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Yggdrasil Online

Tokyo, Japan


a part of Yggdrasil Online, by code6435.


code6435 holds sovereignty over Tokyo, Japan, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The biggest city in the Scientific side and the home to many players of Dark Radiance.
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Tokyo, Japan is a part of Yggdrasil Online.

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Robin Hawthrone [17] I'm no Sherlock Holmes for goodness' sake?! Why must I always solve the mysteries?
Piper McGravel [16] "As my uncle always used to say: If you can't crack'em, whack'em."
Ruka Kaname [16] "Unlike You I Feel Nothing"
Takuya Kagamine [15] "I will protect my friends! Even if it means throwing my life away, I will not let the same thing happen to them again!
Roderick J. Enrhyme [12] "I love competition! Bring it on!"
Yui Akiyama [8] "Don't get in my way."
Rikou Fernandez [7] "Take what you got, and make the best of it."
Shard blackburn arcus [6] "we must stand strong, to stem the entropic tide of chaotic injustice, to bring light to those in blinding darkness, and darkness to those in blinding light."
Siobhan Annex [5] "Accept what there is, and want for nothing more."
Loki Akatsuki [4] "Madness Is Not A State Of Mind. It's A Place. Which I Visit Very Often"

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#, as written by Maitros
Roderick J. Enrhyme : Festo City

RJ just rolled his eyes as he grinned and Piper went on a rant about him being a jerk. It all sounds about right, but still he couldn't let that show. He moved with the shove lightly, instincts more than a conscious effort, to absorb the weak push before shrugging nonchalantly at Piper. Only to be hit with a hug which cause RJ to chuckle at the girl and pat her lightly on the head.

“Didn't feel like telling me you played YggOn, too, huh?”

With a tilt of his head and a small roll of his shoulders, "Eh, I can't let you know about all my secrets now can I? That would just be poor planning and tastes on my part," he teased. "Anyway, I thought it was mostly common knowledge that just about everyone played this game, damn thing is sucking up near all of my time. Too addictive!" He was back to his normal way of fast talk. He took a step back to give himself a little more room.

A beep filled his ear, another message from his guild probably, but he ignored it for the time being. "Guild is bugging me about something. And since the only thing I know about this place is that it is mostly Bio Wall territory, I am going to assume you're one of them. Anything going on with you guys?" He quirked a brow, blinking a few times at Piper. Before she could answer though, another though hit him and he brightened a little, "Oh! And I need someone to do a few things for me. Inventing and stuff like that. Magic using wackos are starting to get a little annoying on the battlefront and I'll be damn if I let any of them show me up!" He grinned and ran a hand through his messy brown hair, his voice challenging, "Think you're up to it, Piper?"


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Character Portrait: Alexander Morozov
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Alexander Morozov

Hmm, great wine… thought Alexander as he slowly drained the glass of its bounty. Technically it wasn't real, technically nothing here was real including himself, but that didn't matter; the wine tasted all the same.
Alexander would have preferred to drink such wine in real life but there was an obvious problem… here he was a wealthy baron of lands, in RL he wasn't.

He finished the drink and sighed, that's what happened when he logged in after a hard day of work; it was so much harder to get into character.

"A forty eight vintage from the Eastern side of the Mediterranean, they had a particularly good season that year, wine my friend is just like Ice in Antarctica… well what's left of it; it records the passage of time" said Charles, obviously this was not his normal ingame name but a fake name taken for such business trips.

"Charles" was a fairly large man and seemed to have difficulty in adjusting his tie properly. Alexander was used to his type but fortunately this one actually knew what he was talking about unlike the other wannabe businessmen.

Alexander nodded slightly in agreement looking around him; this was a small village café with hardly any players in sight and with only four or five NPC's. Since this village was in neutral territory for the moment it was safe to make these meetings and Alexander could freely admit that he found the charm of this 20th century French like countryside village quite charming.

He would later look for the details on buying property here… maybe a hunting lodge for future meetings, He had the money for it thanks to his previous jobs and his service to the guild covered for much of his equipment costs like any front line member.

"I would say it's a fifty two but I think you are correct about the location, regardless we are both busy men so I think our conversations about wine fascinating as they are should wait for a more appropriate date" Said Alexander examining his empty glass.

Charles nodded draining his own glass "Agreed, well I think I will as the American's say "Cut to the chase" From what my sources claim you have located my "investment". I must say that I am surprised you even knew about it, the job was only advertised in Tech territory"

Alexander examined the empty wine bottle and after a few moments put it down "Pardon?" he said hiding his intent, seemed like those years of poker playing on an actual table and not online where actually paying off with something.

Charles did not reply and instead put a suitcase on the table "Do you know what's in here?" he asked knowing that Alexander would require no explanation.

Alexander had done business with Charles's "Friends" in the past and the compensation has been agreed upon beforehand; Information.
"I might, then again I might not" said Alexander, this game never lost its charm; two people who know exactly what the other wants yet nether states the obvious out of fear of losing a bargaining chip.

Charles opened the case revealing many dozens of holodisks, each containing a fortune of wealth.
Alexander examined the first disk, it was the real deal, and these people had given up on putting up fakes after he had personally sent five of their goons to the ward.

"I think we can do business Charles, now then what is it you wish to know?"

"Have you located my good's?" asked Charles, Alexander was amused; this was just a game yet the greedy remained greedy. Alexander was no saint, he was leading quite an extravagant lifestyle ingame but this was part of his game character… not part of his nature.

"They are in several markets by now but I know who has the manifest, the bandits who raided you have been… detained but their fence is still at large and he retains your more valuable items in his stock including the manifesto" Alexander entered his inventory Data section and downloaded the information into a chip.

Alexander tossed the chip to Charles and took a firm hold of the suitcase containing his payment, So far these costumers had proven to be "decent" fellows but this was only after Alexander had proven he was no fool and generally made himself useful.

Charles loaded the chip, a few moments passed as he went through the data before he nodded to Alexander signaling the NPC waitress.
"Yes, I think we understand each other…" He paid the bill and the waitress removed the dishes.

Charles stood up "You will find the second payment in the usual place at the usual time"
Alexander nodded but remained seated for a few moments as Charles departed.

"Who would have thought that I a poor sod who is yet to sell even one of his detective stories would become such a sought after private detective in this game?" he thought to himself and chuckled… now that was a story.

Alexander stood up and uploaded the suitcase into his inventory; he would later deposit it in his vault. Before leaving Alexander removed a small sum from his purse equal to 10% of the cost of the meal and left it on the table. It was a funny affair since the waiters were nearly always NPC's, the NPC waitress saw the money and picked it up smiling.

Alexander grinned; it was nice to leave a tip even if the waitress was just a bundle of coding.

Finding his way to the nearest portal Alexander set his course, it was time to return to the guild.


