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Aerithel Siehart

'Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.'

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a character in “Yggdrasil Online”, as played by Kiyokojordie


Aerithel Siehart
“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”
Jeremy Soule ft Asja|Fear not this night


My Details

Aerithel Jane Siehart

Rithel or 'The Guardian'



MAIN - Support/Light Magic
Strength is a temporary buff that increases the strength and willpower of comrades for a short period of time (usually a few minutes). During these few minutes Aerithel's own strength is decreased to minimum while supporting others.
Shield uses up some of Aerithel's mana (depending on the size of the shield) to create a half sphere or a wall around or in front of her comrades. This shield is transparent except for a faint blue glow that surrounds the area that it is protecting. Shields can run for as long as Aerithel's mana is able, or as short as a second, enough to deflect attacks. This is Aerithel's signature power, gaining her the name 'The Guardian'. Enemies cannot pass through the shield but those inside can.
Regenerate is much like Strength, except it takes from Aerithel's own mana and separates it into parts to give a small amount to her comrades, giving them a small permanent boost in magic ability. This support is used very scarcely as it tires Aerithel quickly.
Heal can heal a persons health by a small amount on or off field, a popular alternative to advanced medicines that science may have. While Aerithel hasn't perfected the healing ability (as she is more of a magic support person) she can heal well enough, but not major injuries.
Healing circle much like the skill 'Heal', it creates a circle which comrades can enter into to regenerate a small amount of healing.
SECONDARY - Electric Magic (while Aerithel's support magic is all good and well, she needs a small amount of fighting skills as well)
Thunder ball , depending on how much mana Aerithel puts into this attack it can either be big or little, but shoots a ball of thunder at the enemy.
Stun paralyzes the enemy for a short second, allowing Aerithel to run away if needed.
Blind creates a flash of light, blinding the enemy and providing an advantage for comrades to attack. This can also blind comrades if they do not close their eyes in time.
Sacrifice is Aerithel's last resort move. If in dire situations she will stand out in front of her comrades and create a large electric wall of light (much like Shield), blinding and stunning the enemy and then exploding in a massive ball of light. This is highly dangerous and uses up nearly ALL of Aerithel's mana, maiming and possibly killing her. This move is a combination of most of her skills.

A staff much like the one in the picture above. It is old and powerful, connecting to Aerithel's strength and mana while passing through it. It is strong and sturdy, meaning that it could be used for close combat fighting without breaking, if needed.

Dark Radiance

Things about me

- Aerithel is very caring and often throws herself between the enemy and her comrades, protecting them. This would seem normal if it werent from someone in Dark Radiance, a seemingly smart and plotting guild.
- Brave and dignified, sometimes people may pass this off as snobbish or arrogant, but she is very mature and ladylike, so people may get the wrong idea.
- Anxiety is another quirk of hers, often if she hears a faint sound outside she will whip around and stare at where the noise had come from until she feels safe or until she is sure enough to check it out. She is constantly aware and anxious that people may infiltrate her surroundings, silently, secretly.

- Swimming is a favorite past time of Aerithel, and you will most likely find her near a source of water, may it be a lake or a pond.
- Supporting others. On or off field, she doesn't mind if people ask her for advice or favors, or even jumping in front of an incoming missile for somebody...although that probably isn't a good idea.
- Aerithel enjoys history and is interested in all types of story, whether it be a history story from a book or a tale being told. She is very informative when it comes to historical facts and figures.

-Death. More often than not Aerithel has had to deal with loss of friends, whether it be finding a dead body or being unable to heal somebodies wounds, either way it pains her and upsets her.
-Close combat fighting, she would much rather range and protection.
-Rudeness. Aerithel is always polite and dignified to others, but when people don't treat her the same way it frustrates her to no end.

-Magic and mana containment. She is excellent with magic spells and conserves her mana in the most efficient way possible.
-Logical thinking. Due to her strength in mana efficiency she is logical and well thought-out. Aerithel is a planner and always plans a path into battle before raging in.
- Persuasion. Because of her ability to listen to others and gaining others respect she is able to persuade and gain attention from those around her.

