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Naoki Castle

"Green eyed lady, lovely lady / Strolling slowly towards the sun"

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a character in “you can be a hero !”, as played by HolyJunkie


{"I'm feelin' it!"}
{ Main Hexcode || #09c500 \ Secondary Hexcode || #5a4a2e}
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"Mum and Dad always had some old "history" station playing. These kinda stood out to me."



Full Name:
Naoki Castle
Everyone calls him Castle, or Evergreen if they're especially close.
Sexual Orientation:
He's a plant man, which comes with a few effects.
Roots: His hands and feet resemble tough, flexible roots. His hair is long, cascades past his shoulders, and consists of stems, leaves, and hidden roots. All plant-like appendages can extend up to half a foot in extra length.
The Roots can also be used to sap the energy out of his opponents. However, he can also use the roots to transfer energy into others, boosting their natural healing by a margin that's nothing to sneeze at. Both options require constant contact with the recipient, and like anything, takes time out of his day, which he'd rather spend doing... well... maybe a lot of other things. Good thing he can heal people with his feet while his hands are occupied with his handheld console.
Nutrition Generation (Nicknamed "Crops"): His hands and feet are bordered from his body by thick cufflink-like sets of leaves. Within the darkness of the leaves, he can also produce spores depending on what concoction he plans to make. Right now he only knows how to make vitamin pills and simple painkillers. However, given enough education and training, he can produce some terrifying spore clouds and hallucinogens with a myriad of effects to inflict on villains.
Chlorophyll: At all times within light- especially sunlight- his roots and leaves gather photons and minerals to provide him with all the energy he needs for his well-being as well as his abilities. In sunlight, he has rapid regeneration.
Birth date: May 19th

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Six Feet, can reach seven feet if he outstretches his roots and stands like a ballet dancer.
190 Lbs.
You mean besides the fact that his hair's a plant, and his hands and feet are root-like monstrosities? Well, his plant appendages do change colour depending on his level of hydration.



{Polite, Quiet, Optimistic, Patient, but also easily annoyed}
A bit of a spoiled kid, what with being the son of two strong heroes well-known in Toronto. Much like his artist mom, he is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to being beautiful and being a symbol. He greatly admires All Might for being everything he thinks of when he thinks "Symbol of Peace".
Despite that, he tends to resemble a little kid, running barefoot, carefree in the street and basking in the shining sun. This is more a force of habit due to the nature of his quirk. It really betrays just how scary he tends to look.
Since the death of his father, his eyes have been known to get more intense and reserved. He's become rather easy to cross, despite his politeness. This only makes him scarier when coupled with the relative strangeness of his roots and hair. Looks are deceiving, however. He's a kind soul through and through, but a damaged one at that.
He was once patient and kind, and happy-go-lucky, but the existence of the Crumbler always left Castle on-edge. Over time, it's grown into a vendetta, where Castle thinks it must be him who brings the Crumbler to justice. Learning at the top school is simply the only path he could take in order to do so.

He's a tall kid for his age, mainly due to his constant growth as a plant man. He is skinny, but built, as he enjoys basking in the sunlight and being outdoors just as much as he enjoys video games. He is only as reasonably built as his grappling skills and lack of sports can imply, which is to mean barely any definition.
The stems and roots of his hair are hidden under heart-shaped leaves, or spade-shaped leaves as he always insists. They're totally hearts, though.
His hero costume, once he gets one, is loose, flowing, and exposes his midriff. Simple, snug straps wrap around his torso, carrying pill bottles to carry whatever pellets he produces. On his back, a mineral water container he can easily access with the roots in his hair. Securely-strapped sandals to allow him to run, while giving the roots of his feet room to maneuver and do their part.
Despite the roots- which look like deformed appendages at a distance- he is pretty much eye-candy.


  • Fresh soil - "Like a fresh buffet."
  • Mineral water - "Mmmm!"
  • Sunny weather, and experiencing the outdoors in general - "Yeah boy!"
  • Video games - "I brought Gauntlet Legends, MK64, and Smash Bros. Replaced every piece myself!"
  • Cooking - "Prolly because I make my own ingredients, but it really is fun."

  • Oddly enough, he does not like gardening. - "Urgh... it's like watching a kid wolf down a five-star meal, no compliments to the chef either."
  • He hates it when people touch his hair. - "Fresh!"
  • School uniforms. He finds them stifling. He especially hates headgear. - "So uncomfortable..."
  • Holding still for an extended period of time. He's gotta be doing something. - "I mean, sure I'm a plant, but I gotta move, you know?"
  • The Crumbler - "..."

Due to the nature of his quirk's offensive capabilities, he is decently practiced in grappling and wrestling. Well, as decently practiced as a high school kid could reasonably be.
He is quite intelligent. He has to be in order to learn the chemical formulae for different concoctions that he can produce.
Because of his ability to convert nutrition to natural poisons, he is immune to all natural poisons.
Though perfectly capable of doing so, he does not necessarily need to eat. His roots can pick up all the minerals and nutrients he could ever need over the course of a day.
His roots are very flexible, and can fit around corners and through openings normal human hands could otherwise not reach.

He becomes significantly weaker in every way in the dark.
The less hair he has, the less effective his energy absorption.
The fewer points of contact his roots have on a target, the less effective his energy-sapping and healing ability.
Though strong enough to live through an ordinary drought, he's very susceptible to extreme heat and cold. In other words, the one thing he prefers to avoid is A Song of Ice and Fire. (heyooo!)
While his roots can filter through natural poisons, really nasty chemical stuff like oil chokes him.


