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You Have to Burn the Rope

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Welcome, Test Subject. Today is the big day!

Oh, by the way. We're sorry for kidnapping you, and removing all of your short-term memory.

Really. We are so very, very sorry.


Once this elevator stops, the doors will open. You must remember these few things.

1. There is a monster at the end of this tunnel.

2. You cannot hurt him with your weapons.

3. To kill him, you have to burn the rope.

If you and your five fellow Test Subjects kill this monster, you will be returned to your normal lives.

That is all.

Good luck.


This is all based very LOOSELY off the flash game "You Have to Burn the Rope", which strives to cut down on complicated, frustrating gameplay often seen today. I have taken the same idea, and am applying it to roleplaying. How often do we get hung up in frustrating plots? How often have we seen great story ideas get off the ground, but then never go anywhere?

The point of this roleplay is, very simply, to come up with a visually striking character (since you won't have memory) and go burn the rope ..

That's it.

Can you do it? You'll need all the help you can get ..

Toggle Rules


- Kill other Test Subjects.

- Kill yourself.


- Leave the testing area until the monster has been killed.

- Remember how you got here.


- Write posts in the first person.

- Burn the rope.

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I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. For some reason I almost laugh at that as I think back on some vague memories of inspirational videos. "It gets better. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel" Well there was definitely a light, she had a feeling that things weren't about to get better any time soon though.


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#, as written by Gasmask
Jericho shrugged of the bucket, that was some insane reaction times the little shit had. Amazing really. Jericho didn't think there was much to do as he stared bluntly and folded his arms as he turned his head to avoid the light. "Fucking experiments." Jericho muttered.


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Hello again, Test Subjects.

We have left you to your devices for some time. I do so hope you have all gathered at the end of the tunnel. Listen very carefully. This next bit is important.

When the doors open, you are going to notice another tunnel. This one is not nearly as long, however.

About ten feet in and to your left, you will find an opening to some stairs. Those stairs go up for three stories, so pace yourselves.

At the top of the stairs, you will that it opens up to the rest of the chamber. There is a ledge you may walk on over the chamber.

On that ledge, you will have access to the rope. The rope holds a chandelier over the Monster's head.

Oh. We haven't really mentioned the Monster yet, have we?

Instead of turning left and going up the stairs, you could keep walking a bit and enter the main chamber to try and kill the Monster, if you like. He hardly has room to move, but he can definitely swing at you. There is access to another staircase from the other side of the chamber, if you can manage to get that far.

There will be torches along the wall, if, for some reason, you decided not to take the matches with you back in the elevators.

The Monster prefers eating Test Subjects whole, although mashing them against the ground and then picking them up is an option. He cannot reach over his head. So. Again. Remember.

You have to burn the rope.

Ah! There we are opening the door now. Enjoy yourselves. Don't over think anything. You will be able to enter the main chamber in five .. four .. three .. two .. one ..

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0 sightings Jericho played by Gasmask
Note to self: START A FIRE.

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Hell if I know

Little bees, little tress, madness sees, like the breese. Oh dear what a lovely little bunch of coco plants, oh my what a lovely little strain of blood. Rip tear, stich, cover and salt.

Character Portrait: Danielle Ray Ford
Danielle Ray Ford

I'm going crazy, aren't I? This is like some sick purgatory nonsense.

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The Administrator



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Re: [OOC] You Have to Burn the Rope

Haha, nope, not flopped. Just resting!

Re: [OOC] You Have to Burn the Rope

I got worried, thought it flopped >.< I am going to let everyone else make a post first so I can see what is going on, I have an idea I want to do but I would like to see what everyone else does first.

Re: [OOC] You Have to Burn the Rope

Wow, what happened. I completely fell off my head.

Anyways, posting has started again. I posted a description of the chamber. Remember! It looks exactly like the one in the actual flash game if that helps.

Thank you guys for bearing with me. The roleplay hasn't died, officially, so when this is finished we'll still be able to have it listed as a "Completed" roleplay. And that'll be awesome!


Re: [OOC] You Have to Burn the Rope

lol seriously though... Want to waltz with the madman until something happens or.... nvm he is still chewing on the wall...

Re: [OOC] You Have to Burn the Rope

I really want to write a post that says,

fifteen minutes passed.

Suddenly, noxious gas started seeping through the walls.


