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You Left Your Mark On Me

You Left Your Mark On Me


"And when one of them meets the other half...the pair are lost in an amazement of love and friendship and intimacy..." - Plato

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Hold On, We're Going Home| Max Schneider Cover || Skinny Love| Bon Iver || All of Me| John Legend || Headlights on the Highway| Ron Pope

Kiss Me| Ed Sheeran || Don't Deserve You| Plumb || Gravity| Sara Bareilles || A Thousand Years| Christina Perri


My username is Girl2Fine2, but that's pretty cheesy. So, call me Nelle or Nellie. Girl is fine too. :D


So, I am a BIG Olicity shipper and there is this awesome fanfic - there are a few; this was the first I found - that I read with this concept in it. So, know that I don't own the idea; just the initiative to start this roleplay.

We all have a soulmate; some even have more than one in their lifetime. These are reunited souls who share a powerful bond from another lifetime. You feel the connection almost immediately upon meeting them. And sometimes, we can move throughout life without ever realizing that our soul mates were there all along, right under our noses.

So, the heavens devised a plan to help us mere mortals with finding the ones we are meant to be with. Each person is born with a symbol on them, a mark of this deep and all-consuming love. It does not matter where it is placed; only that the one you were created for will bear that same mark. And no, we are not always ready for that special someone. Sometimes, they are not even ready for us. But no matter what stage you are in your life, they are there and you will know when they are; there is this burning sensation on that mark, not painful but more like a hum beneath our skin and prickling sensation that stimulates our fine hairs to let us know something big is going to happen. And on those rare occasions, marks burn, heal, and are replaced, fate giving you a new love; a new purpose. Who are we to deny fate anyway?

Theme Song(s): Counting Stars - One Republic & Wings - Birdy
Mark: A tear drop on the inner left wrist
Story: She never thought much of the mark save for the fact that it irritated her to no end. She couldn't wear bracelets on her left wrist often; the skin was always rather sensitive. That and the fact that everyone she knew started pairing up back in high school. Can you believe it? Her ex-boyfriend - a boy she would have loved to settle down with - and her best friend were freaking soul mates? Needless to say, this whole fate mumbo-jumbo has left her just a little bitter and extremely lonely. So, what's a girl from a small town supposed to do when fate or what-have-you does not appear to be on her side? She left. She packed her things and moved to LA to begin her modeling career. Only for it to rain as soon as she leaves the airport - more like pour, but she was too irritated to get technical. And as she awaits a taxi to the penthouse her old friend, Girl 5, has a spare bedroom at, he shielded her from the wrath of the crying skies. And her mark burned and some part of her soul yearned, but she ignored it. She had also been yearning for a bed and received that forty-five minutes later. But how can she ignore it now when the man behind the camera at her photo shoot is the same one that helped her that night? And honestly, he had just been in the right place at the right time. He had always believed in the marks. His parents had been indicative of it working and meaning something, and had longed for the day when he would meet his match. And he definitely didn't ignore the signs when they met; there was just honestly only so much you could do when someone's in a rush. The last thing he expected, though, was the model he was shooting - a job he had gotten only because of Boy 3 - the very next day to be her.Or will she allow the limelight to blind her from her chance at true love?

