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Wu Jinshu

Well that's just great. I have to be crying for people to love and admire me? Fuck that...

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a character in “Yokai Yakuza”, as played by :Nagato:


Name: Wu Jīnshǔ

Gender: Female

Species: Wu is a banshee, a fact she utterly bemoans.

Age: Her physical appearance as a human suggests she is a young woman of perhaps twenty four--when she is brought to tears and transforms into her hated other form, she could easily pass for a twenty year old girl, however.

Appearance: The Succubus is a woman of such utter physical attractiveness that utterly no man, regardless of preference when it comes to women, could resist her charms. Her banshee sister was not blessed with the same drop-dead, knock-out sexiness--a fact she is faced with every day when she sees her sister and watches the gaze of nearly everyone around her as they stare and wonder how so heavenly a being came upon this earth--for the most part neglecting Wu in turn. She isn't ugly, per se--some would say she has her own beauty about her, a sort of toughened, indelicate prettiness that you can easily see if you meet her alone. When she is found with her sister however, there is simply no contest. Everyone showers her sister with dropped jaws, stares of admiration, and praise from the heavens--anything directed towards Wu in this company is often along the lines of "What? She can't possibly be your sister" or "O-Of course, you're very pretty too..." in insincere tones. Once there was even a man who had the gall to proclaim Wu was like the ugly duckling standing next to a majestic, lovely swan. Needless to say, Wu was brought to rage and very nearly attempted to kill the man, but his comment stuck with her.

In terms of body build, Wu...could certainly not be called fat...but she sure as hell ain't the slim bombshell her sister is. She actually is fairly well-built, for a woman, because she tried to compensate for her natural huskiness, caused by her banshee nature and big-boned frame, by exercising and hoping muscle would cover it up--or at least prevent others from daring to mock her for it. She still has an evidently heavier appearance, if only slightly, however, no matter what she does to get rid of it. She stands at about five feet eleven inches in height, with pale skin that is very nearly the tone of newly-cooled porcelain. In terms of facial features, Wu has well-sculpted cheekbones set low in the canvas of her face, graced with a smoothly sloping jawline and a small, slightly pointed nose. Her eyes are a very dark green hue in tone, often framed with eyeliner, and her hair is a lustrous, sleek black tone, rather straight in tendency and sweeping around the sides down to around her neck. The bangs are very long, and her typical style is to let a large portion of her bangs cover up her left eye; it used to be that her hair would just naturally do that, and it annoyed her to no end, but at length she began to actually like the way that looked, and she let it happen. Two references. Disregard the bass, obviously. Clothes are not representative of Wu's wardrobe either. :v

In 'blending in' with the humans, as she states it, Wu saw fit to get a few...or rather, several tattoos and piercings--the real reason being she actually likes the concept and wanted to get them but feared being mocked even further by other demons for it. Wu's tattoos tend to showcase her fascination and interest in the human cultures of Egyptian mythology and folklore--another thing demons are wont to mock. Coiling, hissing cobras are tattooed running up both hands and arms, while, tattooed over the snakes on her left bicep is a large, flaming ankh; on the right bicep, an Uraeus. Across her collarbone is tattooed another snake wrapped around the sun, referring to the snake-deity Mehen coiling around the sun god Ra; directly above them, in the centre, is a tyet, directly below her throat. On the very back of her neck, where the spine ends, the symbol of a wedja, symbolising wholeness, is found; she also has a small nose ring pierced around her right nostril, a ring around her right brow, and two studs in her left.

In terms of clothing, Wu's idea of 'fashion' is, to be frank, nothing like what most people consider fashionable for women these days. This is in all likeliness due to the fact the first bit of human media Wu came across was a metal magazine (it's also the reason she listens to the kinds of music that nobody expects a woman of any age to be listening to). It was, however, also driven by a desire to dress completely the opposite of how her sister, wearing all those slutty, revealing outfits, chose to clothe herself. In general Wu can be found wearing a tight t-shirt or sleeveless shirt with the name and logo of whatever band she happens to be most into at the moment (it's currently Carcass. How many women do you know who listen to Carcass?), followed by dark, regular-fit jeans and a pair of knee-high leather harness boots, supplemented by metal buckles on either side which cause a metallic clink as she walks. Sometimes she'll even wear such extreme accessories as bullet belts or spiked wristbands. While this may strike some as highly odd fashion choices for a supposedly 'twenty-four year old woman' (and indeed it is) it stems largely from Wu's loathing of her own sister and her desire to be completely the opposite of her, since she can't be the beautiful woman that her sister is. Therefore, she dresses and acts as extremely as possible, listens to the most extreme music, and in general tries to be as tough and indelicate as possible to distance herself from her sister. She really does think she only looks remotely good in such extreme clothing.

History: Not much to say. Wu was born the daughter of a powerful demon crime lord who would eventually take a succubus whore (much to Wu's enragement) as his wife. With said succubus whore, her father proceeded to give birth to Wu's younger sister--and she was practically a bombshell the moment she came out, even for a friggin' baby. Wu remembers, as a child, glaring glumly from behind the back of her father as he admired out loud how perfect his daughter was. He'd never done that to Wu--not once had he ever so much as told his older daughter she looked nice that day, or even lost weight (which she really didn't need to do, because her huskiness came from her frame, not her weight...but it still marked her indelibly).

