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You Saved Me From Myself

You Saved Me From Myself


His band had been on top of the world until his wife left him and their children. Now he's spiraled into a deep depression. His mother has hired a nanny for his children. What she didn't know was that this woman was exactly what he needed. (Roles filled)

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In the little town of Coon Falls a former rock star has moved back into town to live near his family. Recently, several tragic events have unfolded and left the man depressed and not wanting to continue his life. His mother, not able to take care of her son's two children on her own, hires a nanny to help out around the home. She interviewed hundreds of women, all of them only interested in her son. They were trying to meet him and try to make him fall in love with them. This, the man's mother knew, was not what he needed to be around. He needed someone who would care for his children as if they were their own. Someone who would care for him, despite who he was. She searched long and hard until she finally found the only woman who was right for the job.

Our story begins after your character has been hired by the rock star's mother. Can you help the children and the rock star move on? Can you save him?

No roles left.

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Taking place in...

Coon Falls, Virginia our primary setting

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It was a bright and clear morning at the Reed house. From the outside, the home looked quite peaceful. A place that one would want to visit. The house was located a bit farther out than many in the small town preferred to live. It was well known around Coon Falls that the Reeds son had moved back home almost a year before with his two children to be closer to his family. The reasoning behind his move had been kept a mystery at first but then the media had begun releasing news about the event that, in the locals minds, had led to the move. They had left the Reeds alone for the most part. There had been a few older women that had spoken with Judith Reed a few times, trying to find out what was going on. It had been no secret that Darrin, Judith's son, was famous and part of the rock group Unfinished Belief. Naturally, everyone wanted to know why the band had broken up. Judith had not said much except that her son had felt that a break was needed. Rumors were circulating around the town still, no answers were found.

When news began to spread that Judith was looking for a nanny to hire to help with her two grandchildren, all of the girls in town had applied. Even some girls from different states. Judith had not been sure how so many people had found out about the position. She'd not really advertised it except in Coon Falls. The task of finding someone who would truly care for the children and not care who their father was had been very hard. She'd interviewed at least two hundred girls and had thought that it was a lost cause until she'd met Eleanor Haven. She'd liked the girl from the start. She spoke with Ella several times before offering her the position, which the girl gladly had accepted.


It had only been a year since Hannah had left them, since she'd turned her back on her family. Darrin still could not believe that she had left them. He'd thought that they were happy, that she was happy with the life that he was giving her. He had been so very wrong. When Hannah had disappeared that awful day, Darrin had been worried sick. She had been supposed to pick the kids up from school and had just never shown up. Luckily, the kids teacher had called Darrin to let him know that she still had his kids. He'd picked them up, at first being quite angry that Hannah hadn't picked them up. He'd taken them home, fixed them something to eat, made sure that they finished their homework, and put them to bed...and still no Hannah. It was by then that he'd really started to worry. Darrin had begun calling her phone, calling her family. No answer and her family hadn't heard from her that day. Becoming frightened for his wife, he called the police. They wouldn't be able to do anything for forty eight hours.

Darrin had stayed up most of that night, worrying. In the morning, he had had to get his children ready for school and take them there. He'd called Wendell, the drummer of the band and best friend, to let him know what was going on. By around noon, he received a text message from Hannah. All that she said was that she no longer loved him, the kids. She needed a life of her own. Darrin felt his world collapsing around him. His entire being belonged to Hannah and she didn't love him. He didn't know how to react. Slowly, as the next few days passed by, Darrin found himself not being able to [i]really
take care of his children properly. He had called his mother, asking her to watch them until he decided what he was going to do. Judith had flown out to the family's large home in California. She'd spoken for a long time with Darrin. She could not believe what Hannah had done. She attempted to comfort her son, to no avail. He was too far broken hearted. She took her grandchildren and flew back to Coon Falls, keeping them at her small home.

Darrin stayed in California for another two months before he'd completely stopped caring about his career. He tried to leave the band, though his bandmates wouldn't hear it. Darrin resorted to calling them extremely mean names, saying hurtful things. The other men became very angry with Darrin and at the time had not cared that he was leaving them. Darrin flew to Virginia to be with his family. He told his mother that they would be living in his large home that was located on the outskirts of the town. At first everything seemed to be all right. Darrin had seemed to be holding up as well as could have been expected. Slowly, as Judith would come over to the house everyday, she would notice that Darrin was usually drunk or had been taking Oxycontin. He'd lost weight, didn't seem to care about his appearance, his eyes were usually bloodshot. His behavior had begun to change as well. Darrin had begun to have a bad temper, he'd lost any interest in singing or practicing his guitar, he was trying to push many people away from himself. Judith was beginning to worry about her son. No matter what Judith or her husband Mick said to Darrin, he just wouldn't listen to them. It had gotten to the point that Judith and Mick were staying at Darrin's home twenty-four-seven. They were afraid to leave the children alone with the messed up man.[/i]