Boy 1| Name| Age: 21 - 25| Quiet & Intelligent| FC: Alfred Enoch | OPEN

Girl 1| Name| Age: 18 - 22| Vain & Stubborn| FC: Iskra Lawrence| OPEN

Theme Song(s): Wherever You Will Go - Charlene Soraia Cover & Not About Angels - Birdy
Mark: A heart on the left clavicle
Story: Theirs was a love told in books and seen in countless romantic films. He had thought it rather cliché that his mark had to be a heart; she thought it was cute. They met a few months ago and they have been inseparable ever since. He was visiting his baby sister in the hospital. She was a pretty volunteer his sister befriended a few days prior to that. And when he flirted and used his typical lines on her, she laughed and called him cute, walking away and leaving him with a burning sensation where his mark sit. Every time after that first encounter felt like fate and every corny thing he could think of, but he would never deny how right it felt. Even if his cousin, Girl 1, never seemed to support his interest in the mark. But a few weeks ago, her headaches began. At first, he thought it was a bug that left her unable to leave her family home sometimes, even though he's pretty sure Boy 5 has been allowed over while he, the boyfriend, has not been invited. But now she has begun to get weaker and takes regular visits to the doctor. And he knows that she knows what is happening to her and yet, this one illness is the only thing she is afraid of telling him about. How cruel can fate be to give her the one that she is meant to be with only to threaten to tear them apart? Will their love be able to stand strong when faced with a possible tragedy?

Boy 2| Name| Age: 18 - 22| Flirtatious & Empathetic| FC: Tyler Posey | OPEN

Girl 2| Name| Age: 18 - 21| Bubbly & Optimistic| FC: Alexis Jordan| OPEN

Theme Song(s): With Love - Christina Grimmie & Give Your Heart A Break - Demi Lovato
Mark: A cross on the nape of the neck, just brushing the hairline
Story: Their marks always burned; never painful but a pleasant hum that left their pulses always racing. But both always chalked it up to adrenaline; they were always on the move. Besides, you do not always think that your best friend could possibly become the love of your life, right? Plus, FC: Taylor Marie Hill came from a very religious family and well, FC: Dinah Jane Hansen had no qualms against who she gave her heart to or jumped into bed with. Her best friend did, but she would never admit to the real reason why. You see, they became best friends at a young age. One fight on the playground led to an unbreakable friendship that has spanned nearly ten years. They even moved in together directly after high school. And whenever FC: Dinah Jane Hansen had a falling out with one of her many conquests, everyone knew whose arms she would cry into - never knowing that it was these same arms that yearned to hold her every night. But then she swears off love and contends to these meaningless flings, all the while oblivious to the looks of longing that follow her form every time she walks out the door. And FC: Taylor Marie Hill wants to say something; she had settled for just waiting until her soul mate chanced upon her, whomever it was. She hadn't even considered herself anything more than heterosexual, so you can imagine her surprise to discover these growing feelings for her childhood companion. But how long can she remain in denial when the mark she bears is the same one FC: Dinah Jane Hansen shows her one night after a few drinks? And what's a girl to do when too close isn't close enough anymore? Especially, when she's been trying to convince herself that she can be happy in this relationship with Boy 4? And how does FC: Dinah Jane Hansen feel about that relationship anyway?

Girl 3| Name| Age: 18 - 22| Sensitive & Protective| FC: Taylor Marie Hill | OPEN

Girl 4| Name| Age: 18 - 22| Intense & Daring| FC: Dinah Jane Hansen | OPEN

Theme Song(s): Fix You - Coldplay & Escape - Kehlani
Mark: A tiny quill on the right pelvic bone
Story: The mark lost its importance to the both of them years ago. This was not his first; the previous mark burned, healed, and faded away when his first real love passed away, leaving him with a baby girl and a heart that does not want to feel the kind of pain again. Luckily, Boy 1 has been around to help with the kid, at least. She lost faith years before then; a childhood plagued with neglect and misery left her far from open to the prospects of a meaningful relationship outside of the one genuine friendship she has formed since moving to LA. Flash forward a few years into the future and they finally come across one another, neither prepared for the enigma that is the other they encounter. She is a best-selling author, who made a debut when she was seventeen, and is on the set for one of her books, which is being turned into a film that she wants to remain hands-on for. He is the Oscar-winning director that does not seem to know what personal space is. Both, used to playing some sort of role in the eyes of the rich and elite, have to learn how to deal with one another in this next year and a half of filming. To him, she is a puzzle he obsesses over for some inexplicable reason and yet, she is one that he desperately longs to solve. To her, he is a child trapped in a very attractive male's body, seducing her with eyes that has Hollywood mooning and knocking at walls she took years to construct - a feat that has been making Girl 1 laugh since the first time she told her. But can he allow himself to love as deeply as he had once before? And will she ever allow herself to be loved at all?

