So Young Gangjeon

A powerhouse with quite the fun/dorky side.

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a character in “YG Entertainment”, as played by ~Lonesome Butterfly~





✫ Full Name ✫
So Young Gangjeon (Figured I'd use my real name since my nickname could be my stage name.....lol xD)

✫ Gender ✫

✫ Age ✫

✫ Sexuality ✫

✫ Height ✫

✫ Weight ✫

✫ Hair/Eyes ✫
Currently a golden-brown and reaches to the end of her back when out. / Light Hazel.

✫ Body-Art ✫

- A flower design tattooed on her back that glows in the dark. (Is covered up by make-up whenever representing the company in public though.)

- Six lobe piercings and two cartilage piercings at the top in both ears, and a belly button piercing.


✫ Group ✫

✫ Vocals ✫

Style = Main Vocals & Rapping
Ballad/Vocal Range
Rapping Style
Ballad/Vocal Range (Ex. 2)
Rapping Style (Ex. 2)

✫ Talents/Quirks ✫

- Dancing
- Plays Piano
- Eats huge meals and snacks frequently.
- Chews on the end of her hair or begins to rock her head back and forth when bored.
- Has a child-like laugh she's embarrassed by but can't help.
- Speaks Korean, English, and Japanese. Only knows random phrases in Mandarin.
- Has a thing for Slushies, Popsicles, & Ice Cream.

✫ Personality ✫

SoYo is a very goofy and joking person when not performing. Forever trying to make other people laugh, pull pranks, and bring up odd embarrassing moments, she lives to make people burst out of their shells, and is probably the easiest person on the planet to open up to since she's accepting of any and everybody!

On stage however So Hyang is extremely powerful, so much so Papa YG has often called her mannish - but in an endearing way that she has grown to appreciate, even though she secretly hates how guys her age are often intimidated of her.

A perfectionist to the core SoYo is her own worst critic by far, and often pushes herself too hard if she feels she's made a mistake - even if it's incredibly minor in everyone elses eyes.

Despite her persona on stage and with friends, SoYo is a respectable girl with traditional manners/values when representing the company, and is incredibly modest about her performances - laughing it off whenever someone comments about her strong personality or mannish qualities, as if she doesn't understand where they're coming from.

So begins...

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