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Character Portrait: Roderick J. Enrhyme Character Portrait: Piper McGravel
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#, as written by Byte


“But you didn't know I played either. Ha! Got you there.” Actually, it was common knowledge that you were better of asking who didn't play YggOn, 'cause that was the shorter answer. “You could've told me, though, saved me the surprise and all that jazz.” The girl gently entangled her fingers as she pressed them against the back of her head, her feet stepping back an inch or two.

Piper smiled, turning her attention to Rack for a brief moment who, for the time being, had been rather quiet. “Something wrong, Racky?” The girl asked, head cocking sideways a wee bit as she played around with her goggles, shifting them on and off the bridge of her nose.

The droid shook his visor, hovering closer to its creator. “Just, observing as always, ma'am.”

“Oh, okay. For a sec there I thought you were shutting down 'r something.” The girl obviously joked, grinning at her robotic companion as it emitted a robotic sigh. “Just don't do anything rash, Rack. You always turn defensive in front of stranger. Err- Your strangers, anywa-”

“Guild is bugging me about something.” RJ suddenly butted in, mentioning his guild. Something Piper was about to bug him about, although her curiosity was quickly sated by his next comment.

“And since the only thing I know about this place is that it is mostly Bio Wall territory, I am going to assume you're one of them.” Not a Bio Walls member then. Which one was he in? Not Helios, right? Biggest jerks in the game if you'd ask Pip! Never know when to simmer down and actually start planning ahead for... certain events- Actually, that would be a niche RJ fits quite nicely. To an extent, of course!

“Anything going on with you guys?” Sorry, what? Oh, yeah, Bio Walls. Piper turned her complete attention back at her friend, settling her tinted goggles tangled in her hair, her mouth opening to speak, but whatever she wanted to say was swiftly dog-piled under RJ's dominant voice.

Tinkering, eh? He needed help with tinkering. Oh, oh who could he be asking. What? Of course he'd ask Piper! If he didn't, someone would be given ear-wiggling exercise during their next shift in the workshop.

The girl could only form her trademark cat-grin, arms stretching alongside her torso as she leaned forward as she was taunted. “Need help from short-stack, don't you?” She began, her body straightening itself as one index-finger found its way to Piper's lower lip. “Gee, I'unno.” She teased, her mouth perking up in a smirk, eyes sparkling with that certain... glee. “Maaaaybe~”

She giggled at her own play, almost bunny-hopping at the thought of actually making personal gizmos. Making them in-game, that is. “Take a guess, pup. Wouldn't turn you down, would I?”

“Ma'am, not to interrupt your chat, but we should leave about now.” Rack butted in, his tone ever so serious.

“Oh, right! Guild business. Boss wants us to gather at Norais, wherever the buggery hell that is...” Piper wasn't very good with directions. Incidentally, she had never gone away from Festo, even. Sounds boring, but it really wasn't. For her, anyway. “Guess you'll be off to hear what your guild wants from you, too, eh? What guild you in, anyway, RJ?”


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Character Portrait: Roderick J. Enrhyme Character Portrait: Piper McGravel
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#, as written by Maitros
Roderick J. Enrhyme : Festo City

“Need help from short-stack, don't you?” Piper taunted and cause RJ to roll his eyes and smirk. Of course, he would need the help of the best mechanic he knew. Piper kept taunting him for a while and he made a get on with it motion with his hands, but it was a joke of his own. “Take a guess, pup. Wouldn't turn you down, would I?”

"Damn right you would, you'd do it just to spite me for making fun of you. Now would you actually do it anyway? Probably." He widen the smirk already there.

“Ma'am, not to interrupt your chat, but we should leave about now.” Rack butted in, his tone ever so serious.

Rj shifted his gaze to the little droid and raised a brow at it, then looked back to Piper as she explained that it was something to do with guild business. He looked away for a moment thoughts buzzing around, If both Bio Walls and Helios are being called on, this can't be good. A frown pushed the smirk down and he just stared at the ground for a moment before Piper snapped him out of his thoughts.

“Guess you'll be off to hear what your guild wants from you, too, eh? What guild you in, anyway, RJ?”

"Yeah, I suppose so. I guess it was more urgent than I thought with the whole both Helios Infinitum and Bio Walls being called on, something big must of happened. Oh yeah, if it wasn't obvious, I am Helios Infinitum, right up my alley, right?" He gave a half hearted smile, but his voice was a little lower than usual and he was speaking out of the corner of his mouth subconsciously. His hand reached up and ran itself through his messy hair. "Anyway, I'll send you a message or talk to you at work about some of the things I need built, alright?" He smiled big before he stepped forward to embrace Piper lightly, "Don't get dead," before letting go and turning around to walk back to his hover cycle.


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Character Portrait: Roderick J. Enrhyme Character Portrait: Piper McGravel
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#, as written by Byte


She figured as much. Supposedly that should make the guild less of a ragtag band of jerks. The girl smiled, he was lucky to have been invited to Helios. Unlike her, who was stuck in Bio Walls, supporting and defending. Kind of her shtick, though. Piper would make a terrible Helios member, she knew nothing about combat, whether close or afar it all seemed not for her. Just being the helping hand, fixing stuff, operating cannons and whatnot was good enough for her.

“Anyway, I'll send you a message or talk to you at work about some of the things I need built, alright?”

The girl simple nodded, giving a reassuring “Aye.” as RJ embraced her in a gentle hug, uttering his usual departing quote before leaving. “I'll be seeing you, pup.” She retorted, waving him off as the both of them went separate ways.

Piper went back to her personal workshop, walking around it to pick up her hover scooter that she had gotten from the guild. A nice gift mind you, but if felt so... kiddy-like, all that was missing were training wheels.

“Ahem...” Piper exclaimed, signalling for Rack to... settle in. The droid wasn't fast enough to keep up with the craft, and was forced to be strapped on the carrier. Something Rack had a serious dislike for. After that little hassle, the girl nodded to herself, kick-starting the scooter and give it a simple, direct command. “Destination: Norais.”


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Character Portrait: Alice Naida Character Portrait: Aarynn Fletcher
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Aarynn Fletcher -- Valhalla Union University, Elysia Island [NEUTRAL TERRITORY]

Aarynn Fletcher took a long deep breath as he stopped walking and viewed the beautiful, summery vista of island city of Elysia. Behind the red haired bachelor stood a huge blue, white, and golden building--Valhalla Union University.

Today had been the last day of the second term and students were just beginning to step out of the their classrooms. At first, only one paper flew into the air. Then, another one followed. And another. And another. By the time the sixth paper was made airborne, they weren't single sheets anymore. Papers filled the air; chemistry equations, literature essays, neuroscience notes, all sorts of papers flew in all directions covering the ground with white--almost like Christmas.

Aarynn grinned. Freedom! School was finally out--one load of stress out of the way. The fellow decided to let out his joy. "Woooooohoooooooo!"

Someone clapped his back. "Two and a half months of Elysium, huh?" It was Jinkuro Hakame, one of Aarynn's college-buddies. His spiked back jet-black hair glistened in the summer daylight and, with Jinkuro being a good half-a-foot shorter than Aarynn, the glisten was nearly blinding.