Boy 3| Name | Age: 25-31| Charismatic & Possessive| FC: Jamie Dornan| OPEN

Girl 5| Vanessa Parker | 25| Analytical & Guarded | FC: @fashooo_ | Taken

Theme Song(s): Ships in the Night - Matt Kearney & Don't You Remember - Adele
Mark: A music note on the left shoulder
Story: The memory of long nights filled with dragged out breaths and the salty thrill of sweat-soaked skin are all that's left of those days. Neither thought about the marks that burned just as intensely as their forbidden passion. They never talked about it. And FC: Keahu Kahuanui was supposed to be his mentor, not a lover or whatever they called it. They were kids, really. They were having fun, despite the fact that FC: Keahu Kahuanui's aunt would have never approved of their relations if she ever found out. And the sophomore who captured his attention couldn't wait just wait for the older male to make up his mind about what he wanted. FC: Jongin Kim had needs, dreams, and aspirations too. So, graduation came, the end of the year passed, and they lost contact, never losing one another's numbers but not exactly trying to make contact either. And it was fine. FC: Keahu Kahuanui started dating this really beautiful girl in college, who just so happens to be Girl 3, and sure, FC: Jongin Kim's home wasn't so great, but he just joined a small band with Girl 4. Three years later, they are back where they started - one a senior and the other a sophomore, this time in college. And they only happen upon one another because FC: Jongin Kim is playing one night at an on-campus event. But FC: Keahu Kahuanui still has a girlfriend and his little musician refuses to allow his heart to be played like the strings he strums. How long, however, can they deny that something keeps trying to pull them closer? Or will they allow themselves to drift past one another once more?

Boy 4| Name| Age: 20 - 24| Bold & Distant| FC: Keahu Kahuanui| OPEN

Boy 5| Name| Age: 20 - 22| Affectionate & Self-Deprecating| FC: Jongin Kim | OPEN

  • Please follow the rules of the website as they pertain to god-modding, metagamming, and cybering, etc. Look, some of you have been here longer than me. You should know these rules by now.
  • Show some respect. Do not leave unseemly commentary and what-have-you in the OOC and do not begin to argue in the OOC or bring it into the game. I know things happen, you don't get along with everyone. But if there is a problem, bring the problem to either myself or a moderator. Don't involve the public.
  • Let someone know when you're going to drop off the face of the planet if you can. You don't want to hold someone up. Also, if you ACTUALLY need an extension, let me know. I cannot help if you don't let me.
  • I have face claims. And I like these face claims. I changed them twice. I would love to keep them. But I know how people work. So, yes, they are changeable, but I will be stubborn about certain changes. Just let me know in the OOC when you reserve.
  • This is going to be a first-come, first-serve roleplay. Meaning, if you reserve the character first, it is yours. Reservations last 72 hours. However, if there is not even a WIP up after those 72 hrs. are up, tough luck!
  • This is an adult roleplay, so there will be ADULT CONTENT. I'm not saying that this is going to turn into erotica or something, but there is a back button if you don't think you are mature enough to handle swearing, sex, and all that the term entails. Know yourself.
  • You may reserve more than one character, but you see the outline of this RP. Males are needed too.
  • No Mary or Gary Sues. Be creative. I will provide a character sheet in the OOC, but use your own.

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Character Portrait: Jessica Sawyer
Jessica Sawyer

"You can't fix what you can't see."

Character Portrait: Mei Lan Fang
Mei Lan Fang

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Character Portrait: Jessica Sawyer
Jessica Sawyer

"You can't fix what you can't see."

Character Portrait: Mei Lan Fang
Mei Lan Fang

Someone's watching over me, and that person is you

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Character Portrait: Jessica Sawyer
Jessica Sawyer

"You can't fix what you can't see."

