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"The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does."
~J.M. Barrie

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Name Image
Eliza Alice Linford Bellview

Liz - only her husband calls her this
Elle - almost everyone calls her by this name

Twenty One




Ever since Eliza was a young girl, she was what most would call perfect. Everything about her.

She has always been a bright girl. She knows what to say and when to say it. She can make the smartest girl you know look foolish. She always had perfect grades, and her schoolwork always came first. She thinks fast in a tough situation. She is very witty, and loves making jokes. It's hard not to laugh at some of the things she says. But she needs her lifestyle to be fast-paced. Things always need to be happening at all times. Bordem doesn't fly with ImageElle. Why would you sit around all day when you can be out changing the world?

Eliza loves to be the center of attention, and she's good at it, too. It's like peoples' eyes just float to her. Whether it's her loudness or the way she will bounce from one conversation to the next, people just like her attention. She is great at making conversation, no matter who you are. She always has something to talk about. The bad thing about Eliza is that she feels guilty very easily. She wants to make everyone happy, and hurting anyone's feelings is devastating to her. She is also a bad liar. Probably because she thinks that lies are consequences within themselves.

Elle doesn't believe in love. Although she is married, she doesn't think you should stay with one person for your whole life. Change is always for the better. You could even say she has commitment issues. On the other hand, she trusts people very easily. Strangers Imageare never bad, in her eyes. Atleast until you truly get to know them.


Eliza is beautiful. Simply beautiful. Image

When she was born, Elle was very small. She only weighed five pounds. She had a full head of blond hair, and gorgeous blue eyes. Growing up, family always told her she was the prettiest girl of the three. As a child, she didn't believe this herself. She always thought Rowena to be the most beautiful. She despised the red hair her sister had, and her small face.

Now Eliza knows she is extraordinarily beautiful. She stands at 5'4, the middle sister in terms of height. She has a small mole on her right cheek that she has learned to embrace. She has a nice hourglass figure, large enough breasts, and good sized feet to fit in any shoe. What she wears is very important to her, so she has started sewing her own dresses, like Rowena.

Eliza has two small scars. The first is on the back of her neck, where she was scratched by a hen while collecting eggs at five years old. The second is from burning herself on the wood stove. It is on her ring finger, and she recieved this one when she was fifteen.


Image Likes
  • Cooking
  • Sewing
  • Family
  • Her Husband
  • Attention
  • Summer
  • Reading and Writing
  • Being Bored
  • Love
  • Commitment
  • Children
  • Vegetables
  • Sweets
  • Mathematics


They say that the second Eliza was born, Aphrodite frowned in jealousy. Elle was the most beautiful thing to happen to this town
since her own mother. She knew it, too. She was a happy child. She was almost idolized by Mrs. Linford. She went to school for five
years, then came home to do work around the house. She was her mother's third hand. Eliza was the sister dragged along to all
the parties to be shown off. When she was sixteen, she met her husband. Even though she isn't one to fall in love, she did with him.
They married when she was only seventeen. It didn't feel like an arranged marriage. She felt honestly connected to the man. Now,
she lives with him in his home, where she is treated like royalty. She does not work, although she would love to.

So begins...

Eliza Linford Bellview's Story

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It was early morning at Willowcrock Manor, it was early spring and the grounds were full of life. The birds singing, bees humming, the tree budding with the signs of life that had been diminished all winter. That time of year that always brings the promise of new life, and possibly new love. Naturally the world outside the house was buzzing just as much as the world inside of Willowcrock Manor. It may have been quite early but the whole household was already up and moving preparing for that evenings events. A grand ball, put on by Master Thomas Linford on the behalf of his two lovely daughters. Eligible young bachelors from Melbourneshire and the surrounding areas, were invited along with some of the ladies that were around the age of the young Linford girls. To most it was just the Linfords being their typical hospitable selves. They were well known all over Melbourneshire for throwing some of the most lavish parties, and then inviting the whole town to join in the festivities. This was how they appeared on the outside, on the inside however was a completely different story.