History: His Father, Peregrine Castle, the "Falcon Fortress", was a man of enormous stature whose quirk allowed him command over any amount of earth and stone within a radius of ten feet around. He was strong enough to allow a slab of dirt to carry himself and at most three others atop a half-spherical platform. His day job was the proud owner of a hobby shop in Toronto. He sold model trains and material to build miniature terrain, trees, and ground to lay down tiny tracks to carry the tiny trains.
His Mother, Gina (Wolfe) Castle, the "Werewolf", was very close to nature. Her quirk was a permanent transformation that left her with a tough hide with thick, wolf-like fur with strands strong enough to flap and allow her to fly. The vibrations of the fur emitted powerful sounds, like an enormous, angry bee. Combined with her tough bones, she made a savage close combatant. Unlike the werewolves of ancient times, Gina does not have any connection to the moon, and her bites do not curse others... Though if wounds aren't treated, they could fester like any other wound. In every sense besides personality, she was like a werewolf out of those ancient films. Her pride and joy, besides her son, was her garden. She was an artist as well, and made the old hobby shop quite beautiful. The two of them found their abilities meshed surprisingly well, to say nothing about their hearts.
Castle Jr. grew up in the hobby shop, dusting the place and appreciating the beauty in the small, collectible objects. They lived a happy, ordinary life, where Castle's hair grew out naturally red, the same as her father's, until the age of four, where the strands began to fall out, replaced with short, stubby green stalks. He hated the loss of his red hair, especially since it brought name-calling and jeers from the other four-year-olds in his neighbourhood. The stalks eventually grew out into beautiful, slender stalks and roots, protruding large, perfectly green, heart-shaped leaves. Several tests afterward, the doctors finally discerned the nature of his quirk. Soon enough, his fingers and toes became like roots, long and pointy and strong. He always enjoyed the feeling of squeezing mud between his toes, but now doing that same action was like feasting in a five-star restaurant. The only disadvantage to the quirk was that he could not handle winter as well as most, especially Canadian winter. However, he did temper himself against the cold by the time he moved West.
As the first heart-shaped leaf began to take form, Falcon Fortress was taken too soon, by a nameless villain who made no announcement prior nor after the killing. The papers needed a name, so they settled on "The Crumbler", after it had sundered the Fortress and left a family in ruin. Castle was close to his father, moreso than his mother. His mother's wolfish form and sharp teeth always scared him in the dark, where he felt weakest, even when Gina meant every action with unrelenting love, and would never bring harm to her son. They were strained for a time, but eventually warmed up to each other. Between distant retired cousins on mother's side and cousins who had lost contact since they were from Peregrine's side, they were the only family they had left.
His time in school was filled with many a sports injury. None on his part- he rarely took part in sports besides the mandatory physical education. When news of his useful quirk were sent to each school he went to, the school physician called him in at least twice a week. The school board took a particular bias towards him, as Castle was always recommended toward schools chock-full of rowdy students who always got themselves hurt, either through sports, or through accidents from poorly practiced Quirks. He became a teacher's pet often, but he did not like that as much. No one could replace his father.
Eventually, when it came time for High school, he took the entrance exam for UA. His mother, always encouraging despite her fearful appearance, nodded with a tearful smile when Castle announced his plans to try for UA. After all, Peregrine and Gina attended UA. Following in his father's footsteps seemed... natural.

Face Claim: Touji Ato

CS © made my xxmcxmikeyxx
credit to StarlightPrincess for the images

So begins...

Naoki Castle's Story

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XXXXXXXXX6:30 am - 8:30 am

XXXXXXRin's neighbourhood - U.A.

XXspeech - #eeb677 thoughts - #f0a788
Rin was already half way awake when she suspected her alarm to go off as she heard a faint beep beep beep! come from her phone on her bedside table. She let out a groan and her hair stretched out into a hand to grab the phone and turn the alarm off, as she propped herself up with her elbow and looked around her room- Sun was streaming through her curtains and shining onot her wall plastered with posters of all of her favourite things. Rin noticed the time and sighed, 'Six thirthy, huh?' She thought to herself and finally swung her legs from the bed and got up- as soon her her feet hit the ground her arms reached up and she stretched out.

Today was her first day of super hero school and Rin was going as slow as a rabbit. Wait no, it's as slow as a turtle. Yeah. Rin turned to her closet and dramatically opened it up, "What do we have to wear today~?" Rin asked herself out loud as she fanned her face with her hand and grabbed her uniform- who was she kidding she was just a school girl.

Soon Rin's uniform was on and she was struggling with putting the tie on and soon forgot about it, grabbing her small bear pin and putting it on the tie- which had become a special thing she had done to spice up all of her uniforms. Rin traveled outside to the kitchen where she smelt an omelette on the table and her mom and dad already eating. Rin sat down and looked around the table with a smile. "Good morning to the lovely people who brought me to this wonderful place called home!" Rin exclaimed as her mom nodded, "And good morning to my crazy girl." She responded as her dad shook his head at Rin's mess of a tie. "Let me help with that.." He grumbled as he got up, her fingers messing around with her tie until it was flattened and tucked in perfectly.

"Thanks dad~" Rin mumbled out before digging into her omelette sitting in front of her.

Soon she was in the bathroom brushing her teeth- putting on a little bit TOO much tooth paste as she wanted to have that effect of toothpaste foaming around her mouth like a dog with rabies. Rin had finished up with that and looked at her hair in the mirror, the hair that had gotten her into this special school. Rin's hair grew a little a gave her a thumbs up, which made Rin grin- even though it was obvious she did it herself.

Rin grabbed her backpack from her room and waved to her parents goodbye before walking outside, and grabbing her bike. "Bye, bye, I'll see you soon! Make sure Daichi knows I had a great morning!" Rin called out to her parents, clearly not forgetting about her best friend who was probably making his way to school right now too. Soon she was off on her bike, with her backpack on her shoulders and the wind brushing against her face- the smell of the morning air making Rin smile, the small things in life were the best things to Rin.

As she got got out of her neighborhood and into the city Rin noticed other students walking and biking to school and she was filled her with hope, she would make new friends and she would have great time at school. Rin promised herself as she approached the gate of the school and got off her bike, taking out her ID and noticing the scanner. Rin let out a small ohh before letting the scanner see her ID as the gate opened and she traveled in happily.

Rin parked her bike inside the gates of the school and looked up at the glass structure that would soon call school. 'Wow..' Rin gazed at the building, before jumping up and down in excitement- and sprinting inside the school, her sneakers squeaking against the shiny floors as she sped around- remembering her class number. 1-A. She had to find class 1-A, maybe this would be her first challenge? Who knows? Rin let the voices in her head talk to her as she her running slowed down to a jog as she started to feel somewhat tired. Soon she was two floors up and saw the classes starting, which sparked some hope in her. She kept repeating 1-A in her head until her eyes lit up- "I found it!" Rin squealed as she opened the sliding doors to the class room.

That's weird, no one was here- she didn't even see a teacher. Rin shrugged, if she made it this far- and the sign above the classroom clearly said 1-A she was at the right place, plus she wasn't moving after she climbed those stairs while running. So Rin perched herself at a desk near the window and sat there, patiently waiting for another student or a teacher.

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Dialogue: #597D70 Thought: #60576f

Sunlight trickled onto Hinata's face as he yawned softly and sat up. His eyes lazily drifted around his bedroom and he wiggled his toes slightly under his sheets and chuckled to himself. A knock at his door snapped him out of little morning stupor. It was his mother Kohina, she entered his room and smiled broadly.

"Today's a big day sweetheart." She cooed as he laid out his sweater, skirt, and knee highs. "It's your first day of Superhero school!" She said as she softly kissed his forehead. He got up and hugged his mom tightly.

"Alright mama, I'll get dressed and be right down." His mother left and he took off his pink and white cloud-patterned silk nightgown and slid on his clothes, his combed through his hair and walked downstairs happily. His father, Gorou, and his mother were standing at the door. One had his backpack, the other a bento lunch.

"Now, don't get hurt and if someone else gets hurt that's their own problem! Don't you step in and if it's too severe definitely don't and-" His father interupted his mother's speech and her eyes welled up with tears. His father pulled his mother close and they both smiled and said together.

"Goodluck at school today Hinata." Hinata felt tears run down his smiling face as he hugged them both and kissed their cheeks. Thanking them before grabbing his stuff and heading out toward his new school.