-Aerithel is rather horrid at close combat fighting and has next to none experience within the art.
-Sometimes she can be too hasty within the field, sacrificing herself for the well being of others, which takes a toll on her health in dire situations.
-A bit light headed at times, she sometimes makes things up in her head that make her anxious and often other thinks things.

She is rather short compared to her on game character, and less dignified and serious. Unlike her on game character she is a bit sloppy and ditsy and (she believes) a lot less pretty. Her hair is a bit different, styling a front bangs instead of none and she likes to wear summer clothes, even in winter (as her favorite season is summer). She doesn't go to school anymore and is currently searching for a job.

A bit about myself

Aerithel is a very kind and compassionate person, currently training to be a proper healer she deals with a lot of sick and injured people, using God's guidance to redirect her mana into others and healing them. Aerithel has been a field cleric since she was 18 and is now tired of seeing people blow up or be shot to pieces in front of her eyes without her being able to help or protect quick enough. She will constantly run into the battle field if a comrade is maimed, to protect and heal them as much as she can. On several occasions others have had to rip her away from people that cannot be saved, despite her objections and cries.

However, Aerithel does not let her compassion get in the way of her job. If somebody dies she moves on, upset but focusing on the task at hand. She may need some time to clear her head, but when it is clear she is straightforward and determined not to fail.

Aerithel is not good at fighting, especially at close range. Her reaction times are not slow but not fast, either, but she manages to subconsciously protect herself if desperately needed.
She is a good leader, but prefers to be lead as she is anxious of failing or hurting someone from her lead. She is loyal and trustworthy, being the reason why people confine in her for healing of the mind and not just physically. Aerithel is a mother like figure for many people, her maternal instinct is strong, making her a strong, brave and caring woman.

Out of the game, Aerithel's name has been shortened to Jane Siehart after many mispronunciations of her true name Aerithel. She has finished High School and gone on to study as a nurse in college, but took a year off from her studies to find a job and gain some money, though this plan hasn't been fruitful...3 months away from college and she still hasn't found even a part time job. Jane's older sister sometimes helps her with financial problems and, being a doctor herself, helps Jane with her medical study, giving her secret old home remedies and skills that she uses in game as Aerithel.

As a child, Jane encountered a frightening experience with technology. It set alight and burned her house down, killing her father and badly injuring her mother. Now her mother is a mute and they have put her into a mental hospital where she sits near the window all day knitting socks and scarves, day in-day out.

On a rainy Saturday on the anniversary of her fathers death, Jane discovered a game not like any other. YggOn was all that anyone at college was talking about, an exciting and interesting game they said, but she never really paid much attention. On this particular day, however, she decided to buy it and try it out, what could go wrong? she had thought, and so she began, emerged into a world of wonder and amazement. Jane plays it constantly, dulling the pain of her struggling life and being able to help and protect those in need. Because of this game, her dreams have come true.

In game Aerithel has grown into something amazing. People trust her, confine in her presence and she loves the trust and comfort that she can give to other people. First being a learner in the art of Electric magic, she soon found that she was a Light magic user, changed her path and went into field support magic. On one particular occasion she protected a whole team of 5 while being surrounded by hundreds of enemies, using just her mana and her shield ability until support arrived. This is where she gained her name 'The Guardian'.

So far, Aerithel has only faced a near death experience once by using her secret ability Sacrifice, fortunately she was only badly hurt and not dead but she managed to save so many people, despite her being bedridden for weeks. After that, Aerithel gained an interest in the art of healing and began training, when she was not fighting on the field. Due to her stunt where she saved many, Fionna Cason asked her to join the guild Dark Radiance, standing next to some of the best players in the world. She agreed and is extremely honored to call DR her home.

Even though the guild focuses on dark magic, her magic takes a rather light magic route, but instead of attack magic her light magic is based around support and healing, so its unknown the extent of her power.

So begins...

