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Kyosuke 'Kyo' Andoh

"Man, I can't stand this place."

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a character in “Youkai Street”, as played by Tanman


Kyosuke ‘Kyo’ Andoh

“Life is lame - Like always.”
Faceclaim ✧ Kazuma "Kazu" Mikura - Airgear
Speech color#3f6476
Thought color#5d634a
Theme Song (instrumental)Tame a Bad Boy (Theme of Kim Team) - King of Fighters XIII OST
Theme song (vocal)5OUL ON D!SPLAY - Daiki Kasho


The Basics
“What do you care?”

Name ✧

Kyosuke ‘Kyo’ Andoh

Nicknames ✧

Kyo – A shortened abbreviation of his first name.

Gender ✧


Age ✧


Sexuality ✧


Species ✧


Thoughts About Yokai ✧

Just a stupid story to mess with kids. What idiot would actually believe that junk? Mum used to rant on about them when I was younger, but I barely remember any of that crap.

On the Outside
“You got a problem with how I look?”

Height & Weight ✧

6’ 2” & 181lbs

Hair Color ✧


Eye Color ✧


Appearance ✧

A young man in the making, Kyo tends to look like a bit of a rebel. Wearing a myriad of jackets, hoodies and the sort, along with scuffed up jeans, the teen wouldn’t look out of place in a gang or something of the sort. Usually wearing a trademark beanie, but occasionally caps in the summer, he feels uncomfortable without something on his head, and usually tends to slightly obscure his face under his fringe or the brim. If he took a bit more pride in his appearance, Kyo would probably look pretty attractive, as he has the looks and enough muscle. That said, he rarely does much more than stick on his clothes from wherever he last chucked them in his room, and his hair tends to be messy in combination with his headwear. With his poor posture and attitude, he tends to not look the most inviting individual.

Notable/Special Features ✧

Almost always wears beanies, hoodies, caps, etc. and rarely goes anywhere without something covering his head. Looks scruffy, doesn’t maintain his clothes so they’re often creased. Doesn’t smile too much, frequently looks pensive or annoyed.

On the Inside
“You don’t know me”

Likes ✧
His Sister
Being Cool
The City
Music - Techno

Strengths ✧
Somewhat Smart
Most Sports

Quirks ✧
Likes headwear
Tendency to insult
Doesn't sleep much
Dislikes ✧
The Village
His Parents
His Brother
Being a fool
His Job
Looking neat
Being pitied
Needing help
Music - Classical

Weaknesses ✧
A Loner
Family Problems
Prone to lying

Fears ✧
Losing his sister
Being trapped
Losing his image


Personality ✧

Loner | Rebel | Ignorant | Resilient

Kyosuke isn’t the kind to make many friends, and tends to be standoffish. For whatever his reasons, he tends to keep to himself, and push most others away. What is clear is that he dislikes living in the village and his home life, a point he tends to make pretty quickly to anyone who doesn’t already know. As such, he can be pretty rude in conversations, and tends to push talk away from about himself and onto other matters. If he does decide to make conversation, he prefers to talk about events and things rather than people, but he’s also a person who prefers to be doing something rather than just chatting. Most just let him brood on his lonesome rather than bother dealing with his abrasive personality.

History ✧

Kyosuke moved to the village about 4 years ago, and has hated his life ever since. The move was a result of a divorce between his parents, and he found himself moving away from the city to the rural town and living with his mother in her old hometown. As a result of this, he found himself separated from his sister, while his elder brother decided to simply move out and live on his own, a fact that he resents to this day.

Not really making friends with anyone due to his hostile view of the village, this further increased his hate of the town. Nowadays most tend to steer clear of him, but have gotten used to his intimidating presence skulking about the sidelines. That said, he tends to skip school a lot, and his grades are slipping as a result. Most assume he gets up to antisocial activities, but in reality, Kyosuke actually frequently works a day job in the city, earning what he can, though the purpose of this he hides from everyone.

About the only times he doesn’t miss school is for sporting events, and occasionally for particular classes – though only the most observant of folk would notice what those consistent lessons would be. Kyosuke also has a bit of a reputation as the resident badass, and it’s one of the few things he puts pride in. Anyone to challenge his image as a cool kid is likely to either be decked, or will be eating their words as he proves that he’s not afraid of anything, or anyone.
As such, when the challenge to go out to the abandoned town was thrown out, he couldn’t very well refuse. Like any of the others with something to prove, he’d do whatever it took to show he was a tough badass to be respected.

Fast Facts & Family ✧

  • Kyosuke's Mother, Chihiro Andoh (Face Claim - Ellen Baker, New Horizon Textbooks), runs a small vegetable market out of her homegrown garden. She is a ditzy, cheerful, welcoming and helpful woman, who is very spiritual and enjoys tea, wanting nothing but the best for her children. She does try to pry a little into Kyosuke's life to help him, but the success of that is mixed.
  • Kyosuke isn't on speaking terms with his father, Atsushi (Face Claim - Julius Will Kresnik, Tales of Xillia 2). He is a hardworking, logical, somewhat cold individual, focused more on rational then emotion.
  • Reiji (Face Claim - Tohru Adachi, Persona 4), Kyosuke's elder brother, is 24. Simply put, he's a cunning, conniving, rude, disparaging, self-obsessed, vain, misogynistic and chauvenistic pig of a man.
  • Haruka (Face Claim Yui - Angel Beats) , Kyosuke's younger sister, is 13. #f64d94 She is an upbeat, playful, eccentric, colorful, bubbly, nosey, mischievous nerd who likes manga and anime, frequently using her time to cosplay and read/watch. She constantly tries to pry into Kyo's life and wants to see him happy. Though she often get sick, it often makes her pouty and her boisterous personality can lead her to not getting the rest she should.
  • Both Kyosuke's siblings live overseas, as does his father.
  • Kyosuke has flunked and had to resit a year of school, due to his family problems and lack of attendance at school.
  • Kyo has a fondness for 'D' related insults. Dork, Dweeb, Dumbass, Dummy, Doofus, Dingus, Dinkleberg, etc...


Below is a recounting of information that Kyosuke guards deeply. Such information is not to be read lightly, and may reveal more to Kyo than at first meets the eye.

Spoiler: show
Detailed History:

Like many young children, Kyosuke used to believe in Youkai. His mother is quite spiritual, and even after moving away from the Komorebi village she'd tell tales that amazed the young boy. However, this changed as he became older and more embittered with the world, and the misfortune he and his family seemed to encounter. Shortly after his sister was born, she became critically ill. Haruka would undergo cancer treatment at a very young age, and the whole situation was highly strenuous for Kyo and the rest of his family. As time went on, the treatment didn't seem to be working, other than just delaying what could be considered inevitable. Everyone in the family took to this in different ways, but critically for Kyosuke, that was when he truly stopped caring about Youkai. His mother had been praying the whole time for his sister, but what good had that done? If spirits truly existed, how in the world could they take his sister? If youkai were real, they were infinitely cruel. He couldn't believe in such stupid things anymore.

