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Kellen May Harper

"Aw, c'mon. Loosen up a bit, have some fun!"

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a character in “YG Entertainment”, originally authored by RawkFist, as played by RolePlayGateway



[url]Theme; T.B.A.[/url]


"Aw, c'mon. Loosen up a bit, have some fun!"

ImageName; Kellen May Harper.

Nickname/stage name; Kelli.

Age; Eighteen.

Gender; Male.

Sexuality; Bisexual.

Nationality; Korean.

Height; 5'10".

Weight; 130lbs.

ImageImageImageTalent; Kelli's main focus is his evidently skilled vocal ability. He is able to dance a little as well, but he prefers to sing. And, with the ability to sing also comes the skill of rapping; it's not something he likes to focus on over his singing but he's up for it if the group is in need of a rapper.

Group; (to be decided).

Personality; Kellen is like any typical teenager in terms of the way he communicates towards others and how he responds to different situations. He's a very happy young lad, who values every aspect of his career, as well as his family, friends and life as a whole. Despite this, he can be seen as a rebellious teenager, due to the fact that he went against his father in order to actually sign up and follow the career he'd dreamed of pursuing even as a small child. He wasn't raised improperly or anything; he hated following such a strict set of rules, so he started to rebel and while he never was much of a trouble-maker, he did what he could to prove to his parents that he had never been and would never be their 'dream child'. This included styling his hair, changing his wardrobe completely and leaving home.

While he is fairly humble, he would never deny that he has skill; if he did, he certainly wouldn't feel confident enough to enter himself into this sort of competition. Some people will often mistake his strong sense of self-confidence as narcissism or cockiness, but he genuinely is a nice boy. He's definitely not the type to rub his success in the faces of the people around him, and is quite happy to accept his failure with his head held high. It is also very hard to anger him, though that doesn't mean it never happens because there are certain things in the world that get on his last nerve, but it takes a fair bit of poking to have him act out against you - be it physically or verbally. Kelli is dead set on winning the competition but, despite how much he wants to be successful, he would never dream of stepping on his friends to get there.

Kellen is a jokester, who loves to prank his friends, enemies and family. You'll rarely ever see him without a huge smile plastered onto his face. If you ever managed to catch him while he in a bad mood, you won't have to wait very long before he's your best friend again, who is laughing and joking about the most ridiculous things. His sense of humour is especially strange and he knows it; he figures that it makes him sort of unique, without making him stand out too much. On an average day, when everyone is hung over from the night before, Kelli is the sort of guy to still be jumping around the place with a drink in his hand, screaming out songs that make absolutely no sense. People get annoyed by him very easily, but he honestly doesn't care. And why should he? That's just how he is.

ImageImageHistory; Kellen grew up in a fairly loose household, in complete opposite to most Asian stereotypes, in the sense that there were no strict rules that were to be followed at all times and he was free to do as he wished, within reason of course. He and his father had the sort of relationship where Kellen was free so long as he wasn't a trouble-maker and he stayed focussed on school. They struck up a deal and by Kellen's 16th birthday, he'd gotten pretty comfortable with the arrangement. The bond between father and son continued to grow, seemingly stronger and stronger each day, and Kellen was happy with his life. He was getting good grades at school, he had friends and he had future plans, which he still intends to follow for the sake of his Father.

Not much changed after his father became ill. He tried not to let the depression that surrounded him take over his life completely, so while the rest of his family were sitting around in heaps of tears, Kellen was out practicing at his local Youth club, where he learnt how to dance as well as to enhance his vocal ability. There he made quite a handful of close friends. Then, after the death of his Father, the suppressed emotions began to take their toll. He still never let it ruin his life completely but there were quite a few days where he was unable to even move out of bed. It took him a long while to get over it all and when he finally thought that life was looking up again, his mother decided to remarry with a man she'd met at the Gym, called Gary, and had known for a duration of about a month and a bit. He was severely angry, to say the least, because a) he refused to let the new guy take over his father's place and b) he hated his new last name... With a passion.

You could say that this is the point where Kellen started to rebel against both his mother and his new father alike. He hated Gary for trying to act like a father figure and he hated his own mother for thinking she could ever love again. He decided that, to make his real father proud, he would pursue the career that they'd talked about so frequently. And so he did.

So begins...

Kellen May Harper's Story