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X-men: Xavier and Magneto Unite

Marvel Universe


a part of X-men: Xavier and Magneto Unite, by masato22.


masato22 holds sovereignty over Marvel Universe, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

this roleplay is based on the marvel series x-men. the x-men are a superhero team in the marvel comics universe. they were created by writer stan lee and artist jack kirby, and first appeared in the x-men #1 (september 1963).


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Marvel Universe is a part of X-men: Xavier and Magneto Unite.

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Ryan Legrand (Leviathan) [192] "Come on now, I'm not a scary guy, I'm just a little different is all."
Jonathan Moore [184] My curse is a lot worse than you think...
Memory Ashcroft [176] If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.
Professor Charles Xavier [164] "You'll always find a friend in the X-men"
Vincent Xavier (Psionic) [162] "My ability lies within an iron clad will."
Cara Black (Shadowdancer) [149] Don't be scared of the dark. Be scared of what's in it.
Kyle Jean- Claude (Marvel) [139] "I'll show you a 'love tap'!"
Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) [138] "I am the Master of Magnetism."
Matsuzaka Hideki (Flare) [137] "POP, Flash, Light, Flare!"
Abe Fuyumi (Shadow) [130] "The darkness took me away untouched. I'm untouchable."

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7 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Ryan Legrand (Leviathan) Character Portrait: David North (Agent Zero) Character Portrait: Colossus (Piotr "Peter" Rasputin) Character Portrait: Vincent Xavier (Psionic) Character Portrait: Terra Reyes Character Portrait: Keith Jathens (Bullet Lion) Character Portrait: Niles Cranston (Boom Shard)
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Ryan was, for the most part, relatively pleased with himself. He had presented his plan without incident, and even though there were some rough parts, Ryan felt pretty good about everything. The ship's cloaking device would make for an easy, and better yet, surreptitious landing and all that was left would be for Ryan and his squad to snap into action. Then, as it always seemed to do, everything went sour. As they approached the building, it seemed their targets had wasted no time in trying their very best to reduce everything within a three block radius to rubble. The building was slowly crumbling, and Ryan had to keep himself from growling with anger. Diplomacy, it seemed, would not be their strongest weapon.

While Ryan was still planning on avoiding any and all fighting, he begrudgingly prepared himself to do battle. A low growl rumbled in his chest, and Ryan felt his tail swish impatiently. He stretched lightly as their jet circled the building during their descent, and Ryan allowed his scales to grow just a little bit thicker. The Leviathan within him seemed to be itching for battle, thirsty for blood, and ready to erupt from Ryan's maw like a mighty roar. It was only by witnessing the carnage before him that Ryan seemed to calm down, and remember their purpose. They were here to save lives. Ryan wouldn't allow the Leviathen within him to do as he pleased. That being said, Ryan couldn't help but scowl as he witnessed the destruction wrought before him. "Damn..." Ryan whispered to himself.

However, Ryan's introspection was cut short. As they approached, Ryan watched in silence as David quickly and skillfully assembled a sniper rifle and scouted the situation. As David's finger carefully began to squeeze the trigger, Ryan growled unconsciously; a warning. Ryan knew that if David was going to aim at something, he wouldn't miss, that being said, it was still somewhat unnerving to watch. Even the slightest misstep on David's part would lead to the death of that mutant, and Ryan knew it. That being said, Ryan wanted to trust David, and he was, at the very least, confident in North's abilities. Vincent, however, wasn't impressed. He and David got into a spat that slowly became more about ethics than the mission at hand. Strangely, Ryan felt somewhat aloof to the whole thing, as if he weren't even watching it happen. It was only after the deafening crack of sniper fire that Ryan seemed to snap out of his reverie. His golden eyes focused in on North. Calmly, Ryan stepped between David and Vincent, placing a scaly hand on his brother's shoulder. He squeezed gently, reassuring. As Ryan spoke, his tone was stern. He didn't mean to be harsh, but there was a certain amount of resignation to his words. Ryan didn't want to just bust in there, guns blazing, however, he didn't want to just lie down and take it with a smile while two unknown mutants hurt his family, friends, and innocent civilians.

"Unfortunately, David is right." Ryan started. After a brief sigh, he continued. "Look at what they've done, Vincent. In their anger and hate, they blew up a building before we even got here. We can't expect that they won't attempt to kill us. Further, they need to make amends for what they've done, and I'm guessing that they won't be too keen on kowtowing to the HMR. After all, they've gone this far. We can't afford to believe that they share the professor's vision. Not in this situation anyway. Don't get me wrong, I still think that we can work this out where everyone goes home after this, so let's try our best to make that happen." Ryan finished with a smile. Ryan leaned forward, putting his forehead on Vincent's. In a hushed tone, with words just for Vincent, Ryan whispered, "I can do this. Let me handle it." When he finished, Ryan looked up at Vincent and smiled warmly. With that smile, Ryan tried his best to tell Vincent that he wasn't trying to belittle his opinion or usurp his seniority. Ryan was the leader though, and he trusted his teammates to perform to the best of their abilities. With that, Ryan sighed, and closed his eyes for a brief moment. As he opened his eyes again, Ryan made sure to look David directly in his own. "It's like Terra says North. With that shot, we've just declared war. I don't think we're going to be much well liked after that. I am not saying that your idea wasn't a good one. You're the veteran here, not me. If you think that our targets are going to resist diplomacy, I'll take your word for it. I'm expecting you to exercise your best judgement. All I ask is that you do me two favors: be damn sure, and don't miss."

Returning his attention to Vincent, Ryan was just about to address Terra's point about how they were planning to land. However, the forecast suddenly called for hail of the explosive and diamond variety, interrupting Ryan. The scaled boy's keen ears picked up the whistling of projectiles heading for the plane, and his eyes snapped towards the direction of the deadly volley headed their way. "Take cover!" Ryan yelled, simultaneously wrapping his arms and tail around Vincent, thickening the scales on his back, and throwing the both of them to the floor, shielding Vincent from harm. Some glass had shattered, but it only bounced off of Ryan's scaly hide. As he stood, helping Vincent up, Ryan's eyes careened wildly around the jet, taking in everyone's status. No injuries, a miracle. That being said, their ride had some new windows blown into it, disabling the auto-pilot in the process. Luckily, however, Vincent then snapped into action, landing the jet safely.

It seemed Ryan's day was going to be full of carefully laid plans being blown entirely asunder. Ryan was the first off of the jet, his ears perked and his nose furiously working to detect even the slightest hint of their enemies, which he found right away. Someone was waiting for them. Someone who had blown a ventilation shaft through a building to get to them. Ryan held back a defensive growl. Rather swiftly after landing, it seemed their welcoming party was planning on destroying what remained of their jet. Ryan didn't exactly feel like taking a taxi home, but as he stepped forward to address Kieth, he rocketed towards them, accompanied by the sound of a small explosion. It almost happened too fast for Ryan, but just as he was moving to intercept the blow, Piotr stepped in, and blocked the assault. Ryan was in a daze, he was just about to murmur a cliched, "whoa..." when he felt Terra's eyes on him. Clearly, he hadn’t expected this sort of response from the kid. Terra stepped forwards, passing Piotr to get to the kid. Ryan went with him, stopping just a few feet before Kieth. Terra seemed furious as he shouted at Kieth. “You think this is a game? Do you know how many lives you’ve put in danger?” Ryan said nothing, only nodding in agreement. Grabbing the front of Keith’s shirt, Terra glared down at him, “We didn’t come here to help you, idiot. We came here to stop you. All you’re doing is making the rest of us look bad and you wonder why they all want us restricted!” His tone reached a rather threatening level and upon realization, Terra let Keith go.

As Terra turned to Vincent, Ryan stepped forward, pressing the advantage of the momentary ceasefire. He spoke. "I can understand your frustration." Ryan said calmly, directing his words at Kieth, "but think about what Terra said for a moment. If you do things like this, blowing up buildings, hurting people, and being a general menace, it only becomes easier for the HMR to pass counter-mutant legislature. Forget all the innocent mutants who don't want to fight with the HMR, you're only making things harder on yourself by doing this. As much as I want to punch those slimy, ignorant jerks in their dumb faces, it makes it real hard for them to turn around and smile at us in return. Our best bet is to kill them with kindness. We represent Professor Charles Xavier, over at the School for Gifted Youngsters. I'm sure you've heard of him. He's made some real headway for mutants like us. If you just calm down and let him help you, we won't even have to deal with those jerks in the HMR. If the Professor gets his way, everyone can live together in peace." Ryan explained. When he'd finished, Ryan addressed the matter of Kieth's partner. "So, Kieth, we know you aren't acting alone. You're here with a guy named Niles. Do us, and yourself a favor. Call your friend over here and we can all make sure that everyone makes it home safe tonight." With that, Ryan reverted his transformation until he appeared human once more, and after zipping the hole in his shorts with his left hand, Ryan held out his right for Kieth to shake, smiling.


7 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Ryan Legrand (Leviathan) Character Portrait: David North (Agent Zero) Character Portrait: Colossus (Piotr "Peter" Rasputin) Character Portrait: Vincent Xavier (Psionic) Character Portrait: Terra Reyes Character Portrait: Keith Jathens (Bullet Lion) Character Portrait: Niles Cranston (Boom Shard)
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#, as written by Damioa
It didn't take long for Keith's friendly smile to turn into one of disappointment. Hundreds of thoughts were going through the boys mind as he looked up towards the taller individual and deciphered the best way of punishing him. He could just to what he did to the last person who grabbed him violently and crush his arm. With the gauntlet, one easy squeeze would do. However, he was more involved in his other goal. His current job. Even though he wasn't getting paid, there was still a matter of favor, Keith swore he would give the man. In the end, it couldn't even amount to how much MONEY there would be at the end of the day. So instead he let out a sigh as he grabbed his leg instead, Squeezing with only his claws, in an attempt to calm himself down. Through the outer side of his left leg, he could feel the blood slowly oozing down, reminding him that he was more human than anything.

“You think this is a game? Do you know how many lives you've put in danger?”

Keith only grinned, knowing that what the man said could have been true, if only he wasn't ordered not to hurt anyone.

“We didn’t come here to help you, idiot. We came here to stop you. All you’re doing is making the rest of us look bad and you wonder why they all want us restricted!”

Once the stranger let him go, Keith eased his grip on his leg, not exactly wanting to take the gauntlets claws out of it. He looked down for a second, just to see how deep he had actually gone, not that it really mattered, and became quickly aware, that if he yanked them out pieces of his leg would surely follow. Letting loose another sigh, he decided to pull slowly, so that the holes wouldn't spread more than they'd have to. Upon focusing on his leg, another person from the landed jet went to him. Though the lad stayed focused on his leg, he was able to listen to what was being said.

"I can understand your frustration." Ryan said calmly, directing his words at Kieth, "but think about what Terra said for a moment. If you do things like this, blowing up buildings, hurting people, and being a general menace, it only becomes easier for the HMR to pass counter-mutant legislature. Forget all the innocent mutants who don't want to fight with the HMR, you're only making things harder on yourself by doing this. As much as I want to punch those slimy, ignorant jerks in their dumb faces, it makes it real hard for them to turn around and smile at us in return. Our best bet is to kill them with kindness. We represent Professor Charles Xavier, over at the School for GIFTED Youngsters. I'm sure you've heard of him. He's made some real headway for mutants like us. If you just calm down and let him help you, we won't even have to deal with those jerks in the HMR. If the Professor gets his way, everyone can live together in peace."