Aerithel Siehart's Story


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Character Portrait: Aerithel Siehart
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Aerithel Siehart

It was a stressful three days for Aerithel. Training in the magic of Healing had fluctuated since the war had began, the infirmary had soon since been filled up, and not only three days ago the staff had asked upon her help because of all the injured, resorting to assistants that had no experience in healing but needing all the hands they could get.
Aerithel's job wasn't too difficult, but exhausting enough. She worked with the normal patients, sick and injured that had happened not because of the war, but from accidents or the recent flu that was traveling around. Once, she had to travel through the War Ward to obtain a certain type of medicine. There were healers near every bed, sweat dripping from their brows and newly arrived patients that had legs blown to pieces, blood soaking the sheets. A slight blue glow surrounded the ward from the spells the healers used, a droning sickening blue. The sight made her pale, despite many encounters on the field with badly injured friends or comrades, she was not used to seeing these sights off field in a place where it was supposed to be safe. It was a hard reminder that the war was getting closer.

After finishing with a small child who had broken her arm, Aerithel got tapped on the shoulder. A workmate told her she could leave for the day, saying she had done enough. Aerithel nodded and stood, making her way back home. Because of this whole mess at the infirmary she had almost forgotten that she was a newly recruited at Dark Radiance, something she was honored to be apart of, but she wondered what they were planning next. Surely she would be asked to come on field, something she hadn't done since the 'incident' and she hoped that she would still be as strong as she was before.

There was a small pond near her home that she felt drawn to, a place where she often released her thoughts at the end of a job, whether it be on field or during healing training. She sat and waited for nothing in particular.


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Character Portrait: Aerithel Siehart
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Aerithel Siehart

A buzz sounded from a small device that Aerithel carried, given to her by some of the guild members of Dark Radiance to keep track of meetings and presentations. She jumped up from her spot, eager if not nervous to go to her first guild meeting. She guessed that she would be going into battle, due to the war, so she grabbed her staff, tied on a cloak around her shoulders and was ready to head out.

Hundreds of guild members gathered around the hall, she tried to slip in quietly amongst all of the chatter and excitement. There was a woman sitting on a table in front of the crowd, Fiona, the woman who had confronted her to join Dark Radiance after Aerithel's incident. She shuddered at the thought, though it did offer a great opportunity. Before she joined the guild Aerithel worked alone, helping groups and being hired for support, now she was part of a team with people she didn't know and people she felt obliged to protect.
She listened to the briefing, but not really, too concentrated on people around her or the thoughts in her head. Watching Fiona for an instant, she saw the woman point to a man, younger than she but with just one look she saw that he was experienced, much more experienced than herself. Guilt rose in her stomach. How did Fiona think that Aerithel was up to standards to join one of these big guilds? The people here were good at what they did, she had no skill in real fighting, but she tried not to doubt the guild leader, it was meant to be.
The meeting finished, people whooped, cheered, whistled and clapped. They were excited and she was merely tolerable to what was about to come, but she gave a small clap and walked out with the number of people talking to each other. Her mind was on other things, reciting spells and connecting herself to her mana. She did this often, in fear that she would not be able to connect to her mana one day, that she would fail allies in time of need.

They walked, some patient and others already swinging swords and axes into the air, ready for the kill. She tried to stop fiddling with her staff beside her side but it was no hope, the wave of battle washed over her mind and she couldn't get rid of it. The black swordsman she saw in the meeting led lazily, her hope wasn't exactly inspired by him, but she followed and trusted his lead, obviously if he acted how he was out of battle in battle then he wouldn't be the leader. Though the guild was strange, and she didn't put it past them to throw some random into the lead position.
Suddenly cries of the opposing side sounded, she took a standing position where she felt most comfortable and waited for bullets and ranged weapons to start being shot. Ready to protect, to defend and to fight.
People started running towards the opposing team, others stood where they were using ranged magics like herself. People around her dodged bullets or ranged ammo but for the most part she concentrated on putting small one second barriers on where the bullets where heading around several of the people around her. People who had been expecting to be hurt blinked as the barrier stopped the bullets in their tracks. They simply dropped to the floor and people kept fighting. There was a small range around her where she could sense danger within it, allowing her to have quick reactions and the one second barriers kept popping up, defending, almost like a subconscious reaction within Aerithel.