"Yeah-ha!" Aarynn laughed as he pumped his fist through the air. "Elysium... And YggOn!" He smirked at his friend, "You going to be there?"

At this, Jinkuro laughed cheerily as well. "Totally!"

"Wonderful! I'll make sure the others are coming as well."

"Alright." The Asian bachelor shifted in another direction and raised his hand, waving. "I'll see you online, then!"

Aarynn nodded, smiling. Presently, he had made it to the farthest boundary of the school--the northern gate--and decided to make sure he had everything with him and take one last look at the University before stepping out for a good three months. Just as he turned to reach into his bag, he felt himself walk into something. Something warm. It was someone. Aarynn quickly looked up to apologize... and quickly found his voice very dry.

It was Alice, his childhood friend--a girl that he had tried to have a relationship with but failed a few months ago. Today, she was dressed fairly nicely in a soft, light colored yellow shirt and a pair of skinny jeans.

"Ooh. Hey Alice," he managed to say, albeit, a little weakly. Immediately, Aarynn felt like slapping himself--how did he always manage to say such lame things to girls? Especially to Alice.

The chocolate haired girl seemed to study him for a moment with her ocean blue eyes. Then, she said, "Hey," before stepping to the left to avoid the red-haired bachelor and passing by him.


The girl paused.

"I've already told you that I'm sorry. And I mean it!" Aarynn's voice seemed a little desperate. He added, wistfully, "Won't you forgive me?"

The girl took a breath and shifted. Then, she had a change in mind and walked off without a word.

Aarynn's heart dropped. He sighed. "Guess I'll see you around too..." Time to head back to the abode.

Alice Naida -- Valhalla Union University, Elysia Island [NEUTRAL TERRITORY]

Alice Naida had quickly fled the scene. She felt really bad about it. She had wanted to talk to Aarynn; he had sounded so... so remorseful and he had apologized so many times now that he had to have meant it. But, this was for the best. Things didn't work out between them, it simply couldn't. Now, it was best to move on. But, a soft voice in the back of her head whispered, I don't want to move on. It was true. Despite every logical atom of her entity telling her that there was nothing for her with Aarynn, Alice couldn't help but want to be together with him. She still had feelings for him and didn't help that maybe, just maybe, he still had feelings for her too. That's why she had to rush off so quickly, too prevent her from doing something stupid.

In any case, she needed to get back to her Neuroscience class. Earlier today, she had left her purse in the room. Nothing extremely essential was in the bag, but her favorite bookmark was part of the contents--she didn't want to spend three months without that.

As the chocolate-haired girl bounced up the stairs leading to the science wing of the building, she thought about how she was going to spend the rest of the day. After getting home, Alice would probably take a short nap and, after that, she would probably plop herself on her couch and settle into a good novel. Then, YggOn sounded good. Yup. That would be the plan.


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Character Portrait: Alice Naida Character Portrait: Takuya Kagamine Character Portrait: Yui Akiyama
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0.00 INK

(Alright! People start posting!)

Helios Infinitum

In the hall of the main guild building, where countless of guild members gathered and chatted. That once spacious room is now filled with the lines and rows of members in armors and cloths. The tables were all moved to the sides, stacked up to the roof. The windows on top shone back down on the room, and more specifically the leader on stage, Yastin Cason, in his battle suit. The noises that filled the room immediately crumbled as Yastin raised his hand, palm facing them. "So now we are about to go into the battle of Cranium and Tekyou, so right after this, I will have two of my most trustworthy soldiers to brief you on the objectives." He fixed his breath and inhaled a whole lot, before finally yelling, "Let's do this, soldiers!" The soldiers all cheered and two men started to separate the whole group into two. One at the front of the stage, one at the back. Soldiers from the entrance also started to pour in, seeing as they are the Bio Walls members that decided to join main attack force, and the ones at the back started marching they way out towards Norais.

Bio Walls

In the biggest research lab at Norais, all the members gathered up in lines and sat in their chairs placed out for them. It was lined up by a long column of 8 and a row of more than 12. One by one, the members sat on every one of them, chatting with their friend members and couples or whatnot. Margaret came towards the stage first, and adjusted the microphone on it. Later, she took a step to the side, and behind, from the stairs, was Astru Rendos, in his seemingly battledsuit. The voices all stopped and looked at the commander in stage. He patted the microphone, as he saw more armored men coming in from the entrance. They all took the chairs themselves and all their focused eyes locked onto the commander. With the raise of his voice, the silence broke.

"So now, we gathered here for the briefing of the upcoming invasion from those magician bastards, and their target is Tekyou, the frontline base of our guild." As he yelled, a giant screen reflected onto the gigantic wall behind him. The points are all being pointed out as he announced. "This is the five points's location, and each of you members will spread out and guard each of of them." He announced, as five points, including the main one, appeared into these points. Two points were centered at a building that can be only entered from the third building from the top most left, one point was set in the intersection of the middle street, one point had itself stationed on the top most tower in the South, and the main command point, was somehow hidden from the screen, giving out an unknown name. "I will send Margaret to retrive the members involved in guarding the main point, so everyone can go on and separate yourself into the groups of defending the points. There is no need on briefing to the sub points." With that, Astru ended his speech and walked off.

Defending force

As Margaret gathers the few soldiers appointed to guard the main command point, some, or two, were familiar faces. "So, the leader chose Yui and Naida." She smirked and turned her gaze back towards the paper on her hand. She passed it to the other few, namely only Yui, Naida, Jason, Ken, Ren, Jin, Ho and Darren. They were the few top best in both Helios and Bios, and now they had chosen to defend Tekyou. The papers they received, was the perspective roles of each member. "I have laid out the roles for each of you. These are the ones that suit you the best in this defense mission, so please." She placed her hands on her head, her other free arm supporting it. "Don't get into fights and lose the main point." As she said that, Jason and Jin knocked their heads together, eyes signaling that they don't like each other. Ken and Ren followed, but they sat back at the chairs while staring at each other with disgusts. Ho and Darren are particularly the peacemaker of these two group. They are both good friends, and they hung out a lot together. "Please don't fight." Darren begged. "Yeah, please. Don't make this mission a fail." Ho tried to convince them. Yui and Naida both sat alone in their seats, eyes locking onto the sheet they held. "I'm the sniper, eh?" She mumbled under her breath. She turned to Naida, curious to see what she ended up in.

Attacking Force

Once the decided members lined up and the Bio Walls members following, the man in front clapped his hand. A floating screen appeared out of the device he pulled out from his pocket and placed it on the ground. There, a picture of a city surround by gigantic cannon-like objects. Those were the pulse cannons, lined up in a circular formation and surround the city. The picture was captured by a camera from above, disguised as birds. Cranium city was famous for their 360 pulse cannons, and the fact that it was once the city of Helios made them more agitated. "As you can see, they will be guarding this city, and in a 360 degree, the will spread in an organized form." He circled around the walls of the city. Suddenly, small red spots started appearing in a form that is very organized, as if planned by a very smart leader. It all stood both in front and inside of the city, and a particular circle stood in front of the many small red spots on the entrance. A pointer, with a name that was on top of the line, was shown. The name, 'Black Swordsman'. "As you can see, the Black Swordsman will be there, at the battlefield entrance." And as he announced that fact, the members started to hesitate. They were all talking about how they would go to the defense force but the man in front stopped them. "Wait." He changed the screen into a picture of an underground system.

