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Kitty Pryde

"Hellllo there! The name's Kitty! What's yours!"

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a character in “X-Men:Before The Last Stand 2.0”, as played by Starlight77


Katherine Anne "Kitty" Pryde

“Yes, I can walk through walls. It’s really fun. Wanna try? Well, do ya?”



Katherine Anna Pryde





|Physical Description|
Kitty has medium length, dark brown hair that she usually has up in a ponytail or a messy bun. She is short and rather petite looking, much to her dislike. Kitty has that “super cute girl next door” look to her, which a lot of people find endearing. She has a bright, happy smile that can light an entire room.

Kitty will be forever seen as the little sister type of person. She has the super adorable quality that most all adore. Though she can be a bit of an air head, she’s got energy to spare: all day every day. Despite what many may think, she’s actually quite intelligent and is a wiz with computers and technology. Kitty does, however, tend to have a bit of a snippy attitude. Her rambunctiousness tends to rub off on those around her.

Kitty is not new to the X-Mansion. She has been on the team for the past few years in actuality, though it does not seem that way. She's usually stumbling around the vast halls of the mansion, getting lost. When Jean died, Kitty was crushed. Her and Jean had been rather good friends when the latter passed away due to the dam bursting. Kitty doesn't enjoy talking about it very much, and the thought of it makes her rather teary-eyed. She is really excited for the new year at the Institute. She hopes to make some new friends.

So begins...

Kitty Pryde's Story


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"Wow," the older woman breathed as they exited the family truck. Freya Deveraux slowly climbed out, taking in the lush scenery of what appeared to be the gardens to the left of the estate. It was something majestic; that much was evident and she had no doubt that the inside was just as beautiful. A small smile graced her delicate little face and her aunt continued to marvel at the place. "Didn't know we were sending you to a castle, Fefe." Freya giggled and swiped away at the tiniest particles of food that might have fallen out of her cousin's bag of chips onto her outfit.

"Yeah, I know," she responded lightly and pulled out her violin case and handbag. As her aunt went to retrieve her suitcase, Freya noticed more students pouring in and a jumble of nerves hit her without warning. The trunk was shut tightly a few moments later and she visibly flinched at the sound, heart palpitating irregularly. Oh God...I can't do this...I shouldn't be here -

Suddenly, her aunt's hand was on her shoulder and Freya gasped, feeling her handbag drop to the ground. Apparently, during her mini mental breakdown, she had levitated her handbag. Freya smiled tight-lippedly and picked it up. Her aunt smiled.

"You're gonna be fine, Short Stuff." It took a minute before Freya's hand stopped shaking long enough for her to actually grab onto the handle of her suitcase and actually keep up with the grip. She didn't meet her aunt's gaze at first, opting to either keep her gaze low or observe the way some parents even tensed up as their child tried to hug them. That last sight caused Freya to sigh and return her attention to her aunt, painting on a brave smile. The woman's smile was knowing. "I know...I know you haven't been the most comfortable using your powers and everything that happened with your mom...but...just call me. Whenever you want. You're not alone."

Freya refused to cry. She spent half of the night balled up and crying her little heart out until there was nothing left by dry heaves and sobs. She and her aunt had not always been close; even when she was younger, she favored simply being with her Dad. But this support - when she couldn't even have her mother's - was enough for her. She reached over and wrapped her arms around the woman's waist, melting into the comforting embrace. After a few short moments, they pulled away, her aunt gathered her face and kissed her forehead gently. Freya was smiling brightly then, eyes shining with the tears she refused to shed.

"Thanks, Auntie May. I, uh, better go." With a firmer grip on her things, Freya headed up the stairs and into the house, looking around the foyer. She heard talks of going to register, so she followed the masses that were heading in the direction she needed to go.


"Look, I'm not gonna hurt you or your kid, lady. Just messin' around," Warren tried to reason through clenched teeth, anger rumbling beneath the kind facade he had been trying to exude. The stupid old hag was still gaping at him in horror while the little girls' eyes were eager and hungry for more of the little show he put on.

"Stay away from us, you freak!" Warren flinched at that and closed his eyes, clenching his fist to keep from reacting the way this woman was provoking him to. The small pond behind him slowly began to ripple with his emotions and she gasped, pulling out her phones. "I'm calling the cops - "

A small cry escaped her lips as a bullet of water shot through her flimsy flip-phone - who in the hell carried those anymore? - and what was left of the device crashed to the ground. Still, the child seemed utterly fascinated and clapped her hands excitedly. Warren sighed and stood, shoving his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket.