Once Hinata arrived in the school he wandered through the hallways, taking everything in with an awestruck expression. It was so cool here. He couldn't believe that he had truly gotten in, he'd be a superhero someday and that prospect of that sent shivers down his spine. His mind wandered in dreams of himself in a superhero cape, saving people and fighting bad guys. His mouth in reality hung open a bit as he wandered aimlessly toward room 1-A. His brain was elsewhere entirely, causing him to crash into a large male upperclassman. Hinata gasped and apologized repeatedly, the large man grinned lecherously and looked over Hinata. Though that was interrupted by the boy checking his watch and gasping.

"Holy cow, is that the time?! I gotta go! Thanks for breaking my fall kind sir!" Hinata got up, smoothed his skirt and bowed quickly running off toward his classroom. The classman sat in a daze watching the little girl run off. She was cute, but obviously crazy.

Hinata arrived in his classroom and straightened his outfit as he walked in and sighed content that he finally made it. He spotted a girl with brown hair near the window. He waved to her shyly as he took a front-row seat in the center of class. Hyped and ready for whatever awaited him. He kicked his feet slightly and smiled wide. He was very nervous, he wasn't sure how he'd demonstrate his ability. . . But! He was still ready for whatever awaited him in the near future. He was sure his classmates would be really cool too.

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“Naoki? Yes… Yes, I like it. It’s got a certain ring to it.”

“Sir, we need the space to work.”

“I won’t leave my wife!”

“Mr. Castle, it is standard procedure in the event that-“

“He won’t have developed a dangerous quirk at birth. I’ll bet my life on it!”

“A 5% chance is enough for the government to pass laws, Mr. Castle.”

“THERE’S NO TIME, PERRY, JUST GO!” Gina interrupted with a pained gasp. The severity of the shriek snapped the doctors into third gear, Peregrine stood stunned as the sudden rush in movement left him in the dust. “I’M A HERO, DAMNIT! I’LL BE FINE!”

“AUGH!!” Peregrine paced swiftly outside of the delivery room. What he wouldn’t do to have some soft earth or stone to grind between his tough fingers within the hospital. The consistently sterile corridors made him feel powerless, even more so than he did in the delivery room. For once in his life, his mind processed remotely selfish thoughts. What he wouldn’t give to be in the room as his own son as he came into the world. What he would sacrifice. Some of the thoughts even frightened Peregrine. Was his son such a big deal to warrant such… villainous thoughts?

He caught himself, half-ashamed, but relieved that he never voiced any of those concerns aloud. However, he suspected that if he did, the people around him would have understood such irrational thoughts. Fathers-to-be often acted irrational at the moment of truth. He knew that Gina was correct. She was a hero, Peregrine’s other half, and both were the strongest Toronto’s ever known… but this was not taking down the Lake Ontario Terror. The Terror was easy. The Terror was held in a prison in the hottest desert, where the moisture was perfectly lacking.

As he paced, the red-haired, seven-foot hero stole a glance out the window. Police were barely keeping a handle on the reporters and camera operators on the other side of the street. Every one of them were there for the same reason, much to Peregrine’s annoyance.

Falcon Fortress and Werewolf were the mightiest heroes in Toronto. They were local legends, whose names reached out half-way across the province, and even partially into the states across the Great Lakes. They, along with The Grizzly, Jumping Jack, The Game, Nickel Son, and Chill of the North, were some of the biggest names in Canada. Jack and Chill in particular were close friends of Peregrine’s. They were keeping an eye on Toronto whilst the two were at this… admittedly enormous moment of weakness. No-doubt Peregrine would owe those two some serious favours. He did not care, he’d pay what ever dues they would demand. His child’s smile would be worth any favour.

The police also set up a strong perimeter, with spotters and snipers in every adjacent building, and several lesser-known heroes patrolling the areas beyond. At this very moment, the hospital Peregrine stood in was the safest spot on Earth, save for anywhere All Might, or any of the other Top Four stood.

The shouting of instructions and pain did not help Peregrine relax. His legs wobbled as he bit his lip. He couldn’t bear to sit down, else his spaghetti-like legs wouldn’t allow him to stand up again. He had to move. He had to do something. That’s what heroes do. They do something when all others could not. The shouting climaxed in a savage roar that left Peregrine dumbstuck, and his throat dry. The commotion was followed by silence, broken shortly after by tiny whimpering and crying. The voice was too small and too soft to be the werewolf-esque woman. The door opened a few seconds later. Peregrine clasped both hands together. His fingers squeezed, coming close to crushing each other. “Is he…?”

“Without a quirk at birth? Yes. You can come in, Mr. Cas-” Peregrine did not hesitate. His large frame almost bowled the doctor over. His blazing red hair flipped backward from the sudden acceleration.

“He’s got your face, Perry,” Gina said.

Peregrine laughed, “He’s… He’s got my everything, it looks like.” She looked the spitting image of Peregrine’s old baby pictures.

“I’m glad,” Gina’s werewolf-like mouth curled into a fanged smile, “I’d hate to raise a wolf cub. You remember those ancient documentaries? Those cubs bite!”

“Thank goodness for that, eh?” Peregrine chuckled. “Aw… look at you…”

“Naoki… Castle,” the doctor started as he wrote down some notes on a clipboard. “Date of birth… 1:23PM Local time. May 19th… year…”

Peregrine did not hear the rest. He was in another world as he gazed upon the closed eyes of his son, When they would first open later on, he would see eyes that perfectly mirrored his own.


The Dorm room smelled like fresh soil. Castle awoke to the sound of his phone ringing. Having spent most of last night unpacking, he was quite tired. Fortunately, he had left the window unblocked. The morning sun filled the room with warmth and light, and the teenage boy slowly rejuvenated. The leaves that were slightly limp began to thicken with life. This gave him enough strength to reach the phone on his bedside table. “Hey, what’s up?” he groaned.

“Did you make it there okay?” Gina Wolfe’s voice emitted from the speaker, "You sound really tired."

“Spent last night packing, mom,” Castle rose from his bed after unplugging the phone from the wall charger. “How’s Toronto?”

“Full of villains,” Gina replied, “I’m sorry I can’t be there, but… well, you know.” The void the Falcon Fortress left was large, even not considering the man’s stature.

“Hey, don’t worry mom,” Castle replied reassuringly, “Just three years, and then I’ll be back home, maybe sooner if I get summers off.”

“Don’t let me hold you back, Evergreen. Besides, you’re not alone in Japan. You’ve got your classmates, fellow heroes-to-be, and you still have family there. Your uncle Logan.”

“Oh yeah, how’s he doing?” Castle asked.

“Last I heard from him, he was running an auto-body shop. You should visit sometime.”

“Maybe if I don’t have too much classes, eh?” Castle said, “Do you have his number?”

“Unfortunately, no. He got a new phone, and I misplaced his card.”


“How’s the dorm?”