Darrin was upstairs in his large bedroom, laying upon the large bed. He was felt no need to move. He recalled his mother telling him that someone was coming over that day. He wasn't sure if they were just visiting or actually going to be living with them. He couldn't really think clearly. He could hear his children, Zayn and Zaira, running around the large house. It must be the Saturday, he thought. He slowly sat up and reached to his bedside table to pour himself a drink. He'd forgotten what kind of alcohol was in the glass but he didn't care. He drank the strong liquid quickly and popped a couple of pills. That should do it. He stood up and made his way to his closet and quickly got dressed. He chose to wear jeans, black converse, a white t-shirt with a random band name on it, and his black hoodie. He pulled the hood up, covering most of his dyed bright red hair. He grabbed his lighter and a pack of cigarettes. He slowly made his way down the stairs and into the kitchen. He sat down at the table, not saying anything. He was beginning to feel the effects of his recent intake. He was feeling tired once again. Perhaps he shouldn't have taken the pills with the alcohol. Darrin watched his mother as she moved around the kitchen, fixing breakfast. "I wish you would stop taking whatever it is that has you so doped up all of the time." ,she said softly, not looking at her son. Darrin chose not to say anything. "I hope that you didn't forget that the nanny that I hired will be here today. Her name is Eleanor Haven and I've asked her to stay here for a while. I didn't see any need in her having to drive out here every day." Darrin nodded at his mother. It was obvious to the older woman that her son wouldn't be too friendly that day. She could only hope that Eleanor would be able to handle Darrin. Suddenly, Judith heard a knock on the door. She quickly walked to the door and opened the heavy thing. She was now face to face with a young woman. "I'm so glad that you're here! Come in! I'd like to introduce you to everyone!" ,Judith said, gently leading the woman into the home. "Head into the kitchen while I round up the kids." Judith quickly walked into a different area of the house finding the seven year olds. "Come, there is someone I'd like you two to meet." she said to her grandchildren. She led the into the kitchen, to where she had asked the nanny to wait for them.

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Eleanor paused as she moved about her home quickly, as her eyes found a picture of her, a man with a bright smile, blonde hair, and emerald eyes, and a little boy with blonde curls and bright blue eyes, identical to her own in their arms. Like every time she saw it, she felt a sharp stab of pain. Her family had told her to take it down, but she couldn't do that. She couldn't just let them go so easily. Her hand trembling ever so slightly, she lifted the picture and studied the happy faces with a gentle smile. It had taken her so long to be able to even walk through the house that used to be so full of life without sobbing. It was so terrible at first- the denial, all the tears, trying so desperately to fill the absolute emptiness inside of her to no avail. She would curl up in their closets, yearning for the smell of them. Anything, really. It seemed impossible for her to ever function again. She was so broken, so completely alone. But eventually, she had learned to heal slightly. Never forget, or be the same, but heal a little bit. Feeling cold, she let out a heavy sigh and made her way to her room silently.
She gingerly pawed through her clothes, pulling out a pale blue strapless summerdress and white flats, then quietly slipped them on. She left her wild chestnut curls loose, simply brushing them over one shoulder. When she felt presentable enough, she slung her bag over her shoulder and left her large, empty home.

When she had heard about the situation Judith and her grandchildren were in, she couldn't say no to them. If those kids' father was even close to the state she had been in, he was in no shape to raise his children. Not to mention, the poor kids were probably just as distraught as him- that was their mother too, after all. They needed someone to take care of them, and the mother in her took over. She knew she would never be able to replace their mother, but a Band-Aid would certainly help. And at least they had each other to lean on. It was like losing both parents- their mother no longer loved them, and their father was constantly high. It was like neither of their parents loved them, and no child should have to deal with that at such a young age. She knew of their father, and knew that most applicants had wanted him. Not the kids. Sure, she sympathized with him but he still had his children, and he was turning his back on them when they needed him most. And for that, she may not be able to forgive him. Those kids didn't need a replacement, they just needed someone to give them a little comfort and routine when their family couldn't give them that.