"Try calling 'em now," he growled, turning icy blue eyes in her direction and she took a step back. Luckily for him, no one else was around this secluded part of the park. He had stopped in the small town to grab a bite to eat and sleep somewhere, but now, it was apparent that he probably should leave in case she actually ran to find the police or something. He grabbed a hold of the duffel bag and the bookbag he owned, hopped onto the skateboard, and pushed off, speeding away down the street.

Fifteen minutes later, Warren was seated in a taxi, picking off invisible pieces of lint on his clothing, trying to squash down the nerves that were annoying him. Try as he might, however, the nervousness at being in a new place was suffocating and pulled the collar of his shirt, exhaling deeply. As much as he wanted to relax, he knew he wouldn't be able to - not until he was able to see this academy for himself.

"We're just a few more minutes away," the driver said and Warren nodded, having refused to remove his dark shades. When he felt the guy still eyeing him in the rear view mirror. Cursing under his breath, Warren fixed the man with a sharp glare.

"Got a problem?"


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Katherine Anne "Kitty" Pryde


The alarm went off, making Kitty yelp in surprise as she was awoken from a very light sleep. She suddenly disappeared into the blankets, and found herself staring up on the bottom wooden frame of the bed from underneath.

“Jeepers…” She muttered as she rolled to her side and out from underneath the bed.

Finally dragging herself to her feet, Kitty let out a large, drawn-out yawn whilst she stretched her arms at the same time. She rubbed the blurry, sleepiness from her eyes as she stumbled over to her dresser blindly. With yet another yelp, she banged her hip on the corner of the dresser.

With a soft moan of annoyance, she threw her drawers open and picked out a nice little outfit for the day. She quickly combed her hair and brushed her teeth, and the moment that the white foam from the toothpaste was wiped from her mouth she threw open her door and made her way to the kitchen.

Her feet shuffled quickly down the hall, using the smooth soles of her shoes to glide across the hardwood floor occasionally. Kitty grabbed the railing of the stairs and plopped her butt on it, sliding down the smooth railing. If she had tried this four years ago, she would have fallen right on her arse, injuring herself and some poor bypasser within her vicinity. She hopped off with a smile and darted down the hallway.

Kitty found herself throwing open the kitchen door in a somewhat similar way she did to her bed room door. There was an odd, energetic grin on her face, despite the hour of the morning. She grabbed a bagel, a butter knife, a small packet of cream cheese and poured herself a glass of milk. She put the cream cheese on the bagel with the ut-most swiftness, though she almost cut herself with the knife. How Kitty could cut herself with a butter knife? Well, this is Kitty we were talking about.

Humming under her breath, Kitty skipping gleefully into the dining hall, bagel and milk in hand, to see it was occupied.

“Ahh, good morning Rogue. Lovely day, isn’t it?” She beamed, hoping to send some happiness in her direction. Everyone knows how much tension there has been between the two ever since Bobby had chosen Kitty over Rogue. Speak o’ tha Devil…”

“Mornin’ sweetheart!” Her grin was as playful as ever as she flashed it in his direction, plopping herself into the chair next to him. “It’s a lovely day to be expecting some new mutants. I remembered last year it was raining, that was rather pitiful. Everyone was gloomy. Definitely not the mood you wanna set for an entire year!” She giggling girlishly for practically no reason. She leaned back in her chair, her legs crossed, and took a bite out of her bagel, humming and giggling again as she licked a large glob of cream cheese off of the corner of her mouth.


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Bobby Drake


Bobby had been eating his cereal all alone in the kitchen when he heard the door open. He stopped and looked to see who it was. When he saw Rogue he couldn't help but smile. He looked at her and saw her nod and walk over to another table, by herself. Bobby sighed and stood up, he put his bowl in the sink and sat back down. He was drinking some O.J. when he saw Kitty walk in. He looked away and said to himself, '' Oh boy, this should be fun.'' He looked at Rogue and nodded and gave her a friendly smile and looked around, he could here the ever soft sound of the main door opening and people talking, signalling new mutants had arrived.

