She watched quietly as the rest of the scene unfolded, deciding that keeping out of things was probably her best bet this time around but she did grimace inwardly when Vincent touched Philip's cheek. She was not homophobic of course, being bisexual herself but she had never been a fan of soppy lovey crap.

Cara drew a cigarette as the students walked down towards the Danger Room's open expanse, leaning on the windowsill she sparked it up offering one to Logan whom was the only one she knew definately smoked, albeit cigars. She watched intently as the session began, watching for anything that caught her eye in any of the students and particularly watching Magneto, she had heard many things about him whilst with the Russian equivalent of the Brotherhood, often of the great deeds he had brought up for mutant-kind everywhere. Such a shame he'd switched sides though not that she could talk much on that part really.


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Boob-boom and Flare (Philip and Hideki) had just about finished with all of the machines in their zones. Philip turned to Hideki “We’d better help the others.” Hideki did a quick scan of the room and saw Adria in need of help as well as Jonathan and Memory. “I’ll help the siblings you take care of the lovely lady over there. Cool?” Hideki said in his odd British accent that had hints of Japanese English.

“Rodger that Flare!” Philp replied with his never fading grin. He rushed over toward Adria. He created a palm sized time bomb and rolled it on the ground toward the robot facing Adria. It popped, via mental command by Philip, once it reached the feet of the robot causing the legs to take heavy damage. The robot fell to his knees. Philip tapped Adria on the shoulder. “Hey there. I figured you could use a helping hand friend.” Philip said with a smile. He refocused his attention to the robots approaching. “I think we’ve got at least one machine left. If you’d like, I could hurl a time bomb about that far. If my baseball aim is any good I should be able to hit it. I may be German but I love American ball games!” Philip said with a chuckle, everything was like a game to him. He simply was able to find that element of fun in every job he had to do.

Hideki blasted the backs of a few of the robots encircling Jonathan and Memory with his firework like power . They fell forward with their backsides blown open and sparking fiercely. “Hey there Mates!! Mind if I jump in on the wonder twins party?” Hideki asked in a chipper manner. “Although… you two seem to have things handled.” He added.

Magneto and Kyle joined the battle once more. Magneto before leaving Kyle turned to him and winked, “Now dear boy, try to stay out of trouble… although it seems to magnetize to you.” He then flew toward Vila to see if she needed assistance.

Kyle smiled as he felt very satisfied having stolen a kiss from the handsome master of magnetism. He then flew in the middle of the encirclement of Jonathan, Memory, and Hideki, standing right next to Jonathan. “Sorry guys and lovely lady, I got a little held down a moment ago. Miss me?” The ‘miss me’ part was more so directed toward Jonathan. Kyle was on a serious role today. The X-mansion had so many cute guys to pick with and they were all generally pretty nice so it made flirting with them all the more fun.

In the control room Fuyumi stood watching the scene below with her thin arms crossed. “I really wish we could help them. It’s difficult watching someone else fight so hard and you’re just standing there.”

Logan placed his arm around Fuyumi and rested his hand on her shoulder in a comforting manner. “They’ll be just fine Abe-san. I was a little concerned first but one that team of goofballs got in action they weren’t so goofy anymore. They need us to rest easy and trust them.” Logan and Fuyumi were somewhat close. She reminded him of his time in Japan and his previous love interest with Yuriko. She was once kind and gentle much like Fuyumi. Likewise Fuyumi didn’t mind Logan being physically close with her. He wasn’t close with many others in that way.

Scott looked on and was somewhat hit with a feeling of loneliness. He missed Jean but she would set out to reunite with him in about a month so he had to endure and wait. Jean meant the world to Scott and without her he had to fight really hard to keep it together. The professor had been working with Scott on that issue and Scott had made quite a bit of progress.


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Ryan walked quickly, he had gotten lost on his way to the Danger Room. "Typical," he muttered to himself. Not only had he woken up late, he'd gotten lost on the way. Then there was that guy who was moving in a couch and needed some help getting it through a door. Wandering around, with no real destination, Ryan felt almost hopeless. He was so excited to have had a chance in the danger room, and now he was going to miss it. He plopped himself down on the ground and thought really hard. His room was about two hallways back on the right side, in the front left corner of the mansion. The Danger room was on almost the opposite side of the house down into the basement. It stood to reason then, that if he made his way to the basement, Ryan could find the way much easier than by plodding around inside the house. Ryan dove headlong out the nearest open window, crashing into the great leafy canopy and clambering down with cat-like grace and fluidity. Now that he was outside the house, he could jump in from any other open window on the opposite side, and find his way to the basement much easier. Plus, that way, when he ran full speed, he wouldn't smash into anyone and send them flying. Cause that wouldn't be very nice. Sure he could jump around them, or weave himself through the crowd, or even crawl on the ceiling, but that would take far too much time, and it was easier to do it this way.

He felt so bad, there was going to be a session for the first time in a long time and he was going to miss it. Quickening his pace, Ryan flew around the outside of the house and, after spotting an open window, jumped through, spiraling his body so he wouldn't hit the actual glass and wooden frame. He flung an arm out, catching the floor, and skidding a few feet before regaining his balance and standing upright, only to realize he was in a classroom. During class. "Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to interrupt. I'm just very late for a session and I needed to get there quick." The teacher just rolled her eyes at him, then pointed to the door. "Right, sorry, I'll just get out of your hair..." Ryan bolted from the room, slowing down from his outdoor pace so as not to miss someone and smash into them. Finding the familiar stairs to the basement, Ryan knew he was almost there. He remembered watching the older kids fight it out when he was younger, and now it was finally his turn. This was going to be so much fun! Speeding up again, Ryan flung himself down the last hallway and into the control booth. The session was in full swing by now. Bursting into the Control Room, Ryan almost shouted, "Sorry I'm late! Can I still jump in, or did I miss it?"

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