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Alexander Morozov

Iacta alea est

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a character in “Yggdrasil Online”, as played by Colonel_Masters


Alexander Morozov
"Iacta alea est"
"The die is cast"
Mark Griskey|Malachor Battle

My Details

Alexander Horace Morozov (Members in the wings of vengeance guild know him as Horace)

Niveus Nex (White Death, Has since become his Ingame name)




Three Terrors, Seven Circles

Anima Formidonis (Soul Terror)
Gelidus Formidonis (Frost Terror)
Formidonis Purgo (Terror of Cleansing)


This magic is the collaboration of three aspects: The Caster gains his Manna by prayer and meditation however Manna alone is useless to this kind of magic.

In the first stage the caster sends his consciousness deep into his soul. The caster draws his hatreds, passions and feelings thus molding his power and giving it purpose. Normally the first stage is commenced just before battle however the caster may store this energy's inside artifacts.

The storage of energy's is risky however because only the will power of the Caster can hold these powerful often single minded forces at bay. If the caster's will is weakened or corrupted the consequences are as varied as they are deadly.
In Second stage which may only occur in battle the caster releases his power. Each caster of this magic has an elemental aspect to which he is aligned; the Manna provides the power while the "Soul" provides the purpose.

The attacks may be made in a pure untamed shape however such attacks are strongly influenced by chance, are incapable of making more than basic spells and waste manna. Most attacks are made per the designs of one of the seven circles.
The circles are molds of magic which require planning, self-control and most importantly willpower. Each Circle is ranked by its number; 1st being the weaker and 7th being the stronger.

The circles each represent a different part of the caster's nature and each operates as a of lock. The caster can use freely the first four circles however beyond the forth circle the caster must unlock this power while in the heat of battle.
The greater the circle's level the greater the toll on the caster's mind, body and soul.

The final stage of cleansing is a "cool down" of the caster's powers; during a cleansing a caster may not use his powers.
Without a cleansing the burden on the caster from the usage of his power grows. The first four circles do not put too much of a strain on the caster but any greater circle demands a cleansing. Think of a computer; a computer requires cooling mechanisms to avoid overheating and so does the caster when using his powers too often.

The greater the effort the caster employed in the battle the greater the damage the cleansing has to repair and thus the weaker the caster will be immediately after it (it can be a painful experience)


Circle of Roses: The first of the Seven Circles,The Circle of Roses is driven by passion and is the standard attack of the caster.

The caster gathers his Manna to his eyes and summons his passions to posses the growing concentration of power.

After the perpetration is complete the caster summons his elemental aspect and fills the area of his sight with this power.

Alexander as an ice elemental aspect creates many hundreds of Ice, rose shaped shards in the area of his sight which he then molds into the required shape (arrow, bullet whatever)

The shards obey the will of the caster and hurtle themselves towards the target, the spell can be used defensively however Alexander due to his reliance on his negative feelings is unable to do this. (Defensive spells require positive thought)

Circle of Blood: The second of the seven circles, the Circle of Blood is driven by hunger and is a power best used to weaken an opponent.

The Caster gathers his Manna into his mouth and directs his thirst, his hunger to mold these(Mental, not only physical)

As his ice aspect begins to form great thorns of Ice form inside his mouth, the great hunger also increases his speed and Alexander uses both to rush his opponents and take hold of them with these thorns thus draining them of their own will as the cold frosts freeze the area in which he had take hold.

Each attack has to be a fast one and the vicious bite only lasts a second at most however it is enough time to accomplish the task. Alexander can't use this power more then twice in a row because even a caster of the greatest will is able to overcome such hunger... this is a dangerous power and Alexander normally uses it only when he truly feels like playing with his foes.

Circle of Souls: The third of the seven circles , the circle of souls is driven by the will for power and its powers are best used as power attacks designed at destroying an enemy with a few powerful attacks at the expense of greater manna costs.

The caster gathers his Manna into the area between his thumb and nearest finger, The caster then draws on his will for more power making his will a reality by forcing the Locks away and gathering more power then he can normally attempt. (the power is gathered in the right hand fingers)

The Ice aspect unlike in other circles does not forge the shape of this power and actually combines with the hoards of Manna and single will in its raw form. When the thumb and the closest finger make contact in a "click" the raw power of the attack blasts whatever comes in its way from all directions.

