Rosalynn M. Ann

"You must come with me! The dresses, we must try them on!"

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.Rosalynn Ann.

.General Information.


Her name is Rosalynn Marie Ann. Her nicknames include Rosy or Rose, and by well known friends and family, she is known as Rosy Marie.


Rosy is roughly 21 years old, and will be known, if she hasn’t been wedded within the next two years, as a spinster.

.Face Claim.
Scarlett Johansson.




.On the Outside.
With light golden locks that come down in loose tendrils that match her fair skin and compliment her striking blue eyes, Rosy isn’t hard to miss in a crowd; especially when you begin to speak with her- though, that’s a different story for another day. She isn’t a girl of small stature, coming in at 143lbs and reaching to be about 5’7ft, some would say she’s much taller than some of the men. Though her figure is on the heavier side compared to some of the girls now a days, she isn’t considered fat, or even chubby; her breasts come out to match her hips, giving the allusion of an hour glass figure in corsets or dresses, while in reality, if one sees her naked, her figure isn’t anything special.

Her attire is often grand dresses that are tied with ribbons and bows- a new fancy she has taken upon to- and often goes down to her feet; she adores the new Elizabethan fashion, and will often be seen wearing new dresses or the same dress more than once or twice a week. Because of that, she is often made fun of but she still does not mind; Rosy adores ball and wedding gowns as much as she enjoys animals, or the clouds, and is often seen out shopping looking for said dresses. When she isn’t in a fancy gown or twirling around in her mother’s wedding gown (which she had no permission to do so), Rosy is often seen in dark colored clothes, often a dark red or blue; something that seems to make her eyes pop and her hair seem darker than her bright skin.

Rosy, oddly enough, is fairly innocent looking; though, not as innocent as the Linford sisters. She has heavy hooded eyes with thick lashes that frame her bright blue eyes. Rosy’s skin is similar to the color of porcelain, her face still containing a bit of cheek fat and often helps her look even more innocent that she originally appears. She has pink, full lips that meet in the middle with a strong cupid’s bow. On her lower back, below her small, Rosy has a nasty scar she acquired from a riding incident when she was younger; the scar is often hidden and is invisible unless you peak at her naked.




  • Fruits during their ripest.
  • Colorful foods.
  • Flirting.
  • Causing trouble.
  • While Sunny Days are Nice, Rainy Days are Best.
  • Sweets
  • Animals of all Sorts.

  • Meat.
  • Summer.
  • Being in the Same Place for too Long.
  • Not doing Anything.
  • Killing and Blood- of any kind.
  • People who are ‘Perfect’.
  • Arrogance.
  • Authority.

.On the Inside.
A very quirky and odd girl, Rosy is. She always seems to have a comment for everything, despite how many times she gets scolded for; she just can’t seem to hold her tongue when necessary. She lacks the filter that goes in between her brain and helps her decide what and what not to say; a very outspoken girl who always seems to be in trouble- that is what she is. And that is what she always seems to be in- trouble. To put it simply, she is a very rebellious trouble maker, and in one of the queerest of ways. Rosy, being the curious, nosy girl she is, often pokes her snout in where things shouldn’t be poked in and often of the times, gets in trouble because of it. Though, can anyone blame her? In this time and place, how is a girl able to get some fun?

Speaking of which, Rosy always seems to have fun; no matter where she is. She always seems to make fun and use of the situation- whether it’s suppose to be serious or not; perhaps that’s a reason why no suitor has done it for her? Or maybe, it’s just her insanely short attention span that has made her shy away from many. And when we say many, we mean many. Due to Rosy’s flirtatious manner, she is often catching eyes of many suitors who would like to wed her, unfortunately- or at least for her parents- Rosy doesn’t keep them very long until she grows tired of it all and just leaves them out cold to dry. Her attitude towards marriage is mediocre at least, having little to no interest in it all; the only reason she continues to look for an interesting person is because of her parents and that small flickering hope in the back of her mind that tells her that one day a prince may sweep her off of her feet.

Despite her flirtatious, curious and goofy personality, Rosy is a very lovable person who can make friends with almost everyone; because she lacks the ability to fight, and just says sorry and moves on, not many can stay mad at her for too long. She is a loyal friend, though, granted, can be a bit odd and have no value in personal space; Rosy is often close to those whom she deems to be respectable and knowledgeable. She will often follow her friends around like a small duckling and can be very naïve when it comes to relationships of all sorts; making her easy to be tricked. Be warned though, because of this certain innocence, Rosy is able to hurt someone without noticing it and can easily leave a deep scar without meaning to.

Overall, Rosy is a very odd girl, one, on her free time, indulges in dressing up or playing, instead of studying or acting like a lady. She is a very rebellious child, one who can’t seem to hold her tongue and has no filter in head; thus, can say things that can easily offend others without meaning to. She is a loyal friend, but can’t seem to appreciate personal space and will get into your business, no matter how hard you seem to try to keep it quiet. She is a very friendly girl, but can’t seem to sit still and is often referred to trouble maker who brings no good; a kitten whom has yet been killed by curiosity. Like any other woman, Rosy enjoys eating, and will make it obvious at almost any dance party or ball she attends; you’ll see her often pampering herself to the food table at a particular dance, though, you’ll never see her touch meat. She’s a fragile soul who can’t seem to take much of eating anything that was once living, breathing and interacting with things, thus, is often made fun of by others because of this peculiar habit of not eating any meats.