The problems began to mount up even further, as his parents had slowly been tearing each other apart. His father was not a spiritual man, and even began to become angry at his mother and her apparent lack of trying for 'practical' solutions. To him, it was like she didn't understand or care for the gravity of the situation the doctors were telling them when she was hoping for 'miracles' to save their daughter. Unable to find comfort in his wife, Atsushi ended up performing adulterous acts to try and cope with it all. When it all finally came to light, it became clear that Chihiro and Atsushi no longer loved each other. They filed for divorce. Unable to financially support herself within the city, Chihiro decided to return to Komorebi village. Atsushi, claiming custody of Haruka in order to maintain her medical treatment, remained in the city overseas. His brother left and struck out on his own, uninterested in taking his brother with him. Kyosuke has never forgiven any of them from tearing him and his sister apart, but his father especially for his perceived role in causing it all. When he needed them most, he felt like everyone abandoned him.

Kyosuke still does his best to maintain contact with his sister, in spite of the challenges that brings. Every 2-3 days he initiates a nightly video call with her to chat, help her with schoolwork, whatever else he can do. He also works at a job he hates in order to regularly send her the manga she so enjoys, though he does struggle with working out what someone of her age and disposition would enjoy. His goal is to eventually save enough in order to visit his sister, as he promised that he would see her in person again before... Well, before he loses that chance forever. For similar reasons, he rarely if ever removes the beanie and hats that she has given him, presents gifted from a conversation they once had early in her treatment. To him, his sister was beautiful, even with her treatment. She didn't need to hide herself under a hat or anything, so he'd wear them for her to help remind her of that. Though its a silly concept, and these days Haruka wears a variety of wigs, Kyosuke still adheres to wearing them out of sentimentality.

His brother Reiji on the other hand, is someone he'd rather do without. Kyo always felt like him and his sister were just an inconvenience to Reiji - barriers to the successful businessman he wanted to be. He didn't really care about his family and what happened to them, he's just an arrogant, selfish and competitive jerk. Though Kyosuke doesn't really realise it, the bullying, insults, teasing, pessimism, all of that was learned from his brother, and became a way of fighting back and dealing with him. He was always having to stand up for himself against his brother, and he has never really put his back down since. Though he made a concentrated effort not to treat his sister in the same way, he naturally seems to slip back into his defensive nature around others, becoming guarded and protecting himself from any further harm.

Kyosuke does his best to study in what little time he makes, working hard at English language (To help in communicating with his sister), as well as health and fitness, hoping to one day be a doctor or something to try and help his sister. Unrealistic as it may be, he's desperate to try and do something to help and protect her, but, despite his determination, he struggles with the material among the myriad of other life stress and obligations that he has, and lacks the capacity to seek help with it all. All of his life troubles are piling up and weighing down on him, and its likely only a matter of time before the proverbial straw breaks the camel's back...

So begins...

Kyosuke 'Kyo' Andoh's Story


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  1. Kyosuke grows more agitated by the two Kitsune's mischievious ways. Seeing Tsuyari Kiss Nao, he takes her aside for questioning while trying to escape the youkai.

    by Tanman
  2. Rika is pleased to be let off by Sanja. Deciding to remain in the shrine after Amaya's arrival, she is excited to see the humans. As such, she attempts to pester Sanja to let her stay.

    by Tanman

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#, as written by Tanman
Kyosuke ‘Kyo’ Andoh


Once again, Kyo found himself stopped in his tracks, this time by the azure-haired beauty as she cut into their path. If he didn’t know any better, he’d say they were being shepherded. Maybe that wasn’t the right word - More akin to vultures or sharks circling prey. Still, he much preferred this one to that odd man from before; at least she was good to look at. With her half-bobbed stance, it certainly put some features on display more than others, and he couldn’t help but have his eyes drift a little downward from her face. She had some confidence wearing an outfit like that.

"How about you show how it's done then? Lead by example, no?" The woman’s ear twitched as she cocked her head, looking to him with a mildly sceptical expression. Huh, neat. That costume was really fancy. Still, Kyo wasn’t about to take a challenge like that lying down. Narrowing his eyes to glare back at her, he wracked his brain for either a badass unsolvable riddle, or a witty retort. I’m not about to give you jokers free material? No, no, that wasn’t edgy enough…As Kyo was thinking, Susumu slipped in behind them again, clapping both of them on the shoulder to box them in before launching into another riddle. Kyo briefly showed restraint, but when the man started playing with his hair, he snapped. Swinging round, his arm went out wide and forced Susumu to step back and give some space if he didn’t want to be clubbed. “What’s your problem?!” Kyo demanded, clenching his fists and prepping for a throwdown.

"It's not we who are trying to hold an audience here - but rather you who are trying to distract us from leaving - right? Why is that?" Nao stepped in, possibly seeing that Kyo was about to do something reckless and attempting to diffuse the situation. Kyo simply glared at the two costumed weirdoes, before folding his arms to stop himself lashing out again. These two hadn’t specifically threatened them yet, but it was certainly trying his patience, and unnerving him with their shifty actions.

“Aren't you the smart one? Let me guess—you wear the pants in this relationship, then? Well, in that case, why doesn't he answer this one? Be a good boy and answer me, please~” The two foxes were dividing them, if only slightly as Susumu and Tsuyari began moving between Kyo and Nao. Kyosuke kept his arms folded as he looked at Susumu with a death stare. It took all of his restraint not to bite on the insult that Nao was in charge, or that ‘boy’ line. Bah, he shouldn’t let it piss him off, but everything about this guy was infuriating. Particularly since this riddle seemed remarkably harder than the previous one. Kyosuke wasn’t that dumb, but he certainly wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. He was blunt, but still got the job done. Most of the time at least.

“I haven’t got time for any more of your bullshit you freak. My friend and I are leaving, and unless you want to end up face first in the dirt, you’ll stop bugging us and scram.” Shoving Susumu out of the way, he looked to grab Nao and get out of there. What he saw stopped him dead in his tracks. The blue-haired woman was cupping Nao’s cheeks softly, the gentle embrace drawing the two in closer together. There were centimetres between them, so small was the gap that they’d be able to feel the warmth of the other. An arm found its way to the small of Nao’s back, tugging her in that tiny bit closer. The intensity in the air seemed to crackle briefly, time hanging on a knife’s edge, before the girl plunged forward, locking lips with Nao in a passionate kiss. Kyo watched in silent amazement, unblinking as that moment seemed to last for an age. Slowly, the azure-temptress withdrew, though not without tasting Nao’s delicate lips one last time.