“Perfect,” Castle stood in the centre of the room. His back faced the window, where the sun shone directly on every leaf on his head. “Well, not quite perfect. Could use some soil, but security won’t allow foreign contaminants in case other students aren’t cool with it.”

“That’s fair. You still have the grounds,” Gina replied, “Oh! Duty calls. I’ll call you in the morning.”

“It is morning, mom,” Castle smirked.

“Ah, yes, time zones… I’ll text you then. Bye sweetie! I love you!”

“I love you too, mom.” At that, Gina Wolfe hanged up.

Castle headed into the bathroom that came with every dorm room, and performed the usual business. The shower provided Castle with a refreshing drink through his roots. Brushing his teeth- while not as much a priority since he rarely eats in the traditional sense- was a force of habit anyway.

Naoki Castle’s room was surprisingly normal for a plant guy. In the corner was a workout station set into the walls. The station incorporated pulleys and cables to provide resistance for a multitude of strength-building exercises, plus a bar for chin-ups. Directly next to the unit was a bicycle for moving around town. The room contained a sofa, a dresser across from the sofa, and a coffee table set in between. A shelving unit with a mini-closet at the bottom sat across from the bed- which was set right up to the window. The duffel bags used to carry Castle’s wardrobe and all the gear he brought along were all stored in the lower locker, along with a multitude of other things the boy hadn’t set up. The first thing Naoki had set up, which sat in an empty corner by the door opposite the exercise machine, was an ancient-looking arcade cabinet. The original plastic sign had long-since faded, but a very faint outline of some letters barely spelled out “RAIDEN II”. In the unlocked coin carrier, one could access as many quarters as one could ever ask for- although they’d be useless in Japan apart from operating this exact machine.

On top of his dresser sat a small wide-screen TV with a jungle-green N64 hooked up to it. The system was ancient, developed at a time before Quirks were a thing, and it had survived all these generations. As such, it was a particularly valuable piece of history. Sitting next to the console was a small hand-held gaming console that looked equally as old. Castle had half a mind to play the system, but one look at his phone’s clock told him he couldn’t afford it. For now, he had to get changed out of the flowing boxer shorts he wore. A loose green tee shirt and baggy cargo shorts was all the boy needed, well, besides a fresh pair of boxers. In his pockets, he packed his wallet with respective cards, a pocket notebook with a pencil, and his phone. On the collar of his shirt, he packed a pair of aviator shades. His loose clothing only served to make him seem even skinnier than he actually was. The school uniforms he was given sat neatly folded on the couch, but used only once. Once was more than enough for Castle to know how much he couldn’t possibly wear them. They’re… stifling… Maybe they’ll modify them for his comfort, but Castle knew that wouldn’t happen today. He’d need to tell the staff about it later.

His backpack carried a larger notepad, and was quite light as a result. He imagined he would need to get textbooks either today or tomorrow anyway. Even though it was fully charged, Castle figured he would be too busy with orientation and such to actually play on the handheld console.

His light brown, root-like feet tapped lightly along the carpet, picking up microbes the vacuum cleaner had missed. Outside the door, Castle locked his room with his ID card- a high-tech card that really indicated the sheer budget hero schools like UA really held. He then began to head downstairs from the fifth floor. He had picked the fifth floor because the windows got the most sun. Getting to jog down the stairs made good exercise anyway. He couldn’t complain.

Soon enough, he crossed the men’s common room and exited the front doors. The pure, unimpeded sunlight washed over Castle like the shower he had just taken. There were students already rushing towards their respective classes, which seemed to strike the plant man as an indicator that he should do the same.

Class 1-A… Castle produced the pocket map from his wallet and scanned through it as he broke into a light jog. Second floor, main building… Castle returned the map to his pocket and began searching for the closest stairs. He passed by students with quirks ranging from flashy to disturbing, but no one really paid each other any mind. After all, they were beginning to run late. Eventually, he found the classroom he was looking for. There were already two girls in the room, but no signs of a teacher.

“Hm…” Castle hummed as he scanned the blackboard for any instructions the teacher might have left in case they happened to be running late. The blackboard was entirely blank. “Good morning,” he then said energetically to the two girls as he strolled to a window seat. He picked the desk directly behind the first girl, which happened to be in the centre of the window placement.

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#, as written by jeydon
Izaya Fiore
TIME | Approx. 7:00 AM

ɗιαƖσgυє cσƖσя:#EE9572
тнσυgнт cσƖσя #d08f89


It was impossible for Izaya to sleep through an alarm, especially when his form of an alarm was the sound of people's groggy morning thoughts filling his brain against his will. He could never decide which bothered him more, the overly enthusiastic morning people or the grumpy ones who complained about everything until they had at least one cup of coffee in them. Rolling over in his bed, the boy did his best to tune out the unwanted thoughts as he stared over at his wall covered in posters of well-known heroes. He smiled softly to himself, hardly able to believe that he was about to attend the same high school that so many of them had attended at his age.

His body was full of adrenaline at the thought of his first day of superhero school but he couldn't seem to keep his own negative thoughts from appearing. What if everyone was right and I don't belong at U.A.? What if I'm laughed out of the building as soon as I have to announce what my quirk is? He shook his head, pushing himself up on his elbows before rolling out of bed and rushing to grab his perfectly ironed school uniform from where it was hung up in his closet the night before. He rushed to get ready, having spent too much time in bed listening to Mr. Ozazora thought's about divorcing his wife because of how loudly she snored. He was almost completely dressed when he slipped over his pant leg, collapsing onto his bedroom floor with a loud crash. His cheeks burned a rosy red as he thanked the Gods that he was alone in his room where no one could see him being a complete klutz.

Practically running into his mother in the kitchen he grabbed an apple out of his mom's hand knowing she had been planning to hand it to him with her usual 'You have to take time to eat, Izah' before waving frantically back at her as he made his exit and took one step closer to U.A. High.


Running a bit late after almost missing his bus meant that by the time he arrived U.A. High was full of the anxious thoughts of the hundreds of students on their first day of school. Of course this didn't help calm the red head's nerves either, causing him to become slightly shaky and on edge as he made his way through the wide hallways full of students rushing in one direction or another. He couldn't help but focus in on specific students as he passed them, taking in both their appearances and thoughts as he tried to figure out what their quirk was. Sometimes he was successful, other times the person was still a mystery to him as he continued on his hunt for room 1-A. By the time he had made it through one hallway he didn't even need to consider asking for directions, already overhearing exactly where he needed to go.

Taking the stairs two at a time the anxious boy tried to focus his thoughts on his actions. One step. Two Steps. Three steps. Take a right at the top of the stairs, then a quick left. The door should be five down on the left. So focused on the directions he kept repeating over in his head, he almost didn't notice the door being swung open by someone inside, having to stumble backwards to keep himself from crashing into them.

