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Joshua Mitchell

"Game on, mate!"

1.4142135623731 · 1,583 views · located in Tokyo, Japan

a character in “Yggdrasil Online”, originally authored by Lloyd999, as played by RolePlayGateway


Joshua Mitchell
"Thanks for standing still."


My Details

Joshua Mitchell

The Sniper



In the game, he takes advantage of many weapons. Most of them are modified Sniper Rifles meant for his long range shooting, while he has a couple for protecting himself, but only to a limited extent.

Sniper Rifle
A typical ingame Sniper Rifle. Rather than shooting bullets, it shoots small pulse shots that can be shot from miles away, but leave a blue trail behind them which lingers for a second, which gives out Josh's position. If close enough, the shot can pierce directly through the target. It also has a laser site on it, which indicates where he is aiming. He also has a supply of other bullets with various effects. He has explosive bullets, their weakness being that they explode a few seconds after contact, and they don't hurt as much, and if he doesn't load it properly, Josh may hurt himself with them.

Hunter Bow
A simply bow and arrow, nothing too high tech at all. Though it can't attack as far as the amazing distances the Sniper Rifle can, it's great for dealing with enemies a big closer to him. Although, he has to stand to use it, and obviously power would depend on how far the bow is pulled back. It's still slower than any bullet, but it can be loaded with improvised arrows, such as arrows dipped in poison or arrows lit on fire, and even pebbles if he's in a bad situation.

Powered Crossbow
A secondary long-range weapon, the crossbow is very effective against living targets. It shoots metal bars, heated by electricity, and on contact, can stun and even knock out an enemy, if it doesn't kill them. It's only weakness is that it's shots are slower than any bullet, and can easily be deflected, but can still be used at moments notice.

A typical pulse rifle, it's normally an assault rifle, but Josh uses it like an SMG. It shoots pulse shots at the same rate as an assault rifle or sub-machine gun, but also has a secondary fire which shoots a high-power energy ball, which can vaporize many things on touch. The biggest problem with it is how wild and unpredictable nature of it, as it can easily bounce around rooms at lightning speed and even backfire on the ally's side. Also, there is a limited amount the AR2 can hold. Josh isn't as strong with this weapon, but it's great for self-defense.

A simply shield which can be strapped onto Josh's back, which is great to cover him from attacks from above or behind, but can also be strapped to his arm when having to fight enemies at a close range. He's not good at close fighting in the least, so he simply has the shield for protection until he can get help.

Helios Infinitum

Things about me

- He doesn't think of the YggOn to be anything more than just a game.
- Despite claiming to have a liking for technology, a lot of the technology he uses is quite classic.

- First-Person Shooter Games
- Action
- Victory
- Bragging

- Office Work
- Losing
- When killing doesn't seem so mindless.
- Morons on his own team.
- Japanese

- He has very strong accuracy, always landing a hit about 80% of the time, a killing shot about 60% of the time.
- He is very patient, due to both being able to withstand his office job, and with his skill as a Sniper.
- He's very resourceful, making use of anything to get what he needs, whether it's cleaning his desk or saving his life.
- He rarely shows remorse in those he 'kills', for he treats it like a game.
- "I'm the best!"

- He is almost useless when fighting a target up close, all he can do is use his resourcefulness to run.
- His attention is very direct, so when he's focused on something, such as sniping, he wouldn't be able to notice somebody coming up from behind.
- He never attacks a seemingly defenseless target.
- He always taunts and brags after each kill, so he reveals his location quite easily.

Inside the game, he always wears (whats shown in the picture) but may also carry a backpack with him to hold his weapons, ammunition and other gear, and often, when he's staying on one spot, he'll wear his shield. Outside the game, he wears typically whatever is appropriate for what he is doing.

[color=FF0000]A bit about myself[/color]

Josh is quite the fellow, although not too impressive. He's usually in a grumpy mood, but it's not as if he can't be friendly, but he's usually a solitary guy. Despite his grumpy nature, however, he is very patient. He always prefers his native English language to Japanese, and generally, doesn't have much to do with his life. He's not too smart, not too dumb, and is generally an average Joe. Although, one thing he does like is to brag. He loves First-Person Shooter video games, and is very skilled at them, mostly when it comes to Sniping, and spends day and night practicing and playing on them, making himself generally known in the gaming community. He loves bragging and ridiculing people he beats, but alas, the game world and the real world are two very different things. Thus, his mindset in the gaming world is simply that of gaming, and never would even dare treat it like real life, no matter how realistic it is.

Well, there isn't much to say about this guy. He's pretty much described by his personality. He's grown up in Australia, but he moved to Japan for the better job opportunities. His Japanese is pretty good, however, he still hates it compared to his English. His workplace, however, supports it just fine. He's been playing shooter games all his life, and he has gained himself a reputation on YggOn, and has been invited to many Guilds, but he only joins some of the better ones. He's generally somewhat friendly in the gaming community, however, some have welled up some hate for how much he ridicules them, cheaply killing people under a second without ever being seen. Soon, however, he was invited to Helios Infintium, which he gladly accepted.


So begins...

Joshua Mitchell's Story


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The one hidden man turned off his laser sight as soon as he was ordered. He grumbled. Why was he stuck in a building taking orders? He should have been out on the frontlines, assisting on some frontline attack. But alas, snipers were ordered to defend.

Josh lay back in the little camp he had set up in the building he was posted in. All his weapons except for his Sniper Rifle were hung on the wall, an ammunition and first-aid dispensry or 'Dispenser', as Josh refered to them, posted safely next to the window, an automated ally-friendly tripod mounted sentry turret, or as Josh refered to it, a 'Sentry', was mounted in front of the only door, and in the center of the room, a two-way personal mid-range matter displacing/replacing disintegrator/reintegrator, or as Josh put them, "Teleporters", and on the side of the room, a simple mattress and pillow for when he got bored. On defensive missions or just simple guard duty, he had all of these to his disposal, but in offensive missions, things weren't always this convenient.

Josh lay back on his little bed and glared at the Dispenser. If only it dispensed real coffee... Looking back at the ceiling, he let his thoughts move. He sure hoped this White Reaper guy was actually a threat, and a good one at that, though, with the friendly attitude the boss had toward him, it seemed quite unlikely. Still, he hadn't placed a bullet between somebody's eyes for two days now. Why he had even bothered to log in when he could have been playing Call of Duty 36 made him wonder.

He could have been doing target practice. Although, after shooting his thirty-second digital duck today, that didn't seem to exciting, especially that damn digital dog that laughs at you every time you miss, and you can't simply shoot it. Either way, Josh figured it was about damn time he did something worthwhile. Getting up, he stepped on top of the glowing device on the floor in the room and found himself inside the main building of Hexion. Making his way to the boss's office, Josh made his way to the secratary. Glaring at the man through his sunglasses, he asked, "I want to talk to the Boss."

(OOC: I know this character stinks, but I do promise I'll make a better one when I get the time and inspiration.)