"I'm Tsuyari, what might your name be? I'm pleased to make your acquaintance~" The woman finally identified herself, though that was the least of Kyo’s concerns right now. He wasn’t sure why, but for some reason, he was fuming. He’d seen more than enough. Gritting his teeth, he grabbed hold of Nao’s hand, pulling her away from Tsuyari and taking a few steps back to be clear of the two strangers. “Whatever you two creeps are after, step off! Get back under whatever rock you crawled out of!” Somewhat roughly pulling Nao by the arm, he dragged her off, briefly glancing behind him to see if they were being followed.

“What the hell was that back there?! Is that your idea of ‘handling’ it?!” He demanded once he believed they were out of earshot, releasing her from his grip as he looked at her incredulously. “Why in the world would you let her do that to you?!” Kyo asked with genuine disbelief, though he wasn’t sure why that would be important to him in any respect. As they sat in silence briefly, he caught his breath a bit and started regaining some composure. “I mean… Ugh, look. I don’t care what your feelings are, but you just met that girl! Not to mention the creep vibes those guys were giving us… I don’t know about you, but my guts tell me that this place isn’t safe…” Kyosuke glanced around again, having not really paid any attention where he’d taken Nao, other than getting some seclusion. Seemed they were still in the abandoned village, though off the main street at least.

Restless still, though unable to pick why, he shoved his hands into his pockets, looking down the street. “Whatever, I don’t even care. None of my business. Let’s just find those dweebs before they get abducted and get out of here. I’ve seen more than enough today.” Striding off, as he needed to burn off this energy and clear his head he glanced back to Nao. “Don’t worry Prez, your secret’s safe with me. Not that anyone would believe me.”

Rika Nekonyankoo


Rika was dead. There was no way she was getting out of this one. Stepping back towards the door, she gave a soft ‘Oof’ as she felt her path obstructed, very briefly turning to look behind her to see the vines covering the doorway. Eep. Turning back to face Sanja, Rika felt her ears droop, and instinctually raised her arms above herself to brace for impact. But the feeling never came. Instead she heard… Laughter? “Mew..?” Rika opened her eyes again, hoping this wasn’t just one big sadistic trick from Sanja. As she noticed him now doubled over in humour, she slowly found herself laughing as well, hoping that this was perhaps a good omen as her tails swished about.

"You crazy cat, in your complete disregard for my home, my rules and wishes, and me personally. You have brought me some joy that I haven't felt in a long time." Sanja finally managed through his jovial mood, placing a hand atop Rika’s head and ruffling it about. She pouted slightly, as she liked to have her hair neat and pretty, but this was a small price to pay comparative to what could have happened, and she instead purred a little on instinct as he scratched her ears soothingly. “Oooo… Rika do good…?” She asked, not quite understanding how lucky she’d been, nor the fact that the items were simply replicas. She wasn’t sure Sanja heard her as he sat up, clearing the vines and instead having them clear the way, and the mess she’d just made.

"Rika, I shall forgive you for your crimes today. Though, mark my words, Shohei and Hakuryuu shall not be able to save you next time you think to rob me and break my belongings." Sanja calmly and clearly conveyed his warning, Rika eyes lighting up a little as she processed that meant she was in the clear. A quick arm went to her head in a salute. “Yes sir! I promise that next time I won’t even think about it, and you won’t even notice they’re gone! Thank you Sanya!” Perhaps a little too honest for her own good, Rika was a bit of a goofball that way as she completely misunderstood how she’d managed to avoid punishment, assuming that Sanja wanted her to simply perform her ‘job’ better next time.

As Sanja made his way back to his spot atop- Oooo, the comfy cushion! Rika so wanted to nap on the comfy cushion, it even smelled good… Shaking off her desire and slapping her cheeks a couple of times, Rika reminded herself she needed to be on best behaviour. But… Now she wasn’t sure what to do… Since Sanja was in a good mood, maybe she’d get to stay in the shrine..? Tentatively, she took a seat, wondering if the birdie would say anything to her as she spent some time fixing her hair and better appraising the damage that her kimono had undergone in her panic.

"I am very sorry for what happened here today. I did not understand what I was doing wrong at the time, but it is now clear to me. I promise that nothing like this will ever happen again. I understand if you have lost your trust for me." Rika smiled as Ki launched into her apologies to the group, flashing a big cat grin their way. As far as Rika was concerned, her friend had done nothing wrong, nor should they get in trouble for helping out the feline. After all, that was good manners! Sanja had a big soft spot for Ki, so she doubted he minded much at all. If he had, Rika would certainly not have forgiven him at all, and would have done her best to protect them. Well, if she managed to protect herself first…

“…Rest now dear children,
For soon we'll away,
Into the calm and the quiet…”

Rika’s fur instantly rippled through her body as she felt a shudder cross her whole body, pivoting around rapidly to find the source of the noise echoing amongst the temple. “Y-you know, maybe I will le-eek~!” Rika immediately changed expression as she saw Amaya actually make her way into the Shrine, meeting her eyes and reading her lips as she passed a non-audible message to the feline. "Feels like you suffered bad luck in my absence… How interesting." Rika nodded as she scampered over to Amaya’s side, wanting in no way to upset the woman that controlled the weather. She still hadn’t fixed up the hole in her tent, and did not want to end up half-drowned during the night.

“Amaya~! Such a surprise! Yes, yes, what are you doing here? Hmm?” Rika queried, having no intention to make it known that she’d planned to leave before Amaya got here. "Oh right! There was a group of 3 humans coming this way. I presumed they were on their way to the shrine to present their prayers... So I made sure to sing them on the right trail... But it's rather late for a shrine visit - don't you think..?" Rika blinked a bit at hearing Amaya’s comment. Humans? At this time? Ooo, she so liked humans! They were so interesting and cool and… “Nuuu~! Humans can’t come here, I’m a mess!” Rika still wasn’t fully sure when humans could or could not see the Youkai, but the idea that they’d see a perfect feline like her in such a poor state… Well, that would be the absolute worst luck! Scampering back over to the nearby mirror, Rika took the time to start preening herself, hoping she could at least look presentable before the human’s arrived, barely noticing the soft voice of Yukiko drifting into the temple.

"Izumi-Senpai? Andoh-san? Not funny." The voice came from the doorway, a young girl peering inside. Oh! She was cute! Ooo, and was that a bag? Rika would have to see what was in the bag. Slipping through the shrine over to Sanja, she began lightly nudging him, whispering in his ear. “Can I stay and watch the human? Please please please? If she makes an offering can I have it? Sanya, Sanya, Sanya! Puh-leaasseee?~” Rika began to tug and jostle on his arm like a child demanding attention, which is practically what she was. Of course, she had no idea that the ‘human’ could easily see and hear her.