Re: [OOC] You Have to Burn the Rope

Go ahead and get yourselves to the point where you're standing in front of that door, if y'all haven't already!

Re: [OOC] You Have to Burn the Rope

my post from yesterday did not show up :( I don't know if I can recreate the madness of that post again

EDIT* I did one better :D

Re: [OOC] You Have to Burn the Rope

So. You guys have 15 minutes left. Since I couldn't find a way of adding this next bit into the post through dialogue without sounding intensely awkward, here you go:

The hallway is lit dim, but as you go on you can start to see the end of it. It simply stops. There's no ornate door or fancy mechanism. It just appears to be a slab of stone, uncannily smooth like the tunnel walls themselves. Just by looking at it you can tell this isn't natural rock. It was hewn by some other force.

You can touch it if you want. It's cool, just like the rest of the wall. Turning and looking back down the tunnel yields nothing, except a stolid reminder of how far you've come, and how (potentially) little lies ahead of you.

And now all there is to do is wait ..

You can get there whenever you want. When the Administrator speaks next, I'll just assume you guys all made it. Unless Gasmask and Stone_Dog start breaking the other three's ankles.

I know I say it all the time, guys, but thank you so much for being a part of this!

Re: [OOC] You Have to Burn the Rope

Hey, guys! I just read over your posts again pretty closely, and I just want to say woo! You guys have done a stellar job in capturing the very essence of your character just from your first person prose. I can read over them and get a clear idea of who's who and what sort of state they're in just from even looking at the shapes of the posts.

It's good writing, it's interesting to read, and we're off on a good start!

Thanks again for being a part of this!


Re: [OOC] You Have to Burn the Rope

Okay, I'll wait til tommorow as well, then.

Re: [OOC] You Have to Burn the Rope

On another note, Gasmask (our 5th member!) is over there in the Land Down Under, so his post won't be coming in 'till the morning. I'm waiting for that before I hit the next checkpoint.

Things are progressing well! We might be getting close to burning some ropes fairly soon!

Re: [OOC] You Have to Burn the Rope

Literally, all you have to do is burn the rope.

Re: [OOC] You Have to Burn the Rope

Oh man. I really don't know how to deal with Test Subjects. I have a feeling none of us are going to make it.

Re: [OOC] You Have to Burn the Rope

We officially have enough characters to get rolling!


Re: [OOC] You Have to Burn the Rope

Tempted? Then apply! :D We have two more spots open.

TasteLikeSnozberries brings up an excellent point. I guess it's a matter of interpretation. What I wanted to have happen was that your characters don't remember how or when or where they were "taken" to the current location they were in. I also don't want a great deal of the posts or the dialogue to be about "hi! This is where I came from, this sort of thing."

My goal is to have the posts be breathlessly paced, in the moment, gritty, etc. I want them to test your ability to describe surroundings in the concrete sort of way that we get a taste of your character's sweat on their lips, the crunch of dirt on the walls, the screech of the gates when they inevitably open.

As for Thadine, take a look at some of the existing characters. For the most part, they're just a first person blurb that gives an idea of what the character looks like and what their personality is, not so much a concrete backstory. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide what model you pick. I'm not going to be super picky on profiles. As long as you're in it for the experience, then welcome aboard!

Re: [OOC] You Have to Burn the Rope

Tempted to apply. Tempted to apply...

Re: [OOC] You Have to Burn the Rope

Hmm. But you said that we got rid of our short-term memory, not our long-term. Is it really all?

I am really interested in this.

Re: [OOC] You Have to Burn the Rope

Wow. Alright. I am a bit too used to complicated stuff, I guess. We...all are.
What exactly do we write about the character? Name, age, appearance, personality...everything really but history?
Maybe I wouldn't be suited for this roleplay, I can't force myself to do things like this. 0.o
Unless I learn....
/goes to play the game again/

Re: [OOC] You Have to Burn the Rope

The game isn't supposed to be difficult! The game is making a point about how sometimes we get too hung up in complicated, frustrating things. In the same way, this roleplay is meant to be a departure from the usual plot twists and unwieldily backstories that are often the death of roleplays before they're even started.

I want to get this going, and have you all burn a rope. And then be done with it - just to prove that we can start, and end a roleplay.

That, and it gives you all experience in writing a fresh character who doesn't remember anything about themselves, forcing you to write in the first person and develop a voice from there.

I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!