With the over spending of Mrs. Linford, combined with the bad gambling habits of Mr. Linford they were terribly in debt. Not even their daughters were privy to the extent of the families financial troubles. Their first try at easing the debt had been to drop many of their servants, now left with only their butler, the cook, the maid, and the stable boy who had begged the Linfords to stay that and practically works for room and board. If you can call it that, he sleeps in the lofts over the stables, the Linfords of course had to step in themselves to cover the duties that the dismissed servants had left. Meaning the aristocrats had to learn to do menial tasks that they would never think to sully their hands with. The next to be limited was the girls clothing, now this was something that didn't bother their daughter Esther much, she was never one to worry too much about keeping up with the fashions. However her sister Rowena was devastated with the fact that in order to keep up with the other girls. She had to rework many of her old dresses in hopes that no one would notice that she was wearing the same gown that she had worn to the last cotillion.

The next step was to start cutting down on the amount of gatherings they were having, at one time the Linfords were having parties at least once a week at their home, ladies that had once come to call on Mrs. Linford regularly for tea were now only called upon once a month. But no matter how much the tried they couldn't manage to make up their debts, now Thomas was sure that he would be put in irons and sent off to Debtors Prison. Now his concern is for his wife and daughters, Eliza his eldest he had just managed to get married off to a nice young man, but that still left his two younger daughters, Esther and Rowena. So in a last ditch effort to insure his daughters happiness, he and his wife decided to throw a lavish ball. Inviting some of the most eligible bachelors, in hopes that his daughters would catch at least one of their eyes. Even if he could manage to get Esther married his daughter Rowena could go to stay with her eldest sister till a suitable match was made. He was also hoping that news of this would not get to one of the most powerful men in Melbourneshire a man that Thomas owed money to, Mr. William Nash. However news travels fast in this town.

So as the servants and the family flitted about getting ready for the evening, food had to be prepared so Mrs. Linford was busy in the kitchen helping Mrs Cuthboard. The girls Esther and Rowena were helping each other do some last minute work on their gowns, and trying to get decorations in order. Mr. Linford had just come in from the stables helping young Leo, prepare for the buggies and horses of the guests. Artemis the butler was going over all the families silver to make sure it was polished and in tip top for the guests, when a knock came from the door. The butler was puzzled, it was far too early for guests to begin arriving and the Linfords had made sure to tell everyone not to come till preparations were finished, they didn't want to deal with the scandal that would follow if anyone knew the family was doing such menial tasks. But as the butler it was his duty to answer the door. He straighten the tails of his coat as he made his way to the door, the bell outside began to clang just before he went to turn the knob. Whomever they were, they were quite impatient to say the least, he cleared his throat and opened the door and before he could say anything the person on the other side pushed his way through the door into the foyer. The man removed his hat, and when Artemis was certain who it was he swallowed nervously.

"Good day to you sir, how might I help you this fine morning. I'm afraid the house is in sorts right, and there was no announcement of your arrival I'm afraid, we are unable to greet you properly". Artemis said with a nervous tone is his voice as he took the mans coat and hat.

Mr. Linford must have heard the door because he stepped out, still covered in sweat and hay, he looked quite a sight indeed, but he stood tall in front of the visitor. "Artemis... please send...our guest to the study".

Artemis bowed respectfully as Mr. Linford headed into his study, "Yes, sir of course", he turned to the guest. "Sir, if you would please follow me". After hanging the coat and hat, he lead the man to the study where Mr. Linford waited.

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Eliza was running late.

It really was no surprise. She was never one to want to get up early. One of the Bellview's many maids, Georgia, tried to wake her at five, but Eliza refused. She finally got out of bed at six. Warren had been up for an hour and a half already. He was sitting in the foyer waiting for her. He had on a black tailcoat and dark blue breeches. He always had a nice sense of style, according to some.

Eliza had picked out her dress the night before. It was longer than some of the others she had; mainly red, with white accents here and there. It was passed down from the wealthy Katherine Bellview, Warren's mother. Eliza didn't like it much, but felt that if she would ever wear it, it would be to a ball thrown for her sisters. She knew Rowena would love it. Georgia did her hair quickly. It was to be left down and curled. This was usually how Eliza did her hair, for she hated her ears. She knew she didn't have many flaws, but this was one.