This power is largely ineffective because of the huge manna drain however when combined with the Circle of blood the power which this attack has to begin with compensates for the great cost. The blasts can be directed and localized to a single target however this is only possible one the 5th circle is made and its locks are removed.

Circle of Defiance: The fourth of the seven circles, the circle of Defiance is driven by the will to resist and Endure and its powers are best used as defensive however there are offensive usages to these powers. Since Alexander is used to using his Negative thoughts this power is weaker then what it potentially may be as a full defensive power.

The Caster gathers his Manna into an object such as a Amulet or Ring and fills the object with his will to fight, his will to protect etc. In Alexander's case the power is employed in a ring giving it a more controlled usage but the sacrifice is that the shield does not offer the same protection it could potentially offer.

The Ice Aspect is hardened layers of ice which from out of the Manna and form themselves as great shields and barriers. This power does not have much of a regular form and instead it is molded into whatever the caster might need (as far as possible)

Alexander normally uses this power as a shield which he also uses offensively however he can create barriers if needed. The drawback is that while a shield since it centralizes the power into a smaller area is very powerful a barrier which covers a larger area is forced to being overall weaker then its shield counterpart.

Circle of Vengeance: The 5th of the seven circles, the circle of Vengeance is pure hatred and anger combined into a terrible will of destruction. This power is best used as a fast, brutal and ferocious attack on an enemy in which speed and brute force overpower the enemy while using relatively little Manna.

This is the greatest Circle Alexander is yet to reach and Mentally it is the most taxing since its impossible to control hatred for any amount of time, Instead the hatred controls the caster and the longer this power is used the more the Caster's soul will tare itself apart.

The caster gathers his manna in his hands, a blinding senseless hatred is then poured into this concentration of power and within moments the mixture "ignites" with terrible consequences. The Ice aspect wraps itself around the hands creating spikes which can be thrown at an enemy.

the spikes can also be used in close quarters as rough blades. This power is best at close quarters and it is unrelenting in its strikes; while the creating and launching of spikes at foes costs Manna fighting in close quarters drains far smaller amounts of manna and allows the caster to become a weapon.

Alexander can't maintain this form for long without ripping himself to shreds and until he learns to control this power he can't open the locks to the final two Circles.

The Silver Ring (His Forth Circle item)

He occasionally carries a long sword

Silver Gloves with many stones engraved into them (power storage)

A Copper Amulet (Power Storage)

A heavy armor he calls Dreadnought which he uses when in war.

A Heavy Crossbow he uses when in war.

Wings of Vengeance

Things about me

Strict Protocol of conduct - Alexander never speaks out of turn to any one and will always follow a strange maybe even partially self invented code of conduct to the full. He bows slightly whenever he is introduced to someone, addresses people with their full titles unless they tell him not to do it, Asks permission to sit down near someone even in a public area etc.

He appears to take no offence at not getting the same measure of respect in return but the thing which makes this Quirk truly strange is his total polar opposite while fighting.

Dislike of Weapons - Alexander carries very little combat equipment most of the time and considering his membership to the Wings of Vengeance this is quite out of character. It seems as if Alexander views a sword more as artistic equipment like a painter to a brush and prefers to use his powers only while in combat.

Lack of Negativity - Alexander Laughs, enjoys and has no problem with the good things in life however in daily life when not in battle Alexander hardly ever displays any negative thought. He does not anger and remains a fairly clam chap but when battle comes down to him the sudden and total change of his personality is unnerving.

- Hanging out in the guild house
- Smiting
- Going beyond his limits
- Fighting
- Traveling
- Waiting

- Pointless battles
- Weak enemies challenging him
- Over eagerness
- brawling
- Petty insults
- Tanks

- Self Confidence
- Exceptional Senses
- Clear headed
- Perfectionist
- Waiting

- Over reliance on negative emotions for his powers
- Perfectionist
- Arrogant

Alexander is a fairly tall man but beyond that he does not seem special, In Real life his often uniformed like dressing styles make him blend in with the crowd; he normally ware suites when at work and sweaters when in casual life. InGame he normally wares a Dark reinforced cloak however he hardly ever uses a hood, He tends to brighten the set with sliver and gray and has a few more casual outfits for while he is hanging out in the guild house.