It lined in a big entrance, with rocky textures and steel posts supporting the hole and a big blue device was edited into the middle end of it. This is the underground system of Cranium. It was known to have the biggest size compared to other underground systems, and it had only one gigantic entrance. "This is the underground path of Cranium. It was a picture we took back then when took over the city. Can't believe it was actually used for this purpose." He smirked, and shook his head. "Anyway, back to briefing." he said, as the picture returned back to the bird's eye view of the whole city. "The underground one is the main command point for the Cranium, as everyone knows. The five sub points are the North building, by the lab. The South building, the store near the entrance. The West building, at the fifth floor of the hotel. The East building, the public pool. The final one is at the top floor of this tower. The heart of the city, the bird's eye view and the building on top of the main command point." He pointed at the long tower overlooking the whole city. "This tower is the main command center, meaning most members will be here, so we'll have to concentrate part of our forces to here." He said, and then he closed the screen.

"Your job." He said seriously. "To conquer all these points with the logo data uploaded to your Visor drives. So just wirelessly connect the point with your Visor, and have it do the rest. That's it. Now, march onwards to victory, soldiers!" He added, as the members inside started to pour back outside and grabbed their weapons.

Timeskip to battle (Please do reply to the ones in the attacking force and defending force)

Right outside the city of Cranium, outposts and camps were built. Soldiers ran around, screaming orders and commanders giving out commands. There, Yastin stood alone in the middle of the camp. Soldiers all came to and ran from him, shooting questions at him and replying like machine guns, until a moment after, his two best friend, Rensus and Astron, came. They patted him on the shoulder and helped answering questions the soldiers asked. Moments after it stopped. Yastin led them both to his tent, and had them sat side by sides with him. "So, when are we gonna attack?" Rensus raised the first question. "Anytime now. After the preparation is done, we can start anytime, without an order." Astron replied, breaking off Yastin's wanting to reply. Yastin quickly strangled his neck and told him not to interrupt his answers. He stopped and stepped back into his chair. "That's basically it, Rensus. Now, you two are gonna charge into battle like idiots." Yastin quickly laughed at his joke, slamming his palms on the table beside. Rensus and Astron both looked at him sarcastically. While he was laughing, they plotted something and went back to normal. Suddenly, a soldier came rushing in. He saluted before stating his business. "Sir Yastin , sir Rensus and sir Astron! We have already finished the preparation, now we just need someone to start the battle." The trio nodded, and the soldier ran off outside, followed by the constant yelling of the captains. Yastin took the glove beside him and wore it, and Rensus pulled out his gigantic pulse machine gun. Astron was the first to step outside, and the soldier was all in rows and lines, already prepared for the upcoming battle. The trio step in front of the all, and with the yell of a single command, they all charged.

"Let's go!"

The thousands of soldiers all spread outside the city, and they surrounded it. They all stood in ordered lines and the commanders are still screaming to the top of their throats even at here. Typically, the ones guarding the main point were all already brief on their needs, and is now on their guarding point. Ken, Ren, Jason and Jin are still on their normal behaviors; fighting each other while still restricting themselves from destroying the building and Darren and Ho is still playing the peacemakers. Yui and Naida, on the other hand, stayed at their positions without giving a care to the fight. Yui took up her sniper and polished it with her cloth, and the same went for her other weapons. She mumbled something under her breath, before placing her sniper rifle to the window beside her. She toyed around with her sniper, trying to check whether it's functioning properly, and when she stopped and yelled something, the others all quickly went into battle stations. Darren picked up his pulse saber, Ho pulled out a pulse bow and arrow, Ken and Ren both held the same pulse launcher and Jason and Jin each took double pistols. Yui quickly clicked a button beside her sniper, and yells started. She told the others something that made them pulled they guards up;

"There they come."

Wings of Vengeance

The muscle-head leader of the guild, Lendon Alstairs, drank his beer as he waited for more and more members to pour into the big room. Fortunately, Galuna Inn had provided a room spacious enough to hold that many magicians in one city. But, the offside is, the room was darker, plus with all the people breathing the same air as each other, they might feel uncomfortable or even trapped. Luckily, ice magicians were here too 'cool' the place down. With a giant clap of the muscled leader, the noise that echo throughout the room immediately died, and all stares were switched to Lendon. He sat back down on the chair behind him, and his short speech started. "So, now we are here, to gather for the invasion of those dumb Scientific and get back our once rightful city, Tekyou Hanamon." He stood back up and grabbed a beer that someone brought him. "So now, let's fight back, and give them our best!" He thrust the beer towards them. "This is Wings of Vengeance, and they will learn not to mess with guild!" The magicians all cheered, and someone took over Lendon's speech, leaving Lendon no choice but to sit in one corner and continue drinking.

Dark Radiance

In that similar hall where the conference was held, hundreds of guild members gathered, and only few came in from the entrance. Fiona sat atop a table to make her feel higher, and when the last member to walk out the hall, she broke the silence in the air with her cute petite voice. "Hello, everyone. This is Fiona Lenon, your guild master of Dark Radiance, and a perspective light user." She said, but the silence only came flowing back into the hall. "Alright, so we'll be having a briefing on the defending of Cranium, and honestly, the Scientific assholes have no idea who they're up against with. This briefing was only created just so I can guide you to defend which point and where are them, but honestly, I don't care." Small laughter of the members filled the air, and Fiona continued. "You can all just separate yourselves and guard one point, not that I care, but Takuya over here, is gonna do the front lines." She pointed to the swordsman sleeping in his seat. "Don't bother waking him up. He's just too relaxed for the upcoming battle." She said, more laughter filled the air. "Okay, okay, let's stop it. Now, all I want you all to do, is to guard the places with your lives. I'm not gonna separate you into groups or whatnot, but the most important we need is teamwork!" She yelled, and the cheers of the magicians all followed, filling the room with screams and whistles. The members all started to march out the room and chatted all their way towards Cranium.

Attacking Force

The man stood above the stage, and blabbered out commands on the magicians. His speech was rather short, and it was boring as well. "Now, we're about to attack Teyou Hanamon, and we're not about to stop now." He said. Some of the magicians were already asleep, and some were on the verge of charging outside. But the resisted it. It was hard, but they resisted it, to respect the magician on the stage. "We're just gonna charge our way towards the city and we will show them no mercy!" That last part actually motivated the members, as they all cheered loudly. The marched their way outside, but a bang was heard when they did. The boring magician who made the speech just now was send flying to the wall by Lendon, accused for being boring, and the members all laughed, seeing that Lendon has a habit of doing that. He quickly rushed his way to the front of the marching magicians, and led his way towards Tekyou Hanamon.