"Liz, dear," Warren said when Eliza walked into the foyer. "You look stunning. Hopefully you are finished getting fancied up, because we need to get on the way." He walked toward the front door and opened it for her. This was how Warren always was on the day of a party or ball. Rushing everyone out the door. He always needed things to be done as soon as possible. This bothered Eliza. She did like to be busy, but she also wanted to say goodbye to Georgia, and her favorite cook Henry.

They left immediately, like Warren wanted. The buggy ride to the Linford place was short, only around ten minutes. When they arrived, the stable boy took the buggy, and Eliza's favorite servant, Artemis, welcomed them into.

"Oh good morning, Artemis," Eliza greeted. "Where is my mother? I really need to talk to her."

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Esther hurried herself and her mother into Rowena's room, it concerned her because it looked as though her little sister had been crying before she came to the door. However there was another more pressing matter at hand...

"Mother... why didn't you tell us how bad off father was with the money. We could have done something to help, I could have helped tutor children in the shire, Rowena is an excellent seamstress. Anything but.... just marrying us off like.... this, poor Eliza no wonder she felt so rushed". She was sure Rowena was totally in the dark as to what she was going on about.

She sighed frustrated and turned to her sister, "I over heard father speaking with Mr. Nash you know who he is basically the lord of the shire. Seems father owes him quite a bit of money, and not only him, he so bad off now he wants to ask uncle in London for money to pay Mr. Nash so he wont be turned over to the authorities". She had never thought something so horrible was happening.

Esther turned back to her mother, "I can only guess that this whole ball is all in hopes that Row and I find husbands quickly so that we don't have to suffer the shame of our father possibly going to prison. Mother... I beg of you to let us help, I would much rather work or sell some of my valuables then to be rushed into marriage". Esther practically begged her mother.

Now she wasn't sure at all if she wanted to go through with this silly, party and she certainly regretted inviting Mr. Nash. "I swear I'm such a dunderhead here I thought father had made a mistake in not inviting Mr. Nash and turned around and invited him. Only to find out that father didn't invite him out of fear Mr. Nash would out him in front of all the shire". Esther could feel the sting of tears in her eyes as she sat down on the edge of her sisters bed.

Esther began to wring the skirt of her dress in her hands, "Mother we shouldn't go through with this, there are so many other ways than this".

Artemis had gone back to polishing the silver when the knock on the door was heard once again.

"My word...does anyone know how to read invitations anymore". With a heavy sigh he went to the door opening it to another young man.

By now it was coming on to mid day so it was understandable for some of the guests who had to come from further distances to begin arriving. They would typically be sent to the parlor to converse with Mr. Linford, activities like cards, smoking, and a bit of brandy were usually involved, at least for the men that is. The ladies would be sent to the sitting room to have tea, and talk over last minute sewing, or gossip depending on the lady of course.

Artemis cleared his throat, "I will take your coat and hat sir if you like and if you would follow me to the parlor, Mr Linford will be with you momentarily he is dealing with some private business and will soon be down. I apologize Sir for the state of things, we are all still quite busy preparing for guests, I will have the maid bring some good brandy in for you sir. Also may I have your name, so that I might address you properly to Mr. Linford" just as Artemis was hanging the new young mans coat and hat, there was another knock.

The usually stoic Mr. Artemis Corey looked frazzled for a moment, but in a flash and a bit of a huff he straightened his coat tails again and opened the door. This time it was to a familiar face.

"Ah Miss Eliza... oh terribly sorry my lady I suppose I should address you as Mrs. Bellview now, as for your mother I believe she is upstairs with your sisters". He nodded to Warren who naturally handed Artemis his coat and hat. "Good day Mr. Bellview, I was just about to escort our other guest here to the parlor, to await Mr. Linford". He said respectfully to Warren.

Warren nodded, "Yes, yes of course Artemis". Mr Bellview walked up to the other man standing in the foyer to introduce himself. "Warren Bellview, I don't believe we have ever met sir?". Warren held out his hand to the stranger.