A bit about myself

Alexander is a depressed human being and has been so for most of his life. Life seems such a repetitive, dreary affair and in Real life Alexander is quite a cynical man.

There are two things which Alexander enjoys and Alexander embraces both with a great passion: His work as a writer and Yggdrasil online. Alexander behaves very differently ingame and plays the game with a role-played personality of his own creation and not as he would behave in real life.

This personality is an outgoing, well mannered and self confident individual full of wit but he does not have much charm... a quality from real life he has been unable to change in game. Alexander sees battle as his way to get rid of all his frustrations and embrace the feelings of the moment in a great berserk rampage.

Being raised in a fairly secular but still traditional family didn't make much of an impression on Alexander, He disliked those early days of his life for being far to stable and purposeless and left home as soon as he could. Alexander has worked in numerous jobs since then making a living out of them but remaining poor.

Alexander's greatest ambition is for writing detective stories however he is yet to make any success with these stories since none have been published as of yet. Disappointed and depressed from these problems Alexander joined Yggdrasil online as a place in which he could chill out and enjoy himself.

Since joining the game Alexander had become an infamous solo player and was attributed to several player killing activity's gaining him the name "White Death" due to his frost magic. Alexander would have remained a solo player however after coming to clashes with a member of Wings of Vengeance in a one on one fight which ended in a draw Alexander received an invite to join the guild. Alexander accepted the offer possibly because of his lonely life in real life and has since then become a loyal member of the guild despite his tendency to wonder off from time to time.

So begins...

Alexander Morozov's Story


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Alexander Morozov

Hmm, great wine… thought Alexander as he slowly drained the glass of its bounty. Technically it wasn't real, technically nothing here was real including himself, but that didn't matter; the wine tasted all the same.
Alexander would have preferred to drink such wine in real life but there was an obvious problem… here he was a wealthy baron of lands, in RL he wasn't.

He finished the drink and sighed, that's what happened when he logged in after a hard day of work; it was so much harder to get into character.

"A forty eight vintage from the Eastern side of the Mediterranean, they had a particularly good season that year, wine my friend is just like Ice in Antarctica… well what's left of it; it records the passage of time" said Charles, obviously this was not his normal ingame name but a fake name taken for such business trips.

"Charles" was a fairly large man and seemed to have difficulty in adjusting his tie properly. Alexander was used to his type but fortunately this one actually knew what he was talking about unlike the other wannabe businessmen.

Alexander nodded slightly in agreement looking around him; this was a small village café with hardly any players in sight and with only four or five NPC's. Since this village was in neutral territory for the moment it was safe to make these meetings and Alexander could freely admit that he found the charm of this 20th century French like countryside village quite charming.

He would later look for the details on buying property here… maybe a hunting lodge for future meetings, He had the money for it thanks to his previous jobs and his service to the guild covered for much of his equipment costs like any front line member.

"I would say it's a fifty two but I think you are correct about the location, regardless we are both busy men so I think our conversations about wine fascinating as they are should wait for a more appropriate date" Said Alexander examining his empty glass.

Charles nodded draining his own glass "Agreed, well I think I will as the American's say "Cut to the chase" From what my sources claim you have located my "investment". I must say that I am surprised you even knew about it, the job was only advertised in Tech territory"

Alexander examined the empty wine bottle and after a few moments put it down "Pardon?" he said hiding his intent, seemed like those years of poker playing on an actual table and not online where actually paying off with something.

Charles did not reply and instead put a suitcase on the table "Do you know what's in here?" he asked knowing that Alexander would require no explanation.

Alexander had done business with Charles's "Friends" in the past and the compensation has been agreed upon beforehand; Information.
"I might, then again I might not" said Alexander, this game never lost its charm; two people who know exactly what the other wants yet nether states the obvious out of fear of losing a bargaining chip.

Charles opened the case revealing many dozens of holodisks, each containing a fortune of wealth.
Alexander examined the first disk, it was the real deal, and these people had given up on putting up fakes after he had personally sent five of their goons to the ward.