Timeskip to battle (Please do reply to the ones in the attacking force and defending force)

The magicians all marched their ways towards their target city, and it wasn't long 'till they finally saw a tall tower in sight. They all chatted, making jokes, some with serious faces, some with worrying eyes, but nonetheless, the leader's bashful attitude had them all relaxed as his power is not something to underestimate, even to the ones at the Scientific side. The soldiers that stood in the walls all quickly noticed their presence and they all lifted their weapons up, pointing at the marching group. With the magic of the one caster, the battle was officially started, and it will quickly turn into a slaughter of these two sides and a huge blast of fireball was the trigger.

A lone black swordsman stood in front of the other magicians, all tailing behind him, as he took a yawn. He stretched his arms and and sat back down on the ground. He commanded for the magicians to relax, which they did not, and instead they walked a few steps further towards the battlefield. A man came and stood beside him, lending him a hand to stand up. Takuya accepted it, and brushed off the dirt on his pants. "So, you're really gonna lead the battle? I thought you don't care about these?" The man asked. His voice was not all that matured, but it was a 100% sure that it was someone the same age as Takuya. He was in a full body armor, with the helmet covering his face, a cape with his guild's logo on it, and a blade at his left waist. He pulled his helmet up, and to Takuya's surprise, it was Cason, his school friend who'd often walk him to school and back to home from school. Takuya quickly patted Cason's armored shoulder, and a 'clank' was heard. "Yo! You were here? I thought you had a family outing to Teison? Are you back?" He asked, a smile forming on his face. Cason replied with a nervous smile and pretended to scratch the back of his head. "Well, a lot happened, but I'm back! So now le-" His greeting was quickly interrupted, as the cheers from the opposing side was heard, and firstly, a pulse bullet was shot, commencing the battle. "No time to talk! Let's end this battle quickly and have lunch at McD!" Cason yelled, as he shoved Takuya first into battle. He staggered for a bit, but quickly gained his balance after. He pulled out his blade, and signaled for the battle to start; with a huge wave created from a slice created by his blade.

"Let's go, everyone!"


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Aerithel Siehart

A buzz sounded from a small device that Aerithel carried, given to her by some of the guild members of Dark Radiance to keep track of meetings and presentations. She jumped up from her spot, eager if not nervous to go to her first guild meeting. She guessed that she would be going into battle, due to the war, so she grabbed her staff, tied on a cloak around her shoulders and was ready to head out.

Hundreds of guild members gathered around the hall, she tried to slip in quietly amongst all of the chatter and excitement. There was a woman sitting on a table in front of the crowd, Fiona, the woman who had confronted her to join Dark Radiance after Aerithel's incident. She shuddered at the thought, though it did offer a great opportunity. Before she joined the guild Aerithel worked alone, helping groups and being hired for support, now she was part of a team with people she didn't know and people she felt obliged to protect.
She listened to the briefing, but not really, too concentrated on people around her or the thoughts in her head. Watching Fiona for an instant, she saw the woman point to a man, younger than she but with just one look she saw that he was experienced, much more experienced than herself. Guilt rose in her stomach. How did Fiona think that Aerithel was up to standards to join one of these big guilds? The people here were good at what they did, she had no skill in real fighting, but she tried not to doubt the guild leader, it was meant to be.
The meeting finished, people whooped, cheered, whistled and clapped. They were excited and she was merely tolerable to what was about to come, but she gave a small clap and walked out with the number of people talking to each other. Her mind was on other things, reciting spells and connecting herself to her mana. She did this often, in fear that she would not be able to connect to her mana one day, that she would fail allies in time of need.

They walked, some patient and others already swinging swords and axes into the air, ready for the kill. She tried to stop fiddling with her staff beside her side but it was no hope, the wave of battle washed over her mind and she couldn't get rid of it. The black swordsman she saw in the meeting led lazily, her hope wasn't exactly inspired by him, but she followed and trusted his lead, obviously if he acted how he was out of battle in battle then he wouldn't be the leader. Though the guild was strange, and she didn't put it past them to throw some random into the lead position.
Suddenly cries of the opposing side sounded, she took a standing position where she felt most comfortable and waited for bullets and ranged weapons to start being shot. Ready to protect, to defend and to fight.
People started running towards the opposing team, others stood where they were using ranged magics like herself. People around her dodged bullets or ranged ammo but for the most part she concentrated on putting small one second barriers on where the bullets where heading around several of the people around her. People who had been expecting to be hurt blinked as the barrier stopped the bullets in their tracks. They simply dropped to the floor and people kept fighting. There was a small range around her where she could sense danger within it, allowing her to have quick reactions and the one second barriers kept popping up, defending, almost like a subconscious reaction within Aerithel.


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Rikou Fernandez

Rikou entered the game world in his outfit. A black hooded cloak with some green lines on it with his famous black-cargo pants and the pouches strapped onto it. His White T-shirt looking all worn out like the usual with his skull scarf on his chest. His Visor on top of his scarf glowing and emitting a blue light. He walks along a crowded street of Denisson City.

"Rikou?!? Rikou!!! It is you!!" yelled a girl around his age as she approaches him. "Your here early? You aren't here at a time like this" stated the girl. "So..... you were here Misaki Image.......... That explains why you didn't answer me when I came by your house with your meal." said Rikou as they both walk towards an airport. "Sorry... Rikou. Anyway I wanna show you something. Remember those Mechs named MOLES that are used for mining? We got one this morning cause it was in the worst state possible. But I patched it up and modified it a little. It's new name is Mantis. Image" said Misaki as she points to some scrap metal on the floor outside a gigantic blast door.

"That's a lot scrap metal." stated Rikou as he opens the blast door. "OH MY G-" said Rikou as he sees a Black camoed Mech. The Mech was sitting down. The once driller, and digger arms are now 50mm Kinetic Guns fed By Pulse Boxes that contain Pulse Crystals in them and Reaper missile pods on the other. The Mechs frontal hull is plated with inorganic Plates and also on the legs. The legs of the Mech is modified with heavy auxiliaries and Inorganic plates. The cockpit was small but is heavily armored with its plates.

"Where did you get all that plating and supplies? That is really, really, really expansive." said Rikou as he gets a closer and clearer look on the Mech. "You like it? I made it myself since you were gone and Mr. Swift there is busy with your Raven."
said Misaki as she helps open the cockpit. Inside was like a motorbike that has been shoved into it with some modification onto the handles . Rikou was speechless as he climbs into it.