"W-woah, I-I'm so sorry. I swear I'm not usually this clumsy," he blurted out all at once, despite it being a complete lie. His cheeks flushed a deep red as he avoided making eye contact with who appeared to be a girl just a tad bit shorter than him. Noticing that none of her thoughts seemed to involve wanting to use whatever quirk she had to murder him, he let out a sigh of relief. He rubbed absentmindedly at his bruised forearm from his fall earlier that morning, feeling guilty for lying even though it was over something so simple. Maybe it was because he always knew when people weren't telling the truth, but he could get away with lying if he truly wanted to. "You caught me off guard, I didn't expect there to be a girl opening the door when we're all supposed to be in the classroom but maybe it's my fault for running so late. I'm really really sorry, I could have hurt you," he rambled on, noticing that something he had said seemed to have annoyed...or maybe upset the girl he was speaking to. Maybe she is angry at me after all.

"You- You don't look like you want to hurt me for that but did I say something wrong?" he asked, unaware at the time that it was the pronouns he had wrong. Something so simple, yet important. He already was making a terrible first impression on his classmates and he hadn't even entered the room yet. His heart began to race, his hands shaky as he ran them absentmindedly through his hair.

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#, as written by Feyblue


~ Two Weeks Ago ~

The blonde-haired girl sat by the side of the train tracks, a faint breeze passing through the station and sending her hair fluttering in her eyes. Brushing it back into place, she gazed down over a nearby guardrail, and onto the town below the hill. Unfolding before her eyes was a familiar landscape - a forest of houses across the roofs of which she and Haruka had silently bounded, separated by streets through which they'd raced. The long, winding road down the slope of the hill from school seemed to glow in the morning sun, reminding her of days gone by. This was home, or at least, it had been.

It had been, but it wouldn't be anymore. Fumika wasn't sure what it was she wanted, but she wondered if it was something other than this. Sitting here on this early morning, about to set off on her own, the bleary-eyed girl found the conviction she'd felt up until now, the certainty she'd had of her goal, starting to slip. To fulfill Haruka's dream... it would make her happy, but wouldn't she be lonely? Wouldn't Fumika be lonely, too? Without Haruka to talk to, and without her mom and dad to look out for her as she moved out on her own, she'd be left all by herself. Was that really the right choice to make? She remembered what it was like, being an observer noticed by no one... And honestly, she didn't want to return to those days. But at the same time, if she stayed, what would she do then? This dream, even if it was inherited from someone else, was the only real goal she had. Without it, what would she strive for? What would she live for?

She didn't know, so she did the only thing she could. She shook these anxious thoughts from her mind, and resolved to carry on. Even if she'd be sad, if it made Haruka happy, it would all be worth it in the end. That alone should have been enough to re-assure her that she was making the right choice. It should have been, but it wasn't.

Fumika sighed ever-so-slightly, biting the inside of her lip. She was almost never uncertain of what she was doing, since she almost never chose what she did herself. But Haruka hadn't asked for this, even if she'd accepted Fumika's offer. She couldn't turn back now without betraying her friend's expectations, but she couldn't proceed without betraying what she herself wanted. No matter which choice she made, she'd still end up failing. This was hard - much too hard for someone like her. Why couldn't it be easy? Why couldn't she just know what was required of her and take the route of least resistance?

The spring wind blew once more across the platform, but this time, it was different. Carried on the breeze was a sound that Fumika recognized immediately: a faint scuffling of wood on the pavement as a familiar figure crested the staircase and hobbled into sight. The raven-haired figure limped over to the bench where Fumika sat, raising a hand from one of her crutches to give the girl a slight wave.

"Mornin'," said Haruka, her tired voice still filled with its usual friendliness and cheer. Fumika's expression changed in a heartbeat, a joyous smile spreading across her melancholy face as she leaped to her feet, her suitcase clattering to the pavement as she rushed to her friend's side, wrapping her arms around her and clinging to her like she was afraid one or the other them would soon disappear. She felt Haruka's hand gently patting her on the head, and drew back to find the person she admired and respected most smiling down at her. "Easy there, Fumi-chan. If you're not careful, you'll knock me over." She warned. Fumika just hugged her more tightly, and Haruka laughed, shifting a little to accommodate her clingy friend as best she could.

Haruka gingerly seated herself on the bench, and Fumika followed suit, returning to her own place beside her. The dark-haired girl gave a wry smile, her golden eyes looking almost sad. "Sorry I was late," She apologized. "I promised I'd be here, but the walk here was a bit harder than I expected."

Fumika shook her head. "It's fine. I'm glad. Glad you came to see me off," She replied, giving a rare smile. The dark-haired girl gave a slight laugh and patted her on the head again, ruffling her hair affectionately.

"So, then, how are you feeling?" Haruka asked, grinning. "Ready to go out there, kick some ass, and save people in need?" Fumika lowered her gaze slightly, shaking her head in response. The truth was that she really didn't feel prepared at all, didn't feel at all like her usual self as an ambivalent observer. She gave a quiet whine, tugging her hair down over her ears uneasily, feeling its warm, soft fluffiness rubbing against her cheeks. While this did help her calm her anxiety to a certain degree, it was far from the consolation she needed. The feeling of her best friend pulling her into another hug, though, was a different story.

"I thought not," Haruka said with a wry smile, looking kindly down at her. "You're nervous, aren't you?" Fumika nodded, rubbing her face into the shoulder of Haruka's jacket. "Well, let me ask you this. What's there to be scared of? You've got an amazing Quirk, and you passed the entrance exam to the best Hero school in the country, for crying out loud. As somebody who's fought against you before, I can safely say that you've got nothing to be afraid of. You can do anything if you put your mind to it, Fumi-chan."

"That's not it," Fumika whispered, her words muffled by the cloth. "That's not it at all, Haruka."

"Eh? Then what's got you so worried?" Haruka asked, taken by surprise. Fumika looked up sadly, her blue eyes struggling hard against the urge to shed their tears.

"I want to be a Hero for you... but I don't want to leave you behind!" She hung her head again, her hands fidgeting as she tried to put her complex feelings into words. "Being a Hero is what you always wanted... it would make you happy... it would be the right thing to do. But if I go to U.A., things will go back to how they were before. I'll be all alone again... I'm not sure if I want that..." Haruka's eyes widened in surprise as she realized what exactly it was Fumika had said. Through all the years Haruka had known her, she'd said a great many things, and had paid close attention to what Haruka had asked of her. But, during all that time, she'd almost never spoken of what it was that she herself actually wanted.

"Let me ask you this. What is it that you want, Fumi-chan?" Haruka gazed down at her friend, trying desperately to read that look on her face, to make sure she wasn't lying in whatever choice she made. Put on the spot, Fumika hesitated. But, hearing the distant sound of a train - her train - approaching quickly, she realized that she would have to choose.

"I think... I think I want to be a Hero," She said at last.

