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Kill Yourself Human

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a character in “|| Yet Another Storage ||”, as played by slimmyjimjim



People die. Yes. The bad ones are sent to hell. Yes. And they are tortured for all eternity. No, there is a second chance for the damned that few souls know about, it is a painful and extensive process which takes years to under go. Most human souls can't even handle it, but the ones that make it become demons with their own supernatural ability and are allowed to pick a new name, with their new found gifts they are given assignments in the form of marked souls to be taken back to hell.

So they are brought back to earth in order to pester, annoy, agitate and be and over all nuisance to this person, pushing them into killing themselves. When they do the soul is taken to hell to either be tortured or turned into another demon, however, if a demon fails in taking that soul to hell then they are fired and their soul is taken to the deepest circle of hell to be given the worst that hell has to offer.

When a demon is sent to earth they cannot be seen or heard by anyone except their target, demons also cannot touch anything or influence anything in any way, apart from using their abilities, they are only able to stand on the ground. Demons also cannot leave the side of their target unable to go further than fifty yards away from the soul before they start to get the sensation of choking until going back into the twenty yard sphere.

Demons don't need to eat, sleep or breathe and keep the scars and clothes from when they died they are capable of changing clothes but mostly stick to the same outfit. Other demons can see each other as well as souls marked can see other demons and speak to them. Demons start off in a state in between earth and hell slowly becoming a part of the human world starting off by being able to touch things then being seen and heard, a demon fails when it becomes fully enveloped into the human world.


Demons look fairly normal, very human like without horns or wing but with small things that make them seem inhuman strange eyes, discolored hair, sharp teeth. Other than that and their 'death marks' they seem completely human until they unleash their ability.

Recently the devil has gotten bored and has purposefully tagged a group of humans in close proximity of each other in order to shake up some entertainment, the humans have each been given demons to torment them but what will happen when they all meet each other?


~Pair one~

Name | Male | Age | Ability | Kousuke Seto | OPEN
Name | Female | Age | Occupation | Aoyaa Nanami | OPEN

~Pair Two~

Name | Male | Age | Occupation | Haru Nanase | OPEN
Name | Female | Age | Ability | Hime Yarizakura | RESERVED

~Pair Three~

Name | Male | Age | Ability | Rentaro Satomi | OPEN
Name | Female | Age | Occupation | Mitsuki Nase | OPEN

~Pair Four~

Name | Male | Age | Occupation | Masaomi Kida | OPEN
Name | Female | Age | Ability | Erio Tลwa | OPEN

~Pair Five~

Name | Male | Age | Ability | Yukine | OPEN
Name | Female | Age | Occupation | Taiga Aisaka | OPEN

~Pair Six~

Name | Male | Age | Occupation | Satoshi Fukube | RESERVED
Name | Female | Age | Ability | Hajime | OPEN

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[center][img]character name[/img]
[b]||Name ||[/b]

[b]|| Age ||[/b]

[b]|| Gender ||[/b]

[b]|| Race ||[/b]
{Human or Demon}

[b]|| Occupation/ability ||[/b]

[b]|| Sexuality ||[/b]

[b]|| Face Claim ||[/b]

[b]|| Likes ||[/b]
at least five

[b]|| Dislikes ||[/b]
at least five

[b]|| Personalities ||[/b]
[i]trait | trait | trait | trait | trait[/i]

at least one paragraph

[b]|| Hair ||[/b]

[b]|| Eyes ||[/b]

[b]|| Height ||[/b]

[b]|| Weight ||[/b]

[b]|| Appearance ||[/b]
at least one paragraph

[b]|| Occupation/Ability ||[/b]
{Occupation if human, ability if demon write here in more detail}

[b]|| History ||[/b]
at least two paragraphs{if human list family members, if demon tell how you died and how long ago why they got sent to hell in the first place, if neither well then you're not a part of this roleplay get out.}โ€‹[/center]


Creativity|| both characters and content are expected to be as creative and unique as possible, as there is no way to measure creativity so just as long as your content isn't cliche or uninspired you should be fine. This rule is to help people think outside the box, the more interesting the story or character the better. I am willing to change or switch around face claims if needed all you need to do is ask, reservations are required in order to receive a character, no randoms.

Commitment|| The average two posts per week is a minimum with at least three paragraphs per post, I am a very impatient person so don't be surprised if i shoot you a message reminding you of the roleplay that you made a commitment to. If you cannot fill out this requirement then I suggest you just pass over this particular roleplay. The reservation password is what your favorite ice cream flavor.

Community|| Remember to be kind to your fellow roleplayers, we are all here to enjoy the same thing so keep fighting out of OOC. If you have a problem with something that someone does in the roleplay message them about it, and god modding is, of coarse, banned. Keep it clean, fade sexual content to black and take it to PC.

So begins...

Kill Yourself Human's Story