"Test Drive?" asked Rikou as he looks at Misaki's beautiful face. Misaki nodded and replied "I have already, only you and Vayne have not. He only wants to test drive the Raven". Rikou thanked Misaki as he sets his hands on the handles and his legs onto the paddles. The cockpit closed and the screens light up along with the cockpit as it beems to life and becomes a 360 degree surrounding view. Rikou started to walk around in the Mantis inside the hangar until Vayne ran in front of the Mantis. "Rikou!!! Helios and Bio Walls are preparing for war. Most of the hangars outside are deploying their weapons to either Cranium City or Tekyou City. We should get going too.... And Captain Mitchel and his squad of Kinetic Weaponry from Draco Guild has volunteered to assist us in our point of contact." yelled Vayne as he points to a crowd entering the hangar. "Great time to test our new weapons out, okay........ LOAD the Wolves, Cheetah and this Mantis aboard the Raven!!! Captain Mitchel... Welcome to Helios Viper Squad, hope you guys know how to use our toys." Said Rikou as he brings the Mantis towards the Raven.


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"What shall we do with commander Rendos? What shall we do with commander Rendos? What shall we do with commander Rendos once we got the bastard?
"String him up from his own tower!"
"Put his eyes out with a grinder!"
"Shoot him up with mighty thunder! Once we got the bastard.
"Cook him nicely on our fire!"
"Fill his lungs with tons of plasma!"
"Tare his head off to a platter once we've got the bastard!"

This one of Alexander's favorite marching songs since members where free to make up their own gruesome ends for their foe as the song went along.
Alexander disliked going into battle with all this bloody armor however considering the arsenal the Tiffi's had in their possession the alternative was not quite so pleasant.

The armor was cool but Alexander thought its lack of flexibility was a bit daunting; he had been partially forced into wearing it by some ridiculous guild rule about coolness. Considering the artillery rounds exploding all around them and the machine gunning it seemed like a good idea to ware it.

A near blast knocked a few of the magician's sky high leaving a few mangled remnants of their passing, Alexander sighed with annoyance and began summoning his energies into his blood stream.

Another shell exploded nearby, Alexander ignored it and focused on his will, his reason to fight, his purpose in the field of battle. Honor, Duty and all the rest began to warm his being but so did his utter dislike of good for nothing artillery.
Alexander focused these energies of his soul into his silver ring; the focus point of the fourth circle.

Summoning his elemental aspect took slightly longer than usual due to Alexander's growing annoyance with the snipers now joining the fight however after a few minutes of thought Alexander unlocked all the relevant powers he needed.
The magicians still marched despite losses, cannon fodder was still available to take some of the losses and those magicians who were truly powers to be reckoned with brushed aside most of the projectiles fired at them.

Alexander growled, why did he have to play baby sitter to the novices? Because he was one of the few who could actually summon a barrier? Or just because he never managed to win the "not it" contest.

At last the barrier formed, the air around the magicians grew cold and sheets of ice wondered seemingly aimlessly in the air. A great bang shook the land as the Tiffi's fired one of their heavy guns, as the plasma shell hurtled down towards the magicians the ice sheets suddenly shifted in a flash and formed the barrier which caused the shell to explode against the barrier.

Alexander grinned slightly in appreciation as he guided his ringed hand to stop a few dozen other rounds.
The magicians now neared the walls of the city, a fire ball hurtled into some kind of bunker tarring it to shreds.

With that great explosion the battle finally truly began, a terrible sound of screaming roared towards the city… an infamous battle cry signified the beginning of terror.

The Wings of Vengeance had come


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:: Robin Hawthrone ::

As the bullets rained from Helios Infinitum's side and the archer girl concentrated on creating a fire umbrella on the top of defending foces she couldn't help but think, Man, what I wouldn't give for some coffee right now, still sleepy. Although she was on the front lines, basically for her fire barrier, she was hiding behind a giant rock big enough to cover her hair. She had no idea why it was there, but not that she complained.

The rock was placed on a lofty hill, way distant from front lines, but Robin was thinking otherwise. It was a perfect spot for her to hit the enemy forces who got so close to Cranium. She could see the whole battlefield from up here, some managed to get past from the main defense, but they were a piece of cake for Robin's arrows.

She furrowed her eyebrows when she saw small balls with mechanic legs made their way toward her friends. At first, she shrugged it off, thinking she might be mistaken or she was seeing things out of the blue, but after throwing an arrow at one of them, they exploded with a loud 'BAM' and cleared some members of Helios Infinitum along with some from the front lines. She grimaced, God knows what may happen if that small balls reach the front lines. It was impossible to notice them in the battle flurry. Even Takuya was so into destroying the opposing team's members that he didin't notice the explosion happening on HI's side. Maybe Ruka would see them but she was attacking Tekyou Hanamon right now.

She stretched Jedi's string and closed her right eye, scraping ten of the small titanium balls' destinations, she couldn't count all of them, but she had a feeling inside telling her where they were going. She had to stop them in the midway, or blow them right in their tracks. The smell of the battle was not allowing her to concentrate even though she could somehow managed to memorize where they were going to be. She wasn't worried about hitting a completely different target, because 'Arrows of Hell' always hit the target in her mind.

Robin closed her eyes and started breathing really slowly, stretching the string even more and gripping theiron bow tightly. The targets flashed in the back of her head like a film strip before she released the single arrow. It ascended in the air gracefully before it started burning up furiously and copied itself into ten arrows. Robin grinned and watched them as they hovered in the air for a second before they dived right toward their targets. Robin had to close her ears because of the sharp noise of the consecutive explosions.

"The fuck?!"

"BRIAN! Are you okay?! Wake up man!"

"What the hell is happening? Commander!"

"Everyone duck!"

"'Spiders' are exploding!"

"But why now?! They had to explode on the religious' fucking side!"

"Bring the mechanics' move your asses!"

"Look what I found! A flaming arr-"

"Don't touch that."

"An archer!"

No friggin way! Her arrows automatically destroyed theirselves when contacting with target!

"If he/she could shoot them he/she has to see it from a high place....Search hills and high places or trees! We cannot risk this information to leak!"

Oh no! She was in trouble, more importantly she had to tell this to Black Swordsman, but he was so far away from the hill she was on.HI had already started to search the hills and some muscly members were coming toward her hill. Damn damn damn, too much trouble for some small balls! Alert arrows maybe? But that was simply saying "I'm here, come and kill me!". She had to think of something else...


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(OOC Note: Oh my god, such a long post. >.< Anyway, we're going forward into out first plot (Yay ^.^).)

Takuya Kagamine

That one swing of his attack ignited the battle, as hundreds of magicians and soldiers rage on into battle, and one by one, soldiers and magicians all disappear. Blue and red colored codes floats in the air, as Takuya did absolutely nothing but stood in his place, the magicians still all rushing by his side. Explosions occurred, but he dismissed it as a result of Explosion Magic. The battle was something Takuya had hoped not to see, the adrenaline in his body slowly built up, and this had done nothing but bring his sadistic self up to surface. He tried to fight it off, holding it in, when a man of familiar voice sounded right behind him.


