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Birth Name:: Wang Bai Chun

Stage Name: W.Prince

Age: 19 "Older twin here!"

Birthday: February 25, 1993

Group: Nebula

Position: Main Rapper

Face Claim: Daeryong (Tasty)

Sexual Orientation: "Gotta love both sides of that lovely coin." Bisexual

Favorite Food: "Love me my cake!" Strawberry Shortcake

Favorite Color: Electric Blue "It's in my hair! Look!"

Blood Type: "Wha..?" AB+

Hobby: Rapping and debating

Specialty: Rapping

Bai is the Black Prince of the twins. Confident in his actions, nothing can break his confidence. Well, maybe being told he isn't good by someone he looks up to... But he knows how good he is and how rare that'd be! He love having fun but knows when to not goof off as much.

Just don't make him sing. Ever. That's his brother's specialty, not his. There's a reason Bai didn't sign up to be a vocalist. His singing voice isn't all that great. He also isn't great in conflict. He's not a pacifist, it's the opposite problem. If Bai doesn't agree with you and/or your actions, he'll argue and possibly fight someone.

Born in smoggy Beijing, Bai was the younger twin of the Wang family, a very happy, though poorer, family. Bai always grew up hiding Hei, his shy younger brother when they were little. Not that he minded, this way they were left alone, as they liked it. They found music together and Bai found his calling as a rapper. As the twins grew up, they slowly began to integrate themselves into the general populous of middle school.

That's when they noticed that they had girls following them where ever they went. And some guys. When approached with the opportunity to join a amateur band, they hesitantly agreed. Soon after they performed for the first time, they had their own fanclub and their own name, the Prince Twins. They took well to that. Their parents loved the idea of their children being famous. It might bring more money to the family.

Even before they started high school, they signed up for idol training. Only problem was the agencies in China weren't looking for fresh talent. They almost gave up their dreams until one of their fans sent them a flyer for an audition in Korea. Their parents took all of their life savings and spent it on their twins, who were speechless at the new clothes and one round tickets to Korea. Kissing China goodbye, the twins were on their way. They spent the plane ride learning important Korean phrases

At the auditions, they totally made it in. Excited, they told their parents, who congratulated them. They debuted in Nebula, with two other people. They like the other members like family, even if they may not like them.

So begins...

W.Prince's Story