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Like he had guessed, they didn't want or need his help. But Leo still had to ask, it was just the type of person he was. When Mrs. Linford asked if he was hungry he nodded, he hadn't eaten anything yet today and doubted he would get much of a chance to later. His eyes practically lit up when saw the bread and accepted it with a thanks. It was simple but he loved bread. He turned and left, wondering what he was suppose to do next. He returned to the stables and ate. He couldn't go for a swim in his secret spot, because he had to be here when guests started to arrive. He wasn't needed in the kitchen, and it wouldn't be proper for him to be in the house with the guests around. After all, he was just the stablehand.

He finished the bread and wandered around outside for a while, making sure that the plants around the manor weren't overgrown or dead. By the time he was finished with that guests were beginning to arrive and his job began. Probably for the rest of the day he would be taking horses and buggies from people. Running back and forth between the stables and the walkway. It was going to be tiring. And he'd have to do it again when the guests were ready to leave. When he got a break in his job he leaned against one of the stables with a huff. But his break lasted about ten seconds before the sound of hooves reached his ears again. And with a sigh he made his way back to the walkway. This buggy belonged to Mr. Bellview and his wife, who was once a Linford.

After taking their buggy and horses, Leo noticed a man by the door. He had never seen the man before, but he had a horse with him. The stablehand hadn't even noticed that the man had arrived. There had been too many horse hooves before. By now Leo's hair was half in his ponytail half out, and he was not the cleanest person in the world. But he didn't care if a guest saw him like this, he had been working all day, what had they been doing? He jogged over to the door and came up beside the man. "Would you like to me take your horse, sir?" He asked, slightly out of the breath from all the running back and forth.

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#, as written by Dumisa
Mary eyes went towards the door when it had opened and seen Rowena behind it. She stammered when asked if everything was okay as she shook her head. "Yes, everything is fine. Are you okay?" She asked with a lifted brow then heard Esther speak as she grabbed her by the arm and nearly dragged her into Rowena's room, closing the door behind them. "Will you keep your voice!" She snapped while going back over towards, cracking it open and looking to see if anyone was around to hear. She sighed then closed the door again, still listening to Esther.

"He told me not to tell anyone. I wouldn't want to tell anyone either." She said while folding her arms over her chest and leaning up against the dresser. "I know, I know you guys could have helped but this was his decision, not mines." She made that perfectly clear though it kind of was a lie. Mary eyes glared towards Esther as she sighed softly. "Hush up, Esther!" Her voice roared as she was starting to get frustrated. "Your father is not going to prison. No one is going anywhere." She raised a hand up to her forehead and began rubbing it. "Well, the decision has been made and it is final. If you want to help so bad, just with this idea for right now. Okay?" Mary said without waiting for them to say anything else as she left the room, closing the door behind her as she leaned up against it before running her hands over her clothing and walked off towards the stairs, seeing Eliza and Warren.

"Ah, my dear, Eliza." She said while walking down the stairs and grasping her in a soft hug. Her eyes danced over to Warren as she gave him a hug as well, kissing both of his cheeks in the process. "Wow. So many visitors today." She laughed while looking over at Peter now. "Ah, hello there, Peter." She spoke softly while giving him a hug as well. "Mr. Linford is currently..." Artemis cleared his throat. "I've already taken care of the matter, Mrs. Linford." Mary turned back towards Peter with a smile. "Well, alright."

Her eyes fluttered towards Eliza as she walked up towards her with a smile. "So, I heard that you wish to speak to me?" She asked. "What's wrong?" She questioned towards then leaned in, whispering. "You and Warren are not getting a divorce, are you?" Her eyes glanced over to Warren with a killer expression plastered on her face then turned back towards Eliza, wondering what was going on around this house today.

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#, as written by girlwt
Rowena had moved from the table to her bed as she listened first to Esther then to her mother. Her look though never altered, it was a stoic look showing no emotion on her face. As her mother had her say and reasons, Rowena found the pattern on the floor quite fascinating. It wasn't until her mother left that she looked up at her older sister.

