World is preparing for war between 3 forces, however Goddess has bound humans to each by a curse. Can this curse save humanity?

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Xaphar. Today this world is in peace with nature. Forests are prospering and animals are common sight even in large cities. But although humans are in peace with nature, they are not in peace with each other. World has divided into 3 large religions: Naturalism, Balancism and Machinism that differ in their beliefs as much as fire differs from water. You may wonder what lead to such diversion in beliefs. Well, a millennium ago nobody denied the use of machines, however a calamity fell upon world as Goddess - Meriada cursed humans for their laziness and dependence on machines. 1/7th part of humanity died and those who survived continued suffering from illnesses and hunger for centuries.

Now there are no signs left from calamity, but over centuries human beliefs started to divide and now they are preparing for war with each. Each factions has prepared special warriors and equipment to defeat their enemies and take over the world with their religion. However humans forgot to take into account an important detail. Since ancient times everyone have always lived in pairs. They were bound by a tattoo given by Meriada herself as a sign of absolute trust and love. All humans have to find that other special person who wears the same tattoo or else their life force will slowly start to perish. What will happen once war tries to tear apart what cannot be torn.



Naturalists. They live in Taronia and Goag. Naturalists believe that humans cannot use machines or electricity of any sort. They even restrain themselves to using as little metal as possible and try to cultivate animals and plants. Naturalists have great knowledge in medicine and they can cure nearly any illness.


Balancists. They live in Aeona, Hara and Oren and make the biggest part of human population. Balancists believe that is alright to use electricity as source of power and light as long as machines are not involved. They are great at using all natural resourses thus making their cities quite a spectacle of beauty and engineering.


Machinists. They are make the smallest group of humans and live in Nidia and Il. They believe that it is fine to use machines, because only reason goddess punished humans is wrong use of machines. Naturally machinists are great at building complicated machinery and weapons.


Since birth all humans are bound to another person who is their second hand, their most trusted partner and even lover. Partners as they are called have very tight link between each other and in some cases they can even read each other’s mind. Only way of finding your partner is by seeing their tattoo that is located in exact same place as yours and looks exactly the same as well. Partners usually share one trait either in personality or in looks that is exactly the same, however otherwise they can have nothing in common. Here are pairing slots that can be filled. (Other pairings can be made but these 3 have to be filled first).

Machinist – Naturalist
Naturalist – Balancist
Balancist – Machinist

Here are some roles one can take. Feel free to invent your own, these are only suggestions.

Balancist army general
Balancist prince/princess
Naturalist archer comander
Naturalist medic
Machinist mechanic
Machinist machine controller

Character sheet

You are free to use your own character skeleton, just don't forget to mention all the info needed.

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8. Write according to theme. Don't start writing about something unrelated in middle of some event.
9. Have fun!

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Hello! I was wondering if I may reserved a Naturalist character, please? If that is alright? I've just started the character yesterday, so it shouldn't take too long :)

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