"So, Kieth, we know you aren't acting alone. You're here with a guy named Niles. Do us, and yourself a favor. Call your friend over here and we can all make sure that everyone makes it home safe tonight."

Finally getting free from his own claws, Keith proceeded to smile, a most vile smile in his current form, and licked the blood and meat off of his finger tips. Once he looked around and saw who was talking to him so adult like, he began to laugh, as if he was at a comedic concert.

"So let me get this straight? In no particular order, because I wasn't really listening to you guys. I get the feeling you guys are like the cops, but for mutants? Yeah. You may have POWER, you may have the stance, but your knowledge sucks. I don't know who you guys are, but you need to study more when it comes to me."

Keith placed his hand on his chin, stocking it as if a beard was there. "Innocent lives? Well, to me no ones innocent. I would have killed them all and be headed on my way back home by the time you guys were even half way here. A half hour? Seriously? Idiots. You harass me and call me out on things I didn't even do. All for a building? You grab me after I show you my friendly side, all for a building. Oh yeah...." Keith began to tremble. He could feel himself getting angrier and angrier. Yes. He was starting to feel excited. "Not to mention you say I'm giving you a bad name. Wow. All those things said by you lot and you don't even know what you say also makes you look bad. Let's review. You hear people screaming? I do. It's been thirty god damn minutes, but I can still here them. So they're alive and you think I put them at risk. Hehe. I wish I could show you how fast people like that would be underground. Though that's okay. What's next..... Oh right. Tell me. How does one give mutants a bad name. Well, I think it'd be smart to look at minorities of the present. In the past, when buildings were attacked, humans would die. There own people would kill them in numerous ways. We live in a country that is good for that. Yet, I attack a building, which is useless really since everyone's alive. Note, these people make SERUMS against mutants, and I still let them live."

Keith looked over his shoulders, wondering if what Niles would say if they talked to him. Keith being a mutant and alone most of his life had known the difference between right and wrong. He knew that killing people wasn't right, so he only did it on jobs. Still, he was the embarrassment to mutants? He couldn't get it out of his head. He tried to talk calmly, but he felt this shaking feeling was going to be the end of him.

"Tell me, who is the ones who should be shamed here? A mutant who destroys a building, spares the lives of his enemies and helps out his own kind, or those who can't control their own powers, so they can't do what this mutant can do, or their afraid they might kill people in the meantime. Well let me tell you something. On top of that, you try to stop me. Such cowardice behavior. Letting me do the job of ridding the area of people so you can fight me. To think..... Never mind. I'll just show you what I meant by spared lives."

Keith knew the second cartridge was all it would take. Punching the ground, creating a hole where he once stood, and flying into the air, Keith called for the second round to be fired, Propelling him towards the building. The only thing one could hear before the bang was the whooshing sound of the jet on his back. Once through the whole, he finally met the cheap floor work that belonged to the second to top floor and all the ones that followed, each one making the sound of a huge bang, but Keith wasn't aiming for just some floor destruction. He wanted a more serious path. He had guessed that everyone would have evacuated besides the cops, and even they should know to stay away from explosion. It was time for the demolition team to come and Keith was a one man wrecking ball. At least with the arm alone. He'd be more like a bomb with the second cartridge used, and he was pretty sure, he'd be atomic if he used the third.

Needless to say, Keith finally made it to the bottom, breaking all the walls in site of the floor and even managed to crack the ground. It wasn't much, but he was sure by the constant dust particles flying about that the building was going to cave soon. It would at least give those blue collar mutants something else to do, but preach to him like they know him. Keith looked around smiling. "See," he told himself. "Not a dead body in sight, just some uncle toms resting on the about to be sunken titanic. Ah well. At least it was fun before they started talking. Shoulda just tried alter the metal man. I wonder is that possible? Maybe."

Through his state of talking to himself, Keith punched the ground once again, headed towards the building Niles was in. Once there, he could tell the man had heard his latest masterpiece.

"Yo. Yeah so we should probably bail. I never fought more than two mutants at a time before and I knew one of their powers before doing so and there are about four to five resting on that building. It's gonna collapse soon by the way. Seems that even in New York, building are made of some hollow areas, whether it be the walls or floors. You should have heard them though. They said that we were making them look bad. Phew... If they knew how angry I was back then. Swear to god, once I'm done working for you, I'ma find them and rip off all of their limbs and organs with the gauntlet of mine. Until then though, what do you want to do, stay here or leave while we can?"


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Character Portrait: Professor Charles Xavier Character Portrait: Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) Character Portrait: Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver) Character Portrait: Logan (Wolverine) Character Portrait: Philip Klein (Boom-Boom) Character Portrait: Jean Grey Character Portrait: Annabelle Greyson (Enigma) Character Portrait: Memory Ashcroft Character Portrait: Matsuzaka Hideki (Flare) Character Portrait: Oliver Cassidy (Greenhill) Character Portrait: Jennifer Harolds (Clarity) Character Portrait: Agent Six (#6)

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Professor Charles Xavier

Professor Xavier sat in the Cerebro chamber monitoring the different crisis sitiations that the x-men were dispatched to. He heard Annabelle’s telepathic call.

'Vincent? Professor? Is there anywhere you need me and Jennifer to be? I'm sorry we've fallen behind.' Annabelle broadcasted telepathically,

Charles responded telepathically “I hear you Annabelle. This is Professor Xavier. Please report to the hangar. The remaining X-men teams have met there and are preparing for departure. Your teams will be heading out soon. I appreciate any help you’d be willing to give. I regret having to ask such a favor of you. If you decide against it, I will certainly understand.”

Magneto, Logan, Quicksilver, Philip Klein, Hideki Matsuzaka, Jean Grey

As teams one and four gathered in the X-mansion’s hangar they all wondered how the mission before them would unfold. They were the only team comprised of two teams. Philip checked to make sure that each member was present and accounted for. With Annabelle’s arrival, the team had fully formed. Philip smiled pleased with everyone’s willingness to help out. Philip got everyone’s attention and addressed the team.

“Guten tag everyone! Thank you all for assisting the X-men team with this crisis. Given what the professor has shared, it seems we have a delicate situation on our hands. Cerebro has picked up mutant activity at North Park street. The HMR building is being ripped apart by massive plant growth. A mutant by the name of Oliver Cassidy is most likely responsible for the plant phenomenon. He is a student of Emma Frost so it is quite likely that he is no novice with his abilities. Be very careful with him. We have very little information on the second aggressor. We know her name is Erika and she has displayed some form of psionic ability that allows her to control others. How advanced her ability has yet to be known nor if she has other abilities. Exercise extreme caution. At present I have not an initial plan but we’ll play it by ear and act accordingly. As your team leaders, Memory and I will give direction as we see fit. We trust in your judgment and ask that you trust ours in the event that we give a command.” After the conclusion of Philip and Memory’s address to the team the team departed.

Once the jet carrying the team landed stealthily on a nearby building top, Philip and Memory assessed the situation. “It’s nice to have a bird’s eye view of the situation.” Philip said with a light grin.

Hideki looked on in amazement at the neighboring building being ravaged by the massive plant growth. “Man… that is one big geranium… anybody think to bring weed killer?”

Quicksilver crossed his arms and chuckled. “Why don’t we just torch that building? That’ll get rid of the plants, force any hostiles out, and take down a pesky HMR building all at once.”

Logan replied in an annoyed tone, “I’ll give you a good reason why not. You see all of those civilians hanging out of the windows trapped and calling out for help? Each one of them is a damn good reason not to go with you crazy plan zippo. Besides, we aren’t arsonists.”

Magneto nodded in agreement. “Logan is absolutely right. I thought I taught you better than that Pietro.” Magneto’s tone was unmistakably one of a parent scolding a child.

Quicksilver retorted in a quick and aggressive tone, “You didn’t teach me at all FATHER…”

Magneto frowned, “An argument for another day.” He then addressed Philip and Memory, “Our apologies for the distraction. Do you have a plan team leaders?”

“I know that the trapped people need our attention ASAP.” Philip nodded in response. “Quicksilver, Magneto, and Jean will assist people trapped in the building. Agent Six your task is to remain here and keep a monitor on what’s happening in and around the building. You can be our eyes and ears where we have none. Everyone is to keep their com links open so we can communicate. Canaan, Logan, Hideki, Annabelle, Memory and I will confront the hostiles. Once the Civilians are all safe we will join together and continue to sort the hostile situation. Any questions or comments?” Philip concluded.

Jean lowered her hand from her head having telepathically scoped out the situation. “There are hostages being held on the ground floor. The telepath and the plant manipulator are somehow working together to bring them under their control. Please be careful.”

As Oliver and Erika were about to make their way out of the building they were cut off by Canaan, Logan, Hideki, Annabelle, Memory and Philip. Logan extended his claws and took a fighting stance. “End of the line bub.” He said with a confident smirk on his face. He didn’t think chopping down a few plants would be too difficult for him.

Hideki added with a silly smile trying to contain his laughter, “Yeah Wolverines gardening sheers are pretty sharp so you may want to surrender green thumb.”

Oliver was startled at the sight of them. He recognized the X-men emblem instantly. “X-men… not good.” He said to Erika. He then stepped forward. “I’m being mocked. I’ll have you know that I was going to attempt to talk it out with you lot but now you’ve gone and pissed me off. I’ll show you weed wacked!” Oliver extended his hands a huge stalk of plants rose from the ground with snapping plant heads at the ends. The plant had many vines that whipped at the group.

One large Flytrap head quickly snapped Wolverine, the vicious bite nabbed him in the torso. Wolverine shouted in pain as the plant head lifted him from the ground and tightened its vice grip. Philip tossed an explosive time bomb toward the joint of the stem. The explosion dislodged the stem from the main body of the plant causing it and Wolverine to come crashing to the ground. Hideki blasted at the plant head with his plasmoid light to free Wolverine from it. The bite from the plant left large gashes in Wolverine that were rapidly healing.

“Note to self, don’t make fun of plant man here.” Hideki said to himself as he looked at the damage done to Logan.

Oliver turned to Erika, “You should command those under your control to attack. It’ll distract them.”


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Character Portrait: Ryan Legrand (Leviathan) Character Portrait: David North (Agent Zero) Character Portrait: Colossus (Piotr "Peter" Rasputin) Character Portrait: Vincent Xavier (Psionic) Character Portrait: Terra Reyes Character Portrait: Keith Jathens (Bullet Lion) Character Portrait: Niles Cranston (Boom Shard)
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Terra, Ryan, David North/ Agent Zero, Vincent Xavier, Colossus, Keith, and Niles

Colossus was quite surprised by the young man’s strength. It honestly took quite a bit of effort to stop Keith while he had built up such momentum. “Whoa now young one… you are quite strong! What is the matter?” Piotr said in a rather friendly tone. He was honestly quite intrigued by Keith.