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#, as written by Emmyz



Just after stepping forward, Nao changed her mind. Susumu looked a bit too guilty, shushing his lips with his finger while smiling. Maybe she could sense the danger that was about to come. And these people did not seem normal after all - teasing them might not be so wise. Nao swallowed and watched the two strangers with a suspicious expression. Susumu seemed to be the weirdest.. but the blue haired girl could be unpredictable as well. She could not let her guard down..

What happened next proved her hunches to be correct. It was like all the color disappeared from her face as the other girl stepped forward as well. With the speed of light and without so much as a sound. Even tho she moved quick and smooth, it seemed like the scene was playing in slow motion. Blue long hair hoovering in the air in swinging movements and her 5 tails wagging. Nao had to face the fight, flight or freeze dilemma - and it was the latest who kicked in. Every muscle in her body turned useless and there was nothing she could do to fight back. She was not very familiar with physical touching and after all, the "blue"girl was an intruder in her precious comfort zone. Even tho she was a girl, she was too close. "Perhaps you two are interesting? Is it wrong to strike up conversations with tourists?" Nao did not comprehend the words, since her brain was currently occupied with a blue enchanting fog - swallowing her from the inside. The new riddle also missed her attention. Even Kyos voice calling her "friend" was something she (sadly) missed out on. A gentle pale hand was placed on her cheek and Nao could not help but to stare into those azure blue eyes, almost like she was hypnotized or magnetized by them.

Maybe this was some sick way to make fun of her, for being a prude and stuck up school prez? A prank. Why in heavens would she do this anyway? The beautiful face of the enemy came closer and closer until her lips where basically brushing against Nao's as she spoke. "Let's get to know each other better, hm?" Nao started to wake up. How about no, she thought to herself and was just about to break free and turn her head to the side when a couple of soft fingers traveled down her arm - creating goosebumps where their touch still lingered and giving Nao a shiver. She froze once again, and before she even knew it - her lips was glued together with the strangers lips - in a kiss! If Nao's eyes had been big in surprise before, it was nothing compared to how they looked now, almost like they would pop out of her head. A very distinct blush appeared on her cheeks and her body was as tense and stiff as a statue. Even so - her lips moved along with the stranger's - against her will. Slowly, a bit distant and "spaced- out" as she was numb and almost in a zombie-like state. Luckily, the girl retreated and the kiss ended.

"I'm Tsuyari, what might your name be? I'm pleased to make your acquaintance~" Nao was shocked! She'd just kissed - a girl! A part of her was furious for having something so precious "stolen" from her without her consent. But her main feeling was confusion, and her brain did not want to process and admit what just happened. So when the girl introduced herself and asked for their names - Nao was in a spaced out "numb" auto pilot mode. Still under the "spell" of blue girls lips. After sharing something so intimate as a kiss, a name would not be so serious? Her lips almost opened by themselves to answer the question.

"Im Izu....--" she felt a hard jerk in her arm as someone dragged her away before she could finish her sentence. "What the hell was that back there?! Is that your idea of ‘handling’ it?!Why in the world would you let her do that to you?!” It was Kyo, and he seemed angry. However, this was excatly what she needed to wake up from her paralyzed state. Nao shooked her head, her strawberry blonde straight and "dead" locks tickled all over her face before she could scoop it away with her free hand, the one that was not being held captive by Kyos firm grip. As he let go, she looked up to meet his gaze. Her brown eyes was foggy and she really looked traumatized. Far from the strict and prude school prez she used to be, it was almost hilarious.

"I mean… Ugh, look. I don’t care what your feelings are, but you just met that girl! Not to mention the creep vibes those guys were giving us… I don’t know about you, but my guts tell me that this place isn’t safe…"

Nao dragged her newly released arm to her, rubbing it gently as the sudden jerk and dragging still ached in her skin. Starting to get back to reality, she broke free from his blue eyes and gazed around her surroundings to notice how they where standing in front of a bar. "Rōzuu - ebu" the sign said, giving Nao a shiver. She closed her fist and raised her chin, collecting enough self control to answer her "friend" and explain her weird... actions.. She blushed just thinking about it, and how to put it in words. After a few seconds she felt ready to share.

"I have no such feelings, for your knowledge! And you don't say Sherlock... I suggest we get out of her. Tell our village council, and they will send out a search team for the others. Plus deal with these people as well. They don't seem.. normal. Cult members, circus people or just creepy. Whatever they are, maybe they will go to jail.. hopefully.. i dont feel safe having them so close to Komorebi"...

She rubbed her temples - feeling a slightly headache. This was just unreal. And even tho she should stay rational - her mind could not help but to think of her grandma's tales about the youkai village... Looking back at Kyo, she ignored those thoughts. IF they'd been youkai... He would have reacted? It was just Nao having illusions.. Simple as that.

"And i did certainly not kiss her, she kissed me!" Nao claimed while crossing her arms over her chest. "Whatever, I don’t even care. None of my business. Let’s just find those dweebs before they get abducted and get out of here. I’ve seen more than enough today. Don't worry Prez, your secret’s safe with me. Not that anyone would believe me." Nao twitched at his worlds giving him a sharp "warning" expression with narrow eyes, but did not bother to answer. Instead she reached down in the little pocket of her dress - pulling out her useless and very old cellphone.

"Maybe i can try calling the others... if they have their cell's with them ofc... huh?.. no signal?!" She mumbled, mainly talking to herself and bit her lip to prevent an annoyed sight from sounding.

The setting changes from Youkai Street to Komorebi Village

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Just as Chiyoko was getting up, Miyako came along with an apology. [color=#990099"Sorry for the delay Chiyo-san. If you come back later I'll make sure to put aside a bottle of your favorite for you."[/color] With a light chuckle and a dismissive wave, the Tanuki-lady responded, "Oh, don't worry about it. You know that I'm up all night, so I'll definitely be back. You keep doing a good job, dearie." With that, she made to leave with Mikado, although she un-modestly walked ahead of him. It was merely a small gesture, but, there was definitely a message behind it.

However, as she was headed to exit, Chiyoko could hear what could have been an argument of some kind, from two unfamiliar voices. "... I suggest we get out of her. Tell our village council, and they will send out a search team for the others. Plus deal with these people as well. They don't seem.. normal. Cult members, circus people or just creepy. Whatever they are, maybe they will go to jail.. hopefully.. i dont feel safe having them so close to Komorebi." What bugged Chiyoko most was the fact that she couldn't recognize them. Chiyoko made it a point to remember a person's name when she happened to run into them, but, she couldn't pin a face or name on these voices. She just absolutely had to figure this out.

Emerging from the curtain, Chiyoko witnessed the two of them, two young people she didn't recognize in modern clothing, one of which was using her cell phone. It was not hard to make the assumption that they were humans, humans that were quite perplexed. Immediately, her Youkai nature told her that this was the perfect opportunity to play some mischief, but a rational side decided that she should probably approach this situation cautiously. It seemed as if her Youkai kin had already tormented them enough. Perhaps now was the perfect time to provide them comfort, like soft cheese on the mousetrap. Also, she couldn't allow them to escape if they were planning on contacting outside civilization about them.