As she pulled up to the house, she stared for a moment. It was a huge, beautiful cottage-like home. She was excited to have a change in scenery. Picking up her bag, she quickly made her over to it and gently knocked on the door. When Judith answered, she gave her a bright smile. "Good morning!" Ella happily greeted the woman. "I'm so glad that you're here! Come in! I'd like to introduce you to everyone!" The woman exclaimed, leading her into the house. "Head into the kitchen while I round up the kids." She told Ella, who nodded with a gentle smile.
She quietly padded into the kitchen, where a man with bright red hair and dark clothing sat, somewhat slumped over the table. "Good morning. You must be Darrin- I'm Ella." Ella gave him a bright, dimpled smile and offered her hand to him.

When she heard the children approaching, Ella turned and crouched down slightly, giving them her friendly dimpled smile. "Hello! You guys can call me Ella. I'll be helping out your grandmother and your father to take care of you guys. If that's alright with the both of you, of course." Ell told them with a wink. She offered them her hand, her face so gentle and inviting it was clear she was used to kids. She was very easy to let your guard down around.

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Darrin looked up as he heard someone speaking to him. "Good morning. You must be Darrin- I'm Ella.", the woman said, her hand being offered to him. He flicked his brown eyes to look at Ella. He took in everything about her. He snapped out of the stupor he seemed to be in when Zayn, Zaira, and his mother entered the large kitchen. Zayn and Zaira were identical twins and looked so very much like their father. They both had light brown hair, Darrin's smile, his eyes. Perhaps it was better that they didn't take after Hannah. Darrin didn't show any signs of acknowledging any of his family. Instead, he rose from his seat and walked out of the room. He made his way back upstairs to his bedroom and closed the door. He flopped upon the bed, closing his eyes. He was beginning to feel the pain again. Seeing Ella reminded him of Hannah. He wasn't sure why but he would make sure that she wasn't getting too close to him. The handsome man reached over to his bedside table and poured himself out two pills. He quickly took them, allowing the drugs to work their magic on him.

Judith frowned as Darrin left the room. She smiled apologetically to Ella. She wasn't going to say anything in front of the children. Zaira was eyeing Ella whereas Zayn seemed to be trying to look anywhere except for at Ella. "Hello! You guys can call me Ella. I'll be helping out your grandmother and your father to take care of you guys. If that's alright with the both of you, of course." Ella said. "Dad doesn't take care of us." Zayn said quietly. Zaira quickly nudged him hard in the side as if trying to tell him to shut up. The young girl looked up at the woman that was going to be taking care of them. "That's fine. It'll be fun to have someone new to play with! Won't it Zayn?" Zaira said, looking to her brother who only nodded. Judith smiled at the two. "Why don't you two go and play outside? Stay near the house. I'm going to show our friend around." she said, smiling. The two children quickly made their way away from the adults, running to play outside. "I'm sorry if Darrin wasn't friendly. He's not been himself since Hannah left. I've tried everything that I can think of and nothing works." Judith sighed heavily. It was obvious that she was under a great deal of stress. "Come, I'll show you around the house." The older woman led the way, showing Ella the ground floor first. They went through the living room, workout room, play room, and finally the activity room. "Now we'll go upstairs. I'll show you to your room first so you can leave your things in there." Judith smiled at Ella. She was very happy that the woman was there.

Judith made her way up the stairs and turned to the first door on the left. She opened the door and allowed Ella to enter. "This will be your room. You are more than welcome to redecorate as you wish. Darrin won't mind. Just let me know how much money you'll need. It's the least that I can do." Judith allowed for Ella to look around the room before gently interrupting the younger woman. "Let's finish with the tour. Then you can unpack as I fix an early supper." she said. Judith led them back into the hallway. She pointed out that Darrin's room was actually beside of Ella's, and the children's rooms were across from the two adults. Judith then proceed to show the other play room, spare guest rooms, and finally the music room. The older woman opened the door ushering Ella inside. She shut the door. The room was black and red filled with all sorts of instruments. It was obvious that Darrin, nor anyone else for that matter had been inside of this room for some time. Upon the walls were posters and pictures of the band that Darrin had been a part of. They looked so happy. From the arrangement of all of the items in the room it was obvious that at some time Darrin had been very proud of this room. "He hasn't been in here for at least a year. It breaks my heart that he's no longer doing what he loves. I'm not sure if you ever saw the band perform at all, but you could see that all of them had such energy. They loved performing more than anything. I can only pray that he'll pull himself out of the mess he's in." Judith said, frowning. "Well, I need to work on supper. I'm not going to be staying here tonight, I'm sorry. I've not seen my husband in a few months. He refuses to come here with Darrin the way that he is." The older woman exited the music room and headed downstairs to prepare the food.

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Coon Falls, Virginia

Coon Falls, Virginia by shatari19

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Coon Falls, Virginia

Coon Falls, Virginia by shatari19

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