"Then you have a goal. No matter what happens, don't give up on it, okay?" Fumika hesitated a moment at this, but at last nodded. Haruka moved to stand up, causing Fumika to hastily rise and offer her hand to help her. The train pulled into the station behind them, and, picking her luggage back up, Fumika turned to go. "And... don't worry so much about me, alright? Just because we're not in the same town as each other anymore doesn't mean I'll forget all about you, silly. I'll call you every night, so be sure to tell me how things go at U.A., okay? By the time I next see you face-to-face, I want to know exactly how it is you became such a great Hero."

Fumika nodded enthusiastically, smiling as, at the same moment, she tried not to cry. Haruka smiled back, raising one hand from her crutch to give her friend one final wave.

"I'd rather not say 'goodbye,' so... until I see you again, Fumi-chan."

"Until then, Haruka."

As the train doors closed, and with a loud whine, it began to shift, moving away from the town Fumika had always known as home, she found herself rushing to the window, feeling as though leaving now without taking some part of this moment with her would be tantamount to abandoning the home and the friend she'd so cherished. Sure enough, Haruka was still there, standing as tall as always, even though she had to lean on her crutches to do it. She was smiling as she kept waving, but Fumika could see something on her face that caught the light of the rising sun behind her. The entire station was bathed in the same warm orange glow, almost too bright to look at, but at the same time, so dazzling that she couldn't look away.

Fumika's eyes shifted to a bright wine red, taking in that wonderful instant that she made her first real choice, as well as that sad moment in which she left what was most important to her far, far behind, and preserving it forever. The bright sunrise, and the view of the town that day... The light filling the station, and the sight of Haruka, smiling through her tears as she waved goodbye...

Those cherished memories were the impetus for her to carry onward, and the tether that kept her from losing sight of what drove her. That single moment of that single day was what made Fumika decide firmly to become a Hero. And so, this memory, without a doubt, was her most precious of treasures.

Fumika rubbed her eyes and rolled over, tumbling clumsily from under the covers as she slowly sat up. Breathing a quiet yawn, she stumbled to her feet and turned on the light. It flickered a little, the bulb having already nearly burned itself out before she even moved in. Glancing around with bleary eyes, she took in her still-unfamiliar surroundings. A ragged couch she'd found on the curb was placed beside a small table in the room's center, with her futon placed over in the back right corner. In the back left, there was a door leading to the apartment's tiny bathroom, while across the room hung a large sandbag for her training, placed right next to a treadmill and a rack with a couple of shake weights. In the front right was a small pantry with two cabinets, a tiny fridge and freezer, a microwave and a bar of sorts on which to assemble whatever food she might make. Of all those features, this last one was the least used, since the only foods she had at the moment were those of a complexity level roughly akin to microwaved noodles.

There were those who would have called her apartment "run down," "spartan," or perhaps even "empty." But, it served her needs just fine. After all, the rent here was cheaper than the dorms, and it was only a twenty minute walk away from campus. Besides, even if she did need more furnishings than she already had - which she didn't - it wasn't like she could have brought them with her. Shipping and buying all the various things that now adorned her humble abode had already cost her a large portion of her savings, hence why she'd chosen to fill her food supply with cheap, low-quality goods. She'd only really have to eat one meal there, anyway, since lunch was served at the school and she could just skip either breakfast or dinner, depending on her mood.

As things stood, she was too nervous to eat. Besides, she didn't want to risk being late for class. So, she simply removed breakfast from her morning routine, settling for a quick shower before drying her hair - this step was vitally important, since if it was still damp when she got to class, her Quirk would be as good as useless. Once she'd managed to remove her school-issued uniform from its packaging and get dressed, as well as finding her glasses - how exactly had they gotten under the couch, anyway? - she hastily made her way out the door, taking the stairs down to street level and beginning her first morning commute.

By the time she'd reached the school, it was already almost time for classes. But, luckily for her, there was a large tree just outside of the second floor classroom where she was supposed to go. Her eyes flashed green, a matching arrow forming in her hair as a copy of herself appeared in front of her, extending its hands as she ran and jumped towards it. Landing upon the projection's outstretched hands, she was immediately thrown upward, giving her the lift she needed to catch hold of one of the branches overhead. Spinning around it like a gymnast, she managed to flip up atop it, landing gingerly upon the limb and taking a moment to regain her balance before scrambling hastily upward, into the higher branches just outside the window. Finally, once she got on about the right level, she hopped over onto the windowsill, giving it an experimental tug to see if she could open it. Just her luck, it was locked, and everybody in the classroom seemed too distracted to notice her standing out there. She supposed she'd just have to open it herself. So, dismissing her existing copy, she replaced it with another, standing beside her on the windowsill. Then, she closed her eyes, remembering how she'd walked to school earlier that day, but had turned around when she heard a dog barking. The clone walked forward and, being intangible, phased right through the window's glass, before turning around. So far, so good. Next, she tried to recall and play back a time when she'd unlocked a window, but it took a few tries before she managed to recall a time when the lock had been placed the same as the lock on the window she was now trying to open. Fortunately, she managed it, and, watching her clone through the window to make sure that it stayed corporeal, she heard the lock click, and so together with her double pulled the window open to allow herself in, shutting it behind her as her copy faded from view and her eyes returned to normal. Walking over to her desk like the entrance she'd just made was completely normal in every way, she seated herself close to the window she'd entered through, directly behind a tall student with oddly green hair, and set about unpacking her things.

Motome Fumika's life at the Hero academy had officially begun.

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It was not that Shou had been up late, the opposite. Preparing for his first day at u.a, he had gone to bed earlier than ever (trying to gain as much energy as possible if they had to show off their quirks) - and he still felt like a sack of beans when the morning announced itself. The alarm went off in a terrible ringing noise while jumping up and down "the mainspring hitting those bells", making the bedside table vibrate. Shou raised one arm and fumbled for the annoying electronic devise, but failed.

If only i could touch it.. "Hhmm just a little while longer..." he mumbled as he changed his plans, and instead decided to place the pillow over his head to mute the noise. Even if the silver haired boy did not get bothered by the sound anymore - apparently so did his father. The door to Shou's room opened in a haste and Akiyama Kenji, also known as Paralyzer (Shou's dad), entered his bedroom and made the alarm "freeze" in it's movement with just a tiny wave of his hand. "Shouuu, get up now son! This is what we have been training for the whole summer. You don't want to be late for your first day...." the determined but caring voice of his father warned him. Shou yawned and opened one of his eyes. Looking at his father with a mysterious smirk.

"Dad... Me? Late?" he scoffed, but even so decided to get up and get ready for school. First a shower, then on with the school uniform (giving it his own "lazy/rebel" touch with a few buttons undone and the shirt a bit wrinkly and wryly). He was not very found of looking strict and "handsome", and to go with that look - even his silver hair was let to be a mess. Shou rushed down the stairs, his mom handled him a sweet steambun and kissed his cheek. And his father peeking out from the kitchen.

"Good luck! Now go become a hero like your good old dad!" he said, giving him a thumbs up. His mother on the other hand, was close to crying. "Im so proud over you my dear Shou! Have fun, okey? And make some close friends! Even a hero needs friends..." she waved him goodbye as he disappeared out the door.

