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Kuan-Yin Feng (WIP)

"No knowledge is forbidden, all must be revealed."

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a character in “Xhiana: Impurity Of The Rose”, as played by WillCole



"I am currently a scholar of Mori. But one day, I will be known along the world."


Gender: Male

Place Of Birth: Mori (The Eastern City of the Forest)

Weaponry: Jian.

Age: 31

(Key Traits; Practical, Analytical, Exacting, Diligent,Picky,Cynical, Snobbish, Self-Centered)

Blood Type:
Type B
Key Traits: Creative, passionate, optimistic, flexible, forgetful, irresponsible, individualistic.


You have 115 points to spend. Please spend these points accordingly to what fits the character you're making. These will show you how well you can do certain skills among the RP and It will help me when it comes to story plot points. A maximum one attribute can have is 40

Strength: 15
Vitality: 17
Agility: 25
Speed: 13
Magic:Β 30
SpiritΒ 15

Powers & Abilities

These are things that make you a little different from normal humans. For every 5 Magic you have, you have 1 slot for abilities. The template for this is in "World Information"

Ability Name Earth Walk
Spell: Yes
Type: Magic/Earth
Description – The Feng family are full of lazy scholars, who look for any way out of doing something mundane. By casting the spell of Earth Walk, Gaia itself walks for you, raising the ground under one's feet and moving forward. Movement is slightly faster then basic walking (no running), and must be cast while barefoot. The max height Earth Walk will bring the ground up is one foot. The direction the earth travels is decided by the Mage's mind. (easy to sustain)

Ability Name Earth Wall
Spell: Yes
Type: Magic/Earth
Description – One of the most common Earth spells, and one with a nigh infinite amount of uses. The Mage focuses for a moment, and, pulling from his reserves of Chi, raises the earth to a max of 10 feet high, and three feet wide. Of course, the higher/wider the earth wall, the more Chi is requires to cast. The spell requires a couple of seconds to cast.

Ability Name Weapon of Earth
Spell: Yes
Type: Magic/Earth
Description – The Earth is where all are born, and where all the souls return to rest. By stabbing the ground with a weapon, Kuan-Yin can draw the earth around it, strengthening his it (or, if the weapon was destroyed, rebuild it). The weapon gain weight due to this, and causes Kuan-Yin's slashes to slow down, and makes him lose his balance. When a blade is covered by an element, that element envelopes the blade, and allows the wielder to manipulate that blade in ways that are naturally impossible. With the element of Earth, the wielder is able to stab forward with his blade, and reach a distant foe, and with fine manipulation, the wielder can cause the blade to change shape into a shield.

Ability Name Earth Meld
Spell: Yes
Type: Magic/Earth
Description – One of the most complex spells the Feng family ever created, and one that requires time and meditation to accomplish. When cast, Kuan-Yin can literally meld with the earth, garnering the fortitude of the earth, and manage to change his own shape. This form can only be kept for a short while before completely exhausting the caster. It requires a good 3 hours of concentration.

Ability Name Earth Spike
Spell: Yes
Type: Magic Earth
Description – A common Earth spell for Wizards, where the caster manipulates the earth into a spike of earth, able to rip through human flesh.

Ability Name Earth Warp
Spell: Yes
Type: Magic Earth
Description – A wizard spell capable of encompassing the caster or an ally in earth, protecting them. Like the spell Weapon of Earth, the body encompassed by the dirt will feel an increased weight, making it harder for beings under 16 strength to move.


Language – Common Tongue - 15
The standard Human tongue, lingua franca on most worlds. Most, if not all, adventurers will be fluent in this language to one degree or another. This Skill is given to all starting characters, regardless of Job.Β 
Default Attribute: Magic (MAG) Type: Intuitive
This Skill measures a character’s collective sensory awareness. In the field, it is mainly used to spot hidden items, secret passages, and other incongruities that might not be noticeable at first glance. At higher levels, Characters with this Skill gain a certain sixth sense when it comes to spotting potential dangers or noticing when something isn’t quite right – a con-man attempting to swindle the party out of its Gil with counterfeit Elixirs is just as likely to get the neck-hairs tingling as a dozen slavering beasts waiting in ambush around the corner. (As a GM I will be the one to say if those with this skill realize anything)

Lore (Magic: Earth Element)-25
Lore (Magic: Darkness)-5
Lore (Magic: Light)-11
Lore (History: Mori)-20
Lore (Folklore: Mori)-15
Lore (Area: Mori)-20
Lore (Deities of Mori)-12
Lore (Beasts of the Forest)-11

Default Attribute: Spirit (SPR) Type: Learned
Skills that cover a character's understanding of a particular concept or area, abstract or not – facts, figures, and essential information relating to a subject the character has studied in at least some detail. The quality, quantity, and detail of a character's knowledge in a particular Lore will increase with the Skill Rating. Though the sample Lores given below are broad, they can be as specialized as the player wants – the advantage in doing so is that information considered 'obscure' in a general Lore can be common knowledge in a specialized one.