Putting out her kiseru, she retrieved a couple leaves from inside her kimono's sleeve and using those, she changed her appearance in a puff of smoke. The changes were mostly minor, but, were intended to give her a more human appearance. Her hair grew out to shoulder length, her ears had disappeared, and so had her enormous tail that identified her. She also made herself look a little older, but, middle-aged at best.

Once she believed herself to be visible to the humans, she called out, "Ayiyi, are you having trouble with your phone, dear? Reception is really poor out in this little old place sometimes." Slowly, non-threateningly, Chiyoko approached the humans. "Seeing as I don't recognize you, you young folk must be from that one village over yonder, Korembi, am I right? Did you get lost this late at night? Only nocturnal animals and strange people wander around at night so deep in the forest, especially around this old place. Don't worry, though, because this old lady is willing to help. Ayi~, where are my matters? I'm just an old lady who just talks too much. You may call me Chi-Chi, that's what my grandkids called me." Smiling, Chiyoko offered a polite hand to the two teens. "And who might you youth be?"

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Ugh. Just his luck. While he was trying to have a nice conversation with Miyako and his much loved Servant, Takumi had just happened to wander into the bar and spot him. When Takumi tries to get too cozy with him, he attempts to slide away, but Takumi catches him just in time. He grunts softly, not bothering to look over at Takumi. Had you bothered to look around you, you would have been able to discern that 'what our prince is having' is right in front of you. Would you kindly care to release us, you damned snake?

The prince had come to have fun, but that seems like too much of a pipe dream now that Takumi is here. He may as well just find any happiness he can glean from this unfortunate occurrence as well as possible. He keeps still for a few moments while Takumi practically rubs himself all over the prince before he gets tired of it, and he places a hand to the snake God's chest and gives him a shove — much too rough to be considered familiar.

Should you continue to handle us as though We were yours, he may kill you. A pause. Oh, on second though, you should continue — We shall attend your funeral, if only to spit on your grave.

Truthfully, there's one way that the prince could rid himself of Takumi — should he pretend to reciprocate the snake's revolting feelings, surely, he would be disinterested. The thought causes Ryuunosuke to shake. He would rather die.

Perhaps, though, that may take too long — if you would let us, We would like to kill you ourself. Ugh, would — you — let — go?!


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Susumu can't hide his disappointment when the teens run away, ears flattening and tail lowering. He feels inclined to follow them, to dance after the boy with pretty eyes and the girl with marvelous teeth. He takes a step, almost in a trance-like daze, to follow after them — wild, predatory instincts are taking over him, and he feels himself growl — before Tsuyari's sweet, girlish voice brings him back to reality. He shakes his head rapidly, like a dog shaking off water, and looks down at her, eyes wide and less predatory than they were mere moments ago.

A stamp! Think of sending a letter, Tsuyari. You might send a letter all around the world — you could send one to America or Europe, or anywhere! — but the stamp always stays in the corner of the letter. Isn't that clever?

Though the humans, for one reason or another, did not appreciate the riddle in the slightest, Susumu is confident that Tsuyari will like it. He watches after the humans that ran and spot a... curiously familiar old woman chatting them up, and he narrows his eyes. Ah, what an unlucky folly these humans are. Instead of taking my bait, they took Tanuki-chan's. They'd be much happier with the likes of me — little miss's teeth would be put to good use, and I would treat the boy right. I wouldn't mind taking care of a blind plaything...

Susumu looks back towards Tsuyari and gives a gentle smile. Do you see obaa-san over there? Does she look familiar to you? She's the vile Tanuki-chan who hates us — isn't she cruel for stealing our prey... ah, pardon me, our friends away? He laughs afterwards, but it stops abruptly.

Susumu's prey... was taken... by another Youkai...? That doesn't sound quite right. Doesn't that mean... they can be seen? It seems that it's taken watching someone else to realize the flaw. ... Tsuyari.


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As they were attracting quite the crowd, Sanae steps backwards, closer to Satogi, and holds out her hand towards him, indicating she wants him to hold it. To say she was scared would be an understatement — two innocent teenagers, out in the woods at night, approaching a strange, crying woman and being approached by a totally different strange woman? This is like... scary movie stuff! Oh, God... me n' Satogi could die here! This could be it!

She feels a whine squeeze its way out of her throat, but she swallows her fear down bravely. The nice, crying lady wants to leave the other lady, it seems — so there's no way that she was here to set them up. Sanae looks from one woman to the other, clearly fearful and confused. Uh — have I ever prayed for the rain? Well... sometimes, I don't wanna go to school, so I pray for snow, but I dunno if I ever prayed for the rain? I do a lotta prayin', though! I'm a shrine maiden, y'see, so I pray a lot, an' I take care of the shrines, too! We were on our way up to one a second ago, actually, but this nice lady here's been cryin' up a storm since she got hurt... She pauses to remember what Amaya had said about the lady. Ya want us to get away from her? But... she don't really seem that bad? I think... if you will excuse us... we should get goin' to find our friends. We'll just take the lady along with us...

She takes another step back, hitting Satogi's chest with her back, and nudges him with her elbow to indicate for him to step back, as well.

I dunno yer name, lady, but... d'ya wanna come with us? I'll make sure ya aren't sad anymore! She gestures hurriedly to Natsumi.

The setting changes from Komorebi Village to Youkai Street


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Kyosuke ‘Kyo’ Andoh


Folding his arms together and leaning against the wall, Kyo didn’t have much to say at Izumi’s plan to contact the others. It wasn’t like he was on either of their friends lists, so he couldn’t exactly assist in calling them. Not that it looked like it would do any good as Nao complained about her signal strength. With a brick like that it was no surprise, but he wasn’t in a joking enough mood to pick on her about it anymore. Instead, he turned towards the sound of approaching footsteps, still more than a little on edge after their last encounter.

"Ayiyi, are you having trouble with your phone, dear? Reception is really poor out in this little old place sometimes." The voice drifted in from the older woman approaching them, though at least she didn’t look to associated with the freaks from earlier. The relatively normal outfit was the best indicator Kyo could find of that. Remaining against the wall and listening to her extensive introduction, Kyosuke looked to Nao to see how she would respond, before deciding he’d had enough of that. He’d left her in charge last time and look how that turned out. "And who might you youth be?"