Bobby then smiled as he saw Kitty sit down beside him and say, ''Mornin’ sweetheart!” Bobby looked at her and said, '' Yes, yes it is.'' He gave her a smile and looked back at Rogue, he felt bad, but tried not to make it too obvious. “It’s a lovely day to be expecting some new mutants. I remembered last year it was raining, that was rather pitiful. Everyone was gloomy. Definitely not the mood you wanna set for an entire year!” Bobby smiled and said, '' Yes, I remember. I had a cold that week, right?'' He said with a joking tone in his voice. He watched as he saw Kitty lean back in her chair and lick a glob of cream cheese into her mouth. Bobby smiled and said, '' Well, I have to go. I have to great and introduce myself to the new students. I'll see you later, babe.'' Bobby stood up and kissed Kitty on her head, he looked at Rogue and said, '' Remember at noon we have to show the new students in the danger room our powers as examples. Don't be late.'' He gave her a smile and walked out of the kitchen the greet some new students.

Bobby walked into the main hall and saw a girl on the stair case, looking pretty lost. He knew she was new here and walked up to her and said, '' Hi, I'm Bobby Drake. Can I help you get to your room?'' Bobby asked as he looked at the paper in her hand that had numbers on it. Bobby was then supprised when he heard a voice come behind him. He looked and saw a girl.

Jessie Liles And Bobby Drake


Jessie walked into the main hall, after her parents left. Her jaw pretty much dropped to the floor as she saw the size of this place.
One could get lost in, Jessie walked over to the stairs when she saw another girl and guy. The boy was talking to her and Jessie sheepishly asked, '' Can anyone help? I'm lost.'' Bobby looked at her and said, '' My name is Bobby Drake, and I can help you with whatever it is.'' Jessie smiled and said, '' Oh, thank you. It's a pleasure to meet you Bobby, I'm Jessie Liles. I'm new and I need help getting registered and then I have to go and talk to Professor X.'' She said with a cheerful smile. Bobby looked at the other girl and said, '' I'm gonna go and help this girl get registered and then I'll come and help you, okay?'' Bobby turned and looked at Jessie again.

Bobby walked down the stairs with Jessie and said , '' Of course Jessie. I'll take you to registration. Then I'll hand you over to a female student who can take you to your room. Then after that you must meet Professor X.'' He looked at her and smiled, he then looked at her stuff and said, '' You have loads of stuff. Leave them here and a staff member will bring them to your room. So when your done you can walk to your room without such a heavy load. Since it's a long walk to your room.'' He smiled as he said that. Jessie looked at him and said, '' Thank you Bobby. And sure, lead the way.'' Jessie said that as she motioned Bobby to lead her to the registration room. Bobby took her up the stairs, then they took a right, then walked down the hall for a minute, then took a left into a room. There was a worker behind a desk and she was on the computer.

Bobby looked at her and said, '' Marie, we have a new student.'' Marie looked up and said,'' Of course. All she needs to do, is fill this paper out and she's done.'' Marie handed Jessie the paper and pen, Jessie took the paper and pen and started to fill it out. It had, date of birth, name, age, gender, grade, date, ect. Jessie filled it all out in five minutes. Jessie handed the paper and pen back to Marie and she said, '' Thank you Marie. Have a nice day.'' Jessie smiled and walked out the door with Bobby close behind her. Marie smiled and waved good bye to them. Bobby looked at Jessie and said, '' Alright, Jessie. You can find your room now right? You have the room number on that piece of paper. What room is it and who are you rooming with?'' Bobby said that as he moved a little closer to Jessie. Jessie looked at him and gave him her kind and sweet smile. She looked at the paper and said, ''[/color=blue] I'm in room LB73 in the Right wing, rooming with a Kitty Pryde.[/color]'' Jessie looked at Bobby after she said that.

Bobby smiled and said, '' You're rooming with my girl friend. This should be interesting.'' Bobby said that with joking laugh and he looked at Jessie. Jessie looked at him and said, '' Your girl friend? Aw man, I guess I was to late.'' She jokingly snapped her fingers and laughed when she said that. Bobby smiled and said, '' Alright. Go find your room. And yeah, you're late. Bye Jessie, I'll see you later.'' He said with a chuckle in his voice, he turned and walked back down stairs to wait for more new students to arrive. Jessie looked at him and laughed,she then said, '' Okay. Thanks Bobby, I'll see ya around.'' She smiled and waved as she saw him walk away. She then turned and went to go and find her room with high hopes that she wouldn't get lost while looking for it.

Bobby walked back to the stairs and saw that the girl hadn't left yet. He smiled and walked up to her, he smiled and said, '' Alright, now I can help you.'' Bobby smiled again and waited for the girl to reply.