Art- 10
Defaults Attribute: Spirit (SPR) Type: Learned
This Skill embodies a general appreciation and knowledge of the arts: painting, sketching, sculpture, architecture, and all techniques and practices associated with the like. A character with this Skill may create her own art, attempt to identify the works of others, or even forge an existing piece to pass off as the original.
Default Attribute: Magic (MAG) Type: Learned
Knowledge of compounds and chemical principles allows a character with this Skill to brew up a wide variety of useful mixtures, potions and tinctures.

Default Attribute: Magic (MAG) Type: Intuitive
The location of an ancient tomb, an obscure local legend, the address of the nearest inn in town – characters with the Inquiry Skill are adept of digging up the information they need as quickly and painlessly as possible. One Task Check must be made for each piece of information the character wishes to locate; the amount of time spent searching can vary between half an hour and several days, depending on the breadth of resources available to the character. A failure simply means the character isn't able to locate the information and may continue trying, while a Botch means the information just isn't available – or that the search has ended in serious trouble. (I'll lead you through this as GM)

Default Attribute: Agility (AGI) Type: Intuitive
This Skill covers larger bladed weapons, including Light Swords, Swords, Greatswords, and Katanas.

Default Attribute: Magic (MAG) Type: Intuitive
By combining clues with old-fashioned instinct, a character with this Skill can track a quarry – animal, human, or otherwise – over a distance. A character must make an initial Task Check to pick up a target's trail; more Task Checks may be required to stay on the trail if following the target over longer distances. Any failures during the tracking process mean that the character has lost the target, though the GM may allow her to make another Task Check with an increased modifier in order to resume pursuit. (If we ever come to a chase scene I will keep you informed if any checks will be needed – remember checks are totally up to you and I expect you to be fair.. It is ok for your character to get us lost at some point to add more to the game lol.

Default Attribute: Magic (MAG) Type: Learned
Knowing haute cuisine may not improve one's reputation as a fearsome warrior, but when the alternative is another week's worth of dried meat, nobody's liable to complain. A character with this Skill knows how to prepare and identify all types of dishes with a successful Task Check. Often you can control this yourself but if a task check ever comes into play I'll let you know.

Default Attribute: Magic (MAG) Type: Learned
A character with this Skill knows enough about the body and its workings to diagnose and treat most kinds of sickness and injury. A successful Task Check is required for a correct diagnosis; another for the treatment if the character has the means to carry it out. Failure in either could have drastic consequences for the patient. Healing can also enhance a party's natural recovery (This can be first aid as well)

Default Attribute: Spirit (SPR) Type: Intuitive
This Skill gives a character the ability to act and speak diplomatically regardless of the circumstances, observing and respecting the sensibilities of others. A successful Task Check allows a character to discern the most appropriate code of conduct in a given situation, and act accordingly; a failure results in the character misinterpreting the situation, with potentially disasterous results. Botches will almost always result in a diplomatic gaffe of the first order.



Ancient History:
The Feng family is an ancient one, dating back to the Matriarch Ting Ting, who lived almost three centuries ago. That woman, coming from a unknown family, found something splendid, something magical, and it changed her life. And from then on, the Feng family have guarded this 'thing', keeping it a huge secret.

Family Ties:
The Feng family is known to many scholars and Chi users as excellent manipulators of the Earth, and as experts on the Forest Village. Being granted audience with the family leader is a grand honor, though few are ever granted such tidings.


Kuan-Yin's brother, Shing Feng. Even at a young age, the two brothers were never on good terms, but they certainly did not have the relationship they have now. Shing is a villainous person, almost the exact opposite of Kuan-Yin. While Kuan-Yin simply wishes to reveal the secrets that his family holds to the rest of the world, Shing wishes to keep the secret hidden, and to be the only one to ever benefit from it. And to Shing, if Kuan-Yin wishes to reveal the secret, his brother must be stopped, permanently.

As a notable scholar in this world, Kuan-Yin has spent times with scholars notable for their knowledge of Chi and history. His favorite past-time is to travel to a city to spread knowledge and learn more.