“I’m Kyosuke. The dork behind me is Nao.” Kyo tilted his head towards his compatriot before looking back to the woman. “So, which one are you?” He asked, likely eliciting some confusion from the old lady. He took a moment to clarify himself, though it wasn’t any less rude a question. “You said only strange people and animals are out at this time. So, which are you old lady?” Kyo remained against the wall, completely unthreatened by the woman, but making it clear with his attitude that he wasn’t in the best of moods. Nao would likely need to step in and apologise for him, as he wasn’t about to do so himself, and it wasn’t exactly the nicest way to respond to someone trying to help. Still, Kyo felt like he needed to cause Nao a bit more trouble in revenge for earlier.

Rika Nekonyankoo


Rika was buzzing and beaming, even after Sanja’s very clear warning for her to keep her sticky fingers to herself. Bobbing slightly behind him in anticipation, as the human finally came to enter the shrine and see them, it became immediately apparent that they’d been noticed judging from her reaction. Rika would have jumped in then and there, but Sanja threw her a little off balance as he stood, glowing with that aura of his and drawing the focus of attention straight to his impressive visage. Rika pouted a little as she caught herself, watching the spectacle. Sure, Sanja was ancient and powerful and impressive, but the little feline felt she was important too, and she certainly didn’t like being overshadowed. Somewhat subtly, she tried to shift in front of Sanja, but it seemed the Tengu was quick to notice as a blinding illusion cut in front of her, ensuring that the girl’s eyes would still be directed cleanly at him.

"Are you... Etto... I mean... how do I put this...? …Are you.... actual Youkai?" Rika blinked a bit, confused by the question. Of course they were? Why did she feel the need to ask that? I mean, honestly, what else could they be? Humans could be strange, but that just added to what made them intriguing. Still, she wasn’t about to let the cute little human have any misconceptions. “Yes, yes, that’s what we are. What exactly did you think we were?” Poking her way closer to the human, Rika had finally had enough of Sanja hogging the spotlight, and unceremoniously gave him a shove and slipped past him to greet the human.

"Forgive me! I am Nakahara, Yukiko... I just moved with my family to Komorebi a few months ago..." The girl suddenly launched into a bow, apologising and seeming pretty worried about something. Oh, it was probably Sanja! She didn’t need to worry about that, he was just a big ol’ pussycat. “Don’t worry about Sanya! He acts all scary sometimes, but he’s really nice! Just don’t take his offerings, he doesn’t like that…” Rika moved up at the last comment, using a hand to block her mouth slightly and whispering to Yukiko like it was some big secret.

Jumping back slightly to be in front of Yukiko, Rika smirked, eying her up and down. It’d been a while since she’d been up this close to a human, not to mention able to converse with one! She was cute and friendly and polite! This was great! Spiralling around the girl and looking her over from all sides, she noticed the nervous expression the girl had and realised that she must have been waiting on Rika to introduce herself. How silly of her! She’d just gotten so excited!

“Oh, that’s right! You don’t know any of us!” Smirking, she grabbed Yukiko around the shoulders and began dragging her around the shrine, gesturing to each person. “See Yuki – Mind if I call you Yuki? - that there is Sanya, he’s the big birdie in charge of the shrine. And over there is Ki! They’re a tree spirit, they're really nice! Say hi Ki! Oh, and that’s Haku and Shohei, he’s a water dragon, and Shohei’s kinda icky but he’s alright for a little birdie, plus he has lots of treasure somewhere!” Rika’s tangents were a little strange, but at least she was getting the basic introductions out of the way. Spinning out of her grip of Yukiko, she stopped about a metre away from her, posing in her best cat-girl posture in an attempt to look adorable.

“And this key-yoot~ kitten is Rika Nekonyankoo, at your service! Meow~!” Batting her arms like paws a moment, she let Yukiko comment, getting ready to field any questions she had. If Sanja didn’t eviscerate her in the next few moments for her transgressions.


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Nao had been so busy, with her nose basically diving into her lousy phone, she had not noticed the other woman's arrival until her voice sounded: "Ayiyi, are you having trouble with your phone, dear? Reception is really poor out in this little old place sometimes." Nao looked up in surprise, realizing it was an older woman with glasses who looked very friendly... and harmless.. (Thankfully) Very different from the others they'd met in this place.

The woman continued: "Seeing as I don't recognize you, you young folk must be from that one village over yonder, Korembi, am I right? Did you get lost this late at night? Only nocturnal animals and strange people wander around at night so deep in the forest, especially around this old place. Don't worry, though, because this old lady is willing to help. Ayi~, where are my matters? I'm just an old lady who just talks too much. You may call me Chi-Chi, that's what my grandkids called me." She held out her hand as to offer it to Nao and Kyo."And who might you youth be?".

Nao rested her eyes on the woman for a while - traveling from top to toe looking for a tail or ears, studying this "Chi-chi" person, trying to decide wether she was someone to trust or not. Being a bit older and actually looking like an ordinary human being was reassuring. The woman's aura was just screaming "friendly grandma" and Nao relaxed a tiny bit, her shoulders sinking probably an inch. Kyo, who was standing in front of Nao seemed to feel the same - considering how he answered her with their names. It all began so well... Then she heard "dork" followed by "old lady" and blaming the woman to be strange or an animal - Nao just wanted to do a facepalm and roll her eyes, but instead she placed her phone back in the pocket of her dress and cleared her throat while giving Kyo the death stare. "Thank you kindest for introducing me Kyo, minus the d- word of course" her voice was soft and humble, but filled with irony. Nao was not all mad over the rest tho, since she also wondered what kind of people lived out here in this "not so abandoned" village...

Instead of apologizing for his bad manners and step in, Nao stayed where she was. It was kind of nice having Kyo like a "protecting wall" in front of her. Plus, she was not very eager to shake the strangers hand. Instead she did a polite curty bow and smiled towards Chi-chi. "Excuse our manners. Youth this days.. You know.." she mumbled tilting her head slightly to the left. Sure, the lady wanted to help. But how smart was it to go out there in the dark forest with a stranger, even tho she looked like friendly grandma. Just the thought of how dark the forest was right now made her feel a shiver down her spine. Darkness... Her right hand traveled to her pocket just to make sure the flashlight from erlier was still there - and it was. Once again, she was relieved and she raised her gace to watch Kyo and the stranger.

"And im actually agreeing with him. What are you people? And what is this place? The residents we met earlier was... peculiar... indeed. And we thought this village was supposed to be abandoned.." she said, not moving her eyes from the woman.

The setting changes from Youkai Street to Komorebi Village

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"Yes, hmm, I hear you," Chiyoko responded to the inquisitive questions of the youths, bringing her fingers up to her chin thoughtfully, "Am I a strange person or a nocturnal animal? Hmm... I guess I'm a little bit of both." She chuckled to herself at this, as if it were a simple joke. "And, yes, this place... I suppose you could say that people who don't want to be bothered tend to end up here, but we all end up bothering each other anyway. Kufufu~, I suppose it's a little complicated, but, I can explain if you'd be willing to step inside this place for a little bit." Chiyoko gestured to the building she came out of. "The Rōzuu~ebu is my favorite pub after all, I'll just tell them you're with me."