"Wow man. That's neat. Wow. For a second my friend thought you were working with these people. I don't really know much, but I heard they don't like mutants, so yeah. Anyway, you guys wanna have the rest of the building. There's plenty to blow up, but I'm kinda bored of that now.” Keith replied.

Colossus stepped backward, retaining his metal form, and watched as Terra and Ryan spoke to the young man. He wasn’t too big a fan of Terra grabbing Ryan by the shirt but he was to trust the team leaders to handle the situation. Piotr was always a fan of diplomacy in the simplest of manners but understood that it was not always possible.

David noticed Keith clutch his leg while being lectured by Ryan and Terra, the blood ran down the boys leg. David watched silently, his eyes squinted in analysis. He leaned in close to Vincent and whispered, “This guy is quite a few bricks short of a sanitarium. We need to be careful. That bullet I fired at him should had seriously taken him down, but here he is without much of a scratch. Literally, I can see where the bullet grazed his armor. He’s a tough contender.”

Vincent nodded. “Agreed and noted. But I think he’s more misguided than anything else. I sense there is hope for him yet.” Vincent smiled a little as he monitored the conversation between Ryan, Terra and Keith.

David replied in a slightly annoyed tone. “You X-men are always looking to convert someone. You’re worse than televangelists. Look some people aren’t salvageable. I’ve been living in the mansion for roughly a few weeks and I’m just as vile as before. I’d put a bullet through your skull with little hesitation for the right price.” David spoke while continuing to look forward.

Vincent’s smile only grew as he turned to face David. “See, you wouldn’t have hesitated at all before. Now you would. You are indeed salvageable David North.”

David looked at Vincent, his face with a minor blush due to embarrassment. “Is that the line you used to pick up your current boyfriend? God you are a smooth one Xavier.” David said smugly. He knew how to end this conversation quickly. He didn’t like having the rug pulled from beneath him.

Vincent frowned up immediately, “H-hey now! Don’t you twist this into knots. I’m happily spoken for and don’t flirt…”

David interrupted, “Hey Xavier you should probably pay more attention to what’s going on. The kid just bolted. And if we aren’t careful this rook is gonna give way due to the whole he left behind….”

While Keith had launched in the air, the whole he left behind grew larger as more of the roof caved in causing the group to fall into the top landing of the building. Piotr stood rather quickly, “Is everyone alright? Given what the young one has responded, I don’t think talking is much of an option with him.”

Vincent added, “Perhaps the other is more prone to listening to reason?” Vincent levitated the group to the street level so they could meet Niles.

While Keith was on the roof, Niles found a panicked computer analyst cowering in a corner. He walked over to him and created a mask of diamond to conceal his identity. Forming a spear like weapon of diamond he threatened the frightened man for information on the HMR database. The analyst quickly coughed up the requested information and Niles allowed him to leave. Niles found the database he needed to destroy, located in a locked room. “Once this terminal is blown into history the HMR will have no back up files left. They will have no info on me now.” After blowing up the terminal Niles soon saw Keith quickly approach him.

"Yo. Yeah so we should probably bail. I never fought more than two mutants at a time before and I knew one of their powers before doing so and there are about four to five resting on that building. It's gonna collapse soon by the way. Seems that even in New York, building are made of some hollow areas, whether it be the walls or floors. You should have heard them though. They said that we were making them look bad. Phew... If they knew how angry I was back then. Swear to god, once I'm done working for you, I'ma find them and rip off all of their limbs and organs with the gauntlet of mine. Until then though, what do you want to do, stay here or leave while we can?"

Niles grew nervous with the mention of the other mutants. He had a pretty good guess as to who it was that Keith spotted. The X-men were tough customers or so he had heard from Emma Frost. Emma had a training simulation program similar to the X-mansion’s danger room. There Niles fought simulated versions of the original X-men team so he had a small idea of what it would be like to take on multiple mutants at once. However he was well aware that the real McCoy would be quite different.

“I say we make a run for it.” Niles replied.

As the two exited the building, it was an odd occurrence to see all of the cops and soldiers clear out. Something was quite off. Niles slowed in his pace when he heard heavy thuds. The ground shook as if a giant were approaching. “Wait! Something is not right!” Niles called out to Keith.

Then a large sentinel appeared towering over the two. “I guess I figured out why they all cleared out so fast. We knock down most of a building and they send in the big iron giant to stop us.” Niles said to Keith. Three more sentinels landed from the sky surrounding the two. “I think we could use your friends’ help…” Niles added.


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#, as written by
Alice Timberly

The situation was getting louder and louder, even for her. She was getting so angry, oh so very angry. Something was building in her, something violent, something dangerous, something deadly. Something rumbled to life, something primal and monstrous, and something that made her smile that wicked smile that promised that you would die, that all that would see it would meet their grisly end. The voices inside began to speak their piece, all of them wanting more blood, more carnage, more death. The shifting feeling occurred more and more. The pool of blood that followed her on her path downstairs was thick and heavy, dripping down to the ground floor. She had been in the third floor. Now there was just a wreckage. Destruction and death, and that was just how she liked it. Her beast hungered, it always did. She wasn't a monster.... She couldn't be. Of course not. They were the monsters! Them! Not her! They all deserved it!

Her every step came closer and closer to the ground floor. Thump, thump, thump. Her heavy footfalls crashed against the floorboards as she began to descend down the stairs, or rather, thunder down on all fours. Slowly, steadily, her massive form reached the ground floor. Three pairs of red eyes took in the place. A man, who seemed to move plants, a woman who seemed to..... What was she doing? it didn't matter. The other man was what mattered. He was with plants, the plants that wanted to help. They never tried to kill her, only people did. Only they. Her twisted mind tried to make sense of this, only nothing made sense about it. She gave a low growl, and it was followed by a horrid, twisted scream, the lamentation of a thousand souls.

Now, that scream only seemed to complement the look she had. A human face was paired with three sets of red eyes, and two ponytails swished about. however, what this head was attached to was what was so horrifying. It had the look of a monstrous canine, only the skin was tattered and torn and stretched taught. The ugly monstrosity was found with all sorts of muscle and bone, the bones spiking out and calcifying in random places. Massive spines arched from the shoulders, and the belly was covered by plates of sorts. The head was also sporting some sort of massive teeth, sticking out of her jaw like anglerfish. The tail, studded with spikes all along the thing and with a weird contraption that looked something akin to a gun jutting from the tip of it. The tip was aimed at the group of six. X marks the spot, of course. Huge forearms, big as tree trunks on an oak tree, and hind legs, large as a man's waist, jutted from the huge body, which, now free from the staircase, had grown to the size of a bus and a half. She had morphed herself, weaponizing her own body. This was her power; the manipulation of herself. Slowly, the monster lumbered forward, saliva and blood dripping from her maw. She said only five words with her humanlike face.

"Geet Ouuuut oooof Myyyy Wayyyy....."


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...and 5 others.

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Magneto, Logan, Quicksilver, Philip Klein, Hideki Matsuzaka, Jean Grey

Magento, Jean and Quicksilver all rushed about the rapidly deteriorated building to rescue as many people as possible. Jean saw to the people hanging out of the windows. Some of them were a bit afraid to trust her being a mutant. She didn’t blame them really, for it was a mutant who caused the building to be in its current state. She hoped that a mutant rescuing them would serve as a counterbalance to the negative reputation these people had received.

Floating outside the building She spoke to a few people, their bodies half extended outside of the building via the windows. They were calling for help. “This is like September 11th all over again.” A middle aged man cried out.

“I’m Jean Grey of the X-men. I am here to help you escape the building. I need you to trust me okay. I’ll levitate a few of down at a time, but only with your permission.” Jean spoke calmly.

The people had mixed reactions to the telekinetically floating woman. Many were simply grateful for any manner of help out of the current predicament. Others spun conspiracy theories that she was working with the plant controller. And a few were on the fence with a decision. One woman stood before the group and addressed them in as loud a voice as she could muster.

“I can’t believe some of you! Some of you people would honestly choose to die here because your salvation from death is in the form of a mutant?! You have families and people who depend on you in your daily lives, and you’d choose to throw them all away out of some ridiculous pride?? Well shame on you for turning this kind woman down. I’ll spend not a moment longer with the lot of you if you feel that way. She’s more human than you if you’d throw life away because of foolish pride and prejudice!” The middle aged lady turned to Jean and spoke with a smile. “I’m ready if you’ll take me. Thank you young lady.”

Jean smiled warmly and replied, “It’s my pleasure to help and thank you for understanding.”

Following the Woman’s speech many of the others changed their minds and were begging for rescuing. Jean took as many of them down as she could at a time. The people still inside grew increasingly desperate as the plant growth continued and blocked the exit to the floor exit. After a few trips the people in the area were saved. Even the ones who were determined to still hold a grudge against mutants.

Jean levitated around the building once more to see if there were any more people in the windows. It was clear. She then telepathically connected with the others. “Magneto, Quicksilver how are things going?”

Quicksilver raced about the halls of the building. The paths were clogged with plant growth. Quicksilver replied, “Honestly this place is really beginning to make me feel claustrophobic. Too much longer and here and you’ll be crushed. I rescued about 25 people stumbling about the halls and rooms already. One of them was this really hot brunette named---“

“FOCUS Pietro…” Magneto interrupted.

“Um yeah, right. I don’t really see anyone else so can I head to the main fight now?” Quicksilver continued. He then saw a young man trapped under a large plant root. “Scratch that. There are a few more stragglers about. Gosh I hate being a hero, too much work.”

He dashed over to help the young man. “Hey there, I’m gonna try to get you out of here alright.” Quicksilver said to the young man who seemed in awe of him.

“My hero! Please tell me I’m not hallucinating!” The young man said. He appeared to be one of the captive mutants. “I’m a mutant too!”

“I’m the real deal buddy. I’ll try to lift this tree root of you. So I’m guessing super strength isn’t on your ability resume seeing as your beaten by a root…” Quicksilver teased as he began to lift the root that was pretty deeply grounded in the floor of the building. It was heavy to lift but Pietro was slowly managing it.

“Hey… that wasn’t fair. Well I can camouflage myself. Pretty lame right? I mean you’re superfast and super cute too. You’ve got it all.” The young man replied.

Quicksilver paused for a brief moment, having been surprised that the young man was flirting with him. “Umm… Ya know you aren’t saved yet Camo-boy. So you might not want to throw my focus from lifting this root and getting you outta here. Geez about to die and still finds time to get a hard on. That’s it I’m done with rescue missions after this one.” Quicksilver muttered.

The young man chuckled. “So I guess you don’t have super strength either? I mean that root is giving you some trouble it seems. Not that you look weak or anything. Actually you look just the opposite, really strong…” His flirting persisted.

“Hey Camo-boy, I can lift 1000 pounds of weight mind you. It’s just that this blasted root is pretty long and goes deeper than it seemed. Besides you’re in no position to poke fun, NO PUN INTENDED!! I mean come on, you can Camouflage yourself, how’d you let those goons see you to catch you?” Quicksilver retorted.

“They had heat vision goggles…” The young man replied in a disappointed tone.

Quicksilver was having little progress with the root so he decided to try something different. “I have another idea. I’m getting you outta here buddy. No worries. Super strength isn’t everything. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” He placed his hands on the root and began to vibrate his molecules at intense speeds. This caused a reaction in the thick root and it soon deteriorated to pieces freeing the young man.