"I think we can do business Charles, now then what is it you wish to know?"

"Have you located my good's?" asked Charles, Alexander was amused; this was just a game yet the greedy remained greedy. Alexander was no saint, he was leading quite an extravagant lifestyle ingame but this was part of his game character… not part of his nature.

"They are in several markets by now but I know who has the manifest, the bandits who raided you have been… detained but their fence is still at large and he retains your more valuable items in his stock including the manifesto" Alexander entered his inventory Data section and downloaded the information into a chip.

Alexander tossed the chip to Charles and took a firm hold of the suitcase containing his payment, So far these costumers had proven to be "decent" fellows but this was only after Alexander had proven he was no fool and generally made himself useful.

Charles loaded the chip, a few moments passed as he went through the data before he nodded to Alexander signaling the NPC waitress.
"Yes, I think we understand each other…" He paid the bill and the waitress removed the dishes.

Charles stood up "You will find the second payment in the usual place at the usual time"
Alexander nodded but remained seated for a few moments as Charles departed.

"Who would have thought that I a poor sod who is yet to sell even one of his detective stories would become such a sought after private detective in this game?" he thought to himself and chuckled… now that was a story.

Alexander stood up and uploaded the suitcase into his inventory; he would later deposit it in his vault. Before leaving Alexander removed a small sum from his purse equal to 10% of the cost of the meal and left it on the table. It was a funny affair since the waiters were nearly always NPC's, the NPC waitress saw the money and picked it up smiling.

Alexander grinned; it was nice to leave a tip even if the waitress was just a bundle of coding.

Finding his way to the nearest portal Alexander set his course, it was time to return to the guild.


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Character Portrait: Alexander Morozov
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"What shall we do with commander Rendos? What shall we do with commander Rendos? What shall we do with commander Rendos once we got the bastard?
"String him up from his own tower!"
"Put his eyes out with a grinder!"
"Shoot him up with mighty thunder! Once we got the bastard.
"Cook him nicely on our fire!"
"Fill his lungs with tons of plasma!"
"Tare his head off to a platter once we've got the bastard!"

This one of Alexander's favorite marching songs since members where free to make up their own gruesome ends for their foe as the song went along.
Alexander disliked going into battle with all this bloody armor however considering the arsenal the Tiffi's had in their possession the alternative was not quite so pleasant.

The armor was cool but Alexander thought its lack of flexibility was a bit daunting; he had been partially forced into wearing it by some ridiculous guild rule about coolness. Considering the artillery rounds exploding all around them and the machine gunning it seemed like a good idea to ware it.

A near blast knocked a few of the magician's sky high leaving a few mangled remnants of their passing, Alexander sighed with annoyance and began summoning his energies into his blood stream.

Another shell exploded nearby, Alexander ignored it and focused on his will, his reason to fight, his purpose in the field of battle. Honor, Duty and all the rest began to warm his being but so did his utter dislike of good for nothing artillery.
Alexander focused these energies of his soul into his silver ring; the focus point of the fourth circle.

Summoning his elemental aspect took slightly longer than usual due to Alexander's growing annoyance with the snipers now joining the fight however after a few minutes of thought Alexander unlocked all the relevant powers he needed.
The magicians still marched despite losses, cannon fodder was still available to take some of the losses and those magicians who were truly powers to be reckoned with brushed aside most of the projectiles fired at them.

Alexander growled, why did he have to play baby sitter to the novices? Because he was one of the few who could actually summon a barrier? Or just because he never managed to win the "not it" contest.

At last the barrier formed, the air around the magicians grew cold and sheets of ice wondered seemingly aimlessly in the air. A great bang shook the land as the Tiffi's fired one of their heavy guns, as the plasma shell hurtled down towards the magicians the ice sheets suddenly shifted in a flash and formed the barrier which caused the shell to explode against the barrier.

Alexander grinned slightly in appreciation as he guided his ringed hand to stop a few dozen other rounds.
The magicians now neared the walls of the city, a fire ball hurtled into some kind of bunker tarring it to shreds.

With that great explosion the battle finally truly began, a terrible sound of screaming roared towards the city… an infamous battle cry signified the beginning of terror.

The Wings of Vengeance had come