The only child born into the Ann family, Rosy was looked at it with high regards to grow up to become beautiful and the perfect lady; fit to marry the perfect man to keep up with the successful family business of the News Press. Due to this, Rosy was constantly under supervision; she was taught to cross her legs, dot her I’s and cross her T’s- or something like that. While they tried to repress the wild child in her for a while, they soon failed when she became seven, sneaking out to play with slave’s sons; she played in the hay stack, the mud, everywhere. You could only imagine the looks on her parents’ face when she came in all muddy and dirty, hair unkempt and dress soaked and ripped; they nearly had a heart attack and died right then and there.

As Rosy became older, she realized that the only type of fun a woman can have wasn’t fun at all- so why not create her own fun? She then became interested in balls and parties, only going there to flirt with the men, lead them on and play around within the restricted rooms; she would try on gowns and powdered wigs, making it out without getting caught. Sometimes, she’ll bring men with her to have fun with, putting them in dresses as well; other times, she’ll go alone or to the stables to play. Though, it soon got to the point where her parents claimed enough, and now force her to go to multiple balls and parties a week, having her meet potential grooms and even setting up dates with her; yet, she either turns them off or claims she is uninterested.

So begins...

Rosalynn M. Ann's Story

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It was early morning at Willowcrock Manor, it was early spring and the grounds were full of life. The birds singing, bees humming, the tree budding with the signs of life that had been diminished all winter. That time of year that always brings the promise of new life, and possibly new love. Naturally the world outside the house was buzzing just as much as the world inside of Willowcrock Manor. It may have been quite early but the whole household was already up and moving preparing for that evenings events. A grand ball, put on by Master Thomas Linford on the behalf of his two lovely daughters. Eligible young bachelors from Melbourneshire and the surrounding areas, were invited along with some of the ladies that were around the age of the young Linford girls. To most it was just the Linfords being their typical hospitable selves. They were well known all over Melbourneshire for throwing some of the most lavish parties, and then inviting the whole town to join in the festivities. This was how they appeared on the outside, on the inside however was a completely different story.

With the over spending of Mrs. Linford, combined with the bad gambling habits of Mr. Linford they were terribly in debt. Not even their daughters were privy to the extent of the families financial troubles. Their first try at easing the debt had been to drop many of their servants, now left with only their butler, the cook, the maid, and the stable boy who had begged the Linfords to stay that and practically works for room and board. If you can call it that, he sleeps in the lofts over the stables, the Linfords of course had to step in themselves to cover the duties that the dismissed servants had left. Meaning the aristocrats had to learn to do menial tasks that they would never think to sully their hands with. The next to be limited was the girls clothing, now this was something that didn't bother their daughter Esther much, she was never one to worry too much about keeping up with the fashions. However her sister Rowena was devastated with the fact that in order to keep up with the other girls. She had to rework many of her old dresses in hopes that no one would notice that she was wearing the same gown that she had worn to the last cotillion.

The next step was to start cutting down on the amount of gatherings they were having, at one time the Linfords were having parties at least once a week at their home, ladies that had once come to call on Mrs. Linford regularly for tea were now only called upon once a month. But no matter how much the tried they couldn't manage to make up their debts, now Thomas was sure that he would be put in irons and sent off to Debtors Prison. Now his concern is for his wife and daughters, Eliza his eldest he had just managed to get married off to a nice young man, but that still left his two younger daughters, Esther and Rowena. So in a last ditch effort to insure his daughters happiness, he and his wife decided to throw a lavish ball. Inviting some of the most eligible bachelors, in hopes that his daughters would catch at least one of their eyes. Even if he could manage to get Esther married his daughter Rowena could go to stay with her eldest sister till a suitable match was made. He was also hoping that news of this would not get to one of the most powerful men in Melbourneshire a man that Thomas owed money to, Mr. William Nash. However news travels fast in this town.

So as the servants and the family flitted about getting ready for the evening, food had to be prepared so Mrs. Linford was busy in the kitchen helping Mrs Cuthboard. The girls Esther and Rowena were helping each other do some last minute work on their gowns, and trying to get decorations in order. Mr. Linford had just come in from the stables helping young Leo, prepare for the buggies and horses of the guests. Artemis the butler was going over all the families silver to make sure it was polished and in tip top for the guests, when a knock came from the door. The butler was puzzled, it was far too early for guests to begin arriving and the Linfords had made sure to tell everyone not to come till preparations were finished, they didn't want to deal with the scandal that would follow if anyone knew the family was doing such menial tasks. But as the butler it was his duty to answer the door. He straighten the tails of his coat as he made his way to the door, the bell outside began to clang just before he went to turn the knob. Whomever they were, they were quite impatient to say the least, he cleared his throat and opened the door and before he could say anything the person on the other side pushed his way through the door into the foyer. The man removed his hat, and when Artemis was certain who it was he swallowed nervously.

"Good day to you sir, how might I help you this fine morning. I'm afraid the house is in sorts right, and there was no announcement of your arrival I'm afraid, we are unable to greet you properly". Artemis said with a nervous tone is his voice as he took the mans coat and hat.

Mr. Linford must have heard the door because he stepped out, still covered in sweat and hay, he looked quite a sight indeed, but he stood tall in front of the visitor. "Artemis... please send...our guest to the study".

Artemis bowed respectfully as Mr. Linford headed into his study, "Yes, sir of course", he turned to the guest. "Sir, if you would please follow me". After hanging the coat and hat, he lead the man to the study where Mr. Linford waited.