“H-How did you do that?!” the young man asked in an astounded manner.

Quicksilver smirked, “Molecular Destabilization has its advantages over super strength. Here’s a quick science lesson. Being able to vibrate my molecular structure at high speeds enables me to destabilize atomic matter by accelerating its molecules often causing it to fall apart or explode usually by touching it. I know, I’m smart and powerful”

“Why didn’t you try that first?” The young man questioned rather innocently.

Quicksilver immediately frowned up. “Hey smart ass!! You’re so lucky I’m a reformed villain. One more flip like that and I’ll leave you in here.”

The young man tried to stand but he had a pretty bad cut on his leg. He managed to get on his two feet but struggled greatly. Pietro could see the young man was trying not to ask for help walking. “You’re brave and tuff kid. I like that, even with that obnoxious mouth of yours. Come on, climb on my back, I’ll carry you outta here.”

The young tried not to shed tears, having been moved by Quicksilver’s kindness. He climbed onto Quicksilver’s back and held on tight. “You may have been a Villain but I think you always had a hero’s heart.” The young man said quietly.

Quicksilver tried to contain the gentle smile that fought to become visible on his face. “I just didn’t want you slowing me down any more. I’ve spent waaay too long in one spot. I’m a speedster you know, I’m breaking all the rules by sitting here shooting the breeze with you and literally letting the grass grow beneath my feet. Alright I’m taking off and don’t try any funny business while on my back Camo-boy or I’ll just as quickly become a reformed hero.”

“Hey I’m able to hug a hot hero, I’ve nothing to complain about here. I’m totally content.” The young man replied with a chuckle. Pietro simply shook his head and then took off. He made sure not to run too fast as the young man’s body wasn’t capable of handling high speeds.

They made it out of the building and quicksilver brought the young man to one of the ambulance vehicles parked outside of the building. “Here you go. I didn’t catch your name kid.” Quicksilver said as he gave the young man to the startled paramedics.

“My name’s is Tyler Briggs. How about you hero? A name for a name, it’ll be y secret.” Tyler replied.

“Fair enough Tyler.” Quicksilver didn’t want the paramedics to hear his real name so he whispered it into Tyler’s ear. “Pietro.” He then gave his code name as he stepped back. “You can call me Quicksilver buddy. Gotta go buddy. My teammates need help smacking around the one responsible for this whacked out garden show.”

“Smack him one for me please.” Tyler replied.

“Will do.” Quicksilver said with a slightly sad smile. He didn’t really want to leave Tyler. Pietro had grown kind of fond of him. “Hey, if you wanna talk and stuff look up Charles Xavier. He’s a pretty good therapist, you know for special victims and such.”

A few officers began to rush toward Quicksilver with weapons pointed. The paramedics and Tyler protested immediately. “He’s here to help! Let that man be!!” Pietro simply smirked and dashed off in the blink of an eye. He headed into the main lobby of the building only to see the X-men tea being confronted by the large creature that was Alice.

“What the hell is that?!” Quicksilver exclaimed.

“I think it’s some form of mutant.” Philip replied, as his eyes stayed fixed on the large being.

“Well good luck with that. I’ve rescued a bunch of folks, been sexually harassed, recruited a mutant…yeah I’ve done my part today, heading home now.” Pietro replied as he spun around.

“You get your ass back here and help dammit!” Logan shouted. He was still kneeling down recovering from the gashes left by the large plant bite. Hideki stayed by his side ready to blast Oliver or the large creature should it come any closer.

“Just kidding Wolverine. By the way you look like hell.” Quicksilver replied as he turned back around. “Anyway, I’ll keep the thing distracted while you lick your wounds. Hideki mind helping me out with a few flashing lights?”

“Sure thing. And please use my codename while we’re on a mission.” Hideki replied.

Philip added, “Memory and I will keep these two from escaping.” Referring to Oliver and Erika.

Oliver looked back at the large creature and didn’t know what to do. “Hey I just want to go home. I don’t want anyone dead. I don’t want to be here fighting X-men like some villain. I don’t want to be captured by HMR goons. Nor do I want to be mauled by whatever that thing is! Can we make a deal?” He pleaded with Philip.

“Yes we can. It would be my pleasure. So let your hostages go before that mutant over there tramples them. I don’t think it has much control over its actions.” Philip replied.

Oliver nodded quickly, “Deal! Erika please let them go.” Erika looked annoyed and furious but she complied. The once entranced people all scattered and ran in terror.

Quicksilver darted back and forth around the large mutant confusing it. It thrashed every which way he dashed. Hideki created blinding flashes of light to disorient it. It let out horrible shrieks that made it difficult to think or concentrate.

Jean and Magneto arrived just as Logan was fully recovered from his previous injuries. Jean immediately performed a mental probe of the mutant and found much fear, anger and confusion. She was of a strong emotional force at present and the probe began to overwhelm Jean. “She’s not in control of her actions. Please be careful not to hurt her. She’s just a scared girl.”

Magneto replied, “We shall try not to injure her then. Boom- Boom, Memory, what do you suggest?”

Memory replied, ”Try to subdue her with as little harm to her as possible. She’s still dangerous so be careful.” [ooc: Vivi I didn’t want Philip to be the only one giving out orders so I had Memory say something. Please feel free to change/ add anything when you’re available.]

Aidan, Frenzy, Kent, Evan, and Vernon

The Astral Creature succeeded in smashing through Kent’s shield and charged at the group. Kent immediately grew fatigued but the shock of the shield’s destruction. Frenzy quickly helped him up and moved him out of the way so he wouldn’t be stomped by the creature. Evan used his ability to pull energy from the earth and formed a focused blast of energy at the astral monster. The creature shrieked as it looked down at the burning gash in its chest left behind by the energy beam. The creature slowly attempted to regenerate the damaged area.

Aidan looked over at Jonathan, “I imagine he needs to get close to that thing. So we’re on distraction duty. What bigger distraction than a flying middle aged man.” He then looked at Robert with a slightly devilish grin. “You now have the wings of an angel and the flight skill to match.” Aiden spoke as he brought his powers in focus.

Robert would soon painlessly sprout a pair of large wings enabling him to fly and attack. “You take to the sky, I’ll take to the ground. We’ll give him a regular Blitzkrieg attack.” Aiden said to Robert.

[OOC: Lazyscreenname I took a few liberties here to spice it up a bit. Please let me know if you don’t approve and I’ll cut the bit about giving Robert wings. It’s temporary, but I thought it would be interesting for him to deal with. It also shows that Aiden will use other’s however he sees fit at any given moment.]


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#, as written by
Alice Timberly

The colossal being gave one more howling screech as it covered its many eyes from the blinding flashes it constantly got, disorienting the huge thing. It gave a hiss, swiping one way and then another. One shot after another, just the only issue was she couldn't hit the thing Only, that was that moment where she realized a familiar feeling, something she was incredibly susceptible to.

The mental probe. Fear, pain, and confusion, and anger flooded her system as one flashback after another came to her. Memories of that monster, warping her sanity, erasing her conscience, ruining her and making her a husk, a mere puppet for his will. She immediately whipped her head toward the posse of other beings at the door, ones that she didn't know who they were, why they were there, what they were doing. The thing she did know was that they needed to go away. Her monstrous mind made that simplistic connection based upon past experiences. It made the connection that these were the people messing with her mind, trying to make it even worse! The woman, whose own power was far exceeding her control, was demonstrated when it let rip a roar of agony, pain, hatred, and anger, with a hint of panic and fear. Two huge paws slammed upon the floor before the beast of a woman gave a bellow and charged, her every stomping step cratering the floor below her and shaking the foundation. It was a sight that would impress even the Juggernaut as she stampeded forth, each huge, clawed paw propelling the titan forward. The mouth was agape, ready to tear and rend with the multitude of horrendous jagged teeth. She was ready. And she would ensure they would feel her monstrous wrath.

She was stampeding in the general direction of the group, although to many, they could swear the huge bus-sized beast had aimed itself straight for either Logan or Jean. Possibly both. The scared and scarred girl inside that hulking shell was a mentally ravaged mess, most likely something that would require weeks, if not months, of extensive repair from even the most powerful of psychics.

Nineteen years is a long time to have to make someone your puppet.


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Robert could only stare in utter bewilderment as the colossal creature managed to break it's way through Kent's barrier, before the monster attempted to stomp on him though luckily was snatched away in time by Frenzy, which made Robert give a sigh of relief and bellowed at her; "Good save there Frenzy!"
His surprise grew all the more as he then witnessed Evan managing to fire some sort of energy blast at the astral being, leaving a smoldering gash on it's chest, causing it to shriek in agony as it did it's best to heal.
"Bloody hell, good thing your on our side, a few more shots like that and he'll just topple over!", the tourist exclaimed cheerfully as he gave Evan a slap on the back before spinning round when he suddenly heard Aidan say something about a flying middle aged old man.

Misunderstanding the man's meaning in his words he gave a grumpy look towards Aidan before babbling; "Look mate, I know throwing me at that thing might seem like a good laugh, but I don't fancy being swatted down like a little fly, and doubt it'd be much of a distraction for long. This brit ain't getting tossed off by no one! Oh god, that was terrible phrasing wasn't it. Bloody hell."
Before he could complain more however, he stared in bafflement once again, an emotion he was gaining in incredible familiarity from this day, as he suddenly announced he had the wings and flight skills of an angel, and sure enough, was suddenly struck with the very same talents Aidan said, causing, yes you guessed it, more utter confounded confusion, as the wings suddenly sprouted from his back.

Staring behind himself in awe, Robert gave a few quick flaps with his new limbs to test them out, giving a massive grin of wonder as he flew up a little in the air, continuing to rise gently.
"Ha absolutely fantastic! I really can fly! How the hell did you do that? Ah forget it, not time to chat about it. So ya need a distraction huh? Well, i'll give it a go then!", Robert chattered excitedly, obviously impressed with the sudden gain of flight, before turning round and flapping over to the astral beast, putting his hands together to make one large blade akin to a sword.

"Coooweeee! Huge monster bloke! Over here! Come one you daft looking numpty, have a go if you think your hard enough! Go on then! Your mums a tubby weirdo and so's your dad!", Robert taunted at the Astral creature, occasionally swooping about his head as he called out taunts to the creature, before realizing it might not even understand a word it said, and deciding to make quick hit and flee attacks with his recently created 'sword', slashing at any part of the monster that he didn't think would be met with a crushing punch from it, yet certainly gaining the astral being's attention somewhat. Whether the attacks were effective or not was a diffrent matter entirely.
"There we are Rob, just keep this up and you'll make him raving mad in no time. That's right eye's on me you big stupid shadow puppet! Bet you didn't even realize your naked you pleb! Come on, just try it son!", the British mutant babbled as he continued to insult the shadowy beast, continuing his simple tactic.


