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Phoenix Taylor Sommers

"I've changed. I'm not who I used to be."

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a character in “You Again”, as played by Imagine That!


Name: Phoenix Taylor Sommers, but everyone calls me Phee. (Fee).
Age: 23, Nineteenth of March 1988.
Graduation Year: Class of 2006.
Gender: Female.

Head: When I was younger, I always used to have my hair up in a ponytail. Always. Even if I didn't have cheer practice, it was my signature "do". Now the only time you'll ever see me with my hair up is when I've just got out of bed or when I'm working out. I prefer my hair down now. I also wear a lot less make-up than I used to in high school - all of that orange foundation is gone, and my skin is only covered with the slightest tint of blusher and concealer. My eyesight has gotten worse over the years, so I now have to wear glasses when I'm watching TV or reading, but that's really it - I'm pretty much the same.
Body: My body is still in the athletic shape that it used to be and all of my curves that used to fill my cheer-leading outfit are still there (although, they're real now, and the "chicken fillets" are no longer needed). I'm still quite short thought, I always have been and always will be. 5"5 I think I measured up to last. Let's hope my wedding heels make me that little bit taller than my bridesmaids!
Piercings/Tattoos: I have my ears pierced, in both the lobe and the top, and I also have had my belly button pierced since fifteen years of age. I also have this tattoo in memory of my mum.
Description: Well, I have long blonde hair that sits just above my breasts, shorter than it was at Westbrook High. It's rarely straightened now, again something I used to do at High school, and I usually just let it hang around my face, framing it like a picture. My eyes are a stunning shade of blue - "it's like looking into the deepest depths of the ocean," says my fiancé. I usually surround them with a long lick of mascara on my eyelashes and a coating of eye-liner. My skin was always orange or deeply tanned when I was younger - y'know, forced to have spray tans and all that to look "perfect", but now I've let my natural pallor take over, and the porcelain coloured skin has come back. I'm not a great lover of designer clothes any more either; I really have changed a lot. I'm much happier now in a pair of skinny's and a cute top, or my pyjamas than I am in my cheer outfit or a tight revealing dress. I always wear my leather jacket when I go out now - always. It used to be my mum's, so it's incredibly special to me. I also always wear my mother's bird necklace. She loved birds; that's why I got my tattoo - they make me feel close to her.


Likes: The scent of vanilla, long lay-ins, cuddles on the sofa, ribbons (especially blue ones), her leather jacket, chocolate biscuits, dream-catchers, black nail polish, making shapes out of clouds and lilies.
Dislikes: Mud, cider, being too drunk that you don't remember the next morning, arguments, bad memories, bananas, goats, people that bite their fingernails, wearing socks to bed, and days where it's just too hot or too cold.
Fears: Acrophobia - the fear of heights, Autophobia - the fear of being alone, and Tonitrophobia - the fear of thunder.
Quirks: I will play with my mother's necklace if I'm anxious or frightened - I always have done, since a child. If I'm angry, I'll start tidying things up; it's one sure way to know if I'm in a bad mood or not. Finally, I can't help but have all of the windows shut in the house before I go to bed. I can't stand having a window open, even if I'm melting inside - I don't want to die in my sleep!
Personality: I've changed a lot since high school, not just in appearance, but in personality too. I used to be a complete bitch. I know this - most people that know me know this. I bullied everyone that wasn't on the cheer squad or the football team, and it was seldom that I ever showed anyone any signs of friendship or kindness. I was all about myself and moving up in the world - I wanted to be famous. So, I only looked out for number one, me. Now? I'm so much more than that. I'm kinder now, I talk to people and help people in the streets, for example, helping the elderly neighbour Mrs Weiss with her shopping the other day. Too much for her to carry, you see. I also volunteer now at the homeless shelter down the road - wanting to do my bit for the community, nothing like the old me. I kicked myself into gear after high school too, and realised that my stubborn attitude would get me nowhere. Of course, I couldn't eradicate everything, and nowadays still, if there is something I want, I will damn sure get it. I'm always going to be a stubborn girl, and nothing is going to change there. I can also be extremely bitchy if I want to be - the old self isn't just going to disappear, and she does rear her ugly head from time to time. If someone offends a close friend or family member of mine, they'll sure have hell to pay, and will be on their knees apologizing by the time I'm thought with them. I'm very good at persuading people to come around to my way of thinking, I have to be in my line of work, and I always love a good debate. I'm much more creative now than I used to be though, my mind isn't just focused on dance moves and outfits now, it's focused on talent and expression.

