Ezra Simon

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a character in “You Left Your Mark On Me”, as played by Exotica


”If you wanna go down in history, then I’m your prince.”
( they've got me in a bad way; I've never seen a heart I couldn't break. )

| Main Theme |
The Music or the Misery | Fall Out Boy

LG F.U.A.D. | Motion City Soundtrack | So What | P!nk
Vampire Money | My Chemical Romance | I’m Just A Kid | Simple Plan | Mountain | The Front Bottoms

“If true romance is dead, I shot it in the chest then in the head.”


{ Full Name }
"I’m the man with three first names, pretty much. It’s ridiculous."
Ezra Isaac Simon
{ Nicknames }
"I can’t honestly remember anyone ever giving me a nickname."
Ezra tends to simply go by his first name, however on stage he’s most often referred to by last name or “Ez”.
{ Age & Birthdate }
19; September Sixth
{ Ethnicity }
”I don’t know. I’m not white but to be honest I’ve never had my genealogy explained to me or anything.."
Half Indian (proper; not native american), a fourth Welsh, three sixteenths English, and a sixteenth German.
{ Sexuality }
"Uh… Hah"
Semicloseted homosexual, biromantic.
{ Occupation }
”I do a lot of things. I have problems with focusing on just one thing unless it’s music.”
First and foremost (or so he tells himself), Ezra is a sophomore in college studying creative writing and music theory. He doesn’t know if he intends to graduate, not yet. He also holds two jobs; he does gigs with his up and coming band, in which he plays bass and is the backup vocalist (and which he writes the lyrics for), and he sits around doing about fuck all most afternoons he’s not in class in a small bookstore-cafe which he’s paid for but never does any real work in due to the shop’s incessant, ceaseless lack of business. He’s not entirely certain how the old woman running it keeps it in business to be honest.
{ Face Claim }
Avan Jogia

“Make the biggest scene, make the biggest...”

{ Appearance }
Fitting the bill of a pop punk starlet, Ezra’s a bit on the short side, and while not ghostly thin, not toned or particularly lithely muscled either despite his small stature and thin structure.He has a darker complexion than most of his classmates and keeps his dark hair longer than usually adequate for a boy his age; usually something of a shoulderlength mane which he fusses with ceaselessly. He tans easy and dark, and in the winter months when his skin lightens a bit, it’s easier to pick out how many freckles he has.
{ Distinguishing Marks }
Ezra has a number of thin, straight scars across his wrists, lower arms, and thighs, and a much less straight and narrow one through one eyebrow of an entirely different caste than those more uniform lines on his wrists and legs. Other than that, his body is scar-free. He has a full sleeve on his left arm in black and grey of a chinese dragon, and another dragon tattoo on his back, and of course, the music note mark on his left shoulder.
{ Clothing }
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“Which came first; the music or the misery?”

{ Quirks & Oddities }
{ Bad Habits }
{ Good Habits }
{ Secrets }
{ Fears }

“I went to sleep a poet and I woke up a fraud.”

{ Personality }

“We’re high fashion, we’re last chances..”

{ Places of Origin }
{ Family }
{ Friends }
{ Sweethearts }
{ Enemies }

“I’m casually obsessed and I’ve forgiven death.”

{ History }

“I’m every cliche but I simply do it best.”

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