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Magneto, Logan, Quicksilver, Philip Klein, Hideki Matsuzaka, Jean Grey

As the large mutant teenager charged at the group, Jean erected a telekinetic barrier in an attempt to keep her at bay. However the mutant’s charge had too much force built up behind it. Alice smashed through the barrier and continued her charge at Jean and Logan nonstop with little loss of momentum. Jean collapsed from all of the strain the breaking of the barrier caused and was unable to move to safety. Logan knew if he didn’t do something she’d be crushed by the two story tall mutant. He had little time to dodge out of the way himself yet alone carrying Jean. He had to take drastic action.

“I hate to have to do this but I’m outta options kid.” He muttered to himself quickly before jumping high into the air and landing on Alice’s back.

He extended his Adamantium claws and stuck them through the bone exterior and into the back tissue. It was extremely thick and dense bone but still not dense enough to repel Adamantium. The behemoth shrilled and staggered just enough to miss trampling over Jean. Alice bucked so much that Logan was flung from her back and back towards the ground. Fortunately Magneto was present and Logan’s metal coated skeleton could easily be manipulated by his powers. Magneto used his abilities to stop Logan from impacting against the HMR facility’s marble floors, not that Logan couldn’t heal up from the impact. However they simply didn’t have time to wait for an injured Logan to heal up.

“I hate it when he does that…” Logan muttered to himself as Magneto placed him on the ground.

With Alice now frantically headed in Philip, Memory, Oliver and Erika’s direction they needed to act fast. Philip clasped his hands together and they began to glow quickly filling up with mini time bombs. He tossed them in front of the group and toward Alice. They scattered on the ground around the large mutant’s feat and began to explode and burst making large popping sounds. She seemed stunned enough to halt her advance for a moment.


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#, as written by
Alice Timberly

The monstrosity found itself halted as it yelped and shrieked in response, eyes squinted shut as she was bombarded by the multitude of light blasts. These disoriented her, forcing her to lumber back as she hissed. As she fell back, bits of her blood, freshly procured from the new wound upon her back, dribbled to the floor and began to eat away at the wood faster than a whole swarm of termites and maggots. Her corrosive blood was a highly dangerous compound, quite capable of decomposing most organic materials, like the wood floor she was now tearing up. The behemoth gave a growl, lowering her colossal body for a moment to glare at the group once more as the light that had so blinded her faded. She began her assault once more, this time, rather than a straight on charge, the behemoth took its paws into the earth, ripping apart a large part of the foundation and hurling the thing like a Frisbee, the piece of rubble flying straight for the group. This was followed up by yet another charge, each and every thundering step shaking the building she managed to rampage like this in to its very core. It was rapidly becoming a possibility that this weed-infested ruin of infrastructure was on the very verge of collapse.


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Character Portrait: Kyle Jean- Claude (Marvel) Character Portrait: Cain Xavier Lehnsherr Character Portrait: Abe Fuyumi (Shadow) Character Portrait: Ace Vasquez Character Portrait: Sam Cooper
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Cain, Kyle, and Fuyumi

Cain, Kyle, Fuyumi and the rest of the team watched in terror as Andy grabbed a hostage. The young man struggled in the arm lock that Andy placed him in. Kyle’s eyes widened in shock.

“That guy is going to kill that hostage!! He isn’t savable, Magnus… we have to take Andy down now! Magnus… Magnus!!!” Kyle called to Cain who was at a loss.

Cain wanted only for Andy to be saved from his terrors. He didn’t want any harm to come to Andy, even with the hostage at risk. After Kyle beckoned a few more times Cain finally seemed to snap into the present and out of his thoughts. “No!!! We can still save him, there is still a way. There must be.” Cain replied anxiously, trying to think of what to do. They were at a tricky standstill.

"You're a mu-" Andy's shout was cut off as his head snapped back from an unseen force, yet everyone knew what that unseen force was and there was no way they'd get the paranoid mutant back. His body shuddered one last time before he fell back to the ground with a thump. A look of surprised terror was still on his face as he lay there, a trickle of blood coming down from the hole in his head.

Everyone watched stunned by the sudden sniper shot that took Andy down. The hostage, Sam, and Andy fell to the ground with a great thump. Sam struggled frantically to free himself from the dead mutant’s grip. He unwrapped himself from Andy’s arm and staggered backward.

Cain literally didn’t breathe for about half a minute, mortified by the happening that unfolded before the group. He slowly exhaled and tears streamed down his cheeks. It was as if Andy was related to him or he knew the deranged mutant personally. Cain simply felt deeply for mutant kind and wanted no mutant ever again to fall victim to human hatred. He turned around slowly. As he rotated to face the direction of the sniper and the room where Fuyumi had previously locked the other HMR Soldiers in, the foundations of the building began to rumble. Cain trembled with anger and rage.

Fuyumi looked on to Cain’s face with great concern. “Magnus, what are you doing…?” She said meekly.

He looked at her with the eyes of a man that lost a child would have. He spoke quietly in reply to her. “I am seeing that justice is served here today.”

He used his powers to bring the steel beams from the buildings structure inward on the room housing the locked up soldiers. Most in the now crushed room were impaled or simply crushed to death. “Now, that makes us even square.” He said. His resolve was firm and his anger silent but very present.

“Oh my god!! What did you do?!!” Kyle shouted.
Kyle swiftly flew toward the crumbled pile of debris that was once a large room and began to hurl the wreckage away to see if there were any survivors. He would try to free whomever he could. Fuyumi ran over to help the search move quickly.

“I can check swiftly to see if there are any survivors.” She said, then she phased the through the wreckage and after a few moments she emerged with only two men in arm who were severely injured. They moaned loudly.

“Thank the heavens somebody lived.” Kyle exclaimed. “That’s it? There were like 15 people in there…” Kyle continued.

“You don’t want to see what I saw in there…” Fuyumi solemnly replied shaking her head.

Kyle shoved Cain, “ARE YOU MENTAL?! We’re here to save people and stop the violence and you just murdered over ten people because one CRAZY MUTANT GOT SHOT and RIGHTFULLY SO!!”

Cain stepped back in Kyle’s face, “NO, NOT RIFGHTFULLY SO!! If one of US dies then it would take at least the blood of ten humans to even have a prayer of making amends. The debt is paid in full. Now youg mutant you had better stop thinking that WE, MUTANTS, are the same as THEM, Humans, because we’re NOT!! Those humans shot Andy down like a rabid dog. That’s what they intend for us all, they might as well engrave a bullet with each mutant’s name. I won’t sit idly by and watch it happen again. I WON’T!!”

Cain tried to calm himself. He placed his hands on Kyle’s shoulders. “I’m sorry to yell. I just… I just want what’s best for mutants. I want us safe and in a position where we shouldn’t have to be made to feel like mistakes and monsters.” Cain said in a brotherly tone.

“I want the same thing too Cain. Fuyumi and Ace want the same too I’m sure. But there must be a better way than murder.” Kyle replied.

“That is what the professor and magneto believe. There is a better way, but it’s not always satisfying to what we feel, nor is it easier.” Fuyumi chimed in.

Cain nodded reluctantly. “I understand. I apologize to you all.” He gave Kyle a light hug. Cain couldn’t help but feel Vincent’s feelings for each member of the X-men team. He was just as close to Kyle or any other person at the X-mansion as Vincent was. Kyle returned the hug and for once felt like he was hugging Cain as if he knew him for years. They but let go and gave a subtle smile.

Cain turned toward the hostages who were mostly still afraid to leave out of fear of what would happen if they moved. “You should go home now.” He said calmly. He then addressed the team. “Today was a failure. It is my fault. We should go home. I’ll take responsibility for this.” The team made their exit and managed to avoid pursuit by the HMR or the Authorities.


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Aidan, Frenzy, Kent, Evan, and Vernon

Aidan looked on pleased with himself as Robert examined his new and temporary wings. “Glad to have lightened your loafers Robert.” Aidan said as Robert flapped his wings in testing. As Robert began to lift into the air Aidan remembered some crucial info that he should have told Robert before allowing him into the sky. “Oh mate, I probably should have mentioned this earlier but, try not to get too far away from me. My power has a limited range of influence. Wouldn’t want your wings to fail and you take a tumble no wouldn’t we.” He called out to Robert in a rather nonchalant manner.

Kent looked over at Aidan with a raised eyebrow, and back toward Robert flying in concern. “Oh that was a pretty big piece of info to leave out. No wonder the professor is reluctant to involve you.” Kent said as he shook his head in disapproval.

Aidan looked surprised by the information given regarding Charles’ reluctance to involve him. “Charles WHA-?“ Aidan began to reply in offense. However he stopped short and quickly recomposed himself before continuing. “Oh dear…. That is troubling now isn’t it?” He was obviously miffed.

Robert took off and began taunting the Astral beast. Things seemed to be working well. The Astral monster seemed to focus its attention entirely on Robert. It seemed quite upset by Roberts Taunts and even angrier with the slashes being taken to it, it let out a loud growl. The beast attempted to slash at Robert with its large claws however Robert was quick an agile causing the beast to miss.It managed to land a punch but Robert Seemed to bounce back and continued to pester the large creature.

Evan turned to Vernon and Jonathan, “It’s now or never mates. That bloke can’t keep that up on his own for too long. What are you two waiting on?” Evan was confused as to why Jonathan hadn’t used his supposedly terrifying abilities on the creature yet.

Jonathan replied, “I have to get in close to it. Well I have to actually touch the creature to use my power on it.”

“Oh now he tells us.” Evan replied with a tired sigh. “Alright, well if it’s close you need, then it’s close you’ll get. We’ll all help you get there. I’ll start by helping our mate with the wings over there.”

Evan sprinted closer toward the creature and knelt down. He placed both hands palm down on the ground and focused his powers. He caused a large formation of rock and dirt to rise from the ground and knock heavily into the creature. The creature of darkness staggered for a brief moment and took its focus of Robert to barrel toward Evan like a raging bull. It got close enough to quickly backhand Evan sending him flying into Aidan. The two collided with great force and hit the ground.

Aidan began to lose focus on sustaining his power so that Robert could continue to remain airborne. Robert would surely experience some difficulty staying in the air as long as Aidan wasn’t focused enough. Evan picked his tall frame from atop Aidan and began to apologize, offering him a hand to get up. “Sorry Mate, I didn’t see that one coming soon enough. You alright?”

Aidan quickly accepted Evan’s hand and assistance getting up however he was so rushed he practically hopped up on his own. “I’m fine! However our jolly mate up there won’t be if I can’t keep focus. So thanks but nix the prattle and all will be fine.” Aidan replied in a rather short manner.

Evan cringed a little. He understood why Aidan was so short with him but he still didn’t care for the man’s rudeness. “Touchy little twat aren’t we?” Evan muttered to himself.

Vernon and Jonathan decided to make a dash for the Astral creature. Kent and Frenzy accompanied them so that they could keep the two protected. The creature, still being attacked by Robert swatted viciously at him and then focused priority on the group rushing him. He opened his mouth wide and a dark purple energy crackled there. A ball of hot Astral energy shot at the group. Kent quickly shielded the group with a smaller rounded barricade as they pressed forward. The group took a second blast that destroyed the shield causing Kent to drop to his knees panting heavily.

“Don’t Stop! Keep pressing forward!!” Frenzy shouted. She knew this was a do or die situation.

Evan rushed forward to join the group and caught pace with Frenzy. “You’re a strong man by the looks of it. Think you can launch me at that thing?” Frenzy said as the two sprinted a short bit ahead of Jonathan and Vernon.