Relationship Status: Happily engaged.
Sexuality: Still heterosexual.
College and Degree: I studied at The New York campus of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and graduated with honours.
Current Job: I work at Westbrook High School teaching both Dance and Drama. I also coach the Cheer squad. Old times, eh?
Current Home: Simsbury, Connecticut - I never left.
History:Well, guess where I was born? That's right - Arizona. Phoenix. Gerard and Taylor Sommers were honeymooning in Tunisia when I was conceived, and eight months and three weeks later, I popped out into the world, screaming like a mother. I spent the first thirteen years of my life in Arizona; it was fun telling people my name when we met. "Oh hello, I'm Phoenix." "You're called Phoenix and you live in Phoenix!? That's so cute!" Yes. That was what I grew up with. My family are quite rich; daddy owns a large business in New York, so he was always vanishing whilst I was growing up, so most of the time it was just me and mum. He'd bring back expensive gifts when he came home to see us, new gadgets that none of my friends in Arizona had yet, but I never used to brag. I didn't have to. However, I soon realised that dad was staying home a lot, more than he had ever done before. I never complained of course, I wanted to spend as much time with my father as possible, but mummy wasn't around as much any-more. Daddy just told me that she wasn't feeling very well, and she didn't want to give any of her nasty germs to me - and I was about ten years old at this time, so I just nodded, told him to give her a kiss for me, and went back to playing in the garden.

Things started to get stranger though, when doctors were always at my house. They always said hello to me, asked me how I was doing, and then they disappeared upstairs. Daddy wouldn't let me go upstairs and see what they were up to, but I was beginning to click that they were here to see mummy. By now, I rarely saw her, once a week, if that. Daddy told me that she needed lots of rest and that I should leave her alone - so I did. But one night, I couldn't help it. I heard coughing from mummy and daddy's room - and Daddy was downstairs cooking dinner for us. Slowly, I crept along the landing into the room, and I couldn't believe what I saw. Mummy was hooked up to some machine that was making beeping noises, and flashing a bright green colour, lighting up her dark room. There was a mask over her lips, keeping her from saying anything, and she looked nothing like the mummy I had seen a few weeks ago. She looked like a skeleton laying in bed, her skin was so pale, she looked white, and I was worried that if she even breathed, she might break. I felt tears come to my eyes as mummy's eyes opened, her gorgeous blue eyes dulled to grey, and she looked at me in shock. "Mummy, what's wrong with you? Why won't you come downstairs any more? You look really unwell."
"Oh baby," She chocked out, after pulling the mask slowly away from her face. By now, I was sitting on the edge of her bed, trying not to get close to her, in case she snapped in half, "you look so grown up. You know mummy will always love you, right? Take this, yes, it's in my hand, wear it always my dear, and never forget me? It looks so pretty on you - you'll look after it for me. It means I'll always be there, right above your heart."

I'm beginning to get all misty eyed now, but yeah, that was the last time I saw my mum. A few days later, the beeping in her room stopped. I knew that something was horribly wrong, by the way that the doctors were shouting from her room, and dad was crying. He kept looking at the necklace around my neck, and holding me close to him, telling me that everything was going to be okay. I then realised that I was crying. So yes, my mother died. She had a tumour on her lungs, and it killed her. We tried to live in the house for a few years after her death, but it wasn't the same without her singing in the kitchen, or her perfume polluting the living room air. So, we moved to Simsbury, Connecticut, just in time to start high school.

Dad kept vanishing again after we moved, spending more and more time away from me in New York. Maybe it was because I reminded him too much of mum, but he couldn't stand being around me. He phoned me every night when he was away and sent me gifts, but I practically grew up on my own from then on. Maybe that's the cause for me becoming a total bitch - I was starting a new school, high school no less, without so much to call a family and just myself to rely on. So, I joined the cheer-leading squad. I quickly moved up the ranks, and soon enough, I was the head cheerleader. I began to date the star quarterback of the football team, all of the best parties were held at my house, and that's just how it stayed for my entire time at high school. I've already told you what I was like to everyone at high school, so there's no reason to go into it all again, but I really was horrible. I kept my grades at a good enough level, but the only two subjects I really excelled in were dance and drama. Despite everything, I wanted to be famous and get the hell out of Simsbury. I wanted to make my mum and dad proud - I wanted to be in shows on Broadway, and dance and act everywhere that I could. That's why after I left that crap-heap of a high school, I moved on to New York and tried my luck there.

Yeah, that didn't work out so great either. Oh yeah, I graduated the AADA with honours, but could I find a job? Not on my mother's grave. There was no room for a freshly graduated chump like me, trying to make it out in the world. So, I did the only thing a girl in that position would do - I went home to daddy. He let me home, I rented a room whilst busting tables at the local diner, and it was fine. I hated it of course, but that was all I could do. Until one day, when I was flicking through a newspaper left on Table Nineteen at the diner, I saw an advertisement for a teacher that was needed at Westbrook High for dance and drama. This was my chance.

So now, you're all caught up. Except for the part where my fiancé comes in that is! Well....

So begins...

Phoenix Taylor Sommers's Story