Although, as if she felt the need to speak even further, she began to make some small talk. "Although I can't help but wonder what you two are doing all the way out here. If you were looking for the abandoned village—at night, at that—then I can only imagine you're on a test of courage. Ah yes, I've done them myself when I was your age, although, I didn't have a boyfriend with me." Chiyoko chuckled mischievously at that thought. "Oh, did you take any photos? I'd like to see them. A thousand years ago, I was quite the shutterbug." A hyperbole, as cameras obviously didn't exist back then. It was more like fifty years ago when Chiyoko had a passing interest in photography. "Is it just you two exploring late, or, are there other folk with you? I should like to meet them."

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Kyosuke ‘Kyo’ Andoh


Kyosuke remained where he was as Nao interjected, shooting him a look of annoyance, but taking his arrogance in stride. He was somewhat disappointed that he didn’t manage to get more of a rise out of her, but maybe she was controlling herself in front of their new company. Sinking his hands into his pockets and looking down the street in disinterest, he vaguely listened to the discussion at hand, though was mildly surprised that Nao was inquiring along similar lines that he had. Albeit, a fraction more politely than he had.

‘Chi-Chi’ seemed to laugh off their queries, seemingly enjoying their forward nature, almost as if she expected them to act as such. Kyo snorted a bit, as it seemed that neither Nao nor the old woman would be provoked by him. Instead, it seemed she intended to invite the two into the building they’d been standing in front of – the ‘Rōzuu~ebu’, if he was pronouncing that correctly. A pub, huh? Neither he nor Nao were of the legal drinking age, but no one seemed to care, and he’d had more than his fair share of drinks in the past. Not that he was too big on it these days; he only ever really did it to prove a point. Still, no doubt Nao would refuse to break her prim and proper image and go into such a distasteful place. A faint smile crept across Kyosuke’s face as he contemplated the option. Could be fun to mess with the prez and go along with it.

While Kyo had been thinking on a response, the old lady had continued her inane ramblings, though with a surprising degree of accuracy to her musings. At least, up until a certain point. Kicking off the wall with a loud laugh, he made his way towards the woman and the bar. “Me and this loser? Hah! Not in a million years Grams. I’m pretty sure Izzy here would sooner die than be associated with me.” Thumbing in Nao’s direction, Kyosuke glanced back to her. “Ain’t that right Nao?” Moving towards the door, Kyo continued. “But I think we’ll take you up on that offer old lady. If you’re paying, I got no qualms with having a drink.” Almost forgetting about his idea of leaving and finding the others, Kyosuke stepped into the bar, glancing around for a seat and table, leaving Nao to deal with the old woman’s incessant questions and chatter.

Finding himself a spare table and taking a seat, Kyo began to take stock of the area, noticing more weirdos and freaks amongst the populace of the bar. Well, at least they’d be getting some answers soon enough about why this whole village seemed loco. Covering his mouth for a yawn, he awaited the other two to join him, while also looking to see who was running service, waiting to give his order. He wasn’t terribly impatient in this sort of setting, but no doubt the young male would stand out given he was amongst entirely youkai.

Rika Nekonyankoo


"Hello, uhm are you a Bakeneko... or Nekomata...?" Rika’s newfound best friend Yuki asked innocently, and Rika was highly impressed she even knew that there was a distinction between the two. Delighted at the question, Rika straightened herself up, before spinning and bending over to wave her backside at Yukiko - though primarily to show off her two tails. “Rika is a split-tailed Bakeneko, so I’m super special! Nekomatas can’t change to look like cute humans like I can, but people get us confused all the time, so I’m used to it!” Her voice was a couple of octaves too loud for an inside voice, but she was very excited.

Preparing to launch into further discussion on one of the few subjects she considered herself an expert in, Rika gave a soft ‘Nyah?’ as she was gently pushed further from Yukiko, behind Sanja once more. Frowning slightly as she got up and folded her arms, her ears twitched in annoyance as she watched the Daitengu converse with the human. Petty about being separated from her new friend, Rika proceeded to make some goofy expressions and rabbit ears behind Sanja as a way of revenge. He wasn’t all seeing, right? She could totally get away with this and have some fun.

Her silly pranks continued until Yukiko found the courage to ask her questions to Sanja, inquiring about some of her friends that had apparently gone missing. More humans! Ooo, this was so exciting! Dancing from foot to foot, Rika was bobbing up and down behind Sanja, trying to get both Yukiko and Sanja’s attention to speak. Soon enough, her impatience took hold, and she placed both her hands on Sanja’s soldiers, pushing herself up and placing her weight on his back so that she popped up high behind him. “Ooo, I can help! Pick me! Pick me! I haven’t seen them, but I’m really really good at finding things!” Rika remained perched up behind Sanja as she continued speaking. “We better go real quick though, not everyone is as nice as me and Sanya! There’s spider ladies and skeleton men and sneaky foxes and chubby raccoons that would do all kinds of things to cute humans! Most of them like to play with their food though, so I’m sure they’re fine for now.”

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#, as written by Emmyz

.: A M A Y A :.

Amaya sighted and turned around to sit down on a fallen tree, using its stem as a bench. She yawned and swinged one leg over the other while moving her foot along with some silent rythm only she could hear. The girl said she did a lot of praying since she was a shrine maiden, but she was not sure if she'd ever prayed for rain. Huh, praying a lot.. But not for rain? Maya was not very happy with the answer and the human boy seemed to ignore her completely. Natsumi even spoke of deadly youkai devouring people, was that so wise? - reveal their kind? Amaya guess it did not matter, since the children was going to get absorbed anyways. Even so, she could not miss the chance to tease the mu-onna. The purple haired ameonna played nonchalant for a moment, licking her fingers slowly while humming on some melody. Then she bursted out in a soft laugh, raising her red gaze and looked at the party of three with one eyebrow higher than the other.

"Youkai? Devouring people? Look who's talking. The absorbing mu-onna! Hahaha you are so funny Natsumi.." she turned her face to the 2 children. "But suit yourselves humans, i did warn you" she smiled with a soft giggle "Let's hope you don't have any relatives or loved ones looking for you, because there won't be anything left" her words and her facial expression did not match at all. As her voice spoke of death, her face was glowing with amusement. Sadistic and teasing. Now all she had to do was wait. There was two possible outcomes - either Natsumi would "take care" of the children. Or the guys from the shrine would come here when noticing that not all 3 humans had made their way to the shrine... In both situation - there would be drama- And Amaya enjoyed a little thrill in her otherwise boring everyday life. All that was missing was the popcorn, as she still sat down on her falling tree - waiting with anticipation.