The man patted on his shoulders and to Takuya's surprise again, it was Cason, his helmet off and sweat trickled down his face. Takuya quickly took a few steps back, Cason following, and after they reached the corner of the city walls, Takuya urged the sweaty man to sit down. He made an illusion where Takuya was fighting on the front lines, but it was quickly recognized by the enemy, as a bullet flew right through it, making it disappear into a small black mist. He turned back to Cason, whose face this time were of worries. "So what did you want?" Takuya asked in a lazy manner. Cason quickly grabbed his hands and pulled him towards the entrance. "Some of the enemy managed to get some... things... in... and we need you to destroy them." He panted quickly. "Why me? I mean, there are a lot more people that can do precise shots than me." Quickly, they were inside the city. Lots of explosions occurred, and Takuya knew it was true. But Cason's last sentence had Takuya running.

"Robin's in danger! She is surrounded by the enemy on the hill near Cranium! You need to go find her!"

Takuya's immediate running had Cason lost his balance a bit, but Cason knew that Takuya couldn't leave his guild family member behind, that's why he asked Takuya. By the way, Cason's magic is Scanning Magic, where he does scan at the scale of a city. That is how he found the metallic spider things and how he knew Robin was in danger.

Takuya's dark magic enabled him to move from places to places, thus he only need the location of his target. Although the maximum range is short, but Takuya's blade enhanced the power, thus making the transport faster and further. No sooner than five minutes had Takuya reached behind the assaulting force approaching Robin, and he took them out in less than a minute. The open fires was only precisely five shots and no more than that had Takuya wiped them all out. The sound must have alerted the other searching forces, as they quickly made their way towards Takuya's location. "Robin! You okay?!"

No sooner had he asked that, the searching forces finally reached their location. He reached out a hand over Robin, attempting to protect her, his blade pointing at them. One of them fired a shot, only to be stopped by dark shield. It was Takuya's magic, and just when he swung his blade and a giant giant black wave was created, it was nullified by something big and red in color. The same goes for the magicians and soldiers on the battlefield; a giant red wall nullified all their magics and stopped the bullets. "What is happening?!"

Yui Akiyama

On the other hand, the defense force on Tekyou Hanamon of the Scientific side seemed to have a problem on oncoming brutes and their magic powers. The force field was enough to hold thousands of incoming attacks, but the fact that the force field only covered the part of the city that isn't protected by the force field seemed to have been discovered by the attack force, but in truth, the leading leader, Lendon only knew what's in front of him and what to do; that is, an entrance and to force his way through.

Most of the attacks were focused on the walls, making it crumble more and more, and some fired their attacks on the force field, attempting to mislead the ones on the towers. Yui, on the other hand, was still observing the attacking force atop the tower, while the others on the same area had mostly all left the building to assist the defense of the entrance of the building since some had decided to sneak inside the city. Yui soon became used to the sounds of gunshots, explosions and screams, and all she did was observe. She couldn't make a shot, because either the force field was obstructing from doing so, or she could just plain believe that the soldiers can take care of it.

Suddenly, all the sound that she would usually hear every few second stopped frantically. She thought for a second that it was just them all planning something devious out, but then, just as her thought intruded her mind, she saw something that she possibly had never seen before. A red wall appeared every now and then, and smaller gunshots were heard, followed screams of order. She then attempted to fire a bullet, but it was stopped midway, and dropped like a falling bird. The red wall appeared then, and then disappeared. "What the fuck?!" She thought in her head. What was happening?


In a dark room, lit by only a small lamp in the middle, five figure sat a circle around the light. Their bodies were covered by the shadows. "So... Is it time for our first project?" A man asked, his voice sounded as if muffled by cloth. "Yes... It should be time now." Another man voiced out. His voice was rather like a maniac, as if he was a crazed murderer who loved killing. "Then we shall have the leader to go and welcome the player, now shouldn't we?" A woman this time voiced out. Her voice was very teenager-like, and her voice screams out sarcasm. "I have already laid out the walls, I shall have the Arena appear next." This time, an emotionless voice. Again, it sounded like a teenager's voice. A man stood up among the shadows, and the next moment after he voiced out his agreement, he left the room.

"Let's start this party now, shall we?"

The soldiers and magicians all voiced their worries and angers. Suddenly, a voice sounded into the battlefields and cities. His voice ever so commanding and charming, as the players all wondered where it came from. "Welcome, my children. This may be the first time we met each other, but this shall also be the last time we shall meet." He commanded. Suddenly, players involved in the game, millions of players were all simultaneously transport to a deserted area.

There, all the meetings of their friends, families and enemies alike were gathered here.
"What do you want?!"
"Why are you here?!"
"How are you here?!"
"You play this game too?!"
Questions boomed around the area. But the appearance of one avatar as if projected by hologram had silenced the whole area. He wore a lab coat, covering the brown t-shirt and long black pants inside. His hands tucked into the pocket and his face covered by a black shadow. "Welcome to Yggdrasil Online, my children. I am the creator of this game, Helia Venson and I am pleased to meet you, the players. I have summoned you here for one, and one reason only. We shall now commence the first biggest event ever ever held in Yggdrasil Online; the Guild Arena Battle." Just as when he said that, a huge arena appeared right in the middle of the crowd. The players all gasped and some awed, but some were definitely showing killing intents, especially Takuya.

"I shall now have you all participate in this. There are but a few rules, but I do hope that you stay abide to these rules or I shall be forced to delete your avatar and kill your body in the real-life."

Suddenly, a huge sign, with numbers that goes until one to three, appeared. All the players leaned forward to scan the sign.

"1. Every guild must participate in this.
2. Five members per guild shall be chosen to participate.
3. Those who decided to leave shall have their avatars deleted and their lives to be forfeited."

"You can now log off to rest. Tomorrow, all guild members are to log in and if they fail to do so, their guilds will be exterminated, and they shall not have a chance to enter another ones ever again." He flew higher. He bowed the next moment. "Well then, I guess I shall bid you all farewell." With that, he disappeared.


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Rikou Fernandez

The Raven flew in the clouds as its payload of light transports slowly dragged the bird slowly behind from the main air attack force. In the cockpit, Rikou checks the weapons systems and rockets since all of it are not fed by Pulse Materializers or even Pulse Weaponry but merely a storage pool like the old weapons back then. The Wolves hanging on the wings of the Raven, directly under the Reaper Missiles. The Raven's Quad Engines keep shifting positions as they try to keep the Raven stable and straight in the airspace. Draco Squad 7's members were checking their weapons as Vayne briefs them about how to operate the transports provided and how the insertion will be conducted. Captain Mitchel checks his low heat Kinetic machine gun, Lieutenant Marco checks his Kinetic Long range Shotgun, as the team chick, Sargent Marissa checks the barrels of her minigun, while the other troops just listened to the briefing by Vayne.

