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Bart Allen


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a character in “Young Justice The Next Generation”, as played by Bart Allen


Name: Bart Allen
Hero Name: Impulse
Power: Super speed
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Appearance: Bart has short brown hair with vibrant green eyes. He wears a green short sleeved jacket over a plain white t-shirt along with blue jeans and black tennis shoes. He also wears short black gloves. Impulse wears a red and white tri polymer suit that can absorb the friction he created while running at impossible speeds. He also wears goggles as part of his hero suit.
Height: 4'8
Weight: 110 lbs
Dress Style: Casual
Hobbies: Crashing the mode, creating time machines, art, and running
Likes: Crashing the mode, running, his father's side of the family, and being needed
Dislikes: Feeling the mode, cold weather, his mother's side of the family, and being hungry
Strengths: He is from the future so he is very smart, he also has near perfect control of his abilities
Weaknesses: Cold weather as it creates poor traction for running and is the opposite of his powers(cold=no energy heat=energy. Running requires energy and produces heat), a super high metabolism, and a pressure point on his shoulders that make his out of it / fall asleep.
Fears: The Reach apocalypse that ravaged his time period.
Personality: Back in his own time he is serious and jaded, however after going back in time he pretends to be a talkative, vivacious, and hyperactive teenager. On rare occasions he may act cold due to his past (a.k.a. future). While he seemingly opens up to others in actuality he is very secretive and is scared of failing. He can also be quite the braggart when it comes to his abilities.
History: In 2056 the world was mostly covered in ashes and humanity was enslaved to an alien race known as the Reach. They wanted to weaponize those with powers and abused them greatly. In order to save his time, and the earth Bart created a time machine and went back into the past. Instead of landing in the time period he had planned on, he landed in our present time. Now he is researching how to stop the invasion of the Reach.
Family: His mother and father were taken by the Reach and are assumed to be missing or dead. His grandfathers were both speedsters. Barry Allen as the Flash, and Eobard Thawne as the Reverse Flash. However, due to Eobard being a villain and Barry a hero Bart only claimed the Allen side of his family excluding his mother. Because he didn't have the Thawne legacy of blonde hair with blue eyes coupled with the fact that he wanted to be a hero Eobard hated Bart and had tried killing him. He even went as far as cloning him and messing with the clone's genes to create the legacy he wished for. He named the clone Thaddeus Thawne and gave him the name Inertia. Wally West is his cousin once removed. He is also a heroic speedste.
Goals: To stop the Reach apocalypse
Fun fact: He can sing (here's a link )

So begins...

Bart Allen's Story