“I think I can manage that. I hope you got a good plan miss.” Evan replied.

“Oh yeah, I do. Ready when you are.” She replied.

Roberts actions delayed the creature from firing another blast sooner. This was just what Frenzy needed. Evan knelt down in front of Frenzy with his hands cupped and ready to boost Frenzy into the air. She took a running start and after placing a foot in Evans hands she was hoisted in to the air at the creature who was now struggling to charge another shot. It’s mouth wide open almost ready to fire a blast when Frenzy reached its head. She clasped her fists together and delivered a hammering blow to its head, forcing its mouth closed at the moment it would have fired. Frenzy landed and sprinted off to the side to avoid any potential effects of the blast about to occur.

The creature fired the ball of hot energy in its own mouth, causing a large internal explosion in the creature’s head. The creatures head was blown clean off and the screams and shrieks of all the dark minions the head was comprised of could be heard as the beast dropped to the ground. It may have been decapitated but it was far from dead. It thrashed violently on the ground causing the concrete to smash up around it. Now the problem remained how Jonathan was going to get close enough to touch the creature without getting slashed.


Police commander Greenhill, Saw the happening and decided to help the group of mutants out by using his own mutant abilities. He was a telekinetic and a fairly strong one. He used telekinesis to force the creature still long enough for Jonathan to touch it. The other police officers were too busy fighting off imps to notice Hunter Greenhill’s use of powers on the creature.

Vernon smiled pleasantly, “So he was a mutant after all. I’m so glad he helped us and just in the nick of time. We almost lost this awesome opportunity your friend gave us. Well do your thing Jonathan.” Vernon said in a winded tone.

Jonathan took off his gloves and shook his head nervously as he approached the subdued creature. “Here goes nothing.” Jonathan said as he extended his hands and placed them on the creature. Jonathan began to glow of a dark purple hue. The creature let out what sounded like a thousand shrieks at once. At that moment Jonathan seemed to experience a dark feeling overcoming him. He was seeing all the many different fears of the creatures. It was if each creature that made up the massive beast was an individual soul of sorts, a shadow of someone once alive. Those fears became immediately exposed to Jonathan like a flood of information. Jonathan was ready to exploit those fears. His eyes were closed and a slightly sadistic and satisfied smile crept across his face. He was enjoying torturing the creatures with their own fears.

Vernon seemed a little worried as he watched the happening, waiting for the creature to become vulnerable enough to banish back to the astral realm. He knew he needed to Banish the creature now or risk Jonathan losing complete control of himself. Vernon held out his hand and fired a beam of energy at the creature causing it to expand and disperse into the many creatures it was made up of. Each creature was then sucked into small wormholes back to the astral realm leaving not a single creature behind.

Jonathan fell backward and Evan caught him before he could hit the ground. “Be careful not to touch his skin directly. You’ll get hit with his power and go into a death inducing coma.” Cara warned. She had been assisting the police and HMR soldiers fight off the imps during the battle with the big beast.

“Thanks for the heads up.” Evan said nervously. Jonathan began to come to and opened his eyes.

“That was scary.” Jonathan said.

“you alright mate?” Evan asked as he helped Jonathan up.

“Yeah, somehow… thankfully.” Jonathan replied.

The HMR were too worn down to pursue the mutants. They simply gave a warning and opted to retreat. They planned to report that the mutant fled among the commotion and that the HMR was responsible for taking down the creature. It would be a win for them.

“Well I thought I’d never see the day.” Kent said as he watched the HMR leave in disbelief. “Well since the HMR gave us a pass, I think we can overlook Evan and Vernon’s transgressions right team leader?” Kent addressed Jonathan.

“Oh of course. Besides I personally don’t have it in me to even attempt to stop these two even without the other escaped mutants around. We’re good for today.” Jonathan said as he was slightly out of breath. He picked up his gloves and placed them back on his hands.

“You know you all are welcome to come meet professor Xavier at the School if you’re interested. He can be considered a friend indeed. You as well, Police Commander.” Kent said. He wanted Evan, Vernon, and the police commander Hunter to speak with the professor. They would benefit greatly from the professor’s assistance.


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As Rob continued to fly around the colossal astral beast, continuing to slash and taunt around the monsters head, he began to wonder what Aiden and Kent were arguing about, seeming puzzled at their sudden annoyance at each-other. He shook his head out of the distraction thinking to himself; Ah well, if it was important they'd give a shout out, surely.
Luckily, things were going swimmingly for Rob, seeming to grab the shadowy creatures attention, and despite his tubby and un-athletic body, was managing to swoop away from it's slashes, growling furiously as Robert continued to flit around the creature with surprising speed and agility to even Rob.
"Ha look at ya you big dumb horror movie reject, ya can't even land a punch on me!", the British mutant tourist gloated before the astral beast did exactly just that, knocking him backwards with a well placed fist, wheezing out a lungful of air as he bounced off put was met with even more pleasant surprise when he found he was pretty much completely fine.
"Huh, guess having metal in your body has good points then! Anyways, lucky shot there mate! Let's see you do that again! Doubt it with your rubbish aim. Bet you couldn't even hit a skyscraper if you had a go!", he babbled cockily, continuing his slash and dash tactics.

Continuing on with the distraction plan, Rob was wondering what was taking the other X-men, though he was technically not a member and neither were the two foes who joined up to help stop the shadowy monstrosity, to take down this ghostly thing already. Before he could whine about it however, he realized the astral beast had switched his focus to Evan who cause dthe very earth to shake, and was met with a backhanded strike that probably made the poor fellows body shake as he was flung into Aidan, though it seemed they too were luckily weren't too injured. As they colided however, Rob found himself wobbling and descending slowly for a few moments flapping manically to stay airborne, realizing after a few moments that if Aidan was struck about too much, he'd have a nasty reunion with the ground shortly after. He gave an immense sigh of relief as his wings were back under control before once again flitting around the monsters head swiping at it's brow before continuing on with his dance of slashing, dodging and retreating, Chanting out; "Who are ya? Who are ya? Who are ya?".

As the astral beast swatted away at Robert, its attention suddenly shifted to Johnathan, Vernon, Kent and Frenzy all rushing for him, before opening its jaw wide and firing balls of energy at the team, leaving Kent exhausted from summoning up shields against them.
Realizing things could of been much worse for them down below, and could easily turn worse, Rob focused once again at distracting the beast, slashing at under it's jaw and bellowing; "Oi, eyes one me tall, dark and ugly, you utter stupid pile of sh***! You might as well just give up now, you'll be a pretty messy corpse in a bit I bet!", doing his best to draw the beasts attention back on him, slashing around the monsters face with his 'sword', focusing on his eyes and praying it wouldn't fire another energy blast, though his heart sank as he realized it was already preparing another one.

The british wannabe x-man then was met with the sudden sight of Frenzy hurtling in the air to over near the creature's head, who seemed almost ready to blast her, but it and Rob were both instead startled as Frenzy slammed her fist down on the monster's mouth, it's jaws violently closing shut around the dangerous ball of destruction, to which Rob's eyes opened wide before realizing he had to scarpper quickly. Rob hastily flapped away from the astral beast, testily shouting out; "Bloody hell, next time give a word of warning will ya? Could of got blown up along with-". His words were cut short however, as the great monster's head was blown apart, it's body collapsing over as thousands of screams from the minions that helped form the beast echoed out, causing Rob to be flung aside, narrowly managing to avoid spiraling down into a painful landing. Rob clasped his ears in shock as he saw the creature somehow still survived, saying aloud with a look of panic on his face; "That thing's still alive? How?! We blew it's bloody head off!". He look onward, bewildered by the astral beast's resilience as it thrashed wildly on the ground in pain. Suddenly the headless creature stopped thrashing, leaving Rob in much confusion as he peered round at the other mutants for an answer, which Vernon seemed to give, commenting on one of the police officer having mutant power, to which Rob stared at the officer with even more added confusion. Now why would a fellow mutant join a task force specifically made to detain and capture mutants? Sure there could be the whole, 'for the greater good' angle, or the idea of stopping the bad ones more easy and keeping an eye out for the good ones, but it all just seemed very odd and unreasonable to Rob.

Before he could whine about it however, Rob, along with the other noticed a great purple hue of light emit from the astral beast as Johnathan touched it, giving thousands of ear splitting shrieks as Johnathan continued on with, well, whatever it was. And it definitely seemed to be working. Vernon then sealed the deal by firing a beam into the beast, splitting it apart into the smaller dark minions they were before, launching them all into portals back to the realm they came from, until none were left. Rob gave a sigh of relief as the deed was done with Johnathan collapsing into Evan's arms and Cara warning of his powers side effects, who had previously been combating the imps along with the HMR forces, and did a good job of it too from what snipits Rob saw when he was in the air. After some small cocky gloating against the HMR who decided to leave them be and announced a warning to them, and deciding against shaking Johnathan's hand at the second, Rob wandered over to Aiden and Frenzy to give them a pat on the back, shouting out; "Good work you lot, man that weird monster shadow thing didn't stand a chance! Good work on those wings Aiden, man were they a right laugh to fly about with, cheers! And quick thinking there Frenzy, that was pretty brilliant how you made that thing eats it's own energy ball. Ha, you should of seen it's face!"

He then over heard Johnathan deciding to let Evan and Vernon off for fighting against them which Rob wearily agreed with a grunt, obviously tuckered out from his own part in the battle, and seemed surprised but still on-board with Kent's decision for them two and the police officer to meet with the professor.
"The fellas got a point, uh, fellas. I only been around these folks today and I sure learn't a hell of a lot already. Plus him and that Erik chap seem like they would definitely know answers to pretty much anything to do with mutants. Heck they let me hang about so I don't think they'd whine much about it.", Rob blabbered at the newcomers reassuringly, wondering if they'd come along with them.


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The paranoid mutant was getting even more paranoid as Cain tried to negotiated with him. It would seem he was focused on the HMR soldiers that waited on the second level. She hadn’t sunk into her shadow much, just enough to cover her feet. Ace watched Fuyumi take the HMR soldiers into some other room where Andy couldn’t see them but the mutant was still ansty. If anything he got even more antsy. Cain spoke up again seeing as all threats were nowhere to be seen. Watching his actions carefully, Ace knew he was done for the moment he grabbed that kid (Andy). While it made sense for him to do so it wouldn’t help his situation much.

Andy responded to Cain’s words not believing anything the man said. The shadow mutant wasn’t sure what she could do to help the situation. It was then that she saw something flit about around Andy’s body. It was miniscule and it was only thanks to her training that she had even noticed it. Not only was it tiny but it was red and Ace knew all too well what that meant. Looking around, Ace couldn’t pinpoint where the sniper. She stepped around, turning into a full circle until she finally saw him. Well she wasn’t able to see him but she knew he was there by that tiny red source of light.

Without a moment's haste Ace dived into her shadow ran to where she knew Andy’s shadow was and jumped out, but it was too late. His body crumpled and she barely managed to catch it. “Dammit.” Suddenly the ground began to rumble and Ace immediately looked to Cain. The look of rage was apparent on his face as his body trembled with what Ace could easily tell was pure anger. It would seem Fuyumi wasn’t sure as to what Cain was doing but Ace knew. It was something she herself wouldn’t mind having done in the past.

