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Desmond Wayne

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a character in “You Left Your Mark On Me”, as played by museman


"If the wind will not serve, take to the oars. –Latin Proverb"

Name: Desmond Wayne

Nicknames: Jon or John {because of his last name being Wayne. Usually used by friends.}

Age: 27

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity: 50% English-American, German 20%, Irish 30%

Occupation: Actor

Face Claim:Jared Padalecki

Physical Description: Desmond is 6' and is pretty average for people he sees around him. Actors are usually around his height, but with a new generation of quickly growing kids and teens becoming actors he seems a little short. He does not have much fat on his body due to working out for his job. He is very toned and muscular. His skin is usually light, but has been tanned for the Hollywood life style. His hair is dirty blond and has a sort of scruffy look to it. His face is chiseled nicely to fit the occupation of being an actor. That's all that matters in Hollywood, but Desmond hates the idea. It should just be on the acting skill.

Scars/Marks/Tattoos: Has a scar on his left shoulder blade from playing hockey without pads when he was around 18 or 19. A skate scratched it.

Clothing Description:Anything that can be thrown on that fits. He does like to go for a lumber jack flannel shirt and some jeans. If it fits, it can be worn by him is as simple as it can get. The only times he wears something that he wouldn't usually try and look good in is for acting. He gets put into some normal clothes for the jobs he gets, but a few times it's been pretty crazy medieval looking armor. He doesn't mind wearing a suit or Tux to fancy events. Usually wears a Collared shirt and a tie to dine out anytime.

Quirks/ Habits/ Oddities: Only drinks milk and water. Never has alcohol or soda. Not even coffee during his sometimes stressful mornings.
Only uses a car to go on road trips and to move items from place to place. Otherwise he uses a bike to get everywhere.
He does not watch his own roles in shows or movies. He can't handle his own reaction to his acting.

Likes: Biking, Recycling, Being healthy, Playing Piano, Listening to music, hockey, community service, befriending everyone he meets, Reading

Dislikes: People who are fake, Alcohol, drugs, sweatpants, people who make stupid comments just to hurt someone, self-absorbed people, motorcycles, Scottish people, Winter, Huge raging parties, Farms, Football

Fears: Being put on the spot. Acting does pressure him, but he does not have to improvise during acting, but only when put on the spot.
-Being shown nude in front of women. It really is something that he has never thought would be a problem as an actor, but it does freak him out.
- Having to take a risk. It's not really something that has ever been presented in Desmond's life because he hasn't found love yet.

Secrets: -Has a journal that he uses to write about his daily issues and struggles. Not a diary, but a journal.
-Does not get with anyone unless he can really figure them out.
Personality: Desmond wants to be the guy that everyone loves. He wants to make as many friends as he can. His Charismatic side helps him create strong friendships and also make him someone who is a hoot to talk to. Desmond relies on that side to help him with daily life. He used to be depressed when he was in college and he couldn't get the guts to have a conversation that lasts long enough and is fun to not bore anyone.

He is also possessive. Desmond tries to control how his life runs. He tries to make sure he exercises the same amount of time every single day. He also tries to control everything about his friends and when they can hang out with anyone. Desmond does think he is a big hot shot, but he knows that this control problem became a thing for him during his depression. He can't get rid of it. When he was depressed he couldn't do anything. It was like he had OCD. He actually did. He always linked things back to his home town where his ex-girlfriend was. That forced him to not do anything therefore making him depressed. When he got over the depression, Desmond wanted to make sure that never happened again by being possessive. It's been a serious problem ever since and now he just wants to stop.

Place of Origin: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Family & Important People: Patrick Wayne/Father/56/Living
Anne Wayne/Mother/52/Living
Jessica Wayne/Sister/16/Living
Clara Wayne/Daughter/3/Living

History: Desmond was born outside of Cambridge, Massachusetts. His parents loved him to death and cared for him 24/7 while he was growing up. When his sister came along Desmond accepted it. Some kids try and stay the main attraction to their parents because they don't want to be forgotten and replaced by a new baby. That was never a problem. Desmond was fine on his own when his parents weren't paying attention to him. When he hit High School, Desmond knew he wanted to act. He tried out for all the school plays and got a random roles when he started in his High School career. When he was a Sophomore, Desmond started getting lead roles and this went on forever.

When college came, Desmond was not so... happy. He was always homesick and this got serious. He never called home, but he started to get depressed. The depression caused Desmond to ruin his social life. He wouldn't go out a lot and hang with friends. He would go to a few close friend's apartments and dorm, but that was all. He later found out he had OCD. This made him cry for a day. He cried because he found out he wasn't insane. There was actually a name for what he was experiencing and that it was sort of common across the globe. Desmond took medication for this, but one day when he was by a lake he knew he was happy. He didn't feel so sad and depressed. He took the bottle of pills and threw it into the lake. His confidence boosted and he was fine.

When the depression age was over with, Desmond started to act in local play productions. He found an agent while he was leaving after a show. The agent told him he could start acting in television and movies. Desmond agreed to have this guy as his agent. Desmond became a star. It was his dream, but dreams come with a price. He wanted to control his life so he wouldn't become depressed again and ruin his career. Desmond started to control everything he could and this started to cause problems. So far he is trying to fix it, but who knows what could happen.

The only issue he has is his daughter. He was dating a girl back in college and when he finished they started to fool around some more. They didn't use protection one night and that left Desmond as a single parent in Hollywood. He takes care of his 3 year old as best as he can, and she is completely fine, but she doesn't have a mom to teach her women things or be there when Desmond isn't around. Desmond has a baby-sitter/nanny for Clara, but it isn't the same as having a mother for her. He is still looking for the right one.

So begins...

Desmond Wayne's Story