She had to wonder if Esther was right, could they have truly helped. She quickly went over certain events in the last month, and everything seemed to add up. She was surprised Esther didn't have her own suspensions; because if she had, Rowena had no clue. Yet Rowena didn't know what to say, so she got up and took to looking for her undergarments to wear that evening. She had to distract herself to figure out how to put her words to Esther, because she was sure Esther wasn't going to like what she had to say.

"Esther," she started looking at something in her drawer, "there really is no use."

"If there was any possibility of doing anything, it should have been done already. I don't like it as much as you, but at least father and mother didn't just marry us off, they are giving us a chance to meet someone." She sighed, "I know you hate these social events, but please can you not go bother father about this, he has enough to worry about. We do have to still show people that we are a family."

"As for Mr Nash, well if an invitation was what your offered him and he comes then we must treat him with extra care." She closed the drawer and turned, "We can still find a worthy match, maybe not one that we love immediately, but maybe one we can grow to love. Look at Eliza, she is happy, we can make our lives the same way. I know you are standing there most likely thinking how I could be so accepting of everything. Its because what is the use of throwing a fit, it won't help the situation."

She glanced out the window again, "I am need of some fresh air, please Esther, if anything can you at least think about everything."

She had placed the items she had in hand on her bed and left Esther in her room. She didn't really have the strength to actually argue with her. She knew that she should be getting ready for the dance but she had to leave the house before she suffocated. She still had her everyday dress on and was all ready to sneak out the servants entrance when she heard her sister and husband downstairs.

In that moment of weakness, she decided against using the back way, and walked really fast down the main stairway. "Eliza," she exclaimed, practically throwing herself into her big sisters arms, not realizing that they had another guest in the room. "Forgive me mother, I didn't mean to interrupt, I just got excited." She turned to give Warren a sisterly welcome when she found herself sort of staring at Peter. "Oh forgive me, I didn't know a guest had arrived."

Of course she knew who Mr. Shaw was, all the girls in the shire talked about him. She hadn't the actually pleasure though of meeting him. While her parents might know him, she had just started being able to start socializing outside of her female friends. She quickly looked away realizing that she had been looking a little to long, a slight blush coming to her cheeks. Well at least the rumors had actually been true about how handsome he was, but she didn't really take stock in just looks. It was easy to be handsome and pretty and probably to be just swept away with that, however one could be a complete idiot underneath the outside covering. She had learned this the hard way.

She waited on an introduction, hoping that her mother might come to her rescue.

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I dream because I can meet you in dreams

He allowed the stable hand to take his horse, nodding curtly. "Thank you young sir." He replied then received a hug from Mary which he returned. "It's nice to see you again Mary. It's been a long time." He said almost sadly then he had a slight chatter with her and the eldest sister before the ladies he had seen in the above window came down the stairs. He immediately took his hat off and bowed to the women. "It's nice to finally meet the legendary daughters of the Linford family. I am Peter Shaw." He saw the closest woman, a dark hair beauty which seemed to be polar opposites from the sister behind her. He moved for her hand, took it and pressed a small kiss to it. "Au chante cherie."

The woman behind her reminded him of his late wife but he wasn't going to show weakness and he was to be the nice young gentleman he was raised to be. He rose, catching both of their eyes then moved towards Artemis, a personal friend of his. They shook hands and caught up a little before he turned back to Mary and her daughters. "So Mrs. Eliza or should I saw Mrs. Bellview? How are you now that you have married? I hope Warren is good to you. You deserve to be treated well, as do all ladies." He believed that with all his heart and if the lady's feelings weren't mutual, he would never force anything.

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Esther sat on the edge of the bed what felt to her like forever after her mother and sister left the room. Why was she so shocked and Rowena seemed to take it with stride and move on so quickly. Ester supposed it was one of her own short comings that made her worry so. Then again Rowena's personality was so much more like their mother's, and it seemed the older she got the more Row mirrored her. After gaining a bit of composure, she stood and went to her room how time flew. She could hear the commotion going on downstairs, familiar voices conversing one distinctly being her mothers and one being distinctly Eliza's. However Esther just decided it was best if she just started getting ready for the party. She didn't feel confident enough yet to greet everyone without breaking down into tears and making a terrible scene of things. She found the maid who was down the hall trying to peer down at the people in the foyer.