It's hard to understand how hard it is to go through life completely overshadowed in every way by your younger sibling, and easy to see it as an insignificant, stupid thing to become an emotional wreck about. A lot of people never even knew Wu's name--she was 'that hot chick's older sister' or 'that one girl whose sister is hot as hell'--sometimes her own father would refer to her as 'the other one'. Her sister was more well-liked, because she was able to be sweet and pleasant in contrast to her irritable, cantankerous, sometimes glum and depressed older sister, and tended to do better in academics because her self-esteem never seemed to run out--whilst Wu, in terms of self-esteem, was a complete wreck and often gave up without trying because she believed she was always going to be wrong. She made friends everywhere she went--Wu, with her ill-tempered anger issues and tendency to revert to violence when she feels the need to eliminate a problem, wasn't blessed with that skill.

She was blessed, much to her anger, with the ability to become beautiful--when she cries. Yes, in order to be as admired, as loved, as cherished as her younger sister, she had to be brought to tears. And only while she was crying would she be beautiful, even more beautiful than her sister--once she was done she reverted back to being a fat, ugly, stupid idiot of a girl whom no one liked and nobody cared about. Wu hated it so much it sickened her (she nearly threw up the first time she changed, not only because of the strange sensation, but because it sickened her so much) and she decided--fuck this. She wasn't going to do it; she just wasn't going to. She decided she'd rather be that fat, ugly, stupid idiot of a girl than force herself to cry, or let herself be fragile enough to cry, in order to become beautiful.

To this end, Wu forced herself to toughen up, so that she would never cry, and so that she would never have to look in the mirror, look at that beautiful, lonely girl in the face and try to find herself in it. She still wishes she could see herself in that face, however, instead of seeing someone she knows she isn't--she still wishes she really was as beautiful as that girl, without having to make herself fragile and delicate.

Somehow, through it all, she saw hope in one of the first humans she ever encountered--who happened to fancy himself a mad scientist of sorts. Maybe, she thought, just maybe he could do something to change her--so that she wouldn't have to cry to make herself as beautiful as her sister. In time she actually began to feel something towards the man--which both intrigued and scared Wu, because she really had no idea what it was. It had to be spelt out for her that she was falling in love with the mad scientist, which only freaked her out even more, because she didn't think he'd ever want anything to do with her--much less if she fell in love with him. In her mind, the only byproduct that could come about from this was a bad outcome for her, so she's determined to keep it completely to herself and make sure the mad scientist never finds out. Never.

Items: A lighter, a pack of cigarettes, a wallet with some spare cash and a credit card with very little balance on it, the keys to her 1968 Camaro, a cell phone, and a music player.

Weapons: She doesn't carry around weapons. She does have her fists, which pack quite a punch because of her near-obsessive working out in hopes of making herself look less husky. It didn't accomplish that, but it did give her a hell of a punch.

Wu also has a sort of weakened form of the seduction ability her sister has. Which is another thing she loathes. I mean--her sister doesn't even need the damn seduction ability. She could have her pick of any guy in the world if she wanted to whilst Wu, in her mind, really would need such an ability to be seen as attractive--and even then, she's sceptical that it would even work, so she doesn't use it. After all, it's only a short term power, and if you wanted to keep someone 'seduced' for much longer, you'd have to keep on doing it, and Wu's power with the ability really isn't that strong. Not to mention she hates how it turns people into living slaves, essentially--because Seduced people annoy the hell out of her. She's seen them following her sister's every word and action; she knows it would just make her want to punch out the person.

Wu is, most of all, however, capable of the creation and manipulation of electricity and lightning from her body. Having perfected this ability over her years, she's gotten to the point where she has several abilities for different situations. She can discharge a massive surge of electricity from her entire body, incapacitating or killing (depending on chosen voltage) everyone within several metres of her, or aim a volley of lighting specifically at one person (she calls it 'Force Lighting' because some geek informed her it's quite similar to the force power from Star Wars...she has no idea what that means.). Wu can also make quick discharges of electrical energy through physical contact that, rather than surge the lightning outwards, transfers the energy through contact silently; she is agile enough to be able to make quick transfers of energy by striking her target, and the discharge can knock them out, or kill, depending on voltage. Not that she goes for the kill. She is just as able to incapacitate a target, and she will invariably do that.

Theme Song: At the moment, her jam is Carcass' "Corporeal Jigsore Quandary". Why? Because I know nobody expects that. :v

Fun Facts: She's a connoisseur of the most extreme genres of metal from grindcore to death metal and crust punk. It started out as "My sister's listening to all the pop shit girls are listening to...and that makes people like her. Well, I'm gonna listen to the exact opposite". In essence, she started listening to such extreme music specifically because her sister was listening to light-hearted pop music, basically what you'd expect a succubus to listen to. She quickly came to actually enjoy the noise, however, because it simply appealed to her. Wu loves to irritate the living hell out of her sister by blasting it around her.

So begins...

Wu Jinshu's Story