The morning was full of life, students walking and cycling to their schools and the sun smiling down on them. Shou grabbed his skateboard and stuffed the bun in his mouth. As he was racing down the street - he could not help but do cower down on his board, letting one hand touch the rough surface and by this making the skateboard a hell lot of faster. Sure, he could use his quirk by any of his bodyparts touching something (like kicking a boll and making it fly in slowmotion) but his quirk was the strongest when using his hands - so that was what he did most of the time.

In no time he'd arrived to the fancy high-tech building that was U.A. Shou stared at it as he ate the rest of his, now cold bun, and "checked in" with his card. Making his way to the classroom, he noticed how the corridors where a bit empty and quiet, was he late? After a while walking around in circles, the classroom finally appeared. 1-A. Shou entered with a "ehhm sorry im late...." looking around in the classroom without finding any trace of a teacher. Just some of his new fellow classmates- with probably really cool quirks. "guess im not...." he continued smiling, taking a few steps in. He moved his hand to his forehead, making a relaxed salute with a short "Yo!" as greeting to the others.

Then came the impossible task of choosing a seat. They all looked very friendly and he could not wait to talk with them / get to know them. Though, the sight of a green haired tall dude, caught Shou's interest. He looked quite... angry.... so better keep a distance. Not that Shou was scared, but because he did not want to anger his new classmate any further before he could get a sense of his personality. The shorthaired girl with intense pink eyes looked very interesting, Shou betted she had an awesome personality - and an epic quirk. Then there was a dark haired boy in the back, a blonde girl with braids, and a short girl with golden eyes in the front... or was it really a girl? Funny thing how no one was sitting next to another.. Well, guess he had to change that. They where not just going to be classmates - they where ,from now on, also teammates. He cought the sight of a strawberry blonde guy who looked a bit shaky and nervous, so Shou decided he could use some support. And Shou was not the slightest shy, so he walked through the classroom and up to the boy. Correcting his sidebang a bit before opening his mouth to speak.

"Do you mind if i sit next to you?" giving him a smile and a hand gesture to the seat before sitting down. "Akiyama Shou, but just call me Shou" he introduced himself, then leaning forward with his elbows on the desk, and his chin resting in his palms. Outside the window, the sun was still blessing the students with the warming streams of the sunlight. It really felt like a good sign, maybe this was going to be the start of something amazing?

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Logan Wolfe performed his morning routine. A long jog around a section of Tokyo after basic strength training. His long black locks were shiny and wet with sweat. He often wiped his forehead with an arm band. His jog continued, through his heavy, yet steady panting, as his music player blasted some ancient history, “rock and roll”. His run came to an end when he arrived at the Auto-body shop. Over top of the shop was his home. Much like ancient European houses, Logan’s place was a home upstairs, and workshop downstairs. He had built the place with his bare hands… holding power tools… without the help of construction workers beyond Inspectors. Many Quirk-gifted citizens laughed at his relatively slow progress, but he paid them no mind. Matter of fact, the Quirk-gifted citizens often came to him for work.

Logan was a young Quirkless man, probably the only Quirkless in the entirety of his particular neighbourhood. Much like the Quirkless, he led a humble life. He fixed cars with skill and care few Quirk-gifted souls could properly match. However, that was probably because most Quirk-gifted souls did not specifically train to repair vehicles, especially not with their flashy quirks.

He washed up quickly in the upstairs bathroom, and began unlocking the garage doors, ready to open for business. As he opened the last garage door, A ‘Quirky’ woman with hair made of rattling gold rings stepped out of her car. Her husband appeared to have been pushing the vehicle with what appeared to be a directional forcefield. “Hey Logan,” the man greeted. He was twice Logan’s age, but half the size. The man could project a hard light shield the size of a dinner plate. It was hardly a suitable size to block attacks from villains, but the man discovered early in life that it ignored the laws of physics. It was discovered to be a perfect quirk for pushing objects with little effort. The woman’s rings seemed to emit music, calming like wind chimes. Neither were particularly hero-worthy quirks, but they were not without use.

“Mr. and Mrs. Kazutawa,” Logan returned, “Got a problem?”

“Yep. The ignition is fine now, thanks to you, but now I think we’ve got a leak.”

Logan nodded as the garage doors finished opening. “A’ight, I gotcha. You guys gonna be alright heading to work?” He asked.

“It’s a beautiful day for a walk,” Mrs. Kazutawa replied, her hair rings clanked and sparkled in the morning sun.

Logan chuckled, “Well, you have a wonderful day. I’ll figure this out, and get it fixed in a jiffy.”

“You always do, Logan!” Mr. Kazutawa barked a laugh as he and his wife strolled off, hand-in-hand.

Logan worked the shop alone for the first several hours in the morning. After that, the student interns arrived and pretty much finished Logan’s jobs, or practiced repairs on extra parts the Quirkless man had around. He brought the car into the garage and secured it to a hydraulic elevating platform. He’d determine the source of this leak within the first minute.

“Odd… it almost looks like…” Logan ran a finger lightly over the rather obvious tiny square hole. The edges curved inward, rather than outward, like someone punctured it with a nail. Logan produced his phone and snapped a few clear photos from different angles. He imagined he’d need them if this turned out to be sabotage. Until then, Logan had a job to do. “I’m not a hero,” he muttered like some sort of mantra. He then continued work. “They’re already gone anyw…”

Then again… A minute was hardly enough time to lose them. Logan closed the doors and began running in the direction the couple strolled off. At the very least, they should see the photos.


The students who had entered included three boys and a girl. While most did their own thing at the front, a skinny boy with an enormous smile strolled to take a seat at the back. Castle was about to introduce himself to someone when he suddenly flinched. A girl had bounded into the classroom from the window directly behind him. “Good morning” He quipped, “Nice moves there, is that Parkour?”

He considered learning something like that, but good shoes did not mesh well with his root-like feet. He had put in the request for the Support Class to develop footwear that functioned perfectly for running while leaving space to move, breathe, and pick up microbes on the ground.

Castle produced the larger notepad from his light backpack and set it upon the desk. While waiting for the teacher, he might as well introduce himself, or at least keep himself busy by jotting down some fresh notes. “Call me Castle,” he introduced himself to the girl as he turned in his seat, and possibly whoever would listen. “I’m from Canada.”

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#, as written by Feyblue


Fumika rummaged through her bag, unpacking various notebooks and pencils. To be honest, she didn't really have any idea what sorts of things would be required for the Hero course, so she'd just brought everything she'd thought would be useful. Still, she wasn't really sure which of those things would be helpful. Except for Inaba, she corrected herself mentally. Speaking of whom, Fumika gently lifted the stuffed pink rabbit from where he'd been tucked away in a side-pouch of her bag, giving the fluffy toy a good squeeze to calm herself. She might not have looked tense, having just calmly walked in through a window, but, truth be told, she was only slightly less nervous now that she was past the point of no return than she had been when she left Haruka behind.

