Madeline Swords

"You think I SUFFER from insanity. But reality is I enjoy every moment of it."

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a character in “Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A Pirates Life for Me!”, as played by MotherDragons


Captain: Madeline Swords
Name: Madeline
Nickname: Dark Angel or Maddie
Age: 20
Ship's name: The Queen Anne's Revenge
Appearance: Image
Personality: Quiet and collected, Madeline is the one you have to worry about. She is ruthless when it comes to killing. It's second nature to her. She's also paranoid that she is going to be killed. Her attitude is a kill or be killed. But once you prove your worth to her, she is a fierce and loyal friend. She is married to the first mate and kills anybody that disrespects him.
Equipment: She usually wears what's in her picture. She wears a cross necklace that belonged to her mother. She also has two pistols and two swords. There's a dagger in her boot.
History: Madeline was born to Captain Edward Teach and Amelia Swords. Her mother however grew ill when Amelia was four. While on her deathbed, Amelia made Edward promise that Madeline would be the most educated and feared pirate captain out there. From that day on, Edward got Madeline as many books as possible. He spent all of his free time teaching her piracy and Latin. She is also educated in mathematics and history. She became the first mate at age 13. Her father died when Madeline was 18. She then became the Captain of the Queen Anne's Revenge. She was going through some of her father's things, when she discovered her father's map. She decided that she would need some help from the most feared pirates out there.

So begins...

Madeline Swords's Story