Misaki was busy testing out all the Camera's Optical options like Thermal, EMP, Oracle, and more of her 50mm Pulse Materializer Kinetic Machine guns and a 4 shot non-reloading Reaper rocket launchers. As the Raven gets clear from the clouds, it was surrounded in an air filled with many of the same ships from the same guild. Olympus Guild was here and headed for Cranium city also. Misaki asked Rikou, why was the Olympus guild on the way to battle for Bio Walls and Helios Infinitum's target. Rikou was also puzzled but in the end, he answered Misaki with a simple sentence."If their here to help, GREAT. But, if their here to steal the city from us, it will be their first and last try." Olympus's Main forces were usually air attack and pure superiority of the air. It's Main Air force was in front of them. Zeus, Hades ,and Poseidon flies escorted by fighters in such small numbers. These ships were heavy gunships, like the old and classic C130 gunship. It's main fighter force must have already pushed on into the fight at Cranium City.

As another great cloud hits the entire air armada, everything just disappeared. When it all cleared, the city stands in sight. The air was thick with smoke, blasts, fire and objects that fill the sky as they shoot at each other. Dragons fly by as they are ridden by Magicians and their staffs. The dragons and Magicians shoot at the metallic wings of fighters of Olympus as the fighters tear down the dragons apart from the skies. Suddenly red walls started blocking every shot or casted spells there was and nullified every thing. Rikou looked at the other fighters as they continue to shoot at the dragons and notice that the red walls were not casted by the magicians but appear out of thin air. One of the fighters of Olympus continued to fire at the dragon and also dodged all the red walls. Though it failed to dodge one and it tore the wing off the fighter, making it slowly disappear into codes.

"WHY WONT IT HIT!?!" yelled Misaki as she tries to shoot one swift dragon down. All her shots were just blocked by the red walls. Rikou pulled the Raven closer to the dragon, till his Vulcan minigun barrels were touching the dragon, then he pulled the trigger. The dragon tore apart as metal objects tore through the dragon followed by the red walls. Rikou tried to bring the Raven lower to the ground to deploy the troops when the status on the ground was the same. Everyone tried to shoot each other but they were blocked by all of the red walls. Screams and yells spread amongst the lost and angered warriors. The hatch opened quickly and the Cheetah rolled out with some Draco Guild Infantryman along with Vayne on his Sparrow. The Raven flew fast and stopped hard behind a wall as it tries to land. It dropped the Wolves onto the ground a few meters high and the Raven landed a couple more meters not far off from the Wolves. The Whole Draco squad poured out of the shuttle and onto the Wolves as some of them formed an arrow head and slowly marched towards the enemies as they fire at them. Rikou got off his seat and out to drop the Mantis manually as Misaki takes control of the Raven. Rikou got in and started marching off with the arrow head squad towards the enemies when a voice was heard.

"Welcome, my children. This may be the first time we met each other, but this shall also be the last time we shall meet."

Everyone was suddenly gathered in a baron wasteland. A holographic man made all the booming questions silent for a while. The man gave Rikou a sadist feeling and the urge to kill the man."It's HIM.........It's THE MAN WHO DISAPPEARED...... It's because of him I am here......I.....I.....I..... HIS THE PERPETRATOR!!!" Rikou never got to finish his words as the man gave a speech in the matter of life and death. Misaki heard Rikou and she was astonished. Another man like RIkou, from the past and now here in the future. What is going to happen?


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:: Robin Hawthrone ::

No alert arrows and no moving, okay, she could do that. But if she was to strike them, more would came eventually, so no attacking too. She had to take risk somehow; standing there like a damsel in distress wasn't like her, she knew she could handle some guns and bullets. Robin had considered sliding down the cliff and joining the battlefield, she was a good runner even though she was short, she could easily make them lose her in the crowd. But then she would have to join the real fight. Choices choices. Never good at them.

She was about to dart and prepare her bow when the familiar tingling feeling on the depths of her belly started to spread. Robin cursed and gritted her teeth, trying to step forwards, but soon the tingling left its place to a annoying numbness. Her arms gave in first, her fingers that were tightly wrapped around the iron body loosened as she dropped Jedi. It didn't even take a second until her whole body was paralyzed. Her vision went black

Ah how I hate this flashback-ish visions...


The first thing her five senses perceived was a voice. A male's voice.

"Welcome, my children. This may be the first time we met each other, but this shall also be the last time we shall meet."

Robin didn't think, didn't move. Only her core was avilable in the body she was currently in. The control wasn't on her. But she was assuming the body belonged to a girl. The girl's body tensed and she knitted her eyebrows. Robin didn't notice she was sitting on the ground till the girl took a boy in black's hand as support and she stood up, picking up what seemed like a bow.

A bow? Boy in black? Rust locks surrounding her vision? Robin was in her own body?

The rest of the vision was so blurry, voices and images were going and returning.

"What do you want?!"

"Why are you here?!"

"How are you here?!"

"You play this game too?!"

Robin was surrounded by the hugest crowd she had ever seen, the buzzing of the whole area was pinning her ears. She was feeling an intense mix of shock, fear and worry. She looked around frantically, not noticing she was clutching on someone's coat. Precisely Takuya's coat, because she couldn't stand properly and she was dizzy.

The last things she managed to get from the vision were; Helia Venson, death, Guild Arena Battle, rules and the hostile glare Takuya was shooting at that disappearing hologram.


Robin woke up with shoots coming from guns. She was laying on her stomache, she rolled on her back and pushed the ground with her feet, attempting to lean her back on giant rock. Slashing and ripping sounds came afterwards, with pained cries and more shooting.

Then all of them stopped less then in a minute while Robin was trying to gather her thoughts up.

"Robin! You okay?!"

Robin snapped her head directly to where the voice came from. Takuya stood there, with his blade out and ready to kill. Robin was about to answer when the footsteps echoed on the hill. He reached out a hand over her and pointed his sword toward them. The enemy started firing and Robin covered her still pounding ears from the early vision. She wanted to help Takuya but she wasn't sure if she could stand. But then everything she could see was suddenly dyed in red.

She stood up, leaning on the rock and she took this chance to see what was happening. Red barriers were everywhere, they were nullifying the attacks of both Religious and Sciencetific side.

"Welcome, my children. This may be the first time we met each other, but this shall also be the last time we shall meet."

Robin felt like someone had bitch slapped her right in the face. She remembered this. She remembered this voice. This commanding yet charismatic voice.

Robin lived the second most horrifying thing in her life in the next fifteen minutes. She actually remembered her vision, everything she had saw was happening one by one. They were really going to die if they decided to leave now. Ridiculous. All this fuss over an online game?! What was wrong with this man?! Kill, exterminate? Then what was going to happen the losers of this guild battle?

The biggest problem started after the man disappeared. Robin's stomach was upside down, her knees were trembling like crazy and she could see the stars. If she wasn't clutching on Takuya, she would find herself on her butt by now. She gave a big sigh, noticing she was holding her breath. The whole area was in a mess, everyone was yelling and arguing with each other. All guilds were mixed, a disaster was going to happen for sure.

Robin sat on the ground, her feet couldn't carry her anymore, she was so tired.

"What the hell happened?" She asked the most genius question ever, mostly to herself. "This...this must be a joke. That man, Helia Venson, I saw him...I saw this happening..."