As the chilly evening air had begun to bite her bare arms, Nao was shaking slightly- her teeth almost chattering in secret. She was confused, "Chi-chi" was inviting them to a pub? And she offered to explain everything... Well that might be interesting, but was it safe? The old lady continued talking... Nao froze when hearing the word boyfriend. Normally she would have been fast to answer but Kyo where faster. "Me and this loser? Hah! Not in a million years Grams" The answer itself was not a surprise. Hers would probably been similar. But for some strange reason, it got to her really bad. Nao's ears stopped working. She did not want to hear anymore insults. If Nao had felt a slap in her face when being called Nag, this made her heart sink to the bottom of the ocean. He was right, after all, who would ever look at her in a romantic way? Even that kiss from earlier, with the blue haired beautiful girl - had to be a joke. Yea, just make fun of the unattractive Nag.

She swallowed and her russet brown eyes seeked out the comfort with looking at her two feet who where swinging nervesly at the spot. "Ain’t that right Nao?". Nao shocked her head and bite her lower lip hard, as to keep all her anger inside. "Yea... Not even if he was the last man on earth" she managed to utter with a disgusted tone - but did not have the courage to look ether Kyo or Chi-chi in the eyes - instead she tried to peek inside through the little window of the bar. Maybe to hide her gaze shining with sadness. It was not that she actually liked Kyo or anything. probably. - he was just a troublemaker who got on her nervs really bad. But even considering that- the school prez did have feelings, and she was hurt.

"But I think we’ll take you up on that offer old lady. If you’re paying, I got no qualms with having a drink." Nao was just about to start walking and seek for a spot where her phone got signal got better, when Kyos words reached her ears. Wait... What did he just say? Nao opened her eyes wide in surprise and watched his backside as he walked inside the pub, Rōzuu~ebu. What was he thinking with? Oh right, he did not think at all - as per usual.

She sighted and rolled her eyes. It gave her no choice but to follow. Plus, she was cold - and the pub felt a bit tempting.. Not that it was a pub. But because.. It was inside... Warmth.. She closed her fists hard, her nails digging in to her palms making her face wince a bit in pain. She then released the grip and slapped her cheeks 3 times, as to prepare herself for what to come. An action which left her cheeks blushing in a vague pink shade.

"yosh..." she whispered, before entering the pub just seconds after Kyo. The pub was quite nice. Not very chaotic and lively as one would imagine. But small, well taken care of and kind of cozy. She shivered watching the goosebumps rise on her arms, feeling the warmth embrace her cold body and slowly make her feel alot better. Walking through the room, to towards Kyos table, she let her eyes wander pass the people sitting there. They looked... wierd. The clothes was unusual... And some looked more like animals than humans... Ears, tails, scary masks, and fur. Was she hallucinating again? She walked passed an albino boy clinging on to a blonde handsome man. Was this a cosplay gaybar? Hrmm...

She sat down by the table with a "humpf" choosing the seat as far away from Kyo as possible. Even tho the bar was already calm, the atmosphere seemed changed after they'd entered. Had the sound level gone down? Was people staring at them? Well, they did look kind of "out of place" and Nao guessed the residents of this village was not used to strangers coming to their place? She crossed her arms under her chest and glanced around while waiting for Chi-chi to join them with some answers!

Meanwhile a tall and creepy looking man had approached Nao from behind. She heard someone clearing his throat and she spun around on her chair to look at the man. Was that wings on his back? Seriously, what was wrong with her eyes today? "Such a pretty looking human girl. Just my type... How about joining me for a drink. A beauty like this will just go to waste by the side of that blonde one over there. He does not appreciate nor see what im seeing" his voice was soft like honey, making Nao blush but also tense up where she sat on her chair. He offered her a glass of alcohol, putting in on the table in front of her while bowing in an elegant manner. Something seemed to change tho - as the man froze in his movements and straightened his posture. "Chiyoko.. i did not realize they where your humans.. Sadly, I must leave, fair miss" he muttered but smiled hastely towards Nao, before escaping the group - but leaving the glass on the table.

Nao just blinked in confusion. Why did he call them humans? Like he was not one of them. Seriously, this was starting to get annoying. She wanted answers... As Chi-chi joined them at the table, Nao cleared her throat and raised her chin high in a confident way and placed her hands in her lap. "Im sorry for getting all impatient, lady Chi-chi. But would you be so kind to explain.. this place... you people... everything... and also, why am i hallucinating? Kyo seems fine but i keep seeing impossible things..." she said tilting her head slightly to the side, trying to catch a glimpse of Kyos reaction from the corner of her eye. There, she'd confessed to seeing things... They would probably think she was going mad. But she needed to get it out, it had troubled her for quite a while... She felt useless in this state, and she needed to be her usual smart and sharp self, since her prio 1 was to find the others... Sanae, Yukiko and Satogi. Where were they? She crossed her fingers they were safe at least...

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Chiyoko nodded to the humans encouragingly as each of them entered the place, and they both looked somewhat bewildered. Quite a strong reaction to have to what should otherwise look like an abandoned building. Still, it pretty much confirmed something Chiyoko was already suspecting, something that she heard from the grape vine that she didn't entirely take seriously at first, probably because she was in denial. Youkai-kind was in danger, and Chiyoko needed to take action of some kind.

If the humans went home and told the rest of their kind about what they saw here, it was very likely that more humans would come. If more humans came, eventually the whole world would be watching them. A spotlight would be shined on them, which would be outright demoralizing for creatures of the darkness like themselves. And what would come after, Chiyoko loathed to think it. She needed to do something soon, but first, she needed to buy some time. Thankfully, she might have been in the perfect situation for it.

Chiyoko had to keep an eye on these humans, however. Although Youkai knew better than to take appearances at more than face value, it seemed that the humans stuck out pretty jarringly among all the Youkai. One even had the gall to try and hit on one of them, but, Chiyoko easily got him to back off with a clearing of the throat and a disappointed glare. With that out of the way, Chiyoko came to the table.

The girl seemed to have some unusual inquiries though. "Im sorry for getting all impatient, lady Chi-chi. But would you be so kind to explain.. this place... you people... everything... and also, why am i hallucinating? Kyo seems fine but i keep seeing impossible things..." Chiyoko didn't look phased by this at all. In fact, she seemed oddly pleased with herself. "Yes, I wonder..." she said, false musingly, "Have you ever had a dream that you swore was real? Well, nevermind that. I suppose I could explain it to you, but, you might need, ah, a little alcohol in your system, yes? You kids might be too young, but, nobody will mind, not when Chi-Chi's with you. It'll be our little secret, yes?" Chiyoko winked at the youths, like an aunt who helps you get away with naughty things your mother wouldn't. She then rose her hand in the air and snapped her fingers to grab one of the waitress's attention, before doing some silent gestures to signal them to bring some sake over to the table. "But first," She continued, raising her voice, "Let us all welcome the humans to the night of their lives!"