Kyle and Fuyumi were quick to go to the rescue of the soldiers but Ace knew it was for naught. The likelihood of them even surviving that was very, very low. She watched Cain for a little while longer still cradling Andy’s head in her lap. She looked down at the face Andy made last, a look of utter terror. His eyes were wide open and she pitied him even in death. Ace reached down and forced his eyes closed, shaking her head. From where she sat Kyle really wasn’t all too happy about Cain’s rash actions. If anything it seemed he thought the soldiers lives were of equal worth to Andy’s.

Ace couldn’t help but snort at their words, especially the bit where Kyle assumed she wanted the same thing. Of course she wanted to be in a place where she was welcomed but that desire wasn’t on the same level of sentiment as the others. She kept silent as they continued to talk amongst themselves. It wasn’t her style really to give her thoughts on such philosophical views. “Well I’ve no intention of leaving his body here. Not for them to desecrate it however they please.” With that being said Andy's body sunk into his shadow. It was almost like he was being submerged into water, very, very dark water that pulled him in.

Standing up, Ace brushed herself off and looked around at the terrified onlookers. They looked at the group of mutants as if they were crazy and it made sense to a degree. Ace and company were talking as if Andy getting shot and the killing of fifteen soldiers wasn’t something that weighed heavily on their conscious. Hearing Cain apologize, Ace shook her head as she rose out of his shadow. “Oh you needn’t apologize to me.” She patted him on the shoulder as she took a step away from his personal space. Cain even apologized to the humans as he turned to face them again to take responsibility for what had happened. They were quick to exit after that and were lucky enough to not encounter anyone.


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Magneto, Logan, Quicksilver, Philip Klein, Hideki Matsuzaka, Jean Grey

The large monstrous mutant began to tear up the foundation around it. The blood from the back wound that Logan made began to ooze off of Alice’s back and down to the floor. Magneto looked on with great concern. The blood was highly corrosive. It ate away at the floor swiftly. He had never quite witnessed a mutation quite like this one. As Alice thrashed a large portion of the debree hurtled toward the group like a Frisbee. It was a very large stone and it was coming fast.

Quicksilver made a mad dash to grab Phillip and Memory. He wasn’t sure if he could get them to safety and come back for Hideki before the projectile struck but he was going to try his best. He was much relieved to see Logan grab Hideki and jump high over the large piece of debris. Logan shifted his weight in the air so that they would land resulting in Logan taking the brunt of the landing impact not Hideki. Logan landed on his back but needed a moment to recover from the heavy impact.

Magneto wasn’t as lucky as the others. He was able to magnetically shield himself as the debris collided with him. The shield absorbed most of the damage but the remaining debris left Magneto wounded and somewhat pinned to the wall behind him. Jean tried to move the debris but it was far too heavy. Oliver and Erika were at a loss for what to do.

Philip realized that Alice was growing increasingly agitated and thrashed about causing so much damage she threatened to bring the already crumbling building down. He turned to Jean and took charge once more. “Leave freeing Magneto to us. You are probably the only hope we have of calming her without having to try to take her down. If we don’t this building will collapse and we’ll all be killed, apart from Wolverine that is.”

Jean nodded in confirmation and headed toward Alice. Hideki helped Wolverine up after his healing factor seemed to have finished patching him up enough to stand. “You alright Wolvie?” Hideki asked innocently. “That was a nasty landing… Thanks for saving me again.”

“Any time kiddo. But we need to go help Philip save his in law. If anything happens to Magneto there Charles would probably kill over in grief.” Wolverine replied.

The two rushed over to Philip, memory and Quicksilver. Quicksilver was frantically jabbing away at the debris at hyper speed like a jackhammer but still made little progress in freeing his father.Philip asked the frantic Quicksilver to step back and allow him to try. Philip then held his hands together and created a energy bomb that grew to the size of a beach volleyball. He placed the energy ball of bright golden light on top of the debris and it detonated sounding in a slightly muffled boom. A large chunk of the debris got blasted away but there was still much more to clear before Magneto would be freed.

Hideki tried blasting at the debris and more of it cleared away. Logan slashed the remaining slab and Magneto was freed. Quicksilver held onto him as he groaned quietly. “I’m getting my father outta here!” Quicksilver said and immediately dashed off with his father in arms.

“Well that was abrupt!” Hideki protested slightly miffed that Pietro showed only minor concern weather or not everyone else got out alive.

Erika seized the opportunity to flee the scene seeing that the X-men were distracted with freeing Magneto. Oliver wanted to leave as well but he couldn’t help but feel responsible. “ARRRHH… I can’t just leave them!” He thought to himself. He then made several very large and thick branch like vines grow around the monstrously sized Alice, wrapping themselves around her limbs, binding her in place. “Now you’ve got your shot! So whatever it is you do!!” He shouted to Jean.

Jean began to telepathically attempt to reach Alice’s mind. There where quite a few barriers to break through. The wild animistic nature of Alice’s current form made it difficult to reach Alice’s true self. “Alice can you hear me? This is Jean Grey, I’m a member of the X-men. We’re here to help you. We don’t want to harm you but he can’t help if you can’t control yourself. We need you to fight through the rage. Find that quiet place in your mind. I believe in you. You can do this. Let my voice drown out all the fear. We don’t have much time.” There wasn’t much time before the building would collapse.


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#, as written by
There was something in that monster, this was true. The being roared and raged as the plants held it down, held the monster in her place. She screamed these unearthly cries of rage and monstrous power, shaking the building as she glared. The being then seemed to stoop over and go comatose. There was something in its mind..... Again....

Blackness. That's what was seen in her mind. Inky, horrid blackness. And in the center of that swirling torrent of animalistic rage, a young girl desperately tried to free herself, constantly pulling at the consuming black. She was almost consumed. Almost lost to this inner beast that roared and turned and thrashed. She stared in horror at the monster running loose, it in control now, no longer just a little thing she could hide. And it was all because of that man she had called her father. He kept showing, in horrid smiles and laughter in the inky blackness. The same constantly recurring voice kept coming, again and again and again.

"You are nothing, nothing but a tool for my rage and hatred. You are a monster. You are below me. And you will obey me." Even after the death of her father by her hands so many years ago, his gruesome work on her mind still remained. She screamed again, a cry for help and a desperate plea to stop it, which landed on deaf ears. Her hatred of psychics weighed heavily on her heart. But.... She heard a voice. Someone else was here...... Someone else! The dark liquid seemed to push up, roaring as a masculine male face emerged from the darkness. It wasn't hers. It was a deep, booming voice.

"Alice isn't in charge here. I am. Her rage is. It was born of your horrid kind. It was born of a psychic, and her own father at that! I know what's best...... I know you must die, now. It is for the best. The best....." However, within that inky blackness, a small little head, terrified beyond belief and becoming more and more exhausted and more endangered to fall into the blackness.... Her small voice was heard, and she didn't care who could hear. Even the monster on the outside spoke these rumbling, pleading words...

"I'm drowning...... Help me....."


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Matsuzaka Hideki, Jean Gray, Logan, Quicksilver, Oliver Greenhill, Philip Klein, and Magneto

Hideki looked around as more of the structure seemed to crumble around the X-men team. Hunks of the above floors were piece by piece crashing down. The foundations of the building trembled. “We should really get outta here…” Hideki suggested with a seriously anxious tone.

Logan looked back toward Hideki and placed a hand on his shoulder. “I’m not leaving here without Jean. You go on and make it to safety kiddo. Steer clear of the Feds and the HMR when you get out there. They may try to ambush you.” Logan warned. He wasn’t too keen on the idea of the others being left on their own during such chaos but he had little choice. There was no way he was going to leave Jean in such a situation. Scott would never let him live it down nor would Logan himself if something were to happen to Jean.

“Wolvie I don’t want to leave you…ARRGH I’M STAYING TOO THEN! I sure hope Jean can reach that girl in time.” Hideki replied.

“I’ll call the professor. Perhaps he can use cerebro to reach her. It’s the most powerful telepathic tool we have.” Philip said and as soon as his statement concluded he was on the radio device calling for Professor Xavier. “Professor! Professor! We need your help and Cerebro!”

In a brief moment the Professor replied telepathically, “Yes Philip I hear you. I am aware of the situation and I’m using Cerebro to gain access to the young Mutant’s mind now. There is a force that is dark and attempting to swallow Alice’s consciousness whole. I’ve broken through enough for her to regain control. She will help you survive the building collapse. You don’t have much time.”

Oliver looked even more freaked out when Philip relayed the news.”You’re professor wants us to WHAT?! Is he daft? That thing is supposed to protect us now? Oh I’VE HEARD IT ALL NOW…” He exclaimed in annoyance.

As the group bolted towards Alice the building began to make the loudest rumble it had made yet. This was the sound of all the top floors crashing down on top of one another. The building was finally about to drop completely on top of the team. “Quick, under Alice!” Logan shouted.


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#, as written by
There was a soft groan as the being tottered a bit, eyes a bright and vibrant red as it shook its head for a bit. The confused and lost lady gave a start when she realized exactly what she was at the current moment. Her eyes darted to the crumbling walls, the panicking being's below her... Wait, the outfits..... The X-Men! She was fighting the X-Men?! Good god, what was wrong with her? Of course, another crashing sound erupted from the building, and she quickly came to the realization that the building was nearing collapse and she had no time to escape. So she would have to tank the collapse. With a growl, she loomed over the X-Men, her body suddenly hardening and cracking into strong and twisted plates and spikes of bone, looking more and more draconic in a sense. The 'scales' gleamed as she gave a hiss, crouching low over the group. Her father's remains of his psyche continued to try to swallow her. Take her back.
"I am not a monster.... I AM NOT A MONSTER!"
She gave a scream as she stomped her colossal clawed feet, and that was the final nail in the coffin as the building began to come down. Agony ripped through her system, flaring her eyes wide as she gave a roar of pain and shuddered heavily. Now, the pain continued to tear and shred though her as the debris and the entire building came down directly at her position. Tons over tons of rubble fell onto her, but, to all of their surprises, she stood her ground, somehow able to withstand even the weight of the building collapsing. Finally, after what felt like forever, the pain finally ended.
Alice gave one last pitiful moan before, with a crash, it collapsed onto the earth, eyes closed and the body shrinking, bones cracking and shifting, muscles shrinking, entire body shrinking back down until it was returned to the soft, small little girl named Alice it had been for so long. She looked rather cute. The two ponytails that went to her ankles, her soft and small little body, and the fact she shifted into her side in her sleep from sheer exhaustion. She hadn't slept in days. And, as they watched, the scars and claw marks upon her body began to vanish, as if they never existed as the skin and bone stitched back together. And finally, she found herself sleeping peacefully for the first time in, well, years.
Thank You....


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Magneto, Logan, Quicksilver, Philip Klein, Hideki Matsuzaka, Jean Grey

The wreckage and rubble from the collapsed building surrounded the X-men team. They were saved Alice the once monstrously sized mutant now reverted to her original form. Logan was the first to come out of his slumber. Covered in debris he sat up and looked around. This was a disaster zone and there were siren sounds for miles. He began looking about frantically for the others after he shot to his feet. He may have been able to survive a building dropping on him but the others couldn’t.

