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Grieg C. Hart

"I suppose you think you're smart. Better than me. Above the law. Let's see how you survive in my domain, 'cause I'm not one to mess with, child."

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a character in “X.Y. Academy”, as played by SunshinexDeath



Your Name: Grieg C. Hart (Gree-iig Ha-rt)

Nickname?: 'Beat' and 'Snake'

Years of Age: 31

How Tall you stand: 6'2''

How much you Weigh: 153 lbs.

You Hail From..?: Dallas, Texas


"The last time I've checked, there was an anaconda in my trousers."

That should explain everything.


"I don't see how any of that is your business."

That has yet to be disclosed.

'Special'  Genetics (Any oddities, powers, etc.):

"I know how some of you feel.."

Grieg has a keen sense of.. Everything. All his senses are heightened- sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. Along with that, he has a.. Power, you may call it, of manipulation. When he gets mad, Grieg has a habit of mentally torturing a person. He is able to make the illusion of cutting neurons or sense stabs. They're.. very painful.

Skills: He's good at most sports. Has a knack for piano playing and the cello, pretty good at dancing as well. And all school subjects, especially math.

Academic Record: Strictly A's throughout Elementary and Middle School. He had some B's in Highschool- one time, a D. Ugh.

Describe  Yourself in this Portion:

"I can be seriously playful."

Grieg is, in the most simplest of terms, a stoic personality. The principal of the school is a quiet force of authority- having no trouble snapping at students who are breaking the rules. When it comes to play, he plays in a focused manner. When it comes to work, he works damn well and hard. Everything should have effort put into it, 100 percent. Nothing should be half-assed in his mind. That goes from his ironing, to his food, to his coffee and sugar balance, to his student. He is, though, a man of his word. When he says something about school, when he threatens you, don't take it merely as a 'threat.'

"Never a threat, always a promise."

The man could be a bit of a party-popper and a possessive fuck, but you do have to get to know him for Grieg to actually be... nice.

Family Life:

He was born into a sports family. His Mother won Track and Field three years in a row, his Father a Championship boxer in their hometown. Meanwhile, his brother was also a star when it came to the football field. Immediately when he began to walk, Grieg was placed into the mindset that excellence and achievements would only matter once you reached the very top. Nothing less than the greatest you could do was allowed.

Pushed, pushed, pushed.

So he did it. Grieg excelled in both the Academic and Physical parts of school, becoming a the front-runner in Soccer and scoring more than 15 goals. It wasn't until he hit Middle School did his genetics finally make themselves known.

His parents became distant, slightly disgusted. They did their best to hide his new abilities, but the more they suppressed, the more it rebelled. Finally, they decided to put him into a private academy that controls and teaches children to discover and handle their powers. To make them normal.

"It seemed as if whatever I did, however hard I tried, I wasn't good enough."

Grieg grew into himself. He looked out at the world as a barren land that had only gotten to this point in time because of success. Being pushed hard, fighting hard, dying hard. And to be someone in this land, he had to go along with the crowd- had to be successful, as well. From that point on, he did everything in his power to rise above anyone and everyone.

Leaving home at the tender age of 15, he provided for himself. Everything was a game to be won. Everyone was a formidable challenger that he would beat. And, eventually, he did. He beat everyone and rose to the top. Academically and career-wise. And that's all.

Normal Attire: When out o the school and off campus, Grieg takes a bit of a dramatic change. His hair is out and curls down to his upper neck. Out at lunch or something, he still dresses a little sharp. A blazer-like jacket opened up, showing a t-shirt. A pair of jeans, dark and casual, are the norm and sneakers. The 'Prince' still wears his glasses, but at times he puts them away.

School Attire: A pair of studios glasses tilt slump down his nose gently, the perfect look of the principal in his clothing. Grieg usually wears a dark business jacket buttoned up with pinstripe slacks and dress shoes- shined, of course. When he's seen without the cover-up, the man wears a snug-fitting dark purple vest and a white dress shirt. Everything is crisp and nice, ironed. There is usually not a smudge or a spot on his dark chocolate brown shoes, or a spot on his cufflinks. If anything, Grieg looks more like a model portraying a business man stepped out of a magazine.

Any Other Information? Please fill out On the Lines Below:

He has a strong love of things small and cute. Such as kittens. Grieg is also a skilled player of the Chinese Lute along with two other instruments mentioned above. He has a strange way of memorizing 8-digit numbers.

Position: Principal

Majors in:
-English Literature
-Music Theory

Minors in:
-Modern Dance

Past Academic Achievements:

Won several state and county soccer games as well as making A Honor Roll throughout his whole Middle School years. He was in the Future Educators program in Middle School, as well.

Duty in your Position:

To watch over the academy. He handles most bills, ideas, trouble, students and more. Along with hosting the initiation ceremony- and updating the lunch plan, mustn't forget that. Grieg is also very good at offering advice, as well as talking about certain plans and career paths you want to take when you're close to finishing school.

Work Times:
All day, everyday baby.

General Demeanor During School:

Strict, cold, and calm. He's a professional, and professionals have class. He's not going to yell at a child for something stupid, but he's not going to overlook anything either. At times, Grieg can be quite a dark, menacing force- especially when he gets that smirk about him..

And After School:

A bit more relaxed and quite.. polite, really. Grieg can be quite the charmer and does not talk often, but his words hold quite a bit of meaning. He loves music and literature and seems much- happier out of school grounds or when he has a break for work large enough for him to let loose.

How Long have you Been in this Position?:

Nine years and counting.

Credentials/References from other Jobs:

-Worked in a law firm for two years as an apprentice. His boss said he had great potential and, with time, will grow.
-At a coffee shop/tea shop. A charming, polite young man on most accounts of his customers, but also professional.
-Observed School activities/ Substitute Teacher. "He's not too soft, but not too hard. Wonderful with the students but doesn't let them slack off."

So begins...

Grieg C. Hart's Story