Character Portrait: Mei Lan Fang
Mei Lan Fang

Someone's watching over me, and that person is you

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Re: You Left Your Mark On Me

All: Sorry for disappearing, guys. Working on something big at work and just...UGH! Anyway, hoping you're still with me and finishing up characters :D

Re: You Left Your Mark On Me

@Girl: Are you removing the Lesbian couple? By the way, I'll go with Daniel Sharman. :D

Re: You Left Your Mark On Me

@Girl: Okay. That'll be fine. :)

Re: You Left Your Mark On Me

There are two couples that need one of the halves taken. Whichever one you decide will be fine. I might take the other if there are no requests by tomorrow.

Re: You Left Your Mark On Me

@Girl: Which role do I need to take? :)

Re: You Left Your Mark On Me

Ok that's fine. I just finished it by the way and it should be submitted.

Re: You Left Your Mark On Me

@museman:Yeah, sure. Submit what you have. Sometimes, certain images from fanpop or photobucket don't show up and so you have to find them from Tumblr. If you're still having trouble after you try to fix it, I will see what I can do, kay? :D

@Dumisa: Thanks, hon.

Re: You Left Your Mark On Me

@Girl: I'll take up another role, if need be. Male or female.

Re: You Left Your Mark On Me

For some reason I'm having trouble getting pictures to show up. I have one at the top of the character sheet, but I will try and fix this. Is that fine though?

Re: You Left Your Mark On Me

@museman, go right ahead.

@ALL, if you can, please tell those you know who would be interested of the remaining roles. I would love to get this started some time this week or this upcoming weekend.

Re: You Left Your Mark On Me

Can i reserve the Jared Padalecki FC?

Re: You Left Your Mark On Me

@Girl: I didn't see your message but Jinny(BleedingLover) posted it in the OOC and then I saw it. But it's fine honey. Things come up that we cannot control. I understand completely. :D

Re: You Left Your Mark On Me

And he is all yours :3

EDIT. So sorry, there's already a request for him.

Re: You Left Your Mark On Me

Yes to all.

@Dumisa, hey! Sorry about disappearing. Don't know if you saw my message in the welcome desk

Re: You Left Your Mark On Me

Can I please reserve Arden Cho this seems like a interesting roleplay

Re: You Left Your Mark On Me

May I reserve Gage Golightly? Thanks!!

Re: You Left Your Mark On Me

@Girl: Hello again! May I reserve the Lucas Till FC?

I might reserve another character but seeing if the character gets an interest. :)

You Left Your Mark On Me

The Character Sheet

Hey, guys!! Thanks for taking the time to look at my RP and possibly reserving characters. For those interested, here is the character sheet below. Please reserve here in the OOC. Again, you do not have to use this sheet, but use it as a guide because I do have a few specifics that I want.

Code: Select all

[center][img]Character name (Use or[/img]
[img]large gif[/img]
[font=times new roman][size=120][I]"Meaningful quote here"[/I][/size][/font][/center][hr][/hr]
[center][font=Garamond][size=120][url=]Theme Song[/url]       [url=]Theme Song[/url]     [url=]Theme Song[/url][/size][/font][/center][hr][/hr][hr][/hr]

[left][img]large gif[/img][/left]







Face Claim:[hr][/hr][hr][/hr]
[right][img]large gif or pic[/img]
[img][/img]large gif or pic[/right]

Physical Description:


Clothing Description:[hr][/hr][hr][/hr]
[left][img]large gif or pic[/img]
[img]large gif or pic[/img]
[img]large gif or pic[/img]
[img]large gif or pic[/img]
[img]large gif or pic[/img][/left]
Quirks/ Habits/ Oddities: At least three.

Likes: At least ten.

Dislikes: At least ten.

Fears: At least three

Secrets: At least two.

Personality: I expect at least two, very well-developed paragraphs. You need to know your character deeply and I need to be able to read that.[hr][/hr][hr][/hr]
[right][img]large gif or pic[/img]
[img]large gif or pic[/img]
[img]large gif or pi[/img]
[img]large gif or pic[/img][/right]

Place of Origin:

Family & Important People:

History: I need at least three paragraphs. This explains how your character has become the person that they are. This is their story and you need to flesh it out. Give me tragedy, give me happiness - give me detail.