He found Hideki partially exposed from the rubble and pulled him complete to freedom. “Hey kiddo you alright? Stay with me Matsuzaka…” Logan said as he held the young man.

Hideki groaned and then opened his eyes to see Logan’s concerned face. Hideki smiled through a couple of coughs. “I guess I’m alive after all. I knew you’d save me Logan.” Hideki said in a exhausted voice.

Quicksilver and magneto approached the group and Logan quickly filled them in on what happened since they separated. “Magneto I thought you were injured. You should be back at the jet.” Logan inquired.

Magneto narrowed his brow and replied, “I’m FINE. I’m of better use here than sitting in that jet waiting for you all to get yourselves killed. Now allow me to free the others so we can leave.” Magneto fussed. Logan didn’t complain however Quicksilver was annoyed that his father refused to take it easy. Magneto lifted the rubble off of the others and they were freed. Everyone seemed to be fairly alright. Quicksilver rushed back to the X-jet and piloted it so that he could pick the team up from the wreckage and take them back to the X-mansion.

Once Magneto, Logan, Jean, Alice, Hideki, Phillip, Oliver, and Memory were onboard the jet Quicksilver piloted the jet into the sky. Logan, using the com link, contacted team two. “Team 2, come in. This is Logan, are you ready for extraction? We’re headed over.”

Aidan, Frenzy, Kent, Evan, and Vernon

Kent listened, pressed the com link and replied to Logan’s beckon, “This is Kent of team two reporting in. Yes Logan we are more than ready to go home. Our jet is still intact so we will head back on our own. Thanks and see you at home.”

Logan replied with a grin, “Copy that Kent. Oh and it’s good to hear you consider the mansion home again bub. It’s great to have you back. You’ll keep the rest of us sane.” Logan was honestly glad to hear Kent’s voice. It seemed like everyone was generally alright. At least someone had a success today, he thought. After a few minutes of travel the speedy jet arrived at the X-mansion.

All of the other teams returned around roughly the same time. As the team members de-boarded the jets they all looked like they had been through hell. They all faced considerable danger today. Professor Xavier greeted the group and saw a few new faces. He had seen them while he used Cerebro to monitor the various situations however this was a first meeting between him and the newcomers. “Welcome to some and welcome back to others. I am proud of your bravery and decision making today. You all as individuals did exceptionally well in such distressing situations. For those of you who do not know me, I am professor Charles Xavier and I welcome you to the Xavier and Lensherr School for Gifted Students. You must all be tired. Feel free to utilize this place as a safe haven for as long as you require. I will soon hold a briefing meeting once everyone has had a day to rest and revitalize. I will update you all tomorrow.”

Cain was still quiet and brooding since Andy’s death. Vincent saw Cain standing there in silence as if the world was sitting atop his brain. He gave Ryan a proud smile for his valiant leadership ethic out and the field and a pat on the shoulder before approaching Cain. ”Hey… I know what happened out there and I wanted you to know that if you need me for anything I’m here for you. You did the best you could out there and there was nothing more that you could have done.”

Cain looked up toward Vincent and embraced him in his arms. “Brother…” He said as if exhaling for the first time in an hour. Vincent returned the embrace. It was nice to bond with Cain. The two hadn’t interacted much since their meeting. Cain stepped back from Vincent and replied, “Unfortunately there was something else I could have done to make sure that young man survived, yet I was weak and couldn’t bring myself to do it before it was too late. I won’t make the same mistake twice.” He said he reassuringly place his hand on Vincent’s cheek. Vincent was concerned with the state of mind his brother was in.

Scott and Jean hugged each other and kissed, simply being glad to be reunited. Scott hated being split up from Jean on their first mission since her return, however orders were orders. Logan stood not too far away watching the two of them. His face displayed a somber expression. Hideki walked up behind Logan and wrapped his arms around him. “Hey Wolverine, it’ll be alright. I’m here for you. We’re a mess let’s hit the shower.” Hideki couldn’t help by attempt to flirt with Logan.

Logan, smirking, slowly peeled Hideki’s arms from around him and turned to face him. “Yeah let’s Shower… in our own separate rooms.” Logan chuckled. He began to take a few steps away. “That imagination of yours seems to be working pretty vividly so feel free to imagine I’m there. That should do the trick Kid.” With that Logan exited the hangar. Hideki huffed at his failed attempt at Logan.

Everyone filed away to their quarters and the guests were shown to rooms so they could rest for the night. Xavier decided to stay awake and monitor the mansion for activity over night in the event that one of the guests weren’t so honest about being neutral. Erik wanted to watch in Charles’ stead but Charles refused. He knew Erik pushed himself very far today and needed rest.

(OOC: Hey sorry for the lazy post. I had a lot of ground to cover and instead of hitting all of the individual teams situations and characters with personal references which would have taken a lot of time, I met half way on it. So you can assume all teams are back at the mansion. The guests would be Robert, Vernon, Evan, Alice, Aidan and Niles. (Maybe Keith is Daimoa is still with us.) So it’s still night time that same day, Feel free to have your characters interact and mingle as everyone ponders where to go from here. Cain will soon start openly speaking to others about starting his own team. If anyone has any special ideas post them in the OOC. I’d welcome them.)


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#, as written by
Alice Timberly

She awoke with a slight groan, shifting in bed a little so as to get a better look around where she was. She had been deposited in a room of some sort, and she shook her blue-haired head in an attempt to clear it. The screams in her head had finally relaxed, and she was slightly enjoying the peace and quiet of her mind. She glanced out the door for a moment, the hinges creaking slightly before she timidly shrunk back into her room, trying to be a little silent. Of course, in her little moment, she stumbled and tripped, causing her to land on her rump. She gave a little growl before standing back up. "Owwww..." With the pain already ebbing, she found herself slowly peek out into the hallway once more before timidly stepping back out. She was extremely cautious now, and she slowly made tiny little steps, skirting around the people in the hallway and careful to avoid bumping into people. Of course, that doesn't end well as she runs into someone and, in her little panic attack, causes multiple spiked tentacles to erupt from her back, writhing and doing miniature screeches. "S-Sorry. I didn't mean to...... to bother you!" She had also suddenly grown in height, all of a sudden an astonishing 6 foot and 5 inches tall, thanks to her powers switching to an active mode. God, this wasn't a good first impression at all. And she didn't even know where she was yet!

Needless to say, she was a little freaked out.


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Kent Van Pelt

After having settled into his room and gotten cleaned up, Kent got dressed in casual attire. He took a look at his X-men Uniform and pondered for a moment. “Is this life what I want for myself again?” he thought to himself. He had been a member of the X-men years ago and had only through the current turbulent events recently returned to the X-mansion to take refuge. He enjoyed being a journalist and standing up for equal rights for mutants, however fighting his battles as a journalist may not be enough in a time where people are so violently discriminative against mutant kind. Even mutants were acting out in confusion. Kent figured the time was now to start leading by example and the best way to do that was assisting the X-men once more.

After placing his uniform back on the hanger in his closet he decided to get something to eat. Leaving his room he started down the hallway. He saw Evan emerge from a room a couple of doors down. Kent smiled and waved at the newcomer. He was glad to see him still at the X-Mansion. He had hoped that Evan and Vernon wouldn’t have left. ”Hey there. I’m glad to see you decided to stick around. This is a safe place to be.” Kent said to the Evan.


Even was glad to see Kent, one of the X-men he’d encountered earlier. After being brought to the X-mansion post the battle at the HMR building site he and Vernon had spoken with Charles Xavier. Evan was a lone wolf aside from relying on Vernon so deciding to stick around took some convincing. Evan walked beside Kent. ”You’re name is… Kent right? I’m Evan. It’s nice formally meet ya mate.”

Kent replied with a casual smile, ”Yeah likewise.”

Evan continued, ”Yeah… Vern and I had a chat with the Professor and after our little tirade today Vern convinced me that this place is the best place for us to lay low and for me to keep out of trouble, for the time being anyway. Hey and um… thanks for not turning us in earlier.”

”Hey I’m just glad that we all made it through in once piece. So are you and Vernon hungry? I was just on my way down to the kitchen to fix something. Food tastes better when you’re not eating alone.” Kent replied. He felt it was nice meeting Evan off of the battlefield. He seemed to be a fairly nice guy not as hot headed as before.

”Um sure. Vernon’s asleep in the room I’ll text him and maybe he’ll join in if he wakes up in time. Thanks for offering mate. I just hope you’re a good cook.” Evan chuckled. Walking through the halls Evan bumped into a young woman who seemed a bit nervous.”Oh! Sorry mate I wasn’t watching where I was going.” Evan said as he began to extend a hand to assist the girl.

The girl in her panic sprouted multiple spiked tentacles that erupted from her back, writhing and doing miniature screeches. "S-Sorry. I didn't mean to...... to bother you!" She had also suddenly grown in height, all of a sudden an astonishing 6 foot and 5 inches tall.

Evan and Kent stepped backward in bewilderment of the scene unfolding in front of them. ”What in the hell…?” Evan said as he tried to keep it together. He wasn’t used to being in a place full of mutants that had all manners of insane abilities.

Kent didn’t recognize the girl at first. But then he realized that she must have been the one that Logan’s team brought back with them. Kent had seen some of the television reports that covered the incident from earlier. Sightings of a huge monster were reported as an HMR building collapsed. She must have been the mutant the professor asked everyone to keep an eye out for since she was unconscious when she was brought to the mansion. Extending his hand in a calm and collected greeting gesture Kent spoke. ”Hi my name is Kent. This is Evan. We’re sorry to have startled you. You’re at the Xavier and Lensherr School for gifted students. You’re safe from harm here. I was about to fix something to eat. Care to join us?”


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#, as written by
Alice Timberly

The suddenly titanic woman found herself glance to the side for a moment and rub her arm before she managed a soft smile and a little nod before taking his hand. "Well...... I mean, okay......" The tentacles seemed to writhe as per the norm, and she managed a sheepish glance at the ground. "S..... Sorry, I really don't have the hang of this yet.... Okay, I don't have the hang of this at all." She rubbed her head and her head tilted earthward as she gave a prolonged sigh. She was just happy for the current influence she felt. Well, at least she was okay, even though her powers were active.... Wait. How was that a thing? Her father's psyche should be running rampant. Okay, that didn't mean she wasn't grateful for that, but..... That shouldn't be happening! She realized she was thinking to herself and looking weird, mostly due to her wide eyes and clutching of her head. She quickly composed herself as much as she could and placed her hands at her hips, attempting a smile. Of course, with her powers activated, what they saw was a gaping jaw filled to the brim with crooked, carnivorous, gaping teeth that looked easily able to shred metal apart. She didn't actually know that was an issue, and thought she was simply giving a pleasant smile. Of course, the teeth kind of ruined that front. "So...... Uh..... Where am I? I don't honestly know....." She managed another sheepish smile before rubbing the back of her head and glancing off to the side. One of her tentacles seemed to pat her shoulder.

Either way, she had two mysteries to solve. One..... why wasn't she going insane? Two, why was the source of this force stopping her inner psycho?