Higher Calling:
Many claim that certain types of knowledge are far too dangerous to be known. Kuan-Yin begs to differ. No matter what the knowledge could do, Kuan-Yin feels that he must study and learn. He has even studied the lore of the dark chi, though all he knows about it is simple hearsay and rumors. Kuan-Yin considers knowledge as the ultimate ideal, and he can not even fathom hiding information from those who deserve to learn it, even if the knowledge is dangerous.


Eidetic Memory

Secret Place:
His family keeps a shrine of the Earth hidden, drawing from it's strength in times of need.



Kuan-Yin sports a bit of facial hair, kept to a scholarly minimum, as well as long ponytailed hair, while sometimes wearing a straw hat on his head. He wears a number of cloaks draped over his shoulder, generally single colored, and wears a Yukata. His appearance looks messy, as he truly doesn't care about his appearance. He is a tall person for his family, being 5”8, and is relatively thin.

Kuan-Yin Feng is a quiet man when not engaged, but if he is interested in the situation, he will become energetic and passionate. He is an individualistic person, and is not worried about the effects his actions or studies cause. The world could be burning up, but he'd still have to finish up the last chapter of his book. In battle, he looks simply irritated, as if the fact that he is forced into combat is simply an inconvenience as opposed to a dangerous event. Right after the battle ends, he returns to reading his book or talking to his allies.

Kuan-Yin loves everything associated with learning. He loves the intelligent, the well read, and the worldly, pretty much anyone he can learn or teach something to. He does not dislike the foolish, he simply doesn't care for them at all.

The Feng Family:

The Feng family began three centuries ago, by the Matriarch Ting Ting, after becoming a Sage of Earth, and an Acolyte of Dark Chi. The family grew in prominence during those centuries, with each matriarch or patriarch being at least a Sage in one realm of magic. They are stationed in Mori as masterful scholars focused on knowing everything possible about their region and city, for some odd reason. Their family home is based outside of the village, but members of the family regularly visit the village, be it to give advice to the nobility, to teach the commoners, or to engage in debates with the town scholars.

Their mastery of the element of the earth has allowed them to create new spells, as well as improve upon old ones, and it is generally assumed that these spells were created through simple superiority of magic, but there are rumors that float around about the Feng family. Some say that the Patriarch (or Matriarch) makes a pact with an Oni to garner these spells, and some take it a step further by saying that the original Matriarch was a first-circle Oni herself.

List of Leaders:

Matriarch Ting Ting (40 Years of Leadership)
Notable Action: Founder of the Feng family.
Patriarch Chen (30 years of Leadership)
Notable Action: Creator of the Spell Earth Meld
Patriarch Fai (30 years of Leadership)
Notable Action: Creator of the spell Earth Walk
Matriarch Zi (25 years of Leadership)
Notable Action: First Priest in the Feng Family
Matriarch Yi Ze (35 years of leadership)
Notable Action: Became a sage of Fire as well as Earth
Matriarch Xiu (40 years of leadership)
Notable Action: None
Patriarch Long (50 years of leadership)
Notable Action: Moved the family house to the south of Mori, and created the path of dirt to Mori.
Patriarch Kong (10 years of leadership)
Notable Action: None
Patriarch Shing (30 years of leadership)
Notable Action: None
Matriarch Yan Yan (10 years of leadership and counting)
Notable Action: Sired two children, and decided to allow the two to fight amongst themselves for the title of patriarch when she steps down.

Kuan-Yin's History

His brother was born in the 18th year of Patriarch Shing's rule, and he himself was born in the 19th year, almost exactly a year after his brother's birth. His brother was named after the Patriarch, but Kuan-Yin's name was born out of a desire of the mother to balance out the family's chi. Shing was victory, Kuan-Yin had to be mercy. Unbeknownst to the mother, Yan Yan, the family's chi would be chaotic for as long as the two children would both be alive. Shing would grow up to be a cruel mage, wishing to dominate the world with magical prowess beyond that of mortal man, and Kuan-Yin would grow to be a man of learning, spreading secrets that could affect the whole world without care, and learning secrets that could destroy the world.

The two boys were fated rivals, and hated each other from the moment they knew what the annoying feeling was. However, as much as they hated each other, they still worked together, learning the art of magic, and what it truly meant to be members of the Feng family. At the ripe age of 10 and 11, Shing and Kuan-Yin were invited to the secret shrine of the earth, where the secrets of the earth was revealed to them. They had instantly masted the lore about the earth, and the ability to manipulate Chi was awoken from within them. Their grandfather, Patriarch Shing, at that time, began to tutor the young children in the art of magic, teaching them of the element, and of how to manipulate the element.

