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Pepper Goldstien

"I'm not as fragile as I look.."

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a character in “Year 100”, as played by xXPepperWattzXx





⌡Full Name⌠ ⌡Nickname⌠
Pepper Elvira Goldstien Scarlett, Myshka(Means little mouse.)

⌡Age⌠ ⌡Gender⌠
19 Female

◘Physical Appearance◘

⌡Physical Discription⌠


Her hair is long and bright red, giving her the nickname Scarlett, though she usually has it up in a ponytail. She often has grime and dirt on her pale white skin, as most of her time is spent in the wasteland. Her eyes are a bright blue with flakes of brown hidden around the edges of her iris. The wastelands haven't been kind to her, causing multiple scars and burns to cover her arms and body. The one that stands out the most is a scar leading from her upper left eyebrow to the right side of her nose from a fight she almost never speaks of. She is rather short for her age, only standing at 5'00", though she is much tougher then she looks.



Located on her inner right wrist, this tattoo symbolizes the tribe in which Pepper was born, known as the Myshk, or mouse tribe.

◘Psychological Evaluation◘


Growing up in the wastes hasn't been easy on her, making her hard like a rock and stubborn like a mule. She rarely makes personal connections with people and tries to keep to herself. She doesn't much like when people try to get into her personal business, as she likes keep her past in the past. Depending on the circumstances, she will either ignore you or come off as rather rude, though she is purely putting up a wall to guard herself from pain.

At first glance, she comes off as a self centered bitchy girl who is ignorant of the world, though the more you get to know her, the more you realize she's just trying to save herself from more pain then she's already gone through. She doesn't let gender or attraction cloud her judgment, in fact a relationship is the last thing on her mind.

Most men around her follow her around like a lost puppy, though she shews them away like flies. She spends her time trying to survive and suspeciously gathers larger amounts of food and water then one person could need, even if they where trying to get rich. She almost never talks to people first but this should not be confused for shyness.


Pepper Elvira Goldstien was born to a small family of four including her, her parents, and her older brother, Valentin. They where happy, living in a small settlement of the Myshk clan. Their small village was made mostly of shanties located under a bridge to the far northern edge of Moenia. She lived happily with her family and often spent her time helping her older brother with chores and such. She had friends and loved to play with them in the uninhabited parts of the metro ruins. They played hide and seek and tag to occupy most of their free time.

One year on her ninth birthday, Pepper's village was raided by bandits. The cruel people killed most of the men and raped the women, keeping the majority of the children as slaves. Luckily, Pepper hid in the tunnels, tucked away in her favorite hiding space. She snuck out the next day only to find a pile of corpses piled up at the entrance to the tunnels. She saw her mother and father's lifeless bodies clinging to each other desperately. She cried for hours before shaking away the tears. She couldn't find her brother's body, but feared the worst.

Pepper gathered up what she could and set off, trying desperately to survive in the harsh environment. As the years past, she grew to the age of 16 and met a man who went by the name of Joffery. He was around 46 and seemed to take a certain likeing for Pepper, who hadn't spoken to any other people before that. he told her that he had seen a young man that went by the name of Valentin on his way through the Vorona clan main settlement, and promised to take Pepper to him. As they walked, Pepper noticed that they where going in the opposite direction and asked the older man where they were really going. He shook his head and sighed, realizing his plan had failed. "I WAS going to take you to the slavers, but seeing as you're smarter then I anticipated, I suppose I'll just get of rid of you." He smiled menacingly. "Though it would be a waste to just kill you and be done with it."

Joffery beat and raped her, leaving her to die. She pulled herself together and moved into the tunnels, living with the ghouls. As she got older she continued surviving and looking for her older brother while helping the kind people of the ruined metro tunnels to survive.

So begins...

Pepper Goldstien's Story


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