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Yakuza Madness

Yakuza Madness


It is Japan in an alternate present. The yakuza control parts of Yazamiya city and fight against samurai and police. But it seems more like they are up to nonsense instead of crime.

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It is an alternate present. The invention of gunpowder was never made and therefore people still fight with swords and bows, In Yazamiya city, Japan, the yakuza who controll large parts of the city are in a constant fight with the police and samurai. The yakuza here dont get in trouble for crimes normally compared to other cities but for constantly doing nonsense, such as one clan decided it would be funny to steal all underwear from the local police. But as a new clan arrives actually doing what yakuza do and start capturing other clan territories, it comes to an all out war to protect turf. The original yakuza clans of the city know they will succeed.

Setting: Most of the buildings in Yazamiya city are of the old japanese architecture. The city has about 450,000 inhabitants,

Character sheet:

Clothing (can be modern or traditional)
Main task (like collecting money, being the clan idiot, etc.)

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#, as written by Aniihya
It was the early morning and a man was on the run from something. Something or someone was following him. But then he ran into a dead end. The next moment he was screaming. At sunrise, in the same alleyway there was blood smeared on the walls and a headless mutilated corpse. At the same time, a packet arrived at the residency of one of the bosses of the invading yakuza. In it was the head of the murdered man and a note saying: "This is a warning. Get off my turf or you will regret it." Behind where the packet was standing, someone had taken a dump. It was unknown if the yakuza bosses was angry because of the threat or because of the piece of feces at his doorstep. But someone definitely had the nerve to do it.

At the Miahara clan house, Kaede Miahara stood there in front of a block of wood. It was for training. There was a quick flash and the block of wood suddenly just pulverized. "Wow. You really have power with your sword." A henchman said. Then Kaede turned to him: "I used neither of my swords. It was a test of physical strength and durability." The henchman was surprised that she destroyed a block of wood so fast that her movement wasnt even seen and with her bare hands. Kaede then went to the opposite side of her little pond and pulled her wooden sword. "Do you think this will get wet?" She asked and then quickly swung her wooden sword. There wasnt even a drop of water on the sword although it looked like she had swung it through the water. "You need to cool off. You shouldnt be surprised by my abilities." Kaede said and turned the wooden sword so she would hit the water with the flat end. She then swung and a large amount of water soaked the henchman. One third of the water in the pond was gone. "Did you hear? A man, probably a henchman of the rivaling yakuza, was found dead and headless in an alleyway this morning." Kaede said. "It deserves them right. No one tries to take my territory no anyone elses here."


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Masenai Autoro, Owner of the Autoro's Blades sword shop, was just checking his stock of swords and other assorted blades, all the while wondering what today has in store for him. He smiled at the blades he had crafted and he went upstairs to his room and opened a hidden compartment and looked at the hidden shrine dedicated to his grandfather. He gave a small bow of respect before he left what was in the shrine alone as he wouldn't have need of them in the day time.

He sat down on his chair and waited for any potential customer for a fine blade. He would then get gossip from the said customer about any news and then that would be when the real fun began for his other job. Mercenary assassin.

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"This is our city."
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"No respectable woman would ever be a samurai..."
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0 sightings Masenai Autoro played by Firewind
"Time to go to work.... wait which one?"

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Character Portrait: Kaede Miahara


Character Portrait: Kaede Miahara
Kaede Miahara

Huh so someone wants to take my territory?


Character Portrait: Kaede Miahara
Kaede Miahara

Huh so someone wants to take my territory?

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Character Portrait: Kaede Miahara
Kaede Miahara

Huh so someone wants to take my territory?

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There are multiple clans in town but if you want your characters to be in my characters clan, then feel free to do so.

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Question: Is your chatracter the head of the local Yakuza? Theo ne my characters belong to?

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First post anyone?

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okay we can start

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I'm thinking about Making a char.

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Okay, i just submitted two characters. Midori is finished, but I have class now, So I'll finish Temuji later

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I might not be able to answer any questions or post my own character until Friday or Saturday since I am flying from Japan to Germany tomorrow.

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