Esther walked over and tapped her on the shoulder then whispered in her ear so to not alert anyone downstairs to the fact she was donning her undergarments. "Katy.... come here I need help with my corset". The young woman snapped out of her own little world when she heard Esther's voice.

"Sorry Miss, I was just looking to see who was all here, of course I'll help". Katy followed Esther to her room and closed the door behind her. "Your sister should be getting ready as well, but I think she's gone down to greet Miss Eliza". Katy helped Eliza slip her day dress up and over her head after unhooking a few buttons.

"That's quite alright I'm sure she'll come up when she's ready, I'll help her cause I'm sure Mrs. Cuthboard is going to need you in the kitchen". Katy nodded as she helped slip the corset on next.

Esther leaned against the post of her bed, bracing her hands as Katy started to tighten the laces. Now neither she nor her sister wore their corsets terribly tight. But enough to look nice under their gowns was sufficient, Esther had heard from many girls how theirs were so tight it made it hard to breath. She never understood such a thing, she was never they type to sacrifice her own comfort for something as silly as the fashion. Once the laces where tied, Katy made her way to Esther's wardrobe.

"Which one is it going to be tonight Miss?". The maid asked.

Esther was in a mind to wear the funeral gown in protest of the whole situation, but she didn't want to be scolded again by her mother, and possibly embarrass her parents any more than they already were by being difficult.

"The newest one I have I suppose...". Esther sighed as Katy nodded and pulled out one of the gowns hanging.

The dress had come from her grandparents over Christmas holidays, both she and Row had gotten a lovely new gown as a present from their grandmother. The colors were definitely more for the winter than spring, but Esther wasn't really concerned about that. She was more worried about her father and Mr. Nash. After helping her into the dress, and quick pin up of her hair, Esther felt she looked acceptable for the evening. She hooked a lovely satin bag onto her wrist that held her fan, gloves, and a small book. Just in case she found herself bored out of her mind in a corner somewhere, this was something that typically happened to her at balls, and parties.

"Thank you Katy, you can head to the kitchen if you like". Katy nodded and respectfully curtsied then stepped out the door.

Esther gave another sigh as she looked out her window to see who all was coming up the walk. She managed to see Mr. Nash, go up the front walk and the head with a quick stride towards town. For a fleeting moment Esther felt that maybe he wouldn't accept her invitation to the ball. However as quickly as that thought crossed her mind the reality of the truth set in, if Mr. Nash was not returning... then he would have taken his horse.

"I guess he is coming to the party after all..... enough of that now Esther..... whats done is done. Lets just get tonight over with and then you can work on finding a way out of this mess tomorrow. Been going to these sorts of things for a while now, if I haven't found a husband by now I'm certainly not going to find one now. Can't expect a man to just fall in my lap and save me like in the books... now can I". She sighed again and sat down on the bench in front of the window.

"It will work out.... you're smart enough... straighten your back... chin up". Esther stood up again and made her way through her door to the stairs to try to encourage her sister to come and get ready.

Thomas sighed after Mr. Nash had left, running his hands through his hair in frustration, he decided it was time to put his face despite everything that had just happened. Between his wife and his girls, sometimes he felt like he really didn't have charge of anything around here. Sometimes he felt the only one that understood him was the stable boy. He got up from his chair and made his way towards his room to clean up and dress for the evening. He could hear they commotion beginning to brew downstairs that signaled that guests were beginning to arrive. After he felt he was ready he made his way out his bedroom door towards the stairs. There he spied his daughter Esther leaving her room as well, she looked somewhat solemn for some reason. But terribly lovely, how she favored her mother he thought.

"Essie you look beautiful dear". He said with a smile.

Esther gave a weak smile "Thank you father". Thomas smiled and offered her his arm as they started to walk down the stairs.