She wasn't sure how long she sat there, expressionlessly staring off into space as she idly hugged a pink stuffed rabbit to her chest. Truth be told, she sort of lost track, her attention wandering oh-so-slowly from one part of the classroom to another, before returning to a nearby tree. Its heart-shaped leaves fluttered slightly in the breeze, and her eyes slowly followed their movements back and forth as the air currents carried them to and fro.

...Wait, breeze? She was fairly certain she'd closed the window, and that there hadn't been any others open. So why was there a breeze? They were inside, right? Fumika cocked her head slightly to the side, pondering this curious realization.

Actually, come to think of it, that wasn't what she should have been asking. Before she asked about the wind, first she'd have to figure out why there was a tree inside.

She took a slight look down, and found herself face to face with somebody who seemed to have been talking to her. Somebody who had a tree growing out of his head. And arms. And legs. She'd been so busy staring at the back of his head that she hadn't really noticed him addressing her, and thus only caught the last few words he said.

"Call me Castle. I'm from Canada."

Fumika's head tilted a little further to the side. She remembered the word from a mandatory course she'd taken on English a few years prior. Castle. A fortress employed by medieval lords. The Japanese equivalent was Shiro. It was an interesting word.

"But it doesn't make sense," She said blankly, thinking out loud. "Castle doesn't look like a castle. He looks like a tree. But he said he was from Canada. Does that mean trees look like castles in Canada? Or maybe the word castle means something different there... Hmm..." She continued to ponder the odd clash between the boy's appearance and his name, squeezing her plushie Inaba tighter all the while, and never once seeming to speak to him directly. She had been looking at him at first, but bit by bit, like a cat pawing at a stalk of swaying grass, her gaze once again floated slowly upward, fixating on the leaves growing from the boy's scalp. Why were they fluttering back and forth like that without wind? Right, she couldn't start trying to make sense of another problem until she'd solved this one. Glancing further upward still, she tried to trace the source of the mysterious air current. Then, uttering a quiet "A-ha" she nodded sagely, finally understanding the mystery that had so baffled her.

"It's because of the air vents." Nodding to herself, the enigma unraveled at last, she turned her attention elsewhere. She'd been thinking about a name... Oh, right. He'd given her his name, and she hadn't yet introduced herself. "Oh. I was being rude again. Oops," She murmured to herself, before once again looking back to face Castle.

"Motome Fumika," She said simply, giving her name without any warning or introduction. Her blue eyes stared innocently back, bright with curiosity, but despite everything, her expression was still oddly blank. After all, a moment after she finished speaking, she remembered that he'd introduced himself as Castle, and that she hadn't figured out why he'd asked her to call him something that didn't seem to have anything to do with his appearance or anything. As a nickname, it was pretty strange.

...But then again, he'd said he was a foreigner, right? Maybe that was just his actual name. Huh. Thinking about it that way, it almost seemed too obvious.

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Castle was silent, but not impolite as he listened to the girl’s ramblings. His eyes did not leave her’s as she spoke. When she made the pause for some unknown reason, the boy corrected her. “People call me Castle because that is my name,” he stated matter-of-factly. He was used to the stares. Many people with quirks get stares, especially those like his mother, where the body is transformed entirely. Society was, after all, used to such difference after generations of quirk manifestation.

The girl finally pointed out the air vent that was positioned very close to Castle’s position. “Oh yeah, there are vents here. Feels nice, actually.” He swished his hair, which fluttered and rustled, but did not appear to weigh his head down in the slightest. Growing up with a good head of hair, the boy did possess a strong neck. One would even see the makings of a smile as he felt the wind in his hair.

“Pleasure to meet you, Miss Fumika,” he held out a hand to shake. If she accepted the handshake, she’d feel a very light surge in energy, like one would get with a light caffeine fix. Castle’s roots can either give or take, there was no “off-switch” for his biology. In the presence of his allied students in a non-combat situation, the boy was set on making sure he didn't take. “Let’s all become fine heroes, eh?”

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"People call me Castle because that is my name."

Obvious or not, that was apparently the case. It was a strange name, but it sounded nice. People often told Fumika that her name was strange, too, but she didn't really know why. Just because it wasn't used often didn't mean it didn't suit her, so why was it strange?

"Oh, yeah, there are vents here," Castle said, causing Fumika to momentarily wonder what he was talking about. They'd been talking about names, right? Oh, but she'd been thinking about air vents... Maybe he had read her mind? No, that was silly. She'd probably just been thinking out loud again. Probably. She supposed it was possible that there might be a Quirk to read minds, but since his Quirk seemed to have to do with trees, she doubted he'd have such an ability. Who'd ever heard of a tree that could read minds?

"Feels nice, actually." Castle gave a slight grin, cocking his head to one side and sending the leaves that covered it fluttering about. Was the breeze there really that nice? Fumika tried doing the same, tilting her head in perfect mimicry of his own movement, but all that really happened was her bangs flopped down over her eyes, causing her to fumble about, trying to clear her vision. Yet, in another moment, a faint jolt of energy ran down each strand of her hair, causing her bangs to instantaneously puff outward on either side, while a single lock of hair atop her head shot straight up, as though pointing at the ceiling.

Still smiling ever-so-slightly, the plantlike young man extended a wooden hand, saying he was pleased to meet her. Fumika placed a finger to her lips, wondering what she'd done that had pleased him. She couldn't venture a guess, however, and also couldn't help but notice that he wasn't retracting his outstretched hand. Did he want her to shake it? She shied slightly away, not entirely comfortable with touching somebody she'd only just met. Touching people left weird imprints on her particle shell. It felt like they were wrapping around her, crawling all over her, even after she let go. It was different for people she cared about, since then it was like their hugs became a blanket, but in this sort of situation...

He still wasn't drawing his hand back. This was bad. She was being rude again, wasn't she? She had to shake his hand, but didn't want to touch him directly. In that case, maybe a proxy would suffice? She held up Inaba in front of her face, the stuffed pink rabbit staring back at the likely confused young man sitting in front of her. Then, gently puppeteering one of its rounded, plush paws, she placed it within Castle's grasp and gave it a slight shake.

That much was safely done, but Fumika couldn't help but feel like she was forgetting something. Oh, right. Haruka had told her some magic words to use in situations like this, right? Haruka knew a lot about how to talk to other people, so if she just followed her advice, Fumika was sure that she wouldn't be seen as rude. Haruka's words would help her make friends for sure! So, she lowered Inaba, drew back her head, and recited them dutifully.

"Nice to meet you!" She spoke with an enthusiasm not her own, at the same time lowering her head in a deep bow.

Her face collided with the desk with a dull thud. Oh. Right. There'd been something in front of her. Did this mean she'd messed up? And it had seemed so simple... She sighed, the lock of hair atop her head wobbling unsteadily from one side to the other as the current through her hair slowly re-asserted itself. Too preoccupied fussing over her clumsiness, she didn't bother so much as sitting up again.