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Nathanial 'Nate' Winters

"Leave me alone."

0 · 484 views · located in Xavier Academy

a character in “X-Men:Before The Last Stand 2.0”, as played by Belynta


Nathanial Winters


Name: Nathanial Winters

Nicknames: Nate

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Favourite Colour: Green

Appearance: Nate is 6'1" and weighs approximately 185 lbs. He has black hair that is mostly back from his face other than a few persistent tendrils that fall onto his forehead. He has green eyes and strong facial features. Many consider him handsome though he doesn't see this himself. He has a lean build, not overly muscular, he also has very little extra body fat on him a legacy of his mutant ability.


Mutant Name: Blaze

Mutant Power: Pyrokinesis - He can excite or accelerate an object's atoms, increasing their thermal energy making it ignite, not necessarily objects, but also air particles. He can also control and move the flames, including the shape, heat and even colour; that said, pretty much everything with this power comes down to: burning. This ability is also useful against those who possess Air Manipulation or Oxygen Manipulation as oxygen from the air can be used to make flames stronger. This is a very destructive ability and has the potential for a variety of uses such as wreathing himself in flames to protect him, to raising and lowering the temperature of a room, object or person. However these are applications he has not yet discovered and at present he can create fire, and manipulate the flames.

Weakness of power: Due to his power Nate's metabolism is faster than that of a normal human, and using his ability makes it even faster. As a consequence of this Nate has to replenish his energy levels almost constantly, as such he is always seen eating regardless of where he is. He knows from experience that if he does not keep his energy levels up he will fade and die very quickly possibly as quickly as in a few hours. Also Nate's ability is directly tied to his emotions and due to his history he has a great deal of negative emotions which he struggles to control. The power is volatile due to this and he is always aware that if he loses control he will hurt a lot of other people, himself included.

Non Mutant Skills: Nate has a good memory, and has always been good with numbers.


Personality: On the surface Nate comes across as overly serious and calm with little sense of humour, he rarely smiles and generally avoids close friendships with anyone. However beneath this cold exterior lies a typical young man, with the volatile emotions that comes with that. However in Nate's case due to his past he is angrier than most and has a deep rooted bitterness of his power. If he wasn't always frightened of it getting away from him he would perhaps enjoy what he can do but the fear of it escaping his control is too great for that. He yearns to be normal and to be able to laugh with people, form friendships and generally enjoy life. Instead his fear of harming others causes him to behave as though he does not want to be around others and does not need the companionship of other people. If people try and get close to him he will push them away by either ignoring them or if they persist harsh and insulting words.

Likes: Cold weather
Rock/Metal music
Computer games

Dislikes: Hot weather
Rap music
Sweet things
Being bored


Background: Nate was born in England to Elizabeth and Daniel Winters, his mother Elizabeth was a magazine editor and his father was a heart surgeon. As such the family was well off and Nate and his twin brother Patrick wanted for nothing. Though both his parents had busy lives they made sure they had plenty of time for both of their sons. When Nate was ten his mother was offered the job as head of a fashionable and very successful magazine based in New York City and the family made the decision to emigrate there from England. Although difficult at first the brothers eventually settled in to American life and both did well in their schools.

When Nate turned sixteen his power manifested and he accidentally set fire to his bedroom, luckily his parents managed to put the fire out before any serious harm was done. At first they were angry and believed he had set the fire by natural means but he did it again a few months later, this time in front of his parents. They were shocked at first and didn't know what to do, they had of course heard of mutants but had never thought that one of their sons would be one of them. As shocked as they were however they did not for one moment consider abandoning their son as they loved him too much for that. Instead they tried their best to adapt to living with a mutant and continue their lives. It was during the next two years that Nathanial began trying to control his thoughts and emotions in order to not have any more incidents. But due to his inability to control his power his parents decided that he should stay at home all the time for fear of someone spotting him. At first Nate was grateful at his family for helping him but as time passed his frustration and resentment at being hidden away boiled over and caused a horrific tragedy.

Police were called to his home late one night and they arrived to find the house ablaze and Nate sitting outside appearing to be in shock. Upon investigation once the fire had been put out they discovered the bodies of Nate's parents and twin brother. The police and fire services were stumped as they could not find a cause for the blaze that had burned hotter and fiercer than most house fires. Nate was investigated as a suspect for a time but due to no evidence the case was dropped. He had just turned eighteen when he was contacted by Cyclops at the behest of Professor Xavier. He was convinced to join the school to help control his power even if he was old enough to leave education. Nate agreed though he doubted it was possible for him to control it, but having nothing else to do and consumed with guilt for what had happened he joined the school as a student.


So begins...

Nathanial 'Nate' Winters's Story


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Xavier's place was pretty darn big.

Excusing the lack of much intellect in Evan's thoughts, the boy was correct, as he had already gotten lost a number of times. Evan, or Spyke, as he preferred, could be counted as a new student. Or maybe he couldn't. Having an relative that taught at the school was definitely a popularity booster, especially if she was the kind of teacher who went off saving the world with the X-Men on her Saturday afternoons. It was in this way he wished he was just a new student, as attention always made him weird.

Not that he wasn't weird already. He was a mutant. Weird was his middle name. Not really- he, actually, didn't have a middle name. But, that wasn't the point. Being the nephew of an X-Men was cool until he found out that was how he had been genetically passed his curse.

But, without being mutated, how else would he be standing, lost once more, in the halls of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters? That, he didn't know. So, Evan Rogers, the newbie that had managed to get separated from his aunt after he remembered her specifically saying "Don't wander off!", had a new perspective on being a lost mutant- a perspective that really made no sense. It was a loose-loose.

In fact, what made the situation worse, was that Spyke wasn't sure who to ask for help. As he knew none of the other students, asking to wrong person could be fatal- their mood combined with power might leave him as hedgehog-goulash. Not nice, his inner conscience scolded him at the sound of the former bullying word. Spyke's bone manipulation power had been a hit with the kids at his old school, as he had no control over it. Often, when his nerves were acting up, he'd find himself projecting spikes, much like some kind of porcupine indeed. Although he saw the similarities, that didn't mean he had to like the reference.

Wandering aimlessly through the hallway, not sure exactly where he was going, he almost didn't catch the loud echos of mutant voices- all of them eagerly chatting about registration. He had already registered... well, no, his aunt had really registered him but the difference didn't matter.

Following the sound of teenagers, he found himself right back where he had started when entering an hour or so ago. It was the foyer of the academy. Now in a familiar place, he may be able to find his way to... anywhere else. In fact, he really didn't have a preference. The foyer was full of new, happy students and if he ever stood a chance of his aunt finding him, it wouldn't happen here.

Spyke made for the door, casually yet awkwardly nodding to people as he went. He even gave a thumbs up to a group of nice looking mutant girls, but meanwhile slammed into some guy holding a rucksack and suitcase. "Sorry, man!"Evan yelped as he nearly tripped out the door and down the steps, just barely catching himself through a sharp piece of bone that broke through his skin (and shoe) and grounded him into the floor of the building. He tried to turn his grimace into a friendly smile and blinked away the pain. Smooth, Evan, he thought to himself. Very smooth.

"I suppose your new here too?" he guessed, as the kid had been standing in the doorway, looking slightly quizzical (100 points for Evan and his very slowly growing vocabulary!) before being body-slammed by the clumsy armadillo. Once again, smooth.

(I attempted to write this in my character's personality, so excuse me if it doesn't sound too great. In hind-sight, it wasn't as big of a failure as I assumed it might be from the get go.)