During the years of tutelage under the Patriarch, the kids did not have time to waste, so their studies went unhindered for 10 years, until the Patriarch fell ill and died suddenly. The family wasted no time, and the children's mother Yan Yan was raised to be Matriarch of the family. There was much rejoicing that night, which struck Kuan-Yin as odd, but being only 20, he simply accepted the event. However, with the patriarch dead, the children's studies slowed down, with the Matriarch spending much less time teaching the two brothers the art of magic. During this extra time, Kuan-Yin and his brother Shing spent time learning lore, and debating philosophical questions. This went along for three years, until Shing and Kuan-Yin got into a debate about secrets. Kuan-Yin was fierce about wishing to let all information be revealed, hating the government for banning the dark arts, and wishing to reveal the secret shrine of earth to the world. Shing considered the idea horrifying and wrong, the idea of everyone being able to garner knowledge of dangerous and powerful topics was simply crazy to him. The two posed their debate to the matriarch, and she simply chuckled.

β€œIf you can not decide the answer by yourselves, make sure your opinion is the one that lasts.” She then added, turning away from the brothers. Kuan-Yin took this statement to mean that he should look for like-minded scholars, which he immediately did, taking the path of earth straight to Mori, and then rode to Yu and other cities. There, he learnt information about light and dark chi, but most importantly, he found other scholars who agreed with him in almost all circles, from alchemists to swordsmen, and Kuan-Yin learnt from them all. The only secret he kept was that of the secret shrine, feeling that he had no right to reveal it until he inherited the family.

Shing, however, took it to a deadly level. His brother was stubborn, and would never change his opinion for anyone, so the only way to remove his opinion is for him to die with it. With deadly intent and pure hatred, Shing attempted at many a time to kill Kuan-Yin. Thankfully, so far, Shing has failed.

At age 31, Kuan-Yin Feng received a letter from one of his friends, telling him of another interesting tidbit of information he managed to garner about magic. Hopefully the man isn't making a joke. The travel to Yu is long and boring, even if Kuan-Yin doesn't need to do a thing to get there.

So begins...

Kuan-Yin Feng (WIP)'s Story


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The beating of the bird's wings woke Kuan-Yin from a short nap, an-unexpected occurrence, but not a rare one. The young bird was carrying a scroll in it's claws, which was an outdated way to send a messege, to a scholar's mind at least, but Kuan-Yin's friend, Po was an outdated scholar. Even though he could easily have invoked a Wind specialist into transporting a letter, Po would never use magic in such a vulgar manner. He was a fool, and yet wise beyond tell. It was odd, but that was the norm among scholars. Brilliant and yet idiotic. Most did not have the grace of a Feng, but in the end, it was what they studied made them scholars, not how.

After a few moments of considerations, Kuan-Yin raised his arm towards the bird's claws, and the impatient bird simply dropped the scroll, and flew away, looking somewhat tired. It did not bother Kuan-Yin, who picked up the scroll, and opened it. The letter was a short one, informing Kuan-Yin of a recent finding in the old manuscripts of a reference to the Arts and the Feng family. It was probably an unimportant and trivial detail, but it was some sort of information, and information is always important. This is what sent Kuan-Yin to Yu, not the empresses' speech, simply a response to his friend's request.

Once Kuan-Yin arrived in Yu, he immediatley headed towards an inn, and payed for a room with his coin. The inn was where he met, sometimes in secret, sometimes in public, with other scholars to discuss the forbidden and the permitted. This time was no exception, and Po arrived at the same inn, at the same night, as the two always did. They had small talk, they expressed their hopes and aspirations, and then opened up the manuscripts the referenced the dark arts. It was a waste of time, unfortunately, as nothing really new was found, but it had solidified a few theories the two had. Kuan-Yin, however, knew something was up.

β€œPo, why did you send to me for this? We don't meet for the insignificant stuff.” Kuan-Yin expressed, looking at his friend, inquisitively. Of course, Po nodded, and began to express his true reason for the meeting.

β€œThings are changing in the empire, Kuan-Yin. And yes, I know that you aren't interested in polotics, but I've seen your brother in the area recently. Big things are happening, and we in Yu need you rather then your brother as the Feng representative.” Po says, stressig the fact that the brother of Kuan-Yin had arrived in the area. At that point in time, Kuan-Yin realized the seriousness of the situation. His brother was not a good man, and it could be disastrous if he does something in the region.

Kuan-Yin then nodded, and went outside to order his retainers to inform the family that he would be in Yu for a while.